Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Saturday Daytime Highlights

Josh talks with Christmas about Paul on BB19

Veto Day arrived for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests as they prepared for who would be playing and tried to look at ahead and what moves they could make this week. The picks came through and left the majority frustrated, but ready to move ahead on their plans to evict the secret target.

Jason continued to worry even after being explicitly warned about the danger, but instead of keeping it to himself he took the worries to Alex who falsely promised him safety yet again. Oops.

Here’s what the HGs have been up to on Saturday so far as we await the Veto competition and its critical results for the week’s events.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 2, 2017:

9:15 AM BBT – Lights are on, but HGs aren’t really moving yet.

10:30 AM BBT – Christmas and Raven are hanging out in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Christmas says Raven is in a better position now with Matthew gone and she can just lay low for now.

10:35 AM BBT – Christmas tells Raven not to align with Paul or others will see that as a threat. Christmas suggests Alex actually wants them to take a shot at Jason. They wonder if Alex and Jason would really save the other if they won the Veto.

11:05 AM BBT – Paul yet again suggests this will be a Sunday eviction. (No. Again.)

11:30 AM BBT – Paul has a new plan and thinks they should save whichever of Alex and Jason is going to be staying to gain favor with that HG as well as scaring Kevin in the process. He thinks he can convince Jason to save Alex then they can get him out.

11:55 AM BBT – Jason tells Alex he’s getting worried, but tells her not to overreact to his concerns. He says it doesn’t make sense to nominate them both. She says it was to keep Kevin calm. They each say they’ll save the other if they win Veto.

12:00 PM BBT – Alex says if Jason feels nervous then they should go talk to Paul again. Alex reminds Jason that Paul’s game last year was based on “friendship” so surely they can trust him again this year. (Dummy.)

12:40 PM BBT – Alex reminds Jason that as long as one of them comes down then they’ve got the votes for the other to stay with Josh and Paul joining them. Jason says it’s too risky still to not try and win Veto. He doesn’t like the idea of letting Paul win it. Alex agrees that they should play to win then.

12:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul “they” don’t have the votes to get “us” out. She thinks Christmas would look bad to renom Paul. Jason asks Paul what they should do with the comp. Paul says he (P) needs to win.

12:50 PM BBT – Alex lets Josh know it’d be best for Paul to win Veto so he’d be safe from renom too.

1:00 PM BBT – Paul promises to Alex that he’ll save her if he wins Veto. He then reports back to Christmas that Alex and Jason are okay with throwing the Veto to him. Paul says if he wins then he’ll save Alex and reel her in then set things up for the tiebreaker. Christmas says she’s comfortable with a tiebreaker and would send Jason out.

1:05 PM BBT – Christmas starts counting votes and wonders what happens if Alex comes down and votes for Kevin to go.

1:12 PM BBT – Feeds cut to pick players.

1:41 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Players were picked. Josh will host. Everyone else will play. Paul is annoyed with the picks and didn’t want Kevin to play.

1:45 PM BBT – Josh warns Christmas that Paul will save Alex if he wins it and that would be Paul playing for Paul rather than their trio. Josh isn’t happy that Paul is playing every corner of the house. He says this is all to Paul’s benefit and to help Paul with Jury votes while he and Christmas look like the bad guys. Josh warns Christmas that when Jason goes Alex will be enraged and come after the two of them.

1:50 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh to stop with the anti-Paul talk or someone might overhear him. Christmas says if Alex comes down then they all need to vote the same so Paul can’t put the blame on them instead.

1:55 PM BBT – Josh warns Christmas that Jason suggested he (Jo) and Christmas has an alliance. He fears Paul is putting that idea out there.

2:00 PM BBT – Josh says he’s not going to play the game to benefit one person’s game. Christmas tells him he needs to rephrase that less aggressively.

2:10 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas whatever they do, it needs to benefit all three of them. Christmas agrees and tells him to suggest the moves need to be mutually beneficial.

2:15 PM BBT – Josh again warns Christmas that after they take a shot at Alex and Jason, then Alex is going to come after them next week and she’d put the two of them up. Christmas says they can address this tonight between the three of them.

2:20 PM BBT – Josh admits he understands that Paul is worried about Jury votes, but they should all three get to worry about them too.

2:30 PM BBT – Christmas worries the Jury might see her as someone who has been carried all season, but she doesn’t see it that way and guesses viewers don’t either.

2:35 PM BBT – Paul arrives so Christmas and Josh change their discussion. Alex follows in with Paul.

