Diary Room: Adam Poch Previews Final Week Of Big Brother 16

Only 1 week to go… for Big Brother fans that means the long cold winter is next, and anticipation for Big Brother 17 will grow for the next 9 months. Sure we have shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef, Big Brother Canada, as well as a plethora of scripted TV shows to get us through, but no show will ever top Big Brother for fan excitement & interaction. Before all that though, we have to see who gets the big check, who gets the little check, and who goes home with nothing (like me!!!).

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

For the record – if you read my Final 4 Preview on Tuesday, I correctly predicted that Derrick would win the HoH, and Caleb would be sent packing. While Caleb may not have been the brains of the bunch (even he joked about that with Julie) – he brought us plenty of funny moments during the season (Judy Chops??) and was a Beast in competitions. His blind loyalty is what made him a desirable ally for the Hitmen, and they had their chance several times to get him out – but used him accordingly to do their dirty work, and like everyone else before them, was sent packing.

Speaking of the Hitmen – I think it was a baaaaaaad move for Cody to out the Hitmen on national TV. The last 2 people that went home, Frankie & Caleb, now head to the Jury house to tell their tales of woe to the rest of them. We got to see a little bit of the Frankie mini meltdown when he told Caleb, Derrick, and Cody that he would go to the jury house and be the one to “decide who wins the game.” He actually did have a point, but at the time he was upset at them and came off a little cocky. When he gets there – along with Caleb and they all start comparing notes, I feel like they will applaud the Hitmen’s actions – but not Cody’s tact.

Jury management is so key to winning the game. We have not seen anyone do what Derrick has done since Dan in Season 10. Even before Frankie went home, Derrick says, “I cant look you in the face and lie to you.” That’s how you save a jury vote. Blowing up a secret alliance right before evicting Caleb is not how you secure jury votes. With that said – there are only 3 possible scenarios for next Wed night:

Derrick & Cody in Final 2 – This only happens if Cody wins the final HoH. He has been Derrick’s biggest fan inside the house – and even said if Derrick wins 500K, that he will feel like a winner. Sure this is great to support your boy and all – but 97 days before that, you did not know him, and you went into the house to win 500K for yourself.

Derrick & Victoria in Final 2 – I think this would happen if either Derrick or Victoria win the final HoH. Derrick will for sure pull a Jon/Neda (BB Canada 2 reference for those of you that dont know). Cutting your biggest ally at the final 2 to take someone you feel 100% you can beat is a bold move. But even Cody would get over it in the 10 minutes between eviction & voting. Derrick has been grooming Victoria the last few weeks to be his $50K insurance policy. Victoria 99% would take Derrick to the F2. Just like Cody she has been caught in Derrick’s web and actually thinks helping him get to the end is her best bet.

Victoria & Cody in Final 2 – Remember when I said 99% Victoria will take Derrick – the 1% remainder would be if she finally realizes she has no chance of beating Derrick. A move like that is one the jury would actually love to see – and honestly – I think the fans would love it too. That would take chutzpah – not sure if she has it. There is an even less of a chance that Cody will realize he has no chance of beating Derrick and cuts him at F3. BUT… we never know – which is why we watch.

Last night before the episode I was talking to a couple of other fans about how this season has been boring because of the safe gameplay and someone mentioned how Derrick would never have gotten this far against “smarter players.” My rebuttal was Derrick has done such a great job brainwashing these players from the get go – that he never allowed them to think completely on their own.

It has really been a pleasure to watch him play this game (IMO) the way it was meant to be played. He won when he had to, he had enough people covering him when he didn’t. He came off as a follower when he was really a leader. His background as an undercover cop has never been exposed because he has been so careful with his words and actions all season.

While he has not been the most glamorous player to watch – no one in the history of the game has ever controlled the entire house the entire game. I will never say who the best player ever was/is – because there are too many variables on each season, and what works for someone one season, may not work for them on another season. But I will say this season, Derrick has played a near perfect game. He just has 2 more things to do, and I will say he played a perfect game. So keep that in mind when looking back on the season – it may have hurt some of the entertainment value of BB16 but as a player – he played to win the game, not make exciting TV.

My question of the week for you this time is – do you think Derrick will throw the 2nd part of the HoH to Victoria – because he thinks he is a shoe in to go to F2 with both of them?

