Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Finale Week Part 1

Here we are Day 97 in the Big Brother House – and just over 36 hours until the winner of Big Brother 17 is crowned. It’s been quite the ride this summer, since Day 1 – these HG’s have been playing hard.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

We’ve seen showmances, bromances, nerdmances, and lots of tears & laughs along the way. The cold winter months will come quickly, and then we will start getting psyched up for Big Brother 18 (calling it now, it will be All-Stars), BUT FIRST – let me give out the final Bacon/Tofu Rankings.

I will post my preseason impressions of the first 9 players eliminated, followed by my final analysis. For your reading pleasure – I give you the BB17 Tofu recipients.

Jace Agolli – Preseason ranking: 1 strip of Tofu – if you mix Hayden (BB16) with a frat boy, you get Jace. I am not sure which side will take over in the house… the chill California guy, or the cocky dbag that will for sure get on everyone’s nerves. I see him finishing somewhere in the middle, first or second juror.

Well, my initial assessment was pretty spot on, but unfortunately for Jace, we got the cocky dbag who indeed did get on everyone’s nerves early with his Bromance with Austin and this lead him to be the first boot. Sadly he will be most remembered for his verbal beatdown of Steve while campaigning for his vote. Final Ranking – 5 strips of Tofu

Da’Vonne Rogers – Preseason ranking: 2 strips of Tofu – She is coming into the house with all the confidence in the world, not nervous about anything. Signs that she will probably be the quiet one that stumbles her way into jury. Although Da’Vonne could get lucky and recognize Vanessa. If so she can rope Vanessa in, and hitch onto her wagon to get her much further.

Ok, I was off a little bit here, Da’Vonne was anything but quiet as she was never shy to tell people how she felt. She made 1 close ally, but in that house early on, you need to make more friends than enemies. She did win the Last Laugh power to nullify 3 votes, but that was not enough to prevent her from going home 2nd. Final Ranking – 4 strips of Tofu

Jeff Weldon – no preseason ranking. As part of the first “BB Takeover” twist – Jeff came into the game after appearing on The Amazing Race where he finished in the middle of the pack. His pre-existing friendship with Jackie & his constant chattering made him an early target. When Vanessa was looking for an excuse not to nominate Audrey despite the rest of the house wanting her gone, Jeff was the easy replacement & almost rallied the troops and made the closest vote of the season going home 7-4. If only he knew Big Brother better going into the house, he may have been able to chill a little more early. Final Ranking – 4 strips of Tofu.

Audrey Middleton – Preseason ranking: 3 strips of Bacon – Ok everyone knows by now Audrey’s backstory – and the timing of the transformation of Bruce to Caitlyn will help reel in some new viewers, which is OK by me. Anything to help keep this show’s ratings up is fine by me. But all of that aside, she is a fan, who knows the game, and does not seem shy so she will be able to bond with everyone. I do not see her winning, but final 6 for sure.

Audrey came in with the most pre-season chatter & after the initial shock wore off, we were then able to witness a strong personality who loved to stir the pot. Like clockwork, the first few weeks after the Veto meetings, with herself safe, she would then go and start trouble in the house. This would put the target on her going into the following week. It’s just a shame when she finally tried to expose everyone – her word was no longer good. So many of her fellow HGs that went home after her were thinking “Audrey was right!” Her hiding in the DR enraged the rest of the HGs (as well as live feeders) before the week 4 Veto meeting. Audrey was a brave woman to put herself out there, but when it came to her game, she shot herself in the foot one too many times. Final ranking – 3 strips of Tofu

Jason Roy – Preseason ranking: 1 strip Tofu – Jason will have to figure out how to stay out of his own way to get far. He wants to get rid of the strong guys early which will put a big target on himself. I like that he is willing to go after people, but you have to do it the smart way. If he can keep his emotions in check, and align with the strong female players he’ll be in jury. That’s too many ifs for me however. I see him out right before jury

By far the cattiest HG of BB17. Jason was constantly talking smack in front of & behind everyone’s back. While he seemed to get along with everyone on a social level, he just could not get any game going with anyone except Da’Vonne. After she left, he still sat outside judging (hysterically) the rest of them, but that does not win you Big Brother. Final Ranking – 3 strips of Tofu.


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  1. Adam thanks for your rankings ! I enjoyed your reads! Hope you want Steve to win as much as I do. Have a great day as well.

  2. Just in case I don’t get a chance later…thanks for your dead-on and very entertaining rankings! You’ve made me laugh over and over…and since you usually post in the morning, it’s nice to wake up laughing. I’ve given you grief about JMac all season, but man—how I wish (now) that’d he’d made it to the F3. See you next year! Will YOU be part of the All Stars? You can tell me—I won’t say anything. ;)

  3. Thanks for another entertaining season, Adam! Appreciate all you do – Hope you return next season.

    I liked alot of this cast but for returning players (“2nd Chance”/whatever),
    I would not mind seeing Jason or Jackie. She’s a competitor and now that she’s gotten a taste of it and can watch the entire season unfold, I think she’d be more of a threat and a smarter player.

