Big Brother 17: Vanessa Has A New Plan To Target Becky & Save Shelli

Vanessa had barely been awake ten minutes before she broke in to her latest Big Brother plan on how to manipulate the house and be the hero of her side all over again.

Vanessa Rousso doesn't like your alternative plans
Vanessa Rousso doesn’t like your alternative plans – Source: CBS All Access

Talking first with Austin, Vanessa explained the simple two-step process to today’s chaos, but please note that Vanessa won’t actually be participating in either of these.

Explaining to Austin, Vanessa named her new plan “Redirect & Minimize” and the first step is for Shelli & Clay to call out Becky. Vanessa heard James and Becky talking late in to the night which makes her realize that Becky was trying to work with both sides. Flashback to 10:20AM BBT 8/5 to hear the talk.

What has happened there is Becky had been running info to Clay and Shelli earlier this week but once she saw their ship was sinking she did jump to the other side. Becky has revealed a lot to James and company so they know she was previously working with the other side. As such, Vanessa’s plan to have Chelli call out Becky won’t reveal any surprise information and may only solidify support against Vanessa and Shelli which could impact tomorrow’s vote.

Part two of Vanessa’s plan: Fight! She wants Austin to stage a fight with Shelli. Remember how well that went with Austin, her, and Jeff? Vanessa’s plan there is to then have Shelli say “I am the only one who will go after Austin & the twins!” She believes that motivates the house to keep Shelli.

What I’m interested in hearing is how Vanessa plans to couch that fight with Clay since she continues to tell Clay that he has the votes to stay. Shouldn’t this make Clay ask why Vanessa wants to build Shelli’s value in staying?

Austin doesn’t seem thrilled with this plan, but he’s not protesting yet. He even raises the idea of what if they just go ahead and keep Clay. Austin is definitely still considering this option as he did overnight. Once Vanessa leaves the room Austin continues to float the idea of keeping Clay as he talks with Liz. I think we’re going to see more of this.

While Austin talks with Liz we see Vanessa pull Steve aside to tell him that Becky is the new devil. Of course we know how much this will delight Steve. He says her plan to call out Becky sounds risky. Vanessa assures him she wouldn’t do it, but will instead get someone whose back is against the wall to do it. (Clay & Shelli) “You’re evil,” says Steve with a big smile.


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  1. The house already knows Vanessa is making moves, from Shelli’s slip up and poor choice of words. she isn’t even trusted outside of her own alliance. if she wants to target Becky that is simply another number to target and another number against her group if it fails. I honestly wonder how the sixth sense will handle another nomination, when just one of their members going home has them already in complete in disarray. now this is why I love BB, scheming before the dust even settles, I want Vanessa gone just as much as either Clelli at this point, tonight’s show should be fun for those that didn’t get to see the Clay big baby act or the Shelli drama class dropout act, hopefully it will be aired, but yeah. tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

  2. Ugh, I’m done reading about Vanessa’s change of targets. Everyday she feeds a line of crap to everyone. Does she wake up and spin a wheel? It’s highly annoying, not needed, and overplaying. She’s taking way too many risks and trying too hard to influence everyone.

    • This is why I can’t stand her. I appreciate some drama, but all the back and forth changes of strategy just annoy the crap out of me. I don’t know if it is good strategy or bad… working for her so far, but I just find it painful to watch and try to keep up with Vanessa’s mood/target/strategy of the day.

    • No, but didn’t you hear? She’s a “mastermind”. Clearly you just don’t get the game she’s playing ;)

  3. I like Vanessa. She’s not there to make friends, just money, and it’s showing. However, she has to realize everyone has a tipping point. She can only push so much before people start resisting, and eventually push back. She’s seeing some resistance now. She needs to stop pushing, let her allies straighten back up and give them the illusion that they have some control, before she starts pushing again. Derrick from last season was able to recognize precisely when to stop pushing, and then start back up again. Vanessa hasn’t shown she ability to recognize when to stop. Then again she is a poker player who loves to gamble and double down!

