Big Brother 16 Week 7 – Veto Plans: A First For The Season

Big Brother 16 is looking to achieve a first this season in its twist of the dual Heads of Household as this week’s remaining HoH may be about to target the other.

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16
Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

All season long we’ve watched as the two HoH’s worked together in a friendly agreement to keep the other safe no matter what. Even going all the way back to week one where we saw Frankie and Caleb suddenly become best friends even after Frankie was dethroned. It set the standard for moving forward.

Now, as the twist is assumed to be winding down that precedent may finally be broken as one failed plan leads to the birth of a new one.

After Evict-Frankie fell apart, the plan floating around was to get Nicole renom’d and evicted. Frankie and Caleb were going to use the time on their reward trip with Christine to convince her. Big Brother didn’t allow them to talk game so that was all put on hold on until they returned.

Flashback on your Feeds to 11:14PM BBT 8/10 (get the Free Trial now to watch it). You’ll find Frankie with Christine in the HoH room. He’s here on a mission to get Nicole renom’d at Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

Frankie explains to Christine how the original plan to get him evicted this week had a backup plan: her eviction. Had Caleb’s Battle of the Block plans worked then Christine would have been dethroned and, despite her earlier promise, Nicole said she would renom Christine should Frankie escape the block via the Veto.

Of course things didn’t come to that, but enough people knew of the plan to use it against Nicole. Now Christine has been told the story and her deal with Nicole is off. Christine says that if Nicole was planning to do this to her then she can go ahead and do it too.

Jump forward to 11:30PM BBT to find Zach telling Christine about the plan as well. He even adds in how he wanted to go up on the block next to Frankie so he could throw the BotB. Zach might have done a better job at it, but who knows.

A few minutes later Caleb joins them to pile on the retell of the “Backdoor Christine” plan. It’s enough evidence for Christine and she’s on board.

Watch at 12:25AM BBT 8/11 to hear Christine inform Derrick that she’s going to put Nicole up. She’s looking for support of an eviction as Christine doesn’t want Nicole to go on the block if she’s not definitely going to Jury. Derrick agrees to the plan. He always knew the plan. Sneaky HGs.

Later today the Veto Ceremony will be held and since Zach is both a nominee and the Veto winner you can count on it being used and a vacancy opening up on the block. Something could definitely change, but I’m guessing we’ll see this plan go through.

Nicole should be facing off against Donny for votes this week and while Derrick would probably rather see Donny go since Donny seems to be the only one on to him I think it’ll be Nicole heading out to meet Julie next.

What do you think of the plan? Is this a good idea for Christine or is she just getting worked over and this is a bad move?


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  1. I feel that Christine will run into problems with jury management. I don’t see her getting Calebs, Nicoles, Zachs or Victorias vote. I can see her getting Codys or Frankies vote. What do you guys think?

    • I think it’s a moot point, since Christine has little chance of getting to the end anyway.

      • But the less chance she has at winning at the end, makes her even better to take to the final.

      • I think Derrick is making sure of that which is why he wants Victoria in. Now if he and Cody make a deal with Christine he has 3 he can sit beside. Cody hasn’t won many comps, Victoria hasn’t won any except BOB and Caleb gave her a veto. Christine has won 1 HOH and 1 Veto. Derrick needs people beside him who haven’t won much and who don’t have a lot of friends on the jury. I think Derrick has played the best game but I wonder how good he would have been against stronger (mental) players.

    • She’ll make it TO the jury but no further because she’s stupid and can’t think for herself.

  2. If she pulls this move she won’t have any votes, Nicole promises to tell the jury everything about Christine and Frankie and their actions so yeah your right she will run into problems and what makes it even worse is that if she goes to jury she’ll have no friends there and will be isolated by herself.

    • Nicole is going to tell the jury that Christine and Frankie are the ones that betrayed her, and then Hayden is going to look at her and let her know it was Derrick and Cody. Hayden figured it out before he even talked to Julie, so in a matter of less than a minute he knew who had betrayed him, but she has had days and she still can’t add the numbers together and realize that it didn’t matter what Victoria did, Zach should have still gone home over Jocosta.

      • I would love for Hayden to come back and call out Derrick and Cody – They are much too comfortable in the house at this point – Would love for production to intervene and expose these 2 rats

      • No matter who goes this week, even if its Donny, I would like to see Hayden come back. He played dumb surfer, but at least he knew the reason why he walked out that door.

      • If someone is coming back for a 2nd chance, I would rather it be Hayden too. Maybe, he might do better 2nd time around knowing who set him up.

      • If Hayden comes back I don’t think he will allow himself to be influenced and intimidated by Derrick – Hayden walking back through that door should be cause for concern for Derrick

      • It will and Derrick will work hard to send him right back out that door. If Derrick can do that successfully, then he deserves every bit of the $500k.

      • Me too. They saved Frankie so now let’s save Nicole. Derrick talking to Cody last night about the next one to go after Nicole. And his order of eviction. Well Derrick you have to win to evict.

      • Why save Nicole,she is clueless! She had ample opportunity to actually control the course of the game several times in the last few weeks. But instead has gotten Jocosta, her BB boyfriend Hayden and soon, herself evicted. That’s an almost unprecedented clusterf#@% of disaster.

