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Big Brother 16: Did Christine & Frankie Make Themselves Bigger Targets?

| August 6, 2014 at 2:55 PM EDT

After last night’s questionable decision to out the Detonators alliance under the guise of another Zach Attack, Christine Brecht and Frankie Grande went on to paint bigger target on their backs.

Christine & Frankie on Big Brother 16

Christine & Frankie on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

While Frankie and Christine originally thought going to Hayden and Nicole with the news of an alleged alliance offered up by Zach was a brilliant idea, they failed to adequately prepare before putting it in to action. Well, Frankie tried to prepare while Christine saw the nearest cliff and just dashed right over the edge. As Frankie tried to work out the details with Cody & Derrick, Christine raced ahead to tell Nicole so she could be seen as the one to first share the “news.”

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Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 6 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

| August 6, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
Big Brother HG - Adam Poch

Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Before I start the Big Brother 16 Player Rankings for this week, I need to address something. Twitter has been going crazy with #SaveZach tweets directed at @CBSBigBrother. I am a Zach fan, I even picked him in a BB alumni pool to win the game. I just think it’s hysterical the same fan base that bashes Production for alleged manipulation, are now the ones begging Production to step in and save a popular player.

Jocasta – 4 strips of Tofu – another week, another nomination for Jocasta, another BoB & Veto loss, but yet she is (most likely) safe. The game seems to be passing her by. Once the 2 HoH ends this Thursday, she will be an easy out.

Frankie – 3 strips of Tofu – the house is starting to catch on to Frankie playing best friend to everyone, and the plan to backdoor him never happened, but it’s coming. Watching him get played like a fiddle by Derrick was a thing of beauty. It’s a shame that we may not get to see this on the CBS show as the Double Eviction does not allow for too many flashbacks. The stress & paranoia of the house seem to also be catching up to him, as he has not seemed as bubbly & energetic as of late.

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Big Brother 16: The Detonators Trigger A Self-Destruct

| August 6, 2014 at 10:30 AM EDT

In another move to seal Zach Rance’s fate on Big Brother 16, his former alliance out’d their own existence overnight just in case he decided to do the same when he realized what was going on around him. Just in case. They completely exposed themselves just in case. Sigh.

Bomb Squad alliance - Hurt Locker

Another alliance goes *boom* – “Hurt Locker” – Souce: Universal Studios

Flashback to 5:25PM BBT 8/5 Cams 1/2 on the Live Feeds. Get your Free Trial now to watch. Frankie and Christine head upstairs so he can immediately propose an idea. He’s worried that Zach is going to blow up their Detonators alliance so how about they tell Nicole and Hayden that Zach proposed an alliance to them last night with the “sole purpose of getting Caleb & Hayden out of the house.”

The idea here is to say Zach proposed an alliance, but everyone rejected it immediately. This way if Zach says something on the way out then they can point to this story and say that’s what he was talking about, this alliance that never really existed, even though it did.

Frankie thinks taking this to Haycole will earn their trust and get them on board to evict Zach. They can also use the same story with Caleb, Frankie suggests. He’s not sure if they need to reveal the Detonators name though. Before they do this though Frankie wants to go talk to Derrick and Cody about the plan.

Derrick is resting in the Fire room when Frankie comes in to tell him the plan and get his approval. Flashback to 5:43PM BBT 8/5 Cams 1/2. Derrick thinks it would work, but wants to be sure to tell Caleb so he doesn’t think Derrick and Cody were hiding this from him. Remember: Caleb was not part of the Detonators and thought the Bomb Squad alliance, which ended weeks ago, was still active.

So about that whole “waiting to tell Nicole & Hayden” thing? Yeah, forget that. While Frankie is discussing it with Derrick downstairs and they agree to talk with Cody first we’re watching Christine upstairs spilling the fictional beans to Nicole. Oops. So much for getting their stories straight first.

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Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 6 Power of Veto Episode

| August 6, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Tonight on CBS Big Brother Season 16 is back with the Power of Veto episode starting at 8PM ET/PT and, as if we didn’t need any extra drama in Double Eviction week, things are going to get crazy.