    • Vanessa is NO Derrick. Derrick was calm, cool and calculating. While he wasn’t my favorite, I give props to him playing the other HGs like a fine tuned fiddle. Van on the other hand is one hot mess! She’s paranoid and stressed and it shows. She’s already losing her grip on her allies and her nemesis have her figured out.

    • Spot on with your analysis of Vanessa. I like her too..she has to pull back a little bit right now. Everyone is on to her..Becky was just putting her on blast with JohnnyMac. The whole house has her gameplay figured out. She means well…she has just played too hard, along with the paranoia of her constantly asking her own alliance members if she can trust them. Settle down, Vanessa! Let someone else take the reigns for awhile!

      • She doesn’t mean well. Her schemes are all about setting up other people and covering her trail. She does it to everyone, including her own alliance.

  4. Audrey plays too hard… she’s gone
    Shelli & Clay play too hard… they’re broken up.

    Vanessa plays harder than anyone else and they all drink the Kool Aid.

    I really hope they put it together and show her the door, soon!

  5. Shelli: “He’s bullying everyone!”

    Oh, you mean like throwing people on the block, forcing them to throw competitions, and then telling them not to use the veto when they win it? You mean like that?

    • The one about JMac not using the POV on himself had to be the most insane thing they’ve said this season. I’m pretty sure they must have been crazy. And what a hypocrite. Chelli to me have bullied a lot more than any other houseguests.

    • She says she’s not a mean player. Oh really??? Maybe not when she was in power…but now when the tables turned that’s being “nice”?

      • But that is how BB goes. Her not owning up to being “mean” as we know it when she makes a comment like that is questionable! Her knowing about someone being blindsided and not tell the other side they were playing with too was “nice”?

  6. Please BB, cut back on Vanessa’s Adderall intake as it’s now obvious to everyone that’s she becomes extremely paranoid and spastic after taking her Adderall dose.

  7. Too much Vanessa,too much…too many strategies,too many hidden alliances…at some point someone else hatches a plan and actually has a conversation. Anyone. And her cover is blown.

    • That’s why she doesn’t want Shelli and Clay talking to Becky to confirm any information she told. She will be caught in her web of lies faster than four of kind beats a full house.

  8. Vanessa not only lost her grip on her alliance, she has lost her grip on reality. In my eyes this is not good game play. She is a total idiot, who sits around and thinks up such lies and then washes their hands of it like she is such a decent person she would never do anything like that…definition of a hypocrite. Hate her.

  9. I can’t stand Vanessa, I hope she gets caught up in her webs of lies real soon. I think Shelli is a bigger threat than Clay, and she needs to go this week. Just sayin

  10. Vanessa is Audrey 2.0. She is definitely making up for the boring season we had to endure last year.

  11. Vanessa needs something to slow her down. She is out of her mind. How does outing Becky change who goes home this week? All it will do it move Becky even closer to James, Jackie and Meg and it may even turn JMac against Shelli and Vanessa. The plan is stupid.

    Austin is starting to understand that getting Shelli out now makes the most sense. What he has not figure out yet is that Vanessa needs her to go after Austin and the twins. If James, Meg or Jackie are smart they will plant that in his ear.

    • She’ll hate staying when she realizes she has no big alliance left to back her stay there.

      • Absolutely right Joni. Even if she makes it through tomorrow night(50/50 at best), she’s gone within the next couple rounds. Vanessa can’t carry her by herself–and at the first sign of trouble, she will kick her ass to the curb to save herself.

      • I disagree. IF (and it is more of an IF than it was looking a couple days ago) Shelli survives, it means that Austwins kept her – and alienated the other side. At that point, the Vanelli-Austwins alliance would be 5 strong since the Austwins have now made their bed and would have to support Vanelli.

      • IF that happens, Clay will be gone. With JMac’s ties to Becky and his idol, Clay, gone, J/J/M/B could easily absorb JMac. Then they would be 5 strong, too. Steve would be in the middle.

      • Very possible- but my only point was that Shelli would not be alone & hate staying. It would be a battle!

