Big Brother 17: Vanessa Secures Her Vote Flip With Goblins Alliance

It all came together tonight as Vanessa Rousso secured her votes and is now appearing the favorite to survive round one of the upcoming Double Eviction.

Vanessa Rousso works her magic on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso works her magic on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

I could write five pages on everything that’s gone down in the past 36 hours that brought this all to a point today, but let’s not do that. Instead let’s run through the highlights on what just happened.

Yesterday Vanessa stormed in to the Have-Not room following her blow-up with Becky. Here she sought a sympathetic ear about mean ol’ Becky but when that wasn’t happening she started unloading what she knew about Becky to James, Jackie, and Meg. It resonated with James who appeared to fixate on Vanessa revealing “The Generals” alliance proposed by Becky.

After Vanessa left James sat there in silence with gears turning. It was immediately apparent. James walked around saying “Generals” later that day, but the real action was soon to follow.

Overnight the talks kicked off. Jump to 1:40AM BBT as the Goblins alliance (James, Jackie, and Meg) run through reasons why they should keep Vanessa and evict Shelli. They think the whole house is against Vanessa so she’d be easy to get out at will while Shelli will be tougher to get back in this position. They really think Vanessa is isolated and will be targeted by all.

The Goblins really want to keep Vanessa and now they have to keep thinking about it before going around to look for the other votes. The plan was to wait until Wednesday, but James can’t wait.

Jump to 12:55PM BBT and again at 1:45PM BBT as they continue this debate. In the first talk Goblins actually say the other HGs will be more likely to nom Vanessa than them now that Vanessa has been on the Block. Other than JMac nominating Vanessa? Nope. In the next talk James and Meg are alone saying they believe what Vanessa told them the day before. Remember that from a few paragraphs up?

Little later Vanessa talks with Julia. Vanessa has no idea what’s going on around her or how well that talk yesterday actually went with the Goblins. She tells Julia that Steve won’t support her and can’t be trusted. She’s burning his bridges. Vanessa says she’d need a Goblin to stay and hell will freeze over first. Hold that thought, Vanessa. Help is on the way.

James bumps in to Vanessa and she wants to talk with him. James tells her he’s got an open mind and hasn’t decided how to vote. She asks for 10 minutes of his time later.

Next up, James goes to talk with Austin. Flashback 5:20 PM BBT. James is waving huge flags at Austin that he wants to flip his vote but Austin just plods along. James keeps saying he doesn’t care which of the noms goes, he just wants to vote with everyone. Austin misses it. James tries again saying all of the Goblins will vote however. Nothing from Austin. It’s hilariously painful to watch. Austin closes with encouraging James to go talk with Vanessa so let’s go to that.


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    • That is the truth!! I don’t know of a season yet to have such stupid players. The goblins just secured their downfall…12&3!

      • I don’t think any of them are stupid; there are valid reasons to get rid of Shelley. The entire thing really hinges on who wins HOH tonight.

    • Actually they can’t see what we see all the conversations etc. Totally different being in there. But they do seem stupid Meg especially.

    • Not so stupid now. James & Austin have been getting closer. Last night when he approached Austin, they talked about both of them being in the same boat … protecting 2 girls. They talked about keeping Van this week. The final nail in Shelli’s coffin came when they talked about aligning the 2 trios. They also talked about being 6 strong in jury votes.

      Later Austin told Julia & Liz. Julia asked if it was a fake alliance. Austin says that it’d be a real one. Julia replied that, that makes sense.

      James told Meg & Jackie about his talk with Austin. Said that he wanted them to be F6. Both girls agreed.

      So it looks like the newest alliance in the house is James/Jackie/Meg/Austin/Liz/Julia. If it holds, they could make it far.

      • Well, Clay is gone, Shelli or Van are going to be gone. James is still there. Who looks more stupid? Bad/good moves and choices, not stupidity, is what the game is about. If posters, including me, refer to the HGs as being stupid for not making the move the poster thinks is logical, then that move turns out to have been a really good choice, does that make the poster stupid?

      • GM, Karen! I don’t think that any of the posters are stupid. People get blinded by what they want vs. what is all the time. We all can only see what is and interpret for ourselves what it means by what happened in the past and our gut feeling.

      • I’m getting caught up n Jokers right now. I haven’t read the comments here, yet, but I can just imagine what they say after the lively debates all day yesterday! :)

      • I haven’t read them all. There are 2 choices. Each has different consequences according to who wins HOH. In either case though, imo getting Shelli out is the best option for everyone, except maybe JMac and Becky.

      • I agree! I don’t care if James bought whatever Van was selling or not. Plus the more I thought about it, the less I trust Becky to stick with J/J/M. The end result is getting Shelli out. I see her as the more dangerous of the two. I still think that they can and will get Van out in the DE. Send Shelli AND Van to jury this week!

      • Shelli calls Van her friend and can maybe help calm Van down before the next poor HG arrives.
        “If Shelli can’t do it, nobody can”…a little cheer for the cheerleader. hehe

      • Thanks for the “side” info. That does add meat to the choices that are being made. (If that makes any sense….if not…well it’s early still.)

  1. I think I just realized why this flip hurts so much to watch. And no, not just because I don’t think Vanessa is a good player and that she doesn’t deserve to win for a multitude of reasons.

