Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Tuesday Night Highlights

A lot has changed in the Big Brother 17 house since Monday night. For one, Vanessa is no longer bed-ridden and crying. Instead, she’s up and laughing.

Vanessa’s mood has changed a lot since Monday – Source: CBS All Access

And she has a few sneaky goblins to thank for her new cheery disposition. Yes, you’ve got it, the house has flipped. Will it flip back before Thursday night? Who knows.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 11, 2015:

5:00 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Julia that Steve won’t vote to keep her. Warns Julia that Steve, Shelli, and JMac are working together. Vanessa says she’ll need one of the Goblins to stay and hell will freeze over first.

5:05 PM BBT – James and Vanessa chat lightly. She wants to talk to him later and says she needs 10 minutes. Vanessa says she has a lot to tell James. He says he’s open to it and hasn’t made up his mind yet.

5:08 PM BBT – Becky snuck right up on James while he was whispering about being interested in talking to her. Oops.

5:10 PM BBT – Vanessa leaves and James tells Becky she came out right in time. He’s covering.

5:20 PM BBT – James sits down with Austin for a long talk. James is giving Austin many openings telling him he just wants to vote how everyone votes. Then he says all 3 Goblins just want to vote how everyone else wants. Austin keeps missing this openings and starts talking about how Vanessa might be a bigger threat. It’s entertaining.

5:40 PM BBT – James and Austin wrapping up their talk. Austin encourages James to go talk with Vanessa and then they’ll reconvene and discuss more. Austin has said he doesn’t want it to be a 4-4 vote that goes to Becky, but was still not saying who they wanted to stay.

5:56 PM BBT – James relays his conversations with Vanessa and Austin to Jackie and Meg.

6:01 PM BBT – James and Vanessa are talking again. Vanessa tells him she wants to talk about how dangerous Becky is. But she says she wants to talk with him and Meg without Jackie because she’s worried Jackie is too close to Becky.

6:05 PM BBT – Vanessa is going into all the dirt she has on Becky (a lot of it Becky already shared). Vanessa tells James about Becky saying that Jackie is impossible to talk game to and that James is a sexist. And the thing James is most interested in hearing is that Becky has named James as one of her targets.

6:10 PM BBT – Vanessa tells James that she will have Austin and the twins’ votes 100 percent. They break up their talk and Vanessa says she has more stuff to tell him later.

6:13 PM BBT – Jackie tells Meg “Shelli has to go. I feel it!”

6:20 PM BBT – James is upset that Becky called him a sexist. He tells Austin about it and says he gave her that $5K during the veto competition.

6:34 PM BBT – Vanessa joins Austin and James and tells James that she won’t put up him, Jackie or Meg. She’s going right for Becky and will put her up with Johnny Mac or Steve.

6:40 PM BBT – James tells Vanessa he’s sold (on keeping her). He says that Meg and Jackie will also be.

6:45 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to the twins about Becky and that Steve is working with her and they need to watch what they tell him. Shelli, then Steve, interrupt the conversation.

7:10 PM BBT – James tells Meg and Jackie about the latest things Vanessa has told him about Becky. Meg again says she thinks Becky wants to keep Shelli so she can target the three of them. James also tells Jackie about her saying someone else needed to get Jackie out.

7:19 PM BBT – Austin, Jackie, James and Meg discuss a final 6 deal (with Liz and Julia).

7:25 PM BBT – James, Jackie and Meg say this may be their only change to get Shelli out.

7:35 PM BBT – James, Jackie, Meg and Austin say they’ll tell Becky last minute that they’re keeping Vanessa.

7:38 PM BBT – Jackie stresses that they still need to get Vanessa out in the double eviction if it’s possible.

7:48 PM BBT – Vanessa is now cocky and confident that she’s staying.

7:55 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to Julia about Steve and how he’s been so shady lately. Vanessa says she knows he lied to her about not knowing she was going to be targeted this week.

8:00 PM BBT – Austin says if he wins HOH he nominates Steve and John and backdoors Becky. Vanessa says that Becky, John and Steve are the only targets right now.

8:13 PM BBT – Shelli has been working on Steve for a bit, but Steve is terrible at talking game, so there’s not much to say about it. She tells Steve that if she leaves this week he is the next target.

8:25 PM BBT – Jackie, Meg and James agree to put up Vanessa and John if the win HOH during the double eviction.

8:44 PM BBT – HGs get alcohol delivery.

8:58 PM BBT – Steve and Johnny Mac talking about how they need to pick a side soon (unaware that they waited a little too long to pick a side).

9:10 PM BBT – John to Steve: Are Austwins trying to keep Vanessa? Steve: I think they know they can’t.

9:24 PM BBT – Jackie tells James it all makes sense now with Becky. She says she didn’t talk to them for a week because she was trying to work with the other side. James says he feels stupid for falling for Becky’s tricks.

9:40 PM BBT – Liz, Austin and Julia talking about what’s going down. Liz says she really wants Johnny Mac out.

10:00 PM BBT – Meg has joined Austin and the twins. They again talk about how they might not get another chance to get Shelli out.

10:13 PM BBT – Austin says that John winning HOH would be the worst because he has no idea who he would target. Austin is really into the idea of the three of them working with James, Meg and Jackie.

10:38 PM BBT – Vanessa finds Meg, Jackie and James all together, so she decides to talk to them. She is repeating herself, trying to sell them on keeping her. Johnny Mac interrupts the talk.

11:01 PM BBT – Becky tells Shelli she saw Vanessa talking to Jackie, Meg and James. Shelli asks if they’re going to flip their vote. Becky says they better not.

11:05 PM BBT – Becky talks to Meg and Jackie and says Vanessa seems too happy. Meg and Jackie try to cover, but Becky is getting suspicious.

11:18 PM BBT – Shelli, Meg and Jackie go off to talk. Shelli, I think is trying to campaign, but she’s not doing a great job at it. She gets around to telling them to just let her know if they change their mind about voting out Vanessa.

11:48 PM BBT – Vanessa and Shelli talking about what the one who stays should do. Shelli wants to know if she stays can she trust Austin and the twins.

12:03 AM BBT – Shelli admits that her biggest mistake in the game was voting out Jason.

12:25 AM BBT – Becky and Meg are talking and Meg lets Becky know she’s worried about who Shelli will nominate if she wins HOH. Becky gets scared and starts reminding Meg how big a risk she took lying to Vanessa and then putting her on the block. She’s freaking out a bit but Meg tells her not to. Becky says she trusted her group to vote Vanessa out so that’s why she did it the way she did (blindsiding Vanessa).

12:30 AM BBT – Becky leaves Meg and tells Shelli that Meg is concerned Shelli will nominate one of them. Shelli says they didn’t tell her they were worried about that. Shelli and Becky are both concerned now.

1:05 AM BBT – Meg tells Jackie and James that she talked with Becky and Becky is very worried about a potential flip.

1:40 AM BBT – Becky pleading with James, Jackie, and Meg not to screw her on this. She says Vanessa is going to be after her for this now and she did it with trust in them. Becky says Shelli is isolated unlike Vanessa.

2:30 AM BBT – Steve wandering around the backyard talking to himself. He’s trying to decide if it’s good or bad for Vanessa to go home this week. Steve still has no idea what’s been going on.

2:30 AM BBT – After Becky leaves James says he doesn’t like what she said and that Becky was just being selfish.

2:35 AM BBT – Vanessa now in with the HNs. James woke her up. He wants her to assure them about everything. She’s telling them everything they need to hear.

2:45 AM BBT – Vanessa continues to suck them in promising everything they want to hear. Van says Becky was playing all sides of the house.

2:55 AM BBT – Jackie is excited saying they’ll finally get what they want for a turn.

3:05 AM BBT – James and Meg think Becky would put them up if she won HoH again.

