‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Tuesday Highlights – Update: Late Night Game Changers

The Big Brother 18 house continued to go back and forth between who is going home this week, but an unlikely pair emerged Tuesday that has decided to work overtime to get the house on the same page and expose Paulie for running the game.

Update: After initially publishing there have been a lot of changes and events that could be shifting this week’s outcome. More details have been added.

James watches over BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 9, 2016:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs starting to move around. James and Nicole head outside. Light chatter.

9:40 AM BBT – Michelle asks James if he’s heard anything about the vote. He denies any discussions and she’s surprised. He promises to tell her if he hears anything but says everyone would keep it a secret to keep her from blowing up. Michelle says she wants to make sure to have a chance to warn everyone about what she knows if she is going.

10:20 AM BBT – Michelle and James have moved outside. She’s telling him about all the money that Paul and Corey have back home.

10:25 AM BBT – Michelle still asking for insight to what might happen on Thursday. James tells her no matter what to keep her head up. She asks if he’s trying to tell her something, but he denies it. Michelle says she talked to Paul and now needs to talk with Victor next.

10:30 AM BBT – Michelle tells James that Nicole lied to her in Week 1 and that Paulie really was a pawn. She’s suspicious of how they were working together from the start. Michelle warns James that no one is going after Paulie.

10:35 AM BBT – Michelle warns James that she thinks Paulie and Nicole are running the house this season. She worries she’s in a house of oblivious people who won’t stop what’s going on.

2:12 PM BBT – Natalie tells Bridgette she wants Zakiyah to go because she gets jealous. Bridgette says Paulie is running the house and Natalie says yes and Zakiyah will do whatever Paulie wants her to do.

2:15 PM BBT – Michelle says she’s realizing everything Frank said was true. Bridgette hopes James could be talked in to using his power strategically. Minutes later she comments that James probably doesn’t have the guts to do it.

2:25 PM BBT – Michelle again promising to blow the game up on her way out.

4:05 PM BBT – Bridgette and Michelle talking again. Bridgette is again worried that James won’t be willing to make this move with his votes. Bridgette says they need Paul to be solid if they’re going to make this move and not be left out to dry. She’s nervous that he won’t come through for them.

4:10 PM BBT – Michelle admits, “I regret everything.”

4:20 PM BBT – Bridgette suggests Paulie is frightened by independent women and that’s why Tiffany, Da’Vonne, and now Michelle are being targeted while Nicole, Zakiyah, and Natalie aren’t targets since they’re paired up and he thinks they can be controlled by their paired guy.

4:30 PM BBT – Paul is doing a Feeds podcast with Michelle and Bridgette.

4:50 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she wants a F4 deal with Paulie and James. She wants Paul and Bridgette gone next.

4:55 PM BBT – Nicole is jealous that James may cancel Natalie’s vote. She wants her vote cancelled instead so she’s not on record having voted out Michelle.

5:00 PM BBT – Michelle goes to Victor in HoH room. She asks who he honestly wants out. He admits it’s not Michelle. She tells Victor they can make it happen with just three votes. Michelle promises she’s not coming after Victor. He says it would be better for his game if she stayed.

6:08 PM BBT – Bridgette tells Paul that the next target after Michelle won’t be Zakiyah. Bridgette is trying to key Paul into the fact that Paulie is running things and Paul might not be as safe as he thinks.

7:08 PM BBT – Nicole is talking to Bridgette about her favorite subject: Corey.

8:00 PM BBT – HGs just hanging out, general chit-chat.

10:01 PM BBT – Natalie and James are having a spat. Natalie tells James she tried talking to him today but he ignored her. She tells him that she’s not really mad she’s just confused.

10:08 PM BBT – James tells Natalie that they do this every few days. He says he’s tired of the dance. Natalie says he doesn’t even treat her like a friend. James says it’s weird that the two of them always have this tension between them. They agree they both often think the other is ignoring the other.

10:19 PM BBT – Michelle tells Bridgette that Victor said he doesn’t want her to go. They are worried James isn’t going to help them because he was hanging out with Corey all day. Bridgette asks Michelle if she thinks she’s going to go home why wait until the last minute to blow up everyone’s game. Michelle says she has already started doing that.

10:21 PM BBT – Bridgette suggests they need to start something to make Zakiyah a threat to Paulie’s game since he’s the one running things and the people who threaten his game are the ones who go (Tiffany, Frank, Da’Vonne).

10:23 PM BBT – Bridgette says it’s as if Paul is OK with getting 5th place. Michelle and Bridgette talk about how they don’t remember Nicole playing this dirty in her first season. Bridgette says it must be because she got played so much in BB16 that she decided to play that way this season.

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  1. 1:05 AM BBT – Natalie and James discussing the idea again. He doesn’t think now is the time to upset the game and rock the boat. She asks when that would be, after she gets evicted? James says he would do it if the whole house is for it.

    Anyone remember Helen in Amanda’s season? James is (Helen) in this season, he keeps saying now is not the time to rock the boat. You know what is going to happen? James is going to get evicted long before Paulie does! He will be too scared to make a move and probably will snitch on Natalie and Bridgette to Paulie. James blew up Becky and everyone’s game including his to please Vanessa in his season. He will do it again!

    • When I read that, I thought: in order to “rock the boat”, that implies the whole house is NOT in on it. Smh.

      • Natalie should have gone early. James could have MAYBE caught some of the game by now. goings on and shenanigans Good grief. Smh. Too late now kid.

      • I think James is the problem. Nat knows what’s really going on but he isn’t listening or he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

    • Exactly! They are in jury now/over half way into the game, either do it now or it will be too late.

      Love the Helen comparison! I was thinking the same thing myself.

