Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 5: Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 18 houseguests started their day late Sunday, but the rest of the day was spent talking game. Frank isn’t ready to give up just yet and since Michelle, who holds the veto, isn’t a Bridgette fan, he knows he’s got something to work with.

Corey takes an important call on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 24, 2016:

1:30 PM BBT – Lights come on, but HGs are still fast asleep.

3:10 PM BBT – Frank, Nicole, and Bridgette are awake. A few more start to join them.

3:55 PM BBT – The ladies are getting themselves all fixed up for the day.

4:40 PM BBT – Zakiyah is tired of waiting for Paulie to wake so she goes and straddles him in bed.

4:50 PM BBT – Frank wakes up again and wanders in to the kitchen. HGs says “good morning.” It’s nearly 5PM.

5:10 PM BBT – James warns Nicole he’s heard her name mentioned a few times as a target. He says Frank called her flip-floppy. Nicole protests that she’s not. (She’s absolutely “flip floppy.”)

5:15 PM BBT – Nicole relays back to James and Michelle that Frank thinks Michelle will use the Veto. Frank walks in and their discussion stops.

5:20 PM BBT – Frank puts them on the spot and wants to know if they’ll flip to evicting Da’Vonne. Michelle says she doesn’t want to upset the whole house. James says he’ll follow the group’s lead, whatever they decide.

5:30 PM BBT – Frank says he’ll get everyone together later to talk, that’s everyone minus Day and Zakiyah. Frank leaves. James says there’s no way the house is going to go along with this.

5:35 PM BBT – Michelle says they should keep Frank over Bridgette and that Bridgette has been doing very well in comps. Michelle points out that if Frank stays he’ll be going after Da’Vonne, but if Bridgette stays she’ll be going after James. (That’s in a case where both remain on the Block at the end of the week rather than Frank’s ideal situation of getting Day on the Block.)

5:45 PM BBT – James isn’t buying Michelle’s suggestions and wants Frank out. Michelle yields. The group (including Nicole) agrees that Frank goes this week.

6:05 PM BBT – Da’Vonne pokes her head in to the HoH room. She was concerned about Frank being up there holding meetings. James promises Da’Vonne she is not going to be put up on the Block. “1000%”

6:15 PM BBT – Paulie is anxious for Michelle to tell Frank she’s not using the Veto and he wonders why she hasn’t told him yet.

6:30 PM BBT – Day, Paul, Zakiyah, and Nicole are wondering what’s going on. Paul thinks Michelle seems a little off.

6:40 PM BBT – Zakiyah says she won’t fake it with Bridgette and that she just doesn’t like her.

7:00 PM BBT – Zakiyah suggests they let Victor win the next HoH so he’ll target Bridgette and they’ll all be free to compete in the next HoH comp.

7:35 PM BBT – Frank is working on Corey that they’d make a great alliance with Nicole and Bridgette. Corey says he’ll go talk with Michelle and see what’s going on.

7:45 PM BBT – James keeps calling using the phones.

8:10 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey that with Frank gone they’ll be in a better position. Corey is worried about Da’Vonne. Paulie says he’d put up Day and Zak so Day would definitely go.

8:15 PM BBT – James wants someone to go ahead and tell Frank that the Veto isn’t going to happen. James wants to know their next target. Paulie says it should be Da’Vonne.

8:25 PM BBT – Corey is frustrated with Victor flirting with Nicole and calling him out on back-home relationships.

8:30 PM BBT – Paulie says it’d be “epic” for the viewers if Michelle used the Veto to save Frank, but Bridgette would still go home and they’d be split up.

8:35 PM BBT – Frank getting all buddy buddy with Michelle and just chatting her up. They sit down at the Memory Wall and discuss photos and past HGs. Frank is trying hard to praise her. He says he bet her DR sessions are as good as Johnny Macs. Don’t overdo it there, Frank.

9:05 PM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette she needs to be more social, but she says that’s hard for her to do. Frank wants to go upstairs and jokingly says he’ll gas Zakiyah out with his farts so they can have a group meeting while Day is also downstairs.

9:10 PM BBT – James is sharing all his HoH Corona beers. Victor brought up limes to make it complete.

9:35 PM BBT – James goes downstairs to find Day. He wants to let her know that no one is flip-flopping and everyone is sticking to the plan to get Frank out. Day says she wasn’t fussing him and he says he knows why she was worried. He tells her that he wasn’t ever going to put her up and that she doesn’t have to worry. He says even if Michelle used the veto, he wouldn’t put her up.

9:41 PM BBT – Day asks James what he thinks about Victor. He says he thinks he’s just happy to be back. Day says they should let him win HOH next week to get Bridgette out and then he won’t be able to play the following week and then they can get him back out.

9:45 PM BBT – Da’Vonne asks James if he talked with Nicole about what Frank told Day that Nicole said. James says he doesn’t think they need to worry about Nicole and she doesn’t seem to be targeting them.

9:46 PM BBT – James and Day bring up the fact that they have been locked down inside for six days.

10:04 PM BBT – James asks Nicole if she thinks Hayden is watching her. She says she hopes not. James says he’d be so mad at her if it were him. She says he doesn’t know the whole story. She says she never thought she’d be even a little bit distracted by somebody. She says she told herself no, no matter what (about falling for another guy).

10:05 PM BBT – Nicole goes on to say what she wasn’t going to say. She said Hayden told her he wanted to go out this summer and kiss girls in bars so she said she had to move on with her life.

10:07 PM BBT – Paul asks if there’s a Diamond Power of Veto in every season. Frank says no, there hasn’t been one in awhile (Season 12).

10:10 PM BBT – Frank is starting to investigate items around the house. Hmm.

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