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Big Brother 16 Las Vegas Party Tonight – Details

| September 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST

Big Brother Houseguests head to Las Vegas this weekend for another party and more rounds of some very well deserved celebrating. Or at least a lot more rounds of something!

Big Brother 16 Party in Las Vegas

Big Brother 16 Party in Las Vegas this weekend

The BB16 Houseguests haven’t slowed down since escaping the confines of Studio 18 this week with not just one celebration, but two afterparties. Now many of them are heading out to Vegas for the Wrap Party celebration starting tonight. Okay, well it looks like they went ahead and got started last night, but things officially kick off tonight at Aria’s Deuce Lounge.

Starting tonight at 9PM at The Deuce Lounge the party kicks off before rolling over to the Haze nightclub for the afterparty. No word yet on what time the Haze event starts, so be sure to check Deuce first.

Big Brother fans hoping to meet up with some of their favorites from this season and past summers are in luck. Aria is advertising that you’ll be able to meet Amber, Brittany, Donny, yes even Donny knows how to party in Vegas, and Jocasta from this season. That won’t be it though as we’re spotting a lot of familiar faces from both BBUS and BBCAN.

From past BBUS seasons I’ve spotted Judd, Jeremy, Parker, Michelle, Lawon, Howie. BBCAN has arrived with Arlie, Peter, Liza, Allison, Sarah, and Rachelle. And those were all just from who arrived Friday night, so I imagine as Saturday rolls along we’ll see lots more Big Brother alumni show up.

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Big Brother 16 After Party Photos – HGs Celebrate

| September 26, 2014 at 2:45 PM EST

It was another fun night of partying from the looks of it for the Big Brother 16 Houseguests as they celebrated wins and freedom along with the company of past HGs, friends, and even some celebs.

Big Brother 16 After Party

Big Brother 16 After Party – Source: Philip Alan Photography

I’ve been watching a flood of pictures on Twitter coming in from the Big Brother after party, but the best ones are showing up from Philip Alan Photography. No surprise really that his photos are some of the best ones to check out along with the HGs’ own candid pictures.

Along with other former BBUS HGs showing up to support the BB16 crew there were even BBCAN Houseguests who made the trip down to enjoy the fun. Gets me excited and ready for BBCAN3!

Check out the photos below featuring Big Brother winner Derrick Levasseur, runner-up Cody Calafiore, Nicole, Hayden, Caleb, Victoria, and others.

Surprisingly there hasn’t been much of Zach Rance in the photos from last night after some fun ones of him the night before. I’m sure we’ll see lots more from Zach on his Instagram account though.

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Thank You For A Great Big Brother 16 Season!

| September 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST

The Big Brother 16 has come to an end after an exciting season of highs and lows but an extremely entertaining one none the less. As we wrap up the last few parts of the summer show I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for joining us.

Big Brother 16 on CBS

Big Brother 16 season – Source: CBS

Coming off a tumultuous season I wasn’t sure what we’d get this time around but a mostly solid cast came together and moved things along while, for the most part, dodging issues of the past round. The twists were a mix of core game impacting and side show distractions though I’m still not sure why it’d be considered the “most twisted season ever.” All the same I appreciated all the extra content Battle of the Block and Team America gave us to discuss each week.

The drama may have been mild at times, but it was certainly there and plenty of strategic moves kept the season rolling. Along with getting to see an absolutely great player take home the win I’ll remember this season as my first chance to be part of a live eviction audience thanks to CBS’s invitation and your efforts to make us a standout in the crowd. That was an absolute dream come true for this fan.

Readership took a healthy leap up here on the site this season and I’d like to thank Branden, Adam Poch, and Judd Daugherty for contributing a season of hard work and dedicated writing to help make that happen. We truly appreciate your support by visiting us, recommending our site to your Big Brother fan friends, and especially going through us to get your Live Feed subscriptions!

With confirmation that Big Brother 17 will be here next summer plus another season ordered by CBS on top of that we’re confident that we’ve got a lot of fun left ahead of us for our favorite reality series. Luckily it’s not the only reality series we cover though and there’s a lot to do in the off-season.

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Diary Room: Adam Poch On Big Brother 16 – That’s A Wrap

| September 26, 2014 at 9:00 AM EST

Big Brother – the show we hate to love, and the show we love to hate. Every summer begins with hope that this will be the best season ever. We get so excited waiting for Julie to reveal the new design of the house, find out what the twists are gonna be, meet the cast & read / watch the preseason interviews – all leading up to the Superbowl of Reality TV – OPENING NIGHT!!! We make our picks for who we are going to root for – scour the web to find out more about these people – see how many degrees of separation between us and the new houseguests.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch

Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Then the show starts and we find ourselves staying up way too late watching the live feeds, reading recaps & previews on Big Brother Network – refreshing our browsers every 10 minutes to find out the results of the competitions / nominations. Our non-BB loving friends & family start to get sick of us talking & posting about it non-stop. Somewhere along the way – we find new HGs to root for, HGs to root against – comparing players to previous HG’s- complaining about how this season does not live up to our preseason expectations. We continue on this roller coaster for 3 months until Julie Chen finally pulls out the keys and declares a winner.

