Big Brother 17: Vanessa Agrees To Flip Vote Under 3 Conditions

Returning to Vanessa’s demands, her third and final element is they have to take her to F2. This is contingent upon Liztin being split up before F3 because if they aren’t then she knows both Liz and Austin would take the other over her. What a terrible situation to be allowing, Vanessa. Ideally for Vanessa Austin or Liz is sent out in F5 or F4 then the remaining one could do something like evicting John instead of her at F3 and she moves on to F2.

Liz and Austin immediately agree to the terms and why wouldn’t they? So will they honor all these terms of Vanessa’s agreement? Heck no! Not if they don’t have to.

Jump ahead to 10:14 PM BBT to find Liz and Julia swinging away in the hammock. Liz is updating Julia on all of Vanessa’s demands. A few minutes later (10:16 PM BBT) Liz assures Julia that they will not keep to the terms. Now I imagine they’ll play along for as long as they need to and if one of them wins HoH next week they can put up the two guys since everyone plays for Veto and there are no more Backdoor opportunities this season. But if they get the chance we just might see them take a swing and knock Vanessa out of the game.

For an added bonus, move over to 10:30.40 PM BBT on Cams 3/4. You’ll find Austin and John having a quick talk about Vanessa’s shenanigans as they plan to meet up later with Steve to discuss a F4. They skirt around saying it explicitly but both are on to Vanessa thanks to her behavior in the Veto comp where she told Julia to target Austin in the knock out challenge. The planned late night talk did not happen, but we’ll keep an eye out for it on Wednesday.

Vanessa is now the odd-HG out, but that doesn’t mean her game is sunk completely. We’re heading toward a F5 with two pairs and Vanessa in the middle. If one side gets more worried about the pairs than Vanessa then she could skate through another round, but with so few options Vanessa will need to win HoH to avoid a likely trip to the Block.

Overall I’m stunned by Vanessa’s choice to allow things to move forward on keeping Liz. For several weeks it’s been clear that Vanessa needed the Goblins then Liz out so she could stroll to the finish line using her combined competitive strength and F2 deals to make that happen. Now she’s missing her second straight chance at evicting Liz and instead keeping someone tied with her in the HoH comp win category and a showmance instead of splitting up Liztin and keeping Julia who has won just one comp this season. It’s nonsensical.

Maybe it’ll work out because Vanessa has had a series of smart moves combined with great luck when she’s made bad moves and that could be just what she needs again real soon. We’ll know for sure in just a few more days, but in the meantime, what do you think of Vanessa agreeing to keep Liz in the game for F5? Game ender or just another bump in her road to F2?


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    • There would be not point, the plan is to do what Vanessa DOESN’T want to happen happen. If they did what she wanted and kept Julia she wouldn’t be making this deal in the first place cuz in theory Julia and Austin would take her to the F2, not each other.

      You even following the situation? lol

    • C’mon now. Can Vanessa really be trusted, or even be that stupid that she would trust Austin and Liz? I don’t think she flips and I think Liz still goes home, and then she tries to turn Julia against Austin. And likely succeeds.

    • Agreed so dumb! We shall see if V gets fooled tonight! It is better for everyone to have Liz go except Austin! I will lose some respect for V and Jmac if they keep LIZ! Must be some hidden deals made by Austin and Liz to them?

  1. From a game stand point, you do not leave the strong competitors in the game (Liz) to give them a chance to beat you. Vanessa’s problem I think is she trusts Austin, Liz and Julia more than Steve and Johnny Mac. There are risks even in life. You could get run over crossing a street or a drunk driver runs into your car and kills you. In this case, she seems to be thinking that Liz and Austin are more likely to keep their word to her. Let us wait and see.

    • If Vanessa thinks that, then she is correct. Austin and the twins are very scared of her. John may be the only one to put her up if he needs to.

      • I think Steve will also, put up Vanessa but, only after Liz and Austin are gone. That is to make sure the other major threats are gone from the game.

