Allison Grodner Interview: Emotional Jury, Blacked Out Endurance, & No Vets In BB20?

Josh Martinez crowned winner of Big Brother 19

The Big Brother 19 season finale ended with plenty of twists and turns as Josh surprised and shocked us and then the Jury did the same. Josh Martinez was crowned the winner and Paul Abrahamian was beat out 5-4 again. We spoke with Big Brother’s executive producer Allison Grodner about the Jury’s decision, why Feedsters were blocked again from an important competition, and when oh when will we get a season without the dice loaded for a Vet Houseguest.

Big Brother Network: Wow. We did not see Josh beating Paul. What happened with those Jury votes and how did Paul manage to go from running the house to getting beat by one vote for a second straight season?

Grodner: This is what I love about Big Brother and live television. You can never completely predict what is going to happen. Paul played an amazing game but in the end the jury voted emotionally. They felt betrayed and their votes represented that.

After more than a decade of watching the Final HoH endurance competition (round one) Feedsters were denied that experience for the second year in a row. What has changed there and will we ever again get to see this often amazing competition (BB8 comes to mind) play out in full?

Grodner: It all depends on our episode schedule. For the past few summers we have had a Friday show after that final eviction episode and we have saved the HOH part 1 to air in that hour. Every year is is different though and this could change for BB20.

Five for five of the past seasons with Vets (when including BBOTT) have had one of the Vets in F2. Between viewer votes for advantages and innate knowledge of the game, it appears to be a strong edge for these players against Newbies. Considering it’s become “expect the expected” are you ready to get back to an all-new cast for BB20?

Grodner: Everyone has their opinions on this subject and we do take everything into consideration but I think we have had very dramatic, interesting and successful seasons with a mix of newbies and vets. That being said, the verdict is still out on what we will be doing for BB20 so anything could happen.

Thank you!

I was interested to hear why we were blocked from that Round 1 competition for the second straight year and while it does appear to be linked to scheduling the supporting reason is bogus. The Round 1 comp does not air in that special Friday clip show. We see the first 30 seconds of the comp after Julie Chen promises we’ll watch it “start.” That hardly seems like a worthy reason to withhold the competition since we know it’s not actually going to air in that memory lane show and we already know who has won at that point. Instead it ends up being held back until it’s nearly a week old. Blerg.

As for Veterans playing in the game, come on. Five for five , and six for six in North America if you include Big Brother Canada 5, seasons with returning players have had a Vet in the F2. That’s effectively ruining the chances for the Newbies and it’s sucking the air out of the season for fans. I don’t know who in the chain of top decision makers between CBS and production is insisting that a majority of fans want or enjoy Vets mixed with Newbies, but I completely disagree. Stop making the show’s theme “expect the expected” and do something “new” for a change with Big Brother 20. Fingers crossed.



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  1. I’m a older viewer. I’m one and I can give you my thoughts on why Josh won over Paul. Paul had a trait to lean toward others when they opposed them in a physically aggressive manner that was overly challenging and forceful in what could be viewed as an abusive trait. Especially to anyone who has ever been a victim to an overly aggressive personality. Josh on the other hand had a boyish aggression that was hit and run hide. Lol. The gentler of the two personalities won. Though he annoyed with the pan clapping… everyone know he was truly a playful soul. Paul on the other hand seemed a hostile soul .

    • Actually, it’s simple. Almost everyone believed Paul was 100% with them so whent hey found out he was 100% with Paul and 100% with everybody else it hurt them. That is why Alex and Jason voted for him. He was their 3rd.. when they found out that ‘betrayal’ hurt them even though contrary to what they claim they had no problem ‘betraying’ others. *shrug*

      • I agree with you in part Ted, but, if Paul had owned his game in those final Q&As and not continued to say he was a “victim” of “the house” and had to make those decisions to “save” his game, I think he would have won. Example: Will Kirby was a total ass in his season, but he owned his behavior & said he did it all for the money and even reminded the other Hg that was what they were there for too. And they forgave him and gave him the win. Evel Dick pissed off a lot of his fellow HG, but he owned his game, explained why he did what he did and even added an emotional spin to it b/c he was saving his daughter the week he went cray-cray! Josh did the same. He laid it out as a strategy, admitted he acted badly, but explained why he acted badly. This is jury management.

        What I am saying by this is…each of these past (and present) BB winners owned their game and game reasons as to why they played the way they played. Paul did not. He tried to carry on the BS “friendship” lie and it cost him the win. JMO of course, but I truly believe if Paul had just stopped lying for one second, he would have win this time around.

      • Totally agree. He pupetted almost all of them during the season, but unfortuantley could not puppet them when the jury voted. Think he failed to keep that in mind. His bravado got the best of him and he had to keep telling everyone what a bad ass he was and he was in charge. Well, the jury members finally caught on ( bout time don;t ya think) and basically kicked him to the curb. Many regrets that they had not done it sooner. Lessons learned for future HGs.

      • Agreed, 100%.

        Paul disrespected the game itself when he started lying in the DR, in exit messages and especially during the jury Q&A.

      • I agree with you. He was too cocky, too arrogant and the “bitter” jury picked up on that. I absolutely wish they would NOT have vets mixed with newbies, it ruins the game. Either have ALL vets or all newbies. No one should have an advantage.

      • You nailed it. Everybody wants to cry bitter jury but they don’t remember how other mean or manipulative players owned their game and managed the jury in that way.

      • He likes to say he didn’t watch his past season, or other seasons, but for the control-freak that he is, I have a hard time buying that. Too many aspects of his game reveal that he has obsessively studied the game. He also likes to say that he was at a disadvantage, being the only vet in the house. But the look on his face when Derrick walked thru the door says otherwise. He seemed to know Derrick’s game would put a huge wedge in his game plan. He even said “those better be snacks in your duffel bag.”

      • Especially when the evicted ones heard Josh’s truths followed immediately by Paul’s lies. The juxtaposition made Paul look like a colossal fool.
        But the producers still wanted Paul to win.

      • I agree completely. Right up to the jury questions, Paul continued to pretend like he had done nothing wrong. Then when Josh was answering questions, explaining his (J’s) own strategies and accomplishments, Paul sat there pointing at himself as if “yeah, I did that for him.” Just like in the goodbye messages – someone mentioned elsewhere, did Paul think his power extended to the jury house and no one was going to say, “hey, guess what Josh said in his goodbye message”? Especially when Paul is saying (to Jason, for one) “we all got played here” and Josh is saying “Paul did this.” Paul was foolish to think none of this would come back to bite him, so he deserved whatever he (didn’t) get. Some of it might have been bitterness; after all, this was one of the more childish groups of people in recent memory. BUT, just saying, “yep, I did it, had to for my game, I’m sorry, but we’re all here for the money” might have made a huge difference with some of the jurors.

      • Exactly! I have been saying this all season, Paul micromanaged each eviction too hands on. He had to be a part of each and every conversation, stirring the pot & causing drama & I knew it would eventually bite him in the ass when it came time to explain it to jury. Moreover, he made many evictions personally by instigating isolation techniques, insisting people do not talk to the HG leaving and if they did, they were threatened that they might be the one to go next. All of these things came back to bite him when he tried to say he was just “going with the house”. BS Paul! You WERE the house. Own it & explain why you made the moves you did… He couldn’t see that & I don’t think he’ll ever see it, which is why he should never come back imo.

      • Paul played a great game if his goal were to make the final two or three. … Paul played one of the worst games ever if his goal were to win. …

        Paul had 8 immunity bracelets to hand out upon entering the game. Jessica accepted a temptation and was able to give Cody one immunity. So the other 16 contestants essentially shared one immunity gift. 1/16 for the other. 8 for Paul. Therefore, Paul had 128 times more immunity to hand out compared to the average of the other 16 houseguests.

