Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

A lot has changed in 24 hours in the Big Brother 17 house, but it wouldn’t be the Big Brother house if that wasn’t the case.

Meg and Gronk the Shark on Big Brother 17
Meg and Gronk the Shark on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Yesterday it was almost certain that Vanessa would be heading home first this Thursday, but now The Goblins have realized that keeping Shelli in the game benefits Becky, but leaves them vulnerable. So a lot of the day, James, Meg and Jackie talked about why and how they should keep Vanessa.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 11, 2015:

9:45 AM BBT – John is the first up and grabbing breakfast.

11:00 AM BBT – Vanessa says her eyes are swollen from an allergic reaction and definitely not from crying.

11:45 AM BBT – Vanessa complains that Becky is cold, heartless, and calculated in this game.

12:00 PM BBT – Vanessa came back inside now that the HoH camera is out. Says she can’t fake it with Becky because she’s not phony. Vanessa is waiting for Becky to apologize to her.

12:13 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Steve if she has his vote. He asks her to give him until tonight. She tells Steve that if she doesn’t  have the votes two hours before the eviction, he can vote her out to watch out for his game. She is riding Steve pretty hard and treating him pretty unfairly. She reminds him that she’s the only one who has been keeping him informed in the game (which isn’t true, but some might say she’s using bullying tactics).

12:27 PM BBT – Steve asks John if he’s sure the Goblins are voting to evict Vanessa. John says yes.

12:55 PM BBT – Goblins talk about the vote this week. James says he was feeling out Becky last night and she won’t want to budge on Vanessa. He says that’s great for her game, but not theirs – his in particular. He knows Shelli will be coming for him. They talk about making a deal with Vanessa for the entire group. They wonder if Becky would hold a grudge against them if the flip on her. They decide to talk to Austin to see what he thinks.

1:10 PM BBT – Sounds like James, Meg and Jackie are really leaning toward keeping Vanessa over Shelli.

1:30 PM BBT – HGs here noises outside the fence. Feeds cut. But it was nothing.

1:43 PM BBT – James says he knows Shelli took back Clay’s shirt because DR asked him about it (they’re seemingly trying to stir trouble with Shelli and James). He says that they’re all grow-ups and she could have just asked him for the shirt.

1:53 PM BBT – James and Meg saying  how much they believe what Vanessa told them yesterday after her showdown with Becky. James: “200%.” They talk about how Becky is sitting pretty with all the money she’s won and what little blood she has on her hands. James wonders why Becky took so long to let them in on her secrets. Vanessa has really got them paranoid about Becky. Good job, Vanessa.

2:00 PM BBT – Meg and James have concluded that Becky wants to keep Shelli around so she can take them out and Becky can sit back and let it happen.

2:09 PM BBT – Meg tells James they need to be a little careful what they say around Jackie because she’s close to Becky. They get paranoid because Jackie is talking to Becky in the HOH room.

2:40 PM BBT – James and Jackie now talking about being worried over Shelli staying. So it sounds like Jackie supports their idea to save Vanessa over Shelli.

3:28 PM BBT – James, Meg and Jackie are now talking outside. They are still unsure what to do this week, but plan to start feeling out other people. They talk about how weird the vibe is in the house.

3:36 PM BBT – Meg says Shelli knows too much about the game and knows what days everything happened on. James says that’s why she has to go this week.

It’s starting to sound like Vanessa will make it this week, but there’s still a whole day before eviction, so things are likely to change 10 more times before the actual eviction. But one thing is for sure, the Live Feeds will surely be interesting.

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    • Still have 2 days and almost 2 hours left. At the rate things change with the voting this season, I don’t think you can count the votes, yet.

      • I think its final unless Vanessa someone how upsets the whole house enough to vote her out lol.

      • Then I think that needs to happen! Vanessa needs to go, so all she has to do now is piss off the houseguests long enough to want to vote her out! She’s manipulative, bossy, & a bully who doesn’t care about anyone but herself!

      • Your not a good player if you care about other people win a game for half a million dollars

      • After thinking about it today at work, I also came to the conclusion that it would be better for James at least to keep Vanessa over Shelli. I would really love to see Vaness leave Thursday first but I have to wonder if it is in the James gang best interest. Austwins can’t win a comp, Vanessa only won two HOH’s because of sheer luck. Shelli will be a threat and she has stated more than once she will go after the James gang.

      • Really? Austin has won third HOH with Vanessa. Liz has won fourth HOH with Shelli and she also has won BOtB on her own when James was throwing it. And it doesn’t mean if Austin and Liz were dethrowned they didn’t win those HOHs. They did!

      • True but they haven’t won anything before those or after those. They are due a win but can they make it happen is the question.

      • So your saying, so I think I can get this right. Austin has only won HOH which he was dethroned in and hasn’t won anything else. Liz by sheer luck won a HOH but just as Austin couldn’t keep it because her people on the block dethroned her as well. Not to mention she won one BOB without the help of James (except he told her the correct way to spell Christine). And both Vanessa and Shelli have won two HOH’s a piece. My question to you is, how come Liz and Austin can’t win a HOH again? Plus I am not to certain it wasn’t Julia who won the HOH for Liz but I could be wrong on that one.

      • But wouldn’t Vanessa be going after the Goblins also? I mean I don’t think she really cares for any of them

      • She doesn’t but she needs numbers to work with til Final 2, so she’ll stick with those who keep her in the house.

      • She don’t care and she is the biggest liar in the house. James will go up if Shelli wins and he is hoping that Vanessa would see his and the gang’s help as a sign of good faith. Now all of this is out the door if the Austwins win a HOH this week.

      • Hey Red, now I posted how Shelli can stay in the first eviction but go in the second one and what she would need to do in order to stay Long winded and too tired to retype it here LOL. These 13 hour days are killing me.

    • They change their minds like they change underwear. Don’t get your hopes up. The hypocrite will probably be gone.

      • Who the heck knows. Lol. I’m hoping Vanessa. I’m sure we’ll have a better idea after the feeds
        tomorrow night. Who do you think is going? Better yet who do you want to go?

      • I want shelli to stay because it’s her dream vanessa was recruited in Las Vegas where shelli actually applied for the show

      • I’d like Shelli to stay also. But I’m in the minority. But just watching the feeds I think Vanessa managed to save herself. Shelli is going to need a miracle. I just hope Becky finds out real soon about the vote being flipped. If Shelli goes I hope she wins her way back and wins HOH.

      • Lavendergirl once you get evited and come back in you don’t last long and I don’t think you should be able to win the game if you do should be half the money

      • So far it looks like Vanessa might be staying from the talks Vanessa has been having with J/J/M…but they’ll need 2 more votes to ensure there’s not a tie. Otherwise their talks are for nothing.

  1. I was rooting for James, Jackie, and Meg but if they’re actually stupid enough to not give Vanessa the axe this week, I’m done with them.

      • Thanks to you and Red Roses, you may have postponed the stroke I was about to have!! I keep forgetting that it’s a double eviction this week! My blood pressure just went down 50 points!!!

      • Well, if they did keep Vanessa, they’d lose Becky (who seems to be close with them) and Jmac (who isn’t close to them, but also isn’t targeting them). They also will leave not only Vanessa in the house, but four allies that will back her up and vote with her.

        If they keep Shelli, they get the bigger threat out, maintain Becky on their side, have Jmac going for the Austwins, and Shelli completely isolated from anyone in the game.