      • Very sad really. I was rooting for her thinking she would do much better but, Derrick until now has her misted and she cannot see the forest for the trees!
        If she still cannot figure out that Derrick and Cody set her and Hayden up then, she deserves to be evicted! She had multiple chances to make good moves but, did not use her head!

      • She’s the only one that’s put her targets up. She does after all need a little help getting them out. She’s winning HOH’s nominating big threats so then it’s out of her hands. She already doesn’t trust anyone but she has to play the game. And you need help to get anywhere. She picks her words and what she says very carefully. Gee look who the other HOH’s got out? Floaters!

      • But the only people remaining are in his alliance. Everyone is going to turn on everyone. I hope all these numbers and alliances bite him in the ass.

      • Donny isn’t in any alliance. Derrick made sure of that by somehow convining the other hamsters (w/o any proof) that Donny can’t be trustred. Donny is THE ONLY houseguest who was on to Derrick and Cody, Frankie and Christine from the second week. He laid out the groupings to Nicole, Jocasta and Hayden. Jocasta believed him but Nicole and Hayden didn’t because Derrick told them not to trust Donny. Ergo, Nicole and Hayden can’t think for themselves. Derrick is well aware his biggest comp is actually Donny, which is why he planted the rumor Donny can’t be trusted. He’s aware Donny listens rather than reacts. He knows Donny is actually good at winning comps (better than Derrick). He knows Donny is super smart based on listening to Donny in casual conversations. If Donny is evicted I hope he comes back. I think he would have a better chance at flipping the house around as Derrick will have to cannibalize one of his followers before an evicted houseguest returns.

      • I never said Donny was in an alliance. I said Derrick is in alliance with everyone. Donny will be gone next so I’m not even including him in the game.

      • Nicole is (with the exception of Lawon?) the worst strategic player in Big Brother history! With two HOHs in the last three weeks, her stupidity has managed to evict Jacosta (an outsider like her), Hayden (because she included him in her failed HOH alliance with Cody, Derrick) and the coup de grace, herself! Opportunity after opportunity to further her game wasted because she can’t keep her mouth shut and because she has no ability to THINK for herself!

      • Well you must not be watching the same show as we are. Nicole is one of the only ones that has put up people she wants out. Everyone else puts up the same people because they don’t want blood on their hands. She put Zach up and he was supposed to go but King Derlick got everyone to flip. That wasn’t her fault. She put her target up. Then she put Frankie up and schemed and made a plan but Delusional Caleb blew that. She’s won 3 HOH’s she’s won 2 BOTB she’s one of the best players.

      • She might be good at comps, but other HOH’s haven’t had to nominate who they wanted out and still got their target evicted. Maybe she should be paying attention to that. While Derrick flipping wasn’t her fault, her trusting him after it happened, is totally her fault.

      • Ok if getting a big strategic floater out is a target then wow these people are great at this game. NOT

      • Winning HOHs and BOTBs doesn’t make you a good player. Eliminating your targets makes you a good player.

        Saturday night her season hung in the balance (even though she had already blown one opportunity). All she had to do was keep her mouth shut after Victoria revealed her conversation with Zach. Instead she RAN to Cody!

        Hayden, with less info than Nicole has, realized that Cody and Derrick were the snakes.

        Nicole’s had the chance Saturday night to thrown Derrick and Cody further under the bus with Victoria, rally Zach and go to Christine with a plan to back door Derrick. Three votes to three votes Christine breaks what maybe a tie, although a true gamer would have put aside her hated of Frankie and got him on board too.

      • Her telling the conversation to Cody didn’t hurt her game. It made them trust Zach even less. And Zach seems to keep skating by. Nicole was the only one trying to get him out. He was 12 hrs away from eviction. It’s Derrick and his paranoia of everyone that screwed that up. Nicole did her job. And your blind if you think Nicole could of thrown Derrick under the bus even more to Victoria. Victoria worships him. She was mad at him for the alliance and by the next day she’s the one feeling bad because she hurt Derrick. Nicole is playing a good game and is the only one that has made big moves. It’s too bad everyone else is wearing blinders and follows Derlick around. She needs just a little bit of help in getting people out. She’s doing her job by winning HOH’s and nominating them. To me just like she said she’s never seen a season like this one. Everyone is in alliances there’s been 50 different names. Everyone throws their alliance under the bus then everyone is mad but the same people stay.

      • Lavendargirl no season is like any other. You have to “expect the unexpected”!

        Unfortunately Nicole’s mind is not very limber. She was fixated on Zach, then she was fixated on Frankie. Her HOHs were very personal.

        As far as throwing Derrick under the bus, you need to go back to the events of Saturday night and review them more closely.

        Victoria was pissed and with the right manipulation Nicole could have pulled her away from Derrick.

        Nicole: Yeah I’m sorry Vic, but I’ve known about Derrick’s alliances for quite some time. It’s why Hayden is gone! I couldn’t come to you because of how close you seemed with Derrick and how powerful the allience is. But now that you know, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

        Then Nicole SHUTS UP and LISTENS.

        No bitchfest about how mean everyone is, but concrete steps as to what to DO about it. Take Vic’s thoughts and merge them with Nic’s and come up with a plan. And in the end, the topper so to speak is, “Vic remember no matter what Derrick or the boys say, they don’t have your back, I DO!