    It’s that Becky stuck her neck out for these three. She told everyone that they could deny any knowledge about this backdoor attempt so that she could take all the heat on herself. She chose to side with the Goblins despite, objectively, being more secure if she had stuck with being Shelli’s rat. She put everything on the line for this plan.

    And that’s what stings the most about it. After all that, it took less than 10 minutes for the Goblins to turn against Becky and plot her and JMac’s downfall, because they let themselves be (very easily) manipulated by a known manipulator.

    In any case, congratulations to Vanessa for her victory. They literally just handed her the game on a silver platter.

    • Absolutely. And James is, not to be rude, not very smart. Vanessa told James that becky was gonna come after him last week but James won hoh so she wasn’t able to. James of course, ate this up. He kept reiterating this to meg and Jackie that becky was targeting him.

      It’s like James, if becky wanted to target you, hellooooo, she would’ve put you on the block this week!!! That literally never crossed his mind.

      Becky is getting shafted here and so is Johnny mac. I’m hoping he or Steve can pull out an hoh win come Thursday.

      • Yes, and I did not like the way her entire personality changed after winning HOH. She never shut up, and couldn’t stop patting herself on the back for her great plan to bd vanessa. How is that working for her?

    • I’d say the real trouble here is James, who just let the Specter of Shelli’s Wrath get the better of him. He’s not wrong, Shelli would probably give anything to see him walk out the front door, bags in hand.

      As far as a game move though, booting Shelli while keeping Van may be the equivalent of getting rid of the guy who’s threatening you to your face while ignoring the nice, kind man behind you who’s proven he’ll sharpen a knife to stick in yours (or anyone’s) back at a moment’s notice. Ask Jason.

      Bottom line: I think James (if he indeed votes Shelli) is making a good move for him, not his group. How well that goes for him, and his group, no one knows.

    • Totally agree, it’s James fault but it understandable from his side wanting Shelli out, him being her prime target. But Jackie & Meg are stupid for letting him convince them, it would be best for their game to get rid of V and promise James, they (Jackie, Meg & maybe Becky/JMac) will protect him. And if they can’t and Shelli gets him… OH WELL, wish him well in the Jury House, where he can eat lots of sandwiches all day long… LOL.

  2. I dont understand why everyone is bashing the goblins as stupid for saving Vanessa. While they do underestimate the Austwins loyalty to Vanessa, they are correct in that Shelli would target James and another goblin while Vanessa is going to have her target set squarely on Becky and Johnny Mac. Why would Vanessa when her crazy ass is set on revenge for Becky and not on them ?

    • Vanessa is the head of the monster that is the Sixth Sense. Cut that head off, and the alliance dies. The Austwins have demonstrated that the only thing they have going for them is numbers, and without Vanessa to hold the group together, Shelli is completely alone.

      Not to mention that Vanessa has screwed over EVERY deal she has ever made. Every time. I really wouldn’t be surprised if, given the chance as HOH, she decides to send James packing.

      • If JJM don’t evict Shelli now while they have the votes, when will they ever have the votes even if they get her back OTB even in the 2nd eviction? I don’t think they’ll ever have the votes to evict her again.
        Jmac won’t evict Shelli.
        Becky won’t evict Shelli.
        Steve won’t evict Shelli (again, talking about 2nd eviction).
        Austwins won’t evict her.
        It’s now or never to evict Shelli.

      • That’s debatable. Vanessa is the much bigger threat due to her manipulation skills, while Shelli is still kinda isolated. I’d worry about Shelli later. Not to mention JJM consists of a good physical player and nothing else–Meg and Jackie are useless. Giving the Austwins what they want and keeping Vanessa around? Sounds like a lose/lose to me

      • Same thing could be said for Vanessa. Stupid not getting her out seeing she manipulates everyone in the house. She’s 10 times more dangerous then Shelli.

      • If I were Vanessa, that’s exactly what I would do. Put up James and JMac, and force James out the door by forcing Steve and Becky to vote James out too. James’ side is effectively dead, because Jackie and Meg are as useless as the Austwins.

      • True, but Van is such a BIG threat that she’ll be the target for weeks to come until she’s gone, another good reason to keep her.

    • I don’t think it’s safe to assume anything about Van’s plans. She’ll pull a switcheroo at a moment’s notice.

  3. James, Jackie and Meg just slit their own throats. Good luck fools. It will be over soon. Once, Vanessa is safe, she does not really need you does she?
    Her alliance will pick you guys off one by one. She might start with Becky and John but, one of them will survive the week to fight another day. If Becky or John win HOH, there will be hell to pay. You are down to 3 players now. I do not see you lasting for very long.

    • Who does Vanessa really have just Austin and the twins. Johnny Mac and Steve is looking for someone to join. Johnny Mack sure isn’t going to go with Vanessa and Steve is on Vanessa’s hit list. So once they see vanessa is staying Johnny Mac and Steve and Becky will be with the goblins and they will have the numbers then.

      • James, Jackie and Meg have already turned to save Vanessa. They have more than the 5 votes needed to save Vanessa. Shelli, Becky and John will be blindsided by the votes.

      • Same for Shelli. If they put her up against Austin or a twin they would have the votes to get rid of Shelli.