  2. This James business is so upsetting. He sucks. Last year he got all my votes for AFP, this year he won’t get any.

    • James has protected Paulie over and over … must assume he is convinced he will win standing next to Paulie at the end … but Paulie has no intention of allowing him to get there. Paulie knows he has to have a floater next to him … I see that as the only way he thinks he can win …. I believe, tho, the $500 joke will be on him … he will have such haters in the jury that they will want anyone at all to win before him. I personally hope James, Paul, Vic come to their senses soon enough (now) to de-throne the big jerk.

      • I really am starting to hate…dislike Paulie and not just because I’m a Jersey girl. He is so full of himself. i would love to see the shocked look on his face as he is heading out the door.

      • I am answering this on Friday morning, so it looks like your Jersey girl wish might come true soon. Oh, and by the way, we all know Paulie’s take on women only spotlights his ginormous arrogance. Paulie is a Neanderthal punkl – Jersey Girls Rock!

      • I so enjoyed the first eviction but was not happy that Corey won the HOH. It was strange that so many of them came up with the same wrong answer at the same time.

      • Just when you think it’s safe .. expect the unexpected, I guess. Yes, that was so disappointing … however, Corey’s answer was correct … others have gone back and verified. Darn.

      • IMO it’s kinda the human spirit thing … I keep thinking he is a “good guy” and I want good guys to win.

      • I don’t think he’s a good guy. I think he’s afraid of his own shadow. Just hoping he doesn’t get evicted – he’s an idiot in the game of BB

      • He is a good guy, morally speaking. Gameplay-wise, he’s a bit too cautious, but I think that it’s fair given how easily Paulie could tear this apart if he planted enough seeds. Knowing the rest of the house, he could easily turn Paul, Victor, Nicole, Corey, and Zakiyah against Bridgette, James, Natalie, and Michelle if it came down to it, so they need to be exceedingly careful in blindsiding Zakiyah.

      • I honestly don’t understand how he got it. Everywhere I read they were talking about giving it to Michelle. I didn’t see James mentioned once.

      • Well, maybe something will come of it. I don’t want to get my hopes up though.

      • Actually I voted for Victor to cancel the two votes. Which now that I think about it, was a waste too.

  3. Can we send James an “uncare package”? I want it filled with every variety of turds that exist.

  4. P.S. For those that are fans of James: PP has gotten together on several occasions (last night as well) and said they target James very soon if not next week if they can break up couples. So, James has to start playing the game now and stop this “going with the house stuff” NOW!

    • Oh and I just watched and James ratted out everything. What a moron. Derrick must have coached him out to lay down and let Paulie win. This is absurd.

      • And NOW James is going to cancel the votes and take out Z!!! Come on James stick with it!!

      • I want to believe that James is playing Paulie ….. but ? If so, he is certainly keeping his cards really, really close to his chest … not revealing background plans to anyone … that would be a Derrick advice.

      • Hoping James was just trying to see what Paulie’s reaction would be. All we have is hope at this point, right?

      • He has left me SMH so much this season sideways. I’d love to change it up a little; up and down for a while.

      • If he told Paulie everything and ratted out Bridgette and Natalie then, they will be the next targets including James! That is not rocket science. In his season, James blew up all his alliance members games including Becky and himself! All to please Vanessa. He is doing the exact same thing and will blow up everyone’s game. Of course, James has no game so, he does not care!

      • The 3 are aware of being targets.. I can only get one conversation at a time..Paulie and Paul are also talking..

      • James isn’t aware – the girls are. James wouldn’t get it if they slipped him a note saying you’re next

      • I agree. But on the polls here every week he’s #1. I don’t understand. He’s a big disappointment.

      • I was one who liked him up until last night. Thought he was working with Natalie but I felt like throwing something at the tv when I saw James opening his big mouth to Paulie on BBAD. James has become such a disappointment.

      • Robot Chicken last night spoofed Dora Explorer. She & little monkey surrounded by big mean gorillas.

        Little monkey interprets to apes (oooh oooh eye eye). Apes reply to him. Dora asks What did they say?

        Without a word, Monkey takes a step to the apes side. Dora cries, “You s. o. a b.!”

        James & Natalie. Lol.

      • Perfect! lol …Boots and Boobs
        I watched a lot of Dora, Boots, Backpack, and Map when my gd was little.

    • Oh good he will get voted out and people can vote for him for AP again. How exciting to give him another 25,000

  5. You’d better believe that Paulie’s wheels are spinning. He will be upping his game today. Nobody puts Paulie in the corner, especially a lowly female. I imagine there will be a confrontation with Michelle. She’d better fiber up so she doesn’t $hit her pants and hydrate so she has enough tears to make it through the day.

  6. ALL women watching this season should be disgusted by a male like Paulie. Heed the warning ladies. Men like him never make good husbands. They have to control everything. Many times, not always, they end up being verbally, emotionally, mentally, and even physically abusive.

      • Good slogan, Linda. We ladies need to band together against this giant turd and crush him on this site.

      • That doesn’t go unnoticed, N O. I said women because Paulie has made it clear that he thinks women are a lower class and need to be put in their place. Thank God for real men who don’t see it that way.

      • It’s an original. I’ve been saying it for about 20 years now and I’ve never ever heard anyone else say it. So if I may, I’m not trying to be egotistical at all, I’d like to lay claim to it.

        I can honestly tell you that I realized many years ago that the way I was treating women was just wrong. I fixed it and I’ve been a gentleman ever since. I will accept nothing less from my behavior. I’m ashamed to admit that I started out as a pig. But it’s true. But no more. My wife is absolutely in every way my equal. We merely play different roles in the marriage that we always agree upon as a team.

        So let me tell you we’ve both been watching with great interest how this is all developed and I can speak for her also when I say we truly hope that Paulie gets what he deserves.

        I hope nobody minds me getting a little bit personal here but I do feel strongly about this. A man should never treat a woman that way. And women should be fair to men in exchange. That’s all I ask from anyone that I’m friends with or in a relationship with.

