Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 12 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

Well, the Big Brother Feeds have been down almost 24 hours – there has been an eviction & a new HoH – all of which has been under lock & key by CBS (as of now – no spoiler leaks).

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

I will look back and give my Big Brother 16 rankings on the Rewind week & what I am hopeful for in the fast forward week.

Victoria – 2 strips of Tofu – Victoria’s so pretty – she accidentally won $5000 – yeah, that pretty much sums up her week & her game. Accidentally getting further. As fans – we like to see players shake it up and be aggressive all season. As a player – you need to do whatever you can to get to the end. Victoria has done pretty much neither – BUT… all the people that went home before her, would swap their spot with her any day. So hate her game play all you want, just know hate = jealousy.

Derrick – 1 strip of Bacon – In the week that was not really a week, Derrick came up with a plan to get jury votes & get the rest of the people left in the house to want to take him to the Final 2. He once again played his Victoria fiddle perfectly and she went along with it. Was that a genius move by Derrick, or could it come back and bite him in the butt? Well, if it gets out there that it was all fake, he may have a hard time getting out of that jam. Luckily for him, these people have not compared notes all season.

Cody – 3 strips of Bacon – Cody didnt do horrible in the Veto the first time around – but stepped up his game and won the Veto this time. Perhaps it was a little less stressful this time around for him since he was no ton the block. Either way, Veto at this time in the game is even more important than HoH, since he will have 2 chances to get himself into the Final 3.

Caleb – 4 strips of Bacon – after just losing by a couple of balls, Caleb came back and won the re-wind Seed Saw HoH. He wasted no time attempting to get more blood on his hands and nominated Frankie with the hopes that he goes home next. He could have made a big mistake if Frankie won Veto and saved himself, but Beast Mode Cowboy did not care. At the end of the day – Caleb is building up quite a resume to present to the jury. Just needs to win Veto in the short week since he is not eligible to play in the HoH (that was already played).

That leads us to this week’s Tofurkey of the Week – which is Frankie. Has anyone else had the roller coaster of a season as Frankie has? At first he was beloved by HG’s & fans alike – then the big reveal – and since then, he has been both a competition beast, and threat to win the game. He had come close to being backdoored twice – once by Caleb who was scared to pull the trigger, and once by Derrick during the 2nd Double Eviction of the season.

Frankie then went on to have all the power last week by winning HoH & Veto. Too bad for him it did not mean a thing – as the week was wiped out by them pressing the Rewind Button, which he said before to everyone not to touch (but then was the first one to want to push it). I bet he is wishing he stayed true to his original thought because Frankie went on to lose HoH, lose Veto, and probably walked out the door. A real Penthouse to Outhouse story.

As mentioned in the header – we still do not know the official results of last night – so here are 2 scenarios, 1 as a fan, and 1 as a prognosticator.

FAN – Victoria stayed against Frankie, won HoH – nominates Cody & Caleb. The 2 guys realize that the fight between Vic & Derrick was a hoax, Caleb wins Veto – and votes to evict Derrick. Yes, I have been singing the praises all season of how amazing of a game Derrick has played, but at this point, the fan in me wants to see someone else win.

PROGNOSTICATOR – Derrick probably won HoH – will nominate Victoria & Caleb – will also win Veto – Cody will be the only vote, and get rid of Caleb as the Hitmen see him as their last hurdle to sitting next to each other in the final 2. For Derrick’s sake, he needs the short week to play out like that. If it is reversed & Cody wins HoH & Veto – that will build up his resume a bit to the jury – and even if he is sitting next to Derrick – he will have a fighting chance for the big check.

We are just 8 days away from putting this season to a close. With the end in sight we can only hope to see some much needed fireworks, as the season of the “Safe Moves” has left us with a lot of anticipation only to see the moves not made.

Question of the week for you all – if Frankie was sent to jury – do you think he will spill the beans to them about Team America in an effort to sabotage Derrick from winning?

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  1. I think it would be great if Donny and Frankie both asked Derrick a question about TA at the finale. Yes, CBS picks the questions jury members ask, but hey..having a que card never stopped Susan Sarandon or Richard Gere from spewing their politcal views on the live Oscars show. Be a rebel.