        If the Goblins weren’t complete knuckleheads, they’d see which move was actually better for their game. If they keep Vanessa right now, Jason basically went home in vain.

      • If they get both out on Thursday, I’m pretty sure that JMac and Becky would help get her out 2nd and that Becky would forgive them as long as Van goes.

      • Totally agreed. A few weeks ago I labeled James “stupid” but I took it back after the last few weeks. This very Vanessa-like overthinking puts him, and the others, back in the stupid category. Vanessa will automatically rule the house, sans Shelli. And don’t tell me Vanessa had anything to do with it — she balled for 10 straight hours and actually made Audrey look good! This is just pure James/Meg stupidity.

      • She convinced them by telling them about the alliance that Becky failed to tell them about

      • But look who you’re talking about. Dumb, dumber and dumbest. They can’t make a smart decision.

      • If they can somehow get Vanessa out in the second eviction then I think most will be forgiven.

      • You are so right ! Wish they had a phone so i could call the gremlins and tell them !

      • They (J/J/M) seem to be assuming way to much. Like one of them are guaranteed to win HOH and PoV thursday and send the other half of S/V out the door

    • The next HOH is going to be crucial because if Vanessa’s alliance wins HOH, they will start picking off the other side one by one. And if Vanessa is still in the house, Becky and John stand to bailout knowing they stand a good chance of being evicted. It will be James, Jackie and Meg against everyone left in the Big Brother House. I hope Johnny Mac wins the next HOH so that, Becky and Johnny Mac will be safe this week.

    • I hope it backfires if they keep Vanessa. Vanessa wins HOH for DE and sends James out the door. Then JMac or Steve win the next HOH and puts up Meg and Jackie. Then Shelli wins her way back in.

      • No I want Vanessa gone. But if they make this stupid move then I want it to blow up in their face. And just because I don’t have your taste doesn’t mean it’s poor.

    • I think james,jackie,meg are really stupid players if they keep vanessa she will target them if shelli stays she will target them too

  2. I’m sorry but Shellie is so petty!! You’re on the block! Why go through someone’s clothes, she could have just asked him,. Production must want Shellie gone.. why would they bring that up to James,. Vanessa is smart she will campaign, while Shellie is sitting there thinking she fine..

    • Yeah she’s being really silly. She may not be forgiving James, this is at best childish. Being upset about the smell is total psycho though.
      Just when I thought I was liking her more…..

      • Good lord. We get it: you don’t like James; you bitch about it every thread. It’s ridiculous. Jesus.

      • Yep keep talking to Jesus. I really don’t care what you think. At least I comment on the game and the people playing and not on someone else’s comments.

    • It’s pretty childish and petty for James to wear Clays shirt just to piss off Shelli. That’s the only reason he’s doing it. He even told Meg I evicted Clay now I’m wearing his shirt. He needs to grow up. He’s a disgusting pig.

      • I don’t know the context of that comment but I do have to mention that they all share clothes so wearing someone else’s stuff isn’t a shock.
        Or he could be being totally obnoxious. Like I said, I don’t know anything about that comment.

      • On the feeds he was talking to Meg about making Shelli mad. Meg even told him it’s like killing your prey and then wearing the skin. That’s just another reason he gave me for not liking him. I used to really like him the first few weeks until he started making perverted comments to all the girls. And he does it almost daily.

      • I’ve read about him doing that but I haven’t actually heard any. Could you give me a specific example or two? I’m very curious. Sorry I’m so uninformed about this stuff :P

      • He was talking to Meg about an Asian in her, he’s always making sexual remarks to Jackie. He was saying something today to both girls but I switched so I wouldn’t have to listen to him. I forget which girl it was but back several weeks ago someone said he made them uncomfortable.

  3. If J/J/M played this smart, they could keep their flip to themselves. Everyone would wonder who flipped the vote, but there’s not enough time between the vote and 1st HoH to find out. If Van goes 2nd (J/J/M & JMac all nominating her, Steve throwing it), I think they could straighten things out. Part of it depends on who wins and who goes 2nd during DE.

    • Why does everyone think Vanessa will go in the DE she has 4 people that would not put her up if they 1 her and the austwins. She would control all of those hohs

      • Steve, Austin & twins don’t want to win it. Van would have to win the first HoH by herself. She’s an emotional wreck and has already shown that she doesn’t do well with memory comps.

      • Steve has already said that because he’s sitting nice, he doesn’t want HoH. Austin & twins will sit back to let Van take the heat. The only way they’d try to win it, is if their backs were up against the wall.

    • What are you talking about? They can’t hide their flip.

      If they flip without telling anyone, Vanessa goes. So they have to tell people to get the numbers. By that point, when they flip it will be John or no one voting to keep Shelli.

      There can not be a mystery about it. Don’t overthink things, Vanessa.

  4. Shelli thinks she is 100% safe so she is just acting like its a normal week and she is not on the block. Vanessa feels like she is going home unless she can change things up so she is campaigning. However because she is completely unfiltered when she is arguing to keep her meaning everything is true. This is why people believe her

    • Hey right now it’s looking like they are going to keep her(Van)…but in her screwed up mind she can go over board and screw it up with her craziness and paranoia…she best lay low and mope.

  5. The list of people who would nominate Vanessa and who would not nominate Vanessa on DE.

    People who would- James, Meg, JM, Jacky
    People who would not, Austwins, Steve, and Vanessa (obviously)

    • Steve is already planning to throw it. Austin & twins don’t want it. So, that only leaves Van, who is an emotional wreck and not good at memory comps.

      • Steve is mad at becky for throwing him under the bus. also Austwins don’t “throw” comps they try but are not very good at most of them.

      • ROFL! Did you see all of the comps that Austin has thrown? He’s not very good at hiding it.

      • He’s thrown most HoHs + the dice roll game. He even says in his DRs that he’s throwing them.

      • oh yeah he throws povs not hoh lol and he is a vanessa sheep so if she says fight he will fight cause she saved him in the 4th or 5th week

      • Have you been keeping up with what’s happening since the PoV ceremony yesterday? I’m not even sure that Austin would vote to keep Van at this point. He’s over her.

      • He said its checkmate if she has the votes to stay they will keep her if not they will evict her. He is not over her they know she is carrying them in this game

      • He says that to save face..he stinks…and if he thinks he can turn on the winning mode like a light switch when he needs it….he dreamin…he not that good.

      • I think some of those are thrown but at a lot of comps he just sucks all on his own. I think he says “Oh, I totally threw that!” just to save his pride.

      • Vanessa won the memory comp “Saved by the Smell,” so there are types of memory challenges she can do well.

      • I forgot about that! She won’t be so good at memory, if she’s fighting depression, though.

      • My understanding of the type of poker V excels at is you have to remember the betting patterns of others at the table to deduce what the strength of their respective hands are (or if they are bluffing). I thought that would benefit V, but clearly some of the memory challenges have been out of her comfort zone.

  6. From Jokers, just in: Shelli says Clay is doing his graduate program online at A&M. Doesn’t remember what his undergrad was. It’s sports management, Shelli!

    • I’ve felt from the very beginning that Vanessa would win and finding out that the DR likes her a whole lot makes it even more likely to happen.