        This could really get long, but like I said earlier, this is a CONfidence game. Gain her confidence. She should have worked to gain Zach’s confidence.

        However what she did was bitch and moan about trying to get out people that were mean to her. Shallow, petty and small!

        Eyes on the prize, always eyes on the prize.

      • There is no way or nobody that will turn Victoria on Derrick and I can bet on that. He talks his way out of everything. Look how she blamed herself for Derrick being in an alliance with Christine. He turned it all around. She has blinders on and won’t know what hit her tell he gets rid of her. Nicole said to her we need to stick together so when Derrick tells her Nicole’s going up she could care less.

      • One more thing Lavendargirl. Who cares if they trust Zach less! Who cares if he is skating by!

        It sounds like YOU have a personal problem with Zach! lol!

        Serriously, if anything, it’s all the more reason for Nicole to reel Zach in.

        In BB a players main job is to gain the confidence of others. Everything else is secondary. And personal play gets you evicted!

      • Because I make one comment about Zach skating by I suddenly have a personal problem with him. Actually I like Zach and now that Nicole is going and probably Donny next I hope Zach backstabs all of them and wins. I don’t have a personal problem with any of them.

      • Sorry, I was teasing you. I put lol at the end of the sentence. It is difficult to be humorous or sarcastic on internet forums!

      • No worries! I’m very much like you, no personal problem with any of the house guests. I’m interested in the game, because I’m interested in human nature.

        Having said that, I tuned out of last years game, I found too many of the house guests repellent.

        Unlike some viewers, I don’t mind the lying and backstabbing and I think it reveals very little about the actual personalities of the contestants.

        To slightly bastardize a famous wrestling quote, “if you ain’t lyin’, you ain’t tryin'”!

        Enjoy the game!

      • I agree about Caleb. He wanted to go to the football game. When he saw Frankie, going ahead of the other team, a better strategy would have been to jump up, grab a chain and cause the ball to fall each time. After the public display of throwing the comp, he should have done just that and messed up Frankie’s game

      • Her first big mistake is nominating Jocasta on the block. Had she put in two Detonators, and one got off, she could replace it with another Detonator guaranteeing that one of the big threats was evicted! Second big mistake of hers is she is blabbing too much telling everyone what she knows! She herself said to Donny after Hayden’s eviction that everyone is a liar. Derrick himself told Nicole in the kitchen after Hayden’s eviction that this is a game and not to trust anyone including him! Third mistake, is not using her head. After Jocasta was evicted, she cannot put 2 and 2 together? Why would you believe Derrick saying they did not have the votes when you had Donny and Hayden, add Derrick and Cody and you have 4 votes which makes it a tie at a minimum with Nicole as tie breaker. How can you not know you have been lied to and betrayed? Add to that Nicole, Donny and Hayden all being put on the block. Way too many clues to overlook. Nicole is a geek and a nursing graduate but, Zach was right. She is a fruit loop dingus because she cannot find her way home no matter how she tried. So, sad really. :(

      • Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Exactly right Richie!

        She has been given more chances than she deserves and has failed miserably each and every time!

        Fruit Loop Dingus indeed!

      • your an ass. The game is harder than you think. It is easy for you to say that because you are watching everything…duh. your dumb.

      • Very intellectual post bbisgay.

        Actually the problem with Nicole’s game, as has been discussed already in this thread, is that she can’t count to four. That’s not hard, my four-year-old grandson can count to four.

        She can’t even count to three, as proven by her major blunder Saturday night.

        Zero discernment and an inability to count have cost her the game.

      • They still are but, now Nicole comes a close 3rd. Too many chances and all blow and wasted and now, on the brink of eviction! That is just sad considering I was rooting for her. :(

      • Sorry Michael, I know when you have favorites it can be hard to read the truth.

        Let’s go back to why she was going to get Zach out in her previous HOH. Because he was mean to her! No strategy, no critical thought, just a knee jerk reaction.

        A good player would have set Zach up to be her meat-shield. He is a bigger target than her. Why not pull him in and say, look I SHOULD nominate you, because of what you did to me, but I won’t, if you promise not to put me up next week. Deal?

        Then keep your mouth SHUT. You then have ammo against Zach if you need it.

        When next week comes around, reel him in a little more. Try to gain his confidence. Remember this is a CONfidence game.

        Nicole shows all of her cards, all of the time. She has played a small petty game all season. Unfortunately, for her, it caught up with her this week.

      • Some general points here, FWIW.

        1. In this game there is no loyalty, ever. In the end, that is what will burn Caleb.

        2. You have to adapt to the players around you. That will be Donny’s undoing. People tend to like and trust people that SEEM (in this game) to be like themselves. Donny can’t go to bed early every night.

        3. Other than Derrick and perhaps Frankie, everyone is play week to week. And in some cases day to day. That’s a losing strategy. Unfortunately for Donny, that’s his only option left.

        There’s plenty more stuff, but I’ll close with two quotes from the great Maya Angelou.

        “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

        Hate Derrick’s game all you want, but at least on a subconscious level he understands this.

        “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

        Nicole didn’t heed this advice, it’s one of the reasons she is being voted out.

    • If she makes this move she won’t have to worry about the jury, she can start counting the weeks until she joins them.