    • Throwing him under the bus because he beat you at your own game? Seems trivial. I wouldn’t expect it to cross their minds anyway. Both seem like the type to let game moves go and not be sourpusses.

    • I don’t think Outing Derrick for Team America would hurt him.
      I think it would only Strengthen his case to win BB16.

      First is shows how well he played the game. How he was able to Manipulate the House into accomplishing Missions. And How he was able to do it in a way they all had fun and kept things interesting in the house.

      Second Derrick Voted out his team America Partners. That says something about his game play also. That he was willing to make the hard choice. That Frankie and Donny are Gone. And that he even turned down several Missions for the sake of his game.

      I think the Team America Storyline would only Help Derrick.
      The Bigger Shock will be that he is a Detective in real life.

  2. 2 Tofus for Victoria? I thought she did an amazing acting on Frankie et al in her fake out fight with Derrick …
    I could see Frankie out Derrick during the Finale once Derrick does his opening speech as to why he deserves it .. as it may produce the biggest reaction on live television ?? But, would he not lose his TA $$$ by outing the other TA members ??
    If Victoria won, I wonder if Derrick would risk losing his “never to be nominated streak in BB” and go down in history and/or continue the fake fight with Victoria and offer himself up to her to be nominated along with Cody ?? Hmmm ???

    • I’d give Victoria just a little bacon for winning the 5k (choosing Hayden was smart), being in no real danger while on the block, improving her performing substantially in both HOH and veto, and successfully continuing the act that she’s mad at Derrick.

      • You don’t understand what “luck of the draw” means–and why do people upvote comments that are factually inaccurate? I guess they don’t understand “luck of the draw” either, even though it’s an extremely simple concept. It means that there no choice. Well, Victoria had a choice. Multiple jurors were left at the point when she chose Hayden to play for her. Therefore, she deliberately picked him, and it was NOT luck of the draw.

      • I think Hayden deserves more bacon then Victoria.
        He waited for Nicole to put out 3 other Players.
        Knew her feelings for him would prevent her from knocking him out.
        Then he used his to knock Nicole out.

    • I don’t think the TA members lose their TA $$$ by outing the other members. Way back early in the season when TA was announced they were told whether or not they told the other HGs about TA was up to them.

      • They could only tell the others about themselves. They couldn’t say anything about the others or they would forfeit the money.

  3. This season would be a joke if anyone but Derrick won, especially Caleb. The creepy stalker who is too dumb to even throw a competition. Please no.

    • It would be worse if Victoria won. She has done absolutely nothing. No I’m not a hater, she has gotten this far because she has ridden Derrick’s coattails. She was considered the least threat in the house is why they have kept her longer. It may come back to bite Derrick if Victoria makes it to the F2 and the other hgs find out Derrick had a hand in all of their evictions. Victoria does not have blood on her hands. Call it strategy on her part, nawww, just called not being a good player and lucky!

      • I think they all know Derrick had a hand in all their evictions. The question is, will they admire his “play” or just hate him? Could go either way…………

      • It’s Interesting to hear Cody says
        “The only persons back I have in this game is Derricks”
        And Derrick says
        “The only persons back I have in this game is Mine”

        It tells you how well Derrick is Playing this game.

    • Caleb has gotten to where he is because people know how easily he can be manipulated, and on that basis,he has been used to further other people in the game.

      • Yes I am guess his 4 permanent HOHs 1 BOB (not counting the one with Frankie) have really done nothing for him lol He won a DE HOH perfect for taking out a player like him.

        If you don’t like the guy I get it but he has played a good game considering he is not a super fan like Nicole, Christine and Derrick.

        He manage to gain trust. To the point people would believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Remember when Christine put up Nicole. Yes Derrick had nothing to do with it. Caleb planned to go to her and use his information. Christine didn’t need anyone else to confirm it because she knew Caleb wouldn’t lie. Although he did alter the story.

        He manage to go from most hated and main target to the genuine guy. I bet if Caleb had more knowledge of the game he would have played better.

