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Julie Chen Presents Official Big Brother 10 Cast Plus Grandpa Confirmed

| July 7, 2008 at 7:07 PM EDT

Update! A preview video has been released by CBS showing 3 of the 13 Big Brother 10 houseguests! Watch the video here.

Tuesday morning on The Early Show on CBS, Julie Chen, the host of Big Brother, will reveal the Big Brother 10 cast. The Early Show runs from 7am until 9am, so you can rest assured they’ll save this juicy tidbit for the bitter end (8:30am-9:00am). As soon as those details roll out I’ll be posting them here on Big Brother Network. Sign up for the free update alerts and don’t miss a thing!

I was hoping for some leaks this evening, the night before the official reveal, as we’ve had in the past few seasons, but so far no luck. I’ll keep checking though, so you keep checking back here and I’ll keep you updated.

One tidbit so far though. WeLoveBigBrother caught on to this one. Nothing huge, but still interesting. Last week I previewed for you the rumored cast list for BB10, but another list included a 75 year old grandfather. Looks like that part is true:

In a rundown of Tuesday’s early show, CBS gave a few details of the cast:

The new houseguests range from a 22 year old bodybuilder to a 75 year old grandfather.

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Big Brother 10 Cast Spoilers Allegedly Revealed

| July 4, 2008 at 9:03 AM EDT

With just nine days until the premiere of Big Brother 10 the cast spoilers have started to roll in. Reality BBQ has landed the first extensive possible spoiler for the new cast and while this should be taken lightly it’s still fun to speculate.

Earlier I told you about the rumor of a young model, Laura Leigh, who was supposed to be part of this season’s cast. From the details below it sounds like she wasn’t included. Instead it appears that we could have quite the diversity in ages and backgrounds even with a gay cowboy. Yee-haw!

The casting is going to have a slightly conservative vs. liberal angle.

A recently divorced Koren-American tomboy.

A 35 year old gay rodeo cowboy who’s a bit prejudiced himself.

A 25 year old who doesn’t consider himself a bartender.

A 53 year old New Orleans socialite.

A 31 year old who’s from a predominantly white neighborhood, she’s a black mother of 3 and an Obama supporter in Bush country. She has a pair of rare twins.

The son of a Pentecostal preacher.

A 24 year old teacher in an all boys Catholic school. He would move out of the country if Hillary were President.

…and a few more. Thirteen in all. Don’t want to give you all the secrets!

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Allison Grodner Talks Big Brother 10, Reveals Details

| July 1, 2008 at 10:21 PM EDT

Allison GrodnerBig Brother 10 is less than two weeks away and the rumors are running wild. The latest and greatest was that we’d get the official cast reveal on July 2nd, which I’m chalking up to a confusion between Wednesdays as the planned press junket is the 9th. Thankfully we can skip rumors for the moment and go straight to facts from the woman in charge, Allison Grodner, executive producer of Big Brother. picked up a golden spoon and scooped the rest of us by getting an awesome interview with Grodner, who was gracious enough to give us more than our fair share of early reveals. The biggest highlights are that our 13 houseguests will be complete strangers and finally offer a wider range of ages and backgrounds:

“As far as the cast is concerned,” she said, “rest assured they are all strangers.”

“We have a wide range of ages this year,” she said. “There’s young, there’s old, there’s in between, there’s parents, there’s students, there’s people with white collar jobs, blue collar jobs. It’s all very different.”

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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Get Bigger, Better

| July 1, 2008 at 8:32 AM EDT

First off, no new news yet on the reveal of Big Brother 10 cast details. That should happen in just a week, officially on Wednesday, July 9th, but I think we’ll catch the pics and bios a few days earlier. Go ahead and get signed up for the email alerts (click here) and that information will be sent to you when as soon as it is released across the interwebs.

On to more exciting news, there are big changes ahead for Big Brother 10 live feeds. First up is the return of the discounts on the feeds. Superpass informed me that I’ll be able to offer up a discount of $2/month for our readers who sign up either before July 13th (the launch of Big Brother 10) or those who sign up for the quarterly plan. Buying all three months of the feeds up front nets you a $5 discount ($40 versus $45). The alternative method, signing up before the start of the season, will get you a $6 discount ($39 versus $45). They’re both really close in savings and offer a 11% and 13% discount, respectively.

Updated Update: RN just informed me that everything is back on with the Early Bird offer. Sign up now to save $2/month. RealNetworks just emailed that they’re having technical difficulties with the Early Bird offer.

Early Bird Discount ($2 off) | Quarterly Discount ($5 off)

Second is the news that Evel Dick from Big Brother 8 will be hosting a pre-eviction live show. This is a great alternative to the trivia or hamster/water tunnel views we’ve had in the past. He shared the details on his MySpace page:

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Big Brother 10 Has More Casting Details & Spoiler Revealed

| June 27, 2008 at 9:32 AM EDT

What a difference a day makes. On Wednesday I posed my theories on when we’d get our Big Brother 10 house tour and cast reveals (read more). The very next day a flood of new information came out that I want to share with you.

First up, CBS has announced that July 9th will be the big reveal day for official press releases and details on the latest season of Big Brother. Big Brother Access received this information from CBS’ director Entertainment Communications, so it sounds pretty solid and reasonable to me. BBA also points out, just as I did, that we’ll likely get the juicy details “leaked” earlier from another reliable source like what happened in past seasons.

Moving from “sure thing” details to the rumors and spoilers section is where we can really get into the fun! On Thursday it was reported (by several sources: OBB, BBC, JU) that the semi-finalists who did not make the cut were notified by phone. Here’s the anonymous details from one near-cast member:

“I am not bitter, just disappointed. They were all awesome to me while I visited LA the first week of June. I wish the HG’s luck and I will watch wondering how I would’ve fit in. But I do think they made a mistake by not selecting me.
Yes, their was a wide range of finalists. Women in their 40’s-50’s, man in his 60’s….yes….. he was at least 60something.”

Sounds like casting may have finally taken note that much of the audience would enjoy a wider range of ages instead of “The OC” meets “Big Brother”. So if this is the case and they turn-downs were notified, then it would logically follow that the key-holders will soon be notified and sequestered. Ahh, but what about those sequestered? Any spoilers or rumors there? You betcha.

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Big Brother 10 Countdown To New Season Cast And Theme Reveals

| June 25, 2008 at 4:00 AM EDT

Julie ChenBig Brother 10 arrives on July 13th, so that’s less than 3 weeks away. At this point I’m getting pretty anxious and am chomping at the bit for whatever CBS will throw our way. We’ve had commercial after commercial (including this new one I missed, but Online Big Brother caught it) and then found out from Robyn Kass when the casting had been completed. Even all that really hasn’t been enough for me, so I thought I’d go back through the usual schedule to see what we can expect and when we can expect it.

Over the past few seasons we’ve been given the proverbial crumbs with commercials just as we have this season, so that’s good. But at about two and a half weeks off we’ve still got some time before the really good stuff.

Back in season 8 of Big Brother we gained entrance to the bizarro house decor 8 days before launch of the season. The next day we learned the theme and got to speculate on what it’d mean for a full day before the cast reveal with just six days until the premiere. Things were different for our inaugural winter season.

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