      • Steve had mentioned that he had no plans to take John to the F2. He may want Vanessa. I think Julia will be anyone’s best choice since she will definitely not win.

      • I know Steve said that however, he may have had time to think his position. A Steve and Johnny Mac Final 2, IMHO results in a Steve win of that $500,000. If it is a Vanessa and Steve, Final 2, Vanessa wins that $500,000. It makes more sense for Steve to take John to Final 2.

      • Austin has said he’s scared of her. As much as they want her out they know she has dirt on them, can swing a vote, stay in the game and then get them out, They are scared as f*ck.

        Only way she goes on the block is if a nom wins the PoV next week, and even then there’s no guarantee she goes home. They are scared out of there mind of her.

      • They “could” prep Jmac/Steve by discussing privately all these “lies” Vanessa has told (make them up if they have to, to make their point).
        Then comfort her/laugh with her about the “other person” going to Jury while they’re sitting pretty to win. False sense of security.
        Then blindside her and VTE.
        If she runs her mouth on her way to the door, let her. Afterward, shake your head as if you are disgusted by her doing that. Then shake hands with each other and declare it’s game on, now that they are F4!
        I know, I know. That’s alot to ask.

      • If only, if only, the woodpecker sighs… In a perfect world right? lol I mean it makes perfect sense, but these players haven’t been playing with sense all season. I don’t even know what to say here that you haven’t already heard me say lol. It’d be great until Vanessa puts her spin on it and hypnotizes them to do what she wants lol.

        I guess the biggest hurdle here would be making sure a nom win the PoV, cuz if the HoH or there partner did you couldn’t change the noms without it being clear the replacement was the target.

      • True, true. If Jmac is next HoH and Austin wins POV, why not put V up as a replacement nominee, citing that Steve has been on the block numerous times already and it’s her turn….Like she said, they’re a threesome and they all have to trust each other. If she goes off on Jmac, she could do herself in, if he has to cast the deciding vote.

        If Austin wins next HoH, same reasoning. Julia/Liz JUST got nominated so it’s V’s turn next. V should “trust” Jmac & Austin & Julia/Liznot to vote her out (assuming she’s up against Steve). With her F2 deals, she should…but she won’t.

        V won’t like it and will try to talk them out of renom’ing her for sure. She will likely cry and freak out and make up something that someone told her she’s the real target.
        If so, I think Steve should cry and freak out and parrot it back to her, that now HE’S afraid HE’S the target. Lol.

      • Ya it’s funny. She is the only real option for a replacement if a nom wins, so she will be going hard for the PoV for sure. It’d be funny for her to win PoV and use it on a nom, forcing the HoH to put up there allie and then the others vote them out lol.

        Again all nice to talk about, but these idiots have to not just put it in motion, cuz Vanessa can turn it on a dime, but actually follow through. I want to root for them, but at what point do they deserve to lose by letting her stay in week after week and doing what she wants?

      • If Jmac is HOH he will put up Austin for sure! Depends on what twin stays will determine if V is nom or renom! I am sure you were using this as example but Austin would not nominate twins or remaining one! I think even though both sides know V is riding the middle and will get out other side 1st before going after Vanessa! They wanted the Goblins out before going after each other for the most part! The question for tomorrow nights eviction is which side will V choose? Jmac n Steve or remaining Austwins? Will V believe AUSLIZ about her 3 conditions being honored to keep LIZ? I can’t wait for Steve to give V some grief and put her up his next HOH if he can survive next week? Looks like Jmac is Steves only hope to not go on block and get sent home next week! Everyone is going after STEVE 100%! I want Jmac and Steve final 2!

      • Sounds perfect, bb! I love you’re idea of “making things up!” They better put their sunglasses on if they do. Me thinks Vanessa has memorized “body cues” from every book out there that has “Body Language” in the title!!