      • I disagree. The only way I see Shelli being evicted in the second eviction this week is the scenario where she goes up against Liz (after POV of course).
        Won’t be a tie. Need 4 votes and those would be:
        JJM ( whomever is not HoH),
        Austin & Liz.
        I think Jmac, Steve & Becky vote to keep Shelli but won’t be enough.
        The only other people they could throw up with Shelli (with or without POV) are Austin & Julia.
        I’m not sure Shelli would be evicted against either of them. Who would vote out Shelli against Austin?
        JJM (whomever is not HoH) so that’s 2 votes because Becky, Jnac & Steve won’t even nominate Shelli after this eviction.
        I also think the twins might seize the opportunity to evict Austin and roll with Shelli. That’s 2 votes to keep Shelli along with Jmac, Becky & Steve. Even if it’s only Julia voting against Austin, it’s still 4 votes to keep Shelli.
        Who’s going to vote out Shelly(versus Julia)?
        Same scenario: only JJM (2 who are not HoH) and Liz.
        Votes to save Shelly: Jmac, Becky, Steve and I think Austin may take the opportunity to vote out Julia and have Liz to himself and that’s the necessary 4 votes.
        I’m just not convinced they can take out Shelli unless they control HoH AND POV. That’s a lot of luck. Possible but a long shot.

      • The only reason Becky is trying to save Shelli is because she wants Vanessa gone so bad. I think she wants to stick with J/J/M. So she will vote Shelli out. Also the twins are not going to go against Austin unless it’s one of them on the block next to him. I don’t care what Liz says in the DR her actions on the feeds speak loudly. She is always hanging around Austin and fooling around with him. I think the only for sure votes Shelli has moving forward is JMac and Steve. You’re putting too much faith in Becky. From what she says on the feeds she wants Shelli gone. But time will tell. JMO

      • Steve is still Vanessa’s snitch and will vote to save her given a choice. Goblins, James, Jackie and Meg will vote to evict Shelli so, they have the numbers to save Vanessa. Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve will all vote to evict Shelli. They just need 5 votes. Only Johnny Mac will vote to evict Vanessa.

      • Read again. That is what I said.

        James, Jackie and Meg will vote to evict Shelli so, they have the numbers to save Vanessa.

      • Jmac and Becky will not be allied with JJM anymore after this. They’ll consider it a massive betrayal of trust and send them out the door. Steve will be aligned with JMac and Becky too, and he’s smarter than JJM put together.

  4. One of the most stupid moves ever!!! Ok, maybe James, Meg & Jackie could survive more weeks (maybe the first three houseguest in the jury house gonna be Shelli, Becky & JMac), but after that obviously they three gonna be the next targets. Bad move.

  5. Everyone saying this is a bad move for the goblins, you’ve got to be kidding me. Shelli is extremely bitter at james, meg and jackie because they got clay out, and lets not forget they initially wanted shelli out. It is extremely smart for the three of them to get out the one person who is coming after them with a vengeance, not to mention shelli could easily win comps. Also, if they keep Vanessa, she will target johnny mac and becky out of sheer anger which will buy the goblins a few more weeks. Its a win win situation for them.

    • Clay’s eviction was well-deserved because he & Shelli betrayed James, Meg, & Jackie by backdooring Jason! So yeah, as much as I hate Vanessa & would like to see her leave, I think those 3 will vote out Shelli on Thursday!

    • This is a game of numbers which is why turning on Becky and John who was with James, Jackie and Meg is a very stupid move.
      Now, they will be down to 3 because Becky cannot play for HOH and John if he wins HOH might just put James and Jackie on the block for this stunt. John, is being targeted by Vanessa so, he is in danger as is Becky. Eliminate those 2 and the Goblins are down to 3 people against 5 on the other side. And if Vanessa’s alliance wins back to back, it is over even sooner. You need numbers because you have control over the votes. That is not rocket science but, just common sense!

      • You’re right, this is a game of numbers. This is exactly why the goblins should ditch becky and john (only 2 people), and make 4 other people happy (vanessa and austwins). That way, vanessa is forever grateful to them and by association, the austwins see the goblins in a better light. Either way, the austwins are going after steve and jmac. Actually, Julia has voiced not liking James. I guess her opinion might change, if even by a little, when she realizes that he’s helping her in this game.

      • Since, when has Vanessa honored any promises? She lied to James, Jackie and Meg to their faces when she formed the 8 person alliance with them saying this is it. Then, she told them she would backdoor Austin yet, she backdoored Jason (also, part of that 8 person alliance) who was an ally of James, Jackie and Meg and yet, they believe and trust Vanessa who has lied and broken her promises repeatedly. Vanessa will turn on them as soon as she is safe! James, Jackie and Meg are not going to be safe. You just watch!

      • Well, at least their safe for now. The best way to play this game is to take it week by week. You can never predict too far into the future because that can be dangerous for these players.

      • You see what the sixth sense alliance did to Clay and Shelli. They stuck together as long as they were winning but as soon as the other side was in power they threw each other under the bus. Vanessa isn’t grateful for crap.

    • COMPLETELY agree. I want shelli to stay, but you nailed it – getting shelli out buys them another week of safety. As long as becky is in the house, that’s who Vanessa is going for.

      They’re not dumb and they’ve said if they win hoh on Thursday Vanessa is the target. But why vote someone out in Vanessa who isn’t coming after you RIGHT NOW when you know that’s what shelli is gonna do.

      • Also, Becky would probably target Vanessa before the goblins since if Vanessa stays its obvious Becky is her target and Becky might see that as a bigger problem then the goblins flipping this vote

      • She can’t play in second eviction this week but if it comes down to Becky or whomever putting up V (after that) it’s a slam dunk. She’ll have Jmacs vote plus JJM vote to evict Vanessa.

