Big Brother 17: Vanessa Busy Making Plans & Breaking Deals

Vanessa Rousso feels pretty good about her position in the Big Brother 17 house right now. She shouldn’t, but she does. All the same Vanessa has already moved on to plotting her next move to betray promises and go against her own proposed deals.

Vanessa Rousso prepares her next plan on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso prepares her next plan on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

See, we know Vanessa hates liars. Hates them. She’s told us. Of course that seems pretty odd when Vanessa is one of the most deceitful players in the game. And that’s fine to do, but be sure to own it.

Overnight we listened in as Vanessa sat down with Julia to go over all her latest sneaky ways. Flashback to 12:40AM BBT 8/10 to hear Vanessa’s plotting and planning for the coming weeks.

Vanessa and Julia are going through what’s about to happen at the Veto meeting. Well, they’re discussing what they think will be happening at the Veto meeting. It’s actually quite different from what Becky is planning to do at the PoV Ceremony.

Julia and Vanessa agree that Becky will name Johnny Mac as the renom. Earlier in a talk with Steve, jump to around 12:20 AM BBT, he tells Vanessa it’s suspect that Becky would renom JMac before reaffirming her belief that yes that will happen. Now Vanessa is agreeing with Julia that a JMac renom will happen and they laugh at what a fool they believe Becky to be for that choice.

See Vanessa promised Becky she’d vote as requested, or at least that’s what she implied. What Vanessa told Becky was she would “vote with the house” and as she tells Julia, that just means with the majority. So when Vanessa tries to influence the house to get Shelli to stay over JMac then she’d be covered by going with the majority. Of course there are so many holes in that, like she can’t count herself as the 5th to make it a majority and would need one of the Goblins, but whatever.

The interesting thing with Vanessa is she keeps explaining how she didn’t lie, she just misled and deceived to give the impression of telling others what they wanted to hear. I don’t know why she possibly thinks that’s better than lying though. No one, no one, is going to say “Well, you got me. Really fooled me with those semantics games there, Vanessa,” and then just let it go. It’s going to be just as poorly received to deceive a HG as to flat out lie to them. Same effect, different method, and no one will care that she didn’t lie. The end result is that you can’t trust Vanessa and that’s all the HGs need to know to want to vote her out.

Vanessa and Julia giggle over Vanessa’s duplicity. The really funny thing, which they probably wouldn’t laugh about, is that Vanessa won’t get a chance to betray her promise. Can’t vote when you’re on the Block. Problem solved, right Vanessa? Probably not, but that’s for us to enjoy.

As they continue to talk Vanessa actually does say she’d vote Shelli out if that’s what the house wanted, but come on, do you really think she means it? Nah, me neither as she soon returns to discussing voting to keeping Shelli and sending Johnny Mac to Jury.

And look, I have zero problems with the deceit and duplicity. It’s Big Brother! You’ve gotta lie and trick here. I’m not playing the game so it does not personally offend me that she’s doing it, but there’s no way I’m not going to enjoy laughing about her trying to play both sides of the deal and having it blow up in her face. Vanessa is keeping us thoroughly entertained so I say keep doing it! Well, at least for a few more days (or maybe more with that returning Juror).

The Veto Ceremony is coming up in early afternoon for the Big Brother 17 Houseguests and you know it’s going to hit the fan. Vanessa will endlessly rant and campaign that Becky betrayed her in that conversation from Saturday even though we just heard Vanessa boasting that she was lying through her teeth at that talk. Oh, I’m sorry, not lying, disguising the truth.

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  1. I don’t get why Becky needs to tell Austin & Co abt the blindside. She is risking V going to Steve and convincing him not to use his veto. We all know Steve would be dumb enough to do that.
    When V blindsided Jason. She did not give the other side notice.
    This grp is really not very smart.

    • Exactly. I don’t watch the live feeds to know where we stand at present time. Meaning has Vanessa discovered the truth yet and has she spoken to Steve. Hopefully by some miracle this doesn’t reach her and she can’t convince Steve to do something as dumb as not use the veto on himself. I do think though that Steve, after hearing Beckys speech about knowing his game and knowing that Vanessa and Shelli are pretty close will still use the veto on himself.