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  1. There is no way that Derrick will throw the 2nd HOH competition to Victoria. He told her last night that he wouldn’t, because he’d be better at beating Cody in the 3rd comp, than she would. Plus, when has he ever left things to chance?

    He was trying his best to get Cody to throw the 1st HOH competition to him, but fell before he succeeded.

    (I’m still hoping for the long shot of C&V F2, just to knock Derrick off of his pedestal!)

      • I Agree with you guys also redroses and LlGrrl, there’s no way he’s throwing the comp and after yesterday way he reacted to Victoria when she asked him if he threw it he got pissed so it’s not in him to throw it. Watch him win this 2nd round face Cody in the 3rd and then wait for him to decide whether he will take either Cody or Victoria to the big dance (F2).

      • He did throw it one time but only because he really thought Frankie needed to see his Grandfather’, who just passed away’s picture.

      • He threw it another time when it was christine, nicole and Derek left in the comp and Derek purposely cut the wrong wire cause he thought Nicole had that one, but she actually was struggling with that one and so Christine ended up winning that comp instead of Nicole.

      • AND he threw the undercover (the cop one) POV figuring Cody would win it. So that’s at least three comps he threw, but I also don’t think he’ll throw the second one. He may, however, throw the 3rd round to Cody and make Cody choose him rather than having to choose between Cody and Victoria and piss one of them off.

  2. I’ve got to think that Derrick sees a need to win the second part. I believe that he feels confident that both would take him, but at the same time, I’m not sure he wants to sit next to Cody, with Cody winning the final HOH.
    Sure Derrick can sell the fact that he didn’t want to win too many comps and he masterminded most of the moves. But Cody would then be the competition beast who won the last POV and the last HOH to secure his spot in the Final 2. With Derrick having most of his big moves go through Cody or Caleb, I’d think Cody could make a pretty good argument sitting next to Derrick.

      • Cody NEVER made any big moves on her own, he acted as Derrick’s puppet, I think Cody thinks way too much of his “game”. Other than Derrick, I think Donny and Nicole are the most memorable as far as actually trying to play the game on their own terms.

      • I would love to see the reunion between old horny, homely Christine and her husband – might be more entertaining that most of this season

  3. Derrick will not throw the 2nd part he will get himself to the f2 seat to gain points with the jury. He knows that jury and will be a shoo in to win the 3rd and final HOH. Victoria already asked him to throw the 2nd part to her (haha) and he brushed her off. A few weeks ago I would of said Derrick would of cut Cody at f3 but I really think he will take him to f2. But then again he might flip the script and take Veronica. Cody could have a good argument to win and take credit for things Derrick has done honestly thinking he had a hand in it all. Cody revealing the hitmen was him trying to get Caleb in the know (finally) what was really going on in the house and not take all the blood for his eviction. I am looking forward to Wed to finally put this season to bed and look forward to BB17.

  4. I think Derrick played the best game in the house but I also think things were handed to him in a way. From the start of the 8 person bomb squad alliance, Derrick never had anything to worry about. There was only 1 alliance in the house and at times it seemed like the alliance had adopted even more players! The way the season played out with Caleb saying he wanted the bomb squad to go all the way to the end was not Derrick’s doing. Neither was Donny playing the hermit and refusing to create another alliance to work against “the boys”. Donny knew about Derrick and Cody way before he was evicted but basically did nothing but try to win vetos to stay in the house and with a big alliance after him that was never going to be a winning strategy. So it was half the house aligned against 8 floaters! This made it easy from the beginning. The other alliances like the 3 Amigos and the Detonators were not Derrick’s ideas either, they were thrown in his lap.

    Then there were the HGs like Christine who knew she was last man on the totem pole but she still stuck with her alliance – screwing a perfectly loyal friend, Nicole, in the process. Again, this wasn’t Derrick’s doing. It was Devin who brought Christine and Amber into the alliance.

    I think the contrast of Derrick playing to win for himself against the rest of these house guests who had no idea what game there were playing makes Derrick look at lot better.

    Again, there is no doubt that Derrick played the best game by far this season. It was not even close. But these HGs made it easy for him, just like Helen made it easier for Andy last year. So yes, I do believe this tame group of HGs who were afraid to make a bold move – ever – basically played into Derrick’s hands.