3:10 AM BBT – Meg says she isn’t ready to commit to working with Becky. It’s just too soon.

4:05 AM BBT – Becky tells Steve she thinks whether Vanessa or Shelli stays, they’ll be a big target along with James and maybe Austin. She warns Steve that if he or John don’t win HoH then they’ll be in real danger of going up and being evicted.

4:10 AM BBT – Goblins say Becky has won $10K and that’s good enough. Time to go for Becky.

4:20 AM BBT – Steve is still up wandering.

So right now it’s looking like Vanessa will stay at least during the first eviction this week. But Becky and Shelli have grown suspicious so look for some hard campaigning to go on throughout Wednesday.

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  1. I don’t really care which one goes. But those HGs certainly don’t have their thinking cap on straight. More drama for us.
    Plenty happened this year so far, that might make it one of the best season so far to watch.

    • I agree, it has been a good season to watch so far. Personally I would love to see Austin go in the double eviction.

      • As much as I’d love to see Austin leave, Liz is looking like a better choice only because it would be great to see Austin and Julia have to deal with each other and so Austin can sulk in the fact that he still has to play. No jury house alone with Liz for him yet lol!

      • Out of the three, you are right that Liz would need to be the first to go. We would probably then have Judas in the house instead of Austin. haha It could result in a separation with Juju(Judas and Julie), as Cyril nicknmaed them. I know Julie has never been crazy about Austin and doesn’t enjoy the fact that others see him as the decision-maker for Austwins. She might rebel against Austin. That’d be cool.

      • Agreed, Liz needs to be the first one out of the Austwins to go. With Liz leaving then Austin will be a mopey/revenge filled HG. I can see Julia seperating herself from Austin at that point as well. Liz leaving would be the best thing to happen to the house all season. hahaha

      • With Austin, there is a block of three votes, if only Liz and Julia remained, there would be a block of 2. But, I only go on personal preference, not necessarily best game play moves. I leave that for y’all to figure out.

      • Julia hates Austin so you take out Liz and Julia will team up with others to get Austin out. That’s why you have to take out Sorority Princess Shelli 1st evict and Crazy Train Van on the 2nd. Then get Liz out next.

      • lol like I said, its my personal preference, I leave the smart people to think about strategy. :)

      • Totally agree and if the James Gang makes it through this week, in tact, they and Austwins will be competing against each other. The odds are definitely better that way. Let’s hope after Shelli goes, Vanessa goes next followed by Steve and Becky. Then JMac will basically be alone…that is if he doesn’t win any comps. If he does win HoH, watch out, because nobody knows what he will do. I think he’ll put Liz and Julia up and bd Austin. Time will tell!

      • Right now the James Gang & Austwins have a F6 deal. Austin told the twins he wants to name their new alliance “Brass Tacks.”

      • Austin and the twins are not on anyones radar – they are going to cruise till final 7, and then they will have to start playing.

      • I honestly don’t understand why they aren’t on the radar. You’ve got to be worried about letting them skate to the end and essentially be guaranteed votes for each other.

        Well, maybe not Julia as a vote for Austin, but who knows.

      • They have to go. For whatever reason, nobody seems to realize this. I would absolutely send Van packing tomorrow night in the DE if possible, but after that–everyone else should start firing to knock them out. Otherwise, nobody else is winning.

      • She may be gone by then. It’s a toss up of whether it will be Van or Becky leaving on Thursday w/ Shelli. Of course everything can change again before tomorrow night!!

      • So right, only, I hope they never make it that far, can’t stand Liz’s voice, and, well, pretty much everything about Austin.

    • I’m loving the unpredictability this season more than the last 3. It’s making this season go faster with hardly any down time!

  2. I think that the big story from last night is that there is a new power alliance forming. The 2 trios, Austwins and J/J/M are agreeing to an F6 deal. This is the first time that I know of where Austwins are forming an alliance without Vanessa!

    Austin is sold on the idea of teaming up with J/J/M, because they are both protecting their 2 girls. I don’t think he trusts Van anymore, but is still scared of her. He told Liz & Julia. Julia asked if it was a fake alliance. Austin said that it was real. Julia agreed that it makes sense.

    Meanwhile, James told Meg & Jackie. They are on board, since it keeps them safer for a while.

    James’ may have gotten persuaded by the master manipulator, Van, but it didn’t take much persuasion. But, I think he’s played this right. Austwins are much better numbers for J/J/M than just Becky, who is still hedging her bets with Shelli & JMac.

    Bottom line is that a true alliance of J/J/M + Austwins would be formidable!

    • An alliances of two alliances… if it takes, it might actually last 2 or 3 weeks. Wouldn’t it be great if the ones everyone seems to refer to as ignorant, stupid, and morons, outsmarted the supposedly brighter bulbs? lol

    • So much for the idea of getting Vanessa out easily in the DE… She’s gonna be game on for HOH now if she stays.

      • Has she been studying for this comp? I don’t remember ever reading anything about her preparing.

      • She’s got 2 days… 2 days that she can be focused and not laying around thinking for sure that she’s going home.

        No guarantee, but she isn’t just going into the comp already defeated.

    • Yes it would. Beckys girl crush on Shelli makes me too nervous to align fully with her and as goes Becky, goes Jmac (& Steve). That alliance never fully formed/set. Would have been an easy one to cheer on if Becky/Jmac could have just let Shelli go, especially after she picked Vanessa for POV. Even after that, they prefer to work with Shelli. Smh.

      • They did that only because none of them were recruited…they’re true BB fans…but not enough to overcome Van, Becky (now) and James. Time will tell…nothing is set in stone to even place bets on!

      • I think the only way Austin, Liz, or Julia win a comp is if it’s only them in the final 3 HOH 2 part comp at the end. Their performances in the comps have been so bad it’s funny to watch

      • Shelli – good to great in all challenges
        Vanessa – great in mental challenges
        James – great in endurance challenges
        Becky – good to great in physical/endurance challenges

        ^ This is all we truly know. Oh and that Meg sucks at everything.

    • Austin just pledges his loyalty to whoever they think is in power at the time. Austin did it to Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli 2 weeks ago and then to James last week. The twins just do whatever is told to them. Austwins are not trustworthy at all and it’ll probably get them far

  3. Is this for reals??? Like production come on u could have just let her go this week… And brought her back later

  4. 6:01 PMJames and Vanessa are talking again. Vanessa tells him she wants to talk about how dangerous Becky is. But she says she wants to talk with him and Meg without Jackie because she’s worried Jackie is too close to Becky.

    (Trying to sneakily chip away at them…Genius.)

    6:45 PMVanessa talking to the twins about Becky and
    that Steve is working with her and they need to watch what they tell
    him. Shelli, then Steve, interrupt the conversation.

    (Sowing more seeds of distrust.)

    2:35 AMVanessa now in with the HNs. James woke her up.
    He wants her to assure them about everything. She’s telling them
    everything they need to hear.

    2:45 AMVanessa continues to suck them in promising
    everything they want to hear. Van says Becky was playing all sides of
    the house.

    I know people dislike her but she’s 100% Keyser Soze for me. I hope she wins the second HoH Thursday.

    It’s just getting too good. She’s a machine.

    • I think it would be a fantastic show to see Van go out the door right after Shelli on Thursday. I’d love to see J/J/M be the ones to do it, too!

      • But then what are we left with? Losing both Vanessa and Shelli on the same night would be like losing Chandler and Monica on Friends. Sure, they’re both annoying as hell and very irritating but do you really want to be stuck alone with Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey? – Dump Shelli but keep Vanessa around for a few weeks more. Her vs Becky will be epic.

      • Steve is the most timid personality ever and JMac appears to be his best friend. While JMac is good for sound bites I imagine Steve just sitting in the DR staring into the camera like a zombie. I enjoy not liking Van and Shelli. I actually like JMac and just feel bad for Steve so without at least one of the ladies here I fear it’ll get boring. (Becky’s showing some signs of being potentially crazy so maybe she’ll pick up the slack.)