      • She also has practice of throwing a tantrum like a 2 yr old when she cant have her way .or when she loses a poker hand,i,ve seen i many times before.

      • a lot to ask of them. lol. whatever happened to deny, deny, deny. Austin/twins need to tell Steve/JMac Vanessa says to put yall up and vte, and vice versa. then if van finds out and starts spilling, deny it and turn it around on her. play her game back at her.

      • Don’t understand why they are all afraid of this snake. So she has dirt. The game is almost over so who cares.

      • They are just scared if they miss like Becky did they will be going home the next week, and they don’t want to be the one to take that chance.

      • Yeah but don’t forget Steve can’t play F5 HoH so he would be in even bigger danger of being nom’d if Liz does stay and she or Austwit wins next HoH

      • He may never get that chance again, though. That’s why he’s mad that Van wants to keep Liz over Julia!

      • Oh I hope john wins an has a chance to bounce her wire eyed self straight to jury.To me she always looks wired, and I just found out that she is only in her 30s and me and my friends thought at least 40 .She better find a good face cream and stay out of the casinos. Playing poker must make u old before your time ,but anyway I do not want her to win. Not a fan at alluh! HaHa

      • lol. She does look a bit older, but not 40. She has acne and her anxiety flares it up.
        I think Shelli looked like she was in her 40s.

  2. Julia will stay, but I still think Vanessa and Steve should go up if she doesn’t win of course.
    These people say one thing and always end up doing the opposite, so I don’t believe that Austin and the twins are planning to get rid of her. They have known about a lot of Vanessa’s backstabbing game, but still choose to keep her around.

    • Putting up Vanessa right away is in no ones best interest. If she wins PoV she will be gunning for them next week. If they just wait to renom her and she wins PoV, then no harm no foul. They also shouldn’t agree to targeting her even as a renom with the other side(doesn’t matter what point of view its exactly the same) because if something goes wrong the side on the losing end can throw the other side under the bus telling Vanessa the plan was to target her and blow up there game. Smart move is to put up the other side and wait and try to renom her. In the end tho I don’t see Vanessa going home this week either way.

      • Definitely have to renom her, I agree. Then let her think she’s safe til Thursday to minimize her game talk. In fact, avoid talking game with her at all if you can without alarming her. What can she tell you at this point (F4 after her eviction) that can help you really? Game talk with her can only sway you. Stand fast, stand firm. Surprise her.

      • Can’t wait for the back to back one night and the other the next if I’m reading the schedule right. What does it mean by “Special Eviction”? I thought every eviction was “special” this season, even the DE ones! LOLOL

      • I thought the Special Eviction was just on a Wednesday cuz there was Thursday Night Football on CBS that week so it was moved up a day. Did I miss something?

      • No more DE’s..they’ll have an eviction one night, then another the next night instead of 2 in the same night.

      • Everything you just wrote was Becky’s strategy. We’ve been down this road before and with better players. I dont think any of these people has the guts to get this nexus of neurosis out of the house.

  3. ‘But if they get the chance we just might see them take a swing and knock Vanessa out of the game.’

    Really? Lets be serious here…

  4. Unfortunately, I vote it’s a bump in the road. Would that it were (a game ender). Mad props to her for sure. But with this remaining crew left, I fear it’s just a bump in the road. They have the opportunity to take her out next week. If they do it – kudos to them. I just fear cold feet will break out.

    • Exactly, she will convince the HoH that she is riding to the end with them, and the the other duo is a much bigger target than ‘her being by herself’. They have the opportunity and plan to get her out, but not the balls, or mental fortitude(as in the mental ability to not be manipulated by Vanessa) to do it :/

  5. I am glad someone finally figured out that Vanessa’s instructions to the target Austin in the knock-out style comp mean Vanessa was targeting Austin. I cannot believe how dumb these HGs can be.

