Now that Big Brother 11 has wrapped we’ve got a long 10 months until the premiere of Big Brother 12. Luckily we’ve got some other great reality television shows to fill that gap starting with Survivor Samoa premiering tonight on CBS and then American Idol 2010 starting in January on FOX.

If you’ve enjoyed the format and style here on Big Brother Network then I hope you’ll join us on Survivor Fandom and American Idol Net for more fun and engaging discussions on these other great shows. Sure, they’re no substitute for Big Brother, but at least they’ll help the wait go by faster!

You can sign-up for the free Survivor updates and free American Idol updates right now to be ready for all the latest news and updates through the season.

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing in the conversations again soon as the party moves from one show to the next!


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