      • Isn’t it strange that we never got to see Paulie and Cody’s mother in the pre-season interview, only their father?

      • I was brought up to respect women ,NO MATTER WHAT,if it were not for a woman there would be NO MEN, men do not and can not give birth, the labor pains women suffer would kill a man.

      • “I was brought up to respect women ,NO MATTER WHAT,if it were not for a woman there would bed NO MEN men do not and can not give birth, the labor pains women suffer would kill a man.”

        You were brought raised right & your parents are very wise. :)

        My father always told me “marry a guy that treats you like a lady, but respects you as an equal”.

      • Derrick is nothing like Cody or Paulie…his wife would kill him because he’d be a poor example to their daughter.

      • Bet the P & Nat go out after the show wraps though. Especially if he wins. Don’t think he’ll be serious but I can see them hooking up.

      • For sure … Z is just too far gone to get it and she needs (and I hope gets) some serious counseling to change her life or she will be this beaten down doormat forever because she will find another Paulie easily.

      • Z has a brain in there and she was so blessed with beauty … I so hope it is not a real character flaw thing and that she can overcome the insecurities that seem to me are directing her down a really dark path.

    • All women beware … Never kiss that frog Paulie, he only turns into a toad, not a Prince!!!

    • Yeppers. I even said Zakiyah has the abused woman syndrome/mentality. No matter how bad he treats her (and she knows it), she somehow internalize it (questions if she was wrong), he says sorry (buy her a nice gift), she forgives him and it is all rosy until the next time.

    • Z apparently hasn’t heed any warnings! I mean the signs are clearly there. Signs of a compulsive narcissist who believes women should bow down to him. Smh still can’t believe there are men like him still around. I wonder what his mom and sister are thinking while watching his crude behavior towards Z and the other ladies. My guess is that they probably still view him as a saint and Z the culprit of it all *Rolls eyes* praying and crossing my fingers that James uses his ACP power to go against the ‘king’ and overthrow the S.O.B!

    • Yes and then when they wind up in prison ,they become BIG BUBBA,S sex object and deservedly so.

  7. All nite long the HG’s have been talklng actual “GAME” …Its amazing..and they still talking…..

      • Lol. I love how Paulie tried setting up Bri & Mich with James & Natalie. But they ain’t having it. They need each other.
        There. Did u see how he just lied to you???

        Paulie wants all guys at end.
        Playing devils advocate though, if James helps the girls (Nat/Bri/Mich) this week and somehow they outlive the others, the girls will cut him near the end, too, just like Paulie. Even/Especially Natalie. Sisters before misters. Type thing. (Sorry)

        With Paulie James might play for $50,000.
        All the talk about Paulie/Nicole/James training with Derrick and making a deal before entering the house. Lol.

        But unless ur playing for 2nd place, why not stir the hornets nest before u head to jury?
        She might have a return ticket.

        And even if she doesn’t, if it’s a game changer, and ur looking for fame, u will be asked about it at the finale. Camera time on CBS.

    • Talk does mean anything in this game without the resulting action. If have watched enough Big Brother, there is always a lot of talk of making big moves. Moves that never happen because the house guest was just shooting his mouth! He had no intentions of following it up! In the season of Amanda, Helen would talk every week of putting Amanda on the block but, never did! Helen got evicted long before Amanda did! James is also, a sycophant of the leader of the strong alliance. In his season, it was Vanessa. He betrayed Becky and blew everyone’s game including his own to please Vanessa! He is doing the exact same thing to please Paulie so, Natalie and Bridgette will get evicted next, thanks to James!

      • Don’t come in here and burst our bubble that something good may happen to change the game.. We don’t know whats gonna happen but we can hope …

      • I would be very surprised if James actually uses his nullification votes to save Michelle. More likely, Bridgette will make a big move if she wins HOH! Only problem is nobody is going to back her and she will get evicted in the process but, atleast, she would have played a better game despite, being alone in the house without an alliance!

      • Not this time Richie. I feel the tides are turning… Meech is staying and Paulie will not win HOH putting him OTB with Corey or Nicole.

    • Game talk is more interesting than that Jr high spat James & Natalie had. She thought she could get him to flip the votes and took to her bed, I guess.
      “America, are you watching?”

      I felt kinda bad for James when Natalie started unloading all the crap Paulie has said to/about her, to James. And admitting she did flirt around with him BEFORE P & Z got together and before she liked James. She even said Vic showed her respect (sound effects as I shake my head quickly). She mentioned Corey, too, after calling him an f boy the other day. Wow. Heck hath no fury, I guess.

      Seemed like James was shook. He wanted to confront Paulie but she doesn’t want him to do that. Said she never told him before cuz she didn’t want to cause drama. (Or stop flirting back)

      She obv is mad at Paulie cuz Meech told her Paulie was telling the others he knew stories on Natalie’s life, etc, and cuz she was trying to stir James up against Paulie.

      Nat was upset but she can’t play emotional.
      Same for James. Not a good look. Not advisable. I understand but focus on the $500. Well, at this point, focus on the $50. Lol.

      And both emotional now – sigh.
      James asked Paulie. You knew he would after hearing all that in an avalanche. He felt bad.
      Paulie denied but said he’d stop making jokes about Nat. James feels respected for Paulie listening and saying that.

      “It’s not what u say. It’s how u make people feel.” Natalie made James feel foolish. Paulie made him feel respected. I don’t see James flipping the vote now.

  8. ahhhhhh Paul just let Paulie know that he was gonna have to start playing his own game….