    And Vanessa’s conditions are ridiculous considering Austin can ask JMac to keep Liz and he would agree. Liz only needs two votes to stay so who cares what Vanessa does if JMac agrees to keep the twin of their choice as he indicated.

    Once Julia is gone then Austin and Liz need to think that if they win HoH final 4 can be two of Steve, JMac and Vanessa, vs Liztin. I think Steve and JMac is less dangerous than JMac or Steve and Vanessa.

    And from JMac’s and Steve’s perspective, is Austin-Vanessa more or Liz-Vanessa more or less dangerous than Austin-Liz? I think Any pair with Vanessa is stronger than without her.

    They should all target Vanessa after Julia is evicted. Steve, Austin and Liz all have reason to believe Vanessa will target them os its seems like an obvious strategy to me.

    • Good fairy tail man lol. But for real, it all makes sense, we all see it, but these players haven’t been playing with sense all season. They just do what Vanessa says. And unless she says ‘send me out’ I doubt she will be going anywhere.

      • I’m sure there will be a lot of trips to DR so everyone can get their instructions on what to do.

  6. The ballz on this nut. Who sane, robs a bank, gets caught and says to the 13 cops pointing a gun at you. I’ll surrender in 3 conditions “imunity, I get to free any one death row inmate of my choice and still keep the money in that vault”. That’s crazy sh $!. It’s almost beautiful. Beyond the moon of narcissism. Three words girl. Go-to-hell.

    • Ya, but what’s crazier is that Liz and Austin, even though they claim they will go back on it, likely wont cuz they are too scared of Vanessa and will just do what she says.

    • I have said it before but I’ll say it again….if they had some “older-more mature” people in the house they would have seen through Vanessa a long time ago and done something about it. I rest my case.

  7. Vanessa is as stupid as she is ugly by keeping liz they will turn on her and vote her out next week depending on who the hoh is,no promises or deals have been kept this season,but that’s fine,Vanessa needs to go anyway,

    • Hey, Vanessa has never lied, gone back on her word, implied anything or done anything ever that hasn’t been best for everyone else’s game before hers. According to Vanessa.

      • She really wanted Liz to go…but made the mistake in thinking by giving them a choice, they would come to the same conclusion. Ooops…they didn’t. So now she’s doing damage control.

      • Absolutely, the most honest and integral HG ever to play BB in History … She has never gone directly against any of her original Sixth Sense Alliance, and why would she start no ….
        AFP … I tell ya … AFP !!! :)
        eta: Never did trust anyone in that Austwin’s Alliance !!!

      • Vanessa has lied several times,the best one was about when she told Steve Jackie was going after him and he put her up and she got voted out and then found out the truth from Shelly.

  8. I’ve tried to go over it in my head and cannot come up with why Van would want to evict Julia over Liz. Can’t understand how she believes she’s hoodwinked Liz by insisting Liz not “put up” or “renom” Van and trust her word on that. Liz is great at physical comps and could overtake Van in them, whereas Julia more than likely wouldn’t be able to. Nope, still makes no sense!

    • Vanessa wants Liz to go, but she backed herself into a corner by saying she would do whatever the twins want(as long as it’s ok with Steve). So she either has to flip Steve, or flip the twins again. The twins don’t really care and are just using this as a trap to frame her or to actually keep Liz. So Vanessa is now trying to get Steve on board to evict Julia so she doesn’t have to(in her mind) piss anyone off. Evicting Julia makes no sense for her, except for keeping Liz and Austin happy now.

      • Steve can’t vote and she already told Steve what she’s planning to do! He’s livid but knows he has no say in it either.

    • That’s what I’m counting on! Right now Van’s just doing damage control for her mistake in asking the twins to make up their mind about who’s going and who’s staying. They’ve not even run this past Steve yet as she asked them not to! That puts in their heads that they don’t really need Steve’s blessing since he can’t vote. I call that a smart “backup plan”! hahaha

    • Ya, she said she would do what they want as long as Steve was ok with it. She can just evict Liz and then blame it on Steve and deflect the blame like she has all season.