    • Their not safe with Vanessa, Austin or the twins. Those four are not putting each other up and they won’t have Steve, Becky or JMac after this. They will be alone. And who’s to say JMac doesn’t win HOH. Then one of them will be gone. Hopefully the pig James.

  6. I say have the short bus waiting to pick these people up as they get voted out. They’re not gonna have gas money.

  7. Obviously V is the “Queen of Paranoia” and it’s contagious, she will infect you. Here’s her problem even if V goes to the end b/c she LIED TO EVERYONE she won’t win… she could get 2nd place though.

    Too bad Jackie/Meg let James infect them after catching the ‘PARANOIA” from V, they should have stuck with Becky & their original plan, they would have only sacrificed James. The only thing that can save them is if Shelli is evicted 1st then V is evicted 2nd in the DE.

    • You know how forgiving the jury house always seems when it comes to liars – they rationalize it by saying.”Well, yes you did lie to everyone, but overall you played the game best.”

      • Vanessa has Jackie, James and Meg totally believing her so, that is 3 sure votes right from the start. Add her alliance members who end up in the jury and she has a majority right there. Only way she loses is if one of her alliance members gets wise and backdoors her. This week is a very good week to evict Vanessa because she is vulnerable but, James Jackie and Meg decided in their stupidity to save her and blow up their game at the same time!

      • It’s getting late in the game to backdoor Vanessa. The only two I can see going for that are Becky and JMac. J/J/M need to worry about Austwins and vice versa. You have three power trios. I have a feeling Vanessa will be around for awhile unless JMac wins HoH in the DE.

      • Vanessa is too smart for this bunch. Only Becky and John see her for what she is so, she can evict James, Jackie and Meg and they will still thank Vanessa for it! Too late in the game to stop her when everyone outside of James, Jackie and Shelli believes what she tells them.

      • Maybe. I’m not buying this whole 6 person alliance thing. Something tells me one of those groups will strike against the other quickly, perhaps with Vanessa’s help.

      • I agree that can happen but I also see “Your lie got me voted out, I’d vote for anyone but you”. But you’re correct IT COULD HAPPEN!!! That’s why generally you have to wait until the vote is revealed to see who wins… I’ve been surprised a few times… Evel Dick winning comes to mind and his strategy was to try & force the others to vote him out. LOL!!!

        Gosh, now that I think about it Doc Will & Boogie both were BIG LIARS and won so it’s possible for sure. One other condition is that the person is a LIKABLE liar, don’t know if Vanessa fits that bill.

    • Eventually, the house guest who played the best gets it in the end. You have to vote for someone and there are only 2 choices. The closest I think was Rachel when she won 4-3. Danielle got her minions to vote against Rachel but, one of the snitches, Shelley still voted for Rachel who deserved it. If you are not at the end, you cannot win it.

      • And who was sitting beside Andy? You have to be in the Finals to win it. You cannot win if you are not there at the end even if you played good in the previous weeks. I can cite others too, Rachel won despite Danielle telling her minions to vote against her. Shelley, one of Danielle’s snitches voted for Rachel. In Survivor, Tony the policeman was hated by practically everyone in the jury. Spencer gave a speech of honoring the game and picking the player that played the best game. Tony the policeman won it easily! When the game ends, personal stuff ends too for most players.

      • Andy Herren won over Gina Marie who made racial slurs. Remember that? Who should have won Gina Marie? Andy although, a snitch lasted all the way to the end. Her racial slurs probably cost Gina Marie votes. There are only 2 choices.

      • Yeah, I heard also if you don’t HAVE a lottery ticket you can’t win the lottery. Don’t recall anyone in past seasons crying, lying and whining their way to the WIN though but I could be forgetting someone. Usually the BEST wins competitions, aligns with the right people and keeps their lies straight so they don’t backfire on you.

    • I think Vanessa would have a shot at winning if she brought someone to final two with her that didn’t play the game as much, like Jackie

      • The problem for V is if her lie put you out of the House that will be hard to forgive & vote for that person… if comes down to the lesser of 2 evils, Jackie is the ‘lesser’ at this point. I don’t think Jackie has the know-how to get to the end anyway, just my opinion. Unless someone drags her there.

      • I see what your saying, especially with this group, but I don’t see how someone could vote for Jackie to win over Vanessa, usually jurors have a bigger game perspective when voting but I wouldn’t doubt this cast to be different.

      • Here’s 2 things… 1st – at this point it’s going to be hard enough for V to get to the Final, much less dragging Jackie with her; 2nd – for her to get Jackie there with her, you do know, not only does she have to tell a few BIG LIES, she’ll have to really piss-off some of her alliance people BIG-TIME, like stab them in the back.

        Just my take, V does have a better chance beating Jackie than Meg at the end though… but in either case I don’t see V winning unless she cries & whines & argues a lot. LOL. She may be saving the ‘my husband died of cancer last year’ story to get some votes.

      • I think a jackie/vanessa final two is a long shot, but it would probably be one of the few situations where Vanessa has a shot

  8. IMO Shelli has a much nicer personality than disgusting Vanessa, although I was tired of watching the Clay showmance. I would much rather see Vanessa evicted this Thursday night than Shelli. The double eviction this Thursday will be very interesting. Would be great if Vanessa and Shelli both leave this Thursday night.