        The reality is whether he wins that veto or not and he only makes it to final 4. He was suppose to be gone week 3. Also production did a bunch of sissy comps which even BB alumni were surprised to see how many quiz comps took place. So he could have won more comps then he did.

  4. When do they plan on having another All Stars? I know that this is off topic but this season has been such a bust, I am ready to see some game play.

    • It could take awhile. With so many recent seasons of bringing back their star players they’ve drained the well unless they want three-peat & four-peat appearances.

      I have reason to believe it’s not a high priority to do another all-stars soon. Or at least not a high priority for all those in charge.

      • That makes sense. It’s too bad. And I really don’t care too much about them bringing back that best players. But it would make for an interesting season if they brought some of the sneakier players like Ronnie from season 11. lol. But thank you for your response.

      • Me too. Then we could settle this once and for all. Is he really that good, or is he playing against weak competition?

      • He wouldn’t last two weeks. His dictatorship wouldn’t work with players that know how to play the game.

  5. I love Frankie from the very beginning.. I also never liked Zach..so when the whole evicting Zach thing happened I never stopped loving Frankie. In my opinion America seems to love the ‘jerks’ on the show.. America needs to ask themselves ‘why’.. probably for the same reason they thrive daily on negative/crime news stories..OKay back to Frankie.. he seems to loose lots of fans is right..when he got out Zach..but everyone doesn’t seem to remember that it was all Zach’s fault, if you watch the live feeds you will know if you are just watching it on tv 3 nights a week then you don’t know what a d-bag Zach was to Frankie..he stabbed Frankie in the back twice..once right after the finally made up..he went and threw Frankie under the bus…told everyone about his game.. then he went up to Frankie and said…”I just threw you under the bus..” Frankie was like what?..whY?..and Zach just say, I don’t know, I felt like it.. Umm. don’t you think Frankie then had every right to put him up on the block.. then of course don’t forget that Zach was annoying everyone in the house and EVERYONE wanted him out.. so they got him out.. and then that’s when America started to NIT-PIK on Frankie.. oh he called Nicole a ‘c–t”..oh he said you should rape Victoria…. bullcrap… he said most in a joking manner and do you really think he was serious..so many people joke and say mean things they never mean.. America needs to stop being such a hypocrite.. Hating on Frankie because he’s different is probably the reason they don’t like him..

    • We love jerks? Is that why Donny leads the AFP Poll on here every week?

      I watch feeds and after dark so I know how Frankie is. & I don’t like what I see.

      • Frankie will never be able to one up Zach on his speeches. Gotta give it to the “jerk?”, no, immature brat, oh yeah. Loved him sometimes, didn’t at other times. But he was entertaining most of the time.

      • Zach is my personal favorite. I LOVE a good speech. So sick of these ppl giving shout outs to those at home. That’s not what it’s for.

    • You are maybe not seeing or in upper class too. Some (not all) upper class think and act like they are better than others which is what he has done all season. He is rude and crude.

    • Oh Jenny, Jenny, Jenny…we don’t dislike Frankie because he’s ‘different’. We dislike him because he’s foul-mouthed, disrespectful, sexist, self absorbed and a bigot.

      • Don’t forget hypocrite.

        Here is Frankie’s theme song:

        “I love me, I think I’m grand(e),
        when I’m with me, I hold my hand.”

    • Somewhere amidst your wall of text you totally missed the point, Jennifer. Frankie used Zach as his personal TA whipping boy. It got old, him repeatedly doing that.

      Then you add in him calling nicole the c-word…I’m surprised you just brush that off. That’s one of the most foul things you can call a woman. And rape is not funny in any context.

    • Personally, I liked Frankie at the beginning when he was putting on his fun loving happy character, but after a while the true Frankie seemed to slip out. That Frankie acted like an entitled jerk. He felt he was owed something because of how he grew up and who his sister is. The nail in the coffin for me was when he would needlessly bash other houseguests and call them names, such as calling Nicole a c word that rhymes with runt.

