Allison Grodner Interview: Twists, Rodeo Clowns, & A Battle Back?

With another evicted Houseguest vanishing in to the Big Brother mist we again had a chance this week to pose a few questions to Executive Producer Allison Grodner. After a top notch live show that delivered on the drama with a blindside we wanted to ask about this week’s drama there, how they prepare for these rapid departures, and just when we might see someone return.

Jillian Parker shocked on BB19

There are times when twists don’t work out and then there’s this past week when the Pendant of Protection delivered its maximum punch at the Veto meeting. What was your reaction when you saw the stars aligning with Cody’s plans to target “protected Paul”?

Allison Grodner: Expect the unexpected is the best part of Big Brother. We can never completely predict how a twist will play out or when a critical game piece might be played. We have fun watching along just as our viewers do when a classic blindside takes place.

Christmas’s injury posed the risk of losing a 3rd HG before the first live vote. How does your team prepare for these sort of situations when “Expect The Unexpected” escapes the game and reaches the production booth?

Grodner: Big Brother is unpredictable and there is no way to prepare for everything. That being said, our houseguests’ safety is the most important thing and we have a lot of rules about what can and can’t be done in the house to keep people safe. We will now add “Do not ride the rodeo clown” to our list.

Julie Chen teased in a recent interview that she’d love to see Cameron back and didn’t know where he might be. Could there be a returning HG ahead of us this season and when might we expect to find out more?

Grodner: Stay tuned…

Okay, so no surprise that Grodner didn’t reveal specifics on a possible Battle Back, but she didn’t deny it either. I thought it was worth a shot especially considering we now know CBS has scheduled a special Friday night episode on July 21st at 8/7c. Sounds just like last season’s Battle Back, right?

Read more about spoilers on a possible Battle Back for Big Brother 19.


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  1. Is it fair to say Grodner is shifty? I mean I’m not one to complain about production interference but can she understand why people have issues?

    • exactly..paul had a built in fan base plus other past hgs telling their fans to vote for him..having a fan vote for three week saftey with a vet in the house with nothing but newbies was was guaranteed he would get it she knew it

    • LOL, saying she is shifty is being kind. I think she is downright devious and has screwed up so many seasons of BB that she should have been fired a long time ago. I have to hand it to her, she has redeemed herself, for the most part with this season.

      • I mean do people just nod at her plans? I know I’m being harsh but her twists are completely random. I get it- expect the unexpected. But just because something is unexpected doesn’t mean it good.

        I’m not asking for no twists at all. I’m just saying, atleast be subtle and don’t have them interfere with gameplay.

      • Completely agree. There isn’t any subtlety to what she does and its very apparent what they do, who they want to win and where they are going to go with the show. Honestly, nothing is all that unexpected at this point. Still, I have to say, I’m loving this season, for once!!

      • $500,000 is what the players get, so you have to make it harder to achieve, or it would be blase’.

      • Gotcha. I’ve never watched Canada, but whomever they have brought in I like it.

  2. Allison Grodner: Expect the unexpected is the best part of Big
    Brother. We can never completely predict how a twist will play out or
    when a critical game piece might be played. We have fun watching along
    just as our viewers do when a classic blindside takes place.

    what a load of crap..she knew someone would take 25k to get paul back in..and she knew paul would win the first fan vote giving him 3 weeks safety…nothing unexpected about ag protecting a vet when they bring them back

    • Even if no one had gone for the money, they would have brought Paul in, one way or another. They had Plan A, B, C and D waiting in the wings.

      • $25,000 is more than enough to ensure they would get what they wanted so no plan B was going to be needed and they knew that

      • I didn’t miss your point but to be honest, I would have went for the money so there wouldn’t have been a need for any other plan but plan A.

  3. Yes they pretty much guarantee certain things that they want – like Paul coming back and Paul’s safety. I like this cast much more than last season’s, however. Last season, I only enjoyed Paul, Bridgette, and Victor. This year, even most the ones I don’t like are entertaining. Let’s hope they don’t over-twist this summer.

  4. Thanks Matthew for conducting that interview!!! Sorry she didn’t spill, though! haha

  5. The feeds have been down for hours…What’s happening and when will they return Do you know Matt?

  6. I love Allison Grodner saying don’t ride the clown is added to the BB no-no list. Thanks for the interview! Man, I love the U.S.A and our Canadian best neighbors evah. Mexico too! Gonna go sit in a corner now. The corner of love.

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