    • Shelli (of the crocodile tears) is just as big phony & liar as Vanessa. Becky’s reasoning is solid, but let’s face it, the Goblins are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.
      I am not a big JMac fan, but I would like to see him win HoH in the double elimination, and then nominate Vanessa/Shelly & Austin. No matter who comes down then put up Liz.

  9. When will people catch on that Van has sent every single person home this season? These slaves just ran back to their master and handed her a whip and a fresh pair of shackles.

    • Right. The Goblins are so happy that Vanessa is running the game for them again the same way she’s been doing all summer.
      I can’t wait until Becky and JMac are gone so that the SS alliance will reform and get rid of the Goblins. Vanessa for the win.

      • I suppose Becky’s mistake is not staying constantly in their ears, and explaining her “convoluted plots” over & over again.

      • Becky and Shelli are both nice people and are no match against Vanessa. I don’t think they have a clue yet that the house has turned on them.

      • I hope they find out soon. Shelli was just saying she’s getting a funny feeling. She sees people whispering. She’s smart and I think she’s going to figure it out. I hope she blows up the sixth sense alliance so the Gerbals find out Vanessa is with Austin and the twins.

      • Shelli has got to start blowing up Vanessa and the 6th sense game NOW. If only she had listened to Clay when he wanted to do that last week. If Vanessa is evicted she will have the chance to return later. Stop being so nice Shelli!

      • What was Shelli thinking? I still suspect the DR hinted to Shelli that since she would more than likely be the one surviving eviction she had to think about who she will need after Clay had gone. Clay should’ve gone behind Shelli back and told James and the Goblins all about Vanessa.

      • Meg I can see but Jackie I don’t. But come on seriously it’s game too Shellis not been on their side this whole game she was coming after then too when she had power.

    • Yep. How many times are they going to take the knives out of their backs. Keeping Vanessa will end their game. She’ll give them one last stab.

  10. Love her or hate her, Vanessa plays the game.
    I would have been happy to see her leave, but it looks like she has fought for, and will stay.

    • I really dislike Vanessa but I love to see her play. She is a manipulative, paranoid strategist that is fun/creepy to watch.

    • I give her credit like Dan Gheesling. I think he read his eulogy when they thought, he was about to be evicted. Truth was he saved himself. Vanessa gets credit for turning a hopeless situation into a victory for her and her alliance. Dan never allowed himself to be put on the block even as a pawn. He would always find good reasons to argue why he should not be put on the block.

    • I doubt she can win because everyone at this point recognizes that she can and likely will win a jury vote, but she’s going to go a lot further than we expected over the weekend.

  11. All the talk about feeling paranoid, or being the queen of paranoia in BB should be a normal state of mind in the BB house …
    Hello!!! You’re playing a game to be the last person in the house. Everyone else wants you gone, so they can stay. So, if you’re not feeling like people are out to get you; you are stupid & WILL LOSE this game.

  12. @Matt Boyer, I can’t say it enough: The screen caps you post at the top of each story speak volumes. (This one is hilarious.) Well done, sir.

  13. Vanessa’s new nickname for me is “Verbal”. (Because I’m fairly certain she’s Keyser Soze.)

  14. I thought that james was smarter than to take this game so personally. It got personal with clay and with shelli taking clay’s shirt, and now just because becky mentioned him when talking about an alliance. i am fast losing my respect for him as a player. Although the rest of the goblins are just as bad. Why would any of them ever trust a word that van utters.

    • I lost respect for him weeks ago with all his perverted remarks. Can’t stand to look at him. And James was wearing Clays shirt to piss Shelli off. I’m glad she took it back.

  15. I’ll be quite happy to see Shelli go home instead of Vanessa – she was so arrogant earlier in the game when Clay was still there. I’d like to see that smirk wiped off her face. They’ll be stupid if they don’t target Vanessa soon, – she seems able to sell snow to Eskimos.

    • I agree, the only positive out of this week is seeing Shelli’s smirk as she walks out the door.

      But I don’t think Vanessa has as much to do with this flip flop as Julia show stole that shirt from James. James let that get to him and he turned the tables on this week. James, Meg and Jackie were already flip-flopping well before Vanessa or Austin had any conversations with them.

      Also, it looks like the Goblins and Austwins are joining forces and they are talking about taking out Vanessa down the road.

  16. I was thinking about Da today and it occurred to me that taking her out so early made a huge difference in this game. If Da was still here with Jackie and James, instead of Meg, I think this would be a very different game. She would never allow them to let Shelli and Vanessa get away with all of their antics. I wish we could replay the game with Da instead of Meg to see what would have happened.

    • I am so in agreement with this. Da was there to play. She would have been a great player too, but Shelli smartly nipped that one in the bud.

      • C’mon! Da’ was a screamer. That’s what got her booted so early. That got old real quick. She wouldn’t have lasted longer than an additional week. She had no ability to keep her feelings in check.

      • She had the goods to back it up. Had she formed her alliance more quickly, she’d still be there and be in a very strong position. She was always thinking a few steps ahead, which is not a quality I can attribute to many of the HGs.

      • She formed her alliance with Shelli and Audrey the very first day. They were the very first alliance. She was way too emotional. That blow up with Clay? C’mon. She would not have been loved in that house and I would have worried about her revealing target plans during an emotional explosion if she was on my team.

