Big Brother 17: Week 7 Veto Plans – The Blindside Cometh

The Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up this afternoon in the Big Brother 17 house and so far everything is going to plan. Well, Becky’s plan. Definitely not Vanessa’s plan.

Big Brother 17 - Becky readies her Backdoor plan
Big Brother 17 – Becky readies her Backdoor plan – Source: CBS All Access

Since Thursday night Becky began to plan how to evict Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother and today will move us one step closer to her achieving that goal. But don’t tell Vanessa. It’s going to be a surprise.

Sure, Vanessa expects something could be up, but thanks to a convincing talk with Becky on Saturday night Vanessa actually believes that Johnny Mac will be the renom. Here’s what’s going on.

Last week “the deal” was crafted to with 8 Houseguests, including Vanessa, to target the remaining half of Chelli. That player would go up on the Block against JMac and everyone would agree to vote out the Chelli member. Well of course Vanessa had no intention of sticking to that and neither does Becky.

Becky nominated Shelli and Steve then Steve went on to win the Veto on Saturday. When Vanessa interrogated Becky over the idea of her renom’ing her friend and ally John Becky explained she was okay with doing that because John wasn’t actually in any danger and would be safe with at least four votes.

Flashback to last night at 3:20 AM BBT 8/10 Cams 3/4 as Becky explains that once Vanessa learned that she went to try and shore up Steve’s 5th vote to go along with Van’s and the Austwins’. Those five votes together would vote out JMac over Shelli. Vanessa won’t get that chance as she expects.

Becky confirms to Steve that yes, she’s still going to renom Vanessa and yes, Vanessa will be voted out. Just four votes will send the decision to Becky for a tie-breaker, but a fifth would put it over the top and Vanessa out the door.

To avoid a repeat of two weeks ago with Jason’s renom, Becky plans to warn the other HGs just before the meeting. She tells Steve (3:31AM BBT) that she wants to blindside Vanessa, but not the rest of the house.

But wait, what if Steve doesn’t use the Veto today at the meeting? Flashback to 5:21AM BBT 8/10 as Steve discusses this scenario. He admits that by not using the Veto he could avoid all these problems. Oh good grief. He entertains that idea for a few seconds before saying his mom would kill him. As we all would.

So there we go. Steve will use the Veto and force a choice by Becky. Becky will name Vanessa as the renom leaving us with Shelli and Vanessa as this week’s final nominations. There will be eight votes this week with the possibility of a tie-breaker as we head toward deciding the first Jury member.

Expect some fantastic fireworks this afternoon when the Feeds return from the Veto meeting. Vanessa is going to work in overdrive to save herself and send Shelli to Jury. We should get some cutthroat maneuvers from Vanessa and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do and if she can pull it off. I sure wouldn’t want to be on the Block against her!

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  1. She is either going to starting throwing everyone under the bus and strategizing on how to stay or she is going to go the Audrey route and stay in bed until Thursday. Because you know nothing is ever her fault and she has never broken a deal.

    • I’m thinking she won’t disappoint. I think she’ll go down swinging. Shelli, beware! V will still go home I think THIS week but V can give her heartburn just in time for DE.

      • Yes. “Just because you’re invited to an argument, doesn’t mean you have to accept”. – courtesy of Pinterest lol
        Besides, if you walk away, it’s just her talking to air. Like Freddy Krueger, she can’t feed off your fear. Lol

      • That’s usually how I handle those people and boy does that do them more damage than screaming back. Fun stuff, very psychologically advanced warfare.

      • I don’t know, AG55 could be right. So far Audrey, Jason and even Shelli and Clay have curled up in bed after the veto ceremony…which surprised me because I assumed they would be pi**ed and go around causing fireworks. Vanessa just might not explode. She might lay low for a while.

      • Oh I think…no I know she will explode but She might not immediately. I thought Jason would be pi**ed and start cursing etc immediately after veto and he didn’t.