    • She will be gone right after Nicole if she makes this move. Doesn’t she realize that her and Victoria will be the only two girls left. And Derrick will not get rid of Victoria. He is using that girl for all he can get. Nicole is after Frankie and can win HOH. Christine can’t play. I hope production makes her realize what this game move could cost her.

  3. Nicole has been pretty dumb so if she goes home its no surprise. Christine should put up Derrick and they should vote him out. That would reset the game basically with everyone being on even ground

    This is another season of people giving the game to one person. This year its Derrick.

    • Actually, that would be a big move if Christine were to put up Derrick as replacement nominee! If she ends up till the end, she will win it because she made the biggest move by taking out the biggest threat! Do not think Christine has the cojones to put up Derrick though. None of them do so, all deserve to lose that $500,000 to Derrick!

    • And she just need 3 votes this week. It could be Frankie, Nicole, Zach voting to evict Derrick vs Caleb, Cody, Victoria and Christine breaking the tie!

    • To be fair to Derrick’s game, I don’t think that they’re just giving it to him, like they have to other people in the past. He’s manipulating people like crazy, but doing it in such a way that they have no idea it’s happening. He’s playing a great game and actually deserves the money. If Cody were to win, however, then they would have given him the game because he has not done a damn thing all season.

      • They are giving it to Derrick when they do not even half try to evict him! Look what happened to Amanda last season. Those threats like Judd and Helen got evicted first because they cannot make their move to evict Amanda even if they had the votes! Same thing happening this season but, worst. Derrick is actually telling the others how to play their games which is ridiculously funny. Do they forget that $500,000 is at stake? If they evict Derrick, their chances at that $500,000 just got way, way better or do they not see that?

      • I agree about what you said about last season, but look at how Derrick is playing. He’s silently making all the moves but making everyone think that what they’re doing is their own idea. He’s in charge and Donny is the only one who’s actually on to him – INCLUDING the people in his alliance. Obviously their chances at $500K increase dramatically if they evict him, but they don’t even realize he’s playing the game at this point and probably aren’t too concerned about him. If he gets to the end, and can articulate all of his moves properly, then he 100% deserves to win.

        I would MUCH rather Derrick make it to the end than someone like Cody, who hasn’t done anything all season, or Victoria, who has done a bit, but isn’t the strongest player. Derrick’s manipulating everyone in an amazing way, and the game would be so boring without him.

      • Derrick is a very smart player. His thinking is:
        Victoria and Cody have done nothing to play this game but float and ride on my coat tail. I have made strategic moves and kept myself off the block all these weeks and no other player in the house knows or realizes what I’m doing. If I keep Victoria and take her or Cody to the final 2 then jury will pick me because I played a better game than them.
        Frankie is staying because of production and he is too stupid to figure out who is really running the house (since he actually thinks it is him), Christine is staying because she is Derricks puppet, Zach and Caleb aren’t smart enough to go against Derrick so no threat there and he has two votes, But I think that Derrick realizes that Donny is on to him and if he can get rid of both him and Nicole then he is home free because it will be easy to pick off the other alliance members one by one to the end.
        Also if Frankie is so smart, why hasn’t he figured out long ago what Derrick and Cody are doing. He doesn’t want to win very badly does he.

      • No question, Derrick deserves that $500,000. If he is somehow evicted by any one from his alliance if they grow some cojones—-I think that person now deserves that $500,000 because no bigger move you can make than taking out the Big Kahuna which is Derrick! Anything else pales in comparison. Frankie is playing the game but, his game play pales in comparison to Derrick still. Now, if he somehow manages to evict Derrick then, he deserves the plaudits plus that $500,000 check to boot! As for Christine, Zach and Cody, those guys do not deserve squat! They have to work harder and show they want to win that $500,000. They sure have not earn it yet!

  4. I’m very surprised Derrick is on board with this plan. For some odd reason, he really doesn’t trust Nicole, and from last night’s episode, Nicole STILL trusts him even though he got Hayden evicted. Nicole said she trusts him the most in her DR! If only he knew that.

    So it seems like Derrick will be getting rid of a person who actually trusts him, and keeping the one person in the house who’s actually after him. Doesn’t make sense and it could cost him if Donny somehow pulls off a win next week, although I’m expecting an endurance HOH (because we haven’t gotten one in awhile), and Donny’s odds of winning that are pretty slim.

    • The problem with Nicole is she blabs every bit of info she gets from Zach and Victoria among others which means she is talking to a lot of people. Derrick does not like it. Although, he knows Nicole has been dumb all thru out, her talking with Christine and Frankie and telling them what she knows about Derrick and Cody is not a good thing! The last thing Derrick wants is Frankie and Christine to get ideas on getting him out! For that reason, Nicole is only good for snitching on Zach, Frankie and Christine so that which is what Derrick wants. He can control everything when he knows what people are up to!

    • He is keeping Donny because of TA and because Nicole has won more HOH’s. Donny wins POV a lot but only 1 HOH and now he’s hurt so Derrick sees him as easy to get out later.

  5. LMAO Nicole is such an idiot and deserves this. Donny was dropping hints all day yesterday that Derrick wouldn’t let Victoria be nominated but she didn’t want to listen thinking she’d be safe. Good riddance. There’s no way if Hayden was in the house, he’d trust Derrick and Cody still.. But yet Nicole still does. When shes next to Donny on the block I hope he says “I told ya so.”

