Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 12

It’s day 91 in the Big Brother House – and we are left with the Final 4 of Steve, Johnny Mac, Liz, and Vanessa. This week – I will not give anyone a Tofurkey since it takes some good gameplay and a little bit of luck to last this long in the game.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

Also instead of basing this weeks rankings on just their actions the past week in the house, I will rank them on how they got to Final 4 with BACON only!

Vanessa Rousso – 5 strips of Bacon – 4 HoH & 3 POV wins – Vanessa has been in the middle of everything gamewise all season. When she was not making the decision as the HoH, she was up in the HoH room trying to get the current HoH do what she wanted. And ya know what – it worked… a lot! Sure there were people on to her, but if you spoke out against her, then you usually found yourself talking to Julie.

There were 40 people nominated before BoB or POV was played this season, and Vanessa was only nominated once – and that was this shortened week. She was also a renom only once and was on the ropes, but with a little bit of strategy & a little bit of luck (James flipping) – she has not even had 1 vote to evict against her all season. In case you did not hear already – she won the most important POV this week and will be the one who decides who gets to go to the Final 3 with her & Steve. If she gets to Final 2, will she get the votes? Depends on how bitter these jurors are – but if she does, she should walk home with the 500K.

Steve Moses – 4 strips of Bacon – 3 HoH & 2 POV wins – Steve came into the BB House as one of the biggest fans & he has been wanting to get on this show for years. His social awkwardness was funny to watch at times, and painful to watch at other times. He was a sure goner week 1 until he pulled out the Veto win. He also saved himself from eviction week 7 when he won POV again. Steve then won 3 of the next 8 HoH’s including 2 of the last 3 to get himself to the Final 3. He survived the final nomination chairs twice – once vs Johnny Mac & then dodged the biggest bullet by having Vanessa “scumbag” Austin on “live” TV.

Steve may not have formed the Scamper Squad – but he named it. Very reminiscent of BB14 winner Ian Terry & the Quack Pack. Most of the people it the jury house may not be fans of Steve’s game, but they like him as a person, so if he makes it to F2, he should earn some votes for that. Will it be enough votes? That will depend on who he is sitting next to.

Liz Nolan – 3 strips of Bacon – 2.5 HoH & 1 POV win – the first few weeks Liz was only in the house part time as the Twin Twist had her and Julia switching out every couple of days. She was doing a pretty good job of covering that up and even started a Showmance with Austin (after her first showmance partner Jace was evicted week 1).

Once people caught on to the Twin thingy, her alliance saw this as an opportunity to “weaponize” them and keep her safe until Julia could come in full time & add a number to their side. She was only nominated twice – once with James week 5 but won the Battle of the Block basically by herself as James was trying to throw it. She did not realize at the time, but the plan was to back door Austin that week.


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  1. I would really like for JMac to survive tonight.
    Enjoyed reading your rankings this season. I justwish BB would get more fans or alumni in. Tired of mosel

    • you need the recruits – they make the game more interesting (Devon BB16, Vanessa BB17, Jeremy BB15)

      • I heard Devin had to get off social media????
        Jeremy – I hated initially (the player, not the person – gaw!)
        But after he was cut, I think he took some life lessons with him. I think the experience was good for him in the long run and he’d play differently now. He was a comp beast.

      • I think that’s why she likes working with Steve. I heard her asking him something about season 5 and she said oh. & that she had only read Wikipedia summaries.

  2. I think it would be awesome to do a season with all the first people evicted from each season. Give them another chance. And congrats Adam!

  3. It’s crazy that Liz was on the block next to Liz when Austin won the veto. I had thought it was a twin twist, not a clone twist.

  4. I think it would be awesome to have all the people who were evicted first to come back, weve seen all the winners over and over…lets give the losers a chance…plus we never got to know them very good, cmon Matthew help push for this

  5. As painful as it is to watch Vanessa, I think I would love to see her come back and have to play against some real players. Her game was good this year but it wouldn’t have been if she had some real players. I don’t think she’s as good as she thinks she is and would love to see her knocked off the pedestal she has herself on.

    • I’d love to see her and Derrick in house with players like Dan or Will. I want all stars. and sorry @adampochbb13:disqus I cant mention Allstars without mentioning Dan or … Rachel ( I know you love that) simply bc i think she would annoy the hell out of them. and if she’s on they need Ragan! (Their fight in Season 12 was the best)

      • I would agree with you on that, however an allstars episode with some of the past super players would burst Vanessa’s bubble. She isn’t one of the greats, she just lucked out to have a cast of players that are really bad this year.

      • Stop hating. She is one of the greats. People try so hard to undermine her game play. Did you not just read what Adam wrote about her? She didn’t just get to the final 3 out of sheer luck. She fought hard and has gotten so much blood on her hands…yet she’s still there. Fantastic!

  6. Johnny Mac needs to campaign. I’m so scared right now. I want him to stay so badly. He needs to.tell Vanessa that if she’s in final two with Liz, then Liz is gonna have two people in Jury pushing for her win. Also, Johnny Mac should say that he’s won 0 HOH’s, therefor he’ll be easier to beat in the final comp.

  7. I would like to see Enzo, Hayden, Porsche, Shelly Moore, Vanessa, Nicole Franzel, Derrick, Ian, Andy, GM, Aaryn come back with some others. They were all good players in different ways.

  8. Congratulations, Adam & Fara! Best wishes and good luck for your family!
    Sweet of you to give a shout out to Brenchel and their bundle of joy coming, too! And yes, even Natalie’s new family! :)

    I’m mad at Steve so I can no longer pull for him. I say let the ladies take this the rest of the way home! They’ve pretty much dominated this season.

    As for “2nd Chancers”: I would like to see Donnie return. I think Jeremy learned some life lessons and is a comp beast. I would like to see James return for comic relief and Jmac. I think Jackie would be better the second time. Nicole or Hayden might be fun. I don’t know. Shoot, this group is the newest so they’re the main ones on my mind.

    Adam, would you consider returning? Or is it satisfying enough for you, to hand out bacon? :) Who would you like to see?

    • Rather hand out bacon – I cant be gone for 3 months again. Especially with the family growing

  9. I’d like to see Amanda and maybe Zach Rance back. I’m not interested in seeing Frankie Grande or him becoming a season staple. I believe Frank Eudy, Shane Meaney, Nicole Franzel and the trio of Judd, Donny, James have good chances to return.

  10. I would like to see Becky & Shelli of this season. Cody, Zach & Nicole from BB16. Nick and Kaitlin from BB15. Shane & Danielle from BB14. And Porsche from BB13.

  11. John is my fave player and i hope he survives eviction but if he doesn’t,may his game rest in peace …

  12. I like the concept that Survivor started for the next season, i.e. second chance. But for BB, I would bring back players that only played once, and didn’t make it to jury. Basically people we didn’t get to see much of them. Give them a second chance.

  13. Congrats on your baby! And for get bacon! Stand up and slow clap into a round of applause for Vanessa’s blindside of Austin. That was so satisfying! I wanted a cigarette afterwards and I’m not a smoker! Austin bitching to Julie Chen in bare feet was sooo good!

  14. Question: When new jurors enter the JH,
    The DVD they bring –
    Is that just the CBS show edit?
    Or is there more?

    The first juror (and DE jurors) –
    Do they bring DVDs, too?
    Wondering if subsequent jurors get to see each of their evictions and if it’s the CBS TV edit?


  15. amanda, Austin, Vanessa, Regan, Derrick, Beast Mode Cowboy, Nakomis, The black guy from season 1 and the one legged guy from season 1 and Ollie from Survivor

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