Big Brother 17: Vanessa Busy Making Plans & Breaking Deals

Vanessa Rousso feels pretty good about her position in the Big Brother 17 house right now. She shouldn’t, but she does. All the same Vanessa has already moved on to plotting her next move to betray promises and go against her own proposed deals.

Vanessa Rousso prepares her next plan on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso prepares her next plan on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

See, we know Vanessa hates liars. Hates them. She’s told us. Of course that seems pretty odd when Vanessa is one of the most deceitful players in the game. And that’s fine to do, but be sure to own it.

Overnight we listened in as Vanessa sat down with Julia to go over all her latest sneaky ways. Flashback to 12:40AM BBT 8/10 to hear Vanessa’s plotting and planning for the coming weeks.

Vanessa and Julia are going through what’s about to happen at the Veto meeting. Well, they’re discussing what they think will be happening at the Veto meeting. It’s actually quite different from what Becky is planning to do at the PoV Ceremony.

Julia and Vanessa agree that Becky will name Johnny Mac as the renom. Earlier in a talk with Steve, jump to around 12:20 AM BBT, he tells Vanessa it’s suspect that Becky would renom JMac before reaffirming her belief that yes that will happen. Now Vanessa is agreeing with Julia that a JMac renom will happen and they laugh at what a fool they believe Becky to be for that choice.

See Vanessa promised Becky she’d vote as requested, or at least that’s what she implied. What Vanessa told Becky was she would “vote with the house” and as she tells Julia, that just means with the majority. So when Vanessa tries to influence the house to get Shelli to stay over JMac then she’d be covered by going with the majority. Of course there are so many holes in that, like she can’t count herself as the 5th to make it a majority and would need one of the Goblins, but whatever.

The interesting thing with Vanessa is she keeps explaining how she didn’t lie, she just misled and deceived to give the impression of telling others what they wanted to hear. I don’t know why she possibly thinks that’s better than lying though. No one, no one, is going to say “Well, you got me. Really fooled me with those semantics games there, Vanessa,” and then just let it go. It’s going to be just as poorly received to deceive a HG as to flat out lie to them. Same effect, different method, and no one will care that she didn’t lie. The end result is that you can’t trust Vanessa and that’s all the HGs need to know to want to vote her out.

Vanessa and Julia giggle over Vanessa’s duplicity. The really funny thing, which they probably wouldn’t laugh about, is that Vanessa won’t get a chance to betray her promise. Can’t vote when you’re on the Block. Problem solved, right Vanessa? Probably not, but that’s for us to enjoy.

As they continue to talk Vanessa actually does say she’d vote Shelli out if that’s what the house wanted, but come on, do you really think she means it? Nah, me neither as she soon returns to discussing voting to keeping Shelli and sending Johnny Mac to Jury.

And look, I have zero problems with the deceit and duplicity. It’s Big Brother! You’ve gotta lie and trick here. I’m not playing the game so it does not personally offend me that she’s doing it, but there’s no way I’m not going to enjoy laughing about her trying to play both sides of the deal and having it blow up in her face. Vanessa is keeping us thoroughly entertained so I say keep doing it! Well, at least for a few more days (or maybe more with that returning Juror).

The Veto Ceremony is coming up in early afternoon for the Big Brother 17 Houseguests and you know it’s going to hit the fan. Vanessa will endlessly rant and campaign that Becky betrayed her in that conversation from Saturday even though we just heard Vanessa boasting that she was lying through her teeth at that talk. Oh, I’m sorry, not lying, disguising the truth.

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