Tonight On Big Brother 17: Power of Veto & Final Nominations

Big Brother 17 is back tonight on CBS at 8/7c with the Power of Veto competition that leaves the house turned upside down. Well, not literally, of course, but close to it!

Big Brother 17 House gets trashed in the Veto comp
Big Brother 17 House gets trashed in the Veto comp – Source: CBS All Access

Houseguests played in the “Hide & Go Veto” competition that sent six players rampaging through their dwelling looking for the chance to impact this week’s final nominations. I can’t wait to see this one play out on the show.

Heading in to this competition we saw James and Meg up on the Block after Vanessa settled on her picks, but this comp could give them the chance to change that up. They know that if they don’t save themselves then no one else will as the house is stacked against them.

We’re down to the final three weeks of Big Brother so don’t miss any of the episodes when the schedule changes due to NFL. And take note that Thursday’s episode may be pre-empted in your area so stick with us for complete live coverage.

Can’t wait for tonight’s show to get the spoilers? Find out who won the PoV competition and what happened at the Veto Ceremony.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the next Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Live Feeds.


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  1. As far as I can see, James has one shot left to realistically have a chance to win and turn the house on its head one final time. He needs to win HOH for the DE, and get Liz on the block next to Van after the veto. This scenario gets Van out the door when he casts the tiebreaker. He then aligns with JMac and Steve to go after Austin and the twins in the final rush to the season ending. Both of them would roll with this, as they have no other alternatives. Otherwise, James gets picked off quickly–possibly as soon as tomorrow night. Winning the veto or HOH every week isn’t realistic and as long as Van is around, he’s gone once he doesn’t have guaranteed safety.

    Bold move, to be sure–but I don’t see any other options. He becomes the top target for the Austwins of course, but the alternative is to be sent packing immediately.

      • Sure looks that way. Van has been with Austin and the twins since the very beginning of the game–I don’t care what she says–she’ll never put them up until there’s nobody else left in the house. She simply wants Steve and JMac to do it for her if they can. They have to know she’s full of it and would abandon them at the drop of a hat if she really had to choose a side, but it’s not like they have any other current options. Hopefully, James changes the calculus tomorrow night to make things interesting.

      • I think they know they have to get her out. Steve has said it a few times. But the bigger question is does Austin see that Vanessa left JMac and Steve in the game to get him out? Apparently not which makes him as dumb as meg and James.

        Just think about. Vanessa knows about the 5 person alliance with Austwins, Steve and JMac and their plan to BD her and she puts up Meg and James, the only two people not in that group?

        Austin is not questioning that logic? Because Vanessa came clean to him he believes her?

        Right now, Austin and the twins should realize its them against the house, everyone in the house. They should trust no one, least of all JMac and Vanessa.

        The behavior of these HGs is inexplicable.

    • I think Meg being out of the game James would have had a better chance to survive 2 or 3 more evictions. But Meg’s last attempt at some kind of strategy put a dagger in what’s left of James’ game. I am almost certain now James will be targeted in the DE and he will go home.

      In the meantime, Vanessa, Steve and the Austwins will slip by another week. I am afraid its going to be Vanessa and the Austwins in F4 and that’s when the twins turn on Austin. Then it will be Vanessa winning final HoH and she will send Liz home. Julia and Vanessa F2 and the jury will have no choice but to give it to Vanessa.

      Another disappointing season of BB like season 15 when the rat Andy won.

      • Meg needed to leave so that James could align himself with someone–anyone–that could possibly win something. However, with how the house stands right now, that’s basically impossible–Van has successfully isolated him(with some help from Meg and himself too). Getting rid of Van and heading up a real alliance with Steve and JMac(not the phony side alliance Van has with them currently–that has the value of a $3 bill) solves all his current problems. Of course, now he has to actually make this happen–which won’t be easy. But at least there’s a possible way out.

      • I’m hedging my bets that a better move for Van is to split up the twins now (even though you won’t hear it from her), while the opportunity is there and JMac and Steve may just flip and vote out Julia. It’s there if they can just get a whiff of her demonstrative action! She won’t get blood on her hands and I’m sure JMac and Steve will get hers and James and Meg’s protection if they do act on it.

    • The smart move for James, Steve and JMac would be to send home Julia this week, and then send home Austin/Vanessa next week of one of the three of them win HoH, then instead of 3v3 it’d be 4v2 after that.

    • My thoughts exactly! She’s the puppet master for the most part with Steve, JMac and the Austwins! Pull her away and the rest with the exception of James have to start thinking for themselves. Oh, what shall they do if they don’t have Van suggesting what to do or they aren’t able to get her input or permission?

  2. From what I can tell, the odds of any one of them making a rational, logical game move at ALL is, by my careful calculations, absolutely ZERO. ;)

  3. Evening all. I am not happy about football tomorrow night. Why can’t they show BB and then football?

  4. Steve is actually thinking about talking to JMac to flip the votes and send Julia to jury. He could just be in a manic state now, but…..

  5. See how Vanessa made James defensive in that convo?..That’s how good she is..or James is just too easy for her lol

  6. Logic would dictate Julia gone. We know Vanessa will be the weasel she is. James, Meg, JMac, Steve would be powerful. Then Vanessa will be bat shizzle crazy, without zero she can do if that happens. Austin and Liz will just be crushed…it would be the perfect move.

  7. Babysitting my 7 year old granddaughter tonight and she was watching BB with us. After about 15 minutes watching she pointed out that Vanessa “sure is mean” and that Austin’s tatoos are disgusting. She also heard the name Sasquatch and said isn’t that Big Foot? and is that the guy with the tatoos?

  8. on Jokers………austin just told van and steve that he will never vote out the twins until final 3….uh well if they get there. would think that would get van to reconsider flipping the votes tomorrow.

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