2:40 PM BBT – Alex complains to Paul, Christmas, and Josh about Jason being worried. She retells them the discussion she had with Jason earlier.

2:55 PM BBT – The group discussion continues as they focus on complaining about Kevin and how much they dislike him for being old and dumb.

Read what happened next with our Saturday Overnight Feed Highlights Report for the Veto competition results and overnight fallout planning for the next eviction.

The draw went well for Jason as I’m sure he’d rather go against Kevin than Josh, but if he takes the dangerous decision to listen to Alex or Paul and pull back on the throttle in the comp then he’s done and gone. We’ll keep watching and waiting to find out what happens next tonight.

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  1. If Alex wouldn’t have followed Paul, the discussion would have turned to getting rid of jason not Kevin. Production is definitely putting ideas in Josh’s head. he is not an idiot, but I don’t think he thought of Paul playing for himself all on his own. Josh needs to also see that Christmas is unable to climb out of Paul’s behind and try to talk to Kevin and Jason about his suspicions.

    • Actually, Josh has been the most observant one this season. The Christmas talks to him is like the way Alex talks to Jason. I see Kevin winning the comp and Jason coming down. Since Josh is in the F3 with Christmas and Paul, I don’t see either of those two going up, so that leaves poor old Raven and her many ailments to contend with. Maybe after the fact, Kevin, Josh and Jason can team up and take out the rest.

  2. Josh and Jason each have as their “ride or die” partners, two very strong women & they both are second-guessing their own instincts, thinking Christmas & Alex are more intuitive than they are. Wake up, boys. Christmas & Alex are being played like a Stradivarius by Paul.

  3. Aside from Jason’s inappropriate comment, I really think he has the best chance of going all the way. I, and I’m sure virtually all anti-Paul fans, hope that he’ll win the POV and save himself. He was smart/bold enough not to use POV last week, and hopefully he’ll be smart enough to keep himself in the running by saving himself. If he wins today, then it’ll give him at the very least two more chances to save himself next week. We really don’t need another Jessica or Matthew, who both threw away their chances for someone else.

    • Sorry, I lost you when you said Jason has the best chance of winning. Unless he or Kevin win PoV AND then he, Kevin, or Alex win the DE HoH, Jason won’t last beyond this week. You seem to be the only person who doesn’t make Paul the favorite.

      • Well that’s only partially accurate. His chances would be hurt if he or Kevin doesn’t win DE HOH (Alex is not in this equation because I think she’s going home next). However, I said above that he can play in every POV from here on out. So if a HG’s objective is to win HOH every other week up to F3 and send Jason out, it won’t do sh*t if Jason wins every POV. Plus, I’m not entirely sure if Paul can win endurance comps either in F3. If his F3 scenario works out then I’d be convinced otherwise. But I still think that Jason is the best competitor competition wise that’s still left in the game with Paul being a close second. This is all assuming that Jason doesn’t go home next eviction.

      • Because I want Jason to win it all, I’m hoping Jason wins and uses veto to save himself to avoid any further drama. I could care less if Alex goes next eviction because she is one of the few people that can beat Jason in comps.

  4. This line is absolutely priceless!!! “Alex says if Jason feels nervous then they should go talk to Paul again. Alex reminds Jason that Paul’s game last year was based on “friendship” so surely they can trust him again this year.
    The feral wombat has not only shown what a mean and bitchy little POS she is but she’s moronic as well, I love it!!

  5. Oh my gosh . . Please CBS have a new reality show that actually follows these idiots home and watch their reactions to seeing how awful and stupid they were!

  6. Last year Paul wearing the Floatie Pablo was entertaining, & well endearing…This year Paul walking around all day with a Floatie around his waist, just looks stupid AF, imvho?!

  7. I don’t understand why these people are worried and nervous, since they already talked to Paul. Paul will keep his promises, they’ll all get to the Jury house in due time…

  8. just saw a reddit clip, raven watching chess and picking her arm. she picks a scab and eats it.
    I s#!t you not

  9. Just read on Jokers that Christmas feels like jury will use her broken foot against her, and play it like she hadn’t done anything. But that the viewers know she has worked hard…. Ummmm does she not know both of her HOH’s were given to her? She has played Paul’s game for him?

      • Was thinking that if Christmas hadn’t returned, they would have let her come back next year.
        BUT – – –
        Some one else posted that next year is Big Brother 20, that’s 20!!! and that BB would possibly have a specialty version, maybe all vets, all AVPs, all winners, something special and different that having Christmas in there wouldn’t qualify for.
        Ah, the possibilities!!! :-)

    • Well said. She will sit next to Raven in the finals and clap along with the rest of us when Paul is announced as the winner.