      • I LOVE all the BB drama, too, Genius, but I’m on overload with Vanessa’s kind of drama and Shelli’s, imo, smarter/better-than-thou, smug, self-righteous, self-absorbed attitude. If Becky becomes the drama queen for a BB minute, that would surfice for my drama fix.

      • Steve and Camera… poor Steve….Don’t you think that will make good tv? It could be real fun just watching Steve watching the camera. I bet $500k on that!

      • Losing both Vanessa and Shelli on the same night would be like losing The Abominable Snowman and Hermey the Elf in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Sure, they’re both annoying as hell and very irritating but do you really want to be stuck alone with that creepy Charley in the Box and the Narwhal? – Dump Shelli but keep Vanessa around for a few weeks more. Her vs Becky will be epic.

      • They are not stupid! They don’t see everything that we do, but they are playing it as smart as they can. Aligning with Austwins was very smart. It A) gets the target off of them from that side of the house and B) gets them numbers. Austin already wants Van gone, so it’s not going to take much for James to persuade that trio to target her.

      • Why do J/J/M have to get rid of the Austwins faster than they have to get rid of Van, Becky, JMac and Steve?

    • …and isn’t this the way the game is supposed to be played? For some reason, when Vanessa does it..she is evil, crazy, and manic. Derrick was the best manipulator of the game so far..he also lied, he made deals, he broke deals..was on the block once..yet, from everything I read on these threads..Vanessa has got to go..I like the drama she brings..she’s a thinker. She is just much more ‘in your face” than Derrick ever was.

      • Derrick also got tons of hate. Vanessa is getting more hate because on top of that she IS so in your face, she does stir up fights (people like drama but usually hate the drama starter), she is holier than thou (attacking people viciously/personally for lying when she’s the biggest liar in the house), she insults the other houseguests left and right, she is bipolar in both personality and gameplay, and she is an emotional roller coaster that cries when she doesn’t get her way.

      • I didn’t take that away from his comments. It felt like a valid explanation for why people seem to have such negative responses to her.

      • But everyone slows down to stare at carwrecks, don’t they? – She’s awesome.

      • The question is – who would admit that? I’m sure a lot of people on this site enjoy Vanessa being on the show and would never admit it because they don’t like her as a person.

      • She has supporters. There are more Van haters for sure but there are more than one or two BB fans who appreciate what she’s managed to do. (Even if it’s just to see how long she can continue to get them to make stupid decisions.) That’s what makes it fun!

      • Vanessa IS crazy and manic! You can’t honestly compare her and Derrick. Derrick never lost his mind while playing. I think people dislike Vanessa because she threatens, is paranoid, over thinks and obsesses. On a scale of 1-10 she’s a 36.5 emotionally. Who likes that? She is 100% a GENIUS (I think) for managing to do what she’s managed to do but I’m not surprised at all that a lot of comments posted about her are negative.She comes across as being far more “scared” rather than confident sometimes. – But I still love it.

      • I wasn’t comparing..I was just stating that they are alike in some ways. Master manipulators. But, I love it too! Don’t hate!!

  5. I am getting super excited about this. I dislike Shelli way more than I dislike Vanessa, so this will be awesome.

    I think James and co are making the right call. It backfires on them if JMac wins (and maybe Steve) but since Becky can’t play, their odds are better with Shelli leaving than Van leaving.

      • And Van leaving give Shelli the 500k. Shelli is good at comps, she is smart, and more stable than Van (despite sweatergate). I think the next HOH determines how things fall but nothing is a done deal.

      • Nah. Shelli will be more isolated. Shelli was won 2 HoH comps and dragged along through all the rest of game aspects in between. She doesn’t have the connections or skills Vanessa applies in the game.

      • But Shelli is working on Steve, JMac and Becky. She also thinks that she has Austwins once Van leaves. She is more sneaky about her ties, while Van is in your face manipulative. To me, sneaky is more dangerous than manipulative.

      • No, she’s not…. she definitely has Becky and John, potentially Steve. Just get rid of Austin, and she’ll have the twins.

      • Vanessa right now has Austin, Liz, Julia, James, Jackie, Meg, and if she can get over yesterday then she’ll have Steve too.

        Shelli has Becky, John, and Steve (Steve only because he thinks Van is going).

      • That’s where we disagree. I don’t think that Van has J/J/M or Austwins any more. They need to support her long enough to evict Shelli, but after that it’s bye-bye Van.

      • I’m hoping you are correct because that is the way I see it right now. I think Austwins are sick of Van. She causes so much stress in the house and brings the mood down.

      • How do they propose to evict Vanessa now? James, Jackie and Meg are fixated on Becky and John. If they win HOH, they may put up Becky and John and say they put Vanessa on the block and try to vote out Vanessa, they have Jackie and Meg voting to evict her while, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve all voting to evict Becky. I will assume they will get Johnny Mac’s vote to make it 3 votes their side. Vanessa will stay yet, again and guess, who she is going after if she wins HOH?

      • They want to backdoor Van by putting up Becky and John! Of course that all can change if Van or John win the 1st or 2nd HoH! But for now, that’s the plan!

      • Matt, usually I agree with you, but I think you’re missing the boat on this one. Van’s allies don’t trust her any longer. Austin and both twins want Van gone. Austin is mad at Van for almost BDing him. I really think that Austwins trust J/J/M more than Van after last night.

      • I agree with Matt. If the Austwins don’t have Vanessa, who wins comps for them? This is all about Vanessa resuming her position as the point person for them. They will ride or die with her, no matter what they say.

      • Vanessa has shown she can win and is a leader. James, Jackie and Meg have shown themselves duplicitous fools. If they will betray Becky who saved their asses by flipping on Vanessa, why would Austin, Liz and Julia trust James, Jackie and Meg over Vanessa? They won’t.

      • As far as the Austwins know, they know that Van has already tried to betray them once. They don’t think that J/J/M have.

        Plus Becky has betrayed J/J/M way more times than this one time that they are betraying her. Although this is an important time, it still doesn’t outweigh all of the backstabbing Becky did before.

        J/J/M have no reason to believe that Becky is on their side.

      • Matt….Becky and Shelli started 4 days ago. I know even you don’t believe that. Who was she ratting to?

      • Great point! Becky didn’t have Shelli’s support until 4 days ago, but Shelli has had Becky’s support for most of the game.

      • And how many promises has Vanessa kept? She formed an 8 person alliance with James, Jackie, Meg and Jason and evicted Jason who is part of her supposed alliance? The only alliance Vanessa has any loyalties is the 6th Sense or soon to be 4th Sense alliance because she knows everyone is LOYAL. An alliance is worthless if there is no loyalty.
        James, Jackie and Meg has been caught by Vanessa, hook, line and sinker! When someone is gullible, you can tell them multiple lies and they still believe you!

      • Why wouldn’t Austwins team up with her again after V leaves? I would.
        Shelli can win comps for them and be their meat shield by remaining biggest target in the house and they certainly are not her immediate targets.
        They don’t have to trust her 100% but they can use her to their benefit definitely.
        Not saying they’re lazy but they do benefit from aligning with comp winners.

    • Vanessa is just licking her chops. Once, John and Becky are gone, her alliance controls full majority. She will pick off James and Jackie and finish them off. However, she will keep Meg as a Final 2 option.
      James, Jackie and Meg better win HOH. If Vanessa’s alliance wins HOH, they are done. Just like Helen in her season with Amanda, she destroyed her own allies loyal to her—-there was no one left to save her when she was put on the block.

  6. There are just no words for how blind these people are. Becky has it all figured out, and I never even considered her a factor in this game, but now I am rooting for her because she is the only one with a brain.
    If her and John got together and started talking to the houseguests about Vanessa I can bet the tide would turn.