    • Sure sounds like it if they are trying to provoke her to fighting with James…le sigh, I was so sure Vanessa was going home this week. u_u

      • Lol the queen? Most rulers know how to logically deal with high pressure situations. Vanessa is queen of paranoia if anything.

      • Lol, I just don’t appreciate the way Vanessa is playing the game. Sure it’s okay to be dishonest in Big Brother, but she’s not even honest to herself. Vanessa seems to think she is the golden child and everyone is ganging up on her, when she completely asked for it.
        She tells people lies, then gets infuriated when they finally call her out on everything…she has had her hand in everyone’s cookie jar since day 1. She fakes fights with people to get them out, then honestly believes that it was a real fight in the end. Remember Jeff? She said previously that she needed a reason to put him up, that she wasn’t going to do it for nothing. All of a sudden they have a huge blow out – not really a coincidence. Next thing we know Jeff is going home, and Vanessa is playing the victim!
        There are just so many examples of her hypocrite actions…I feel as though she is poison in the house, and on this season of Big Brother.

        Although it really doesn’t help that the Goblins are being led by her words like lambs to a slaughter.

      • I agree with the above – I can’t stand the hypocrisy in her gameplay. Makes me crazy, even more so now that she’s quoting the Bible. Ugh. I hate it when people who don’t understand or appreciate the Bible use it for themselves.
        I also don’t want her to win because of the way she plays. I don’t want her to walk away thinking she did everything right and she’s some sort of invincible being and smarter than everyyyyyyyone. The idea almost makes me ill.

      • She might still be going! Austwins sound like they’re going to back Shelli, so even if J/J/M vote for Van, it may not be enough votes. Also, there’s always the 2nd evictee!

      • The Austwins said on the live feeds to Steve that if Vanessa gets the votes they will support her.

      • The problem is that half the people are saying “I’ll back you if you get the votes”, which doesn’t work with so many indecisive people.

      • haha I know it is to an extent, I know that’s why they have a “cast” and not participants…I just never really realized how hard production can nudge some of these people.

      • Production does not change outcomes they cant put “twists” in the game but they have said this season is back to basics so its all on them now

      • Productions does a LOT to influence the HGs and some of it is scripted, but they can’t script that many people 24×7.

      • They ask them questions tell them to talk about what happened at a specific time and make them do commentary on the challenge after its done.

      • I have heard they use very directional questions. Like when asking about a certain situation…
        “So do you miss Clay? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the stuff he left in the house? Oh, the stuff that James has….”

      • The DR conversation with James could very well be: “James, are you feeling paranoid about Shelli staying in the game with DE coming up? YOU’RE NOT!!!! Are you sure you aren’t concerned about Shelli seeking vengeance? NO??? Maybe you should be??? Think about that for a little while and then we’ll continue talking in your next DR session. “

      • So next week Vanessa and the Austwins will be coming for the Goblins again, and they won’t have Becky and JMac in their corner anymore by betraying Becky’s trust.
        James’s HOH was a complete dud, he not only was unable to get Shelli out (due mainly to Vanessa) but he also has thrown away the chance to gain the numbers on his opponents by not building an alliance with Becky and JMac.

      • That’s assuming Van survives the DE. I think the odds are stacked against her for surviving it.

      • Plus, Vanessa or Shelli could very well be the person that will return from jury and the Goblins still won’t have the numbers.
        They need Becky and JMac period but James is still stuck playing last week’s game and not the game that is happening currently.

      • James is stuck on Shelli. That’s all he talks about. Why do you think he was wearing Clays shirt. He’s an immature idiot. Thinks he’s king of the castle ever since his HOH. I pray he goes next.

      • Talk about a one track mind! James is still playing last weeks game and is going to mess up his future game because he’s stupidly stuck on Shelli.
        I remember Clay hunting high and low for his GA shirt, don’t know if that’s the shirt James permanently borrowed or not. I think James is behaving in a very immature manner and I can’t wait to see the Goblins and their awful gameplay out the door.
        I can’t believe they fell for Vanessa’s con AGAIN!
        There’s always hope that Shelli will be the one returning from jury to rejoin the BB game in progress though.

      • After just watching the feeds Vanessa managed to turn everyone against Becky and keep her over Shelli. Wow I just can’t believe some of the things they come up with. Vanessa saying Steve got her put up and James is so stupid if he thinks keeping Vanessa will keep them safe. There are 3 groups. (I won’t even call them an alliance). There’s Austin, the twins and Vanessa. Then there’s James, Meg and Jackie. Then by default Becky, JMac and Steve. None of those groups are going to put each other up. By leaving Vanessa in it makes a strong group of 4 and she can easily pull Steve in. By leaving Shelli in she is basically alone. I hope this blows up on James and he goes right behind Shelli. I also hope Shelli wins her way back in and wins HOH. Would love to see the entire house scramble.

      • Vanessa is methodical. She does not do anything without good reason. Being a poker player, she has read people and if you know they are gullible like James, anything you tell him is accepted as truth. And yet, James, Jackie and Meg were all there when Vanessa created the 8 person alliance with Jason. They were there when Vanessa promised to backdoor Austin but, she backdoored Jason. And yet, Shelli and Clay was the guilty parties and Vanessa despite, 2 lies and 2 broken promises to their faces is trustworthy? Nobody knows who is going to win HOH but, I am rooting for Johnny Mac. If the Vanessa alliance wins, so be it. They will be getting rid of Becky, John, James and Jackie and it will be over! One of the alliance members, most likely Vanessa is going to win it! Meg lucked out because she is going to take Meg to Final 2.

      • I’m hoping JMac wins too. Otherwise I’m afraid he’s the target. I want Becky to find out about the votes now then tell Shelli. Then Shelli can blow up the sixth sense alliance. James, Meg and Jackie are so stupid that they still haven’t figured out that Vanessa is with Austin and the twins.

      • Welp, the Goblins just handed Vanessa and the SS alliance the win from the way things stand now.
        The SS alliance have made a deal with the Goblins to survive the DE. If Becky or JMac don’t win HOH first one of them will go.
        Once those 2 are gone the Goblins won’t have the numbers against the SS and will be picked off one by one.
        After thinking about it I’m just amazed about how stupid the Goblins are. They are perfectly happy now that Queen Vanessa is running the show again the same way she has been all summer and they don’t have to strain their little ol’ brains by trying to think too hard.
        I so want Shelli to return too. At least she won’t be getting the proverbial blood on her hands during the DE and can choose which side to work with once she returns. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Vanessa/Shelli final 2.

      • Van will want Becky and Jmac. They are the ones gunning for her and she knows it. If Shelli is gone, the Austwins will have no choice but to give up her (Shelli’s) revenge on James and stick with Van

      • Don’t you think it’s a little dumb for the Goblins to believe anything Vanessa or the Austwins say?
        By going against Becky they just lost the numbers they had over the former SS or whatever they’re called now.
        Once they agree to help the SS evict Becky and JMac they still won’t have the numbers to win and Vanessa will probably win this season of BB.

      • Of course its dumb for them to believe van’s words. With the Austwins, who cares what they say – they can’t win anything. But with Van, it is obvious that she would go after Becky first and Jmac. Don’t have to trust her – her actions speak louder than words.

        But it is also dumb for them to believe Becky – the one who was their rat to shelli and they figured that out. Supposedly she has had a revelation. Sure… Signs this week have shown she is still close to Shelli. If Van is gone, Becky likely re-floats to the power. If it is Shelli or Jmac, she will do their bidding. She is a floater.