      • Let’s take bets..haha. What will be her immediate reaction? I think 1st: her jaw drops, wide. Then she’ll pause before getting up slowly to take her throne. Still in disbelief, she’ll look around the room, shaking her head as she says, “are you serious?” Or “wow” in a condescending way. After meeting, explosion time. First Becky, then towards Shelli.

      • I don’t see that happning myself…I think Vanessa loves the game and knows you don’t give up until it’s truly done. She’ll def work on some people, it won’t work but she’ll def try to cut deals for votes. If I were her id start throwing Shelli under the bus and convince everyone that Shelli is the head of the snake, Shelli wins Hohs, etc…and she won’t be too far off the truth but at the end of the day you can only get one out at a time.

      • Vanessa is so good, that she’ll ask all incoming jurors for loads of info in hopes that she’ll be the one to re-enter the house.

      • They aren’t smart enough to give misinformation… but that would be so awesome if they did!!!!

      • Exactly my thoughts. I feel like if you had Dan Gheesling, Derrick, Will Kirby type of individuals this season then we can say for sure that they will remember to continue playing the game in the jury house. I think Vanessa is the only one I can see with brains to think of it.

      • Should be interesting the secrets Vanessa may spill. She won’t care whose game she hurts in the process of trying to stay. I’d love to see her go and win her way back in for a week or so.

    • Vanessa will never shut up with her conspiracy theories…everyone is related…everyone has a twin…John and Clay related or gay lovers…prepare her to try to spread more John and Clay related/gay stories and Shelli is related to Austin or someone else story and lots of tears…

      • Really at this point I’m surprised she hasn’t convinced herself that she is actually the triplet to Liz and Julia or Steve’s aunt.

      • If she thought of it, I think she would ask Steve about his ancestors and then say, “Whaaaattt??? ME TOO! OMG, we’re r-e-l-a-t-e-d!” Spells it out for him. “I knew you were like my little brother – I felt our bond from the start but I didn’t know why. (hughughug) Let’s change our alliance name to THE FAMILY! I can’t wait to meet your mom!”

  2. Another fantastic exciting week on BB!
    Another sharp recap – thanks, Matt!
    Good to know Steve is using the veto and V is going up! Start the popcorn live feeders. Today you’re in for a double header: first a thriller followed by a disaster flick as Becky releases the Cracken.

  3. When Van’s paranoia becomes reality watch out!! I love that it’s finally going to be Shelli vs. Van on the block. I wish it was last week, but this week is good, too! I don’t think that Van has a chance of staying and Shelli plans to lie low and let her implode. I so hope that Shelli starts to believe that Van has a chance and she comes out swinging, too!

    I really feel sorry for the 2nd DE victim, especially if it’s an 8-0 vote to evict Van. Whoever that is has to endure an entire week in the jury house with Van.

    • Depending on who wins the HOH ….
      Shelli — James
      Steve — Becky
      Meg — Yeah, right !!! :)
      Jackie — Shelli ?? Austin ??
      Austwins — Steve ? Jackie ??
      JMc — Shelli ??
      James — Shelli ? Austwins ??

      • With Shelli’s game neutralized, I think it would be best if an Austwin went on the 2nd DE. However, I want Shelli to go more, just because I can’t stand how fake she is.

      • Just remember that there may be a possibility of Vanessa returning in a few weeks, should she win that comp / twist ??
        Wonder who would open the Pandora’s Box, this season, if there were to be one? Though, an endurance comp would also be a possibility, if recent past indicates? But, wouldn’t the first 2 Jury Members have the advantage to R&R and eat well for the next 2-3 weeks, in the event of a endurance comp to re-enter the House, as compared to the one occurring the week of the last eligible HG evicted ?

      • Hopefully there are enough 6S in JH by then so that one returning is an easy target. Have to fight for their life to stay. I’d be ok if it was V returning because I don’t think anyone would work with her or fall for her again. Shelli – I worry about Becky/John breaking off to team up with her.