    • Vanessa is just too good of a manipulator. I don’t think they can turn the house once she gets her claws into the rest of the house.

      But Becky and Johnny Mac are clearly the only 2 who can see through her and have a good grasp of what is going on. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking very good for the 2 of them right now.

      • James Rhine has a good saying about Big Brother. “It’s not about how smart you are, it’s about how dumb everyone else is.”

        I think this applies here, the Goblins are WAYYY overthinking this. Fact of the matter is that Vanessa is just as good at comps as Shelli and has better connections as well. At that point, all James and company have to rely on is Vanessa and Austwins word… yeah, let’s see how that works out for them.

        I’m going to really enjoy the moment when the Goblins are in the hammock room crying and constantly repeating “We shouldn’t have voted out Shelli.”

      • Lol. The other side has to get very lucky with second eviction this week.
        If they do, they’re in catbird seat for a minute.

      • “ll James and company have to rely on is Vanessa and Austwins word…” What do they have to rely on from Shelli? The same goes lying in the hammock room crying ” We shouldn’t have voted out Vanessa”

      • Who does Shelli have that she can rely on to go after the Goblins if she doesn’t win HOH herself? No one, her “allies” wanted to go after the Austwins.

        The only way Shelli could take out James is if she did it herself. Van can do it on her own or with Austin, Liz or Julia. It’s about numbers.

      • Nope…the Austwins said they were going after the Goblins for breaking the deal. They specify James as their #1 target to Shelli.

      • When was that? As of last night the Austwins aligned with James. They may just be coddling Shelli.

      • Long before talks of switching votes. Just showing the influence she has on the twins if she stays.

      • That’s why she told Steve her target would be Austin and one of the Goblins. We all know she means James.

      • Was that when Shelli was making an issue about Clay’s shirt? I know they did say that at that time.

    • Becky already did that yesterday. She held court in the BY while Van was busy hiding & crying. Becky only thinks she has everything figured out. She is wrong about J/J/M. If you remember, she joined that trio, they didn’t chose her.

      • Fair enough. They seem like the type of people who will go with the last one in their ear, so I am hoping if Becky and JMac double teamed them it would come out in their favor.

    • You want to know what takes this strategy and blows it up? JMac or Steve winning HOH for the DE. I am almost certain one of them wins, and turns all these “best laid plans” on their head again

  7. James, Meg and Jackie have gone full retard :D – They were positioned perfectly, and now they let Vanessa take the reins in the game again.

    • James and company were the worst positioned in the game.

      Becky, a tentative ally was seeking alliances with Shelli and JMac, leaving them out
      Shelli, an enemy was staying
      Austwins, coming after them regardless
      JMac, is the only change as he might target them now
      Steve -??? But certainly not aligned with them.

      The goblins were and still are not in a good spot. Getting rid of Shelli means they get rid of their biggest enemy while getting rid of Van means they get rid of a lower level boss.

      • Austwins are no longer after J/J/M. They are aligning with them. J/J/M also cut a deal with Van. I think they are sitting better now than they were before.

      • You really believe that? They’ll do whatever Vanessa tells them to do. And if Van wins HOH, I’d send James out the door. Pretty easy to do–toss up James and JMac. If James doesn’t win the Veto, he’s gone. Becky and Steve will both save John. Then Meg and Jackie get to complain about how they should have sent Vanessa to jury, even though she was sitting on a platter an hour ago. The two of them are just numbers and would be sent home whenever Vanessa and company feel like it.

      • Yes, I really believe it. I would not have believed it before watching it unfold last night, though. Van is going after Becky. She’s already said she’s going to use JMac & Steve to do it. She said that those 3 are the targets now. Granted that Van is a known liar and things change with her all the time, this is DE and there isn’t a lot of time for changing.

      • Vanessa isn’t going to be after James right away. First, he’s saving her from eviction and second, she made a 2 week deal with him. (Not that her deals mean anything! LOL)

      • If Vanessa wins HOH she is putting up BECKY and Johnny Mac. Have you been following the game?

  8. Also if anyone can tell me why saving Shelli helps the goblins, actually furthers their game, and not JMac’s or Becky’s, than I would love to understand.

    The Austwins will go after James and co if they keep Shelli.
    The Austwins will break their deal if they keep Van.
    If Van stays target número uno is Becky with James as a backup.
    If Shelli stays target número uno is James with Jackie as a backup.

    How does keeping Shelli help the goblins in any way?

    • Don’t look at it as saving Shelli. That’s backwards. It’s who to get rid of, not who to save. They want both to go, so you’ve gotta look at who needs to go first and now.

      Shelli will have kinda John, and newly developed Becky.

      Vanessa will have Austin, Liz, Julia, and if she can get over it, Steve. Those are all 4 long running allies. Collectively 5 votes.

      Vanessa is a stronger all around player than Shelli with better connections and better manipulation skills.

      • Matthew, I think you are underestimating what I find to be the most important and interesting event that took place yesterday.

        10:00 PM BBT – Meg has joined Austin and the twins. They again talk about how they might not get another chance to get Shelli out.

        10:13 PM BBT – Austin says that John winning HOH would be the worst because he has no idea who he would target. Austin is really into the idea of the three of them working with James, Meg and Jackie.

        Austin knows he has to have RELIABLE numbers to evict Vanessa. He may have found the numbers he needs with the Goblins.

        Speaking of the Goblins, who is really going to target them during double eviction?

        Austwins? No, they’re going after Johnny Mac and Steve.

        Vanessa? No, her targets are Becky and Johnny Mac with Steve as a replacement.

        Johnny Mac? No, his target is Vanessa.

        Steve, maybe, but will he even attempt to win HOH?

        It seems to me, as much as I’m shocked to admit this, through strategic incompetence, the Goblins MAY have moved themselves into a good position.

      • Austin isn’t going after Steve. That’s been a fake divide they’ve been running all season.

        And of course Austin is pushing to Meg that this is a great time to get rid of Shelli. That angle lets him keep Vanessa.

        Austin has been talking for over a week that he’s wanted to work with James. Vanessa will keep that divided. They would have been closer post-Vanessa.

        The season doesn’t end on Friday. Vanessa won’t get out Becky or John and then just end the game. These are short term reasons to get out Shelli now over Vanessa.

      • They’re not the other side of the house anymore. They are aligned with Austwins, so no flipping necessary.

      • That is assuming that Van will be around to flip and also assuming that she and Austwins would be a team. We’ll know more after DE. I can’t be sure of much of anything at this point.

      • I don’t, all it’ll take is Jmac winning HOH during the DE and both sides will be throwing eachother’s names out there. It’s a flimsy alliance at best.

      • Or Steve. I’m convinced one of those two wins HOH for the DE–both know they’re in trouble now–and it blows this “deal” into pieces

      • Go back and watch last night with an open mind. Austin is pretty set on it being real. I’m not so sure about J/J/M, but in the meantime, they’re loving it.

      • I saw it. Doesn’t mean I believe it. JJM should really consider who they are dealing with. Remember–Vanessa leads Austin, and the twins follow him. The three of them will do whatever Vanessa tells them to do. And the smart thing is to get James out now.

      • Vanessa will be pushing Austin to use Steve, as the renom if needed.

        5:20 PM BBT – James sits down with Austin for a long talk. James is giving Austin many openings telling him he just wants to vote how everyone votes. Then he says all 3 Goblins just want to vote how everyone else wants. Austin keeps missing this openings and starts talking about how Vanessa might be a bigger threat. It’s entertaining.

        I think you are misreading the situation. Austin knows that when he delivers the blow to Vanessa it must be fatal. Austin KNOWS he will only get one shot at Vanessa.

        He wasn’t misreading James, he was being cautious. Austin likes the idea of the six person alliance, because if the two sides can build some trust, he will have the numbers to take Vanessa out.