    • I agree with jessalli, Brenda, Sharona and RedSx799. I’d like to add in that I disapprove of his talk about violence against the other HGs (punch Nicole, kill Donny at the jury house, behead and euthanize Zach and have Jocasta commit suicide.) He wasn’t joking about any of it. He also wasn’t joking when he said he loved a movie’s rape scene because he thinks it’s funny. Nor was he joking with his sexual harassment of the straight guys in the house. Add all of that to his delusional self-entitlement attitude and you’ve got one very sick man-child that will never grow up as long as people keep shielding him from the truth.

      • Frankie would have fit in well with a lot of last year’s hgs. Most of them were racist, foul mouthed bullys. Most hgs this season are playing with a lot of dignity. The exceptions are Frankie and his running his mouth, Devin was arrogant, and a bully, Caleb and his stalking Amber got scary.

      • Derrick is on my list of undignified HGs because of his instigating & participation in THE infamous incident. Plus, he painted Nicole as a liar, which she wasn’t. He railroaded Victoria (she couldn’t even get a full word out) and called her a lot of names when talking to himself, when he is supposed to be “protecting” her. He’s lied multiple times to the viewers. He shows a lack of heart in the game. He was my original pick this season, but I’ve lost respect for him. I could go on, but I think I’ll stop there.

      • WOW.lol. Ok. what infamous incident?

        I do feel he has lied in the DR and to Cameras mostly about wanting Donny out. Is this what you are referring to? I’d rather him be honest and say.. Donny is bad for my game. (which he was & Donny wanted him out) It’s clear that he is using Victoria, but she’s using him too. I don’t think she would have made it this far without him. It’s got to be frustrating to listen to her whine and cry for 3 months. I let him slide on that one. lol As far as painting NIcole as a Liar. That was just a game move. and an excellent one. & I think he is the only one that never turns it off. Meaning he plays 24/7. How do you figure he shows a lack of heart in the game?

      • The infamous incident is the one in the rock room where 5 of them are “joking” about Victoria and her virginity.

        I’ve seen his heart twice. Once was when his grandfather passed, although he was trying to hide it by covering his face. The other time was when he saw the video clip of his family. The rest of the time that I’ve seen he’s had his game face on. While I understand the game face, I just think that it takes a cold person to show nothing but game face for 3 solid months.

      • true true.

        I think his profession does actually help him a lot w/ his game face. He’s in a line of work where he’s possibly in danger. Someone like that is trained to not show a weakness.

      • Derrick is a cold person? That’s pretty judgmental o you. You don’t know him, but I guess you feel it’s okay to label people in negative ways based on what you see on a competitive TV show. That’s pretty sad.

      • Redroses is all worked up over one thing that happened in the game. No matter what, she won’t get over throwing a fit about it and bringing it up at any least opportunity. Just ignore her, she’s a broken record.

      • I agree, I need to see some true loyalty from him or something. Character? Not just the ability to manipulate and use people.

      • Just to add to that, I personally was even more enraged at Frankie’s jovial attitude towards rape because I lost my best friend to suicide following her sexual assault.

        So yeah. Rape? It’s not funny, ever. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

    • There are some things you just don’t joke about. Rape is one, and you never ever call a woman the “C” word. All of this type of behavior just goes to show your true personality. Frankie lost support of the fans because of his vulgar antics, and narcissistic ways. Most fans are sick of him, you should know this by the polls that put Donny at the top as AFP, and Derrick is running a close second. You can only push your crap so far before others start pushing back. CBS has pushed the fan to the limit this season.

    • As has been stated rape is nothing to joke about it’s a horrible crime that leaves the victim scarred for life. Frankie has shown himself to be a vile disgusting excuse of a human being. I don’t know of anyone else who jokes about such things as rape and to the degree of enjoyment that he had displayed. As for him being different, do you mean gay? Because I’d like to tell you that I have read many posts from other gay men who have spoken out against him. They make it very clear that he is not a good representation of their community and how most all of them are and behave. As for me he’s being gay has nothing to do with how I feel about him. I liked him at first was even excited that he was going to be on but then he revealed who he really is and that excitement turned to disgust. So his being gay has nothing to do with how I feel about him nor does Zach’s eviction. How I feel about Frankie is a direct result of the vile, sick and despicable things he has done and said. One question for you (or maybe two) 1. Are you related to or friends with Frankie or 2. how much were paid to come on here and make this statement? Not that that would have any real bearing on your statement but might help to clear a few things up.

