Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 2

Since the new Head of Household was decided last night on Big Brother 19 there’s been quite the evolution of a plan to go after the big target that’s bounced around the house but now seems to have settled on the path forward.

Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19

Paul is in charge this week after being the first to sink a ball in the HoH comp. Well that couldn’t have been what Cody and Jessica hoped to see, but it’s the classic Big Brother shift of power and you’ve got to roll with the punches. And of course there’s no way Paul doesn’t take all the swings at Cody that he can this week. Here’s his plan.

Initially Paul had announced to his group that he wanted to use two pawns and Backdoor Cody. Okay, not surprising, but Paul wanted to do it with using Matthew and Raven. Oh. Ohh, Paul. With this many other HGs left in the game?

At first the team was on board. Flashback to 8:20 PM BBT 7/6 to watch. Matthew told Paul, “let’s do this.” But it didn’t take long for them to start second guessing the plan as the group gathered and pointed out some flaws in the plan. What if Cody was drawn to play Veto, won, and then refused to use the Veto? Well then the house would have to vote out either Matthew or Raven. Oops.

Paul began flailing around looking for alternates which at one point involved using Kevin as a pawn which did not sit well with Kevin. Kevin was soon back downstairs telling all the outsiders about this new plan and what Paul was proposing. Kevin was obviously upset.

Jump forward to 12:49 AM BBT 7/7 to find Paul returning to the HoH room. He speaks privately with Matthew and Raven confirming that his first plan was a bad idea. Terrible. He isn’t going to risk either of them going home so forget he ever mentioned it. Time for a new plan.

Two minutes later Alex arrives and Paul speaks with her alone in the HoH room. Paul runs through the problems with putting up Cody and Jessica or just one of the two. He initially says he isn’t asking her to be a pawn. Few minutes later he’s asking her to be a pawn but Paul couches it as he won’t use two pawns. Instead she’ll just be the one pawn and would go up against an expendable, Ramses or Josh.

Alex says she wants to work with Paul. Paul promises Alex that if he wins the Veto then she’s coming down and Cody is going up in her place. He says his goal is to avoid ending the week with Alex on the Block against Cody and tempt the fates. Paul says if she’s cool with this then he’ll pull in Josh and make it seem like Josh is part of the plan, though Paul says he doesn’t think the house would care if things fell apart and Josh ended up evicted.

Jump forward to 2:15 AM BBT 7/7. Josh is up in the HoH room with Paul while Dominique listens to Paul’s music. Paul explains the plan to Josh and promises him that he hasn’t led Josh astray yet so he should trust. Josh asks Paul to promise him he’ll save him if Paul wins the Veto. Paul agrees. Well that should be interesting if Paul does win now that he’s promised its safety to two HGs.

In the mix of all this is Ramses’s curse that will force him to nominate himself in the next few rounds. Ramses is planning to use it this week and he has to do it before Paul announces his noms (probably in part to avoid him trying to use it if already nom’d). Ramses is also a back up option for Paul who thinks Ramses has to be up for 3 straight weeks but has that wrong and doesn’t know it yet.

Okay, so there we go with Paul’s latest and possibly final plan for the nominations. Cody is the target but Paul will put up Alex and Josh. From there they’ll focus on the Veto to get Alex down and Cody up in her place. What do you think of the strategy? Who would you put on the Block if you were HoH this week?

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  1. He’s overplaying this big time and he’s nominating people unnecessarily. He’s turning people against him and I don’t know why lol. Jessica/Cody already hate Paul, just nominate them both and that guarantees you that one of them goes home no matter what. If he’s scared about whoever survives out of Jess/Cody probably coming after him, that’s going to happen anyways. Plus, he’s got the pendent still. This is a pretty dumb idea and he better hope Cody/Jess don’t get picked for veto this week!

    • In a nutshell what I’ve been thinking since he came up with “the plan”!
      Although, the fact that he’s gotten Alex on board to be a pawn is impressive.
      Paul has a future in sales, that’s for sure!

    • He’s a cocky player. I hope this backfires and Cody gets picked and wins POV and Jess/Cody both stay. I’ll be laughing all the way to Paul walking out the door when his safety is up.

      • Hey you :-)
        I agree! Also, I don’t want either Cody or Jessica to go this week because if it wasn’t for them, this week would not be as exciting as it is.