  9. I’m starting to not want John to win HOH this week now. If Austin or Liz win they’ll nominate John and Steve and Steve will go home and if he won veto then Vanessa would go home. If Vanessa wins HOH she’ll put up John and Steve too and again Steve goes home or if he wins veto Liz would go home, I think he’s covered pretty well and I have no idea who he would nominate if he won. Probably Austin and Liz but that could backfire on him if Vanessa won veto and they couldn’t backdoor her and he wouldn’t be able to play the next week when it’s more important.

      • Which is even better for John, as long as she doesn’t win veto she’s going home, hallelujah! I don’t think anyone would front door her so if he lets Austin or Liz win they’ll send home Steve or Vanessa and he’ll just be a pawn who can play next week.

      • Eh, even is Vanessa goes up I don’t see her going home. She can manipulate the players like she does every week even though they know she is lying and only looking out for themselves, they are too scared and hang on her every word and will likely send out the other person on the block.

  10. Vanessa is going along with Liz staying for now but her mind keeps spinning and I’m sure she’s trying to figure a way to get Liz out.

    • If they’re going to unite to take her out, they better all play it cool with her and let her think they’re still swallowing her Koolaid.
      If they spook her, she may try to win this next HoH (which I don’t think she wants to HAVE to) after all and put one of each OTB (Austin & Steve), then make a deal with one side to save that person, since she will be the deciding vote. That will be tricky if Julia wins POV and saves Austin and then Vanessa has to put up both Jmac & Steve, and she won’t get a vote.

      • Ya they need her not to win HoH first, and if they all just play(well not ‘play’ they just are) dumb and let her feel good she should just throw the comp, then they need a nom to win HoH so she has to be on the block(assuming the HoH doesn’t put up there one allie, but who knows with these people lol) and see what happens from there.

  11. The way Van came up with the Steve twist and the 3 wishes/demands is like an evil genius at work. I really don’t care for her, but she is fascinating to watch. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head, but, if she thinks anyone would keep a deal like that with her and they are down to five people is nuts. I would tell her whatever she wanted to hear, nominate her if I ws the next HOH and just let her go raging crazy till she had a seizure. I mean, really what is she going to do to them in the BB house. They have already seen her throw tantrums, so that’s no big deal. Do like Becky. Just say I don’t want to talk and lock the door to the HOH. Sounds mean, but necessary. What these demands should also tell them is that she is definitely controlling Steve and John. If one of the remaining wins HOH, they need to tell John and Steve what’s going on.

  12. That would be be great. Although Julie said last season they have no plans to do any type of special guest season in the near future, but it’d be better than this season.

    Even the CEO of CBS said this season was a dud, and he’s married to Julie lmao.

    • Really wondering who are the 5-6 HGs that are miscast according to him.
      The fame-whoring Troll must be one of them, right?

      • I think if he was “disappointed” in some, that maybe he was expecting ‘more’ from fanboy Jason and Audrey. Not sure who the others were but I would guess those who were put out early (Da, Jeff, etc).

      • I was happy to read that he recognizes the entertainment James provided. Two of the ones that I’d think he was disappointed in were Clay and Shelli. The showmance killed their game in more ways than one. At least we didn’t have two of those all season long. After what Clay said about Meg when he was voted out, I was very happy that he didn’t make it to the jury. Then Smug Shelli going next couldn’t have worked out any better because she would have worked very hard to have gotten James evicted the next week. She would have provided about the same type of entertainment as the twins, IMO, bratty, catty, snotty. Just not my type of gal pals.

  13. I really would love to see Jmac win an HoH though. I’d like to hear his
    letter and see his pictures, etc. And see how often he uses his HoH tv
    to spy on the others. He might give an air guitar solo when he’s alone.
    (Maybe not – Steve didn’t give us an air trombone solo.)
    Add that to my wishlist since it’s out of hand at this point anyway. Lol.