    • I’d say almost 100% of the players of BB have no idea on how they are being perceive by the viewers….or they’re always wrong.

      • I think Paul has a pretty good read on how the viewers are seeing people in the BB house.

      • I would take exceptions to Vets, They know how to work the camera, what’s gonna make the cut, but he made some comments that are way off.

      • You must have missed what he said in the wave room, 3 weeks or so ago. He went down the roster, including himself and he had each and everyone of them nailed. He knows the drill and is fully aware that he is overwhelmingly hated this time around.

      • He also had a feeling he’s being portrayed as a villain. Dindn’t on, but If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that after he heard it from a ‘bull horn outside the lot? lol

      • I think he knew, I also think the DR sessions were giving him clues as well. At least he’s perceptive in that regard, the others have no clue, NONE.

  10. For all the tweeters out there, there’s a hilarious parody acct of terminal tilly’s mom, @Ravens_MOM_BB19.

    • LOLOL! I know, Em, I’ve been following the site…whoever runs it is hilarious! Did you see the ones where she’s asking about Gina Marie? Or the toilet planting garden?? OMFG! So funny!

      • Yeah, didn’t you hear? Apparently raven said something about being able to “handle” Gina Marie or something like that and GM saw it on the feeds and posted a little tizzy on twitter saying she was going to be waiting for raven on finale night!! LMAO! This white trash season just got even trashier folks! ;)

      • Yeah this has been going on twitter for a few days… I was lmao & thinking Paul is lucky she isn’t coming for him. Paul’s a little rich boy…that girl is ghetto, she’d beat his a$$!! hahaha

      • Paul on the ground. I said friendship! your supposed to stop.
        Gina Marie laughs. Ain’t no time outs in the street homie!

      • Did anyone read the updates where Paul, Raven and Josh, maybe Alex were talking about weed? Paul asked Raven if smoking weed helps her pain and stomach problems. She said yes. He then said how about dope? She said yeah, that too. By dope, did he mean heroin? Here on Long Island dope is heroin.

      • Really hope Raven was trying to be cool and just had no idea what she was saying. if someone asked her if she had schizophrenia. She would say I had it and couldn’t walk for like 3 weeks!

      • Hahaha! You know what, normally I’d say be serious, but with raven…?
        You could be right. She is the Queen of one upping. If someone has cancer, she has a malignant brain tumor that is attacking her prefrontal cortex as she speaks…you know what I mean???

      • That’s what I was hoping too. She says yes because she doesn’t really know what he meant.

      • Hello Ms. Fiddle. How are ya today? :) Guess who I chatted with today? Sharona. She is finally coming out of her exile. ;) haha

        Oh, btw, do you follow #RavenExposedParty too? It’s totally funny. Loaded with lots of hilarious info on our least favorite hypochondriac! hehehe

      • Hey TG, I’m good sugar, how are you this fine lovely September eve? I don’t know Sharona, just have seen a few posts here and there.

  11. No Christmas ur wrong, we the viewers do feel you’ve been carried all season, or at least I do, I can’t speak for everyone !!!

  12. Crossing my fingers and toes that the “old, dumb” guy wins veto and pull the other “dumb” guy down. Then the vote out Raven or Alex, I am sure Christmas would not put up Paul.

    Good for Josh for finally voicing his concerns about Paul even if it is fallen on deaf ears. Now, he needs to play for Josh!

    • Rooting for Kevin or Jason to win VETO! Let Alex be sent to the jury house! She is totally useless and clueless!

    • Really hoping for your scenario. Josh, Kevin and Jason could run the game. Jason needs to break free from Alex and join with Kevin first.

  13. The fact that these HGs haven’t compared notes on douchenozzle Paul is beyond ridiculous. He’s in a F2 agreement with literally every person in the F-ing house. (Raven doesn’t count as a person as she’s lacking a chromosome or 2).

  14. If America had the vote to eliminate HGs, rather than HG’s voting for each other, who do you believe would be the remaining HGs as of today? Personally, I only see Kevin as one of the remaining HG.

  15. They’re all playing Paul’s game, they’re so dumb Paul telling them all different lies and no one discusses him with each other or they could’ve been caught on to him. Dummies with a capital “D”. Every time someone wins HOH, they claim they’re going to make a big move, well the big move is to put up Paul.