It’s our summer obsession and when it’s over – despite all the other shows on TV – we start looking forward to the next season. Now that CBS has announced instead of the usual renewal for one season, it has been renewed for 2 – and the rumors are starting that one of those seasons will be an All-Star season. I wonder how many times we will hear someone say “If (insert our favorite HGs name here) is not on All-Stars, I am not watching!” Yet, we all know the truth… YOU WILL WATCH!!!! Why? Because we are addicted to this show like no other show on TV.

BUT FIRST – lets take a look back at Season 16 – which I called “The Season of the Safe Moves.” These are just a few things about this season that I loved, and that I hated…

LOVED – the Have Not Room. We saw the effects of the ice cold room & slop week 2 when Zach had a major meltdown. Big Brother is not Survivor, the HGs get a pantry full of food, beds, shelter, etc… so when they are forced to limit what they can eat, and probably the worst sleeping conditions yet, it takes a toll pn their psyche.

HATED – the fact that they did not have to fight in a competition to see who would still have these luxuries, and who would be forced to suffer. Big Brother made such a big deal about the FitBit activity bracelets that they all had to wear, but only once was that used to determine who would be a have not. I get it – with the Battle of the Block taking up time on the show there was not enough time to do another competition, but feed watchers always complain about the HGs sleeping all day. If they knew that being lazy would force them to become Have Nots – we could have had more excitement during the day. (Especially for us East Coast viewers).

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Derrick Levasseur – Big Brother 16 Winner Interview

| September 25, 2014 at 4:00 PM EST
Derrick Levasseur, Winner of Big Brother 16

Derrick Levasseur, Winner of Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Derrick Levasseur pulled off the perfect game last night on Big Brother 16 when he was crowned the winner after 97 days of maintaining control of his game and house while avoiding ever being named as a nominee. Today I spoke with Derrick about his game, the moves he made, and what it was all like.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): Congratulations on your win. That was an impressive and well-earned victory last night.

Derrick Levasseur: Yeah, it worked out well. You know what, I trusted my boy Cody regardless of who won and it worked out pretty well.

BBN: Right there on that, your trust in Cody. Did you ever consider throwing Round 3 or were you going full steam to win that?

Derrick: Although I trusted him 110%, I was not going to throw that competition and have something go wrong because you never know in the game of Big Brother. I was absolutely trying to beat him. The questions got me a little thrown off because to be honest with you, I think the Jurors switched up a couple of their opinions to throw us off. They got me on a couple of them, but it came down to the tie-breaker and he was the closest. More power to him. Kudos to him.

BBN: At what point in the season did you say to yourself, “okay, I’ve got this. I’m going to win.”?

Derrick: I definitely saw a light. I knew what I had to do to have the best opportunity and I needed two alliance members in the F3 with me regardless of who won the Final HoH if I didn’t do it myself that they would bring me. I knew I had Cody and he didn’t know how close I was with Victoria. I also had Victoria who didn’t know how close I was with Cody. It worked out perfectly.

Caleb was really the last big move I had to make and at that point was when I really knew my chances of being in the F2 were almost 100%.

BBN: Looking at those Jury votes, 7-2. What do you think cost you those two votes?

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Cody Calafiore – Big Brother 16 Runner-Up Interview

| September 25, 2014 at 3:30 PM EST
Big Brother finalists Cody, Derrick, & Victoria with host Julie Chen

Big Brother finalists Cody, Derrick, & Victoria with host Julie Chen – Source: CBS

Cody Calafiore survived the season of Big Brother 16 to make it to the Final Two along with his Hitmen cohort Derrick. The Jury awarded the crown to Derrick, but Cody didn’t walk away empty-handed either. He’ll be taking home a giant check for $50,000 and according to our interview, he wouldn’t reverse that decision to go with Derrick to the F2. Read what all Cody had to say about his Big Brother experience.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): Congratulations! You won your way to the end and are taking home $50,000. That’s a big achievement.

Cody Calafiore: Thank you so much.

BBN: Going through the 7-2 votes, which ones surprised you the most whether they were for or against you?

Cody: Christine. Christine was definitely a big surprise. Victoria, another big surprise.

I really want to say Caleb because the entire time leading up to it all Caleb talked about was how he felt Derrick wasn’t doing anything in the game. Then I was the one who won the comps to send Caleb out the door and Frankie out the door. Then I won the Final HoH comp to go in to it. I thought Caleb would be a slam dunk just based on what I know Caleb based a lot of his decisions on. So that was a huge surprise to me.

I knew Zach. I knew Frankie wasn’t going to throw a vote my way. Those other ones were ones that were very surprising. Those were the ones I felt I needed in order to get me to those five votes. I knew I was going to have Donny and Jocasta.

Those other ones were the ones I needed to swing the game my way and those were the ones I was shocked that I didn’t get. What are you going to do?

BBN: You stayed loyal with Derrick until the end, but did you ever have the thought that maybe you needed to go to F2 with Victoria?

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