This evening on the Feeds, viewers learned that Derrick Levasseur’s grandfather had passed away earlier that day. Similar to Wednesday’s news, Derrick received a letter in the Diary Room from his family and shared it with his fellow housemates.

Derrick Levasseur consoled by Frankie Grande

Derrick Levasseur consoled by Frankie Grande – Source: CBS

Feeds cut at 7:36PM BBT and returned approximately nine minutes later as the HGs gathered in the living room and discussing the very sad news. Derrick spent some time alone in the Have-Not room before returning to the DR and the living room to be with the other HGs.

Derrick’s wife made an announcement on Twitter confirming the passing of his grandfather and thanked everyone for their support.

The other Houseguests sat with Derrick in support as he quietly coped with his family’s loss.

Keep Derrick and his family in your thoughts & prayers.

Update: Derrick confirmed that he has no plans to go anywhere. He told Hayden that he came there for his wife and daughter and that hasn’t changed.


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