  9. I don’t really understand why Bridgette, Michelle and Natalie hate Nicole so much. They claim she talks crap on them but I have not really seen that. They talk about Nicole way more than the other way around. Yes Nicole has been flip floppy but Frank and Day both threw her under the bus first. She gave Frank more than one chance. All of a sudden these girls are taking what Frank and Day said as gospel. Nicole did nothing to her fellow vets until they struck first. Why are they not trying to get Nicole on their side like they are with James, Victor and Paul? Nicole is much more gullible than the guys are. I think a tad bit of jealousy may be involved. Seems like all these girls (including Nicole) are more worried about guys liking them then they are about winning the game.

      • Day is the one that blew that alliance up as soon as it started. Frank ran and told the guys about the final 2 he had with Nicole not the other way around.

      • She did stick with the vets until Day blew that up. How many times did she try to work with Frank and he would just throw her under the bus everytime. She finally said enough. She gave him plenty of chances. So yes she did stick with the vets.

    • All Nicole does is talk about Corey and talk about how Natalie wants Corey. . It’s pretty pathetic

      • I agree, that is kind of my point. They act like Nicole is a huge threat. Nicole just wants to hang out with Corey. They need to worry about getting the guys running the house out. They said Paulie and Nicole are running the house. How is Nicole laying around with Corey all the time running the house?

      • That’s not what I see. And I watch the feeds. But all Natalie talks about is Nicole. She’s fixated with her. She’s taking Da’s place. And it’s funny because Natalie is the biggest hypocrite in the house. And she’s also a camera whore. She cannot walk into a room without making sure the cameras on her. And every friggin conversation she had no matter who it’s with she looks at the camera and says “America” then proceeds to include America in her conversation. She acts like she’s in grade school. That’s pathetic.

      • I watch the live feeds. I think the tv show only viewers have a more generous perception of Nicole as a person/player than they should. Nicole was a terrible player in BB16 and she is a terrible player in BB18.
        BB16 – she focus on wanted to be in the in crowd and was evicted.
        BB18 – she is focusing on wanting to be in the in crowd (the boys) and hopefully will get evicted
        BB16 – she focused on Hayden rather than the game
        BB18 – she is focused on Corey rather than the game
        BB18 is extra special because she worries so much about Natalie hitting on Corey when all Natalie has to say about Corey are mean things (which I love). Though to be fair she was also super jealous of Amber and Brittany in BB16.
        Nicole is the kind of girl who uses men to validate her. She is jealous of Natalie because she thinks the guys find her more attractive, which may or may not be true.
        Natalie dislikes Nicole for being a liar, whereas Nicole dislikes Natalie for being pretty (true) and being after Corey (not true, because seriously nobody other than Nicole should want Corey)

      • Gee I didn’t know that you knew her personally. Everything you just said is a judgement unless you know her. I don’t think she’s jealous one bit of Natalie. And by the way her and Amber have kept in touch and she loved her on that season. I’ve watched it again a few times. She’s not that type of person. And about her commenting on Natalie that’s all it was a few comments. But Natalie goes on and on and on and on…..she includes Nicole in every conversation just like Day did. I think Natalie is the jealous one. And Nicole is so much prettier then Natalie. Natalie has to have 10lbs of makeup on and fake eyelashes along with her fake boobs and hair extensions to feel pretty. At least Nicole is all real. Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one because I like Nicole and obviously you like the camera performer Natalie. Oh I think she’s playing a good game. Funny Frank was after her and he’s gone, Day was after her and she’s gone. Jozea was after her and she got rid of him during her HOH. What has Natalie done? Yep she’s hid behind James and everytime she wants to do something and James says no she says okay Jamsey whatever you want.

    • Nicole is blinded by Corey, it would be useless to try to get her on their side. Nicole shares everything with Corey who takes it back to Paulie.

      • Another reason for the ladies not to share anything with her, just let her enjoy her summer vacation with the “hottest guy ever”, and evict them back to back.

      • Paul, Victor and James run everything right to Paulie too but they still tried.

        They could try telling Nicole that Paulie wants to split her and Corey up. She might beleive it or at least be afraid it might be true.

      • I don’t blame them for not trusting Nicole. All she’s done in the game is let Corey play with her honeypot. They know Nicole will do nothing but run and tell Paulie everything they said to her. Nicole is a lost cause.

    • I agree. I’ve been a fan of Nicoles from the beginning. So what she’s in a showmance. Those people are together 24/7 and if there’s an attraction it just happens. You heard what she said about going in with no boys this season. But you can’t stop feelings. Not if you’re a real person with a heart. And you’re right all they do is talk crap about Nicole. She’s playing dirty. How? Because she’s in an alliance and wants certain people gone? Because she talks game? Michelle was mad because she didn’t tell her about voting Day out. I don’t blame her for not telling her. Michelle has a big mouth. And Nicole told her she was afraid if she told her she would go back and tell Day. Which she would have. Then Bridgette telling Natalie and Michelle lets flirt with Paulie to make Zak mad. So who’s playing dirty? Natalie telling James that Nicole makes fun of her then acts fake to her face. What are you doing Natalie? Sorry I like Nicole and she’s getting all my votes for safety this next week.

      • Don’t forget the lies she tell. She tell lies too! Nothing wrong with playing the game, even lying and breaking up alliances. But, no wait…when Nicole tell lies, backstab others, and throw people under the bus…she’s playing the game. Everyone is else is a liar and sh&t stirrer. Get the fvck outta here!!! Hypocrite much…

      • Are you telling me to get the eff out of here? Because I hope not!!! And everyone lies. It’s called Big Brother.

      • It’s just an impression. We agree, everyone lies…Nicole, Day, Frank everyone. Nicole fans tend to always bring up everyone else’s lies EXCEPT Nicole. It’s a game is right, but when Day played the game, she was called every name in the book for PLAYING THE GAME the same way Nicole is playing the game.

