January 21, 2014

Big Brother 15 HG Judd Daugherty Co-Hosts Poker Tournament Fundraiser


Reality Rally Poker Fundraiser

We already knew Big Brother’s Judd Daugherty had a generous heart lending his time and name to fundraisers with great causes and now he’s up to it again. Later this week Judd will co-host the Reality Rally “Poker Fun For Funds” event in Murrieta, California on Friday, January 24th.

Fans and supporters of Reality Rally’s cause can join Judd along with Big Brother Canada’s Alec Beall and Glass House’s “Hollywood” Gene Bryant for a poker tournament with just a $25 buy-in and a $10 re-buy. Reality Rally has an info page set up with more info on how to get signed up right now.

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It looks like even more Big Brother 15 HGs have joined in to support with Nick Uhas and Kaitlyn Barnaby according to an updated poster I saw on Twitter but of course I can’t find it again at the moment. Wait, yep, here it is. They’ll be there too.

Make sure you jump on over to Reality Rally’s website and get signed up if you’ll be in that area on Friday and are ready to support a good cause! Kudos to everyone getting involved and helping out at the event.

Update: Judd says today is the last day to pre-register so jump on it!

January 15, 2014

Elissa Reilly Photo Gallery By Philip Alan Photography


Elissa Reilly with Philip Alan Photography

Elissa Reilly from Big Brother 15 caught up with the very talented BB fan Philip Alan for a photo session that’s sure to please her followers. Lots of great pics came out of their session and Philip Alan was generous enough to share them on his Facebook page and Twitter account. We collected a few of the pictures together here for you to check out, but you can see the rest on his social media accounts.

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Update: New pictures added by PAP including another familiar face!

Which Elissa photo is your favorite? Check them all out in the gallery here and then share your thoughts on her best pic.

If you’re new to Philip Alan Photography then it’s definitely worth a scroll back through his picture history as he’s done a lot of great work with past Big Brother Houseguests. Fun stuff to check out! We’ll keep an eye out for the next batch of photos he releases from the world of Big Brother.

Image credit: Philip Alan Photography

January 14, 2014

Candice Stewart Appears On “The Young & The Restless” [PHOTOS]


Candice Stewart - Big Brother 15

Candice Stewart from Big Brother 15 appeared on CBS’s “The Young & The Restless” this Monday in a brief, but focused appearance at the start of the show.

Appearing opposite Redaric Williams, Candice played the role of a real estate agent offering Rederaic’s character Tyler a prime piece of real estate plus a little flirting. It doesn’t take long for Tyler’s girlfriend to arrive and a disappointed Candice to leave, but the scene is hers and she does it well.

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Here are a few screenshots from Candice’s appearance during Monday’s episode in case you missed it. No word on future planned appearances for Stewart but we have seen former Big Brother HGs return to CBS series for repeat performances, so there’s a chance we’ll see more of the “Candiland” HG turned actress.

Did you see Candice Stewart on “The Young & The Restless”? What did you think of her acting chops? Not bad for a first shot!

January 10, 2014

Big Brother 15′s Candice Stewart To Appear On ‘The Young & The Restless’


Candice Stewart - Big Brother 15

Congratulations to Big Brother’s Candice Stewart on her upcoming appearance on CBS’s “The Young & The Restless.” The former BB15 HG will appear on Monday, January 13, 2014 in scenes with Redaric Williams. No word on what Candice’s character will be or her role in the episode, but Candice is excited and so are we!

Check out this preview picture below of Candice’s scene where she appears to be handing off a business card to Redaric Williams. So official!

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Candice’s appearance on “The Young & The Restless” marks another entry in the series of appearances by Big Brother HGs on CBS television and especially their daytime soap shows. Earlier this year we saw Elissa and Howard along with Rachel, Brendon, and Jeff on “The Bold & The Beautiful.”

Perhaps we’ll see a new round of appearances to follow for more Houseguests, but for now be sure to set your DVRs and take a trip to “Candiland” this Monday on CBS!

Source: Soap Opera Network via Big Brother Access

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January 7, 2014

Are McCrae And Amanda Engaged? McCrae Shares Details – Update: Amanda Shares Surprising News


McCranda together, but not engaged

McCrae and Amanda were the biggest showmance of the Big Brother season this past summer and since emerging from the house they’ve gone on to become a real life romance. So what’s next for the couple? Could they be ready to get engaged? McCrae tackled that topic in a recent interview with some interesting results.

BigBrotherAccess.com reported that in an interview with Shady Sykes (hosted over at BlogTalkRadio.com) McCrae Olson was directly questioned on what he had planned for his future with Amanda Zuckerman.

Sykes: “Do you plan on proposing anytime soon?”

McCrae: “I do not plan on proposing any time soon. I’m too young, I’m 24. I don’t really have my feet on the ground, you know. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. It could be in the future, but I’m too young right now to do anything like that.”

So they’re not engaged, but McCranda is still a couple. McCrae also explained that he’s just not financially in the position to get married right now and that’s certainly a respectable position to take. We did hear from Amanda recently that McCrae is starting up a new job so maybe he’s busy on building up some savings for future plans after all!

In a funny twist Amanda apparently later called in to the show and mysteriously posed the question of whether or not McCrae would want to propose to Amanda. He answered yes, but that he just didn’t “have the means.”

Best of luck to the couple and we hope it all works out for the best no matter what happens next for them!

Update: Late last night Amanda posted this picture of a ring with the caption “I said YES!!!” A few hours later she posted another message saying it was a fake ring and to not believe everything you read on social media sites. Um. Believing everything you read on social media sites is one thing, but shouldn’t we be able to believe details straight from the individual as a trust worthy source of their own info? Seems not.

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Source: BlogTalkRadio via Big Brother Access

January 2, 2014

Big Brother HGs Celebrate 2014 New Year’s Eve


Jeff & Jordan celebrate New Year's Eve

The Big Brother HGs were out in force on New Year’s Eve this year celebrating with family, friends, and even other Big Brother Houseguests. Heck, we even found some crossover partying with BBUS’s Judd & Danielle M. partying with BBCAN HGs in Canada! Jeff and Jordan were of course together while Andy was celebrating the last chance for chest grabbing in 2013. Um, okay. Anyway, it looks like they were all having fund and managing to do it without relying on a booze delivery by the DR!

It looks like everyone was having a great time counting down the clock to the launch of 2014 which is set to bring us Big Brother 16! Check out all the pictures they showed below and see what some of your favorite HGs were up to in their celebrations.

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Update: We’ve added more pictures from New Year’s Eve for the Big Brother HGs including GinaMarie’s “before” photo when her “after” involved some medical attention!

We’ve already heard from many recent BB HGs on their New Year’s resolutions, but if your resolutions include trying something new and exciting then you should apply for BB16! We want to see some fun folks so don’t miss your chance. Check out the BB16 application here for more details and get ready for the 2014 season this summer.

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