    • Becky doesn’t want to risk having the Austwins mad at her, because Austin went on and on about hating blindsides. She’s taking too much of a risk in telling him, IMO. If the timing is right, the ceremony will be before Austin can get to Van.

      • I think warning the Austwins about it has a slight benefit. If Austin or the twins go straight to Van then everyone knows the three can’t be trusted. If they withhold this information, they are still targets, but they might feel more secure knowing Becky trusted them with the info and might shift targets to other houseguests if one wins HoH in the DE.

      • I see your point. Tell them that if Vanessa comes running to Becky (or Steve) or is anything less than totally shocked at the ceremony then things do not look good for them. If Shelli has been willing to keep this secret I think the Austwins might be too.

      • Tell them if V finds out, Liz is going up instead and they’ll let the house decide who they want out more – Liz or Shelli. (But don’t really do that- Really stay with the plan to evict Vanessa)

      • The more I think about this, the more I realize that even if Austin has time to tell Vanessa, what does it really matter? Except for us getting that glorious first reaction when she is nommed. But it won’t change that she is being nominated. It will just move up the freak out. And it will be a freak out.

      • I think that was kinda smart. Even though Shelli is still prob pissed. but Shelli would have been dumb af to tell Vanessa. And Becky knew that Shelli knew that.

      • Especially since she told Austin and the twins about “my group.” So, now they know for sure where she stands. Becky told them in the HOH room that she has wanted Vanessa out for quite some time and that alot of her renom was personal..I don’t like that. I think Becky is being a catty bitch right now..I am no fan of Vanessa’s..but, Becky is taking great pleasure in this right now. I don’t like it when a HG plays the game and tries to get someone out for personal reasons.

    • Cannot agree more. And I agree with the above that BB is at least somewhat about lying and such but I’m so sick of hearing how she won’t work with liars and how good her word is. It makes me crazy and I can’t wait to see her face when she’s blindsided.

    • I agree. She’s earned my respect. Lots of ballsy players. Even the floaters. lol. Vanessa is by far the most dangerous player left at this point. James made a big move last week getting out the showmance. Loving this season. Now… separate those damn twins already.

    • I don’t despise anyone, they’re just playing a game here. I was going along with her game until last week. She overthought and overtalked herself out of the house.

      • Agreed. They’re all just playing a game and even if I start to dislike someone I always keep in mind that it’s “Houseguest X” that I don’t like, not the real world them.

        And yeah, Van was doing so well but then has been snowballing in to a bigger mess at each move.

      • I try to remember that this isn’t necessarily who they are outside of the game, but I feel some traits do carry over. Like epic amounts of hypocrisy.

      • Agreed to all the above. It’s just no fun to write, ” I despise X,” plus a hundred caveats. I hope we all understand here that just as it is a game that is being played here, the comments are meant in the same veins. When someone says I hate the Yankees, they dont really mean that they hate personally all the players on Yankees team. Even the comments have to be taken within the spirit of the game.

      • Unless, you are talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs in Canada …
        Despising the Maple Leaves is what unites this country together … unless, you live in Toronto / GTA .. Ha !!! :)

      • Exactly. I’m with you. It’s never “real life” personal with me and I never take anyone to really feel that way. We don’t know them. Just game talk. :)

      • It’s multiple people doing the updates. They take turns. Sometimes you’ll see the same thing posted twice, but that’s rare.

      • There were several double posts yesterday. I remember because I was away for the weekend and checked Joker’s sooo much.
        I don’t care if I’m in the middle of the bay, I’m not missing out on BB when something this big is in the works!

      • Haha I do the same. I was on vacation and at least twice a day I had to check updates. Talk about an addiction. Lol

      • You haven’t missed much by not having the feeds until now! I signed up right before the first show. Until last week, I found them very boring. Now, (finally) the “fan” is on “high” and there’s *hit flying all over the place!! Jump in now, Alison! (Just don’t forget to cancel the feeds after the final show or you’re going to continue to automatically have $5.99 deducted from your credit/debit card!!)

  2. I’ve been going to the CBS website to watch Jeff’s eviction interview with Clay and it’s still not up. Anyone know where else I can find it?