  16. Kevin is really deep in thought…Poor guy he wants to blow the house up but is afraid of the backdraft…I wish he would go off on Alex and then Paul for threatening him…

    • Me too. But this house is so ugly…Kevin would only get it way worse from the minions. To rid the house of the disease, they have to cut the head off the snake (Paul) and no one is willing to do it. They all are content to be 2nd to him. I’ve accepted it now & have realized this is simply going to be a worthless season of BB.

      Looking forward to Survivor now! :)

  17. I’d sign an affidavit that Raven’s gastroparesis is fatal, if it means Kevin wins POV. I’ll throw in her wish for a hysterectomy if Alex goes home this week. I’ll buy her her new knees if I can go into the house and give Kevin a hug and tell him what’s the REAL dealio. Then he and the little man can take over this thang.

  18. Alex is most in need of winning the money – so she can buy herself some clothes. She need to cover up her chest.

  19. kevins daughters run quotes from the house on their twitter. so sad they have to hear this stuff. raven said “I will make that old man cry”
    I wish his family well.

  20. I hope Alex is voted out. Maybe then, just maybe she will put a shirt on. I’m over seeing her bra. And one question, is she wearing the sports bra backwards? lol doesn’t look like one I have ever owned.

  21. You can call Raven a grifter but production cannot, think about it. Just kidding Big Brother, they might punish me by putting me on the show, no no no not that, you already made me watch Kevin and the toothbrush, there are some things that cannot be unseen. If you can supply condoms to HGs get him a stack of toothbrushes, single use or labeled mouth toothbrush / head toothbrush, better yet beg him to stop, if not for me for yourself

  22. I was reading alex bio. As job she’s an eco-friendly mkt rep. Then she explain she’s watching 5h of tv every night and watch Netflix while at work. What the heck??? I guess is employer is happy to know she’s paidcwatching movies and using internet connection for streaming!!! I don’t get it. Either she was just not really thinking when she put that in her bio (she’s not very smart we know that) or she’s lying. No employer will let their employees watching tv while working unless tv is your job!!!

      • I don’t see that a question of own office. With headphones you don’t disturb others. It’s a question of being paid to work. Not to watch Netflix.

    • She’s unemployed and lives at her parent’s house! smh She even said the other day she lived with her parents when she said her mother told her (and I quote) “I’m not your *bleep* (insert N-word here) clean up after yourself!”! Wow, with parents like that is it any wonder Alex is a bully??

      • Yep. She actually said her mother said to her (Alex) I’m not your *Ni***r do it yourself!” But it was shocking how casually she dropped that info…

      • Wow, explains a lot about the feral wombat’s behavior if that is the language they use to communicate.

      • Explains more now that we see that huh?? If her parents are like that well… kind of like Aaryn in BB 15. Hate breeds hate… And Alex obviously has a lot of hate inside her.

  23. I told yal they shouldn’t have kept that loser Josh, he’s being told that in the DR. This comment is directed to the Paul team. I don’t care what any Paul haters have to say so don’t waste your time with an anti Paul rant in response to this comment. Again, this message is for team Paul.

  24. The anti-Kevin garbage is really old. I don’t want him to win but these people are jerks. They’re like teenagers who can do no wrong and think every adult is stupid.

  25. Screenshot of terminal tilly eating whatever she just picked off her skin.
    *ladyofshallot, it was Alex playing, you were right :)

      • lol. There are trash like that all over the country and they are her fans. Even in a a house with only 16 people most of the girls were trash.

      • I forgot about them. You are correct. The remaining females made those two unforgettable, in a good way.

      • My guess the people who voted for Trump will vote for Paul Alex Josh Christmas Raven 😉
        (Am I allowed to say that?) LOL
        I am safe and secure in Vancouver hee hee

      • Lol. Not here. We have anti politics people. Maybe Christmas and Raven, but definitely not the people of color.

      • The America that hates Paul so much they’ll vote for anyone but him. He lost a huge fan base this season. Not a Paul fan this year. He is playing the best game…but I would not vote for him or any of his mutts for AFP No way. No how!

      • Not necessarily :-) I think Paul has played the best game but he isn’t my favourite player simply because he has been behind a lot of negativity of the season.

      • You might want to read my post before you comment. I said I am not a Paul fan this year… BUT he is playing the best game. However, I wouldn’t vote for him as AFP. I stand by my statement.

