Team America's next mission

Team America’s next mission – Source: CBS

Team America is back at it again this week with their second mission and a strong position to make it happen. Read on to find out which target viewers selected: a floater or a threat.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (start your Free Trial now) to 11:00 PM BBT 7/17 Cams 3/4 to find Derrick and Frankie in the Fire room discussing their latest mission parameters.

Team America must target a “physical threat” for nomination rather than a “floater.” Derrick wastes no time in justifying Amber as their appropriate target. He says, she’s the strongest player that wouldn’t compromise their ability to maintain their position of strength in the house.

Considering Frankie is one of this week’s HoH’s the alliance won’t have any trouble collecting their $5K each stacked upon the previous week’s earnings. Nice to see Frankie joining in on this one and pulling more than his fair share of the weight by winning HoH and making sure it can all work out for Team America.

What do you think of the viewer’s votes? In our poll the leading target was a floater by 5% so that’s a big shift to the TV-onlies. If they were asking for a physical target could they have been hoping for Caleb to be sent to the block? Maybe, but that won’t be happening this week. Well, you never know what could happen at the Veto Ceremony!


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