Big Brother 16 on CBS

Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

After this week’s nominations and flop of a Battle of the Block for Zach he’s looking at some real trouble to his game. He’ll have one more shot though with the Power of Veto competition.

HGs will be competing for the Veto in a timed competition that’ll feel similar to last year’s “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Players will ride a zip line past an arrangement, remember what they can, and then reconstruct it elsewhere. The whole thing has a comic book theme with some pretty cool art from what we heard in the retells. Jump ahead and get the Veto comp spoilers now.

Along with the retells we found out a lot of interesting details about the Veto comp over the weekend. After the Feeds had been down for four hours Big Brother After Dark cranked up to find the four non-competing HGs stuck inside the HoH room. The competition was still going and would last nearly another 90 minutes for over five hours of total run time.

On top of that there was some serious yelling and flipping out from one HG in the competition. The audio from that round bled over in to After Dark’s content and we could hear what the HGs there couldn’t. This should be very interesting to watch play out.

Can’t wait for all the spoilers to arrive tonight on CBS? Get our Big Brother spoilers now and see what happened with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.

Join us tonight at 8PM ET to chat with other fans as we enjoy the latest Big Brother episode.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 6 Tuesday Highlights

| August 6, 2014 at 7:00 AM EDT


It was another late start to the day in the Big Brother 16 house, but the HGs did manage to get  A LOT of scheming, backstabbing and all around despicable behavior in. So all in all, it was a good day in the house. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 5, 2014:

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Big Brother 16: State of The Game (Op-Ed)

| August 5, 2014 at 7:44 PM EDT


I’ve been pretty straight forward this season doing Big Brother 16 Live Feed highlights and recaps, but I think the halfway point is a good time to weigh in with a State of the Game post. This week is basically the half-way point, right? Close enough.

A lot of people on Twitter are currently preparing for Zach’s funeral, so we’re getting A LOT of “this season sucks” and “if Zach goes, I’ll stop watching.” While it is upsetting that Zach is going home this week (I’m a card-holding member of #ZachNation myself), it’s not the end of Big Brother 16.

Here’s why:

  • That big alliance, that basically sort of (to some extent) includes everyone except Donny and Jocasta, is going to have to turn on each other soon. I mean they already are this week with Zach. But we always knew Zach was sort of low on their list. It’s going to get fun when Hayden and Nicole go against Derrick and Cody. And which side is going to steal Caleb? And who is going to be the unlucky one stuck with Victoria? And where’s Christine stand in all this? See? There’s SO much about to happen, that the second half of the game could be one of the best. And you never know, they’re getting to the crazy point of being in the house, so they might actually start fighting. Finally. One can hope.
  • The twist is ending this week. We won’t be getting any more of these same old nominations and everyone working together and deciding as a group who needs to win Battle of the Block and who needs to win veto and who needs to be evicted.
  • This week’s Double Eviction. ANYTHING can happen during the second eviction this week. I think Jocasta could be an easy target, but not if these people are finally entering game mode. We could see a major player following Zach out the door
  • There’s an extra week now! So MAYBE that means a jury member could return. And maybe, just maybe, it could be your favorite player who comes back in to shake things up. A lot of people don’t like returning players, but I think with the pace of this season, that would be a great idea. And plus I’m hopeful for a Zach re-entry.
  • Derrick. No one has played the game like Derrick in a few seasons. He’s even playing right out in the open and only Donny is onto him.
  • Team America. Maybe Team America challenges will improve. Or maybe that twist will end soon. I’ll be happy with either.
  • And finally, it’s not Big Brother 15. And no offense to Big Brother 15 HGs who are actually great people, but there’s no stigma hanging over this season. Sure there might not be any fighting this season, but there’s also nothing to be ashamed of for being a Big Brother fan. And as far as I can tell, none of the HGs should find themselves unemployed after the season ends. Well, aside from Zach, but that’s already his thing.

And if these HGs don’t start going at each other, then I’m going to start a campaign to fly a banner plane over the house accusing the HGs of something ridiculous. Who’s in?



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