        Paul was also given an advantage of THREE weeks of immunity at the beginning of the game — and as the only veteran, the producers knew Paul would receive the most votes. Christmas won the second advantage and was able to replace ONE Power of Veto player. Are you kidding? The value disparity between those two advantages was ridiculously humongous.

        And the producers hired Dr. Billy to try to pressure the voters to hand Paul the win, by, among other things, bandying the term “poor sports.”

        And we hear that Raven was at Paul’s house shortly before the season began. And Paul gave Raven an immunity bracelet.

        And we hear that Christmas knew Paul’s mother or had worked for her.

        Congress should investigate the Big Brother franchise.

      • Respectfully disagree. Had Paul confessed his gameplay in his Goodbye DR’s and at the Finale Q&A – — I think he could’ve flipped at least one vote to beat Josh.

        Continuing to lie will be viewed as arrogant, disrespectful and insulting if you’re on the receiving end. Even in the game of BB. . . Paul took it too far. And that was his ultimate downfall.

    • Yes he was obnoxious but I think it was clear to them that he genuinely wanted to make connections with people and it truly bothered him to cut some of them loose. I owned up to the moves he made and Paul refused to do that. Part of the game is jury management and making the jurors feel like you deserve it. He didn’t do that so imo he did not play the best game

      • I completely agree about the jury management comment. It bugs me when people complain that the jury is just bitter because making sure people don’t end up feeling that way about you is an aspect of the game. And if the way you play makes everyone despise you then you should have to deal with that. The jury gets to choose the winner but they earned the right to vote on whatever criteria they prefer. They earned a spot on the jury and if they want to vote for your competition because they think your shoes are stupid, that’s their decision.

      • The irony in his loss to a bitter jury, is that he was so obsessed with not getting blood on his hands. Why he didn’t think anyone would compare notes when they got in the jury house is the $500,000 question.

      • I can only guess he thought they’d be too stupid or stubborn to put it all together. He’s never been in the jury house so maybe he doesn’t quite get just how much talking goes on?

    • Let’s face it Josh won because he was hated less than the others … the public disliked everyone on the final 3

  2. all the stupid couples ruined the show- they did however help Paul be successful… he could and was the third person in every duo…. but oh was it painful to more “showmances”!

    One last word on Alex- she used Paul herself all the time..she continues to say Jason was her “ride or die” but she never once listened to him or his concerns- told him to be quiet because she was to busy following Paul’s every move and doing what he asked- Jason was not her partner at all- every time Jason did do something she would tell him how lucky he was to have her pull him around- she was and is horrible because she also cannot admit to anything she did and justifies all her moves… she felt like she was entitled to be F2 – but she clearly wants to be reality queen and was angry Paul out played her

    • You left out one part though. I think she still would have voted Paul if he has just owned up to it in his gb message. Maybe even at the finale, but Paul continued to lie. As Jason said “took the lying too far”.

    • She was still going to be blind about Paul play in the jury but for Jason. She never listened to Jason with the presence of Paul in the house when it matter most. She went to the Jury to convince Jason “It was a game” but ended up listening to Jason in Paul’s absence.

      • From her post-game interviews, she was also really upset to hear that Paul was making fun of her and Jason the whole game.

    • I thought that she was ready to explode when Dr. Will was talking to the jury about lying. She was so very confrontational, looking for a fight. Fake crying isn’t lying? She would not even admit to that. SORE LOSER.

    • Alex was really a nasty little dirtball , she wanted to defecate on Kevin’s bed , she gleefully was prepared to do it until production told her no. That’s when she lost me…

  3. AG lives in her own world. Yes the jury was bitter, but in the end Josh outplayed Paul. Simple as that. No more vets unless it’s all-stars. Go back to comps for food and booze. Those were fun, sometimes.

    • Yes! I miss the luxury comps, the food and booze comps, even have not comps have gone by the way side. They keep trying to make things new and interesting but we really just want the classics!

      • Totally! I was just saying this the other day…you know, BB ratings continue to drop. This season may have been above last, but who cares? BB18 was the lowest of the low (even BB15 had better ratings). Maybe if they brought back some old skool BB like food comps, luxury comps, less production interference… the ratings would climb instead of sink!

      • the hg’s said in interviews one of the hardest things is “the down time” make them compete for everything. hot water, food….just call things out of thin air. paul knew everything, for a vet this is unfair. make him play like a newby.

      • Oh lady, and here is another thing that is so “fake” about Paul’s game. He went on and on and on about how disadvantaged he was at being a vet returning to the house, but BBUpdates on twitter has found several feeds where Paul is expounding (and I mean going on & on) about how being a vet has several advantages. He says how they alkl come to him for advice & how he has found it so easy to lead them b/c of his past experience. he mentions the friendship bracelets and how they have helped him form bonds with half the house! And, get this, he even goes so far as to poke jabs at Frank. Da’Vonne, Nicole & James of BB18 by saying “how did you guys F’-up so badly last season when there was 4 of you?” And yet, his montage of a speech was all about the woes, trials and tribulations of being the only vet to come back. But he failed to mention he came back with far more power than any of the vets from BB18 came back with (or any returnee in history for that matter!).

      • bb facts are whatever works at any given moment. Allison included.
        Paul making victim noises and played a passive/aggressive game. it was not exciting to watch as she seems to gloss over the complete middle of the season. paul picks his next evictee, hg’s bully until that person spends the week in seclusion reading the bible, waiting their turn at the guillotine.

      • how many times did he tell kevin to throw the next comp or he’ll be the next one out? then has the nerve to say there were no bullying tactics

      • I wish someone would address that. That was the worse part of this season and totally unnecessary.

      • I especially agree they need to have less production interference. Fans are totally aware of it now and I think that’s part of the drop in viewership.

      • Absolutely! Cody told Jessica production encouraged him (in DRs) to go after Paul that 1st week!! Why? They knew Paul had safety. So why did they do that? I think we all know why. They did it for drama and ratings…no matter that it blew Cody’s game to hell & back!! smh. They wanted to manufacture a blow out between Paul & Cody. It’s all for ratings. Pure & simple, and it worked, b/c the best ratings of BB19 were in the 1st 7-10 weeks or so when the Jody/Paul conflict was in full throttle.

      • When will AG and production in general realize that the game plays best and is more interesting if it’s left alone … the interaction is much more genuine and the “ unexpected “ really becomes the “ unexpected “

      • Maybe they should take all aspects of past seasons, like bringing back vets, have-not comps, luxury comps – all the things people are saying they hate, or love and miss – incorporate that into a poll and let America decide how next season is run. Put in as many of the favorite aspects (and eliminate the hated ones) as possible into one season, then see how many people love it, and if it does away with the usual “worst season ever” comments. Even the “let’s rephrase that” going on in the DR (which I’ve read happens; not changing a DR session, per se, but making it sound a bit more dramatic or, well, smart.) And some regular folks, not kids looking to get on TV for their career, or just wanting summer fling. Get some 30s and 40s, and even more 50s in there (I think Kevin would have done VERY well among a group of his peers, instead of these children). And most of all, NO RECRUITS!! You know there are thousands of fans who would love to get on the show, so stop looking for someone with a big social media following, or a certain “look.” Let the true FANS play.

    • I kinda miss the old nom ceremonies. Also, some of the older endurance comps. And I think the timed comps need to be lowered. Producers can make up whatever times they want to help certain HGs, and there were a lot this season which Paul seemed to almost always win lol. Point is, I miss the older format.