    For some reason Zach is on board with Derrick winning too. I swear, I’ve never seen a season where people know they’re being played and are OK with it until BB16.

    • LOL Derrick is going to ask Zach “hey man, can you lose on purpose for me” and Zach is going to be like “absolutely, here you go”.

      I’m still suspicious that Christine will actually put her up though. Aside from Frankie, Nicole is the only person that even remotely resembles an ally of Christine. If I were in Christine’s shoes, I would definitely be putting up Victoria.

      • No way, if I were Christine I would put up Derrick. Even if he doesn’t go home, it will make people realize that you are allowed to nominate him.

      • Derrick is not allowed to be nominated – As Derrick said himself if he does not win the $500K then the other players are taking food out of his daughters mouth – This guy is unbelievably arrogant and entitled – Christine needs to put Derrick up and shift the power of the house

      • Why wouldn’t he be arrogant at this point. The guy never been HOH, yet has been HOH all season. You let someone get away with it so many times, they start to believe they are untouchable.

      • He did win an HOH. He and Nicole were HOH together. That’s when she got her 1st costume.

      • That was Amanda last season and look what happened to her. I think that Christine should put up Derrick and flip the house but make Cody think that Donny is the target. I would love to see his face at eviction.

      • They probably can take Derrick out if he is put on the block. Frankie, Zach and maybe, Nicole can be persuaded on voting him out. Christine will be tie breaker as there are only 6 votes this week.

      • I agree with you. But she isn’t going to put up Derrick. The only one who has even tried doing power moves is Nicole. Don’t you just love it when the hg say I have to do what’s right for my game? And then chicken out. If she is afraid that she is putting one of her alliances up (Derrick), she shouldn’t. I mean Zach did it and he is still there.

      • And if Nicole is such a big target, wouldn’t Christine be better keeping her in the game? If they wanted Nicole out so bad then Christine wouldn’t be the next target no matter who she renoms. Not to mention if she puts up Derrick she won’t get to hug and hump Cody.

      • I agree. So if Nicole goes I hope she comes back and goes after Derlick. She can kill the comps and I think if she came back she would win HOH. Christine is a fool. Can’t she see the guys are sticking together and she will be out the door soon after Nicole but with no chance to come back v

      • Christine is not going to do that though. She wants to regain loyalty with the guys. I don’t ever recall Nicole letting Christine know it was Derrick and Cody that caused everything. She left her closest ally in the dark AND continued to trust the boys . She’s an idiot and can go

      • Nicole still doesn’t realize that Derrick and Cody betrayed her and Hayden. I can’t believe that she hasn’t just sat down and done the simplest of math to figure it out. She really doesn’t have enough brain power to play this game.

      • How in heck can she not see that? It’s simple math..for a superfan..she missed this one!

    • I think Zach is planting the seed of Derrick being most likely to win the game, so other players will start to target him. Nicole was stupid to not nominate Cody and Derrick. I don’t understand how she can think they didn’t have the numbers, when she knew for sure they had Hayden, Donny, Derrick and Cody voting to evict Zach, it wouldn’t matter what the other four did, Nicole would have broken the tie.

      • Don’t give Zach too much credit. I highly doubt he’s doing anything game-wise by saying he’d vote for Derrick to win. The guy is a tool.

      • Zach is a loose cannon, but he does seem to have some good ideas. I think if Nicole nominated Zach with Frankie, Zach wouldn’t have just sat there, he would have grabbed one of those chains and made it impossible for Frankie to win. Am I the only one that thinks Caleb was hoping for Frankie to win, so he could go to a football game and eat some food.

      • Oh, just like what happened between him and Donny in the BOTB ?? Ha !!!
        Wondering, if all that time that Zach wasted by taking chain from Donny, to try and play it on his own, may had been the difference in beating Frankie or not ??? Hmmmm !!!!
        Having said that, if I recall, it was Derrick talking Zach down before the POV, from having another Zach Attack and calling everyone else out, as he suggested to him to wait until after the POV, as it was too premature at that point in time ???

      • Supposedly there is audio that Caleb is heard trying to grab a chain to prevent Frankie from winning, but BB wouldn’t allow it. Not sure if its true, but if it is, that is complete BS.

      • If I recall correctly, I thought someone posted that towards the end of the game, Caleb was actually helping Frankie by telling him how to navigate the correct path?
        Then again, by that time, perhaps the lure of a free outting to an NFL Gig to the winner of the BOTB and guaranteed safety off the block, was also a factor ??
        That, and Frankie pleading to Caleb before the start of the competition about what he was told may not have been necessarily the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth … similar to what he said to Zach about his betrayal to him, and wouldn’t talk with him last Friday ??

      • Someone mentioned that it sounded like production said he could either play to win or not play at all, but that he wasn’t allowed to sabotage Frankie.

    • But no one will work with him. I think they are worried that Nicole can get people to work with her. Donny didn’t have a chance at all this season. He was left out of the big alliance and the only people left to work with, still haven’t realized its a game for $500k.

    • Yes – and let’s remember, someone from the Jury is going to be voted into the house. Donny is popular with America….so it’d be great to have that action take place with the final 3…the add America’s player (Donny) back in – that way not too much time or # of votes to get him right back out….like Judd went thru last year.