  4. Start the rumor mill!!! Adam is predicting an All Stars for Season 18. I guess that means he’s been contacted about it and is already on board… lol

    I think of the first 9 evicted this year, I’d like to see Becky come back. I feel like she grew in her understanding of the game and her gameplay and I’d like to see what she could do with another chance now that she gets it. I think the same could be said for Jackie too.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Audrey come back. Frankly, I was not a fan and I found her lies and “poor me act” annoying. But I did like how she tried to stir things up, and if she can mix some behind the scenes chaos while cutting back on the blatant lies and keeping her emotions in check, she could be an interesting player in the house.

    • Why would Adam come back? He is the farthest thing from an all star. Floated the entire season and was a bitter juror. Don’t even know why his rankings have any credibility.

      • Yeah – I would be the worst person to ever bring back. I had Zero Game – and my vote was the worst thing that ever happened on Big Brother. My rankings have no credibility to anyone. So stop reading them and maybe I will go away!

      • Thanks. I was so awful that you remember me. And for any egotistical person like myself will tell you… I would rather be hated than forgotten. Let me ask you… who were you rooting for on BB13?

      • Did you not get my sarcasm? I was responding to JC25’s comment. You were a great player—and in my BB Hall of Fame!

      • LOL Keep up the good work, Adam. Spot on rankings – can’t wait for the bacon. The season wouldn’t have been nearly as good without you – definitely a lot less interesting.

      • Adam, you did have zero game from a viewer’s perspective. You were a floater til the very end. JC went a little overboard but you would not have a place in an All Stars season. There are people who either won a season and weren’t given due credit (I think Andy is garbage and Jordan didn’t have much of a place winning Season 11), or played really well and just came up a little short (Enzo formed one of the strongest 4-man alliances in the show’s history and just choked at the finish line, Dan deserved the 2nd victory bust lost to a bitter jury).

        However, with that said, I respect your rankings because you have actually been a part of the show. Having someone who has lived in the BB house write reviews on the plays going down is something people are going to read. I liked when Matt used to write here and I really like Derrick’s input.

    • Well, since they are already advertising for Season 18 participants, odds are 18 won’t be an all-star season. Of course, they could wimp out and say they didn’t get enough qualified applicants to fill the house, so they’ve decided to go all-star instead. Whatever.

  5. Love your rankings every week Adam. As much as I loved JMac, I would really like to see Jackie come back for an all-star season. I was rooting for her big time and even when she was evicted I wasn’t too worried hoping she could get back into the house. Unfortunately she didn’t but I think she would do great with a second chance to play.

      • I’m good with that as well. If I had to pick, it would be James. He was a good competitor, super fun, and drama free. He just needed to play a little harder and not waste so much time with Meg. When he HAD to play, he did good. His comments in the DR and clowning around were sorely needed this season. It was the ” Overly dramatic Vanessa talks game” show this year. We didn’t get much fun.

  6. Of these offerings, I’d bring Da’Vonne back. She had spunk without being mean about it, but caught on to Vanessa early and that’s why she had to go. Let’s bring her back and give her another chance to work her magic.

    • I thought she was mean. She had a chip on her shoulder and was trying to act like a tough street girl, which I don’t think she truly was. Alienated a lot of them way too early in the game, and paid the price for it.

    • Davonne had a BIG mouth and poor people skills. She got overly emotional when someone she knew for 3 weeks lied to her. I’d LOVE to see Jason or Jmac; lots of untapped potential there. Both were fun to watch and the Greek chorus of the show!

  7. Adam I have to disagree with you about Becky and Shelli. It wasn’t that Becky didn’t confirm, it was that Becky told Shelli she was safe. Shelli then strutted around like a Sorority Princess. Becky even said post eviction she understood with the way Shelli was acting that the Goblins had to get her out. If Becky had said to Shelli stop being a 14 year old, put on your Big Girl Pants and go make a deal with the Goblins. Shelli didn’t have to pretend anything. She could have said James I’m still coming after your ass but not until Van, Austwuss and at least 1 twinkie is gone. Then she could have told them what she knew. Shelli/Becky/JMac on one side with the Goblins on the other and Steve would have had to really play the game. He may have stayed with JMac or he may have seen Shelli as a threat and taken her out. No matter what it would have been a real game. Buckets of Tofu for both of them!

  8. Seriously, I almost completely reset at the end of every summer and immediately forget who was in the house. I’ve been watching this show for years. A few stand outs but for the most part, my mind is a blank canvas, in terms of past HG’s.

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