      • I do too – I liked seeing the keys pulled and looks on the last two after all the keys had been pulled.

      • Yes i miss that, and the look of relief when someone pulls out their keys, and the oh crap i might get screwed this week.

    • I feel that AG is doing exactly what CBS wants and that is to bring in decent ratings numbers for more profit. As long as CBS is happy, AG and Meehan will continue to do the lousy job they have been doing. BB10 is considered one of the last of the good seasons because it was more old school BB without the oversaturation of production manipulation. But the ratings for that season were not all that great and production has overly meddled in the manipulation after that and the show has devolved ever since.

  4. That woman is as clueless as they come! Five out of five! Does she not get that we’re over it. All fresh faces next season. Please!!!

  5. A lot of people think Paul played such a good game but I say….he had everyone but Cody/Jessica “helping” him! He had how many pairs of eyes and ears telling him everything? He had houseguests making up and spreading lies about an individual who was to go up on the block. And he made suggestive remarks to Josh so that other HG would hate him instead of Paul. Essentially Paul looked good because he had sooooooo many helping hands! Any HG with that much help could do the same thing. Out of the three, the right person won! Kudos to you Josh! The only thing that could’ve been better would have been for Josh to take Christmas and have Paul win nothing!

    • Well, Paul convinced people to help him. Give him credit for that. But he failed with the jury votes–I’m fine with Josh winning, still think Paul played much of the game really well.

      • then why blame the jury and not pauls game. his game was not designed to win, only to get to f2. 2 years in a row, his fail.

    • No, it was way too sweet for Josh to beat Paul in the final — a repeat of last year! And I think the jury would have given it to Christmas over Josh. As it was, they voted for the lesser of two evils! 😬

      • Yes, I agree here. As much as I wanted to see Josh evict Paul so he didn’t even have a chance to win — and as much as I thought he stood little chance against him, even with the jury segments we saw — Josh matched up better against him. Had he taken Christmas to F2, he would essentially replace Paul as the “Big Bad” of the F2, with Christmas taking Josh’s place as the “Not The Big Bad.” People would vote “for Christmas/against Josh” the same way they did with Josh and Paul. Josh just saw what A LOT of us viewers could not/would not see.

  6. To all the viewers who claim that Paul was the best game player this year…isn’t influencing the jury and keeping them on your side a HUGE part of the game? He didn’t do that…and it cost him dearly. I believe that jury was so ticked off, ANYONE would have beat him…including Xmas and Kevin.

    • True, but what did Paul do to them to tick them off that other BB winners have not done? Sorry, Dr. Will had it absolutely right. The jury were a bunch f sore losers, starting with Cody who said he would never vote for Paul and that was in week 2 or 3. That kind of voting is unfair to the players.

      Anyone who has been around since the beginning has seen so much back-stabbing, deceit and other shenanigans that Paul was tame in comparison. IN some cases it got really personal. Paul never made it personal. He just wanted to win.

      Alex’s comments were as if she believed because she wanted to win so badly no one should have ever evicted her. People forget how she was Jason’s ride or die, meaning Paul would never get to the end with them. Alex and Jason were also plotting the string of evictions including Christmas, Josh AND Paul. Just because Paul beat her to the punch does not mean he did something wrong in the game. Anyone who controlled the house the way Paul did deserved to win.

      • If the jury wasn’t part of the game part of the game, I would argue strongly that Paul (and nobody else) deserved to win. As first time viewer, I questioned all season long (even on this forum) why the jurors should be composed of direct opponents who played in the same game the same season. Though I got no response, I came to realise going to the last 3 weeks of the show that it is another part of the game. Sort of a twist that independently check the level of liberty that should be managed by the players.
        In BB games where viewers vote for eviction, players try to be a little civil while steering trouble, but BBAmerica tends to bring out the true colours of the players such that if you are the nice guy like Mark or the cool and non offensive person like Ramses, you are in trouble, but again on the other side, the jury.
        Quite interesting!

      • Because BB has always been a social experiment. That’s why I’ve never understood why people complain about bitter juries, and expect them to vote for the best gamer every year. Sometimes they do, but if Aaryn was in the final 2 of BB 15 and Candace voted for anybody but her, and her vote was the deciding one – would people call her a bitter juror or would they say Aaryn didn’t deserve her vote? They both made up in the jury house, but Aaryn’ s treatment of Candace and others was the reason they had to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show.

      • there is no judge telling he jury to vote for the best player. they can vote however they want. i would have been disappointed if they had voted any other way. paul was a bully and deserved to lose

      • For starters Dr Will and Evil Dick owned their actions. Paul even at the end did not, I disagree I think Paul did make it very personal and went over the line. Maybe if Paul had admitted what he did he may have won.

      • I would have liked to see players who were there to play, not just a summer vacation. Matt and Raven were a total waste. Two other players that wanted to win would have made it a decent season, instead of the train wreck it turned into.

      • And I’m with Mark – Matt being okay, even PROUD, of just showing up for the summer was disheartening. There are too many fans who would love that spot, and to see him sit there doing nothing while Ramses and Cameron – true fans – were at home watching….that’s just sad.

      • i’ve watched the show from the beginning as well. I have never seen such personal attacks to so many houseguest. As one commentor said, Paul decided who was going out, and everyone bullied, belittled, demeaned that person until they went out. And while not bullying, they were left in isolation.

        Paul deserved what he got. NOT FIRST!!

  7. this probably has something to do with all the former players who beg to get back in and make a career out of it. even talk of having paul back for #20. xmas, alex, jess, cody, mark, frankie….
    let’s just try it with all newby’s, it couldn’t be any worse.
    oh brother, big brother!

    • Shhhhh! Do not say/type that out loud. No more vets (especially if mixed in with new houseguests)! All the above-mentioned doesn’t need to be on reality television anymore.

      • what is her fascination with vets? there are 350 million people in this country, do we really need to recycle players?
        also, the fascination with romance, showmance, social media whores and sex bog’s down the game. 1st target couples. oh my, shocking! who wasn’t expecting that?

      • They need to quick looking for “pretty people”, they sometimes turn out to be duds like Matt. Quit, looking for quirky/sympathy person, they turn out to be “bubble girl” Raven (with all her illnesses, I am surprised she doesn’t live in a bubble). They are always looking to fill it with the same people every year, just different names, plus a vet….

        Just find people who are genuinely interested in playing BB, not folks that fit a certain stereotype. For some of these folks I bet they market BB as a paid summer vacation and if you get to a certain point “you will get a bonus” or this could lead to fame and fortune.

        THey need to really need to read blogs and see what the people want.

      • Yea, Eddie from BB1 would never make it today. Now they’re all personal trainers and radio personalities.

      • I remember a few on this season, when asked by BB prod, said they were ok for having a showmance on BB. That seems like some of what BB Prod is looking for. Like you said, certain stereotypes, or in this case,
        game-types, to fill their players card :
        The showmance, the brain, the body, the nerd, the superfan, the old, the young, the cute/handsome/pretty ones, the hunk, etc,

      • But BB18 with 4 vets returning was the worst rated BB season ever! This season did not beat out BB16…a cast of all newbies. So, that excuse doesn’t really hold water. I’m not sure why AG continues to do the things she does, but I do know one thing…if NBC ever decided to move DWTS to the summer lineup…BB would be cancelled, b/c the ratings for BB have dropped so bad in the last 6 years or so.

      • A season of all vets would be good tho b/c it puts all the players on equal footing. All of them have played BB before, unlike a mix of vets and newbies, which gives a distinct advantage to the vet. Don’t you think, lady? Imagine a cast of HG who made it to F4/F5 or better! That would be awesome in my book. We would get a cast of mainly serious competitors who know how to play the game and won’t be fooled by things newbies might.