      • They could also have a comp to determine who is coming back. That’s what happened last season.

  6. Victoria will be in the final 2. I mean, why vote her out when you know you can beat her? BWAHHAHA

  7. I know im going to get yelled at for saying this, but I do have freedom of…has Cody ever struggled in anything? ..dont get me wrong, I do like himz and he seems to be very loyal to his house guests, but he’s not making any moves..only reporting back to Derrick and the other guys…even Caleb is showing he has some brains, Victoria winning herself off the block, but what has Cody thought of?… not being mean, I just want to see what he can do cause I know he can be entertaining like Zack, Derrick, Frankie and

    • Did not Derrick tell Cody to just snuggle and hump on the girls early on in the season, then voted them off the week following ?? Ha !!! :P

      Did he not also win the HOH ?? and, ended up getting ride of a floater early on, because Derrick told him to ? :)

    • Cody seems to be doing well making all the girls go gaga over him and forget they are playing for $500,000. It must be working. Look what happened to Amber, Christine, Victoria. Only Nicole probably has not fallen for his charms. However, Derrick has Nicole misted which is just as good! Pretty good plan when he is floating along doing nothing and being safe all this time! The other members of Detonators do not even see him so, he is safe!

      • I think they see him as someone who is easy to beat. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than what he is told, and that makes for an easy win at the end. Although Victoria is still the biggest slam dunk to win against her. But I would put Cody as the second easiest to beat after her.

  8. Wondering what Christine’s husband will think, once he hears that she swore on her wedding ring to Cody that she never said that he was one of her Targets ?? Unless, it is a fake ring … Ha !!!
    Have to admit, that she appears to be the only women this season that actually has the cajones to play to win, in her mind …
    Though, I find it ironic that the guys, the other day, was going to target her and Frankie next week … and, now suddenly ….
    At this rate .. Victoria may be the perfect HG to bring to the Final 2 this season … Ha !!! :)

    • I don’t think her husband will be too concerned about swearing on her wedding ring, he might be concerned over her and Cody dry humping in the bed the other night. She even apologized to her husband after it was over. The girl is a pig.

      • If she brings home the $500,000 and/or even 2nd prize … I am sure that he’d be all forgiven and forgot … Ha !!! :P

      • Only if he is as stupid as these players are. He would be smarter to file for divorce and take half of the prize money. After all, anything earned during a marriage is considered community property.

      • Maybe your right—all I know is that community property laws aren’t the same from state to state.

      • Cody is just as guilty..he has been laying all over her all season. It really is disgusting. Cody should know better. I guess Christine’s husband told her “whatever you have to do, honey to win the do!”

  9. I’m thinking the only person Christine can win against is Victoria. I don’t even think she would beat Zach in the finals.

  10. Nicole screwed herself that is true. But Christine is an idiot if she puts her up. Caleb comes to her and tells her Nicole agreed (promised) to backdoor her if Frankie won the veto. The questions she should have been asking is why were my own alliance members trying to make a deal with Nicole to backdoor me? She should be scared, she is literally about to throw her only even remote chance of winning out the door. Christine sticking to her word to Nicole not to put her up is the only redeeming quality I have seen in her to this point and she is about to mess that up to earn favor with a bunch of punk frat boys. So ashamed to be a female right now………..

    • Christine should have made the jump weeks ago, but her doing something now would only be in vain. If she puts up Derrick, he will probably stay and Donny would go home. Then she would be an easy target.

      • She is a target either way as she cannot play for HOH next week. Nicole being there could be good for her as she can play for HOH. Also, Derrick can be voted out this week, you only need 3 votes. Nicole, Zach, Frankie and Christine as the tie breaker as there are only 6 votes this week. Do that and Derrick is toast and the biggest move this season on Big Brother!

      • Nicole will tell everyone the plan, as she always does. And it will get back to Derrick and he will convince the boys to keep him and that the girls are the biggest manipulators and liars in the house. He has done this all season, and it is working well.

      • I think it is still worth a shot. If it does not work, Christine is a target just because she cannot play for HOH. Derrick would see that as an opportunity to take out one threat. If Nicole were to win HOH, she would have an ally to try and keep her safe. I think at least, Frankie would be open to evicting Derrick as well as Zach who is tied to his hip!

  11. Derrick sure has this sewn up. Even if he gets what he wants , him and Cody in f2..NO ONE will vote for Cody. Talk about the ultimate floater! I agree that all seem to think Derrick will win and not only ok with it…..but knowingly helping him. Geesh.

    • Its fumny..I said Cody is a floater and I got yelled at…I just want to see him play just as hard as Victoria, Zach and Donny has..

  12. Interesting to see that Caleb has apparently fallen off of everyone’s radar, suddenly … He will by loyal to his original BS Alliance till the end, regardless on how badly that they have played him …
    He seems to only come alive whenever someone brings up “Amber” before starting a discussion with him, that includes … he/she/they were lying to you about Amber … etc … Strange, considering he said that he was all done with her weeks ago ??

    And, now, he appears to be Frankies BFF … I guess Frankie has broken him down with all the attention and sexual inuendos towards him, that none of the other girls have given him so far this summer
    .. Ha !!! :)

    • He is Frankie’s best friend because Frankie is feeding delusions that his sister will make Caleb a star. And probably be interested in dating him or doing a duet on her next album with Caleb. The girls were really starstruck when Frankie told him about his sister, but no one more starstruck than Caleb.

