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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 1 Monday Daytime Highlights

| July 1, 2013 at 6:36 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

We’re heading into our first full week of Big Brother 15 and with an eviction looming, things are starting to heat up in the house. Wait, starting? What am I saying? Things have been heated from the get-go. So today has been a pretty light and refreshing day on the Live Feeds.

Check out our Live Feeds highlights below and remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 1, 2013:

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Big Brother 15 HGs Continue To Spew More Hate

| July 1, 2013 at 11:42 AM EDT

GinaMarie and Aaryn on Big Brother 15

Updates: Aaryn Gries has lost 2 modeling contracts & GinaMarie has been fired from her job for their actions.

This is getting beyond belief. Still in its first week of Live Feeds, several of the Big Brother 15 HGs have taken to spewing racial and homophobic slurs like it’s the next Head of Household competition and they don’t want to let their Klan alliance down.

Things took off in a sprint this weekend with Aaryn, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Amanda all taking a turn at the trough of filth. Zap2It offers a thorough review of the offenses from Saturday alone. You’ll find such gems as Aaryn suggesting Helen “shut up and go make rice,” GinaMarie offering to hit Helen in the head to make her eyes straight, Amanda’s “F*ggoty Ann,” and Spencer calling Andy “Kermit the F*g.”

Readers have asked, so I’ll explain. Amanda & Spencer’s comments were made to Andy’s face because they (Spencer & Amanda) thought it was funny and “so over the top.” GinaMarie’s & Aaryn’s comments have been in private, behind Candice’s back in a more intentionally malicious way. You decide if those circumstances make an impact.

Sunday didn’t fare much better despite all our hopes. Mid-day added David to the mix when he declared his bed sheets smelled bad because of “black Candice.” Flashback to 4:40PM BBT 6/30 Cams 1/2 using the Big Brother Live Feeds to hear David make the comment and then laugh saying to Aaryn he’s sure the cameras & mics got that. Yes, David, that’s how it works. Aaryn tells David to be careful, but seems more concerned that he could be heard saying that rather than what he said.

Drive on to 6:25PM BBT to find Aaryn rehashing her dislike of people saying “axed” instead of “asked.” This is a reference to her fight the night before with Candice when she corrected her mid-conversation for saying “axed.” Oh Aaryn is only getting warmed up for the big show later.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 1 Sunday Highlights

| July 1, 2013 at 9:17 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds

Coming down off a particularly unpleasant day in the BB15 things were a little more light-hearted for awhile. Later they fixed that with some good ol’ fashioned racism. Sigh. What’s wrong with this group? To be fair, they’re not all bad by any means. Any way, let’s move on and focus on happier things in the house. Like fighting!

Another fight broke out late in the night and once again it was between Aaryn & Candice over Aaryn’s hate I mean, hat. Not to be outdone, Jeremy got in a fight of his own but it was really just him yelling at the house because he’s paranoid that someone might be talking about him. Well, they are now, Jeremy.

Remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, June 30, 2013:

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Watch Big Brother 15 Episode 2 (VIDEO)

| July 1, 2013 at 12:48 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 episode 2

Big Brother was back tonight with a new episode and we’ll be sharing the full BB15 episodes after each broadcast thanks to QuirkyDude’s fine efforts.

Episode 2 featured the Have-Not competition featuring three teams with one unfortunate set of HN losers plus HoH McCrae’s nominations.

We have a full recap of the latest Big Brother 15 episode if you’d rather read details. Otherwise, scroll on down to watch the full episode from last night.

Big Brother 15 Episode 2 – Video:

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Big Brother 15 Episode 2 Recap: Week 1 Have-Nots And Nominations Named

| June 30, 2013 at 9:23 PM EDT


It’s been quite a dramatic first week in the Big Brother 15 house. We’ve already got some showmances, Elissa’s secret is out of the bag, and after Sunday night’s episode, we officially know two of the three nominations for Week 1.

Sunday night’s episode picked up right after the housguests learned about the BBMVP and third nomination twist.

And as expected, the HGs are having mixed reactions about the twist. Some think it’s a great idea and that it will be more challenging. Others see it as a way to make sure floaters don’t float.

We also see that it took almost no time  for Aaryn, Kaitilin and Jessie to each set their sights on the guys: David, Jeremy and Nick, respectively.

Elsewhere, Nick and Jeremy are assembling a guys alliance. They come up with the two of them, Spencer, Howard and McCrae. That’s a second alliance for Jeremy, Spencer and Howard. So Nick takes the reigns and assembles The Moving Company. And then they have their first meeting. And they decide the best bet for the first week is to nominate two girls and let them blow up the house with their drama.

Time to break for our first showmance alert. It’s Aaryn and David. They made a fast connection and Aaryn thinks David could help her in the game. And she suggests they become a “power couple.” And since David came into the game looking for love more than money, he’s totally feeling it.

Meanwhile, Jessie is trying to decide between Nick and Jeremy, because she apparently has the option?

OK, enough of that. Up in the HOH room, Judd tells McCrae that Elissa is Rachel Reilly’s sister. And it doesn’t take long for others to start picking up on it because Jessie doesn’t keep it to herself like Judd.

And then it’s Aaryn that is the one that takes it and runs with it. And she makes sure it goes from Elissa keeping an innocent secret to Elissa practicing conniving backstabbing.

It’s time for the first Have-Not competition. And after a very active and convoluted contest, the Have-Nots for the week are Elissa, Judd, Howard, Helen and Andy. And we get to see the Have-Not room. And this season it’s the inside of an airplane. And the Have-Nots have to sleep on airplane seats. Ouch.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 2: Week 1 Nomination Show Tonight

| June 30, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Big Brother 15 is back tonight on CBS a 8/7c with its first nominations episode of the season.

A lot has happened in the house since the Feeds turned on. The HGs have been inside playing the game since June 21st and the nominations had already been made before last week’s show so everything in tonight’s episode will be more than a week old. That also means everything we see will be new to even the Feed watchers.

Which Houseguests are you enjoying the most so far? The house is well divided with alliances, secret alliances, and double secret alliances. Keep checking in with us for the latest with our Feed Highlights posts.

Tonight CBS may catch you up on the events up to the nominations, but the Big Brother 15 game has already moved on well past that. Yesterday the HGs held the first Veto ceremony and we’ve got those Big Brother spoilers for you when you’re ready.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three weekly, hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial for the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.

Big Brother 15 Episode 2 Preview:


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