      • She is not that fake. She doesn’t have fake teeth otherwise Vampire Dentist would say something about that. She doesn’t have fake boobs, well otherwise Clay would say something about that.
        How fake was Meg then when she consoled Shelli but said it was annoying in the DR (altho I know it could be edited out of context).
        Anyway, I really prefer Judas to be next to go in the DE, then Liz. I don’t mind Shelli and I think Julia without Liz and Judas could be a nicer person.

      • He’s listening to Vanessa too much…according to her, everyone has a twin…I hope you believe John and Clay are a gay couple too (I would ship that)…lol…

      • James would def target shelli. Jmac said he’d target Austwins, didn’t he? If Meg got lucky, maybe Shelli, too?
        Of course, POVs will become more important as numbers dwindle.

      • I think austwins might go after James due to threat level plus Steve , due to possible smarts winning future comps. I think jmac is smart enough to know they need to break up austwins, it’s time. 3 headed monster needs to be taken down.James I think will listen to Jackie and maybe put up the Austin and Liz. Julia is a player they can possibly use since she doesn’t really like austin.

      • Why Meg whyyyyyy (In Liz’s annoying voice)
        Meg could win of course! She came second in the last PoV. She won a PoV before with Jason.
        Depending on what type of comp, she surely has 1/8 chance to win (Didn’t you hear? Lil Stevie is throwing the HoH away)
        Also Vampire Dentist is targeting the twins with Judas the renom. He’s been working hard to build 3-person alliance with Lil Stevie and Shelli, why would he renom Shelli? Besides, what’s his gay lover will think if he decides to kick Shelli out?

    • These 2 will go head to head before the end of the week. And Shelli will throw it back in her face that V let Chelli take the fall for Jason’s outing.

    • Oh gosh… I didn’t even think about the second person in the DE having to deal with her. That would be brutal.

      Maybe Austin & Judas should go so they at least have each other for support.

  4. Becky is making epic moves. This is good, good stuff and I think it will go down in BB history as an all time classic week.

    Watching Vanessa (not) handle a blindside is going to be pure GOLD.

    • Especially if the blindside stays in tact and Vanessa explodes afterwards. I’m not going to count it as epic, if either Vanessa finds out before or if she pulls an Audrey.

      • Agreed. This all depends on it being an actual blindside. If the house keeps,their traps shut, however, and Vanessa is the last to know? Once she finds out she was the last to know? I think she just might have a psychotic break.

      • Who wants to tell her?? You know she’ll blow and you’ll be outed for having told her. Not in Shelli’s interest to tell her. Shelli knows V is done and it gives Shelli another week in the game. If she thought V could talk Becky out of it, she might. But She knows it’s “done”.

      • Augh! Between Judas’ hinky self and Steve even considering not using POV, these guys give me heartburn. Lol. Maybe if he discusses with the twins, Julia can use this as a reason to slap some sense into him. She’d enjoy that, I think. J/K :)

      • I don’t even know how Julia tolerates him as much as she already does. I will never understand twins and their bond, I guess.

      • C’mon .. even you would admit that this would be fun to watch .. That is, if Steve does not use the veto then gets evicted on Thursday …
        If there is a tie vote .. Becky would likely find satisfaction in being the deciding vote, as HOH, in a tie, to kick his sorry @$$ out the door, if that happened ?? Ha !! :)

      • If Steve doesn’t use the POV to save himself – he deserves to go. #strategyfail lol But I’d STILL vote out Shelli to keep my mind on ma’ money and ma’ money on ma’ mind. ;) #eyesontheprize

      • With all due respect: no, no, no. Do not be distracted by shiny objects. You created a plan. Stick to the plan. V is a bigger fish right now. But use that as a reason to throw him up in the second eviction this week against Shelli.
        But hey, tell him if he tells her, he’s going up instead. By all means, tell him that – yes! :) Good idea, Andy!