      • That was the most ephemeral alliance in BB history. That lasted until their first bathroom break. Hahaha.

      • No doubt Da is gone because she could not keep her cool. But giver her credit. She was able to sniff out a lot of stuff in a short time. She picked up the twins thing in week 2 and had the alliances pegged too. She was too outspoken to play this game but her insight was remarkable.

    • Da was by far one of THE most perceptive people in that house. I do think the game would have been different had she stayed. She just couldn’t keep her damn emotions in check or her mouth closed.

  17. I predict that Vanessa will win all of the veto’s and HoH’s and get all these idiots out. If they don’t try to put her up next time one of them win she will probably win the whole game and get half a million.

    • I hope to God that the HoH comp Thursday night is “BB Texas Hold ‘Em!” so all of us can collectively scream and blame Production.

  18. All this planning with the goblins and Austwins, but what if JMac or Steve wins HoH? Guess what? Austin and either James or Jackie go up on the block and one of them goes home.

    • Austin and Steve are in amazing positions right now. They are the ones most likely to benefit from warring factions. I cannot wait to watch this unfold.

      • Eh…steve is not in that great of a position. People are talking about him more than ever now, and I’m not completely sure why.

      • He told Vanessa he has joined an alliance with JMac and Shelli. She thinks he betrayed her, although there is something fishy about all this. Steve hasn;t been that forthright all year so why come right out and announce he is in an alliance? I smell a Vanessa ruse.

      • I’m not quite sure what I smell. But steve is pretty much a non factor on the grand scheme of things right now. He’s easily manipulated and can only when mental/question comps.

      • He didn’t come right out and tell her. He hinted and she figured it out… I don’t like her but you have to give her credit for being intelligent. She put all this together overnight before presenting it to James and it really is for the most part the truth.

      • He told her about finding out about the 8 person alliance. She’s just smart in figuring out a 3rd alliance.

    • I think they will. They know they’re in real trouble now, and one of them steps up to win. 100% guarantee JMac tosses up Vanessa and Liz. Steve could do anything.

    • I think he puts up V in one of those chairs. He wants her out and knows the importance of getting her out.
      If V goes first then he said he’d target Austwins.

  19. They are spreading conspiracy theories about Jmac right now. They think he has a twist because he keeps getting called to the DR more than they do.

  20. Now Vanessa just needs to downplay her value in the house, tell people to take her to the end cause jury will hate her and never vote for her. The poor me things works time after time.

    I like the part about Austin lol.

  21. Vanessa should just rename herself the goblin queen already. Meg can be the princess, this is a really stupid move on their part and almost as bad as their name. but Shelli is getting off my screen, so that is a plus. its just that she is more tolerable than V, I am hoping when Double Eviction comes up, V will be joining Shelli, or one of the twins at least.

  22. It’s funny–I said last week that the house would break up into three groups. Looks like that’s what’s coming, but the timing is much sooner. Makes for good TV, but it’s bizarre and stupid for James’s side. They deserve to get shown the door in order.

  23. Funny how the goblins and Austwins are feeling good about this alliance of their but none of them are telling the truth to each other. LOL. Something tells me this little agreement of their is not going to last.

    • Of course it isn’t. But they really only need it to work for this week. Then they can stab each other in the back.

  24. I want to know what’s the difference if Shelli goes first and Vanessa goes next? Isn’t the plan for both of them to be out of the house on Thursday? So why the JAMEG hate?

    • The difference for the goblins is that they think Shelli has a better chance of winning HoH. I think they are wrong but that’s what they think. James is determined to get Shelli out immediately.

      Obviously for the other side its all about saving Vanessa. She reminds me of the wicked witch and Austin, the twins ,etc. are her flying monkeys.

    • Vanessa is much more dangerous than Shelli. You really think the Austwins are going to be ok with the only person in their group that’s a threat to win something headed to jury?

      • All these people are lying to each other. It the classic case of shaking hands while reaching around and stabbing in the back.

      • Big Brother gaming at it’s finest. Makes it much more interesting to watch than all the hg’s always following the same leader like they did with derrick

      • From watching the feeds, I think Shelli is more dangerous but subtle with it. Say Shelli stays even after DE….she’ll have everyone going after JAMEG. On the other hand, Vanessa will have everyone except Becky and John. So for JAMEG BB life in this game, Shelli has to go first.

    • They are going to say the house has decided Shelli has to go first, then Vanessa. Its not going to convince Becky but they really don;t care. I think this is all going to backfire on the goblins but we’ll see.

      • What happens if Verbal (Vanessa) wins? Since she’s been saved by most people has she settled on a real pair or has she told different stories to different people?

      • Verbal Vanessa – sounds like a talking doll!

        Anyway if she wins she puts up Becky and JMac. The goblins think JMac gets evicted – at least that’s what Meg is telling Jackie, but I think she is lying. If Becky goes up, Vanessa will want her gone so she gets evicted and Jackie finds out one more time Vanessa cannot be trusted.

      • Why does everyone especially van want jmac out? it is not like he has been really actively playing the game

      • He told Clay he didn’t trust Vanessa and Clay told her. It had to do with the big fight last week.

      • I think V is in twins ear. V I think because of fight last week, she knows Jmac has her number and is immune to her powers.
        V was also talking smack about Steve.
        But she promised JJM safety for next eviction. For what that’s worth.