        Austin is looking to take Vanessa out with an overwhelming force.

        Becky missed and it will cost her the game.

      • You assume that Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve will all flip and betray Vanessa. Look at all the alliances that Vanessa put up. She is loyal to only one. That is the Sixth Sense alliance and everyone in that alliance is loyal. They each know that being loyal will take them farther then, casting their lot with someone they cannot trust. James, Jackie and Meg just betrayed Becky in front of my eyes and I will trust them over Vanessa who has been loyal to me 100%? They know trusting James, Jackie and Meg will be a huge
        crapshoot. So, their selfish self-interest will push them to stay with Vanessa. Just because someone promises anything on Big Brother doesn’t mean squat! Who is going to target James, Jackie and Meg? Try Johnny Mac or Becky, whoever survives because they will be pissed you blew up their game.
        Add to that Vanessa, Austin, Julia, Liz and Steve. So, after Shelli is gone, it is everyone against James and Jackie. Meg will survive as a Final 2 option.

      • Vanessa has not been 100% loyal to them. It was her plan to BD Austin. I wouldn’t call that loyalty.

      • She also, recanted and saved him didn’t she? Also, Austin blabbed his mouth about the alliance and Vanessa forgave him. This bunch is much more loyal than you think they are!

      • I think that Austin & twins are loyal to each other, but are only still rolling with Van, because she’s a bigger target. They don’t trust her or Shelli.

      • FAR from it. She started the Clay fight, she has tried to place doubt in each of their minds about another member at some time or another when it was convenient and useful to her. Even though she doesn’t seem to be publicly throwing Shelli utb, she gets a little jab in every now, the Vanessa way. Vanessa is loyal when she has to be.

      • Oh! I almost forgot about her trying to throw a monkey wrench in Austin & the twins by telling Austin that both twins liked him!

      • She was also trying to get a romance started between Steve and Julia or JMac and Julia! hahaha

      • Van does tend to play in the moment whether she’s slighted or not! She can’t seem to think ahead at any given moment for long…am I right?

      • She is in deep thought at times, it seems. I don’t know whether she is reflecting on past actions, thinking about future actions, or in a drug-induced trance.

      • First, Vanessa making plans to backdoor Austin is far from loyal. Vanessa is also currently throwing Steve under the bus. Not loyal.

        Vanessa is loyal only to her own preservation. Remember, in the end there can be only one winner.

        Over the course of the game groups of people form alliances to further their COMMON interests. In the case of Austwins and Gobblins the common interest is to survive double eviction.

        I also believe James and Austin may (if they haven’t already) realize that they have the power to eliminate Vanessa. Austin may need some reassurance to act on this idea. Not by Gobblin words, but by common agreed upon action. In other words, the two groups need to build more trust.

        When their interests are no longer commonly shared, the groups may disband and different alliances will form.

        By sticking to rigid thinking about cardboard caricatures of the players, one may miss the more interesting nuances of the game.

        Take care.

      • I don’t think that Vanessa has Austin, Liz & Julia any longer. They have all been talking about how they need to get rid of her. Since Austin has been reminded that Van tried to BD him, he doesn’t trust her at all anymore.

        Austin & both twins really like the idea of an F6 with J/J/M. I don’t think they are lying about that. They need J/J/M to get Van out. Plus Julia was jumping up and down with excitement when she saw J/J/M last night.

        Keeping Van over Shelli AND aligning with the Austwins for a F6 deal is the smartest move J/J/M has made!

      • But they’re leaving a player who hates them in the game versus a player who hates someone else more (Becky). It’s about who is worse for your personal game. At least with Van they might be able to buy themselves a week.

      • It should be about, what would happen if I evict Shelli? What would happen if I evict Vanessa? it should be like playign chess, you have to think ahead and picture the scenarios if this chess piece is no longer there. Vanessa is the bigger threat because she is able to manipulate people and control them. Remember the unanimous vote to evict Clay? Even Jackie and Meg voted to evict Clay. Vanessa owns James, Jackie and Meg, although, they are too dumb to see it. Play your game and play to win. Why listen to James? He does not have a clue. This late in the game, he still believes Vanessa is all alone? And if someone like Vanessa tells you something, you should verify it. Words are nothing. Actions speak louder than words. Vanessa has lied and not kept any promises and you trust her? Her actions show she cannot be trusted. You are playing for $500,000 so, why not use your head? And even if you get rid of Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve will still be together. Again, their selfish self-interest will trump anything else! Atleast, Vanessa’s Alliance is trying to win that $500,000.

      • What would happen if I evict Vanessa?

        for the Goblins – Shelli forms an alliance with Becky, Johnny Mac and Steve and targets the Goblins (especially James). The Austwins, still connected to Shelli, also target the Goblins. James gone soon, perhaps this Thursday, with Jackie used as a pawn and evicted shortly thereafter. Meg may be carried for a while with the hopes of using her in final two.

        What would happen if I evicted Shelli?

        for the Goblins – Pulls in the Austwins (at least for double eviction) and they target other players, probably Johnny Mac and Becky. Vanessa, still pissed that she was put up, goes after Becky and Johnny Mac. Goblins (specifically James) are not targeted in double eviction. AND the open up the possibility of working with Austwins.

        I really have NO IDEA why this is so hard for some people to grasp!

        No one will be immediately targeting the Goblins if they keep Vanessa! Even Becky and Johnny Mac will be after VANESSA (because SHE is after them!)

        And by the way, Clay was unanimously evicted because HE ASKED TO BE EVICTED!

    • Also, let’s bare in mind that just because Vanessa’s current targets are Jmac and Becky doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. Her targets flip like a coin as we have seen with Jeff and Jason.

      All Vanessa needs is a “reason” to go against a promise she has made and she can craft one if she needs to.

      All it will take is James saying something to the wrong person, then next thing you know Vanessa is arguing and inevitably crying in front of the entire house. Before you know it, now the Goblins are down to 2.

      • Vanessa’s wants Becky! I guess this is what happens when you put someone up for your own personal reasons like Becky did with Vanessa. You have to leave “personal” at the front door when you enter the BB house.

      • Personal? She put up Vanessa because she’s been controlling the game since week 3. I would have put her up as well.

      • Timestamp?

        Even if she did say that, you know why she would “hate” Vanessa? I have a feeling it’s because Van has been manipulating everyone in the house to do her bidding for a month straight. The feelings behind a nomination are irrelevant, it completely makes sense from a game perspective to try to get rid of her.

      • Sure it makes sense to get rid of Vanessa, but you need the VOTES to get it done, and Becky doesn’t have the votes!

        Becky has not played a very good social game. Her “allies” (the Gobblins) weren’t even hanging out with her in her HOH room.

        Viewers see the game as if we are looking down on a village from the mountain top. It’s easy to see what all the villagers are doing at all times.

        However when you are down in the village you have to trust other people’s perspective to get a clear view of what’s happening in the village.

        In order to have YOUR perspective be taken as valid you have to have the trust of other villagers. Becky has not gained the trust of the vast majority of the Big Brother Village.

      • I’m not entirely certain which particular comment you’re responding too, but I feel like I’m arguing from a perspective that the houseguests could piece together themselves.

        Additionally, Becky had the votes up until a couple days ago. My point is that I don’t think it’s smart for the Goblins to flip their votes given Vanessa’s track record.

      • Also, I’d like to reiterate that just because Vanessa wants Becky now doesn’t mean she’ll want her in a few days. She’s proven that her targets change constantly.

      • But in a double eviction without a lot of time to think, she still might. Shelli will go straight for James. Atleast Van might put up Becky and James.

      • But that happens even with Shelli, and in that case James doesn’t need to say a word. Why is shelli better for the goblins than Van? I can’t really think of a single reason.

      • Who is Shelli’s support to go after the Goblins? Jmac isn’t doing it, Becky isn’t doing it, Steve? Doubtful. If Shelli wanted them out, she’d have to do it herself.

