Big Brother 17: Did Late Night Talks Shift Clay Eviction Plans?

Several important conversations took place last night in the Big Brother 17 house that could be shifting Thursday’s target if the momentum builds.

Vanessa guides the group on Big Brother 17
Vanessa guides the group on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Despite Vanessa’s efforts to keep Clay and Austin apart the conversation took place and could be the catalyst Austin needed to move in the direction of saving Clay.

Flashback to 12:51 AM BBT 8/5 on your Live Feeds – get the Free Trial now if you don’t have it – and listen in as Clay smooths things over with Austin. Clay isn’t straight out campaigning but he’s definitely not telling Austin to vote him out over Shelli anymore.

Clay promises Austin he’s not coming after him and never would. Austin in turn says he wouldn’t have to come after Clay after all this. He encourages Clay to go have this same talk with the twins which shows Austin wants others to be convinced.

Following this talk Austin goes straight out to the twins, Vanessa, and Steve in the backyard. He tells them this was a very good talk and makes him feel better over the idea of keeping Clay instead of Shelli. Vanessa plays along and says that if Clay stays then they can just use him like they’d use Shelli if she stayed.

The talk breaks up when Jackie arrives and Vanessa goes back to pushing Shelli to stay. Vanessa says it’s better to keep a bigger target, but Jackie points out why would you do that when she’s a bigger target for being more successful in comps and could just come after you when she wins. Hush now with your logic, Jackie, Vanessa has no need for that.

Leap forward to 2:44 AM BBT where Austin is talking with Liz. He says the talk with Clay made him much more interested in the idea of keeping Clay and evicting Shelli. You can tell he’s trying to turn her on the idea. Julia shows up a few mins later and the talk stops.


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  1. Interesting indeed. At this point, we know there are cracks in the dominant alliance, but we’re only unsure if those cracks are enough to steer the vote against what Van would want.

    • Since Austin believes it was Shelli, not Clay, that was contributing to his near BD situation the other week I think there’s a good case for Austin pulling the trigger here.

      Clay is not the same threat to Austin’s game that Shelli is. He has to know this move is for Van, not him if he keeps Shelli. Well, I’d hope he knows that.

      • But the thing is his hinky vote nearly sent him home last time, so if sending shelli home is not what the sixth sense wants I think Austin is not going to do it. In addition, I don’t think he is smart or ballsy enough to go against Vanessa.
        Here’s the thing though, I haven’t been paying attention to any live feed reports for the past 24 hours, but from last that I’ve read isn’t the house is more inclined to evict Shelli anyways? Given that Vanessa and the Austwins formed a fake allianve to survive double eviction…

      • For certain, it’s gonna happen next week. We’ll be down to 12 housemates on Thursday, which should be ripe enough to do a DE.

      • Now there are 12. After Thursday will be 11. How many people needed to make the Jury? If 10 then it doesn’t make sense to have double elimination next week. Perhaps the week after.

      • I almost forgot Jeff so that makes 11 by Thursday. DE would still probably be the road to go next week but looks like at this point both evictees will make it to jury (if the plan is to have a 9-person jury again this season).

      • Since BB15, Big Brother has had 9 jurors, brought in part with an expanded roster of players (16 newbies) and an extended season spanning nearly 100 days.

      • Used to be when 12 hgs entered the house…now with 16 or 17, it’s nine.

      • BB CAN did 9 person jury this year. Cast is large enough to support a 9 person jury.

      • Pardon me. First time watcher here. So 9-person jury to decide a winner from final 2 HGs? Then you are correct, next week could be the double elimination week. Whoever is eliminated this week will miss out.

      • Do you think this year since there ended up being 17 altogether entering house that there might be a 10 person jury?

      • I don’t think so. 10 people in jury would increase the chances of a possible even vote. An odd-numbered jury is the best way to go.

        BB Canada had a 10-person jury this year but through a twist that happened in the final week saw the final 3 kick out one of the ten from voting for the winner. It made an already long 2-hour finale feel extra long with those unnecessary dramatics. :D

      • Jury has to be an odd number, so there won’t be a tie. So, there has to be an odd number in the house. If jury starts next week, with a DE, both evictees will go to jury and there will be 9. A jury of 9 makes sense for such a large cast.