      • They already has Vanessa figured out. They don’t trust her…that’s why they are planning on putting her up for DE if they win DE.

      • I don’t want to see her go now. I’m completely drawn in. I hope she wins HoH just for the drama. We’ve been spoiled by two pretty powerful weeks. I’d hate to see it hit a lull now.

      • Which is best scenario for them.
        V up in second eviction this week –
        She def goes regardless of who is OTB against her. Automatic 4 votes to evict her from: Jmac, Becky, Jackie, Meg ( for example if James wins HoH but substitute as needed).
        Only people left to put up against her are Austwins and the two of them not nominated will vote out V over whomever is up against her.
        Steve is only possible pity vote but considering how he’s talking this week, I don’t even see that.

      • I call her “Verbal” because after this latest flip I’m convinced she’s Keyser-f’ing-Soze. And after reading your explanation about who she puts up (if she wins HoH) it pretty much confirms it.

      • Of course V promised safety to JJM for next time.
        Austwins promised F6 so safety next 4 evictions (assuming they control them) and after that, then free for all…those 6 will battle it out.

  25. Maybe (again, it’s just a supposition) the votes could end with a tie:
    -For evict Shelli: James, Meg, maybe Jackie, maybe Steve
    -For evict Vanessa (i’m not sure about this): Austin, Julia, Liz & John

    • Pretty sure only HG to evict Vanessa will be JMac.
      I think Steve will fold and vote to Evict Shelli (if they keep the new decision a secret because he wants to keep his word to Vanessa and thinks his vote doesn’t matter) plus the 3 goblins and the Austwins will also vote to evict Shelli 1-7.

      • I don’t know, I think that if Austin, Liz or Julia are smart they could save Shelli for have she on their alliance again, after they could talk with John and Becky about the goblins plan and Becky and John could join to that alliance.

  26. Vanessa has stopped sulking and is in Full Jedi Mind trick/add mode at the moment. Shes’s laying it on THICK and is trying her best to sell Becky out to the Goblins.

    • Its working and not working. The agreed to keep her and evict Shelli but if they win HoH for the DE, they are taking out Vanessa too. It looks like Austwins and Goblins are getting together to form the GobAuTwins alliance.

      • The GobAuTwins lol. I don’t think Jackie is buying her act as much as Meg and James are. But she doesn’t have much of a choice but to go along with them.

      • In that case, Jackie is the smart one…after all the lies that Vanessa has told, you would think they would not believe her so quick, but no…James just had to mess it up ..

      • yes james messed it up, but he didn’t hold a gun to meg and jackie’s head to make them go along with him

      • Yeah Jackie told James hey, V is good now so we can’t just… ( implied they can’t just go along and believe everything). She’s only got one foot in with V I think.

    • I really hope it works. I dislike that Shellie is just sitting on the block and not worried!! She’s not even talking to the group she’s hoping to save her. I want this to be a big blindside…..When on BB you just can’t be relaxed on the block. There is no Clay or Vanessa saving you this time.

  27. Vanessa can read James. He’s an emotional player. Vanessa is capitalizing on his weaknesses.

  28. Props for Vanessa for saving herself but the Goblins are a bunch IDIOTS for giving her 500k.

    • Actually, Vanessa said nothing and the Goblins came up with this all by themselves. Then Vanessa approached James but by then James had already made up his mind to evict Shelli.

  29. If Vanessa survives this week, then wins HoH James, Jackie, and Meg will fell like the biggest fools since Marcellus made his huge mistake. Nobody 4 LESS!!!

      • No……………………..not even close. The only ally Shelli has is Jon. Austin and “Twin Evil” aren’t risking their games on the “former Queen B”. Nobody 4 MORE!!!

      • You’re looking at the risk to just James. I’m looking at the risk to just the whole alliance (excluding Meg, because she wants this to happen IMO). Nobody 4 NOW!!!

      • You stand correct…..but his angels are worried for him too. Not my words. They named themselves James’ Angels. That’s why they are planning on switching the vote,

      • I think Austwins will def work with Shelli. I think she can also do a side alliance with Becky, Jmac & Steve. No way Becky & Jmac stay with JJM if Shelli stays. No one will take out Shelli if she survives this week. She’s golden.

  30. I can’t wait until this blows up in James face. All he ever talks about is Shelli. He’s so fixated on getting rid of her he can’t see what’s going on right in front of his face. I seem to remember when Austin and Vanessa were HOH that they wanted either Jeff or James gone. In fact James was Vanessa’s target until everyone wanted Jeff gone.

  31. I realise that Vanessa is getting a lot of hate lately for being an emotional player and I completely agree with that but I think she’s also got one ability down that so few of her fellow housemates have which is to form bonds on the down low and that’s whats saving her. No one outside the 6th sense seems to realise that Vanessa and Austin have been in cahoots since week one and by extension she’s close with the twins aswell, despite Jason directly figuring it out and telling jeff the week he got blindsided. This is proving to be such a powerfull skill this year because everyone else is terrible at it, the goblins only hang out with each other, the only way to keep Austin away from the twins is with a cattle prod and Jmac and Becky are an obvious voting pair, steve is the only other one who seems to keep his bonds out of sight though he’s not as good as Vanessa at making those bonds.

  32. Makes one wonder if any of these hgs had minds of their own and could actually think for themselves before they came into the house.