        Regarding Van having no numbers, I don’t see that happening, people forget stuff pretty quickly in BB when new stuff arises. Besides, I think you’re overestimating the intelligence of the twins and Austin to be able to not listen to Vanessa’s manipulations.

      • Shelli has Jmac, and by association Steve, and Becky. Austin & the twins have already said that they don’t believe Van anymore. They wanted to avoid her this week. I don’t think that Van has them.

      • Not intending to be rude, but it seems like you just ignored everything I just said. Shelli “has” them, sure, but not to go after the Goblins. Jmac and Becky were both more interested in going after Austwins next and Shelli doesn’t really have any logical reason to refute that other than “BUT THEY EVICTED BY BOYFRIEND!”.

        Yes, Austwins don’t believe Van at the moment. But the Goblins were saying that same thing only a couple days ago. Now they believe everything she’s saying about Becky. I think all it’ll take is a couple of subtle hints and a few days and Vanessa is back in their ears.

      • True! I was counting the numbers before the vote tomorrow. If Shelli somehow stays, she’ll have more numbers.

      • I think if they take V out in second Eviction they will. That’s ideal since it’s fast & furious and Vanessa doesn’t have time to stage a fight. :)

      • I’ve been saying that for awhile. Someone needs to “blindside” Vanessa fast. Becky didn’t figure on this like J/J/M and the Austwins did! It left too much time for Van to think!

      • I agree. If Vanessa is smart, she goes after James immediately if she wins the DE HOH. Toss him up against JMac and if the head goblin doesn’t win the veto, he’s gone. She effectively neutralizes her main opposition and the Austwins can hide behind her saying it was her HOH. Then we get to watch Meg and Jackie whine about how things never go their way and Van should have gone instead. Of course, they’ll conveniently forget that they had Van on the chopping block an hour before and let her walk away.

    • They keep Becky and Johnny Mac on their side. It is still a numbers game as you have to vote out people. How are you going to vote out someone if there are just 3 of you? The other side has 4 plus 1 snitch and probably 1 more pissed off you threw under the bus. Total of 6 if you add it up. So, you have James, Jackie and Meg against Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia , Steve and whoever survives be it Becky or Johnny Mac. At a minimum, Becky or Johnny Mac will compete in 1 HOH competition and if he or she wins HOH, guess who is going to be put on the block? Vanessa’s alliance will also, target James and Jackie. Meg will be safe as a Final 2 option.

      • That is a sham deal. The only alliance that has held up in the other side is the Sixth Sense alliance because they are loyal to each other. Austin has said a lot of things he did not mean. He is only playing James, Jackie and Meg who are gullible. When Vanessa’s alliance regains majority in the game, they will go after James and Jackie. Meg will be safe as a Final 2 option. And how many alliances have been formed this season? Vanessa formed an 8 person alliance with Jason, James, Jackie, Meg and backdoored Jason. James, Jackie and Meg may be loyal to each other but, that is only 3 people. The other side have the numbers and only need to stick together to evict the others one by one!

      • Did you listen to Austin and the twins talking when they were alone? They are totally on board with aligning with J/J/M. Julia did ask if it was fake, but Austin replied that it’s real. Julia said that it makes sense. Before the alignment, Austwins were ready to evict Van and said they were avoiding her. None of them went in to even check on her. When she went to the kitchen, Liz and Austin ignored her.

  9. Oh great… another 6 person alliance. That was RIVETING last time, wasn’t it?

    God, I really hope Jmac wins HOH during the double eviction.

      • If both Shelli and Vanessa go in the DE, next week it’s a whole new ballgame!
        Then you might see three factions:
        Becky, Jmac, Steve
        Becky, Jmac & Steve might reluctantly side with JJM for numbers against Austwins.
        JJM best play both sides til they have to show their cards.
        If Austwins win HoH, JJM play nice and see if Austwins keep their promise with nominations.
        If Jmac wins HoH, as long as Vanessa gone,
        He might still target Austwins like he was before so JJM play nice with JBS.

  10. They should have voted out Shelli last week and Van this week. clay was just a harmless puppet who talked too much.

      • DE came at just the right time for them then. Hopefully, they can get both out, then Clay would just be the bow on top.

      • Nope. I’m hoping Van stays. You can’t BUY this kind of entertainment. Even if it’s just for one more week and she goes home next week the moment when she wins the second HoH will either make people cheer or scream out in frustration. – THAT’s what I’d love to see.

      • If my punishment for wanting Shelli evicted is having to listen to Vanessa’s incessant bantering and paranoia for another week, then so be it. But , I’m hoping she goes in DE. I’ll live with it if she doesn’t. Better than looking at Shelli’s smug face for another week.

  11. It’s not that all these people don’t have a clue I find funny. It’s how they all THINK they know what’s going on. And in the feeds, I just about died laughing when Meg, yes I said Meg, looked at Becky and told her to think logically. With the goofiest smile and wide eyed expression on her face. I’m laying off the feeds for awhile because these people man….I keep waiting for one to stuck a finger in there butt and start sniffing…and be surprised it stinks.

  12. Becky’s double dealing
    has been found out, serve her right….stupid…. you picked a side, stay true to it. Why the heck are you still ratting to Shelli. She has only herself to blame for this.

  13. Well, as much as I dislike Vanessa, one has to marvel at her ability to manipulate people. If the HGs really vote to keep her, then she really deserves to win. I’m still cringing as I write this, but heck, you have to give the girl props.

  14. And the best thing about all this, is that Vanessa did not really have to lift a finger for this Flip … Yes, she is that Good!! Even better than Master Jedi Derrick if she can make it to then end … Ha!!

    • This had nothing to do with Vanessa. The Goblins had decided to evict Shelli the night before Vanessa even said anything to them. All Vanessa did is blow up Becky’s game but it was very clear when Vanessa spoke to James about Becky James was going to believe everything she said because he wanted to – he wants Shelli out.

    • Yeah I don’t think Van gets the credit for this one. The Goblins started the conversation because of a throwaway line but I think they came to the right call by themselves and then worked to make it happen.

  15. I can’t believe JJM thinking of putting up Jmac OTB vs Vanessa. He is the absolute guaranteed vote to evict V.
    Put her up against one of the Austwins.
    If they’re in cahoots, real or fake, then they’ll know they’re not the targets and too soon to trust them by offering up Jmac.
    If James does win HoH for second eviction and puts up Jmac vs Vanessa, besides ticking off a comp winner in Jmac, he needs four votes to evict Vanessa over Jmac: evicting Vanessa- Becky, Jackie, Meg.
    I’m afraid Steve & Austwins vote out Jmac vs Vanessa.
    That’s unnecessarily risky to me.

      • I think so, but it’s hard to say. If they are aware, I believe that it’s through Becky.

      • That’s the problem here. They don’t talk game. This will eventually leads to John’s demise in the game.

      • I would certainly think they are! Hasn’t JMac approached James about her? He explained the whole “pick a fight with the next target” thing she does and made it clear that he feels he is her next target.

    • I think Steve might evict Vanessa over John. That’s why he wants Becky gone to have John for himself…lol. Also, he knows Vanessa is full of crap. Damn, he was ready to throw the veto for him.

    • I’m not so sure about that. If it is James putting up JMac vs Vanessa and Van is the target, then we get to see if this new alliance with the Austwins is real or not. If it’s real, then Van goes.

      • Austin is really mad at Van for the whole almost BD incident. He & the twins were going to avoid her all week, until James approached them.

      • I understand why he’s mad, but ultimately they decided to keep Austin at great personal cost to them. If he’s still mad, it isn’t rational. The people who really wanted him out are the people he’s currently aligned with, which makes even less sense. Vanessa saved him while JJM wanted him out badly.

