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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 2 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the new HoH’s plans were settled last night following some back and forth while the target remained the same.

No surprises here. Things went as planned. You know who the target is and so does everyone else in the house. It was all just a matter of approach. Would Paul come on direct and let Cody have a chance at the Veto or flank his target? Here we go.

Big Brother 19 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Paul nominated: Alex and Josh
  • Ramses nominated himself per the “curse.”

Alex and Josh both knew this was coming. Paul has promised both of these noms that they’ll be saved if he wins the Veto, but he told Alex that only she was the pawn while Josh would be expendable.

Ramses also went ahead and applied his curse from last week. He’s the third nom this week. Paul and gang pulled Ramses in to the Lounge and strongly told him to just throw the comp this week and not even try so they can be sure to renom Cody. See the problem might be if Ramses wins the Veto and saves himself then Paul won’t get to renom anyone and Cody can’t be evicted. Oh my, now that’d be crazy, but would Ramses be so crazy as to not even try for safety? Hmm.

Update: That didn’t take long. Ramses already commented privately that he will not throw the comp.

Paul isn’t letting Cody have any more chances at safety this week than he has to. Only way Cody is going to be playing is if his token is drawn on Saturday morning and even then Christmas can now cancel that out with her Temptation power. Of course even if Paul does get his way, well don’t forget that it looks like a Battle Back is looming in the near future.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.

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  • How could Paul be so dumb, and not nominate Jessica? He nominated Alex & Josh. Now if both Cody & Jessica's names get pulled for veto, Christmas can only take away 1 nomination. So assuming she takes down Cody, and Jessica wins veto, she won't use it, and your boy just wasted his HOH. Whereas if Jessica was on the block, and won veto, she could use it on herself, and Cody goes on the block. How can Paul be so stupid?

    • But Xmess has the RoReplacement and can use it to replace either Jess or Cody in the POV challenge! Unless, of course, she is already chosen to compete.

      • YYes Xmas has ROR and can replace one but not both if cody and jessica are chosen. Also if she is chosen along with cody and or jessica she couldnt replace one of them as she is already playing.

  • What is Raven's illness? I keep hearing her talk about stomach issues and that she doesn't have alot of time left?

    • She has 2 diseases Gastroparesis and an unknown one! It is treatable but incurable! She is dying! That is one reason she took that special star in Veto comp. Being a have not is bad enough when healthy but when you have terminal disease she is the only one worthy to bail on comp to help her life! She has maybe 2-3 years left if they do not find cure! Only God knows this 100%! Matt has said he would travel with her and help look for cure with her! They are sweet couple! I ship Maven! Cody and Christmas have said they would be glad if Raven one BB! They both wanted to do something for her to raise $! Raven has over $200,000 in medical bills! The pace maker I read/saw online is 20,000 each and she needs 1 every 3 months! That is 80,000 a year just for 4 pacemakers to save her life! She has plenty of other medical bills with 2 diseases! I pray they find a cure!

      • When did Cody say that? I don't even remember him being in the room when Raven was discussing her illness.

        • Not sure what day. It is on after dark live feeds! He mentioned this to Christmas in kitchen 7-14 days ago? There is another feed in kitchen where Raven discusses illness but I did not watch that clip and Cody was also in the pic for that clip. Too many clips to watch. They both wanted her to win if they couldn't! They wanted to help her after show to raise $ for her terminal illnesses!

      • I have never heard of a pacemaker for your stomach..thought those were only for your heart!! I did notice today when she has that short top on that there is a big circle underneath her skin. Now I know why..thanks! I do like her...she has a very positive and spunky attitude!

        • I guess its fatal - she thinks she has about a year to live. She talked a lot about her conditions around Day 2 or 3. You may want to back to those posts for more info. Apparently, she was milking her condition for sympathy!

  • lol, there's no way Cody & Jess are heading home this week. Hopefully Cody gets picked for PoV and wins it himself, and doesn't use it.

    Like them or not, Cody & Jess are great TV, and you do not vote out great TV or else this just turns into "lets vote what the house wants" BB18--boring.

    • My hope is the same. My dream draw would be cody jessica and xmas(so shr cant replace one of them) cody or jessica win leave the noms the same and watch paul and the hhouse loose their minds.

      • I hope so as well. I never liked Paul. I will never like Paul and I just want to see his plan FAIL. I do not like Jessica one bit but I think Cody is cool. He is different than every one else I have ever seen on BB and the fact that he dislikes Paul so much makes me want him to stay in the game longer. I loooooovvvvveeee Alex and I truly hope she stays until the end.

