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Big Brother 12 Week 7: What Lies Ahead

| August 20, 2010 at 11:00 AM EDT

The Diamond Power of Veto has been played. The great chain of Matt and Brenchel HoHs has been broken. Now, the only thing left to do is eliminate Brendon and push on toward the Big Brother 12 finale. Here’s how this week will play out.

Matt took another big gamble by throwing the HoH comp last night but the risk paid off when his more reliable ally, Britney, won the power over Enzo. Britney’s disdain for Brendon has only been thinly veiled to the man himself and despite her deal with him last week (everybody had a deal with Brendon last week) I don’t expect any obstacles in his nomination tonight. That leaves one other vacancy on the block.

Britney won’t nominate Matt nor is Ragan in any danger after this trio shared in the Fellowship of the Have-Nots last week. This leaves her the options of Lane, Enzo, and Hayden. There’s zero chance she’ll nominate Lane, so take him off the list. Enzo or Hayden will inevitably take the place of the pawn and that’s alright by me. Those boys need to break a sweat again in this game.

Unless Brendon wins the Veto on Saturday he’ll be going home. Should he pull out another Veto victory then look for the un-nominated half of Enzo and Hayden to take his place. The choice between evicting either of those two would be tough. Enzo is the new Kathy with his weak performance record in comps, but he’ll stab you in the back quicker than anyone left there. Hayden is the better phyiscal comp competitor and at least a tiny bit more trustworthy. If I were in there I’d say goodbye to Enzo, sorry kitty cat, I mean Meow-Meow.

I’m hoping it won’t come to that though and Brendon will be reunited with Rachel far far away from the rest of the season. Ahh, love truly does conquer all.

No matter what happens this week there will be an exicting Double Eviction night next Thursday. We’ll have the live eviction vote, an HoH comp, a Power of Veto comp, the Veto Ceremony, another live eviction, and then move on to a second HoH comp for the night. Phew! I’m expecting we’ll have an endurance comp on that second HoH round and unless Matt gets knocked out or becomes the shortest-lived HoH in round 1 he’ll have to fight to hold on to his winning endurance comp record. It’s gonna be awesome! Are you ready?


Big Brother 12: Week 7 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

| August 20, 2010 at 9:34 AM EDT

All the HGs were so happy in the Big Brother 12 house Thursday night, well all except one, lol.  If Matt had used the DPV on Enzo it would have been the perfect episode but the look on Brendon’s face while Matt was giving his speech and pulling out the veto was fine with me.  I really wanted Ragan to win HoH and I think Matt probably threw it for some reason but Britney won which is better than Enzo and Hayden so I’m good with that. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 19, 2010:

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Big Brother 12: Week 6 Live Eviction and HoH Results

| August 19, 2010 at 7:45 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results of the latest live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the seventh HoH competition. While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun we’re having there!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results. Have your live feeds ready to go as soon as the broadcast is over and the live feeds are back!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

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Big Brother 12 Diamond Power of Veto:

  • Matt just used the DPoV! Ragan is nearly crying. Brendon and Ragan are safe. Matt names his replacement nominee to be… Kathy!

Big Brother 12 Week 6 Live Eviction voting:

  • Hayden: evict Kathy
  • Enzo: evict Kathy
  • Ragan: evict Kathy
  • That’s it. Kathy is officially evicted.
  • Matt: evict Kathy
  • Britney: evict Kathy

By a vote of 5 – 0, Kathy has been evicted from Big Brother 12!

Big Brother 12 Week 7 HoH Competition – ‘Big Brother Says’:

  • Round 1 – False – Ragan and Hayden are eliminated
  • Round 2 – True – Matt eliminated Smiles at cam. He threw it.
  • Round 3 – False – no one was eliminated
  • Round 4 – False – Lane eliminated, Britney and Enzo remain
  • Round 5 – False – no one was eliminated
  • Round 6 – True – no one was eliminated
  • Round 7 – True – Enzo eliminated, Britney wins!

Britney is the new HoH! Congrats to the only woman remaining. Julie announces that next week we will finally have that Double Eviction night!

Matt lucked out with Britney winning over Enzo. He had already turned on Matt and might have considered keeping Brendon over Matt. Now Britney should have no problem going after the last half of Brenchel. We’ll know on Friday!

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house, unless it’s an endurance competition again this week and then we’ll be up all night! You won’t want to miss it and the only way to watch it uncut and unedited is with the Big Brother 24/7 uncensored feeds.

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Big Brother 12: Week 6 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

| August 19, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our sixth live eviction in the BB12 season as another HG will be evicted and become the second to head off to the Jury House for the next month to hang out with Rachel. Oh boy, what a treat!

The live eviction, complete with DPOV drama, will be followed by a new HoH competition and after last week’s mini-endurance comp, I’m finally expecting a quick quiz-style comp so we should know right away who will be the new executioner. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 updates all night.

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Share your thoughts and tell us which HG you want to see go to the Jury House. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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Big Brother 12: Week 6 Eviction Predictions

| August 19, 2010 at 11:00 AM EDT

The sixth eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’ll continue to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your thoughts below.

So this week’s eviction is going to be a lot different from the norm. We know Matt is on the block and he also has the DPOV which means he won’t be on the block for long. So now not only do we have to predict who Matt will renom but also who will be evicted. There are only 4 HG for Matt to select from so that helps.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing who ever is evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like the evicted HG to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 6 Eviction Predictions:

Since we know Matt will use the Diamond Power of Veto the question for you is who do you think Matt should renom? Share your thoughts in the poll below!

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Big Brother 12: Week 6 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

| August 19, 2010 at 9:01 AM EDT

After an explosive episode Wednesday night and watching the fight between Rachel and Ragan for the 5th time, I have to say that things in the Big Brother 12 house remained relatively calm just like the past 3 days and I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that Rachel is no longer there lol. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 18, 2010:

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