    • He’s due one soon. I don’t care really which twin will be out of the door this week, I hope he wins next week and puts the remaining twin and the big Troll up so the big Troll can finally be booed and booted out.

  14. Yay Liz is staying!!! We’ll see her fight and maybe we’ll get the first showmance in BB history to make it to final 2. So excited for the drama and intensity that we’ll see next week.

  15. I am rooting for John to win, an evicted HG return to win the entire game. Time him to play, play.

  16. I don’t think it’s nonsensical at all. With Julia out Liz and Austin are still a dangerous couple. Vanessa knows that statistically there is a real possibility she will end up on the block this week. She also knows campaigning is her thing. It would be next to impossible to campaign if she’s sitting against Julia. But as the obvious odd person out she will be able to make some compelling reasons for the opposing alliance to keep her. Derrick could get away with keeping Victoria because he wasn’t on peoples radar until they were gone. The target on Vanessa’s back is now too big. It’s great to be sitting next to a Julia in final 2 but you have to get there first.

  17. BB made a mess of this season by putting so many kids in this game none of them have life experiences but Vanessa Austin is just as dumb as a the twins, he’s head is big for nothing he should be smarter than that to let Vanessa play him like a yo-yo.

    • I honestly think that Austin has played a good game. He kept himself in the background the majority of the time playing house with Liz. He was a target at the beginning, but playing with Vanessa got him to where he is now and is time for either of them to go.

  18. This is why I can’t stand Vanessa right now! She’s only in it for herself! Please get rid of her ASAP!

    • Hold the phone, Jake! Everyone should be in it for themselves!
      500 grands are not meant to be shared :)

      • That would be true, but Vanessa keeps saying she is going to share her winnings and double it for others, so that isn’t exactly fair nor any fun, hey CBS no more boring millionaires next season, thank you.

      • I did? no. lol but apparently other HG’s have and so did production, for them to even intervene and tell her to stop. CBS messed up with casting a millionaire. but its nice to see contestants be made into whores and getting their 15 minutes along with some delusional fans to boot. always amusing, but quite predictable to watch. which is what this whole season has been. predictable, Ok next.

      • Thank you for calling me and other fans delusional. And the show does make some angry and bitter fans for whatever reason. Good job BB :)

      • Aww, if you mean delusional fans who assume so much of others without knowing them, then yes, why yes you’re most welcome. :) you’re right BB is a great game, when it doesn’t have a boring cast along with a millionaire to bribe them off and make it even more boring, otherwise yeah good job Big Brother, congrats.

      • I know right? this entire season is a broken record, but don’t worry I feel your pain. it won’t be on much longer, there is always next season. :)

    • They all should be in it for themselves, to win the money. This is not the friendship club, win a date/gf/wife…

    • You seemed so confused right now. These people are supposed to be playing for themselves…not each other.
      Only one person can win!
      Vanessa is definitely playing for herself…exactly as she should!

  19. Who the f–k does Vanessa thinks she is? There are so many speculations about this show being fake that I’m starting to believe it.No way can this chick have all this power unless she knows there’s a sweeter deal outside this circus and no way can these ppl really be this stupid. What r they paid off the street actors. This is ridiculous! You see and know everything she doing and they still do the opposite. All i can say is if this isn’t scripted then hatgirl played one hell of a game! #bettercastnextimeBb.

  20. ‘O’ what a tangle web we weave when we practice to deceive’, it’s time to squash this spider

  21. It would be interesting if Julia/Liz or Johnny wins HOH on Thursday night. If Julia/Liz wins HOH, I can see a Vanessa/Steve on the block or if JMac wins Julia/Liz and Vanessa on the block. Either way Vanessa is on the block and will need to win POV to save herself.

  22. The show is rigged for Vanessa. CBS has a show called Poker Face coming out that Vanessa is gonna host. Rigged confirmed.