      • The All Stars cast was a nightmare for production to control because they constantly disobeyed or totally ignored production. The EP’s have even said so publicly. The producers want HG they can easily manipulate to fit their narrative and the reason why I do not think we will ever see another All Stars or an all returnee season.

      • No, they definitely do not. I would not mind seeing an ALL vet cast tho. We have not had that since BB7. We have had an all newbie cast in both BB 16 & BB17 and at least one of those seasons was pretty boring for the fans if I remember correctly.

    • The show is getting record ratings and more attention than ever. Why would they change a formula that works? I am not sure people don;t like vets, or they didn’t like Paul.

  8. NO MORE VETS!!!! And stop trying to get people to sign up for live feeds by saying they are 24/7…because they are not..not being able to watch endurance comps is frustrating..

  9. CBS, if you are reading this, please, either make it all new players or all Vets. I guess I could tolerate some kind of half and half for season 20. But, the half has to be legit fans of the show. We don’t need another Matt. I would also increase the number of guests to 20. Do normal weekly evictions. Then, when the season gets normally much more boring toward the last 2-3 weeks, make every episode an eviction show. And no bs twists.

  10. I don’t see how including a vet (or a few even) “ruins” the chances of the newbies. They can vote that person out! If they don’t, that’s their problem.

    • turned out to be our problem. 1 vet gets a group to bully the outcast ones. 2 or more vets divide the house in packs with the vets as ring leaders. I refuse to forget how boring the mid season was. At least shake up the hg’s more often, they are all too complacent (at our expense).

    • Because a returnee comes into the BB house with the knowledge of how hard it is to be in that house. They know how certain comps work & they can use that knowledge to influence newbie cast members, or even steer them wrong in how things will play out. It’s like someone who has put a puzzle together before and is then asked to put that same puzzle together against someone who has never even seen what the puzzle looks like.

  11. Hey am I the only one that noticed Victor and I believe Nicole in the front row of the audience in the finale episode????? At least it looked like Nicole, Victor had a man bun……..anyone????

  12. How many noticed how surprised Elena was, when Julie revealed to the jurors that Josh won final HoH and evicted Christmas (not Paul).

  13. Ugh no. Please stop mixing newbies with vets. It’s predicable every season. They always take the 2nd finalist spot of a deserving (possibly) first timer. I hate it when they take spots of new players without giving them a shot to play as well. Just make it all vets or not vets. Producers may find it fascinating, but it just ruins the season I personally believe (see: season 19 lol).

  14. Paul has enough going on in his life outside of BB. Nobody needs to feel the least bit sorry for him. As far as the people that think he played such an incredible game that he was the only one who deserved to win, I disagree. His strategy was to make almost everyone in the house believe that he wanted to go to the end with “them”. Then no matter who actually survived, he could pretend that he was teamed up with them all along. The only way this could work was in a house of extremely gullible people who weren’t very good BB players. Paul still couldn’t manage to convince enough jury members to vote for him. I don’t think he deserved the 500K.

    • I have been watching BB since the first season and no one has ever controlled the house the way Paul did. No one. Not Derrick and Not Dr. Will and Boogie. Paul’s strategy was brilliant. He played both a great social game and a great comp game. Has anyone ever seen as many comps thrown as we saw this season, all orchestrated by one person? This has never happened, ever.

      Paul got people to trust him. He did it by talking to them and taking an interest in their game, at least in appearance. HE kept people safe until they had to go. He kept Josh and Christmas safe to the end. Neither ever had to worry about going up on the block and if they did go they knew there were safe. Paul made people trust. That was their mistake not his.

      Paul’s personality had nothing to do with his game. People disliked him BECAUSE he had so much control over the house. The game was predictable because Paul was pulling all the strings. Again, I have never seen anyone control a house the way Paul did.

      Paul should have won going away. Cody hated Paul from the beginning and was never going to judge him fairly. That’s unfortunate.

      Anyone remember Dan Geisling and Evel Dick? They pissed off the house too, but the house still voted for them to win because they played the best game. Dr. Will was right, Sore Losers voted against Paul. Raven was right too, of all people. Its called Big Brother, not Biog Baby. If you are not willing to play a little dirty then don’t play at all.

      • I too have watched every season of BB. Most people who are dissapointed that Paul didn’t win were already fans of his. I admit I was not and am not a Paul fan. However, I stand by the fact that had he not been given such an advantage over an already extremely weak cast he would never have made to the final 2. I look at his performance in perspective of the circumstances and the fact he could not get enough jury votes to win the 500K. Sorry, not sorry.

      • Cody hated Paul so bad because Cody thought he was great! Elena, mark, Alex and Jason were Cody followers, plain and simple.

  15. I did not find her answer regarding vets very encouraging. Sounded like we should 100% expect a vet or vets in BB20 😡

  16. What I gathered from this interview… look for Paul again in BB20, and if he shows up the channel gets changed Never to watch BB again

    • You could put him in with a bunch of all-stars maybe. Dr Will would have him sewn up in a matter of minutes.

  17. I’m sick of the vets, too. But I do hope Cody gets another chance. He basically got screwed by Paul being safe until he could manipulate all of his smarmy, stupid little androids into proper submissive position to do his every bidding. Huge and unfair advantage. Like being given a three-week head start over everybody else. Only Cody saw the major threat day one and had guts to try to do something about it. Give him another chance. And please never inflict that arrogant jerk Paul on us again. I know one thing for dang sure: despite his lofty, self-congratulatory opinion of himself as being universally beloved, he is not now, and never will be, “my boy.”

  18. Grodner will never give a straight answer. Her loyalty is to the network and advertisers and she cannot do anything they don’t want her to do. I always wonder why people bother asking her anything.

  19. I’ve watched BB since season one. I hate when vets are allowed to return. Newbies idolize them and immediately forget it’s a game and play big brother suck up fan. Vets advance easily with the set up rewards from production. Nobody should get three weeks safety especially a vet. Go back to allowing players to pick their own veto players. Remove all the bs rewards that manipulate the game in favor of certain players. Never let an injured player stay in the game and set up competitions for them to float. Stop throwing in the token gay, minority or old player. It’s not fair when the deck is already stacked. BB has morphed into love connection and school bullying. No real game is played. Just adults behaving badly for money. I miss old school BB😩

  20. Love it !!!! The look on Paul’s face !!!!! He thought Josh was this little fool that he told what to do all day, every day, so all the blood would be on his hands. What a shock to him to see that Josh was telling every evicted House guest that there was an Alliance of 3 and all 3 of them made the decisions to evict the house guests on any particular week . . .letting them know . .that Paul lied to them and used them !!!! Yes Paul played a heck of a game, not his fault the entire cast was a bunch of losers following the Puppet Master around . . .but I believe he lost it himself at the Jury questions . .by not even answering the questions, filling the air with nonsense . .and still continuing to lie to the Jury members . . . when they all knew what he had done . .if he had stood up like a man and admitted what he had done, maybe some of the Jury would have forgiven him. Wonder what Paul will think when he watches the show back and see’s how Josh was on to him for several weeks !!!! And Alex . . oh my gosh . . . you were one of the most nasty bitches ever on this show . .you did not deserve anything . .and I really hope you have the decency to apologize to Jason . .for never listening to him when he tried to warn you about Paul !!!!

    • Don’t ever want to see Alex again, she was a nasty ***. Hope Paul has nothing to do with her and her stupid business.