    • No it’s not because he is different he is vile, you don’t joke about rape that is very serious. This isn’t a nitpick, those are little minor things- he is also a sexual predator-granted the guys should have told hime to back off from the get go because now they have a monster that is hard to control

    • Exactly what do You mean when you say Frankie is different? Are you playing the ignorant gay card? I don’t see gay when I see Frankie. I don’t hate the person; I hate what comes out of the person. If you need examples, they are too numerous to post, but do a little searching and you can find numerous disgusting, slutty acts and vulgar remarks and don’t play dumb, you know what he has done and so does all of the others who randomly ask why the hate for Frankie.

    • You think its a joke to suggest “raping” a woman???
      You think its funny or a joke when a man calls a woman vile nasty
      You are seriously in need of help..as in therapy…

  6. This whole season has been so boring! The only way Big brother can have a successful season this year is to see Derrick lose! Maybe Cody or Victoria win, Boy that would be great!

  7. You forgot something in with this statement, ” At first he was beloved by HG’s & fans alike…” And then due to his personality and narcissistic personality disorder he became the most despised member of the house to fans and HGs. His game began to unwind once the real Frankie was revealed to America, and I think he is highly over rated as a player. His social game has been abysmal as he literally would have zero votes from the jury in a F2 situation. He lacked the balance necessary in this game between social game and competitive strength to become a winner. His wins have been over rated as well since Derrick gave him an HOH, and he never made any big moves in the game with those wins. He trashed the house guests on a personal level beyond game play and therefore his social skills were crap. He became delusional thinking America loves him because of Team America, and when he refused to save Donny and instead put on that joke of a play, he sealed his downward spiral going forward because Derrick saw the type of person Frankie really was and used that to his advantage to target Frankie. Only Caleb has remained some what delusional regarding the likability of Frankie. I am looking very much to Tuesday’s episode to see him get booted out of the house hopefully followed by Caleb who is just as delusional about being a fame whore as Frankie was.

    • Do the other house guests really dislike him though?

      Even after he acted like a total douche to Nicole, saying rude things behind her back because she was upset to be made a have not for the second week in a row (third time overall) on a week she was likely to be going to jury anyway even though he had only been a have not once before, she told Julie she wanted Christine or Cody out next, not Frankie.

      I don’t keep up with BBAD or the live feeds much so I genuinely don’t know the answer to this question.

      • Nicole was very nervous when she found out who Frankie’s sister was. As far as to say if she knew that she would never have put him up. Also, in the first few weeks she was crying and freaking out bc she said ‘retarded’ and didn’t want to end up like last season’s cast. She cares a whole lot about what ppl think. So I don’t think she wanted to say on live television that she wanted Frankie to go. If I’m remembering correctly, she was the first person to nominate/ target Frankie.

  8. Love reading this blog every week. I don’t agree with Caleb getting so much bacon. Getting Frankie out is helps others more than it helps him. Frankie was his only legitimate ally and I don’t believe Frankie was planning to turn on him because he also has nobody else. Plus with Frankie questioning if Derrick may actually beat him or Caleb I believe that Frankie was planning to take Caleb to F2 if given the opportunity. Would Caleb win against Frankie? I think it would closer than expected but Frankie would pull out the win (unless jurors are bothered by his sister’s wealth. Which I haven’t heard too much chatter about). Anyway, now Caleb doesn’t have a cushion. He has to win POV or he’s gone. Frankie was a good ally to have on his side. Also, I don’t see Cody or Caleb finding out about the hoax with Vic and D. If Vic won HOH I see Vic keeping D off the block and claiming that she would like to BD him. Then even if D stays off the block or is the replacement she won’t have a vote. I don’t see neither Caleb or Cody voting against him. Even if Vic puts him up initially it wouldn’t really hurt him. If Vic is the sole vote that could be a little iffy. But, a legitimate argument Vic could make is that she genuinely thinks Derrick would take her to F2 over whoever left. She can say she rather bet on a damaged relationship/alliance than one that never existed. She really didn’t talk to anyone but Derrick especially gamewise. So saying she would rather put her trust in someone she once aligned with rather than someone she barely talked to makes sense.