    • I hear you but I think far more people are “hive mind” types rather than independent thinkers. And even the indies team up for support. (Dr. Will had his Mike Boogie and I don’t think there’s ever been as independent a player/personality as Dr. Will.) I think it’s a natural human thing to find others for support when you’re trapped in a house for 3 months with 15 other people whose goals are all to outlast you and win $500k. We have the benefit of seeing everything. They only see what they see and what others tell them. It’s got to do a number on you in there.

  33. With Vanessa in power, I am worried for Becky and Vampire Dentist. Sigh … James I wish you wouldn’t do that.

  34. I wish Vampire Dentist would get wind of all of this, coz he’s good at brewing stuff in his head (yes Vanessa, he’s a valedictorian he’s perfectly able to think of stuff on his own)
    And he is going to stage a huge fight with Vanessa by implying she’s gonna quadruple cross James. C’mon now!

  35. For the love of pete, what are James,Meg, and Jackie doing?
    Get Vanessa out first then get Shelly out!

    • I am starting to wonder if the game isn’t being manipulated by production. Too much this season makes less than zero logical sense. I mean even a moron would have more of a clue.

  36. “Creepy Steve” is just to damn weird! Just watch him on the “LIVE FEED” after all the other HG have gone to bed. The man is having a conversation with…………………..HIMSELF! It reminds me of Norman Bates talking to his “mother”. Nobody 4 REAL!!!

  37. If this works for Van then as much as I can’t stand her, she deserves to win. The entire house was set to send her home. I don’t necessarily agree, but I can see where James is thinking Shelli would be a better target for him personally. Not for his team, but for him. It’s no secret if Shelli gets even a drop of power she’ll go after him.

    I’d say, if Van stays, it’s too early to call a funeral for the James Gang (I thought that was their kind-of alliance name, not the Goblins?) as it’ll simply come down to who can get the HoH and PoV spots. Maybe they can squeeze out Van next week: she’s sure down a lot of damage to her long term game.

    • Yes she has…and James is looking out for himself…Vanevil will continue to blow up her game as she goes.

  38. Production is saving vanessa just like they helped rachel back in season 13 when Braden was not in the jury and brought him back to get him in the jury so he can vote for rachel which was the decided vote plus rachel and jordan were on the block and porshe opened Pandora’s box and the teams twist came into play so that rachel and jordan can stay in the game if they won pov they are both safe

  39. I’ll have to admit that the logic James is using seems to be coming from more of a personal place. He’s upset that his target wasn’t evicted last week, the Clay shirt issue is making his blood boil, he knows that Shelli will be gunning for him if she stays, Vanessa manipulating him with the stories about Becky saying he is sexist and working in the kitchen because she thought it would impress James, and also making the Generals thing a bigger issue. James was already mad and wanting to evict Shelli. Vanessa succeeded by adding fuel to the flames.

      • Odd thing about it, Capt, is that even though it is more emotional on James’s part, I also think it happens to be the more logical choice. None of us know who will win DE HOH and the next one. There are soooo many scenarios with this. No stupid moves here. And what might seem to be a good/bad choice now(with the word”stupid” being used by many), could end up being just the opposite during DE.

      • Hoping Jmac pulls it out. I think he and Becky might be the last two not under Vanessa’s control.

      • With the second HOH being likely a Q&A, I’m hoping Steve wins it just so there’s an assurance that Becky and John will be safe.

        And yes, I actually do see the point as well of James still trying to take Shelli out. His HOH got wasted over Clay staying but that was all because of Vanessa. I hope he realized that in time.

      • I can see Steve winning that type comp for certain. Hasn’t he been talking about throwing this HOH comp because he dosen’t think he is a target?

      • Steve needs the allies he can get to propel him forward. I know Austin is gonna gun for him once he got the chance to do so.

      • We’ll see what happens. There are so many things to watch for in this HOH comp coming up. Unless Steve changes his mind, though, he had mentioned he didn’t plan to win it.

      • The way I see it, Shelli is nowhere near the manipulator that Vanessa is. I’m convince these HGs will live to regret keeping Vanessa. If they do.

      • I’m sure they regret ever meeting her. I’m sure some will have varying regrets after this DE, contingent on who wins HOH. Until then, we won’t know who will be regretting and who will be rejoicing.

      • That could be a good thing. It will be interesting, as usual, and, according to who it is, could turn out to play a huge part in who gets to F2 this year.

  40. I don’t know if I would give credit to Vanessa for the switch. I would say it is James emotions. Vanessa’s generals talk did nudge him in the direction, but it was a direction he was already going.

  41. I’m gonna predict this now: Vanessa stays, Shelli gets evicted. Vanessa or Austwins win HOH, put Becky and JMac up, one of them goes home.
    And James will be happy that his plan worked

    I really couldn’t stand James the first few weeks. When he talks, I’m annoyed. But then last week happened and I thought “Maybe James is not so bad after all.”
    Now I despise him.
    At this point, I would love for Vanessa to win and evict James just so James falls on his face with flipping the votes

  42. I’m done. I’m done with this stupidity, I’m sitting through the double eviction, and will most likely stop unless a miracle happens. I can’t take Vanessa’s ramblings for another minute. I thought this season had a turn around last week, but it seems all of this show’s brain cells for the season were used up in one week. I hope JMac wins something, but I just can’t sit through this stupidity any longer. I’m sorry, Big Brother, but this has to end. I hope the show picks up again soon.

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