Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments of Week 9

From the hide-a-veto competition to multiple fights, Big Brother 19 was one messy week. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up with more Ewws than Ahhs this week, but I’ll try my best to find something positive. But like I said, everything this week was just a mess, so it’s going to appear that I’m being very, very negative. Just be warned. Let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 9

Eww. Alex Ow: I’m just going to start with what I found to be the worst part of the week for me. If you’re only watching the TV edit of the show then you’re probably scratching your heads right now. I’m basing this entry off the Big Brother Live Feeds where Alex spent the past week bashing Kevin with someone of the worst things ever said in the Big Brother house. I said SOME of, so don’t start lecturing me on BB15. She said so many awful things, this will be the first time I’ve used bullet points for an Eww. Here’s some of what she said:

  • “He (Kevin) can see the weakness. That’s what child molesters do. They see which kids arent going to tell.”
  • He (Kevin) is exactly like a predator if you watch one of those murderer shows. He is a murderer.”
  • “If Kevin wins America’s Favorite, I’m just gonna kick him in the balls and shout ‘f**k you ,old man’.”
  • “I said his (Kevin’s) skin looked leathery and he is going to get cancer. He was not happy.”
  • “If Kevin says anything about his clothes or the questions, be like ‘she thinks you have dementia.'”
  • “I told Kevin that his skin looks leathery and he looks like he has premature aging.”

So that’s just some of what she said this week. She also called everyone around and gave them all glasses of Coke to toast in front of Kevin, who is a have-not and cannot have any. She also poured out all of his slop and when he had to get more, she told him he needs to learn how to fix it himself. Oh and there was the whole thing where she laughed at the tasteless joke Jason made that ended up being covered by international news outlets (read more on that later).

I’m all for BB drama. That’s one of the best parts. But the way these HGs have treated each other have been pretty extreme. But nothing has been as bad as the things Alex has been saying and doing to Kevin. It’s despicable and it’s a shame that the producers aren’t showing who she really is to the TV viewers.

Ahh. Jason Doesn’t Back Down. For the first time this season one of Paul’s minions stood up to him and did what he wanted to do. Paul wanted Jason to use the veto on Raven and put Kevin up. The plan was still to evict Matt, but with Alex ready to actually kill Kevin, I think she would have settled for evicting him instead. So Jason knew the risk and didn’t want Kevin to go. So he stood his ground and kept his nominations the same.

Eww. Jason Joins In. Even though Kevin and Jason have been buds all week, Jason was a follower this week and joined in on the Kevin bashing, saying one of the most despicable things of the season. It was so icky that it made international headlines (including TV Guide, TMZ and the London Daily Mail). What was the actual quote? “I’ll f— your wife when I get out of here. I’m going to tie up all your daughters and make them f—ing watch.” It was said to a group of people that didn’t include Kevin and the context of the comment was thinking of the worst possible things they could say to Kevin. No matter what the context was, it’s an inexcusable thing to say, especially about one of your closest allies. What a follower thing to do.

Ahh. Matt Finally Remembers He’s Playing Big Brother: After doing nothing all season, Matt finally decided to wake up ad have a little confrontation with Jason after the veto ceremony that ended on Matt and Raven remaining on the block. It was nice to see Matt actually play the game for five minutes. But that was all out of anger and didn’t last very long.

Matthew Cline breaks the rules on Big Brother 19

Eww. Matt Disrespects the Game: As soon as Matt realized he would be going home this week, he began ignoring all the Have-Not rules. He ate and drank what he wanted, he took hot showers and he slept with Raven in a real bed. Big Brother gave him countless warnings and he ended up with a penalty vote (he should have had about 20). It was just as slap in the face to everyone ever evicted before him and everyone on the outside who would eat slop the rest of their lives just to get the chance to play Big Brother. What a waste of space.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 eviction

Ahh. Matt Gets Evicted: After what I posted above, everyone should be happy Matt is gone from the game. He shouldn’t even have been able to go to jury for breaking all those rules, but at least he’s out of the game where he deserves to be.

What did you think of this week? Did I miss any high points? I think I covered all the lows. Sigh.


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