      • Well I see different. Yes everyone is lying but Da was in a strong alliance and turned on Frank and Tiffany which were part of her alliance. She blew up her game and threw people in her alliance under the bus. So it’s not her lying why people don’t like her it’s because you work with your alliance you don’t throw them under the bus. That’s what an alliance is for. That’s playing a bad and dirty game. IMO

  10. All that I can say right now about this is: “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmessss-uhhh”

    (Am SO frustrated with him right now! How is this moron AFHG?)

  11. Paulie has been “outted”… THE OUTCOME IS YET TO BE SEEN.. Paul should go back and tell Paulie that the gig is up and everybody is on to him.. whatever comes of this nite/morning I am loving it.. Oh and Paul should take his rubber pelican and jump Paulies ship…

    • They had to know it already, but to speak it is a whole ‘nother thing and I take it to mean they are getting ready to play their own game … or not. ??!!??!!??!!

    • I would rather Paul not tell Paulie anything. Would make the fallout that more fun to watch.

  12. OMW! JAMES!!!!! is a bigger boob than I thought. Why did they bring him back? Is he there to win the $500,000 or secretly there to help Paulie win (since his brother/Cody was played and came in second place)? Did he forget he should be playing for HIS daughter NOT Paulie! The package was wasted on him.

      • Last time he was all about making big moves and bathing in blood. And he actually did a major one but too late.
        And he squared off against Clay.

        He was more alert & stirred the pot last time. This time – nothing. Not even wanting to use the CP. Oh – until he checks with the house. His most uttered words this season.

      • not so fast Him, Paul, Bridge, Mich, & Nat are all talking about Paulie. Comparing notes, calling him another Frank!! Talking about a flipping the vote!!!

  13. MMMkhay, Paulie likes to belittle and make girls cry, train them, “put her in her place”, get rid of girls like that (independent, strong, free-thinkers)… This is a horrible person.

    I so hope Zakiyah goes home and he follows right behind her in the double eviction. So happy the ladies are waking up and really talking game. Natalie needs to drop James (after this eviction), he is more of the floater than she is.

    • James needs Nat more than Nat needs James! Gnat has the whole house figured out, she is not a dumb cookie! Surprise Surprise. If she wins HOH, her best bet would be to put Corey & Paul up, pray Paulie doesn’t play veto, have whoever wins, pull Paul off & put Paulie up next to Corey. Viola send Paulie packing!! Either her or Bridgette can do it.

  14. IMO the whole flip thing relies on Paul and if it is true that Paul told Paulie that he was going to start playing his own game, then I think the power will change and soon; otherwise, why would he say that?

    • Lets just hope Paul is on the up & up…Like I said Paulie has been outted and Paul needs to cut ties…if hes smart.. He did tell Paulie that he had to start looking out for himself…

  15. OMG…James…you are making me crazy and furious with all of your back and forth wishy washy talk!! Just do it!!! Are you playing to get a girl or playing to actually win? I am almost certain he won’t do the flip. Now, we have Macho Man Paulie saying that he puts girl’s in their place back home..Paulie has some issues with women…I think it’s called male dominance…he has to be the one calling the shots. I can’t stand this guy.

    • NO! it,s called being an arrogant POS,and i hate this slime bucket, if i met him on the street i would knock his arrogant ass out,and i could do it i was a golden gloves boxer in my earlier life,and have not forgotten how to box

  16. Natalie is finally using her attractiveness to her advantage, telling James that Paulie is flirting hard with her. Good move Nat.

  17. This is my first season watching the show and I’m enjoying it. But it seems like all of these “fans” like bitching about the show more than watching it

  18. How many people have requested their vote be cancelled? Isn’t it obvious that they don’t want to be held accountable.

    • Paul asking for his vote to be cancelled is the equivalent of him wanting to be in both alliances, or in this case non alliance with James/Nat/Bridge/Mich.

      • Exactly this. I wish James would see this. Paul should not have his vote cancelled because he will definitely play both sides, as he won’t be implicated when Z is evicted.

      • Is Paul indicating in any way that having his vote cancelled would be the only way that he would go along with this? He’s a coward, if so.

      • James and Corey talked about Paul wanting his vote to be canceled couple of days ago. They both said that Paul was trying to not get in trouble then. James won’t forget this

      • Not having feeds, I’m not sure. But my gut instinct tells me that there is truth to it with maybe a tad of dramatic spin from Nat.

  19. So while Paul, Bridge, Natalie and Michelle are talking, James is silent. That is not good. James is not going to flip the vote.

    • James maybe worried that Paul might not really on their side and then tooooo hes putting another bigger target on himself..

  20. Let the games begin!!! FINALLY…we have a game. Sooooo proud of Meech for not giving up and for not backing down to Paulie. They can do this. Boot out Paulie, Nicole and Corey in that order.

      • But he’s a rat who thinks he has friendship morals and he apparently was “upfront” and told Paulie it was time for him (Paul) to play his own game. Would love to see Paulie’s feathers ruffled … bird, bird, bird is the word …. how do you like this finger, Paulie?

  21. I’m scared to get my hopes up with this group. Hopefully they follow through! Is Paul just leading them on?

  22. Is Paul seriously considering mutiny aboard the Friendship? Who will walk the plank?
    Lol…This group of rebels will probably go to bed and wake up with a completely different perspective. I’m cautiously optimistic but also very skeptical.

  23. I just KNEW there was something going on between Natalie and Paulie that we weren’t seeing. Seems there’s been flirting on both side. Maybe Z isn’t as paranoid as we all have been left to believe.

    • I think Natalie flirts with everyone. Some people are flirts. It’s not a huge deal and usually harmless.

      • Hell, I’m flirty too. Not saying there’s anything wrong. Just pointing out that there’s more to the triangle of Paulie, Z and Nat then what we’ve been seeing. Natalie revealed to James the inappropriate comments Paulie made to her. I don’t think any of us knew all the stuff Paulie has said to Natalie. Z must have picked up on it which could explain where all the jealousy is coming from.