    • “just nominate them both and that guarantees you that one of them goes home no matter what.”

      Have you never watched Big Brother?

      • Right but my point is that he has this house wrapped around his finger. A lot of people want Jessica/Cody out… so why is he nominating those people that want Jessica and Cody out instead of just nominating Jessica and Cody? Lol

      • I’m pretty sure Paul is fixated on Cody because Cody tried to backdoor him. Thinking Paul will do ANYTHING to get Cody out the door!

    • If Paul isn’t #1 on everyone’s hit list after his safety is up, they are all fools. Nobody is playing harder…the boy never shuts up.

    • I completely agree!
      Put them both on the block, one of them is definitely going home! Well, unless there is another twist! Put them both on the block, one of them is definitely going home! Well, unless there is another twist! There’s never any guarantees in the BB house.
      That said, I also respect and HOH that does not back door. When they put their targets on the block and say good luck in the veto.

  2. Of course, Rameses could have to put himself on the block this week and if he wins veto and comes down Paul is left with his two pawns…. which is actually how i’d like it to wind up.

    • Except that I believe Ramses is required to put himself on the block before the HOH puts anyone up, so I would assume Paul would anticipate and would have a Plan B?? I believe Paul got clarification on that aspect of the Ramses curse for that reason? Not sure.

      • Gotcha .. just thought that if Paul knows Ramses is for sure on the block, his choices might differ — however, don’t think Paul can change his choices after he locks in the keys – as others have pointed out.

  3. What is left to find is when Ramses has to tell if he is putting himself on the block or not. Meaning, will he have to do before Paul make his choice or does he have to do it at the nomination ceremony leaving Paul not able to change his choice, already in the box. It’s big thing.

  4. It makes sense, only real risk is if Josh wins veto (I can’t see anyone taking him down otherwise) and its Alex and Cody on the block and someone thinks about the fact that Alex has more potential in the game. Cody only has Jessica really because Jason wouldn’t vote for him if those are his choices. I think Paul knows about what Ramses has to do and is counting on him doing it this week because it probably cuts down on the chances that either Cody or Jessica are picked to play veto. I mean, there is always also this chance that Kevin did far too good of a sell job and if Ramses is still on the block, a Kevin, Christmas, Cody, Jessica contingent might take the opportunity to get him out.

      • Maybe, and I think that Paul is really discounting that no one likes either of them so it won’t be a matter of Cody winning the veto and then rallying troops to vote out, well, you’d think it would be Alex. He will be conflicted enough in that situation. I think Paul might be doing this too soon, and this early in the game taking a direct shot makes the most sense. But, the odds are in his favor that this works some way, in at least getting a veto player removed because he will have half the house willing to use it on Alex and half the people will be willing to use it probably even on Josh just to get Cody on the block and those people see Alex as a threat too.

      • Good logic. You’re logic has calmed me. Lol im just so nervous. Paul cant screw this up. Please let cody not get picked

      • To rev you up again, have you heard that there is likely going to be a battle back like next week?

        I worry that Jessica is picked too, at least Cody might at least consider using it on Alex, Jessica won’t. But then there is the Ring of Replacement in play too which if Christmas gets it, she might replace Josh with Cody. But yeah, I hope Cody doesn’t get picked.

      • Oh no! Don’t stress me out like that! Lol not a battle back! And yes ur right about Jessica. I hadnt even thought about her.

      • The Ring of Replacement gives someone the power to play in the Veto, thereby replacing one of those three that are randomly drawn…and can be used any time throughout the rest of the summer. I hope Christmas does not get this as it might have negative consequences.

      • No way. He definitely doesn’t. I just hope he isn’t up to something shady with cody and Jessica

      • Doh, I learned about the first three all at once (next week’s being the Halting something or other which allows its holder to halt an eviction during the live show) so I get them confused and somehow thought the Ring was allowing someone to replace a nominee. I hope its not Christmas then too basically because unless she knows its like the gambling one where everyone stays at their stations, she won’t accomplish anything, unless it could be assigned to someone in which case, she might just be like, here Matt or Mark.

      • We’re voting on who gets this. They don’t have to reveal it to others, DR will let that person know they got this. If you’re wanting to take a bite out of an apple, that’s where a curse or advantage might happen, such as the one Josh got providing him safety this past week. If that person who got this temptation is evicted before they use it, it’s no longer valid for them or anyone else.