        They (the goblins) should know that they can only trust their team. and they MUST win comps. if they don’t, doesn’t matter who they trust. But with van, they buy time since they are not her immediate target

      • It’s too bad for the Goblins that they believe Vanessa’s version of the so called fight with Becky yesterday.
        It’s still a numbers game though. If they make enemies out of Becky and JMac do you really think the Goblins will be able to outplay the former SS alliance? It’s very doubtful so the best thing to do is to make sure they retain superior numbers.
        Vanessa is much more dangerous than Shelli and I’m surprised the Goblins still don’t realize this fact. Without Vanessa Shelli will be in a powerless position.
        With the DE coming the Goblins could safely ride it out with Becky and JMac on their side. Surely they have to realize that Vanessa is much more dangerous than Becky and would trust Becky over Vanessa.
        Becky was working with Clelli last week and she proved very loyal to them. Since she wasn’t aligned with the Goblins until much later she had no reason to be helping the goblins game.
        So once the Goblins get Becky and JMac out what’s the game plan for the Goblins then?
        They will be down in numbers and will have to rely on luck.

      • all good points…

        The Goblins are still outnumbered and will continue to be – no matter what happens. They MUST win comps. Sure, you can delay the inevitable a bit, but if they don’t win, they are done anyway. Might as well know sooner than later.

        The 2 HOH comps on thursday. They MUST win 1.

        If they win the first, GREAT! Bye van. And this should appease becky for the defiance. They explain that he – james – orchestrated it over his exposure in 1st DE to shelli.

        Steve has said he will throw the first – so this analysis assumes that.

        But if they don’t win the first & Shelli stays…
        SS (including shelli) wins, a goblin is going.
        If Jmac wins, Austwins are target.

        Good chance a goblin goes.

        But if they don’t win the first and Van stays…
        SS (with Van) win, Jmac/Becky going
        If Jmac wins, I think he still does austwins.

        Little chance a goblin goes.

        And if they don’t win the first, they must win the second. Otherwise, should they lose both, they were in trouble already since the winners will likely be SS.

      • If the Goblins stick with Becky and vote out Vanessa they will go into the DE with the following people:
        Becky, JMac, Meg, Jackie, Vanessa and Steve???
        If they vote out Shelli instead the Goblins will have:
        Meg Jackie. They MIGHT have Austwins and Vanessa but Idk if they will after the DE.
        If the SS and Goblins join up to take out Becky and JMac during DE
        the Goblins will be down to Meg, Jackie and James while the SS will have Austwins, Vanessa, Steve(?)
        So the sensible thing to do is keep Becky and JMac in their group so they will have superior numbers over the SS after the DE.
        By not keeping Becky and JMac with them they will be in really bad shape by the end game. Of course if they’re really lucky and keep winning HOH they might survive to the end but that’s highly unlikely.
        So going into the DE James, Meg and Jackie will have to win HOH against Vanessa, Austwins, Becky, JMac and Steve.
        By sticking with Becky and JMac they will have to fight for the HOH against Austwins and Vanessa.
        I’m just looking at numbers here and I don’t see how making enemies of Becky and Jmac is a winning option for them at all.

      • That time they buy is maybe, one week at the most. Becky or John will survive this eviction and will be motivated to go after James, Jackie and Meg. Vanessa and her alliance could very well win it and target John or Becky (whoever survives) or leave them alone as that is one person. It would be more logical to target James and Jackie for eviction. If that happens, who is going to vote to save them? Meg and meg alone. It will be over fast if Vanessa’s alliance wins back to back HOH. Or maybe, John or Becky, whoever survives wins HOH and puts both James and Jackie on the block. If they do not win POV, they are done!

  7. I do not think the evict Shelli flip will succeed, when Becky finds out about this, she will not be on board and plan will be shut down…and unless they want to make Becky mad, the plan goes no further…

  8. I was okay with Derrick winning last season because, kinda like Vanessa, he was the master manipulator, the one pulling everyone’s strings. But he was also respectful towards even the people he wanted out, he knew when to talk and when to keep quiet, and he managed to stay out of the spotlight for literally the entire game. He won because he deserved to win, he was genuinely the best player, and easily in the Top 5 of BB history.

    On the other hand, EVERYONE in the house knows that Vanessa is the queen of the house and is the one pulling the strings, she has a meltdown every 10 minutes, and she doesn’t know how to stop talking when she’s in a good position, yet they somehow let her manipulate them AGAIN. She won’t win because she’s the best player or bravest player, she’ll win because her main opposition is comprised of complete morons.

    • 100% agree. Derrick convinced Caleb, Zach and Frankie that their games were so much better than his, convincing them he was the perfect goat to take to the end. Nobody thinks of Vanessa that way.

    • Vanessa is no Derrick…please! She motor mouths ADHD-like around the house and makes stupid UNNECESSARY moves that puts targets on her. Derrick was pulling strings without the others knowing. Vanessa cried for ten straight hours yesterday…ya think Derrick would do that?!

      • Vanessa is an emotional Dan. She thinks logically and gets out of any ridiculous situation but also wears her emotions.

      • Wow…you compare her to perhaps the 2nd best (Dr Will was #1) player ever? Thinks logically? She unnecessarily campaigned against Jeff (nobody cared about him!), unnecessarily flipped on Jason (which causes most of her problems now), knowingly let the twins into the house (because she thinks she can control this “natural alliance!), and on and on. NOT logical.

      • She will do anything to keep her numbers and Dan was like an escape artist getting away with out being voted out every time he was on the block like the funeral stunt. She is also possably going to escape certain eviction.

        Also Will is over rated he did nothing in season 2 but play to the camra then kiss up to the hoh. Then he literally only got to f4 in all stars because he had legend status and everyone knew he would not win hoh.

      • Dr. Will had the entire house against him from about week 10 on, then stayed week after week, going on the block each week but talking himself out of eviction, before telling the jury TOTALLY off in his final speech…and they still voted for him — #1. Vanessa has nothing to do with staying this week (if she even does) — James and Meg are simply overthinking (Like your “great” Vanessa!). If she stays, her ten hour cry session wasn’t the reason…only stupidity of James.

      • By the logic that being able to survive the block every time then Spencer and Victoria are amazing surviving 8 times. As for vanessa she told them about an alliance with Becky and now they don’t trust her.

      • Not the same logic or the same game. Id love to see Spencer or Victoria make it to the end, then tell everyone to screw off, and still win. If you think Spencer or Victoria could do that, I have nothing else to say. Spencer and Victoria were pawns…Dr Will was the target every week, but talked himself off the block. Not a valid comparison.

      • Of course it is subjective, but their are lists online of greatest reality players ever…Dr Will is always at the top if not # 1.

      • Will was saved because he never won comps then when he needed to he flopped. But because he was the 1st winner of the new hoh format he is considered the greatest ever.

      • That’s taken into consideration by people when it is ranked. They look at the GAME they played under whatever format.