      • I actually liked Alex most of the season but then she showed a side that was surprising. The way she treated Kevin was too much I think. So were some of her comments on finale night. Dr. Will shredded her when he called her and the others sore losers. Alex was a very big sore loser. She couldn’t even admit she lied as much as everyone else in the house. Note to Alex, fake crying IS lying. So is throwing comps so someone else can win. We also saw Alex and Jason plotting against the others in the house too. I have no problem with it, but don;t say you didn’t play that way when we saw the video.

  21. This season reminded me of BB 15 when Andy won. except the year’s HGs weren’t all a–holes, with the exception of Cody, who was like BB15’s Jeremy. Jeremy might have been a little more sociable than Jeremy.

    Anyway, Paul played a game similar to Andy. Paul and Andy both got close to everyone. Andy pretended to be in multiple alliances only to stab his alliances in the back right up to the end. Andy was nastier than Paul and Andy did make it a little too personal at times. If you think about it, Josh and GinaMarie were similar too. GinaMarie didn’t belong there at the end because she did not play a very good game. She was not much different than Spencer, although Spencer was on the block 80 times or something like that. Andy, like Paul, helped get rid of the better players all season so he would be at the end with a few slackers.

    The point I am making is Andy was a rat. No one disputed that. He stabbed people in the back after claiming to be their allies. But in the jury those same people voted for Andy to win. They realized that even though he tricked them, he was playing the game and deserved to win. There were no sore losers on the jury. Just people who accepted how the game was played.

    • Are you kidding me? You’re comparing Cody to Jeremy who started fights for no reason? Who sat around the hot tub with Aaryn, the racist, and made disgusting comments about the other HG. Who drank the wine & then got in everyone’s face & threatened them as he said “Yeah, I did & what are you going to do about it?”

      Cody did not do anything like that. He got heated when someone got in his face, he did not go out looking for the fight! I am not a fan of Cody. Think he was a terrible BB player, but the dude was not a total bastard like Jeremy! Smh. Wow. You should go back & rewatch BB15…Jeremy was by far worse.

    • Very good analysis. I would add that in the likability scale, I would enjoy a beer or two with Paul, but would pay extra NOT to ever see or hear Andy again.

  22. Alison is very non committal in her answers. She will have to sit down with production and read the final numbers. Hopefully the numbers will be good enough for renewal for Seasons 21 and 22 but poor enough that changes will have to be made.

    What would you like to see in Season 20?
    I will say changes to food. Make it mean something. Have the house guests collect all the food in the house before the comps and compete for it all in 2 groups.
    The Have nots only can eat peanut butter and carrots, etc. These comps Brings the house guests closer together and is great tv when one group wins it all and the other half of the house is left defeated.

    • Hey Alfie!! ;) You know what I would love is a season of All Stars. We haven’t had one since BB 7. 13 years ago. They’re due for another one I think. An all vet cast would eliminate the returnee advantage factor too. ;) And yes, I would love to see food comps back, as well as luxury comps. Let’s go back to the basics of old skool BB for the 20th anniversary. I think it’d be awesome!! :)

      • All stars would be great. Hopefully Ian returns to face off with Derrick,
        Helen from S15 and Shelly from season 13. Would you consider those 2 all stars?

      • Ian and Derrick, of course. Helen, was a very strategic player & she was one of the few I liked from BB 15. Shelli..not so sure of her. She had a great alliance with Jeff & Jordan. I think she pulled the pin on that relationship far too early & it not only ended Jeff’s game, but she went out right after him. So yeah, not so sure about her. My bucket list would include Dani Donato, Danielle Reyes, Janelle, Memphis (BB10), Kaysar BB6&BB7, Jun from BB4 and other serious physical & mental competitors.

      • Really respected Helen for what she went through that season. really smart and a gamer. I can see the negatives against Shelly. She was good tv but not that bright. Zack Rance is probably first on productions list. They love his drama.

      • OMG! Love me some Zach Attack!! ;) Do you remember when he started tossing fruit loops when he was voted out? haha Best eviction speech evah!

      • I know, but that was one of the only *exciting* aspects of season 16 in my book. Once Zach left, the house got pretty boring for me.

      • Zach Amanda and Josh would be pure entertainment together. Amanda would egg them on and love every minute of watching them drive the house nuts.

      • If your gonna do an all star one, then I say bring back Paul for a third time. Let’s see how he compares to ones like Derrick, Ian, Andy etc. While we are at it, bring back Victor as well.

      • Then you had to go say his name SMH, even after all the things I did to you, you still mention his name LOL.

      • If anyone suggests Frankie, I will never speak to you two here again!! lol! JK. Ugh! Seriously, I couldn’t stand that attention wh*0re!

      • I don’t think Victor expresses much interest in returning…When ask or its brought up he sidesteps the issue…

      • Shelly from 13 was one of those HGs that could not own up to her lies and backstabbing…Shelly wanted to push Rachel down the stairs and Adam wanted to punch her stomach or hit her with some kind of ball…Rachel thought she might be pregnant and they were discussing ways to cause her to miscarry….I would not care to see Shelly again and Adam is where he needs to be the show and doing blogs at home…

      • I honestly don’t know…Maybe if casting went back a few years and asked the 2nd and 3rd place players to return…. That might be an interesting concept…3rd place HGs are totally forgotten cause at times they were more deserving of the win than the winneror runner up…..I just don’t think “winners” should be included…If Production is gonna do a returning vet show make it interesting…

      • Agreed, littlefly, there have been many times where the 3rd place finisher is the one who won a lot of comps and would actually win BB if in F2; e.g., Janelle (twice)! ;)

  23. I absolutely, positively, unequivocally agree, 100%, with every word of your commentary in this OP, Matthew. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Now, let’s hope they are reading.

    Compare this season to, say, Season 14 and it becomes obvious. The life is being sucked out of the show with all of this returning player garbage.

    But I have to admit, watching Paul go down in flames, burned by his own BS, was pretty epic. The rest of the reason was very uncomfortable to watch– and not in a good way.

    Let’s hope they fix it.

  24. If you are considering Canada I would say Nikki and Tim count and its actually 6 out of 7 vets in finales. Neither of them made it.

    • What season of Canada Big Brother would you recommend as the best?
      I watched Great Britains celebrity edition. It was okay. Frankie Grande being evicted first was fun.

      • That would be hard, each had good parts and bad parts, I liked them all, lol. I’m Canadian so I’m bias. If i had to pick one it would be the last one but you need the others to get the full effect as a fan. Never watch other countries BB othen the US and Canadian. I need to look them up. When Frankie was on US I was a half fan of his by end I was glad he was gone.

  25. Bring back DPOV, comps to see who will be HN’s, More team challenges, Pandora’s Box, back to basics!

  26. I personally would like a little more civility in the house guests.

    Get rid of idiots as well. Have them take a basic knowledge test. Pass, you’re in.

    Raven and Grain Brain would have failed.

  27. Returning vets is the exact reason the hg no longer care about winning BB! They just want to be entertaining so they can be asked back. They get fame happy and the money is good even if they don’t win.

    If the show would stop bringing folks back, if free the mind of the hg to actually play and play hard. They get one chance at money and only 15 minutes of fame.

    • Absolutely!! If they want to bring people back, save it for an All-Stars season, not every other season. People will play harder if they think they may be a one & done deal for BB!

  28. Josh is a nice guy…really grew. But if not for Paul, would have been taken out much earlier. I didn’t LOVE anyone. But Paul played the best “game”…..if Jury does not understand that, the program fails as to it being a “game” and WILL lose the success of it’s purpose. I thought last year was a mistake as to who played the best game. Rachael’s win was the last time the Jury voted for the best game player despite not most members not liking her. That is what the game WAS bou f

    • The jury is part of the “game”.