  5. I dont like this plan paul has. What if cody is picked for veto and wins, not use it and Jessica’s still there off the block. Am i missing something? This doesn’t make sense.

      • cody throw it last time he will not do that this time he is to much of a loose gun to give a chance at the pov so I say don’t nom him he his the target take your chance at the pics for the pov.

      • Cody only stopped trying when he saw that Alexa was way ahead of him and he didn’t have a chance to beat her anyway. The best thing to do would be to put up both Cody and Jessica, and make sure one of them goes. Then keep trying until they get the other one out.

    • If he uses it on Jess, they’re both safe and Paul has to choose someone else to replace her. That’s why Paul needs to have both of them on the block at the same time.

  6. I too was under he impression that Ramses had to put himself up for the next 3 weeks. That is what the serpent said, I even rewound and played it again 2x during the show.

  7. I would put up Jessica and a pawn (Preferably a pawn who is liked, less of a threat, and has a good chance of winning a POV.) Obviously Cody would be the Target and hopefully he isn’t drawn for Veto…

    Worst case scenario Cody gets to play & wins POV/pulls Jessica off. Josh could be replacement… No love loss

  8. if cody or jess is not playing in the pov then paul will throw it that is his only choice.

  9. He need to do what james did season 17 with clelly, screw the pawns, just put them both up. Stop pawning allies! Just putting them together is no less risky than pawning. At least if your plan didn’t get him out you can say you tried but to have it not work as a result of leaving BOTH targets untouched, then lose a number in your corner is stupid as hell. If both him and jessica survive this week im done with paul.

  10. I’d put both Cody and Jessica up…see ya, eouldnt want to be ya….dont let the fire hit you on the behind on your way out.

    I don’t think Cody would try as hard for the Veto going against Jessica. But thenathen again, maybe he would, he hasn’t really proved himself to be a gentleman🤔

    • He is playing a game for 500k he doesn’t need to let her win to be a gentleman that’s ridiculous…

      • Wonder if this is the first time he’s been attracted to someone who can think for themselves?

      • If he truly wants the 500k then he’d stop putting up all the women and take out the real threats.
        He hasn’t shown gentlemanly traits in any way not just game play.

      • I think he is playing the looks card, getting all the women on his side to move as far as he can, when he is ready he will screw EVERYONE given the chance. To me he may be aligned with them right now but he is playing his own game…

      • I don’t know why, but that’s what happens every season. The guy alliance targets all the girls. No one ever bands together to really target the threats.

      • And the girls don’t help by falling all over the guys as soon as they’re in the house. BB needs to select stronger women like Ale and Xmas.

  11. It’s not like the backdrop plan will surprise Cody. The smarter plan is to be direct and put them both up from the start.

  12. The wording that Paul heard about the curse was that “someone would not be safe for 3 weeks”. I think that intended to mean that they would definitely be at risk at some point during the 3 weeks, not that they would be at risk for the entire three weeks.

    • Lmbo!! That’s a great one Capt.

      Did you see him lose it a bit yesterday?? I was shocked at what he did to Ramses. Wow! Didn’t realize Kevin could be so ruthless.

      • He was going to confront Ramses and get in his face and intimidate the kid!! I was stunned speechless. Paul actually talked him out of that. Not sure if Paul knows Kev was actually the flip vote, but either way, he talked kevin out of attacking poor Ramses!

        I still can’t believe that. I mean it’s one thing to lie about flipping your vote, but it is quite another to scare the *bleep* out of another HG to further the lie!!

  13. Bad, bad, bad idea!!! Paul shoul put up Jess and Cody on the block, if one of them wins the veto, at least one of your targets its out of the house!!! Don’t mess it up Paul!!

    • He sees Cody has a big threat and what do you do when there is threat you back door it. Using pawns is a great move. Cody is the target and if he is on the block , he is a competition beast and will likely take himself off. Like Alex and wish Jason was the pawn.

      • But pawns always go home. Cody will get picked and win veto and not use it. Both him and Jessica will be safe.

      • There is a strong possibility Cody won’t be picked for the Veto. In Paul revenge plan will work as long as Cody Or Jess don’t win the veto.
        Pawns do often go home. When you have the majority Revenge plans work really well.

      • But there’s a possibility he does get picked. Why play with fire when you can put them both up and guaranteed one goes home. Paul is obsessed with Cody and it’s going to bite him in the ass. I can’t wait.