  3. She’s gone this far from theory and game smarts, but in general her social ability is not great at all. She doesn’t really relate to a lot people in the house. The amount of control she had in the house was not sustainable. Once she’s gone, it’s gonna be a new game.

    • I agree trying to control, manipulate and bully people may gain you short-term support, but not long term, especially since she’s been that way with her own alliance. Not owning up to anything and trying to convince everybody that her word is good and she’s done nothing wrong isn’t helping her cause.

      • She made the statement last week that James was trying to bully people when in actuality, it is Vanessa, LOL

  4. I just really don’t want anyone from the jury to come back. But it could bring entertainment.

    • Here’s your answer …
      bigbrother dot

      Rachel was never a returning juror. Out of all returning jurors, Gary Levy (BB CAN), was the only one to make it to final 2. He didn’t win.

      • Thank you! I am getting too old and absent reminded to remember from year to year anymore. But it sure is exciting to watch.

      • Elaine, I am 66 and read all spoilers during the week, and a few days later I can’t remember what I read!!!

      • That’s ’cause one of the Jurors, supposedly, inadvertently voted for the other person to win the $$$ in stead of voting for Gary … Ha !!!
        eta: Though, part of me think that she did it purposely, and argued her error in a dramatic tv moment ?? :)

      • I know that the Gary return caused a bit of an uproar because he was not sequestered..he knew everything that had happened while he was gone…it gave him a great advantage….and, no that juror was just really mixed up….she was confused….LOL Gary has gone on to do very entertaining segments on our Canadian Broadcasts of Big Brother…not sure what happened to the mixed up juror!

      • A conspiracy theory that Production wanted him to win, perhaps? If I recall, he had a lot of good luck / timing ? Perhaps, just coincidence? Yeah, right !!! Production would never do that on Big Brother …

      • Oh, I know the answer … Think that Julie has referred to it, in the last two finale episodes, as she instructs the Jury Members to vote for the HG that you want to win, and not pull a “Topaz” … Ha !! :)

      • Gary was touted, before the Season even started to be the favorites to win the game .. Heck, he now has a part-time gig in the Side-Show (?) every week, after eviction night ..
        Such the case, I think, Frankie was Production’s “Gary” choice last year, until the truth about Frankie came out during his game .. Speaking of which, surprised (but, not really) that there has been no mention of him this Season ??

    • I am not good about remembering past seasons (seriously, once the next one starts, it’s pretty much all gone for me) but I’ve seen other people say that returning jurors pretty much always go right back out the door.

      • I am always amazed how people go back to previous seasons and remember what happened! I read the spoilers every day and sometimes still forget what I read, a few days later!!! Lol!!

  5. Vanessa seemed to be off to a great start and had a lot of potential but like so many before her she never learned the art of reeling it in. It started when she felt the need to “justify” all her decisions which basically just meant stirring up drama and overselling her bluffs with theatrics. I think the Austin/Jason mess was her just trying to make the best of a failed plan (Jacki not remaining HOH) so I guess I can give her a pass on that goof but this last week she took the theatrics to a new level and for nothing! She way overplayed her hand campaigning for Shelli and not bothering to be discrete about it and then getting involved with that Clay fight was stupid. She actually almost lucked out when James and Clay got into it. If she backed off and blended back in when the fight got intense she would have got her way with Shelli staying. Instead she jumps right back in and it turns into a huge mess that leaves John and countless others gunning for her. I was so hoping a professional poker player would be more like Derrick. I was looking forward to her getting amazing reads on people and using awesome bluffing skills to manipulate people but that just never happened the way I had hoped. Oh Well.

    • Great analysis. I especially agree on that James, Clay fight. She should have slid back in to the shadows. Instead she thrusts herself in to the spotlight and then cries “why am I always in the middle of everything?!” Cause you put yourself there, silly.

      • YES! YES! YES!!!! This is what I think every time she gets in a fight!!! And it is really why I can’t wait to see her go.

        Look, I appreciate some good fights in the BB house, but the way she just keeps manufacturing drama and talking in circles just annoys me. I guess I just prefer “you screwed me over and I hate you” type drama over the “he said, she said, Vanessa thought” type of drama.

        And I don’t know how many times I’ve yelled something similar to your last line at the TV when she asks that question!