        • I agree with everything you said Robert. I like to see the strong ones win instead of the nasty liars. Obviously Alex is playing fairly and she can win the comps. She tells it like it is and I like that a lot. As soon as someone tells someone something and then goes in another room and tells someone else the opposite, like Paul does constantly, I just want them out. I understand the game play of lying, but I prefer people win because they worked for it instead of lied for it. If Cody hadn't put up Christmas last week everyone would have still liked him this week. Last year Paul was pissed when the previous players came back and he stated that they had already had a chance and didn't deserve another one. Guess he didn't feel that way this year. I was hoping they would bring back anyone but him.

        • I dont like paul either. He only had a somewhat operable social game and got lucky that victor had his back. I like Cody he came to play. He is making big moves week one unapologetically where most would be scared. Jessica can go for all im concerned she is just a distraction to Codys game. But at the same time she is the only one who will work in the interest of cody at this point so its a catch 22. I dont tthink nominating Xmas was a bad idea i think paul is making her his female victor which ment she was dangerous and was not a part of his main alliance. She was on tier 3. Tier one being him mark matt teir two being jessica raven and elena and teir three being dominique and xmas. Xmas was more loyal to paul than cody and he saw it so she was his choice. Risky but atleast he is playing

          • And now Xmas is a bigger threat because no one sees her as a comp threat with her foot so why target her and if she makes it to the end she has a pity story and a darn good arguement to win as she had to change from relying on her physical game to her social and mental game. She is dangerous

  • So I'm curious... Why does everyone seem to think that there will be a battle back this year?? Did I miss something??

  • Paul is being used by Christmas and he thinks he will ultimately prevail. I think he has met his match and Christmas has her own team in place.

  • A- I would so love it if Ramses wins the veto and Josh goes home! I'm not a fan of Cody's however, he's good for entertainment and I also think all these stupid twists and Temptations completely blew up his game and only his game! OK Jessica's too. I miss the organic games!
    B- I wonder if Alex won the veto if she would keep the nominations the same knowing if she pulled her self off the block Cody would go up and go home? & just hope everyone votes to evict Josh? It would be a huge risk so I doubt it but, I would be happy to see Josh go bye-bye.
    I'm sorry, but I just don't think Cody had a fair chance with his HOH! Plus, Cody and Jessica are providing the entertainment. Once Cody goes home ( or sequester) then what? Less drama/entertainment

    • I agree. Cody got a raw deal last week having to nominate so many people. The only thing I didn't like was when he told Megan he nominated her just because he didn't like her. That was mean and uncalled for. He didn't even know her yet. But I like Cody and think he makes the game interesting as he thinks and acts for himself and his game.

  • Christmas can/will take the Veto away from Cody (if he is lucky enough to have his name pulled to play in it) because of her reward/temptation. (Another stupid non-organic BB game! I miss how the game used to be played. No outside influence at all.)
    Cody only has 2 chances of staying this week. OK I guess 3.
    1. His name gets pulled to play in the Veto, Christmas doesn't veto his veto (doubtful) and Cody wins the veto. (Highly, highly doubtful Christmas would not take it away from Cody!)
    2. Ramses wins Veto (no renoms & (Alex & Josh stay on the block)
    3. Alex wins the veto & doesn't use it to save herself knowing that Cody will be the replacement nominee and will go home. (or to sequester)
    HIGHLY doubt that she would risk her life in the BB house just to keep Cody safe.
    So, Cody IS screwed! Due to outside influences!
    NOT a Cody fan, but also not a fan of these temptations/twists/Americas votes at all!!

    • They definitely had too many temptations and twists the first week. It totally took away everything that Cody had worked for. It's not really fair to his game. Since Megan took herself out they maybe should have changed it up some.

      • Yup! It was too much too soon and although I don't like to use the word unfair when describing BB, I strongly believe it was very unfair for Cody and only Cody! When you are HOH you are supposed to have pretty much all the power but, A lot of it was taken away from him. And even though he was stupid to put up Christmas, I just don't think it's "fair!" At all. But, it is entertaining :-)

  • Don't really understand this nomination ... should have put up Cody and Jessica. This way at least one is gone and if Cody doesn't win POV then HE is gone. The way it is now if Cody wins POV then Ramses is probably gone! Bad move.

  • What if Jason plays and wins? Then he leaves nomination the same. Then one of the nominations leaves. Isn't Jason aligned with Cody/Jessica

  • It's so obvious that BB has manipulated this game so far in Paul's favor. For ratings? IDK but with the $25,000 temptation to bring him back in...DUH who's going to pass that up day 1? Then GIVING him safety and 9 friendship bracelets, giving him an infinite slop pass, AND giving him 3 weeks safety. NOW SHOCKER..he wins the candy crush comp. which is apparent he's the only one who's played the game before and has a clear advantage beings how he's about to be airing on the upcoming candy crush game show. SO RIGGED and unfair. I've lost respect for the "game"

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