      • One thing is for sure Paul plan makes things more interesting. There are a lot more possibilities and it keeps us on our toes.

  14. this is a great choice for nominations and seems like an easy way to back door Cody or who ever his target is.

    New to the discussion…
    Last year I just read comments.
    Had no idea about the live feeds and cbs all access until last year when it was posted on this site. Love this site great for big brother news.

    • enter the ring of replacement…it could be paul making cody’s face this time around

      • Voting ends Soon and Cody was so unpopular with fans I doubt he would win. Alex or Christmas would be my guess for the ring of replacement. So Paul plans seem pretty safe to me.

      • Me too. I’ve been giving all my votes to Xmas..

        I was hoping by acting as if she was staying, she’d actually stay! hehe
        And she did. :)

      • Same one of my favorites because she tells it like it is and wants the couples gone.

  15. Paul is overplaying this game. He should have sat back the next two weeks knowing he’s safe and watch the rest of the house guests fight it out, while aligning himself with a few key players. He’s playing the same game as last year, and I think more than Cody is onto him. Asking people to be pawns is a weak move, and agreeing to be a pawn is even worse. I hope Cody plays and wins the veto. I didn’t like him at first, but he was right about Paul and had to go for it week 1. Now I’m rooting for him.

      • Me either…I want them to either receive the punishment of going on the block…or get the Ring of Replacement and the one they replace get the punishment. Either way is okay with me, but Cody must be brought down and banished! :-)

      • Hope not because that would be a waste, its more likely that she won’t be able to play in the veto with her injury which is why I didn’t vote for her this time around

      • Yea, but she can remove one player that they might not want playing the veto. And it doesn’t have to be this week. Doesn’t matter if she sit it out.

      • But I also want to keep Alex in the game and she seems more vulnerable than Xmas…at least when the voting started …and I just kept on with it

      • I don’t want Alex placed on the block right off the batt, period this week. I want it to be Ramses, Josh and Cody or Ramses, Jess and Cody!

      • She said Production is not changing their games to accommodate her. If the doc says no, she has to go.

      • How? You’re hoping she doesn’t get the Ring of Replacement and if someone else does, use it to replace her to play in the veto?

      • No no, i hope she does. My question is what can she do with it? I was asking would they let her remove a player, and choose someone to play for her or let her Or just remove a player and sit out?

      • She won’t be able to use it at all if she can’t compete. It’s not transferable.

      • That would be like changing the game to suit or accommodate her, which they’re refusing to do.

      • We should start a petition up! Save good players that get injured and help them continue playing BB without going against doc’s orders..LOL

      • We should get right on top of that in time enough to influence the producers before the vote is revealed tomorrow! Its urgent! Lol

    • The explanation is on the voting site. Basically it says, once the veto players are choosen any time this year, the owner of the ring can decide to change one of the player by himself/herself. Can only be use once.

    • i don’t feel like there is anyone in the house that won’t take the temptations from the temptation room regardless of what it unleashes on the house, i would take it just to unleash things in the house lol

  16. Paul your better off nominating Jessica and Cody together. Nominating neither of them and hoping to control the veto to back door Cody is too risky.

    • Jessica isn’t seen has a big threat and Cody is. So if he put Jessica and Cody up together, Cody would have a bigger chance to take himself down. Like the pawn system and back dooring Cody. Is Paul plan 100% going to work no this big brother and there are always twist and turns. Plan has a high chance of success.

    • Yes, thank you. Even if it is Jessica, that’s one less vote/ally that Cody has in the house, so it chips away and makes him a little more vulnerable.

  17. I’m not getting why Paul wouldn’t nominate Jess and Cody, unless Paul is hoping to work with Jess once Cody is gone?

    • That would be most logical thing to do one of them goes home but it seems Paul is out for revenge. His goal is to get Cody out.

      • Also, putting them both on the block, they don’t win veto, noms stay the same, then they both will be campaigning against each other, not for each other! hahahahahaha That would be ingenious, if it works out that way! :-)

      • Yea it seems like Paul wants a big player gone and I guess he sees Jessica going home as a wasted HOH. Other wise he would put them side by side on the block. If this plan works then it was great idea but if it fails he better watch his back.