      • I get why people feel the need to compare, but at the end of the day she ISN’T any of those people (including Amanda). Derrick isn’t Dan, Dan isn’t Dr.Will, Dr.Will isn’t Jun…etc, etc, etc. Each player is the winner of their season because they managed to use their skills best in context of who the other contestants were. It’s really funny (for me at least) that people think Dan, Derrick or any ”hero” could win in any circumstance just because they won in their year…

      • I have to admit I didn’t start watching big brother until season 9 so I have no clue about Dr will’s skills in the game. I thought Derrick was brilliant last year and the best competitor of the game bb had seen in a while. But Dan will always be the man, in my opinion. He’s the only one to get a unanimous vote . Plus he came back another season with Everyone knowing he was a winner and he took second. He should have been the target every week but yet he got to the finale again. Dans funeral was epic. The man has serious bb skills lol

  9. The clock is ticking. It is only a matter of time before Van starts one of her patented fights/bru-ha-has. She is unaware of the turn in J/J/M. So what happens first, she gets the heads up or she blows up, ruins the momentum and actually is the one who nails her own coffin

    • If they’re serious, they’ll tell her, no? I’m not sure how this will play out. The problem I’d have with them is expecting a rational response when J/J/M aren’t the most thoughtful players. Playing a game where you’re expecting rational moves when your opponent isn’t rational can almost be harder than playing against a rational opponent.

  10. Where did everyone get that the Austwins are done with Vanessa? Austin told steve “Right now its checkmate. If Vanessa can pull in extra votes then we will vote to save her.” The Austwins are still loyal to her and want to keep her safe they just are waiting for her to get the numbers

  11. What if Austin and the twins decide to vote to evict Vanessa along with John and Steve. That would be so funny.

  12. If Vanessa keeps abusing, insulting, and accusing her allies they may decide they don’t want her around. That’s my hope.

    • LOL abusing, insulting, and accusing Steve (who is useless) Cause she has not done it to anyone else that she is with.

      • She said her friends suck and that none of them have been there to console or help her in her time of distress. That sounds like insulting and accusing to me.

  13. James and Vanessa just finished their convo, and to be continued. This could be a blindside.The vote could flip James to Van: “Do you think you could get Austwins vote?” Van said..100%. lol…………….S**t!

  14. This house flip is nauseating to watch. Either of them going is a win for the viewers, but I’d personally love to see Vanessa go. So disgusted right now

    • Nauseating and disgusting are the exact words to describe how I feel about this. I don’t want her to win all this. Ugh.

  15. Vanessa will go after them just like shelli. Vanessa and Becky won’t be in an alliance though.

  16. This is such an idiotic move which is what really annoys me about this side of the house. They are already on the weak side of the numbers game and they want to shake that up by betraying one of those numbers who is actually a good competitor? If you want both out anyway why would you betray an ally to make a sloppy move?

  17. Vanessa is a professional poker player and she’s worth $4 mil. I’m wondering if she told her poker pals it would be easy for her to win big brother 17 and all if them have placed bets on Vanessa. She just seems so desperate to go to extreme lengths to win. After all, Las Vegas is the home to bookies, just my theory, she doesn’t need the money. Where’s her poker face? She’s starting to lose her mind.

  18. It doesn’t matter to me if Shelli or Vanessa get voted out, I jus hope Vanessa gets a grip of herself. Shelli playing sly, very sly like a cougar (puma) its the case of the tortoise and the hare. Who will get voted out this week?.

      • Vanessa/Austwins/James are on board already. Now James just needs to talk to Jackie/Meg.’s crazy..

      • lol You want Van to stay huh?..Just worried about Jmac.Where is he gonna be in this equation? 3way war?

      • Moreso because everyone is convinced she’s not good enough to… but I’ve been singing it on the rooftops that she is this season’s queen bee who knows how and who to play…

      • Oh goodness, I hope not (but most likely yes)… There’s far more intelligent people than I who speak on the topic of social dynamics, group psychology & behaviour modification though…

      • She is very good at manipulating people and pressuring them into doing her bidding. Is that a strategy? Yep. Is it working for her? Seems to be. But do I like it? Not a bit. I don’t like her personality, but I can respect that she’s playing hard and engineering a lot of what happens in the house. Even respecting her game play, I can’t root for her.

      • Now that is a fair comment… It’s always good to hear that people can recognize a person’s ability, without necessarily accepting their persona on tv. I couldn’t stand DaVonne’s & Jason’s persona, but they were both great observers of other people…

      • I’ve been away so apologies if this question has already been answered. Is the bloom off of The Moldy Q-Tip’s rose with other players? In light of everything that’s happened over the last few days is it house knowledge now that she’s been manipulating people and starting all kinds of trouble behind the scenes? iI so it seems it would be FINE to keep her due to Shelli’s being so good with physical comps. If they all know Vanessa lies she’ll be a lot easier to deal with, no?

    • The one advantage to Vanessa staying is that she’ll have everyone gunning for Becky. If Becky is the target, then maybe Johnny Mac and James are safe for another week. Plus it’ll light a fire under Jmac and hopefully he wins hoh

  19. If James and Meg are worried about having Shelli target them if she stays they do realize that flipping the script on Becky would then make them a potential target for Becky. Either way they will have a target on them. Maybe they should negotiate their leverage in the house with the person they feel is the most desperate on the block.

  20. If Vanessa can convince the house of anything at this point then this house is THE dumbest house in BB history.

    • Vanessa just got lucky to have some of the most gullible people in her season. She wouldn’t last a second on All Stars.

  21. The next HoH comp gonna be very important, if Meg, James and Jackie keep Vanessa I hope that JMac wins the next HoH comp, if not, maybe he and Becky gonna be on the block.

  22. …and I thought that I came from a dysfunctional home! Wow.

    Turns out, I didn’t even know what one was.

    I feel like I was raised in an extension of heaven now after watching this clueless mess of a BB cast. ;)

  23. Becky made a very wise comment last night. That Vanessa truly believes what she says. She does think she’s been loyal, honest ect. I wonder how Vanessa will feel once the game is over and she watches the season and sees what we saw, that she lied and betrayed all those she supposively was “protecting”

    • I don’t think she is crazy I think she over thinks some things and everyone gets a little out of touch in a 90 day game

    • If things don’t change by Thursday, the Goblins are finished. I mean Really?? Becky put up the biggest threat to the Goblins, handed them a loaded revolver, they pull the trigger, and take out Shelli

  24. Why should Vanessa be loyal to her allies when they all lied to her repeatedly about not knowing she was the target? Loyalty is a 2 way street.

  25. I don’t care for Vanessa or Shelli. Vanessa is just straiggt up annoying and Shelli is immature and teally seems to be a horrible person all together. I do however have to give props for Vanessas game play. She at the moment seems to have saved herself. Its not with the crap shes telling people, IMO she already knew the votes were flipping. I think her plan the whole time was to side back and let Shelli seal the deal for her by her behavior. Shelli isnt campaigning to stay, she thinks the vote is a done deal like it was with Clay. She is running around acting like a spoiled child and running her mouth about what she is going to do next week because she already believes shes going to be there and will win HOH. I think Vanessa was just waiting for her to repeat history of last week and she did it. As much as I wanted to see Vanessas face when she was nominated I really want to see Shellis more when she gets evicted. Its going to be bad for James and company but it will be worth it to see. Plus as manipulative as Vanessa is she did keep her deal with Shelli so far, she never once said her name, so maybe she would keep the deal with James. Atleast this week she’ll give them a break by keeping the deal and go for Becky, but next week its on again.

    • James never said a bad word against Vanessa and he has no beef with her either. Vanessa will make a deal with him but we all know she will figure a way out of that deal.