      • Okay. No worries. I just thought you didn’t read my comment thoroughly and just jumped the gun and posted a response…people do that believe it or not. Anyhow…no harm no foul. :)

      • Yes sorry about that. I guess it does look that way but, I read the whole thread and replied to your post. Just to kind of follow up.
        Glad we figured that out quickly LOL

      • Not a big deal hon. I know you’re generally a sweet person here, so I just figured you’d jumped the gun and responded too quick… :) I won’t be waiting for you outside your house…promise hahahahaha

      • Phew 😅
        And thank you :-) I always play nice on here. Just mindless entertainment
        Fun to talk to you/everyone & It’s nice to have others to vent to who understand

      • Absolutely! Love these boards…they give me a place to bitch!! LOL! And that has been extremely necessary this season…right?? ;)

      • Agreed. Mine either. I will be voting for Kevin I guess b/c really who else is there? Mark maybe? These HG are all horrible people.

      • Who else is there to vote for? I suppose Cody, he is definitely not as awful as most of these people, but he also could not manage to stay in the house, so does he deserve AFP??

      • I think Paul joining the game threw Cody off his game plan. The ridiculous treatment he was given has gained him some points. Since I have to say this each time I comment about Cody… It is not that I agreed with everything he has said and done BUT he was very direct and never stood behind anyone to fight his battles. He did not incite a team to anyone irritate anyone… blah, blah, blah… Cody stayed true to Cody, the rest, whoa! What a group!

        For me, it is between Cody and Kevin (because of Alex).

      • I agree. Like I said, it would be between Cody & Kevin for me b/c they are the only two HG who have not just been despicable in my eyes.

      • If Cody wins, it would upset all of them (and surprise Mark and Elena). If Kevin wins, it would upset Alex the most. Humph! They need to see that their treatment and despicable behavior was unacceptable. Cody to punish them all? Kevin to punish Alex? Humph!

        When do we vote?

      • And then there is that motivating factor…I would really love to piss off both Alex & Paul, so either Cody or Kevin winning AFP is a win/win for me!! Hahaha

      • Yeah, Alex will be pissed if Kevin wins AFP however, Alex along with 97% of the rest of the HGs will be even more pissed if Cody wins so I say vote Cody :-)
        I think Julie said the voting opens in September, so I’m not sure if it’s already started or not!?

      • LOL! Did your head just flip around and around like Linda Blair’s MG??!! hahaha No. I didn’t say I was voting for Cody for AFP. What I did say is if he did win it, I wouldn’t freak b/c I know it would piss off Paul, and I’m sorry hon, but Paul needs to have some kind of apple cart upset this season. If it is Cody winning AFP, then I’ll take it. hehe. I’m voting for Kevin personally…

      • Well, I can understand the feelings behind the voting. A lot of people (fans and former HG alike) do not like Paul, so they are choosing Cody because Cody was the only one to take a shot at Paul.

        MG, Paul has lost a lot of his fan base. You know that right? Some people are voting for Cody simply because they *hate* Paul…

      • I totally agree! Paul said yesterday (I think it was) to Christmas and Josh that “one of the 3 of them will be getting without a doubt get AFP!” Pretty arrogant there Paul! & VERY wrong! & Alex is super arrogant and full of herself! And just an awful person.
        I never thought I would ever say this but Josh has been thinking more when it actually comes to “Paul and the game!” Will he act upon it!? Doubtful.
        That group is just
        AND just to HORRIBLE!! immediately slap Paul, Raven, Alex, Josh and Christmas “in the face following” (LET them immediately know America/Canada did NOT like you!) having Cody or Jessica won AFP would be priceless! Their hearts with all drop to the pit of their stomach as they all realize they are not liked, like they think they are!

      • Cody?? The guy walked on the table and never talked to anyone. Are you kidding me? I’d vote for Cameron over him.

      • Yes! That guy! The guy that didn’t pretend to like those who treated him like crap. The guy who didn’t say goodbye to people who isolated him when he was on the block. Yep, the socially awkward guy. That guy, yep.

      • Absolutely not. That is absurd! Pretending to like people that you don’t, is part of the game you know?? That’s why he was evicted twice! He doesn’t even deserve to be in jury, Jessica’s earned the right to vote for the winner more than he does!, What are you people watching?? The boy barely cracked a smile the whole time there. He isolated himself and barely played the game, get real. Cody deserves to pack his trash bag and beat it!

      • Cody smiled plenty enough :-). After the mob mentality towards him (and Jessica), there was no need to pretend. Their plan was to drive him to his breaking point, a very dangerous game (for anyone). Paul baiting him into an argument, setting his dawgs on him, etc… What’s the point in saying goodbye to them? He maybe should have to Mark but that would have put a bigger target on Mark.

