‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: ‘Paul And Christmas Are The More Expendable Ones’

Houseguests became increasingly suspicious of Cody’s pending decision on who could be sent to the Block as the first final nominees of Big Brother 19. It became clear to us out here where Cod was heading in his selection and last night he explained to Jessica the motives behind his plan.

Jessica and Cody have a late night talk on BB19

Early on Saturday Cody spoke with Matthew that he wanted to make deals to protect the couples and Dominique. Well that’s only seven of the group’s nine members. Paul and Christmas aren’t in a showmance, aren’t a couple, and aren’t Dominique. Watch out, guys.

Soon Cody was talking with Alex & Jillian then Ramses, offering both groups a possible deal in exchange for their safety. Both agreed though almost immediately said privately that they would still plan on putting Cody on the Block next week no matter what deal they agreed to with him.

Catch up on my review of Cody’s renom plans from yesterday as we listened in on the Live Feeds and narrowed down Cody’s options until it became clear that he was planning to go after either Christmas or Paul. Of course we know what Cody doesn’t. Paul isn’t going anywhere for at least three evictions.

Once you’re caught up there then Flashback to 2:41 AM BBT 7/2 on Cams 1/2 to hear Cody explain why he’s about to do what we now expect for the Veto Ceremony. Get the Free Trial to watch this now.

Jessica: I feel like I’m starting to understand your long game a little bit better.

Cody: What do you think?

Jessica: So, from what you told me today, in your strategy, and this obviously stays between us. I won’t mention it. In your strategy, Paul and Christmas are the more expendable ones.

Cody: They are the…

Jessica: In case of an emergency, please use…

Cody: [takes Jessica’s arm] When it’s me, you, Elena, Mark, Raven, Matt, and Dominique together it is cool, calm, collected, fun. Everything you’d just expect from a natural, like good group. Whenever Paul or Christmas is around, the amount of anxiety, game fear, all that increases. I just watch and it f**king it skyrockets. And then, anytime that I believe there’s any kind of distrust sown in between the group it’s either one of them. This is not just me observing. This is like conversations I’ve had with everyone.

All of you guys have like graciously, like f**king blindly trusted my game without, you’re like, “it’s Cody, he’s f**king he’s the dude, he knows what he’s doing.” They are the ones sowing the confusion and distrust and saying whatever they f**king say, I don’t really ask for specifics, whatever, and they are the ones just creating this f**king fear. That’s all I’m going to say on it.

Jessica: I get it. I understand what you’re saying and I mean, I don’t disagree with you. Okay.

Cody: Cause you’ve seen it too.

Jessica: I feel, um, a loyalty to Paul, especially because he gave me a bracelet on the first night so it’s hard for me to… I guess you could say Paul is my Alex, but I understand where you are coming from and we do have to think long term.

So, basically it’s “kneel before the mighty Zeus,” something Paul and Christmas haven’t done to Cody’s satisfaction and now they’re on the outs with him. Gotta love what Cody delivers for us on the Feeds.

The conversation ends there as they shift to kissing instead of talking. And if you really want to push your limits, scroll the timeline ahead to the Live Feeds at 3:10 AM BBT on the same cameras (1/2) to find Cody and Jessica getting busy under the sheets. You’ve been warned.

Gallery: Jessica & Cody Overnight Talks

Well it seems pretty cut and dried that Cody is planning to go with either Paul or Christmas for the renom. Obviously he can’t evict Paul since viewers voted him to receive three rounds of safety so this Veto meeting decision could be determined by the Pendant of Protection.

I would assume Paul can’t touch the Block, but if he can go up but secretly can’t be evicted then it’s over for Jillian. If instead Cody names Paul as the renom and Paul whips out his pendant preventing that move then we can expect Christmas to go up on the Block.

This is going to be a fun meeting. Power of Veto Ceremonies are typically held on Mondays while Veto comps are usually Saturday but that went a day early this round. I’m expecting we’ll get the meeting today and the spoilers to go with it sometime this afternoon. Get our free Big Brother App to receive the notification alert when it happens.

There should be some early 4th of July fireworks going off if Cody sticks to this plan. You might remember how Paul reacted the last time an HoH betrayed his trust and targeted him. Good Feeds ahead! Support our site & efforts by getting the Big Brother Feeds Free Trial now & watching along.

Update: Cody has started pitching his deals. Oh my this is going to be good! He told Jason that he’ll keep him off the Block and will put up one of his own this week. And for next week, Cody tells Jason that he can target Christmas if he wins HoH. So… if Cody plans for Christmas to be here next week as an offering to Jason then Cody is planning to try and renom Paul!

This is going to be amazing Feeds. Do NOT miss this action. Get yours now and be ready to watch.


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