      • Just had another thought, have there been any polls posted by CBS asking who we’d like to see evicted that maybe Shelli won? Just thought about the leaked America’s Player info. Maybe James mission was to flip the votes to keep Vanessa. We’re thinking Vanessas game play and manipulation caused this when it could be productions manipulation. ?????

      • A couple of days ago there was an audio leak on the feeds of James in the DR saying something about an America’s Player envelope and production telling him congratulations. So its possible but nothing official has been said.

  26. I believe things may be changing… If Vanessa pulls this one out she will get my respect. I have wanted Shelli out since week 2 anyway and it really will be better everyone’s game.

    • Ditto! I think it’s better to deal with the devil you know than with the devil you don’t…wait, they’re both a bit evil. LOL!!!

    • The thing is Vanessa isn’t pulling anything off. James, Jackie and Meg started discussing this and are coming to a decision together. Van said something that started the conversation but the pros/cons are all based on the Goblin’s analysis

    • Vanessa didn’t have to do anything. The three idiots changed their minds without their help proving once again that idol hands are hands of the devil.

      Wh would ever want to work with these three again after this massive betrayal of an ally?

      • J/J/M may have started the ball rolling from their end but they would have never gotten the Austwins on board without Vanessa’s input. And the only reason Shelli is being “nice” to Steve is to take over Vanessa’s “mother” role. She has already been promised safety by Becky. I believe Vanessa’s visit to the HN room yesterday planted some seeds of doubt to J/J/M about Becky.

  27. Apologies all, I’m a few days behind. Quick question: “Is the truth out about Vanessa to all of the HGs now? In light of the renom has she finally been exposed for manipulating people/making things happen behind the scenes or have The Austwins and Shelli kept things secret from those who weren’t/aren’t aware?”

    • Feeds seem to show Becky, JMac and Jackie are onto her, but Meg and James aren’t there yet. If they are, their bitterness toward Shelli is clouding their thinking.

      • So she’s still potentially in the clear. Wow. Thanks! Love her or hate her you’ve got to respect her for turning things around. (Even if Shelli is obviously the smarter choice to evict due to physical comp skills.)

      • Everyone knows that Vanessa is a liar and manipulator.

        Unfortunately, James is kind of an idiot, and let her manipulate him again, so he thinks she’s the most trustworthy person in the house again.

      • Don’t be so quick to beat up on Jimmy. Vanessa carries his version of kryptonite on her. – Breasts.

      • LOL thats a bit over dramatic she is not meg lol no one is going to fall head over heals for Vanessa’s looks

      • It’s a joke. (A bad one obviously.) James appears to be very interested in all ladies. Like when he said to one of the twins: “Got any Asian in you?” then replied (after she said, “I don’t think so”) “Want some?” – It was a cheap joke. My apologies.

      • James is not letting her manipulate him. He has to know Van doesn’t hate him as much as Shelli does. For James’ personal game, getting rid of Shelli is good.

      • “1:53 PM BBT – James and Meg saying how much they believe what Vanessa told them yesterday after her showdown with Becky.”

        Vanessa convinced them that Becky was the villain and that she’s done nothing wrong, even though EVERYONE should know at this point exactly how Vanessa operates.

        So yeah, she got right into their heads with almost no effort.

      • If this is correct, which I assume it is, and Vanessa stays, they need to build a marble statue of Vanessa to put in next season’s backyard for daily prayer and worship.

      • Yes, James is single minded now. He WANTS to hear any excuse to betray Becky and vote out Shelli. His anger towards Shelli has taken control of his brain. He will regret this very soon I think.

  28. What the goblins should do is get Vanessa to give them safety next round then all throw the hoh comp so that they screw Becky.

    • Because she’s supposed to be safe this week, so why bother campaigning?

      So we better pray someone catches on and lets her know.

      • Hard to say. They plan to tell her Thursday morning, but that’s still a full day for them to flip again, let the plan leak to the wrong person, etc.

        Becky is gonna find out no matter what, that’s a fact. But how soon she discovers the truth will be the difference between whether she can get the plan back on track, or whether there’s no hope left.

      • That’s the worst part about this. He so-called alliance is turned on her without even giving her a chance to explain any of what BS Vanessa is spreading. The goblins are turning out to be really despicable people and it pains me to admit it because I was rooting for them.

        Upon James’ eviction I want Matt to ask him if Clay’s shirt was worth blowing up their games.

      • She was given a chance to tell them everything about her game that they did not know and she left out the alliance with Vanessa so she gets whats coming to her. I hope they do a total blindside of her and then all throw the hoh so that Becky and JM(who will be the only vote to evict Vanessa) can be hung out to dry

      • A lot of what Vanessa was telling James was twisted or just an outright lie. For example, it was Clay who suggested putting James on the block when they decided not to back door Austin. It was Clay who was ridiculed by Vanessa for suggesting it when James was safe.

        The story about Becky calling James sexist was also a lie. I distinctly recall Becky saying should would not judge James like that because she was accused of being a racist and she understood how damaging that could be. It was actually Julia who made the comments about James.

        The story about Becky dressing up and cooking for James when he was in power was also a lie. James was only in power the first week and last week. During the first week, Becky had no idea who James was so why would she dress up to impress him or feed into his sexist attitudes?

        And when James was HoH last week we saw no such behavior by Becky. Vanessa was lying about a lot of what she told him.

    • Classic BB strategy. If you’re the pawn and you (think you) have the votes secured, you just sit around and don’t make any waves because you don’t want to say something which causes someone to vote you out. It’s kind of the whole “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. The votes don’t usually flip like this

    • I’ve been waiting for Shelli to fire back. I think she will. She’s a good player too…A Vet player said “you can’t sleep on Vanessa”

  29. I’ve been going back and forth here. Very good conversation going on between James/Jackie/Meg. Just part of what got me, they all agreed that “Beckie doesn’t have the best intentions for their game”. That is true.She has her army, or slowly building it. In a way I like the fact that they’re all strategizing…..It’s fun to watch.

    • so does that means they are going to blindside Becky and shelli then let becky and jm take the fall at DE?

    • I find it hard to watch. How they turned on Becky like this so quickly. She has gone from ally to enemy is a few hours. They seem to be forgetting the handshake deal Vanessa made to evict Austin, then back out of it without telling them. They are forgetting how last week the plan was to evict Shelli and again Vanessa turned the vote on them. Now they are listening to Vanessa spin tales and taking her word don face value because she proclaims I have never lied even though she lied to all of them.

      They are missing that when Becky won HoH she came to them to work together. If she wanted to work with Shelli or JMac, she could have very easily used her HoH to forge an alliance.

      I can hear Meg saying “why does this keep happening to us” one more time about a week from now when two of them are on the block.

      Becky has more common sense and smarts in her big toe than these three idiots have in all three of their brains.

    • The James Gang is making some very valid points. I don’t get all the hate for them now. It’s either A) they hate Vanessa and want her gone or B) they are afraid this will go badly for JMac. I like him and his DR sessions, but he really isn’t much of a player. I don’t understand all the love for him.

      • He’s actually been in a pretty good position up to last week. If he wins HOH next week, he’ll be a wild card. Especially if Vanessa doesn’t go…

  30. I watched the feeds for about 20 mins today. After seeing the 3 dimwits doubt Becky, for the first time this season I wanted to scream and throw my laptop out the window. Maddening, just frickin maddening.