        Cody’s biggest problem was he didn’t want to play “Big Paul”, The Friendship Game.

      • He didn’t play Big Brother either! All your points are valid, but that’s just about as far as that goes, they CERTAINLY doesn’t qualify him as a candidate for AVP! He embodied the complete antitheses of a big brother houseguest!

      • Cameron? Oh puhleeze! Cody walked on the table because nobody got up from their seats to let him pass. He wasn’t going to wait around and get all huggy with a bunch of liars and bullies. I loved it when he walked across the table and out the door!

      • I agree! Although I would vote for Jason if I knew he was a good contender however because of his huge mistake talking/joking (NOT FUNNY) about Kevin’s wife and daughters, he will not be a contender for AFP.
        He made a mistake! A huge mistake but I am not going to hold that against him because, he has proven to be a good person all season.
        “Pobodies Nerfect” EVER!
        We are not perfect as human beings! We have all said and/or done things we have later regretted, we are all just lucky it was not caught on national TV feeds!
        I know Jason just wasn’t thinking and he didn’t mean any harm by it.
        He will have to write his wrongs when this game is over. So unfortunately I cannot vote for him so, Kevin Cody or Jessica would get my vote.
        Jessica said on Instagram to “not vote for her and to vote for Cody instead” because she doesn’t want to split votes. Make sense!
        As for Alex, the first couple weeks I thought for sure she was going to be my favourite player! But she has proven to be a terrible person! Mean and evil! Rude and snotty! Another HUGE disappointing HG!
        & One of the things I dislike most about Alex is she was horrified that Jessica poked her but yet when Jason talks about raping, Alex is laughing hysterically!!! That makes no sense! So it is very very clear that Alex only pretended to be horrified by what Jessica did to make Jessica look bad! And Alex succeeded! The whole incident and it up on TMZ. Be us! How can that hurt Alex but Jason talking about raping someone is hysterical to Alex!? It’s very sad what happened to her cousin, of course! But Alex use that to make Jessica look bad and that just makes me dislike Alex even more and feel bad for Jessica a lot more!
        Anyway sorry blah blah blah

      • The way I look at AFP every year is just the person I enjoyed watching. Someone that was entertaining but was not mean and vicious. This person didn’t have to play a perfect game, and they could’ve said things here and there that were forgivable
        or in Jason’s case, (regarding Kevin’s wife) – a very stupid stupid stupid mistake! Jason will have to write his wrongs for that and he will pay the price but I am not going to hold that against him. And I would vote for Jason as AFP however I know it will be a wasted vote, unfortunately!

        I would have no problem voting for Cody or Jessica for that matter.
        I think one without the other could’ve played a much better game. & I have zero doubt in my mind that Jessica would’ve done really really well in this game had Cody not been there. She knows the game very well and although I don’t think she would’ve been one of Paul’s minions, she would’ve played the part. I don’t think they’re bad people. No Raven, Alex, Christmas and Josh are evil! And they would never receive my vote because of the way they have treated people like Kevin, Mark etc. & ALL The terrible things they have said about people and of course all of Raven lying!
        & I think Paul has played a great game but he could not have asked for a better group of idiots to play with! It’s just too easy for him. And, he has been behind a lot of the attacks so he is just as guilty!
        Matt was never on my list however I did NOT think he was a bad person & I admired how good he was to Raven, I felt sorry for him! Boy was I proven wrong!
        Matt to Josh: “Doyou want me to attack anyone else before I go?” Seriously dude! BYE Matt!!
        I had so much respect for the guy for trying to put a stop to the initial “psychological warfare” Paul ordered his circus clowns to do but, seeing Matt’s true colours, NOW it makes perfect sense why (when he was trying to put a stop to it) his reasoning was because “Cody has killed people!” Matt and Raven deserve each other!
        Good grief, where did they get these people!
        Anyway sorry blah blah

      • Yeah, he didn’t jump in b/c he was scared of Cody. That’s why I LMAO when Raven said Matt is “going to go off on Cody in jury” *cough* Bullsh*t!! No, he isn’t. Please. Matt will come in with his tail tucked and try to make nice-nice… If you are voting for Jessica…someone here said she wanted all her fans to vote for Cody…I’m not sure if she really said that, but that is what someone I know here said. ;) Like I said, I don’t care which one wins…but I’d like to see Kevin or Cody b/c either one would throw some kind of wrench in Paul’s plans and show him none of his mutts were fan faves this year!

      • LOL I was the one that said on here tonight Jessica said to vote for Cody. She said that on Instagram live a couple days ago.
        It is a two or three minute video you can see on YouTube.