    • Nobody cares about his sister’s fame. Frankie is just vile and I seriously doubt the vote would be close in F2. Skankie would be spanked by everyone including Victoria because his behaviour during the game was beyond disgusting.

      • Im not sure about that. Jurors who were in the house only saw a fraction of what we saw. Was he openly manipulative and a liar? Yes. But most chalked it up to game play. I don’t remember any of them claiming he was a terrible person because of non game related things he said. That being said if the jury was bitter because of Frankie’s open manipulation and lies it would have been another reason why Caleb should have never targeted him.

  9. From a fan’s viewpoint, I would be very disappointed if Derrick didn’t win BB. Why would I want a much lesser contestant, lacking in even basic strategy, beat the best player in the house?

    Victoria, no way. She has no game. Her best move has been attaching herself to Derrick and staying loyal, but she doesn’t win competitions, usually isn’t even close to winning them. Caleb gets points for some big wins, but he doesn’t get the big picture even when others spell it out for him (Frankie telling him that Derrick would beat him, for instance). Cody has played an okay but very boring game where he, similar to Caleb but not quite as blind, has allowed himself to be led around by the nose.

    No way do I want any of those three to win over Derrick’s clever, nuanced game where his skill at BB is usually not apparent to his competitors until after they land in the jury house. (Donny, for one, figured it out earlier but didn’t do much with this knowledge.)

    Viewers in general are frustrated and disappointed when inferior players win. This year, the inferior players are everyone except Derrick.

    • First priority: Anyone but Frankie wins.
      Second priority: Derrick wins. While I don’t agree with everything he’s said/done he has, imo, definitely played the best game. Pretty much everything he did had a strategy behind it. He even came in to the game looking different but went “undercover” to blend in with the frat house around him. If it were up to me, he would win. No one else would even come close.

  10. BBAD was useless, I can’t believe CBS pre-recorded nothing, give this tie-dye kits with no buckets or warm water, they couldn’t even do it, so they went back to bed, it was awful, what a waste of time. The most disappointed I have ever been with BB. Just when things should be stressful in the house, it is the most boring. I’ll be so glad when this one is in the history books.

  11. It would be a travesty at this point if Derrick didn’t win. he’s the only one who is deserving of the win…he’s made sacrifices throughout the game, unlike the others. He made it a point NOT to drink any alcohol while in the BB house b/c he doesn’t wanna cloud his mind in any way, shape of form….He’s made verrrry strategic moves, scratching 1 persons back with someone elses hands. he’s taken the whole game very serious, unlike many of the others have…… I don’t think Frankie would say anything about Team America with Donny in the Jury also…..If Donny wasn’t there, he most likely would blab…..but if Jury knew how much money Derrick has won from TA missions, they probably wouldnt vote for him, UNLESS Victorias sitting beside him! And i did really like Donny and i still do like him, but i dont think he should win Fan Fave….he’s not as sweet & humble as he was in the game…he’s gotten somewhat cocky while being in the Jury house…..so #ZachAttacks getting that vote!!!!!

  12. Oh Adam, I hope you were joking (“Victoria’s so pretty). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it also shines from the inside out, and Vic’s insides are rotten. She is a spoiled, self-absorbed brat, and every time I hear her obnoxious voice whining about a comp (“I’m so over it”) or throwing a tantrum because the jurors trashed the house (when the rest of the house guests took it in stride), I wanna smack her. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were kidding ;)

    • The rest of the house guests took it in stride? I guess you didn’t hear Frankie whine and moan about aht the jurors did to the house. Also, Victoria’s things were really trashed more than Cody’s or Derrick’s and her necklace was broken, and Christine scratched her name off the door…seems to me she had a right to whine more than the others.

      • No she didn’t – she had just won $5K so worrying about a cheap piece of jewelry was ridiculous and ungrateful on her part. And oh how I loved, loved, loved what Christine did to the door – way to go!! That was awesome! I’m sure living w/ Victoria was an absolute nightmare.

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