        I think the plan is great if you want revenge but the logical plan is to put Cody and jess side by side.
        Veto should be interesting.

      • I am kinda scared that Cody is going to lose his mind. Especially if he gets kicked out. Omg! Can you just see him storming out of the house and bypassing Julie!? YIKES! Lolz!

      • Omg! True. But I have an awful feeling he is going to blow.

        He really freaked out yesterday when people voted to keep Christmas.

      • Hey, if you feel froggy, leap! Lol I’d be ready if I were a houseguest. Only thing security would have to do is remove my foot out of his ass! Lol screw cody.

      • I’m building my arsenal of them and downloading them to my desktop! I don’t ever use my cell for these! hahaha

      • And poor whittle Jessica was threatening to heart bleeds purple cool-aid over both these big babies.

      • Don’t see how Jessica can look into that face everyday lol. Hope his child’s mother isnt missing and thats how he has custody lol. Thats one creepy dude

      • I don’t think he will…and to find out there’s a battle back, he’ll de-stress big time! hahahaha Wondering if sweet voiced, Jillian will find out about the buy back if in deed it’s implemented?

      • I would wonder if both were on the block, and Cody won POV and saved himself, if he and Alex wouldn’t team up like beasts and pull in recruits against Paul & Xmas?

      • That is a possibility. But not sure it would be wise because the person she’s targeting is Jessica. If she does, I say good luck!

      • What do you mean, Joni?
        If Cody saves himself, Jessica goes home. He’d be free to partner with Alex, right?

      • WTH was I thinking? Oh wait, I wasn’t. Must be the sleep deprivation I’m experiencing. Forget I mentioned it…going to go take a speed nap now! hahahahahaha

    • I think he doesn’t care about Jessica. He just wants Cody out and if Cody’s on the block, he’ll get the veto and pull himself off.

    • RIIIGHT! I WAS THINKING THAT! HE wants another victor Beast and cody will fit that. I have suspicions. Last night i said paul is up to something.

  18. Agree with most here that he should put up Jessica and Cody. It’s a win-win if either Jessica or Cody is evicted, plus you gain more trust with your alliance including Josh and Alex.

      • Yep! I think cody cant recover even if he does stay over jess. Hes done. No one trust him. So i say just put them both up and watch them crumble under pressure exposing more of their true colors to the entire house.

  19. I don’t understand why Paul can’t just put up Cody and Jessica. I look at you are in the veto comp too. I don’t understand why you would put up pawns. It doesn’t make sense to me. Paul should trust his own game and physical ability to win the veto. Besides if Cody did win Jessica goes home. You get rid of one of his allies. What is so bad.

  20. I really don’t feel like watching the “Paul” show again this year!

    Gawd! His jokes are annoying and old and he isn’t my BOY!! Lolz! ;-D

  21. Off the subject, is this site really slow or is it just me!? Seems like most of the time it is and it restarts itself. Now it is working fine…but normally it doesn’t for me. I am just curious if I am the only one. Thanks.

    • It works pretty steadily for me. It’s the feeds that are driving me nuts…constantly loading video and hanging there for more than a few seconds.

      • I know. That’s frustrating.

        It’s weird. Now this site is working fine. Normally it doesn’t. Seems like it was stuck or something.

        The feeds are annoying. Sometimes I accidentally fall asleep while waiting. Haha! ;-)

      • When my browser (that BBN is on) starts moving slow, I just exit the site and re-enter it. Or I hit reload!

      • My feeds have been surprisingly smooth, so far. I’ll probably jinx them after saying so. LOL

      • Mine started working much better now that the flux of traffic on the feeds has died down a bit. When I go back to where I left off, it’s like I get the problem of it messing up with it too. But as long as I stay “Live”, it runs smoothly for now. LOLOL Hope I explained it best I could!

      • My feeds were so bad last year and I know a lot of others were experiencing the same problem. I think CBS has made some improvements in that arena. *fingers crossed

    • Often it is because of your browser. Switch browser to see if you have the same problem, most of the time, the problem is fix.

  22. All these complicated plans and insistence on using pawns and backdooring are just nonsense to me. Nominate Jessica and Cody already. Then no matter what happens 1 of them should go home if you trust your alliance. Why even consider taking the chance a friend or ally will go home?

    • I agree, don’t care for thes over complicated plans that hinge on certain things that are not 100% certain. Too much risk and I think when HG’s do make these kind of overly involved noms/veto/renom etc… it gives BB an excuse to step in and phuck up those plans.