      • What happens if Jackie, Meg, or Becky win HOH? That group will disintegrate instantly as they turn on each other. Austin and the twins have to ride the middle one more week and send Shelli out first. Then they can officially plant their flag with Vanelli if they win.

      • It would be very interesting to see if one of them won HOH. The infighting of Vanell-Austwins would be epic. But at that point, J/J/M/B would know that they cannot trust the Austwins and may have to take one of them out or even Van instead of Shelli. If Jackie wins, Van will be the target I believe.

      • I think the best strategy to do was your first point…put both of them on the block right away…that way the remaining house guests will start to get the inner workings of both of them as they spill their guts to save themselves..I believe that’s the only way to do it..and on top of that more info may come out on Judas and the Austwins that will explode the 6 cents into the 5th dimension.

      • I want to see Shelli vs. Van on the block so bad! To me it would be the only reason for keeping Shelli tomorrow.

      • I’d be afraid V would win POV and not use it and escape the block altogether.
        I’m like James at this point: Why use pawns?
        Lines are drawn.
        Throw V straight up on the block against Shelli or Liz if Shelli is gone this week, to keep Austwins votes honest. V vs Shelli I think Austwins evict Shelli.

      • Yes..exactly…and any glitch after Shelli is saved…
        Big V can smooth over with some BS to her and really Shelli has no choice but to work with her….
        unless she’s sees a vision !!!

  12. I cannot wait for both Clay and Shelli to leave! This was an actual thing that was said between them. I hate them.

    Clay: “I have this friend back at home.. He’s like the token black guy”
    Shelli: “Awww.. I love those!”
    Cam 3 at 8:16pm last night (8/4/15).

    • I saw that!! Couldn’t believe that Clay said it and was even more stunned at Shelli’s response!! Just added to my complete dislike of both of them!!!

      • Same!! Shelli then said “is he good looking?” and Clay responded with “yeah, he’s a good looking black guy”. I am appalled at their ignorance!! As if black guys can’t be attractive? Hmmm.

    • Shelli also added after Clay said he was a good looking black guy. “I just picture him as…….. that kind.”

      They just get worse and worse.

    • That’s not really a shocking thing to say. He’s got a token black guy in his group of friends. What’s the big deal?

      • The word “token.” It’s as if he can’t just be one of the guys, no matter what his race is.

      • Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the name of the trope. It’s either that or the “Black Best Friend.” Is it the most appropriate thing to say? Of course not, but we’ve heard worse things come out of HGs mouths in previous seasons.

      • Honestly, it doesn’t matter if something worse was said before it’s just as bad whether it was worse than a different comment in a different season or not. It’s disgusting either way. Add this to their black women/mixed women conversation and it’s just disturbing.

      • Hey, I’m not condoning him. I don’t approve of these sorts of comments, whether it’s against race, religion, or sexual orientation. I’m just saying that society has accepted certain tropes, whether they’re wrong or not.

      • I don’t assume you are I’m just pointing out that saying something against a race/religion/sexual orientation isn’t less worse if there are more horrible comments made. A trope “accepted” by society still doesn’t make it right to say but anyway I’m less offended by the token black guy comment because I can tell Clay does care for his friend and used the wrong words to describe him but more the “that kind” comment.

      • As redroses just stated. That’s how I feel. Clay does indeed seem like he loves his friend but his choice of words is not okay. Shelli on the other hand said that she pictures him as “that kind” so I am just disgusted by her.

    • It just shows how truly ignorant clay really is. He talked about his friend like he was a pet or something.

    • I’ve been saying that all night! hahaha Did you hear about Jackie walking in on Shelli and Julia talking about how Clay will feel if she stays. Jackie heard it ALL and S/Julia began whispering all of a sudden. WTG Jackie!

  13. Vanessa is one of the most irritating players I’ve ever watched. Her winter hat 24/7, her crazy eyes, her hound dog face, her lies and her non-stop scheming are why I don’t watch BBAD any more. How stupid are the other HG’s not to have figured her out yet, although it sounds as though they’re actually catching on. Finally! Praying for Shelli to go home this week – she’s so much more of a threat than Clay is, and can’t wait to see Vanessa follow closely behind her.