      Anyone failing to understand that, like Paul did … will lose.

      The jury can always be done away with I suppose.

      • But the jury did not vote for the best player…..that is their duty as any jury…..they were vindicative because they were “played”

      • Again, ensuring jury members respect how you play, even if they hate your guts … is a BIG part of the game. That’s why everyone talks about a person’s “social game”.

        Failing to understand that will always bring failure.

      • Cody said the 2nd week he would never vote for Paul not matter what. Cody had it out for Paul as soon as they met. Cody said when he voted he was sticking to his word. In other words, Cody never gave Paul a chance. He has a right to vote as he pleases and we have a right to call him out for it. Cody was bitter at Paul for something that had nothing to do with the game.

      • This is the anti-Paul BS answer. The jury was bitter and vindictive because Paul played them – which is the game! I am not sure how you people think Paul should have evicted these people. I suppose you answer is he should not have gained their trust then stabbed them in the back. In other words he should not have played the game!

        When you listened to the round table what you heard were people angry because Paul got them evicted and they had no idea. Exactly how the game is played. That’s why Dr. Will called them sore losers.

        There is this expectation that if Paul had been a nicer guy, not sure how he could have been, or if he had revealed his plan to the house, or if he revealed his alliance with Josh and Christmas to the house he would have won. Had he done any of those things his alliance would have been evicted and him along with it.

        Paul got himself and his two partners to the end with his game play. It was brilliant. I don;t have to like him to say that. In fact, I don;t really like his personality. I didn’t like Andy or Vanessa either. Or Evel Dick or Mike Boogie. Or Dan Geisling. But I recognize they were all good players. The deserved to win and Paul is no different.

      • Sorry you fail to understand that the main part of BB is managing human emotions.

        You can be hated and despised yet still win respect.

        You don’t understand. Paul didn’t either. His checklist covered everything except that …

      • It’s not an anti-Paul BS answer at all. Paul arrogantly chose not to own his game. . . he continued to lie in his DR eviction messages and in the jury Q&A. HG’s expect lying and backstabbing.. . . but jurors expect you to own your gameplay. It’s called respect. That’s where Paul’s game failed – – he disrespected and insulted the jury by continuing to lie.

        Real simple. . . .That HUGE blunder cost him $450k in summer wages.

      • Even in his post-game interviews, he is refusing to own his game. He said he never told Josh to grab his pots & pans & he never instigated bullying, he just told people to throw someone off their game, pre-comp. When you tell a GROUP of people to go throw someone off their game, and watch them harass them, you are instigating bullying. Also, the shunning of people who were already on their way out, was instigated by Paul. Alex was a pretty vicious bully of Kevin, all on her own, though.

      • No. The jury is there to evaluate each players game & give the win to the person *they*, meaning the jury, feels deserves it. That is why jury management is an important part of the game. Paul knew that but he seemed to forget the jury would talk after they left the house…

      • I agree Paul screwed up in the finale……but that did not change the job he did for the whole season

      • Paul worked it … no doubt. However, it was like he gave no thought to how they would feel once in the jury house. It’s almost like he believed no one would talk. It was weird.

        Then he still tried to act like he was Mr. Innocent during the finale.

        Very strange.

    • about……I don’t think THIS version will succeed….certainly I will not waste my time after all these years of what the original program represented. I rarely agreed with the winner, but had no problem with the jury. Until this vindicative one.

    • And I bet Paul really regrets keeping him around as long as he did because Christmas’ speech to the jury would have been just as bad as her not asking Josh to pick her. From their after season interviews they sounded like when Jason and Alex were evicted they realized he wanted to take the weakest players with him to the end. I think they would have respected his game more if he would have gone to the end with a strong competitor, in a “may the best one win” scenario. It was obvious to them when he made everybody throw the foot race to the girl with the broken foot. Paul may have dominated the BB house, but the competitors controlled the votes in the jury, and they chose to give it to the one Paul thought he could easily beat in the end.

      • Another flaw in Paul’s game, was his true disdain for the other players. Behind their backs, he talked a LOT of smack. (They all did, but Paul worked SO hard to make sure everyone felt they were his ride-or-die to their faces, he should have kept his mean-spirited comments behind their backs in check.) Alex would have given him her vote (and instructed Jason to do the same) had she not heard in the jury house about how Paul had mocked her and Jason the whole game. Funny that in the end, Paul had to spoon Christmas for a couple of weeks, when he could not stand her, either. And she actually threw her chance at F2 to him, thinking he could beat Josh. Oops.

  29. I was surprised that jury house guests had anger. They joined a program that is based on lying and they were less successful than Paul and got bounced. So, I don’t get the anger, especially Alex. Paul clearly won the game by skill. Josh was lucky to be in the final 3. The only anti-Paul votes I thought would happen were Cody, Jason and Mark. BUMMER!
    (Voted Christmas as best house guest).

    • Supposedly Cody orchestrated an anti-Paul vote. If true then the same HGs angry with Paul for manipulating them did it again, only this time it was Cody controlling them.

      Cody is definitely a sore loser. He has his 2 chances but he was a total jerk and the house turned against him quickly. People say Paul got a brake with 3 weeks safety. He didn’t need it. He was controlling the house in week 1. Remember, it was Paul who flipped the house on Cody and Jess week one. From that point on Paul controlled the house. He wouldn’t have been voted out even if he didn’t have safety.

      The point is Cody, by being such a tool, gave Paul the opportunity to gain trust with the other HGs. Cody made himself and Jess much bigger targets than Paul. Blame Cody for Paul’s safety.

      Then Cody had a second chance to play and he was worse, if that’s possible. He made Jess worse too.

  30. LOL! Stupid triumphed over Evil. Never would have thought that Cody would vote for Josh….that was a bit wierd. Then again, Cody winning favorite house guest….LOL…Great Social Game.

    • He got that because of Jessica and her twitter account, she litterly begged people to vote for Cody, go look up her TA

      • Very true. Just want to add the large Military vote. Alot of Mom and Pops with kids serving voted for Cody. Just my opinion.

      • She was not the only one. Caleb from BB 16 said he was voting for him. Evel Dick, Dani Donato, Dan G., Janelle, Brenden Villegas, James Rhine and other BB alumni all campaigned for or said they were voting for Cody to win AFP.

      • There’s also a YouTuber Busyblu that said why he should be favorite, and had his busy bees vote for Cody, and Jessica campaigning for him isn’t against the rules

      • Never said it was against the rules, just saying it isn’t America’s vote. I don’t have a problem with it, and I don’t have a problem with the way the game was played, what I do have a problem with is when certain people complain about being lied to when it was ok for them to do it, yep, I have a problem with that.

      • It isn’t America’s vote because? In your words, Jessica “literally begged people to vote for him on her Twitter account”. So begging people means they absolutely have to do it? They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t also want to, or saw some reason to do it. Jessica didn’t hold a gun to their heads. Sorry, but that logic is tremendously flawed.

    • If you think that is all that happens on the feeds then you are definitely not getting your money’s worth. I had the feeds all season and I only caught Jody once, Marlena never & since I never watched Maven, I was only forced to see their other gross habits…which I am trying very hard to forget. The live feeds shows 70 % more than the CBS edited show does…there are several cameras to choose from ya know.

      • BBAD is the feeds, but they (production) controls what cameras the audience sees in BBAD, whereas, in the live feeds, the viewer has a choice of which camera they want to watch. That’s how I saw Nicole admit last year that production asks them to create a fake story for drama regarding evictions… Corey was freaking out when she started saying she was thinking of keeping Victor & Nic said “No, this is so the show can edit it in as if we were thinking about going another way.” And Corey was as shocked as I was right before the feeds cut! LOL!