    • One can bring up that Paul doesn’t want either of them to play for veto so he can successfully nominate them.

      If he put them up and one of them stayed then he could have his plans screwed. His main target is Cody and if Cody one veto and Jess stayed on the block and Jess went home Cody could win HOH next week and nominate Christmas and Matt.

  23. I thought that the best idea that I’ve seen is for Paul to nominate Alex and Jessica. Then see Cody get twisted into an even bigger knot.

  24. Kevin is freaking making me laugh sooo hard right now with another of his stories. This one has lasted longer than his others. My favorite comment is: “you wanna drink? coach t-ball!” hahahaha Starts at 11:05 a.m. PT

    • Hahahaha, I was laughing at those stories. He had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, inlcuding Grody and Messica. Her laugh was so annoying.

      • Grody and Messica…in my head I was referring to them as Manho and Deficatia…haha At least Kevin was able to cheer them up. Gosh if they only knew he’s the one that went against them to VTE Jillian instead of poor Ramses, who got ganged up on, including by Kevin. That Kevin is one sly dog. He’s one of those, if you can’t stand the heat of BB, then it’s time to go…LOL I really was hoping Jessica had been successful at her self-eviction. Darn if it was just a false alarm…and she begrudgingly indulged in the victor’s spoils (Paul’s HoH room). Bet that just got her craw!

      • LOL’ing @ Deficatia and Manho!!! Kevin is the only one in the whole house who is playing the game the way it should be played. With cunning and subterfuge. You know that if any of the other HG’s lied about their vote they would have spilled the beans by now. I hope he goes far in the game and BB doesn’t do too much to sabotage his game.

      • Let’s throw Dom in there too….she’s real subtle too and comforting those in need has helped her game a LOT. She’ll make them feel obligated to her even though she delivers it with the best of intentions. She reminds me of the song, “smoothe operator” sung by that gal (we can’t name drop here outside BB cast member names). Like spelling out of NKOTB

      • Yeah, Dom has been smooth. I get the feeling that something is going to set her off. She seems to always be slightly simmering below the surface. The bible stuff doesn’t work for me either. I find it to be a big turn off.

  25. If Cody wins POV I hope Paul send Jessica home. Omg will be some good viewing, Cody will loose his mind!

    • I want Grody to go first. I think Messica will be the one that will go off her rocker and lose her mind.

  26. I really don’t want Josh to go, so this doesn’t appeal to me, Would much rather see Rams go, he hasn’t brought anything to the game and is about as boring as Jillian was. There’s nothing there with him.

    • At one point, I thought perhaps Josh ought to go just for his own sake, but I have to give him credit for how hard he tries to hang in there, so maybe that reason isn’t good enough right now and I agree with you that Ramses seems like a non-event.

    • I was so pissed last night watching Jess and Grody bully and scream at Josh about being a victim. The only ones making “victim noises” are those 2! Who gets in someone’s face right after they weren’t evicted? Xmas didn’t even vote lol… what was she supposed to do, not campaign all week just to make Jess and Grody happy?! Those 2 are complete and total morons.

      • Girl, did I miss you last night? Not during the comp but when BBAD was on, I kept looking on the board and didn’t see you. I don’t want you to think I stood you up. :)

        Man, you missed 2 huge showdowns between Jess and Josh. She is one evil little twat. She yelled and screamed at him and he was trying so hard to be kind and gentle, letting her yell at him without returning in kind. He finally got tired of it and went into another room and cam talked and started crying, I felt so damn bad for him. I really think he has a good heart and those 2, Grody and Messica are only able to see life through their prism, in other words, very selfish and self absorbed people.

      • Oh no sorry, I fell asleep kinda early last night but I did record BBAD and got as caught up as I could this morning.

        Messica lmao I love it! I wish that little b*tch would have self evicted last night like she wanted to. Has she never seen BB before? Does she not understand how the game works? And to say she didn’t sign up to be personally attacked when she’s the one personally attacking people. I hope they show all of her nastiness on the next episode.