    • I just don;t understand why the just automatically believe Vanessa and everything she says. They had a very strong alliance of 4 with JMac sort of in agreement with them. After this, they will be 3 with Becky and JMac coming after them along with Vanessa and her alliance.

      • They believe her because she said it when she was mentally destrot and unable to filter what she said if its said on impulses its the truth.

      • When V appears vulnerable and emotional, she is verrryyy convincing … We’ve seen it all summer long.

      • They aren’t just believing Van. they know Shelli is coming for them. It would be stupid to keep your biggest enemy in the game without even a second thought.

      • Sorry, James is believing everything Vanessa has told him. So is Meg and she said so – 200%.

        I get taking out Shelli, but the right way to do it is to go to Becky and express your concerns about it. Conspiring with people who are likely to stab them in the back – again – is just plan stupid. Watch what happens if Julia wins HoH. Sure, Vanessa made a deal but Julia was not part of that deal. She will put up Jame and Jackie and Vanessa will claim there was nothing she could do.

        Or Vanessa will win, stage a fight with James and then give him the Jeff treatment. How many times do these peopel have to go through this before they figure out they cannot trust Vanessa and her minions.

      • Taking out Shelli is bad for Becky’s game. She should never agree to that!! She wants to be aligned with Shelli. So going to her is the wrong move.

        That doesn’t mean taking out Shelli is wrong for James’ game.

        Julia is going to put up James and Jackie regardless of who stays in the house. It’s not like Van leaving means Julia will not put up James. The Austwins are coming for James anyway. How does keeping Shelli protect them from that?

    • I don’t think it’s dimwitted to take out one of your biggest enemies , who is definitely targeting you over someone who might target you.

    • Remember, becky graviated between the two groups, only Vanessa s group knew what she was up to. This is why Vanessa is having a hard time with becky.

  31. I’ve read a lot of threads expressing disgust that Vanessa might stay. We’ve got that viewpoint covered.
    Out of curiosity, who of you are excited about her potentially staying? I think Vanessa has more of a chance to make an impact on the game, so I’m stoked about this.

    • Love her or hate her, V is the most entertaining HG this season. As a fan and viewer I want her to stay as long as possible.

      • She’s like Boston Rob if Boston Rob were a woman, much smarter, and less successful in the game.

      • I buy that. Parvati was a lot smarter than the audience assumed she was. She was pretty and flirty, but she was a lethal game assassin who executed her targets with a flash of her teeth and a bat of her eyelashes.

      • Yes I’m afraid one day she’ll show up at my door and ask for a million dollars… The request is so absurd, but who could resist? lol. ;)

    • Me! Haha. She does have some jedi mind control power, doesn’t she? If she pulls this off, it will be the 2nd time in a row she manages to turn J/J/M against what they initially set out to do! Or it could be that J/J/M are just stupid.

    • This year is shaping up like last year. Vanessa is the the master manipulator with a bunch of idiots essentially working for her game, not their own. She is no Derrick because Derrick never got dirty and never got caught in his web of lies. They all seem to know Vanessa is a liar and she demonstrates it for them frequently. but they also seem to be compelled to believe her. I think its a condition called, “being stupid”.

      • It’s pretty different. Yes, Vanessa is the closest we have to Derrick, but Derrick couldn’t have used his strategy from last year to work with this crew. A handful of these people came to play. Adapting to those few players makes the dynamic much wackier. Derrick walked into the finale unopposed the entire game. His only real threats were Donny and Frankie, both of whom were relatively easy to get rid of.

      • Yes, It’s good to see somebody else recognizes that Big Brother isn’t a ”formula” game show where the same things work. Simply put the best player of each season knows how to work best in THAT group of house guests. Even with Dan saying it the past couple seasons that he could never survive with the groups that were in there, people still keep insisting that he can win everything all the time.

      • Look at Boston Rob on Survivor. He steamrolled two different seasons and got nowhere one season. It’s a crap shoot in terms of who you’re playing with. It’s a game of skill and luck.

      • Yes, and the truth is the higher your profile the more of a target you become – so being ‘great’ one season really hurts next time… Boston Rob (and Parvati) are both good examples of that point. ;)

  32. Becky deserves for the goblins to hang her out to dry. They told her that if they could trust her she had to tell them every detail about her game. She didn’t tell them about the generals alliance. So for that reason the goblins should throw her under the bus, blind side her, and then throw the DE HOH leaving poor old JM to win all by himself.

    • I don’t think Becky is a terrible person or anything. I just think she isn’t allgned with the goblins like people say. She is in an alliance with JMac and wants to be aligned with Shelli. This is in direct contradiction to what is best for the goblins. Everyone has to do what is best for their game though.

    • So trusting Vanessa and Austwins is a better idea? They shold take care of Vanessa and Sheli with Becky and JMac helping then deal with Becky.

      No one will ever convince me that this is anything more than James being angry about Shelli stealing Clay’s shirt from him.

  33. I have to say, if they go through with this blindside of Becky, it may be the worst back stabbing in BB since Boogie evicted his fake lover. Seriously, Becky won HoH and reached out to the goblins. She put Vanessa on the block after saying all along Vanessa was her target. She took all the blame for putting Vanessa up so that no one would be targeted except herself. And then her own alliance turns on her without so much as a single conversation with her to air their concerns. To make it worse, then conspire with the enemy and accept the word of Vanessa unquestioned.

    I cannot fathom the lack of character it takes to make such a treacherous move in this game. I thought James and Jackie we good people. I no longer believe that is true. I think they are as bad as Vanessa and far worse than Shelli.

    I was rooting for them and now I cannot wait for the time when they are evicted by either Becky, JMac or one of Vanessa’s alliance. It is well deserved and cannot come too soon.

    And I have a special kind of dislike for Meg who sleeps all day and has the audacity to criticize Becky for wanting to do her own thing after winning one of the most difficult HoH comps of the season. I was neve a big fan of Becky but even so she does not deserve what these cretins are doing to her.

    At this point I find it hard to watch the feeds. Its like watching a comedian bomb on stage. The utter stupidity of James and his gang makes me cringe. James, you idiot.

    • I think this is a little over the top. Becky is playing her own game and doing what is best for her . She is evicting Vanessa over Shelli because it’s best for her game, she didn’t do this for the goblins. She didn’t do them a favor.

      The goblins would benefit from Shelli leaving and they should play their own game. If they get evicted for that decision, that is a price they’ll pay. That doesn’t mean evicting Shelli is the wrong decision

      • Becky was right up front with the goblins about her target. She said she wanted to be the one to take Vanessa down. They all sat there and agreed. She even said, she would take the blame so no one would come after them. If they had a problem with that, they should have expressed their concerns then. Did James not say it was Becky’s HoH and he would respect and support her decisions? Yes, he did. Then because Shelli (it was actually Julia) stole Clay’s shirt from him he decided to change the plan.

        I wonder, what happens to his alliance with Austin when Shelli tells James it was not her who took the shirt, it was Julia?

    • Man did you nail that down with your observation. I have never seen treachery at this level with so many HG’s still in the house in the history of BB.

      • Aren’t these the very same people most people were criticizing mercilessly a few weeks back for “not playing the game”? I’m not saying they’re right or wrong but they’re finally doing something and that has to mean something, doesn’t it?

