Big Brother 19 Live Feeds: Will Jason & Mark Flip On Paul?

Paul Abrahamian has been riding a good position in the Big Brother 19 house, but that might not be lasting as long as he had hoped. Yesterday Mark Jansen and Jason Dent had a little talk about Paul, his stranglehold on the game, and just what should be done about it.

Mark and Jason talk game on Big Brother 19

Someone is going to need to take Paul out of the game to break things open and redirect the season which has so far been a house full of heavily pro-Paul HGs. They’ve relied on his knowledge and expertise to guide their games, along with a lot more, but at what point will they decide they can spread their wings on their own? Mark might be ready to help give everyone a push and it sounds like Jason might be willing to join him.

Flashback to 3:46 PM BBT 8/9 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to watch.

“How do you guys feel about Paul?” asks Mark. Jason starts off saying he thinks Paul has good interests in mind. Yeah, his own ya goof! Jason stalls for a bit before saying he thinks Paul has a mind that’s sharp as a tack before raising a real issue. Jason says Paul helps everybody, he wants to be everybody’s best friend. And that is a big part of Paul’s game.

Paul has made himself indispensable to so many HGs that they’re afraid to play without him. It’s a good strategy on Paul’s part and also a big part of why I have an issue with Vets. It removes the “lets discover this game!” part of the fun and, well, also part of the total disasters that can unfold for newbies.

Jason is on to that strategy and says Paul is doing this to make sure everyone is best buddies with him so they’d want to vote for him in the Jury. Just when you think Jason starts to talk against Paul he then wraps back around with “I don’t know, I’m a fan of that motherf**ker.” It’s like they’re all afraid to just say what they’re thinking. Paul is a threat to their chances of winning. Turns out, Mark isn’t that shy to say it.

“If Paul gets to the F2, nobody beats him,” says Mark. “Nobody,” agrees Jason, who asks Mark for his opinion. It’s hard to hear with the super low whispering, but it then sounds like Jason laughs and says “cut that f**ker.” But here it is again. Jason says he feels like Paul always knows what’s coming “so you feel bad to get rid of [him].”

Mark sits silently as Jason continues to run loops around himself babbling away. Mark finally says that he sees “one Vet in the house and he’s telling everyone what to do.” Mark is frustrated with how Paul called him out on Tuesday about the fights. Paul blamed Mark for not stopping Cody and Jessica after Mark had previously complained about no one stopping Josh from going off on him.

Now Mark starts to shift things. He tells Jason that he (J), Alex, and Kevin are voting together and that can control the votes here. Jason says he’ll talk with Alex, but Mark says it doesn’t matter right now. It’ll matter with who gets power next though.

Jump forward to 3:53 PM BBT. Mark tells Jason that only seven people have won anything in the house so far and if they took out Paul then all those other followers would be “lost puppies” and “if you take that out, the game gets a lot easier.” Mark says the puppies would be separated and “it’d be so easy to pick them off.”

So how do they get Paul out? Jason points out that Paul spent all last season on the Block, so it’s got to be a Backdoor move. Mark agrees, “but don’t say anything. It has to be perfect timing and everything has to fall in to place.” Mark pleads with Jason, “this has to stay between me and you.” “Duh,” confirms Jason.

Mark has a plan in mind, saying that if he gets HoH then Cody gets the Temptation safety and come Thursday night if Paul is still on the Block then it’d only take four votes to get Paul out the door. A quick vote check makes this look do-able in theory, but not a slam dunk. Cody for sure, then Jason if he’s in on this plan, but then they’d need two more. Mark suggests Elena, but just like Kevin and Alex, would any of those three really flip on their ally that they find so indispensable? This could get messy fast, but I like Mark’s spirit!

So what do you think? Mark sounds much more determined to target Paul while Jason sounds like he’d agree to anything that didn’t involve him being the target. I’d be worried for any VTE-Paul plans that relied on Jason just yet, but maybe he’ll surprise us. Then again, like Mark said, all the pieces have to come together and that starts with tonight’s Head of Household competition.


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