Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Saturday Daytime Highlights

There has been some scheming going on inside the Big Brother 19 house today as Mark was picked to play in the veto so Paul and Christmas started talking about who to target based on a number of Veto competition scenarios.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 19, 2017:

9:25 AM BBT – HGs getting a late start to the day and a slow one at that.

11:15 AM BBT – HGs seem to be ignoring the no sleeping between 10-10  rule. Only Matthew and Raven are up and about.

11:20 AM BBT – Jason is finally up too and starts getting ready.

11:55 AM BBT – Everyone is talking about a rat in the house. Josh is trying to say it’s real but everyone says it has to be a fake rat.

12:28 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Time to pick players for the Veto competition.

12:59 PM BBT – Feeds return. Players were picked for the veto. Sounds like Raven, Mark and Paul will  join the HOH and nominees in the competition.

1:04 PM BBT – Christmas is freaking out because Mark got picked to play in the Veto competition.

1:15 PM BBT – Alex, Paul and Christmas are trashing Kevin again. Paul says Kevin wants all the attention and Alex again says he’s playing the old man card.

1:20 PM BBT – People are freaking out that Christmas picked Raven to play in the veto. Jason is panicking and thinks something is up that she didn’t pick Alex.

1:33 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul discuss getting Jason out. They say if he has to go then Alex and Kevin will end up killing each other. They agree the plan is to sell get Mark out, but if something happens, they can look at Jason as an option.

1:38 PM BBT – Jason thinks Kevin is telling Matthew and Raven all of their secrets.

1:40 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that if they get Mark out this week then need to go for Jason or Matthew. Christmas says they need to keep Alex happy so Paul says the would have to put Kevin up next to Jason for that reason.

1:42 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex that they’re going to have to start clipping them. Alex says that’s why they have to win all the HOH comps. Jason is getting paranoid and Alex is trying to reel him in.

2:04 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

2:31 PM BBT – Feeds return. Have-nots were picked. Christmas picked Mark and Josh.

3:00 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he feels like something fishy is going on this week. Kevin tells him there’s no way he will vote against him this week.

3:30 PM BBT – Paul, Christmas and Raven are discussing Kevin. Paul says he’s stirring the pot too much. Christmas said if Mark wins veto and uses it, she’s not afraid to put Kevin up and tell him exactly why. Christmas says he’s giving her too much anxiety.

3:32 PM BBT – Raven leaves the room and Paul and Christmas start trashing her. Christmas says Raven is a collector. She gathers information and goes on. Paul says that worst case is Mark wins veto and saves Jason. He says then they’ll go for Kevin. But if Mark wins veto and doesn’t use it, they can vote out Jason.

4:10 PM BBT – Alex gets called to set up camp and make hotdogs, so the HGs know they won’t be playing Veto anytime too soon.

4:18 PM BBT – Mark asks Paul how he feels this time around in the game. He says he’s exhausted because he’s had to play every week.

4:20 PM BBT – Mark tells Paul he was glad he got to repay his debt to Paul by giving him the temptation “Save a Friend” Mark won. Paul thanks him and says he didn’t expect that.

4:23 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex he saw Christmas rolling her eyes at him. He’s still paranoid about being on the block and Mark playing veto.

4:30 PM BBT – Paul is going over last season with Mark and Josh. He stands by taking Nicole to the end and says he’d do it again because she played a better game than James.

4:37 PM BBT – HGs get containers to protect their food from the rat that is apparently loose in the house.

5:35 PM BBT – Alex warns Jason it could come down to a tie and go to Christmas. On the plus side, Alex says Jason’s only real competition will be Mark and Paul so that’s good for his chances.

6:00 PM BBT – Josh is downplaying his BB fandom saying he’s only watched parts of a few seasons.

6:05 PM BBT – Josh asks Mark what was his downfall in the game. Mark says he joined the wrong team and then when Elena threw the HoH comp to Alex everything went downhill.

6:08 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto competition to begin!

Highlights Report for overnight reveals the winner of the Veto and what happened next when the Feeds returned.

So basically Mark is the target. But if Mark wins Veto and doesn’t use it, Paul and Christmas will make the push to get Jason out this week. If Mark uses the veto on Jason, Kevin will go up and become the target.

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