      • It probably isn’t the correct move, but it is a move. You’re right. That’s something. Like the first time you’re teaching your boy how to throw a baseball and it goes backwards. You still congratulate him for an A+ effort.

      • Wow…I shouted: “Look at Girly Girlster the Weak Little Girl Boy!” and laughed at mine. (I should probably apologize. Thanks for the tip!)

      • TBR78- You, sir/ma’am, managed to reply to a horrifically offensive statement with both grace and class. – Well done.

      • Lol… I love it when other people remember the things commenters say. My fave is still how people hated Elyssa two season’s ago for the first few weeks in the house, but once they hated Amanda, GinaMarie & Aaryn even more, then suddenly nobody admitted to ever disliking Elyssa… ;)

    • It’s a game. A game for a lot of money. I don’t think you can extrapolate that someone is a terrible person outside of the game because they backstabbed someone in the game.

      • I think this can be compared to HvV when Sandra went to the heroes warning them about Russell and willing to help them out at her won risk then Candice ratting her out. Its was just as awesome as this move is though :P

      • I watched that season, but I don’t remember that fully. That was a classic season. I might want to go back and watch again. Sandra is the best.

      • Yep, otherwise what would all the worshippers of ”Saint Dan” do if they have to face the fact that he lied on the Bible AND lied on his grandmother’s grave? Like it or not fans are fickle and they only condemn the sins of people they don’t like… People loved Dan so his betrayal of his marriage, faith & family vows didn’t really upset anyone.

    • OK! Here it goes! I am anticipating the hate for what will come from this thought. Southern good old boys are patriotic, honest men. Waitresses from all walks of life are unappreciated hard workers who deserve our respect. Have been and done both. In this moment though they are totally outmatched temperamentally and intellectually by the rest of the HG’s. As Meg said herself, “I am feeling like a dumb girl.” Yeah … You are.

    • You say that after Becky spent James’ entire HOH reign snitching to Shelli and Clay everything that was said and lying to him about it???

  34. Vanessa you go girl!!! Use your mind control powers on J/J/M and flip them against their own initial plan! For the 2nd time in a row! Haha.

    Can’t wait till eviction day!

  35. James and Jackie are going up regardless of who wins HOH. All this flip does is add JMac to the list of people going after them and make Becky target #1 for Vanessa.

    • Exactly. After two weeks of great BB game play and smart game play, they are setting themselves back to where they were before any of this happened. The entire house will be against them again and Vanessa will have the numbers.

      Meg and Jackie will be repeating the phrase, why does no one stick to the plan!

      • How does keeping Shelli change that? If they keep Shelli do the Austwins not target them?

      • There is no where to run though for Becky she can’t leave the goblins because she will be with the floaters and they cant win jack

      • Oh so that’s what it is. What is w/ the John devotion? I’m afraid I don’t get it. He needs to rely on himself in the game instead of other people for once. he hasn’t done anything extraordinary in the game at all.

      • Because he’s been playing a decent game by staying under the radar and being well liked. However, he’s getting his game completely messed up because 1. He’s being targeted for something he didn’t do
        (Thanks Vanessa) and 2. The person he was gunning for this week won’t be leaving (as of now) putting him in the line of fire. He pretty much worked hard all game to maintain his position and now it’s been ruined by “woe is me” Vanessa and a stupid J/J/M. I’m hoping he wins HOH next week because if the plan to keep Vanessa goes through, he and Becky will be the last ones I’m rooting for.

  36. Shellie is actually campaigning for Vanessa in the event she is the one leaving. She’s educating Steve

  37. No flying under the radar now. Everybody’s being targeted by somebody. Woohoo this the the BB I love

  38. How can they listen to anything Vanessa has to say with all the lying she is doing? What is wrong with them. She is now telling the twin that she is coming after them.

  39. I knew it! Meg and Jackie were talking about how the slop is getting to them and effecting their memories! This explains the ridiculous stupidity was saw all today. Slop and Sleep deprivation have turned them int clinical idiots.

    • Sounds like they were joking. It’s John and Vanessa who are clinical idiots. John crying over a man who just a week before was discussing when the best time to evict him was and then Vanessa making a huge mistake in getting rid of Jason and not Austin.

  40. I am a bit confused about something. Vanessa said that Steve, JMac and Shelli are in an alliance so Steve will not give Vanessa his vote. But Steve is telling Shelli he is voting to keep Vanessa. What am I missing here?

  41. You know, I kinda want the Goblins to keep Vanessa now… just so she can win HOH during the DE and nominate one of them alongside either Becky or John (cause she ain’t putting up Steve or the Austwins).

    EDIT: Not that I want John to go, mind you, but I’d just love to see the look on James, Meg, and Jackie’s faces if that were to be the scenario.

      • It’s not, but Vanessa double crossing them would’ve been more hilarious. As of now… yeah, not sure who the hell is with who anymore. The alliance lines are blurring too much.

    • Unless she’s ready to jump ship… Either way she’s got to work with a group of 3 (the twins + Austin) or (Jackie,KegMeg & James)… Once she loses Shelli, she’s not as much in control anymore.

    • So…what if Shelli stays and wins HoH? She’d immediately put up J/J/M. You think it would be better for their game to keep someone who’s also great at comps and is 100% going after all three of them? Even if Vanevil did as you said and nominated J/J/ or Meg at least it would be along side Queen Choo-Choo or JohnnyWack. That gives them a fighting chance to keep their alliance together.

      And if JohnnyWack did win an HOH and Vanevil stayed, then he’d be pretty stupid not to nominate Van.

  42. If the vote flips, and blindsides on top of it, Productions will say WINNER!..(preferred outcome)’s dramatic.

  43. Disappointed…but then, she can be booted in DE…no deals to stay longer than Thursday, just not evicted before Shelli is all. I can work with that! But she’s got to go! My ears hurt with her in the BB house! hahaha

  44. So on Thursday they’ll bang out the 1st Evic at top of show then go right into comp/noms/vote, right?

  45. Jackie is talking to James about how she was once close to Shelli and Clay. Lol, Girl you were NEVER close to Shelli and Clay.

    Becky is going to screw all of them over. She could actually end up winning this. I didn’t know Basic Becky had it in her.

    • She’s been the best recruit I’ve ever seen. She came into the house knowing NOTHING, laid low, scavenged and survived as a rat, learned some things along the way then BAM! – Player with claws and fangs! I love that about her.

      • I have to agree. I don’t particularly care for her. But she is definitely playing this game. I really wouldn’t mind if she wins, even if she is a rat.

      • I am not a fan and for weeks I forgot she was in the house but lately I have been impressed with her understanding of the various people and teams. She is far more astute than Meg, James, Austin etc. Very impressive but her flip-flopping makes her a big risk.

  46. I understand James worrying about Shelly coming after him, but Jackie and Meg have got to be Idiots to allow Vanessa to stay!
    Either that or Big Brother stepped in to save the green beanie, with the rubber nose and glasses.

    • If Shelli can’t get James out, she can settle for a Jackie eviction. For Meg, taking out Shelli is good if she doesn’t want to lose any more allies and a meat shield in James. So Meg & Jackie aren’t idiots.

  47. I hope Shelli goes home first for the sake of j/j/m’s game it would be a smart move for them. The target would still be Vanessa after she is gone anyways. Although Becky would be blind sided, I suggest they make up for it afterwards…hopefully so they can still work together to get the Austwins out next.

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