  24. My update on the update: I sure hope it’s set in stone now, but they still have a frickin whole day, and I fear James will change his mind once more, especially if Paul opens his big mouth again to Paulie.

    • they need to tell Michelle to keep her mouth shut.. keep campaigning and look desperate or better yet let Michelle sleep for the next 24 hours..

      • I’m going over the feeds with a fine tooth comb now…and they did tell Michelle she needs to feel sad, cry a lot and get her prettiest dress out to wear eviction night.

  25. Natalie wants to tell Z about Paulie’s flirting. I can see only one purpose that would serve and that being to make sure P doesn’t get Z’s vote if he is F2, but I don’t think that would be Nat’s reason. I think it would be purely a selfish reason. I think Z would figure enough things out while in the jury house, maybe with a little help from Da. If Nat tells Z, she could be alerting her to the possible flip that’s gong on. It’s completely unnecessary, imo.

    • I totally agree! Nat needs to tell Z to stay even closer to Paulie so he’s not free to flirt with any more girls.

  26. I haven’t watched feeds for a while now, but reading Matt’s update this morning was like reading a good book, I couldn’t put it down….

      • The best part of all was when Michelle told Paul that he was playing to give Paulie $500,000…Then Paul goes to Paulie and during that conversation Paul said that (in short) he was gonna have to start playing his own game..

    • I didn’t watch feeds last night because BBAD was mostly boring and feeds were too til I went to bed, so I was glad to wake up to this new update and you’re right…it was definitely worth reading! :-)

      • I didn’t watch either because nothing has been happening..of course..of all nights that I don’t watch..or DVR it..all heck breaks loose…but, I love it!! On to flashback! James better not mess this up!

  27. So glad people are finally catching on to Paulie. I simply cannot stand his chauvinistic, narcissistic arrogance anymore. It’s a big reason I don’t like the feeds as much this season.

    I just hope Paul isn’t playing them. For all we know, he’s going into the diary room afterwards laughing at this new plan.

    • Finally? I caught onto his game when he won his first HOH. Alll Hail to the chief *sarcasm

      • No… I meant people in the actual game. We’ve clearly known this about him for a long while now.

      • I was going to say…I’d certainly hope every viewer out there realized that a long time ago. ? I just don’t get how we all clearly see it, yet no one in the house does.

        That’s what happens when you cast a ton of people who just want to hang out and don’t understand the game.

  28. I hope to God the viewers get a fair edit of this, and see that Natalie was the one trying to sway the direction of this vote. I swear if it gets edited to look like it was Paul’s or James’ idea I will know CBS has a vested interest in making the women look weak and pathetic while giving the men a good edit.

    • Bridgette Natalie and Michelle set the plans in motion. .all started about 12/1am BB time..

      • Agreed. But Natalie started the conversation with James that eventually turned into this. I think Meech should get an awesome edit for not taking her noms lying down.
        Nat for starting the conversation.
        Bridge for coming with Nat/Meech even though she didn’t like Meech.
        James and Paul have done the least work. I don’t want the credit to go to them.

    • Agreed. The women got together and made brilliant moves tonight. Absolutely incredible moves and I watched it with fascination all night, no sleep. I’m loving it.

  29. Finally people are putting two and two together. Dude, it took them long enough. I really hope James executes the plan well to send Zak packing. Also I’m surprised Bridgette and Michelle are talking to each other considering they never got along. And yeah I do notice Paulie is intimidated by independent women, so that’s why he guns for them. Kinda douchey if you ask me.

    With Z gone, Paulie looks like the bad guy and he’ll get what Frank got. I’m happy this game is taking a turn for the better (hope I don’t jinx it)

    • It has nothing to do with independent women, or anything sexist. Paulie has been eliminating anyone who shows the slightest bit of a capability of thinking for themselves.

      His next target will be Paul.

    • If Brigette votes with James & Nat then James can cancel Paul & Paulies vote leaving just Nicole & Codys vote. 3-2 Z is out!!! Yeah!!

  30. Give Michelle credit. She is on the block yet, she had the cojones to call out Paulie and expose his game. Despite, it, most choose to ignore it. Only Natalie and Bridgette seem to be on the ball on what really is happening!
    The rest are just scared cats running around with their tails between their legs! I hope Bridgette wins the next HOH because she will do something with it probably, more than the others. Hopefully, she can survive the next 3 weeks atleast, to make a big move! Rooting for her to upset the apple cart!

      • Nope! He’s just chill & knows what he’s doing! Him & Nicole have it under control even tho it looks like Paulie & his boyz do…..the ends not now it’s when there’s 3 left!!

        Wait and see……. I have faith in him!

      • Not Nicole. She’s been campaigning to keep Z because Michelle wants her and Paulie gone if Michelle stays.

  31. Finally it looks like the game is being played.

    Although I am confused, why do people think Nicole is playing the game? All I ever see is her chatting with Corey or about him if he’s not there…why are they so scared of her?

    • They think she is. but she’s really not. She’s so far off, she thinks James is Derrick and Paulie is Cody. lol Don’t know what happened to her this season, but she doesn’t have an accurate view of how things are going.

    • She isn’t playing. She is playing the dating game and what I’m going to name my baby with Christmas Corey. If that is game playing, I’m missing something-uh *Nicole speak

  32. I thought it was good to hear Jame’s finally acknowledging, ‘the fans gave him the package/power for a reason. Yes James! Do it! Redeem yourself!

  33. Just for opening everyone’s eyes and taking the blinders off… Nat is getting my vote for AFP.

    God I hope Paulie gets what he deserves.

    • Nat, Brigette and Michelle are all of a sudden playing brilliant games. Wow, talk about playing possum! Props to all three.

  34. Nevermind what I said earlier about James. The boy might come through yet! I am excited, it very well might be game on! Finally!