      • “That’s how I saw Nicole admit last year that production asks them to create a fake story for drama regarding evictions.”

        Juicy info! Thanks. Pop TV will not show that.

      • One of the problems with feeds is that with all the cameras everywhere, we usually get only 2 rooms/locations each with 2 angles. We used to at least get 4 locations, but they’ve really scaled back. Production has to keep busy saving HG from their audience.

  31. “As for veterans playing in the game… [t]hat’s effectively ruining the chances for the Newbies and it’s sucking the air out of the season for fans.”

    I couldn’t agree more, Matt!!

    BB PRODUCTION / ALLISON, are you listening?????????????

  32. Excellent comments that echo my own sentiments. I don’t trust or believe anything that comes out of productions mouth anymore.

  33. Christmas Abbott!
    Well, the time has come whether her heart will be healed or broken. Did she or did she not have sex with Paul last night or even tonight (will he)?
    It seemed rather strange how the whole show ended and how Christmas latched onto Josh and how Paul was angry at Josh, etc. I’m sure all the “boys” drinking and smoking pot last night and tonight will not be as sweet as Paul would have hoped so Paul might just nix the whole “boys” thing and tell everyone to go packing. Then, again, Paul might just give Christmas what she wants and dumps her silly as*. The whole thing is just gross. Paul just wrote on his Instagram explaining the three major problems: 1) Paul is a racist, 2) Paul is anti-military, and 3) Paul is a bully

    • Christmas loves Josh but as a Brother type. She must have a good bank account with her business success.
      I do believe She took a few of her Little Helper pills during the finale. She was feeling great.

  34. It’s simple, the final three were all unlikeable , I mean really unlikeable , Josh was sickening, Christmas was just a nasty piece of work , but Paul was the most hated …nobody wanted Paul or Christmas to win so it defaulted to the idiot man child…

  35. BB20 should be all stars simple as that. Bring back the best cast you can get of past players. The top 8 single time players and the top 8 double time players statistically. 4 best males and females of each group.

    I want it to literally be the best of the best not half being good and half being favs that sucked like the 1st allstars.

    • Nope, all newbies!! Otherwise, I don’t watch. AG doesn’t want all newbies, because she would have less control and wouldn’t be able to manipulate the show.

  36. no more vets -except for all star– and how”s about people like me?? i’ve applied every year and just because I’m over 60 you wont even give me a chance- I know I can do those comps and my social game would be awesome-I agree with others about food and booze comps those were fun– have not placement now is silly -have a comp for that also–one more thing -if I pay for live feeds -don’t block me out for comp viewing

  37. Please no more Vets with newbies. Once I’ve seen you play, I’m over you. This is a game show, not a career.
    If you feel the need to have vets then make it even & fill the house with all vets.
    So glad small Paul went home with his 2nd, 2nd. Hope I never have to see his weasely muff face again.

  38. I really don’t believe AG or CBS care what the fans think or like. They seem to do whatever appeals to them and not the viewers. Most people here seem to hate when a vet returns, (unless it’s an All Star season) and I tend to believe that most viewers don’t like it either but they keep on doing it, So, in essence, they’re telling us our opinion means squat and as long as the viewers keep watching AG and CBS will do as they please. A couple of seasons ago Survivor did an all new cast and it was one of the best seasons in a long time and this season they are doing the same because I think they saw how much viewers liked it. BB should take a page from the Survivor book and have an all new cast next season and I bet it would be a big hit. I’m not hopeful that will happen but I’ll keep dreaming.

  39. “Grodner: It all depends on our episode schedule. For the past few summers we have had a Friday show after that final eviction episode and we have saved the HOH part 1 to air in that hour. ”

    Yeah, but you didn’t. You showed us that they were going to be holding on to the tail of a rainbow-farting unicorn in the last 5 minutes. The rest of the episode was full of dumb useless clips. If what I read before was correct, they could have shown the entire comp in that 1 hour because those people lasted less than an hour.

  40. I’ve seen Matt be more vocal this year about his opinions on the show and it’s good to see. Branden’s been doing it for a while but Matt has been a bit more reserved. It’s been interesting to see more of what Matt thinks as a fan. Thanks for providing that, Matt. We know you know the game extremely well so it’s nice to see what you think with a little less reservation than in the past.

    Thank you to you and Branden for all your work this season.

  41. I agree with Allison. 5 jurors could not get past their egos and vote for the best game. Paul deserved to win. What a shame.

    • She said they voted emotionally. Guess who’s fault that is. Paul’s. All season he played a personal game and got his minions emotionally aroused to do his dirty work. It backfired on him.

    • That’s the pot calling the kettle black….Paul couldn’t get over his own egotistical self and be honest with the jury…They were honest in their feelings toward him by voting for Josh…

      • And this is exactly why I can’t understand why people keep praising Paul for his WONDERFUL game play, and they keep trashing the jury for voting honestly. They were honest; he wasn’t. Paul lovers: what was so admirable about that?

    • paul told the jury(knife with blood dripping in hand)it was josh and xmas.He told them in the house,in goodbye video and on finale nite.Should of been 9-0 josh paul said it wasnt him was josh and xmas.

    • I disagree Danielle.
      I think Paul would have beaten Josh if he had just come clean to the jury in his speech. He could have just said I lied to you all, said awful things about you in my DRs and it was all just game.
      I bet they would have respected that and given him their votes. He could not do that because it’s always ego first with Paul.

  42. Would like a season of all new players. AND that they actually know how to play and have see several seasons of how BB works. They have to take a test and pass it (knowlege of game, mental and physical comps)
    Kevin- went in on a bet rom his family. Had not even seen a whole season except maybe a few episodes.
    Jason- was recruited from someone seeing him on a website. Jason was even told to watch 3 seasons (of numbers I don’t remember). So did not know of game much.
    Matt- came in to make a cereal eating record. Last I knew it was 750. Any final # of bowls for him??? Did not really compete on anything except use of condoms as proof of how many used condoms in bed side drawer.
    Alex- wanted to get noticed to play Survivor and TAR.
    Cameron- knows the game, is a superfan, but out after only 12 hours.
    Raven- wanted $$$ for GofundMe page. Now, paul has that distinction after someone started a GFM page for $$$ that he “lost.”
    Christmas- should have left after being injured since not able to compete 100% of her ‘advertised’ super-ness. She was also in it to advertise her body, book, and business.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a season where everyone knows the game.
      I wonder if Robyn Kass even cares when she starts to build a cast for the show.

      • BB2.

        And Robyn does care. It’s just that, it’s not her call who ultimately makes the cut. That’s up to the hands of CBS itself.

    • While I’m not a big fan of recruits, jason at least wanted to win and play hard in comps. Mark, Cody, Jason, really wanted to win and compete , even though they were very different personalities they all came to win. I just want to see a season with people that want to win the money, not just make it to jury or promote their name. I don’t care age, how big a fan they are, just that they want to complete , game, and their goal is the 500k.

  43. I didn’t like Paul in Season 18 and I liked him even less in Season 19. He’s an arrogant braggart who makes T-Shirts and sells them online. Additionally, this season I did not like the bullying at all! I thought it was unnecessary and bordered on mob-action seeing all of these people attack Jody or Kevin. He failed to claim orchestrating that repulsive behavior and it cost him $500K.
    Additionally, I think that there is a human element to BB and Paul failed to understand that two seasons in a row. I hope they don’t bring him back and he fades into memory like many of the others.