        As for Matt walking into jury and telling Cody off! As if! I agree with you, he is going to walk in there with his tail between his legs and not say much! He will just be buddy buddy with Cody guaranteed!

      • There are polls for best player and others for AFP. I think Paul is the best player, but shouldn’t win and Kevin is the most liked. I don’t get at all why Cody is on top as the best player.

      • Oh, was looking at poll Captain posted for AFP. Looks like,Cody is 2nd to Kevin for most liked if I am reading it right. Don’t get either of those choices as well as what you said as Cody voted best player.

      • If Cody wins that I will S a brick! That would be awful. He shouldn’t be rewarded for anything…Even his jury check is undeserved.

      • Jessica would have more votes however she said a few days ago on an Instagram live for “all of Jody fans to vote for Cody instead of splitting the votes.”
        Makes sense because they could end up getting second & Second gets nothing LOL
        The video is about two or three minutes long and is on YouTube.

      • I’m not big on twitter but when I have peaked at twitter this season, Kevin is popular (so is Xmas). I think after Kevin has gotten treated by alex, and how he was alone in the HN with Matt cheating, he has gained more sympathy and fans.

      • That’s what I thought. Sympathy vote. I have seen many here too comment they would vote for him because of the abuse he got from Alex. Slim pickings, right?

      • Defensiveness? Are you kidding me? How else is he supposed to act when he is getting bashed about 14 hours a day? Do you have the feeds? If you do then you know what I am talking about here. He is always and I mean always getting verbally bashed, all day, every day for the last two weeks!

      • True, I suppose we might view how to handle aggressive people differently, and that is fine. Personally, I think Kevin has maintained his composure rather well considering how he has been under constant attack for almost 2 full weeks now. If it was me, I’d have probably been expelled by now for making Alex eat her teeth! I do not think I could take that kind of constant harassment like he has, so my hat is off to him. But if you see it differently, you are, of course, welcome to your opinion hon. That is what this board is for…we do not have to agree here, but we all need to be allowed to have a voice. ;) right? :)

      • Absolutely. Just wrote a comment above explaining my thoughts more above to Georgia. Thx for sharing yours 😊

      • Probably learned from what they did to Cody and Mark, figured it wouldn’t make a difference. Just counting down the days. Kevin has a life and a loving family outside of this. Unlike the rest, he doesn’t have much to be embarrassed about when he leaves the game.

      • To be clear I think treatment he got was unwarranted and unnecessary. No way it was needed to further anyone else’s game. Every time Alex refers to him as ‘old man’ or any other disrespectful comment it is infuriating. I was just hoping more from him in his response to that and in his effort in game generally. He has more life experience and I would have loved to see him use it to put her and anyone else in their place. Instead, he retreats.

      • Anything he would have said would have fallen on deaf ears. She is relentless and the others are spectators who know she is wrong or joins in… Wasted breath.

      • Exactly. These people are not logical or honest. You cannot argue facts with a liar. Josh twists the facts to suit his version of events. He has done so repeatedly, therefore to argue with him is pointless. My dad always said, “To argue with a fool, shows there’s two”. Kevin is just trying to not be the 2nd fool.

      • Well, it seems Alex’s mother treats her like trash, so all she knows is how to treat others like trash.

      • Hon, haven’t you seen how these people take the truth and twist it? There is no arguing with them. Paul lies and Josh goes off on a tangent. Kevin almost got in a fight with Josh because he had the “gall” to ask Christmas if she was going swimming!! Which, after this HOH, seems even more ridiculous now…. But the facts are these people are not logical, rational or honest people, so how can you win an argument with them? They will lie right to your face. IMO, Kevin is doing the best thing by avoiding them…what other choice does he have?

      • Well, I might sulk too if I got treated the way he’s been treated in that house. I will agree with the “no effort” lately.

    • Jessica has been saying on her Instagram feeds and what not to vote for Cody not her so the votes don’t get split.

      • YouTube Jessica Graf Instagram live feeds.
        She asks her fans/Jody fans to “vote for Cody” otherwise the votes will get split…. it makes sense and is smart of her to say.

      • Yes, she said it on Instagram live. If you go to YouTube you can see it, it is about two or three minutes long.
        She said for Jody fans to “not split the vote and to vote for Cody as AFP instead of herself.” It makes sense.
        Otherwise they could end up in 2nd & 3rd which doesn’t pay any money LOL
        So she just encouraged her fans/Jody fans to vote for Cody.