  5. The one thing I want to see today I can’t because of the cut in Live feeds – V’s immediate reaction to her nom. Does she keep her poker face?

  6. I cannot wait to see Vanessa go up on the block especially after campaigning to keep Shelly, now she has to undo all that she set-up as to why keep Shelly.

  7. I just thought of something. What if everyone just appeases Van all week to keep her from exploding and it’s Shelli that actually explodes? This is going to be a FUN week!

  8. BECKY is evil i was at Daily Queen last night and order a milk shake well i spilled some of the milk shake on myself i am telling it’s all BECKYS fault she is evil evil i am telling.

  9. I some what inderstand wanting to give the Austwins a heads up because of how they all felt at Jason’s blindside but there is still a huge difference here. If they had not come up with this plan, Vanessa and team was going to blindside them by voting Jmac out. They thought they were all on board to evict Shelli when that was never Vanessas plan. I don’t think they should give any of them the heads up. Let them scramble and be in shock together. Plus the only person that would have the ability to win a comp and gun for them for doing it i Shelli. She already knows the plan and she is staying.

    • Maybe I’m getting my time line wrong but I don’t think Jason was a blindside for the Austwins. Austin was the original BD plan and both he and Liz campaigned to change that to Vanessa. Only one of the twins were in the house at a time prior to Jason’s eviction.

  10. What I don’t get is how many HG’s have been on BB the past few years, that continuously needs to be all Med’d up by Production?

      • I agree that it’s all a strategy. Unfortunately for him I think some house guests might be catching on after his dominant veto win this week.

      • Not sleeping giant….clueless player that just does Vanessa tells him…I mean, get an ally ..Godfrey was the sleeping giant in Canada, the difference between him and Steve is he talked to people and had friends, so socially Godfrey played the game…Steve does not play the game socially at all and has no friends…

    • Maybe to ensure he uses it and saves himself? Steve is such a wildcard/unpredictable you just don’t know. The regular rules don’t apply. She may want to cover that base so he doesn’t NOT use it and torpedo her plan to evict V. I think Becky may have thought that with V out, she and Shelli would team up. Hopefully, Shelli burned that bridge at the POV comp.

      • Yea could be a reason. He truly is unpredictable. My husband wants Steve to win now because of the fact that he’s non-existent. He doesn’t even watch the game, he just hears me whining about it outloud.

  11. Why time today is the nuclear launch (V’s popping a squat on the block)? When will we know?? (other than the mushroom cloud in the sky) lol

  12. Vanessa is going to be so steaming mad that ridiculous hat may just blow off her head!! With DE I hope that both of them go out the door.

  13. I just really hope for her sake she wouldn’t blow up literally. It would get even worse once she’s out to the world and realizes that majority of viewers hate her games. Hopefully her time in jury house can calm her down a bit tho.

  14. Vanessa has no one to blame but herself,she allowed her emotions and game to spiral out of control and now she is paying the price for being so unsteady on her feet.

  15. Austin has to always ask “what should I say”, continually proving is not very bright in social situations. He is very awkward in his “relationship in his mind” with Liz. He does not get subtle clues by Liz. I will give him a little credit that Liz is sending mixed messages, she is using him to wait on her hand and foot.

  16. Steve almost scared me when he pondered not using the veto ! Glad he decides thats a bad idea and i am just waiting for the veto ceremony to come. so we can see Van implode when she is blindsided !

    • Steve was never going to not use it–he crushed the Comics POV for a reason. He’s a master manipulator too–he’s just way more subtle and effective than Vanessa. He’s also brilliant–once Vanessa goes, he’ll be the smartest one left in the house by far. All the stuff he does on the feeds–like talking to his Mom–is all for show. He’s playing the feed watchers just like he is most of the house. I expect him to go very deep and possibly even win.

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