Tonight On Big Brother 17: Power of Veto & Final Nominations

Only two weeks remain in the Big Brother 17 season and we’ve got six Houseguests still vying for the half-million dollar prize but tonight those chances will be close to cut down for another player when the Veto plays out and final nominations are set.

Austin Matelson is excited to be on the Block
Austin Matelson is excited to be on the Block – Source: CBS/YouTube

It’s time for a returning Houseguest in this week’s Veto competition, but no, it’s not a Juror. Instead get ready for a face off between two wrestling legends, at least in the mind of Judas. We’ll also get the return of a familiar Veto comp from BB15 that also featured the Block showdown of McCranda so how about that for history repeating?

There was a lot of chaos after this Veto competition and hopefully Big Brother will air it unlike how they chopped Sunday’s show to bits and left out actual drama in favor of airing weeks and weeks old footage of Liz’s kiss and tell to her sister. Yet another reason why you want to be watching the Feeds or following the updates here on our site.

We’re down to the final weeks of Big Brother so don’t miss any of the episodes when the schedule changes due to NFL ahead of the BB17 season finale on September 23rd.

Can’t wait for tonight’s show to get the spoilers? Find out who won the PoV competition and what happened at the Veto Ceremony.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the next Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Big Brother 17 – Episode 34 preview:



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  1. Haha didn’t even watch Sunday’s episode and likely wont watch tonight’s lol

    Just hoping(but unrealistically) that the idiots can ban together for a week and get Vanessa out instead of doing her dirty work for her…

    • I didn’t watch Sunday either. It wasn’t available where I was and I haven’t gotten around to watching it elsewhere. I heard I didn’t miss much so it hasn’t been a priority.

      I know it’s not happening this week, but I’m with you about hoping for Vanessa’s demise in the game. Or, you know, otherwise. I wouldn’t complain :P

  2. I’m starting to not want John to win HOH this week now. If Austin or Liz win they’ll nominate John and Steve and Steve will go home and if he won veto then Vanessa would go home. If Vanessa wins HOH she’ll put up John and Steve too and again Steve goes home or if he wins veto Liz would go home, I think he’s covered pretty well and I have no idea who he would nominate if he won. Probably Austin and Liz but that could backfire on him if Vanessa won veto and they couldn’t backdoor her and he wouldn’t be able to play the next week when it’s more important!

  3. Dear Mathew,
    Did you know that the show is rigged? And that Vanessa has a show in development with CBS? And that Amanda (BB15) STILL has a show in development? And that Vanessa is going to win…because the show is rigged? Did I mention that the show is rigged? And that Vanessa is going to win? And that I have 7,000 different accounts, so that I can up-vote myself over and over? Did I mention the show is rigged? And that the entire Universe hates Vanessa? That the Mars Rover found a banner that says, “Big Brother Is Rigged!!!” And that NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft found Vanessa’s face while taking pictures of Pluto? AND, that there was a banner that said, “Big Brother is rigged!!!” THERE, too?! Just thought I’d let you know…

    • You forgot Wrestling & WWE it’s rigged too. I think the Election was rigged back when Bush & Gore ran. Seems I saw where the Gov’t caused 9/11 and blamed the terrorists.

      There’s a bunch of other stuff too, you can read it ALL on the internets (sic) so it must be TRUE!!!

      • I read my info in the tabloids…could I have been duped? The same tabloid said, and I quote, “Sharona has 7,000 accounts so she can up-vote herself over and over.”

      • I’m going to set up MORE accounts. Oh, and I also read that it was actually VANESSA that started the Plague…or Ebola. I can’t remember which. But I know for sure, that I read she was ‘patient zero’ for one of the two.

      • K, You are hysterically funny! ‘Ebully’..priceless!!
        Taking some time off…just checked in to take a quick look at the comments about the show..Compression fracture in my spine. UGH!

      • Dang, Sharona. Don’t let it get you down. I hope your RA is doing better. We want no flare-ups so positive thoughts are coming your way.

      • Yes, yes I am K! As are you, my dear. :) Pluto is 4.67 Billion miles from earth, so the fact that I’m actually the robotic pilot is even more amazing—because I’m still able to post on Vanessa’s site! Vanessa is a bully, and it’s HER fault that I have a compression fracture in my spine. Yes, it is—no one can ever tell me differently. Did I mention that the show is rigged? The Universe agrees.

  4. All ready! Hoping they show the freak out of Liz. Matthew if it wasn’t for you and Branden a lot of people would have no idea what’s going on.

  5. I hope they show all the drama tonight. But it was after the POV so probably most of it will be tomorrow.

    • There’s a lot they are going to have to squeze in short segment. I’m sure we’ll see a bit from the jury house.

  6. I have always hated to see big brother come to an end but this is the first year that I’m glad it’s over,pretty much hated every minute of it and lack of game play from the brain dead house guest,most if them like the Twins,Austin and Vanessa and a few others have the personality of a wet brick.

    • Amazing to me that they don’t see thru all her manipulations. She’s backtracking so often and her story change all the time.

    • That was funny. It’s to bad they were so bitchy on the feeds because they were funny sometimes.

  7. Boy Steve is not the innocent kid I wanted to hug the first couple of weeks. He’s turning quite evil.

      • I usually don’t. But I might this time since it’s only on once a week. BB takes up so much of my time with this and being on 3 times a week plus I watch the feeds at night. It’s kind of nice to get back to my life. Lol.

  8. Thanks, LG…Unfortunately I have to rest and just take pain killers. Not that I’m complaining about the rest…OR the pain lerers. I mean Pain KILLERS! :)

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