    …and don’t forget it’s DE week! Things could get mighty mighty bloody. How amazing would it be to see Paulie out as the second eviction?

    I think that would be epic!

    • This is driving me crazy the cameras are down, only one camera is live right now and there’s no flashback and Paul just got up and left the room and the camera’s not following. I could scream

  35. I can’t believe the girls are FINALLY on the same page, and getting Paul to join them will get

  36. So much back and forth. This is the first eviction I really don’t know who’s going. Finally maybe some drama.

  37. I am so excited by this post I can’t even believe my own reaction. Lol, I think I actually squealed like an idiot.

  38. I think Paulie could have gotten to the end & won the whole thing but his behaviour seems to have become so ass-like he doesn’t have a hope in hell!

    Maybe if he suddenly had a doze of his own poison he might become more humble!!

    Naaaaa, who am I kidding! Why does he have to play so bloody hard?? Dang!!

  39. Yes! This is why I love the game, BB. Come on James my brother make the move. Also, let’s hope everyone else sticks to the plan.

    On another note, why would they tell Z if she’s the one going home instead of Michelle? They might as well keep Z and Paulie in the dark. Though for James that won’t mean much since Paulie will know it was his doing.

    • Because if they fill her head up with doubt about Paulie she will be completely insane and blow up the house and become such a distraction for him that he won’t be able to defend himself. It’s a brilliant idea to tell her stuff and for the girls to flirt with Paulie also (to upset Z even more) like they’ve been planning to do. Create as much mayhem and confusion as they possibly can between now and Thursday so that Paulie cannot operate. Put him on defense by bombarding him with BS, and Z with plenty of reasons to be completely neurotic at him. It’s brilliant.

  40. Just watched the 6:30 AM flash back. It’s probably the best feed/episode I’ve seen so far this season. Comparing notes, cross referencing, and discussing Paulie’s multiple deals.The group meeting was amazing…One thing that’s obvious to me was, the Hg’s seemed to be mindful of the “intent” of America’s care package…

      • I wanted to post that, congratulating DR. They must have read BBN’s thread last night. Fans were ready to take the street. lol

    • I’m not 100% sure about Paul meaning that either, because up til then he has been Paulie’s gopher…we can’t forget that. But, I think Paul can make crap up now with all that info he got from this session, that he can throw Paulie off now whenever he “game talks” with Paulie. He’ll also be listening more intently to what Paulie says and look for “lies” too that Paulie spouts than he’d been able to read before. It’s getting exciting, but I can see Paul walking into something and not be able to talk his way out of it like Paulie can. Just like James did when Day was in the room and James mentioned B’s name instead of Day’s for the next comp. That’s when Day knew she was going home instead of B. See where I’m going with this. Paul has messed up a lot when trying to confuse Paulie. He can’t cover himself like he used to when Frank was in the house and he was playing both sides. Paul really just needs to keep his mouth shut period if he’s really wanting this plan to pan out.

      • I edited my comment and removed my 100% doubt comment about Paul..I don’t want to jinx it Joni. lol

      • You mean Paul? I just hope Paul is being truthful too. I don’t think they should say anything to Z, Vic, Nicole and Corey until after the eviction. Poooor Nicole…trusting Z and telling her she’s safe when no one else other than Paulie has said that to her one on one. Plus Z has yet to even campaign to stay…she did get way too comfortable by trusting Paulie and now Nicole. Corey has not told Z anything like that.

      • Yes Paul..The CP could be done without them with no glitch? I haven’t done the math.

      • Since Bridgette is on board now, no, they didn’t need Paul at all. Mich needs three votes – James’, Nat’s and Bridgette’s. James didn’t have to tell him he’d cancel Paulie’s or Paul’s or Nicole’s or Corey’s vote out at all. Bridgette was hesitant to trust James, but glad she’s doing just that to get Z and Paulie out this week.

      • What I said about Z the other day? The pawnest of the pawn haha. That’s why I say I feel sorry for Z.

      • I will feel sorry when Z goes home since Paulie refused to take her down when he had the power to do so. I’ll also feel sorry for Nicole when she doesn’t get her way, meaning getting Michelle out.

      • No need to give them a head’s up. Let them go into the DE surprised and flustered and with their backs against the wall for a change. That might mean they will dig even deeper for the win, but it also means they might not be clear-headed enough to really focus.

      • That would be my plan but these hgs talk too much. Someone is bound to mess it up…expecting this from Paul and James now.

      • Paul did give him notice yesterday that it’s time for him to play his own game and that the P-Pee Alliance is over.

      • I missed that. I knew Paul was telling Paulie that Z should go before Michelle, but Paulie said no, dismissing any reasoning Paul had, just as he dismisses others that go against his plan. Paul knew then he might be in trouble with Paulie because whenever anyone else went against Paulie, Paulie put them on the block pronto…or got someone else to.

  41. Just heard that BB has been granted 2 more seasons…..until 2018. So they mentioned that next summer will still be called BB 19 & the following year BB20.
    They are still going to have a BB19 on line! I doubt i’ll watch that!

    It’s easier to turn on the telly! Or PVR & watch later. Plus it’s on a much bigger screen & glasses aren’t necessary.

    Is anyone planning on watching the on-line version of BB19?

    I’m not a HUGE super-fan so I will be ok with missing it on a computer – well my iPad! Lol plus there’s so much on my PVR that I need to either watch or delete!

    • Kewl..did you hear that on The View? That’s where I first heard about being contracted another two seasons after season 16. I have a feeling there may not be a summer session online. I think they said that in case the contract hadn’t come through for another 2 seasons on CBS. One of the execs is a superfan of BB and was pushing to have a different kind of season when there was no word of continuing another 2 years. They never re-new just one year at a time…it’s always been 2 years at a time.