    Havng said all that, I still think Cody will take Victoria to the final 2 if he wins the HOH.

    • Well said, I don’t think Derrick has played such a flawless game nearly as much as seems to be touted – it’s easy to manipulate seemingly weak-minded people, I’ll say it again, put him in a house with a Dr. Will, a Boogie, a Dan, and an Evil Dick and see how easily he can manipulate THEM. Donny was one of the few people who saw through Derrick, so Derrick made sure to get rid of him ASAP, no matter that he was part of Team America.

  5. If derrick throws the second comp and neither take him to the final two then he deserves to lose. I’ll be disappointed if he throws the second comp!

  6. I believe the Jon/Neda comparison more so applies if Cody won and took Victoria. I heard that Neda was considered the strategic mastermind.

    • Lisa, I agree with you! Neda was the Derrick and Cody was the Jon of this season. And if Cody could pull off the final HOH and decide who to take, it would be like when Jon did and took Sabrina for the guaranteed win. Because Neda was going to do the exact same to Jon had she won the final hoh, just as Derrick plans to do with Cody. So to me, I feel Cody winning the final hoh and taking Victoria would be the equivalent to Jon taking Sabrina.

      • BBCAN2 Jury were basing their votes on comps and the truth is Sabrina did very well in the 1st half of the game and formed an alliance called First 5. They were in total control and if it was not for the public vote they would have controlled the game to the end just like the Bomb Squad/Detonators did this season. So it is hard to compare say a Victoria to a Sabrina, Sabrina was a strategist and an excellent social player. Almost all of the early players that got voted out she was the one that got them out. She had a similar game strategy like Amanda from BB15.
        Victoria on the other hand did nothing and do not deserve to be in the F2 at all even if it cost someone 500k they should not take her. This is my opinion though tweet me on twitter @phillieb_jam if you agree or disagree.

  7. Adam, thank you for your insights all season and for this great article. I agree with you 100%. Derrick spent the entire season working to undermine any self-confidence anyone in his alliance ever had, till by the end they had to discuss with him every thought they had and action they made. This guy must be one heck of an undercover cop. Remind me to stay out of trouble if I’m ever in Rhode Island!

  8. Are you watching the same BB we are. It was boring as hell and no one is waiting for it to come back on as you are. BB is a filler for the boring summer when NOTHING else is on.

    • Yes I am watching the same BB and as a fan boring BB is better than no BB. I have an optimistic view. You obviously watch the show & read blogs so if you hate it so much here’s an idea… stop watching and spend your time doing something you like to do.

      • Calm down Adam; it is only a game. One that allows you to blog. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is mine. Be a big boy about it.

      • I am calm – why do you think when someone posts a different opinion than you, they are being hostile. I just do not understand if it pains you so much watching, why do you do it? Obviously you like to complain about stuff than do anything about it. If you do not like chocolate ice cream, would you order it at an ice cream place? Probably not – right? So if you dont like a TV show – dont watch. It really is that simple!

      • Calm down Adam; it is only a game. One that allows you to blog. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is mine. Be a big boy about it.

    • I kinda feel like season 15 was boring. The outcome was one of the worst in BB history. Andy is so meh.

  9. I think that it’s very possible for Derrick to blow the last HoH. I think that, while it’s possible, it’s unlikely either Vic or Cody would evict Derrick in 3rd place. Sacrificing the last HoH would still get him to the F2, but without having to be the one to rid either of his closest allies.

  10. I think Derrick wins part two and then throws part 3. He doesn’t want losing to Victoria on his record, and he doesn’t want to betray her to bring Cody. This way he looks good and stayed loyal to everyone

  11. I’d have to say BB canada 3 will be as good or better than our usual BB fix. its basically the identical game to bbus , just better casting, production, house, comps, etc etc… i wish the US viewers could see it free, its on global tv this season. I’m not bashing bbus, its always been awesome too.

    • never seen bb Canada but love ours. Can you tell us when it starts, give a link for info, any info at all?

  12. Fans should realize the BB is pretty well scripted to. We saw BB manipulate results several weeks ago when they did not let Calebplay in BOB because he stated he was throwing competition so they could send home Frankie. Then BB changed the competition to something Frankie could do well at by himself as it was easier to do alone that as a pair. BB helped Rachel out in her winning year too–BB treats the show as entertainment with a general script and favorites to hold onto not as a contest to see who wins.