  13. Moving forward, anyone who talks to Derrick in the future should ask him to swear on his Daughter’s / Wife’s Life on the Bible, before starting to talk with him about strategy and game … Ha !!!!

    • They really should! I noticed that in Derrick’s preseason interview, he said he would NEVER swear or family’s life or anything. It’d be a great way to catch him lying by hesitating.

  14. When did Nicole say she was going to renom Christine if she stayed HOH? I don’t remember this at all going thru the days and watching the live feeds?

    • Does it really matter if she said it at all? Nicole going home is best for the rest of the boys and they all got on the same page that Nicole said it, so now it must be true.

      • Very true … it sucks that the people I would want to win keep dropping like flies. Frankie is a douche … if i see him hug & rub up on Zach one more time I’m gonna throw up. Derrick is running this house and no one – save for Donny – can see that. They’re all gift wrapping the win for Derrick

    • It does not really matter whether she did or not … As Derrick, had been able to provide to Christine with his word, along with 2 other witnesses, Caleb and Zach … Ha !!!
      Though, if I recall, reading / hearing, that Nicole may have made that remark to Caleb last Friday (??) when asked who she would like to renom, if the POV was used ??? Then again, whether she meant it or not, what was she gonna say with Derrick and Zach in the room? One of them or their Alliance Members ? Ha !!! Under the ‘guise of still being p*ssed for them blindsiding Hayden’s eviction …
      It seems that Zach is still mad at Frankie, but is willing to work with him to get rid of whomever, as long as the target is off his back …
      Think that Zach was told by Derrick, Ha!!!, that Christine and Frankie will be their target next week …

    • She did say it..after she won HOH in the smaller bedroom. I think Derrick and Caleb were in there when she told them if Frankie came down and she was HOH she would renom Christine.

      • Wrong — Caleb just admitted on the show that she did NOT say she was gonna backdoor Christine.

  15. The smart move is to get rid of Nicole, because Hayden will return and have his girl still there

    • They don’t know about the chance to return. I know you guys are hoping Hayden returns but really his competition reckord isn’t that great.

  16. I hope Donny can stay safe!! I have been waiting all season to see someone go from HOH to nominee but I don’t understand why Victoria is still in the house. She needs to grab her life vest and float in out the door to jury.

    • Because Victoria has been ‘loyal’ to Derrick … and, not really a threat to his game, and is a “vote” for Derrick, on whatever he tells her to vote ….

      • I was amazed how Derrick turned everything around on Victoria. She found out he was lying, but by the end of their conversation, she was apologizing to him. And the next day she felt to bad for doubting him.

      • As if he was in 95 Alliances and she was not even part of any of those … Ha !!!
        Wait until Victoria finds out that Derrick and Cody promised Christine an F3, if she backdoors Nicole … Ha, Double Ha !!
        As long as Victoria does not make waves against Derrick she should remain safe .. otherwise …

  17. Ok production let’s do what you do best and help save Nicole. Pandora’s box maybe?

    • Nicole isn’t worth production interference to save. They will use those ideas to keep Donny in the game or apparently Frankie. I wish they would bring back the biggest BS twist in the whole history of the show and give Donny the Coup De Tat. He takes himself and Nicole off the block and puts up Derrick and Cody.

      • Nicole is way up there in the polls as fan favorite and I’m sure production knows this. And she knows the game and how to win at comps. I love Donny but you have to admit he’s pretty boring in the house. Not his fault though. But still boring.

      • If Nicole had any bit of sense, she would be able to count to four, but she can’t since she hasn’t figured out Derrick and Cody were the ones to betray her and Hayden. The keep insisting that Victoria wouldn’t vote Zach out, but they didn’t need Victoria’s vote, something Nicole still hasn’t grasped. All she has to do is count to four, she had Hayden, Donny, Derrick and Cody which would have ended up in a four to four tie and Nicole (HOH at the time) would break the tie by sending Zach out. I think she was dreaming of being on BB since she was 8 because she wanted a showmance. In my opinion, she has played a lousy game and doesn’t deserve a win.

      • She knows she was betrayed by them. But Derrick smoothed it over. Nicole had nobody and was trying to work with them to further herself. She didn’t completely trust anyone.

      • Nicole trusted Derrick because in her words, he has never lied to me! Get a clue. The eviction of Jocasta and you, Donny and Hayden being put on the block should be enough to make you doubt what Derrick tells you. In addition, when Hayden was evicted and Nicole was angry and venting at the kitchen, Derrick told her to her face that this is a game and not to trust anyone including him! That should have been enough for Nicole to figure out Derrick has been lying to her! How many more clues does she need?

  18. All a body needs to do is count 3 to 5 ask their self which # will I be…That is what Christine needs to be asking herself and planting that thought in Calebs Zachs and Victorias mind…But then again stupidity reigns in the BBB house.. Donny already has it figured out and Nicole should have but is missing it..

