Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 11

A lot happened this past week in the Big Brother 19 house, that is unless you were watching the Live Feeds, then it looked like a lot of nothing. But we had two HOH competitions, two vetoes and two evictions, giving us our Final 3. So that means we have a lot of Ewws and Ahhs to get through this week. So let’s go.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 11

Eww: The Revengers. That had to be one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen Big Brother do. And the acting was atrocious. The only person who wasn’t bad at reading lines was Dan. And it was so good to see him back on the BB screen. It’s refreshing to see someone pop up who wasn’t on BB16 and after (and isn’t Jessie).

Eww: Kevin Loses HOH. I’m not surprised Kevin didn’t win HOH. Even when he tries he’s not that great at it, but he spent too much time trusting Paul this season, so he fell in line and threw the one comp he might have had a shot at. I would have loved to see Kevin be the one to send Alex out after the horrible way she treated him all season.

Ahh: Alex Loses Veto. I’ve been ready for Alex to go after all the garbage she’s spewed this season so losing the veto was the final nail in her BB coffin.

Alex enjoys her last Coke in BB19

Ahh: Paul Tells Alex He’s Not Using Veto. It was nice of Paul to finally come clean about something this season, but the best part about it was watching Alex isolate herself, which is something she criticized others for doing.

Eww: Alex’s Edit. As I’ve been saying, Alex has said some horrible things this season and if you don’t watch the Live Feeds you’d have no idea. The TV edit made her out to be a cute little prankster who got stabbed in the back by Paul. Don’t be fooled. She’s been one of the most vile people of the season.

Ahh: Alex is Evicted. Bye, Alex. You shouldn’t have thrown everything way by doing every single thing Paul said. And how sweet it is that Kevin outlasts you in the game.

Eww: Paul’s Reaction to Winning HOH. In Big Brother 18 when Paul won the same HOH competition, he was emotional. I was emotional. Most of the fandom was emotional. This season, though, Paul’s emotions seemed fake and silly. He hasn’t had to struggle this season, so why was he so emotional? He could have lost the HOH and still made it to final 3 this week. I’ll just say it: BB18 Paul > BB19 Paul.

Eww: Kevin Loses Veto. I would have loved to see who got to stay between Josh and Christmas if Kevin had won the veto this week. And that would also mean Kevin was in the final 3. It wouldn’t be the most-deserved final 3 position, but Kevin is a good guy and it would have been fun to see.

Ahh: Jury Footage. We haven’t seen much jury footage this season because I imaged it was just Cody staring off into space and Mark and Elena’s no-mance and Matt eating cereal. But after Jason, Raven and then Alex arrived, we had a show. It was hilarious to find out that Raven thought she and Matt were actually running the show. And watching Elena and Mark laugh in her face was gold. Also, everyone finding out Paul basically had a final 3 deal with them was interesting and should make for a tight finale vote.

Eww: Kevin is Evicted. And of course we said goodbye to Kevin. The Final 3 Paul wanted, Paul got. Here’s to hoping Kevin has a shot at America’s Favorite Player for putting up with all those crazies all summer.

Ahh: Josh’s Goodbye Message. I’ve never seen a BB player play his best game via goodbye messages. Josh has again worked to sink Paul’s jury votes with Kevin’s goodbye message. I’m actually surprised players are allowed to say that kind of stuff in messages (mostly because I’ve never seen anyone do it before). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember anyone else doing this. Is it something they just started allowing?

What did you think of Week 11? What were the best and worst moments for you?



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