    • Has anyone ever noticed if Vanessa’s mood swings, paranoia, etc is related to when she takes her meds?
      She sure goes from extremes on a blink of an eye ??

      • I can’t say that I know one way or another. But as someone who takes a lot of meds, different medications have different reaction times. I’m on one med that I sleep the day away if I miss one morning of it but another that I still have to wait another month from now to see if it works at all.
        It heavily depends on what the meds are for.

      • I thought I read/heard somewhere that V blamed Production in giving her, her meds, at the wrong time before last Thursday’s HOH comp ?? which put her in a disadvantage … ???

      • I’m pretty sure she said that about the Veto comp, not the HOH, but yes I read something about that. I think she’s just looking for someone to blame because her messing up couldn’t possibly be her own fault.

      • As an “adult”, Vanessa should know herself what time she takes her meds and remind production that it’s time for her to take them.

    • Does Vanessa still wear her sunglasses regularly?
      I know early on in the season, noticed that whenever she was lying to someone that she tended to wear her sunglasses??
      Wondering, if she realized that it may have been one of her “tells” when other HG’s may have figured that out ??

      • He will get my vote for “America’s Favorite” no matter what happens between now and the end!

  6. For someone who is on the Block and supposedly at risk in heading out the door this week .. Shelli has been anything but pouty, as compared to other nominees this season …
    In actuality, she has been very playful and actually socializing more since Clay’s eviction than in the first 5 weeks of the Season … at least, from what I have seen on BBAD over the weekend ??
    Perhaps, in hindsight, having Clay leaving last week, may have been the best thing for Shelli’s game in the long run … In particularly, not having him in the Jury House, to distract her mentally, as she moves forward …

    • With Shelli and Clay practically attached she missed out on a lot of relationships with others. It probably is good he’s gone so she actually talks to other people.
      And I think since she knows the big plan she’s more confident.

      • Maybe V thinks Shelli has THAT much faith in her ability to keep her (or she may think it’s hubris on Shelli’s part)? IDK but won’t be long now!

  7. Vanessa being a poker player has cost her game. She has overthought every move and conversation. Her last HOH was her demise, she flip flopped on her plan like 8 times. She managed to alienate everyone in the house including her allies.

    I give Becky credit she has shown it is fine to lie in this house but you can only lie to one alliance/group of people. If you keep lying to both sides it will catch up with you. Everyone talks.

  8. I find it funny that everyone thought Vanessa and Shelli were making all the big moves and had a straight shot to the bank. The past two weeks we’ve seen James and Becky make even bigger moves and build a strong case for the Jury to win the game.

  9. I’ll believe Vanessa is gone when she actually gets voted out. Hopefully the best thing to come out of her leaving is no one will say the word “blood” in that house again….

  10. I do not have live feeds, etc, but can someone confirm or not, if Becky actually told Vanessa that, should Steve use the POV that Becky would indeed renom with JMc ?? And/or, did Becky just let Vanessa to imply that to be the case on her own ??

    I do remember that Becky telling Vanessa that she was thru with Deals in the game and will just play in the moment from day-to-day, week-to-week, etc .. that totally p*ssed off Vanessa … Ha !!

  11. Looks like we may have the first true backdoor of the season. It will be delicious to see Vanessa come unglued as she discovers her ship sinking. Karma can be mouth watering!

  12. Did anyone else notice in the conversation between Shellie and Johnny mac, Shellie states how much she misses her friends and about them starting families that a) she cannot remember the children ahes, then comes up with older children, then b) she can’t remember where they live — but she is soooooooo close to them. Weirdness from her. Something is not right with her.

    • Sadly people like her are not all that uncommon in society now. The major issue I have with people like Shelli is her lack of empathy & sincerity for others. Too often I see people who (like Shelli) could quote the price on all the shoes they saw at the mall yesterday, but ask them to remember their ”best friend’s” name, address, or children? Nope. Nothing there… It’s sad, but we are indeed becoming a nation of narcissistic personality disorders.

  13. Steve might not use the veto because he wants to mess up Becky’s plan he was talking to himself about it LOL.

  14. I want Vanessa gone from the house. Biggest mistake in Becky’s HOH is telling anybody other than J/J/M/Jmac about her plan. All he’ll will break loose once Van is on the block. Who will the staged fight be with this week??