      • Phew, and no worries at all. I was chatting on the live feeds so all is good and don’t ever feel like you need to keep a “date” with me. LOL

        I don’t even understand why she was so mad at Josh, it was totally insane but it made for good feeds. I wanted her to go off on Chrismtas again. That was delicious at the end of the episode. You can tell Messica doesn’t think her sh*t’ stinks. The bravado and sheer bitchy-ness in that bitch is off the charts! When they did the HOH reveal for Paul’s room, she was so worked up, she wanted to leave the house and she before she went into the DR, said goodbye to Grody. Everyone on feeds was hoping she was going to self evict. She was whining and complaining that “this isn’t what she signed up for”. Nothing is fair and everyone is lying, blah blah blah. LOL of course everyone is lying, it’s BIG BROTHER you idiot, lying is the key element to BB.

      • Omg lol, I LOVE that gif! I used it yesterday when someone was going on a long tirade about how they hate this season so much haha!!

      • Let me know if you want to chat tonight chica. *mwah

      • Hey YG, I have another good site for you that I think you would like, lots of great commenters, very funny and you can post pics. It’s called TheDList.

      • Hey Fiddle, I love DListed and have lurked on there for years lol. Always been hesitant to comment on there bc I’ve seen new ppl get drug for filth if they post something the majority doesn’t agree with. Maybe I’ll find you on there and jump in on one of your threads to get my feet wet :) I still post on RT here and there but idk if it’s something they did to there site or what, but even with the ad blocker on it’s almost impossible for the comments to load. When they do load it takes like 10 mins to type out 2 sentence most the time.. super frustrating bc I love chatting with everyone on there!

      • I know what you mean. I don’t get involved in those fights. I tend to lean, politically, the way the majority of the people do, so I agree with the majority. But fighting with people isn’t my thang. I always take the temperature of the board before I comment. I’ve been lucky, never pissed anyone off, at least not yet, except one person who is a regular. Can’t stand them but I stay in my corner and they stay in theirs. Go over to today’s stories and click on the Rob and Chyna story, there is a story within the story about the “vegan butt baby”. Scroll down, I made a comment about it and someone gave me the link to the story, hilarious!!

        RT, I’ve been complaining for months about that site. It is literally painful to try and get on a thread. That dumb spinning video really f*cks it up. During BB I’m not as into commenting on HW’s so I’m okay with if for now. Now that you brought up the site, I have to ask you….. Sunflower? Your thoughts, please…… :) Good news, Elaine quit!!!!!!

      • Yeah, the political commentary doesn’t bother me. I for the most part agree with the majority as well. I’m like you, I’m not about the going back and forth and fighting with anyone and any site, ain’t nobody got time for that lol. But I’ll definitely go check out that Rob and Chyna post :)

        And YESSSS! Whineleen is finally gone!!! Poor Lesser Lisa, what will she do now without her muppet isn’t there to back every horrible thing she says?!

        Sunflower the commenter on there that is obsessed with Kathryn Dennis and Krayonce?! Look, I’m all for everyone liking who they like but girl… I got to question anyone’s sanity that goes as hard as he/she does for those 2 lol. I usually don’t engage with that one unless it jumps on my comment first.

      • LOL, she is down right nuts, she’s does it on the other tea site as well. She leaves me alone, because she knows I hate bitch in a ditch box, and I leave her alone as well, but I came across a comment the other day that had me rolling my eyes so hard I had to comment. LOL
        At any rate, NO MORE EILEEN!!!!

      • Did she say that? I don’t remember, but she’s acting like she has no clue how any of this works.

      • I want to say it was on the first night when they do the background on the houseguest. She mentioned she feels that he will be looking down on her.

      • Wow, I must have missed that part. Maybe I’ll watch it again. Josh is the guy always crying, right? Isn’t he the one that took the golden apple to save himself and then screamed and bullied megan enough to make her leave?

  27. Paul thinks Ramses has to be up for three weeks bc the temptation literally said another houseguest would have to be a third nominee for three consecutive weeks. Production and editing (as always) are already playing a major factor this season.

  28. I liked that Cody, right off the bat, let Paul know he wouldn’t be kissing Paul’s ass. I think Paul was surprised by it because when he came in as an alumi everyone else was all over him.
    I’m tired of former players coming back every season. Didn’t care for Paul last season.
    So far Cody’s big mistake has been getting too close with Jessica too fast. It will be his downfall.

    • More like he’s not a team player for his alliance. His actions and his attitude rub others the wrong way. And nobody said he had to kiss Paul’s ass, he just had to be atleast form a connection with the guy.