    • You sure are giving them a lot of credit, re: being able to count 3 to 5 … Ha !!! :)
      All that Caleb thinks about is Amber …
      All Zach cares about is being the Biggest Fruitloop Dingus in Big Brother History ..
      and, in Victoria’s mind … Ummm, I am not sure if anybody is home in there …. Ha !!! :)

  19. Derrick by far deserves to win the 500K hes played better then everyone,If he’s in the F2 its almost a lock he takes it down,I think the best social game player in BB history was Enzo but Derrick is right behind him,take it down bro you deserve it

    • Social Game ?? If you call bullying and intimidation a social game, then yeah …
      Having said that .. I do admit that, coming into the game to be able to be ruthless, lying without remorse and being able to stab someone in the chest while telling them that he’s got their back is brilliant and a skill that not many have … Ha !!! :)
      Though, in the end, when you are in a huge alliance, with the numbers … his Jedi Mind Tricks have worked well on the weak minded House Guests, so far, this seaon …

      • the best part of his game is his ability to take a negative and turn it into a positive,and im sure you all noticed how hes been working victoria saying i wanna go to the end with you,thats a great move cause he will win 9-0 and he knows that,would love it to be him victoria and cody and watch derrick cut cody out in the final eviction if he were to win the final HOH,now that would be just great TV

  20. I don.t understand why Christine is afraid of those guys, and do everything they say. They never win comps her and Nic do When was the last time Derrick or Cody won a comp. Hell Donny’s won more comps.

  21. i think it is BS that caleb got to go on the trip. he did not do a darn thing to contribute to the BOTB, and frankie (love him or hate him), should have been able to pick someone to go with him.

    • Actually, by letting Frankie play alone, was probably the best strategy, in hindsight … Ha !!!

  22. I have been wondering this all year but when did the rule of not telling people they were going on the block suddenly cease to exist? It seems that all year people have been told they are going up and I thought that was against “the rules”

    • I dunno that it’s an official rule; sometimes production prevents it if they don’t think it’ll make for good television/will mess up the strategy of one of their favorites, but otherwise I don’t think people have ever been prevented from saying what they want to/claim to want to do.

  23. Derrick is accomplishing his goal, that is to remain loyal to his original alliance It’s impressive and a good argument to the Jury. At the same time he’s increased the prize on his head. Let’s see how he handles paranoia in the coming weeks, not to mention the returning player that can taste his blood.

    • I guess it depends on which original alliance you are referring to …
      As, his original and only alliance that he was playing for in this game, was for himself and his family ….
      Since you mentioned it, in most cases, before the final decision(s) have ever been made, he appeared to be always ‘Open’ to change/sway his mind, depending on when an opportunity arises … If someone suggested an idea/option, supported by the rest of the majority in the alliance, he would agree and move on … until a better idea/move that was “better” for Derrick came along…

      • Derrick is a good player, and I think we’re in for a good showdown in the coming weeks.

  24. Let Nicole go to jury where she can inform Jocasta and Hayden on everyone’s backstabbing lies and all the different alliances then let Hayden come back in and go for blood

    • Or even better let her come back and win HOH by that time they should be done with the twist and Frankie and Christine will try to kiss her ass and let’s watch her put them up and fight it out

  25. If I were Christine, I would try to backdoor Derrick or Cody this week. I mean, what does she have to gain from Nicole being evicted? Nicole has no allies and a free agent with a vote.

    • Oh Good Lord…no way she would ever backdoor her man crush, Cody! Whose arms and back would she scratch, whose hair would she run her fingers through?

    • Whatta ya mean ?? She just agreed with a F3 Deal with Derrick and Cody last night on BBAD … Ha !!!
      Well, with the proviso that she renoms Nicole, and that they successfully evict Frankie, Zach, Victoria and Caleb over the subsequent weeks … :)

      • yep and if CHRISTINE BELIEVES THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN I got some desert property in Egypt with a river running through it that I will sell her…

  26. Seems like Nicole and Christine would want to work together and be in F2..I don’t know why most female players in BB cannot make it to the end..except for Rachel and Jordan…Christine is going to be gone soon after Nicole.

  27. CBS is doing everything they can to keep Frankie on the house. This game is not a game anymore. It’s sad. If cbs wants a Frankie and whatever his sisters name is than give them a show and let it flop instead of manipulating what was once a Good game through “production changes and rules”

    • It’s not only that, there were 15 other people who sacrificed their lives to be in seclusion, participate in grueling competitions, have not experiences, be belittled, and not have a chance in hell of winning because the higher uppers have preplanned who they want to win? It’s ridiculous.

  28. If Nicole does indeed go on the block as planned and is evicted it is not the worst case scenario. She was talking to Donny in the living room two nights ago, she knows Christine, Frankie and Zack’s game. She knows about all the alliances and what is in play. The Frankie I am famous will not bode well with the jury, and that will be poison, she intends to tell all. The jury will not give him a vote. The jury will figure out that Victoria is in the game for Derrick, and sometimes Frankie, depending on how the wind blows. Also, Nicole has the chance to reenter the game. Nicole is a good player, yes, her emotions are getting to her. It is tough to watch…but she is a fighter. So, Hayden or Nicole being a return player I am happy. I would hope they team up with Donny then, and have learned that Derrick is the common denominator in the game. Do some math as to why haven’t Cody or Derrick been on the block?

    • Frankie is not well liked by the viewers and his grabbing and pawing at the other males in the house is rather sickening. At least if a male and female get together they do it under the covers and most times with the light off…

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