  15. This is so fun to watch! This is shaping up to be the best BB blindside since Britney Haynes getting whacked after Dan’s ‘funeral.’

  16. Should be an interesting next few days should reality hit and it is a Shelli vs Vanessa on eviction night ….
    Wondering, if they both will have a “no-campaigning” against each other, as they are both Alliance Members and, as Vanessa suggests … Let the HGs follow the House Majority, wherever the cards may fall ?? Ha !!! :)

  17. A good player lies & deceives and then explains their motives to us in the DR. Vanessa continues her lies during DR which makes me think she believes her own BS. I’m going to love every minute of this blindside!!!

    • That’s because she wants to be seen as a player who plays with integrity and honour and does not want to get blood on her hands .. everything that she has done, has been for the safety of her Sixth Sense Alliance … :)

    • I totally agree! Lying is part of the game. If you lie to the house and get them all to believe it, more power to you. But don’t sit in the DR and lie to me when I can see the game you’re playing and know what you’re doing!

    • You know the DR sessions are mostly scripted and edited quite a bit n’est pas? What happens in their is mostly productions control over how we will perceive the people inside the BB house… However I do agree that players eventually need to practice deception and redirection (some enjoy and thrive on the task more than others).

      • but production asks why did you say that to that person and they either tell us the truth or tell us the lie. she tells us her lie as if she really believes it.

      • Production then asks them to repeat their answers, to put emphasis on certain words, to act a certain way as they say it, then they take those multiple shoots and edit it how they feel best suits the image they want to portray… I’ve been fortunate (or unfortunate I’m not sure) to have 2 associates on two different reality shows who’ve both shared the same info I am with you now… Again, it’s important to remember this is more ”show” than it is ‘reality’. :)

      • Depends on what production aka BB want them to do while in the DR: Narrate things as they happen (for the show), share the thoughts and feelings about the house thus far (which we saw in Zach’s blow-out last year), and everything else in between.

  18. This certainly has been an entertaining week. Give credit to Vanessa and Shelli who has been playing the game. Part of the game is to manipulate, lie, backdoor some other house guest. There is a fine art in that. The great ones like Dr. Will, Mike Boogie and Dan Gheesling have honed it into a fine art. Derrick last season was very likable but, picked his spots when to be manipulative and tell big lies. Kudos too to James and Becky. I guess the takeaway if Vanessa is evicted is that the other house guests like John, Steve, twins Liz and Julia, Austin, Jackie and Meg all now have an equal chance to win this season of Big Brother if they are willing to make the big moves when needed to. Shelli also, has to re-evaluate her alliance based on the other alliances. Certainly, this season of Big Brother has more possibilities. Thank you Becky for stepping up to the plate.

    • I think that Shelli has already done that this week, hanging out with her Soroity Sisters, Becky, Meg, Liz and Julia … From watching BBAD, that is ….

      Jackie appears to be on the outside, of a potential All Girls Alliance, should one be formed …

  19. I love how Vanessa is so busy laughing at Becky. Won’t be so funny when you’re up on the block and on your way out the door huh?

  20. I can’t wait to watch the feeds after the veto ceremony. Too bad I was really pulling for Vanessa up until 2 weeks ago. Now I can’t wait to see her walk out to see Julie.

      • Came home with a little. First night I was winning like crazy. Won a few thousand but over the next few days put it all back in the machines. Lol. Had a great time though. Too bad it had to end. Now back to BB. Lol

    • Me too! Now, not so much anymore. Sad that. She could have amounted to so much more had she learned to fight her own battles instead of getting others to fight them for her.

  21. Oh my God Oh my God I am loving this !!! And the fact that this is actual event, actual people, happening right now. I love technology!

  22. Cool, I wrote the same thing about Vanessa “not really lying” being BS a week ago. Do you think if you simply don’t tell the police you were present at the murder scene, that is better than lying that you weren’t there at all?! The point is to deceive in either case, whether you actually lie or just conceal the truth!! And, yes — I have ZERO problem with lying in a game like this. But then don’t get all self-righteous when people do it back!

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