    • Caleb quit the comp. Thats why they would not let him back in. Once you quit you cant say ‘oh I changed my mind’

  13. I think logically Derrick will throw the last comp knowing either Cody or Victoria Wii choose him to not get any blood on his hands. He then secures whoever loses vote without having to send them home. Easy and no blood… Same as he’s played all season.

  14. Well I evidently missed this the first time it posted. Adam great job and look forward to your end of season rankings. Do you really think Derrick will take Cody over Vic? Not so sure. I think he will get more respect from jury if he does. I’m also not sure that Cody won’t take Vic. If (big if) he stops to think about the way he cut Caleb knowing Caleb couldn’t win pt 2 or 3 of HOH, then he may not take Derrick. Look forward to next year.

  15. Derrick will try to win the 2nd comp against Victoria to set up a decisive 3rd comp with Cody. No way will he lay down this late in the game and when the chips are on the line. He would be stupid to let Cody just win it and decide his fate. Cody could very well take Victoria and I believe Cody will send Derrick to the jury and take Victoria to Final 2 if he wins the 3rd comp. He will be utterly stupid not to!

  16. Why don’t I remember this guy? His photo doesn’t look familiar but I remember an adam a few years ago who got fired from his job for comments made on the show. Wasn’t he on the valentine’s day one?

    • I don’t remember him either and I’ve watched every season. Like you, I remember the name Adam but thought it was a guy who came on the show with his girlfriend but don’t remember this face………….help

  17. no way is he going to chance fate at this point in the game, no time will be left to manipulate the outcome! Derrick has one person’s back and that is his own, and he can not be 100% sure either Vic or Cody will take him, at this point he is not in total control of either, only himself, but he has to win the next 2 comps to be sure of his seat— like i said a few weeks back winning comps is the only guarantee …Victoria still has a lot of time to question the hitman alliance, and Derrick can not be sure of the jury talking about the hitman alliance in the next few days either! I still think Derrick has the votes of the first jury members, the last few might be a toss up?!?

  18. I can’t even imagine what in the world Victoria could say to the jury if she is in F2. She could stand up and say..I know that I really don’t deserve the 500K, so just go ahead and give it to Derrick and I will take the 50K. Thank you. Victoria is the true definition of “floater.” She won nothing, I don’t count that POV she took from Caleb, unless she is really thinking about game when she sits around all day with that cold blank evil stare of hers…I don’t know what she would say.

  19. Helping Derrick get to the end IS Victoria’s best bet. She wouldn’t have lasted 2 weeks without Derrick, much less final 3. I want to see her beat Derrick tomorrow and Cody beat her and take her to F2.

  20. I hope Derrick wins and brings Cody with him for second place. As far as Frankie is concerned I find it absolutely dishonest on the part of the producers to have this so call human on the show. I do sincerely believe that the producers showed complete disregard for the fans of the show. It was quite evident that they cheated to try to get Frankie crowned as the winner. For that reason most of my friends will not watch any new Big Brother series. Julie Chen you were one of my favourite TV hosts but now you are at the bottom of my list.

    • While I agree with you Mimi do not let this bad season stop you from watching BB. The producers tried something and it failed miserably, you would think after 15 seasons they would know what the true fans of the show want. The past few seasons they have given us some really terrible HGs, let us hope they improve next season. Some of the HGs this season I will never forget but for others I have already forgotten about them, they just did not make an impact. After the finale next week I hope I never see or hear anything ever again about Frankie I do not even want to see a Tweet on my timeline about him. Worst BB HG in the history of the show (in my opinion). On the other hand Christine is the BIGGEST LOSER this year did you all checked out how many Twiitter followers she has? A meager 103 thats AN EPIC FAIL!!! for someone that was in the public for 3 months and had millions of persons watching them for 24 hours.

  21. Derrick will not throw the second part of the HOH competition to Victoria because he knows this is crucial and his destiny is in his own hands. He want to ensure that he is in total control. But this is BB so we never know but this season was so predictable so so there is nothing to expect. if he throws it I would be surprised and shocked. I have not been surprised and shocked at no point this season so I do not expect to be, especially at this crucial point in the game.

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