    • I think that the hat + Van’s stressed out look makes her look like a junkie. Not saying that she is, it’s just her appearance.

    • You missed the big tonsil check Clay did on Shelli then! Epic and was broken up by Julia coming out to the BY and going straight to the hot tub! hahaha

      • Does she ever stop…she’s is always scheming and none of the hg’s see this…red flags all over the place…especially within her own alliance…they should be thinking if she’s doing this to her targets…what is she going to do when it comes my turn.

      • James and his side have finally figured it out. Fortunately for Vanessa, most of her side is a bunch of weak and clueless followers. Otherwise, the Austwins would have figured out that Vanessa needs Shelli to get them out for her, assuming her long range plan actually makes it that far.

  14. The only reason Shelli gets along with the twins is because they’ve not crossed her like James has. She’s telling them James isn’t respectful of women, says he’s nasty. But yet Clay’s made comments about some of the women and he got a pass on that with her…because it wasn’t made about her. Double standard shall we say…as well as being a hypocrite?

  15. Maybe its just me but its hard for me to follow all of Vanessa’s schemes and plans. Every day it seems like there is a new alliance and a new plan in this house. She must have a much more strategic mind than I do to keep it all together and not say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

    • She can’t keep track of everything…and as the numbers diminish the lies and treachery will come out.

  16. Austin seems to be more interested in voted the way James wants him to but Liz and Julia are under Vanessa’s spell. In a few weeks they will find out how dumb there were for trusting her. What’s funny is they claim James is bullying them. Really? Then why did you agree to vote his way if he kept you safe. He could have put you on the block to make sure he had the votes to evict Shelli. It is so funny how they complain about everyone elses treachery to justify their own.

    In any case, James needs to stay sober and get on top of this immediately. He needs to tell Austin if one of them votes for Clay to stay, Vanessa will think it was Steve because Austin and the twins will always vote together.

  17. I’m wondering if Vanessa’s behavior is troubling to her girlfriend? Seeing the manipulation and scheming Vanessa is capable of would surely give me a few chills and questioning thoughts if I were her. Could you imagine what kind of person Vanessa would be to deal with in a divorce?

    • You’re assuming that her relationship is real. Comments made from the poker world are skeptical, because they never heard of the g/f before and Van came out of the closet 2 months before BB, which would have been when she was recruited.

      It could be that the whole crying scene, which only happened on the first show, was all part of her scheme to make herself look vulnerable and more likeable to America.

      • May be wrong..but probably used this as as a crutch…ace in the hole…to be used when necessary…or to play with the other HG’s subconscious.

  18. Ugh! Just end this week all ready, please! Tomorrow’s live eviction can’t come soon enough.

  19. You can always tell when Van won’t take her meds. You can see when she’s riding the crazy train. That might work at a poker table for a weekend tourney but 40 days jumping on and off meds is having a serious effect on her.

  20. Whatever Vanessa is feeding the other house guests must be good. How can she lie repeatedly to the other guests to their face and the same people still have no clue that they have been lied to? Maybe, some people are just gullible and will believe anything you tell them. Tell them they will get $100,000 if they self-evict from the Big Brother House. lol

  21. Ok I know this will start a firestorm, but here we go… I still think Vanessa is a very intelligent player. Is she outplaying herself? Yes. Is she probably dealing with emotional & chemical imbalance? Seems likely (I’m not a psychologist, nor her GP so I won’t try to make a medical diagnosis). BUT… She is the one person who seems to always be thinking ahead of everyone else. She seems to know how to create a target, move a target, and yes, remove a target. The problem with a mind as brilliant and manipulative as hers however is that there isn’t an ”off switch” like some people seem to think exists… And (here’s the part where I start to get ready for criticism), Derrick wasn’t a perfect player himself. Was he good? Yes. Was he the best of his season? Yes. But would he win regardless of the people in the house? Of course not – that’s ridiculous. A good player is good ”in context” they’re not good because they can beat anyone & everyone. There’s been a lot of good players who haven’t lasted because they weren’t good in context… Like it or not, Vanessa doesn’t have to be Dan or Derrick to be good in context. She’s good with THIS group of people (for now) and we’ll see how long that lasts…