  44. I wish BB Gossip would be able to interview EP/AG. Collette and Mike would grill her azzzz good, not just the Blah, Blah you get here.

  45. I think Paul made his fatal mistake when he sent Cody out the door to become the first juror. The saying “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” is perfect for a situation like this. Cody saw what Paul was doing early on, and took that knowledge with him to the jury house. As the evictees entered the jury house, Cody filled them in, one by one, on exactly what was happening. And if the HGs were incredulous with Cody’s ideas, that ended once the later houseguests started coming in with Josh’s goodbye messages ringing in their ears, and corroborating exactly what Cody had been saying all along.

    Somewhere along the way Cody established the ‘jury pact’, which determined that Paul was not going to win, no matter what. Mark, Elena, Jason and Alex joined the pact, sealing Paul’s fate. So, in reality, Paul lost the game long before he sat in the F2 chair. While Paul was controlling the BB house, Cody was controlling the jury house. May the best man win …

    • There was no “jury pact”…The word “pact” was taken out of context by an interviewer…Cody said that he made a promise to (another person on the jury) “1” individual concerning his vote…Cody would not name the individual to the interviewer..There was no 3/4/5/6 person “pact” that voted against Paul…Cody was controlling nothing…He did not want to be in control …Cody did not even want to be in the jury house…The “‘pact” conspiracy theory was instigated by the interviewer not Cody…

  46. I probably have had my share of “vet”s like Paul and Frank but I would certainly be open to players like Cameron and Glenn who didn’t really get a chance to play the first time. I’d even say someone like Jillian who was an early boot.

  47. Came up with some new rules for Big Brother. A bit of an adjustment in the direction of the game. This would have the non-players on-the-block each week, hopefully prodding HGs to participate, work, DO something.

    – have points each week BUT also have running total on the side for overall winners’ rounds to compete, also use high-point totals HGs

    – points earned by participating in comps,

    – points earned by the placings in the comps; i.e. winner takes top # of points, the last few placings, no points awarded; like 1st place = 5 pts; 2nd place 4 pts; 3, 2, 1, & 0 for rest

    – points for ‘jobs’ done around the house: cooking, cleaning, conversing back and forth with other HGs, tasks, etc.

    – points taken away if not work, chore, participating, etc.

    – vote out the non-players each week, that way you have the actual participants playing the game and also the better players, hopefully left.

    – earn points to be able to stay each week

    – have 4 – 6 of the lowest pointed people be the ones the HG can select from to be on the block each week for eviction.

    – food & luxury comps, have not comps or tied in with other comps, like the losing team from food comps are have nots

    – more endurance comps

    – DIFFERENT comps, Maybe America could come up with the examples.

    – If you cannot compete, you must delete (yourself from the house)

    – NO sexing, under the blanket or not

    • “If you cannot compete, you must delete (yourself from the house)”

      Great thoughts Ms. Kelly. My only question is with all the points…Can half of the house guests perform basic math functions or will Production have to come up with an easy system for them since that’s a lot of math to count with 10 fingers and toes.

      • What state, besides confusion, do you hail from, Alf?
        I’m in Iowa, the Tall Corn State, even though it is very dry here.

        Between Radar’s Home town (M*A*S*H) and Jason’s from BB19, closer to Jason and wife, Holly, son, Gatlin and Bull Ole’. I finally found my camera and hope to drive by and get a couple picts of Ole’ in his field. :-)

  48. Why do they ask Allison questions? She never gives straight answers.

    Big Brother had really high ratings this season, probably do to a lot of Paul fans; when they bring back vets, it’s guaranteed that the vets’ fans are gonna watch, so of course they’re probably gonna do that next season (unless it’s an all vets season). Most super fans would love an all newbie season, but production is gonna do what brings in the most views.

    • Yep, it’s a business. Gotta make money. Ratings will always dictate what networks keep on the air. CBS will keep doing what makes them the most money.

  49. I say ok fine have vets but make sure you don’t have advantages or repeated comps. That alone is an advantage. They play a comp so know how it works and how to play it. Would love to see all new comps. They added a couple new ones this season but in reality Paul had another huge advantage with familiar comps.

  50. The jury would have voted for Paul had he owned his game play. Josh sat next to him, (figuratively) covered in their blood and dirty hands and owned his game play. I think I’d rather vote for someone who was straight up and said, “Yeah, I went after you because you stood in my way of getting the prize.” than someone who continued to lie and not own up to their part in evicting me. The outcome would have been different if Paul had done that. But his ego and entitled attitude just wouldn’t let him do it. Paul went in expecting to win. Josh went in there trying to win. There’s a huge difference.

  51. Comment on the last “conspiracy” theory of the season…..The so called jury “pact” did not happen….3/4/5/6 members of the jury did not band together to vote Josh over Paul…Cody made a promise to “1” juror.. whom he did not/would not name. .In an effort to get Cody to reveal that jurors name the interviewer used the word “pact” when talking to Cody…People should go watch the interview …It kills the idea of a jury “pact” to vote against Paul…

  52. Paul had the jury stolen from. He could not and did appeal to them . he was still trying to play the game . it did not work for him two years in a row. Josh did not play the game better , he played the Jury better. Still Paul made one major mistake , he changed his wining game plan at the last minute, he decided to keep Josh over Kevin, Paul always got the strongest out, No matter how bitter, they would not have voted for Xmas or Kevin, and would have been happy to Josh at jury,
    with the vets, they do have an unfair advantage , Sometimes it makes for good play, but they do need a season of no vets at all. Just newbies,
    As far as the live feeds and and the comps What is the harm letting those who pay watch live. unless it has to do with ratings, and they want to keep the lid on what happens

  53. I am so disappointed with this season of Big Brother. How do they condone the amount of bullying that was going on. I understand it’s a game but a line was crossed. Also, I don’t understand how Christmas was allowed to continue in the game after breaking her foot when she couldn’t take part in most comps because she wasn’t medically cleared. If you can’t play the game to the fullest, you shouldn’t be there. Just my opinion.

  54. Every season should be all new players and then eventually an all star season. No mixing. Fans should also not be able to vote for any advantages in the game. I come to watch strategy not a popularity contest.

    • I would gladly get rid of twists and leave my America’s vote at the door for some good old fashioned, back to basics, Big Brother! Bring back food comps. Bring back luxury comps. Bring back HOH room viewing & letter reading…I don’t care if some HG don’t like it, it gives us (the fans) a glimpse into the HGs, their families and who they are outside the BB house.

  55. We need a season of no vets, no twist or Temptations, no outside influences at all.
    Also they need to increase the prize money. It has been $500,000 since season one! Stupid. These HG’ need more incentive then their 15 minutes of fame. It’s time for a BB to make some changes!
    Clearly they also need to do better psych evaluations LOL
    hoping season 20 is an organic season! Fingers crossed BB Pro learned this season and will fix their mistakes.
    NOT going to hold my breath!

  56. Season 20 will likely be All Stars or something bigger than just a regular season, so I’m not going to hold my breath expecting no returning vets etc.
    I read a comment where someone suggested an all female or an all male cast. That would be interesting.

  57. Need to have the end of competitions on the live feeds. We missed the slip and slide which is always played out live and the first part of the final HOH. Live feeds need to stay up and stop blacking us out.

  58. If you are going to do vets then just do a All-Star season,otherwise please just new people.

  59. BB needs to do an all-star season or just all newbies. Mixing them does not work. Also, “expect the unexpected” is for the contestants – not the viewers. The viewers should know the rules of the game ahead of time. Otherwise the appearance is that CBS is just making stuff up to benefit certain players. Quit trying to fix something that was never broke. :)

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