    • I don’t believe that rumor. CBS would be asking for major trouble with the viewers and those of us who have paid to watch the feed if they did that. Besides one year it was rigged for Amanda and look what happened to her – jury house.

    • I read that from other social media. It turned me off.but looking back at the dum moves i believe it.

    • Have you seen anything mentioning this Poker Face show other than in the context of claims the game is rigged? I’m asking because I can’t find any entertainment news mentioning this show, so I’m not convinced there is such a thing in the works. Not saying I’m certain, just skeptical.

  23. Vanessa’s had a stroke of good luck, true, but as any gambler knows, that luck has to run out eventually. And when it does, she might be regretting her decision to keep Liz this week.

  24. The best option is to take out Liz, take out Vanessa and then Austin, Julia a F3 pond, take out Julia and then Jmac wins!!

    • Renom is the REplacement NOMinee. Most say that a backdoor is any planned renom of a houseguest. Purists say that it isn’t a backdoor if the renom played in the veto or BoB and had a chance to prevent themselves from being renomed.

      Maybe we should ask Nakomis.

      • Hmmm this seems like a distinction without much of a difference–or maybe Im just a bit thick.

      • The distinction is that it is not considered a backdoor if the renom has the ability to save her/himself by playing in the veto comp. A backdoor is always a renom, but a renom is not always a backdoor.

      • By this definition the term backdoor is almost always used incorrectly in the show. It’s a term that cant ever really be used before the PoV players are picked.

    • My understanding is that a renom is a nomination after a POV is utilized and an HG is pulled off the block. A backdoor is an unexpected backstabbing of a member of a majority alliance.
      Vanessa would not be a backdoor at this point because Steve ended Scamper squad with his backdoor: nominating Liz and Austin, then renomming Julia when at the start of this week Scamper Squad was a viable majority alliance in the house.

  25. Oh god Vanessa don’t do it ! You will end up on the block anyway ! So keeping Liz has no benefits what so ever !!!!

  26. To be honest CBS could care less if Vanessa wins or not they have accomplished what they protected which is her air time is high , everybody recognize her face and people are talking about her.
    No the best CBS can do is keep jet as long as they can for extra TV time before the other show…

    These producers think we are stupid!!!

    We know how things work!!

  27. Meg and James the bomb friendship of all time! I can barely handle Vanessa and Austin over the twins. What a disappointing season huh?

  28. I will lose all respect for Vanessa if Liz stays. Just as bad as the rest, no real players this season, just a bunch of dummies.

    • I understand her logic (trying to reaffirm trust between the Austwins and herself) but leaving these 3 group of people together, in any combination) this season is one of the DUMBEST moves made by a group of HG’s in BB history. In this group, Vanessa is head dummy though Steve has the ability and balls to take the game, if he just got his confidence up (I think he’s playing opposum or playing dead, like most people who probably grew up being bullied). If he overcomes his anxiety and shaky confidence, he really could go head to head some of the best HG’s im BB history, eventhough his head would probably explode if Janelle even spoke to him.

  29. If Austin wins thie $500 grand, I will not be able to bring myself to watch BB again…well, until next year (I, literally, say this about one of the HG’S every year and I still end up watching, even after racist GinaMarie made final two. And her being a racist was the least offensive thing about her.

  30. Watching tonights episode was so painful!! This season needs to end!! These people all suck. The only thing good about it, was Liz pretty much breaking up with Austin.

  31. Vanessa has to win this! I mean, seriously? How does she not win this game when she’s been playing this thing hardcore?!?!! The girl is good!
    Vanessa HAS to win HOH. If she doesn’t win HOH, she better win that Veto!

  32. Love or hate V, she has played the best game. What’ve I’ve seen is a house full of floaters. Austin was playing until he did away with Judas for love. V has controlled this game for weeks and I see her continuing to do so even if she is put on the block. In the end, the jury comes around and votes for the best player even if that person is the most hated.

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