      • Les Moonves is the head honcho of CBS..He is married to Julie Chen. As long as Julie wants to host I can see BB continuing.

      • This I know! haha She also hosts the View and likes bringing some of the BB players onto that show too.

    • I will definitely be watching it. I am a superfan I’ve been watching since season one.

      • Good on ya! Yes, you are a super fan!
        Who are you hoping to go to the end with this house-lot?

    • I agree with you. For me it’s not relaxing watching BB on anything other than my tv.

  42. After the live feeds this morning. Paulie ship is about to sink… Natalie will tell Z EVERYTHING he has done so if Z has the round trip ticket she won’t come back in house as his ally… Or she will no longer be played like a fool. Although I think Nat still wants him after game. If they are smart they will keep Z she’s his weakness with all her drama. Sorry Meech. Get rid of Nicole or Corey next. With Z gone he will truly focus on game. I can’t wait to see the blow up. I hope Z believes what she is told. Davonne and Meech tried to tell her he was a douche. Paulie must have put it on her bad.

    • Expecting Z to give up Paulie is just not realistic, for the HGs or us. She will not give up on him no matter what.

      • You have something there… Knowing Z she will think Nat just wants him. I bet Paulie tells Z first what Nat told James so if it comes to Z she will see it as BS.. James need to tell Z.. Strange after Zaulie last argument Z made it seem like she was on to Paulie. he must got one heck of a magic stick. From his treatment towards her and all Davonne and Meech told her I don’t get it.

      • I knew it. Paulie got to Z first before Nat. I hope Nat still tells her. There’s more. Z is so gullible. Paulie hasn’t told her this much game in weeks now he’s all over her. Duuuuuuh! Z. And they are talking in front of Meech. Pleeeeese tell everyone Michelle so Natalie can bust Paulie wide open.

    • Z is in what appears to be a very sick state where she’s practically in a sense of Stockholm syndrome over this guy. I think it’s best for all concerned that she go this week.

  43. Finally!!! James and the women(Natalie, Bridgette and especially Michelle) are startng to play the game. I want to see Michelle or another girl be the one to won hoh and take out Paulie in the DE for added humiliation

  44. I mean, it’s just about saving Mich over Z, both of them are well … for the lack of a word, just a number. The most important thing is the DE. Paulie could still win it and once he wins it, he surely would put up both Natalie and James together, with James potentially gone if he can’t win veto coz Bridge & Mich of course won’t save him over Nat.
    This is a real gamble that James is taking. But good for him for finally stepping up, will it work or will it backfire on him, we will see.
    I just hope all the things that Nat said about Paulie were true, coz just the other day she mentioned to Bridge that Paulie was her “future husband”. As much as Z is played by Paulie, James is also played by Nat, in my opinion.

    • It works for the viewer, It adds excitement whatever the outcome is….and it’s really more than just saving M over Z

      • Yup I agree, I just don’t want James’s game to be over because once again he falls for a girl. He was evicted last year in DE.
        Well it’s sure gonna be an exciting DE this Thursday!

      • James game last year and this year would not end because of a girl. Last year and this year he has a terrible read on the house. He makes bad moves, and sometimes it doesn’t harm him and sometimes it does.

      • He could very well be evicted, who knows. DE is the speed up portion of the game where everyone gets exposed. Depending on who the HoH is, it’s anybody’s game really. Outcome is potentially drastic. I expect a big fish to go out…It’s fun! lol

      • I think it would be amazing if James was put on the spot by having to cancel two votes in the second eviction as well. That would be one heck of a twist!

    • Yet, if any of this new alliance win it and put Paulie on the Block, he is GONE. It would be incredible and one of the bloodiest double evictions in Big Brother history that I can remember. Talk about a fall from (narcisstic) grace!

      • Somehow I think this bred4this guy would find a way to avoid jury house this soon. He either wins the HoH or wins the PoV. Or he will have the roundtrip ticket haha.
        Nothing is ever smooth sailing in this house.
        Heck, Paul might punk all of them, he would run to Paulie later today and spill everything coz Friendship and all.

  45. Why in the world did James think going to Paulie was a good idea! Natalie told him to absolutely not confront Paulie. Now he has put a target on Natalie’s back and possibly his own because if Paulie even thinks he could be trusting what Natalie was saying (which he should and not even have doubt her for a known liar) then James becomes a liability to him and is going to target him too! I hope they really do stand up to Paulie though and get him out in the DE.

      • He talked to Paulie about what Natalie told him about the flirting in the HN room at about 5am

    • I think that was a necessary part of everything falling into place. I took James going to Paulie almost like a confrontation without being confrontational. I don’t think James liked what Paulie had to say about it and was pretending that he was upset with Nat just to throw Paulie off. That’s the impression I got. I think the whole thing was part of the reason that James decided to flip.

      • Yes, it did look like he was setting it up so that He could explain his flip later and make it look like he had a really really good reason. That way, less blood on his hands, in his own mind anyway.

        but it really was that conversation that convinced him That Paulie was not friendship. ;)

  46. Random thought – Paulie was suggesting to Natalie that they could make out and no one would know, has that happened before?
    By that I mean, have two HGs been in a showmance and one of them started hooking up with someone else?

  47. If James wants any chance of winning $500k he needs to start making big moves and not floating in the middle anymore. Didn’t he learn last year that that technique doesn’t work?

  48. Natalie is SO playing James.
    She tells him about Paulie’s “flirting”, but then the other day when Paulie showed his ass to Natalie & Bridget, Natalie whispered to Bridget “there’s my future husband”. I’m not a fan of the way she’s playing James & riding his coattails, but if he falls for it (again!) he deserves it.

    • Natalie isn’t riding his coattails. She is playing the game more than James is.
      And Meg didn’t ride James’ coattails either. They were both equally bad at playing the game.

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