      • Austin and James have become buddies. The house did a major shift when James decided for this group to get Shelli out tomorrow.

      • Perhaps that’s true, but Austin’s memory is rather short here. Vanessa screwed herself to save Austin, and several people have been evicted starting with James’ HoH for having protected Austin.

      • But, she wouldn’t have had to save Austin, if she hadn’t targeted him in the first place.

      • Yeah, I get that, but she wasn’t the one directing the action. It was James and crew. The whole situation is very strange to me. I’m not sure what Austin is thinking here.

      • There are so many scenarios to consider here. Would Austwins see their chance to control the game(4/3) instead of be equal in the game(3/3), or have they reached their limit with Vanessa? That may be the $500,000 question this week.

    • This is where they would be stupid. JMac is the only vote that likely can’t be flipped. He wants Van out. Put Van up next to Liz and immediately she loses 2 votes, she loses another one from JMac and the 2 remaining Goblins not in power.

    • Aren’t JJM in an alliance with Austwins now? Why would they put up one of the twins?
      In a situation with V and JMac on the block, I think JMac goes home. Vanessa’s going to be around for a little while longer I think.

      • I do. I think they moved from major targets to backseat by aligning with Austwins. They have not been lying to each other. J/J/M is as solid as Austwins.

  16. I agree that Shelli has to go but I do not agree with the paranoid overreaction to stab Becky in the back. The Goblins believed every word Vanessa told them because they wanted to. They know Vanessa is a liar. What Meg and James want is some kind of rationalization to stab Becky in the back they way they are. Notice they never confronted Becky about any of Vanessa’s stories. The don;t want to know the truth. What they were told gives them cover for when they betray Becky. Jackie tried to inject some common sense saying Vanessa could have told them all lies (and much of what she said is a lie) but Meg and James didn;t want to hear it.

    This move is all about James who is angry with Becky for being selfish! He is so angry with Shelli over that stupid shirt thing that all he is thinking about is revenge.

    At this point they aren’t even telling Becky what they are doing and its not because she can change their mind. Its because they are ashamed of what they are doing.

    • I doubt they are ashamed. J/J/M have done way more talking without Becky than with Becky. Even before the PoV they were not hanging out in the HoH room with her. Instead, they were keeping to themselves in the HN room. I think that Becky choose them, but they didn’t chose Becky.

      • If Vanessa goes in the DE and Becky wins the next HOH, I go after James immediately. I think JMac would do the same thing. They just created more enemies instead of really protecting themselves. Toss up James and Austin and see what happens.

    • I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of game moves. I think people should be ashamed of being petty (Shelli) or racist (Aaryn & Amanda), or just bat sh*t crazy (GM). Game moves are just that. I don’t think Dan should sit at home and cry about stabbing Frank and Jenn City in the back after they saved him instead of Britney. It’s a game for 500k, just don’t be a sh*tty person outside of the game.

    • Prince…they stab Becky in the back? Who put the knife in the back first and continue twisting it? You know what she said to Steve this morning….let me paraphrase…they will be after James first because he has more blood on his hands. Talk about selfish…she’s the worst….pleading for them not to flip the votes because it would ruin HER game….not our… really.

      • I understand what Becky did. She was told by Vanessa that Jackie was campaigning to get her out of the house. Jackie told Jason if he could get Shelli and Clay to vote to save him she would too. But Jackie said she just told him that to make him feel better. She knew Clay and Shelli would not save him.

        The point is, Becky cleared the air with them. The believed Vanessa’s BS without even asking Becky about it. They don;t want to hear Becky’s side of the story because they want to do what they want to do. Which is fine but Becky is the HoH. She won the comp and James told her he would respect her HoH and support whatever she decided to do. Then because Shelli stole his shirt he goes stupid and decides to turn against Becky.

        We all know Vanessa is a big liar. James knows that. Vanessa shook James’ hand and promised to back door Austin. Then she put up Jason and never told James or Meg what she did. So why believe anything she said about Becky?

        Becky is the one getting screwed here. They should have at least told her they wanted Shelli out. Instead they are going to wait until the last minute and blind side her. If ind that to be pretty low behavior and I was a big supporter of the Goblins.

      • Becky didn’t come 100% clean with J/J/M. She only told them some of it. Plus she made them promise not to mention V’s name before PoV meeting and then she goes and tells Shelli of all people and JMac and Steve. James didn’t get what he wanted when he was HoH, why should he support Becky now?

      • They do support her wanting Vanessa out, but as far as their game goes, they feel it is more urgent to get Shelli out. And they have realized that Becky and Shelli are closer than they thought, which is dangerous for their game.

      • Sure maybe Becky told them the truth about that. She also hid from them the fact that she told Shelli about the BD Van plan. She is aligned with Shelli not the Goblins. She is trying to work that alliance.

      • I gave a different perspective on this. Becky screwed herself over by what redroses said below. Also, excuse my language, she has her head up Shelli’s ass there was no way she was going to listen to them about voting out her. She would’ve done what she’s doing now…try to convince them to let Shelli stay. Remember, she’s desperate to work with Shelli. There was no way she would let her go if she could help it.

      • This is the problem with lies. Once you start telling them, the lie gets bigger ( case in point, Vanessa doesn’t have a line, she just keeps crossing and digs a deeper hole).

  17. I can’t believe Austin & The Twins and The Goblins want to team up. How in the hell did the two extreme sides of the house (that hate each other) decide to team up against the people in the middle? JMac, Steve, and Becky better win every HOH from now on. I am not losing JMac, do you understand me!?!? I will not. :'(

    The majority of the viewers are going to hate these people if JMac & Steve get Christy’d. I know I will. :'(

    – love, bitter Johnny Mac fan

    • Really, you will hate people for playing a game for themselves rather than for your faves?
      That’s an interesting choice.

    • You just proved my point in that it’s not a dumb move on J/J/Ms part to get rid of Vanessa. And Actually it’s a smart game move on their part to side with the Austwins. They should all team up and get rid of Comp beasts and master manipulaters like Vanessa and Shelli, a Bb super fan like Steve who is working all sides, and Becky and John who have not expressed an interest in working with them.

      And actually I don’t think the majority of people will hate J/J/M for getting rid of John. If they do then that means they’re not realizing that they are all playing to win and not playing for John to win. James has been in the served in the military, and has a daughter to take care of why should he care about some no back bone dentist who’s probably well off anyway?

      • It’s not a smart move if the side they’re trying to team up with is not trustworthy. I mean, did they learn NOTHING out of Jason’s eviction? They got totally screwed over by them yet they still trust Vanessa and Austwins to keep them safe.

    • Haha, hahaha hahaha. You gave me a belly laugh, but it is spot on! New meaning to keep your enemies close!!!!!!! LOL

  18. Wasn’t it on this site people were complaining that house-guests were like sheep voting with the house and doing what the HOH wants? Now here are some people thinking for themselves and doing what’s best for their game and there is still complaints. Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t. You want to have your cake and it it too.

    • When it comes to Big Brother, sheep houseguests are the worst. (see BB16) But houseguests that aren’t sheep are super fun to watch and are never nearly as bad as sheep. Sure, maybe they aren’t that good at the game, but they are good at making this entertaining and unpredictable, a killer combo regardless of how well the houseguests play.

    • Great point! I am loving all this mix-up and not really knowing until Thursday night who is getting evicted. Everything changes on a dime this season! Once the steamrolling was stopped, things have been exciting!!

    • It’s funny you bring this up because I think of Vanessa as a shepherd will her sheep in a pen protecting her flock to ensure that the wolves don’t get in because I believe she quickly assessed this group to know how easily influenced they are. Trust me, she has put them all to the test when she entered the house weeks ago.

  19. The only reason the majority of you think James, Jackie and Meg are stupid to keep Vanessa in the game over Shelli is because you know if Vanessa stays and win HoH she’ll most likely put up the oh so precious fan favorite John and or one of his allies which will send him packing.