      This is why Cody is panned as a player, its not that he wants to get out a vet, its more on the lines of he does things in a rash manner and lashes out at anyone (not just Paul) who doesn’t agree with him.

      • Cody did not like Paul from last season. He made that very clear. Right, NO ONE said he had to kiss Paul’s ass but everyone else did the minute Paul walked into the house.
        You’re right it’s not that Cody wants to get out a vet. He wanted to get out Paul because of his game play last season.
        I don’t watch the live feeds because when they were on Showtime for years all they did was workout and eat. Sometimes they whispered but it couldn’t be understood. It was a waste of time. So I haven’t seen Paul lash out at anyone yet.

      • There’s a difference between kissing ass and making a connection. Cody didn’t do either. In fact its not just Paul, but anyone other than Jessica. He didn’t make any connection with anyone he deems useless to his game.

        And while I admire the fact that he’s ambitious of getting out a threat (Paul) he pretty much lied to everyone of who he’s putting up, causing people minus Jess, not to trust him. Everyone has gotten tired of his selfish attitude and turned on him.

      • Not sure that everyone except Jessica has turned on him. The house guests are always fickle. Everyone lies in the house.
        Jessica will be his downfall. She’s the one whispering in his ear all the time. She seems to be very pushy.

      • Can’t just kick someone out because you dont like them as a person. It’s not wise in this game. This is why he’s toast. He didn’t have to kiss ass just play the game astutely.

      • It may not be wise but any Hoh can put someone on the block because they don’t like them. It’s happened before. Many times the brain is over ruled by someone’s emotions.

      • Totally agree. You cant just play on your personal feelings. Thats why he’s in that predicament. Hes not wise. Has nothing to do with kissing Paul’s ass

    • Grody’s downfall was due to him not trusting his alliance and lying and withholding information from them. Didn’t have anything to do with Messica at that point. But now that she has turned into a raging shrew, yes, it will be his downfall to be associated with Messica. She is an angry little troll.

  29. Anyone notice how Cody takes no responsibility for his actions? He burned his alliance and its everyone else’s fault he is hated. Him and his little lap dog. Such bad humans those two are.

    • Yes! Also after watching last night’s episode again, i found it disgusting that Cody didn’t try and break up jess and xmas fight. That speaks volumes about someone’s character. He should have stopped her, it almost turned into a brawl, knowing it would have gotten her kicked off the show. I notice the little things that actually aren’t so little;-). I hate shomances but i do notice that if one of the two is going too far, the other always defuse the situation, ALWAYS, but he didn’t.

  30. Its funny the week Cody was going to put up Paul he some how gets a 3 week gift from the producers of the show just to keep him on TV.To bring back someone from last year who made the finals is a joke. For anyone who believes that this show is not controlled by the producers is crazy. This is why ratings have dropped because the show is predictable.

    • This season has not been predictable so far. This is the first time in years where the elimination votes was something to look forward to. The house did not all vote the same.

  31. I’m new to this site. Do they always spoil and tell what’s going to happen? I didn’t know that Paul was hoh until I came here.

      • Thanks jif. I guess everyone is ahead of me watching the after dark shows and the live feed. I always forget about the after dark shows until the next morning. When did cody call jessica the other girls name while they were cuddling.

  32. I just saw a promotion for Candy Crush, new game show on CBS. And guess who one of the star contestant is? Paul. It’s a BB vs Survivor episode.

    • I saw that. The show might be entertainig, I watch a few scenes from youtube the other day.

      • Just saw another add. I froze the screen and could pick out Paul, Frankie (ugh) and Caleb. There were two others but I think they are from survivor.

  33. Paul needs to stop throwing names around or he’s going to dig himself a whole. Example Kevin!
    Also, I respect the HOH when they don’t do back door plans. When they nominate exactly who they want out and give them a fighting chance. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I have a lot of respect when they do that.
    Josh being on the block should be exciting, even though Paul reassured him that he is safe, it’s already very clear that Josh is super paranoid so this should be interesting!

  34. In all honesty he, I don’t want Cody or Jessica to go home this week. Without either of them, this first week would not have been as exciting as it was! And I don’t want this entertainment to go! Taking out Cody this week and Jessica next week, if that is the Plan and that’s how it works out. Boring! It’s would just like every other big brother season for the past few years.

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