    • I heard that Vanessa was taking the drug Adderall that is prescribed for ADHD. This drug is supposed to have a calming effect on people that really have ADHD. Since it isn’t having a calming effect on Vanessa I wonder if she should even be taking this med.
      Amanda Zuckerman and Devin were also taking Adderall. The benefits of taking Adderall is that the person taking it is able to have a laser lock focus on the task at hand which is a big help in the BB comps. One thing that Amanda, Devin and Vanessa have in common is the fact that when they’ve just taken a dose of Adderall they can’t stop talking and this ends up ruining their game.

      • Good observations. I can tell you that the drug really does have a variety of affects for different people. It’s been my experience that regardless of the effect from the drug, it never takes away the symptoms of ”why” the drug is needed in the first place. This is why I think Vanessa (and sadly many contestants on reality shows) are exploited for their emotional, mental and physical wounds that they are carrying….

      • How sad is that? – but I have to agree that these type of contestants bring a lot of drama to reality shows. Those taking Adderall are getting easier to spot though.

    • Unless she is able to regroup her minions after tomorrow, it won’t last much longer. The only people not on to her are her alliance. Even Steve knows, although he likes that she’s evil. He even called her that to her face.

      • Although I’m inclined to agree that Vanessa’s instability is a weakness, I’m not sure I have the magical ability to predict her downfall just yet. I seem to recall others predicting (not too long ago) that Audrey would definitely be the winner, then it was Audrey out by 2nd week, then it was JMac as winner, then it’s JMac out before jury… I mean eventually all our guesses of saying somebody is going to be voted out will be correct.

      • Valid points! I’m not trying to guess when she goes, if she goes. I think that her support isn’t going to last much longer. My prediction is that the only one supporting her in the end will be Steve. But, I could be very wrong about that! :)

      • lol… I could actually see that happening. I hope it doesn’t, but I think there’s good reason to believe you’re prediction is a good one! :)

  22. Vanessa is crazy and since Austin wants to keep Clay, Shelli might actually go….Becky needs to vote out Shelli if she wants to get Vanessa out…its time to flip…

  23. James on big brother 17 said he did 3 years in prison he shold not be on big brother

  24. As I suspected,the later it gets this Wednesday, the drama will start building. Thanks to Vanessa–if you are a fan of hers then you would have enjoyed the last few days of her playing the game to the max–for no real reason. It is nice to see the ‘rat’ Becky is being targeted by Vanessa. It was expected Becky would get caught up with playing both sides, but she did make it pretty clear to James’ side, what she did was strictly because Shelli/Clay saved them but she now realizes she doesn’t owe them anything anymore. Not sure if that was what she said to keep that side of the house in check or if that is what she really felt. Personally at 4:30am this morning, she seemed pretty legit with James during their kitchen chat.

    I think it still stands that the players will make their own choice on who they send out Thursday. James and his side would rather that be Shelli and to us feeders and anybody that knows the game, that would be the most sensible game move as Shelli is the stronger of the two players. But these HG aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and seem to think keeping a more powerful player in the game allows them to hide behind them and use them as a shield and make the target someone other than themselves for one more week. This sort of strategy will only get you so far and I think that time has come. Jury is not far away-most likely one more eviction and then the next one will be the first jury member so if that is what happens the double eviction should also be happening. Tonight should be the best night of the week for any drama as Shelli and her Son will have to start campaigning against each other big time.

    • Becky figured out that she doesn’t like being a rat. She told JMac days ago that she’s done being a mole and she’s picked a side. She is solidly with J/J/M now. She’s also determined to start playing the game. Her current #1 target is Vanessa.

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