    Some people are so bias against James, Jackie and Meg, making this game move that they can’t see that keeping Shelli is a worst prospect for the three of them! It’s actually not a dumb move at all. And the three of them realize keeping Vanessa is a risk: especially Jackie who doesn’t trust Vanessa but she also knows Shelli is 100% gunning for them.

    • Right. It’s as if people think the players should play for the fans rather than winning 500k.

      • Actually, if they were playing for $500,000, they would be using their heads and not trust Vanessa who lies repeatedly to their very faces and not kept any of her promises. Why would you trust someone like that? Fans are just spectators, how they play the game is on them. After all, they are the ones to stand to lose the most. We will see soon enough the result of their flipping to Vanessa’s side.

      • They do not trust Vanessa. However, not trusting Vanessa doesn’t mean they should keep Shelli.
        Keeping Shelli is a guarantee on the block for James. Keeping Van atleast gives him a chance at not being the main target.

      • The main target for this week, you mean. They’re not thinking further ahead than the DE.
        Austwins won’t stop working with Vanessa. J/J/M are dumb if they think Vanessa will stick to her word. Of course she would target Becky next week, but after that? James is right on top of the target list.
        The twins don’t like James, Austin will try to please them (or rather Liz) and those 3 will also try to get rid of him.
        Becky would have been a vote and a player in his favour.

      • Rather be target #2 than target #1 on any day of the week.
        At this point for James & Co. buying even an extra week is a victory.

      • Only if a member of the SS alliance doesn’t win the 2nd HOH tomorrow night during the DE, in which case they can safely get rid of James leaving Meg and Jackie with nobody to turn to for help. Don’t think Becky or JMac (if they survive DE) will want to work with them again after they stabbed Becky in the back.
        So, nobody knows what will happen during DE but it’s fun to think out all the different angles that could come into play.
        If Vanessa deigned to take one of the Goblins to the F2 with her it might have been a worthwhile choice.

    • Beforehand, I thought keeping Vanessa would be bad because she taped the other side together. However, I realize now that if Shelli stays she’ll go directly after the Goblins (specifically James) but if Vanessa stays she is the final nail in convincing the Austwins to target Jecky and Steve. Additionally, it may also be a good move seeing as the Austwins might side with the Goblins and not with Vanessa. However, keeping Vanessa too long will be problematic as she has proved to be a competition beast.

    • No. I watch Big Brother and Survivor for the game play. The past two seasons have been boring because of the alliances dominating it from start to finish. I have been rooting for Becky, John, James, Jackie and Meg because if they wind up on top, I was hoping to see more game play. Instead, James wastes his POV on Clay, turns on Becky and John to help out Vanessa and her alliance regain power. Once, Vanessa and her alliance regains power, it will be a very boring season because they will pick off Becky, John, James and Jackie one by one before they even turn on each other. If James, Jackie and Meg are being criticized it is because of their dumb moves. They are still clueless on Vanessa’s alliance.

      • This is what I don’t understand… How did he turn on John? They are not in an alliance with him, They don’t even talk game with him. I can’t wrap my mind round this. Please explain.

      • I agree! I kept hoping that JMac would align with the Backyard Crew when Jason was still there, but he didn’t. JMac is still refusing to align with J/J/M, even after Becky chose them. If it didn’t happen then, it’s not going to happen at all.

      • Agree…. he wasn’t going to either because James got his mentor or is it prince? voted out. hehehe

      • And that’s why JMac and possibly Steve are the go to nominee’s…they took to long to commit.

      • James’s HOH was a total bust imo since he accomplished nothing. Apparently he’s still very upset that Clay went home instead of Shelli and is willing to deal with the devil in order to finally get Shelli evicted. James is not focusing on the big picture and thank goodness for James that Vanessa is right there willing to help him make the right decisions.
        I think that Vanessa and the Austwins are much more dangerous than Shelli to keep around.
        James also didn’t capitalize on gaining superior numbers when he was HOH. Becky decides to join their side and can bring along JMac and with superior numbers the Goblins would be able to decimate the former SS alliance.
        Instead James, Meg and Jackie decide to make an enemy of Becky. I hope they aren’t counting on Becky voting for them if and when they make it to the finale.

      • James has become emotionally involved and Vanessa figured it out. Hence, Vannessa telling him Becky says he sexist. He took the bait.

    • That’s for sure and she’s got the numbers to do it….don’t for one moment think she’s not brewing to take out James…he’s the one that booted out the love of her life…it’s the woman scorn thing James was reciting.

  20. Hello, can we call these HGs idiots? Their best chance to evict Shelli was last week. OMG – how stupid can they get?
    10:00 PM BBT – Meg has joined Austin and the twins. They again talk about how they might not get another chance to get Shelli out

    • The “there might not be another chance” is a line every season and never makes sense. There are at least 8 more evictions after this there are plenty of chances to get Shelli or anyone else out.

    • No, do you know what a puppy looks like when he begs for your table food. We all dislike when they do this, right. Think Clay begging for Shellie to stay. So take him first, then his comrade.

      Shellie made no moves to redeem herself.

  21. At this point Austin and Shelli should have already been evicted and Vanessa should go tomorrow. These HGs are clueless and can’t see how Vanessa manipulates them.

  22. Woo Hoo! Another day of lively debate here @ BBN! Love all these different opinions!! This is great! :)

  23. We are moving closer to getting Shelli out. I am glad they are figuring Becky out. She thinks her game is so great but she has been playing both sides.

  24. Vanessa is making a big mistake being so happy after having such a meltdown. She’s not playing her cards close to her chest. She’s looking real looney right about now.

  25. Well, it’s nice to see a photo of Vanessa smiling – it makes a change from her sad Beagle face. I don’t care for her at all, but she performed a miracle when she got everyone to think of evicting Shelli instead of her. If they’re smart though, they’ll get her out next – hopefully Thursday night too. This has turned into a very suspenseful season – I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on without the blogs and all the great comments.

  26. Last evening, I stated that the James gang should vote out Shelli because it would be good for their game and I stand by that. With that said, the only way for Shelli to continue to play the game is to have a meeting with James, Jackie, Meg, Johnny Mac and Becky and come clean on the 6th sense alliance. She must come to full terms of their game and how it has effected everyone up to this point (Vanessa calling her shot’s and playing the victim). She must at least promise James, Meg and Jackie that she will not target them for two weeks at the bare minimum. They all should then target the rest in just this order for a deal to make sense to James and his gang. Liz, Steve, Austin and then however they do the rest. Am I wrong to think this or is it just wishful thinking. One thing does stand clear though. Both Shelli and Vanessa HAS to go this week if their is a double eviction. My two cent’s worth, lets see how they play this.

    • I can see where this would make sense for Shelli, Becky, JMac and possibly Steve, but I don’t think that James would buy it at all. I think James is smart, but he’s a bit blinded by his distrust of Shelli & Becky and he has no relationship with JMac or Steve. It would take a WHOLE lot of convincing and much more than a 2 week deal for James to flop back now.

      James is sitting pretty with his strong alliance with Jackie & Meg, plus turning his former nemesis Austwins into allies, getting a 2 week deal from Van (that is one-sided… she protects them, but they don’t have to protect her past this vote) and Jackie is making head way with soothing over Becky. Becky even said she’s understanding why Van should be kept now. LOL

      Shelli goes and the only one going after James Crew in DE is possibly JMac, but he still wants Van out more.

      Van goes and James only has Jackie & Meg with a shaky Becky.

      • But Shelii is now or did last night throw Vanessa and the Austwins UTB sort of. She is telling them all about how they operate and even told James that she didn’t want Jason to go but Vanessa forced it on them. Some truth to that as well because both her Clay did tell Vanessa not to put up Jason. Still going to be interesting until tonight’s show is over and done.

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