  26. OT: Say Big Brother redid BB14’s coach twist. Who should be the four returning HGs BB brought back?

    My picks:
    Rachel (BB12)
    Andy (BB15)
    Derrick (BB16)
    Vanessa (BB17)

    A season with these four would likely be a bloodbath.

    • I don’t know if Rachel would leave her child that long…Andy would have to sober up…Derrick come out from undercover and Vanessa ..well she don’t have to come…

      • Vanessa is over this game. Rachel got everything she wants from this game, her Brenden, a win, and her baby. She is all set. No need to return.

        Derrick knows he wouldn’t have the same luck a second time.

      • I don’t think Vanessa would come back, the Vanessa we saw on BB is not the Vanessa in real life. She is super sweet and nice!

        Vanessa was a millionnaire before she even played Big Brother. She is a professional poker player, a really good professional poker player.
        Vanessa is Worth 5,000,000+

      • No, she’s not mentally ill silly. Yes, she seemed like a mental case in the house but I can assure you, she is nothing like that in real life. The house just “did something to her” like many previous HG’s have said in the past as well. Before and/or after the game

      • No, not friends with her however I am friends with people who are friends with her and we have hung out many times. She is awesome! She’s very very nice, not snobby or crazy LOL at all! She’s totally down to earth and a good person!

      • Vanessa in real life is nothing like she was on her season. That house made her mental.
        She is super super nice!
        JS :)

  27. Is there no bottom to the well these houseguests continue to freefall down? If there is, no one has reached it yet. Kevin is close (so was Cody); Josh and Jason have had their moments, but no one, really, has hit rock bottom to the point they will do whatever is necessary to save their BB lives. They all ignored Derrick’s warning not to be followers, and now it appears Matt ignored advice from Dan Gheesling. Is there no end to the stupidity?

      • Why do I recognize your name as something? LOL OK did that make any sense?
        I’ve heard “Georgia Smiles” in regards to something!? But I can’t put my finger on it.

    • OF COURSE he did!
      Josh is finally catching on to Paul’s game, Christmas (Josh’s ride or die) could have backdoored Paul!
      Of course Paul won Veto!! (Didn’t Paul NOT want to win this Veto?!? BUT all of a sudden Paul wins the veto that he didn’t want to win!?!

      I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of BB “playing me” with this “HIGHLY Scripted REALITY Show!”
      HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!! & WHY??? What difference does it make to them what happens in this game at this point!?! This entire season has been bad, so ANY UNSCRIPTED move is a BIG move at this point 😂

      BB really needs to end their showmance with Paul!
      WE ARE ALL OVER IT BB!!! (OVER it 2 months ago!)
      Sorry LOL Rant over! For now……

  28. I guess with Paul winning, it is alex getting saved, Kevin goes up and Jason goes home in a tie broken by Xmas. Alex will be thankful Paul saved her. Predictable.

    • Nooooo Paul won!!!!
      There goes my new theory of Josh catching onto Paul and talking to Christmas & them backdooring him!
      Of course EVERYTHING goes Paul’s way!
      Oh well, there’s always next week LOL

  29. MIGHT BE AN INTERESTING NITE…Josh is associating but is quieter than usual…Josh is gonna be watching and listening to Paul all week….

    • You think so? I know Josh is questioning Paul but, when push comes to shove do you think Josh will do/say anything?
      I guess he could say something to Christmas but, where did they go from there? I mean I guess they could backdoor him! But would they have enough courage to do that? Will they have the votes?
      Josh over the past 3+ weeks has said a few things in regards to questioning Paul but he didn’t act on those either. He shut it down as quick as he thought it.

      This could get good! Can you imagine if Josh (of ALL people) is the one smart enough to figure out “Paul’s game” and convinces Christmas to put him up!? Josh has been shoved up Paul’s butt the longest!
      Did more happen on the fieeds tonight?

  30. Josh needs to remember that if it weren’t for Paul he would have been gone a long time ago. I’ve grown to actually like Josh but he’s a big dummy.

  31. “12:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul “they” don’t have the votes to get “us”
    out. She thinks Christmas would look bad to renom Paul. Jason asks Paul
    what they should do with the comp. Paul says he (P) needs to win.”

    The way these people are doing everything to hand the victory to Paul is old and boring. They all might as well have self-evicted weeks ago, telling the producers to give the 500 grand to Paul.

  32. “1:45 PM BBT – …Josh
    isn’t happy that Paul is playing every corner of the house…”

    Is Josh really the only one out of these people who’s figured out that Paul is simultaneously screwing everyone over?

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