        If they do a normal eviction next week, then they will do DE the week after. In that case, the first person goes home and the second one starts jury. Jury would be 7.

      • We know that it’s gonna be the eviction one week from tomorrow, but I think some of the hgs think tomorrow is de

      • Tomorrow? Meaning both Clay and Shelli would be eliminated at the same time? Makes sense but seems very cruel.

      • They’re thinking it could be a double this week (which I actually thought would happen as well had not Julie announced that it’s still a single eviction this week).

      • DE won’t be tomorrow like they think. But something’s brewing by Production. Just a feeling here, which will throw everyone for a loop whatever it is.

      • Maybe that tomorrow let’s one of the evicted HGs get back into the game before the DE next week with another DE before the final 4

      • If it ends up being a non-elimination, all hell is sure to break out and Sixth Sense lives on or new smaller alliance begins, causing chaos to go amok!

      • Something brewing is never a good sign. Following the southern theme (just watched MasterChef), I just imagine something is brewing on a big black pot!

      • No. A double eviction means after Clay or Shelli is evicted, there will be an HoH, PoV and eviction, so the remaining guest has a good chance of staying.

      • With the level of paranoia running in the house, for certain Austin would still take advantage of that and pin the blame on someone else.

        The only thing he got exposed to (unless I missed out on the feeds that he confirmed doing stray votes) was the confirmation of the twin twist.

      • There’s no 6th sense alliance anymore!
        Vanessa and shelli are lying to, and manipulating
        everybody . They’re both weasels.
        Austins downfall will be his fatal attraction.
        The whole house is better off without Vanessa and Shelli .
        They expect everyone else to be honest while they backstab everybody .
        They don’t realize that turning against their own alliance will eventually
        Leave them at a disadvantage . ..
        Pathetic that Vanessa is already a millionaire and is still a greedy,
        Selfish B%@&

      • Van is using every trick that she can pull to keep Shelli. First, Shelli is a target shield for Van. Second, Van has more control and loyalty in Shelli.

        However, Austin & both twins have come to the conclusion that it is better to keep Clay. They came to that conclusion separately. Now they just have to confer, stick to it, & not let Van persuade/threaten them to switch back to keeping Shelli.

  2. Shelli wanted a meeting to talk about the DE coming up. If one of the results of that meeting is Clay staying, Hoorah!

  3. I’m still just as surprised as I was on Thursday night that Shelli thought it was a good idea to throw the HoH competition to her #1 enemy in the game.

    We all know she wouldn’t have won anyway, but I don’t think she believes that.

  4. Clay staying would be awesome. I want to see Vanessa and the sixth sense implode from within. Jacky winning would even out the odds and the next couple of weeks could be very interesting.

  5. Unfortunately I still think Shelli will stay and Clay will go because technically it is better for the sixth sense alliance if she stays because she can win comps and she’ll do their dirty work for them in time for jury. She also will be beholden to Vanessa, Austin and the twins. With Clay he can’t win comps and he’s a bit unpredictable in terms of how he would react with Shelli gone. Plus he told them to vote him out so if he stays he’s not beholden to the sixth sense! I’m sure sneaky Vanessa realizes this.

    t’s also quite possible he would turn to Meg as his new Mom. Which I would love to see if nothing else then for Shelli to see their relationship blossom at home!

    • Are you dumb?? There’s NO 6th sense anymore!! Vanessa and shelli will turn on anybody in a heart beat!!
      Shelli won’t be true to Austwins…

      • Whoa! LOL! I would respond in the same nasty and disrespectful tone you did but considering you’re nuts I won’t!

    • Rhonda, I agree with you about Clay and Meg. The minute he’s away from Shelli he’s warming up to Meg while Shelli’s still in the house! And … I think Yellow has “Are you dumb??” on copy-and-paste.

      • Clay & Meg just got into it. Meg was trying to confirm Judas info with Shay. Clay was rude to her. I don’t see anything “blossoming” there.

  6. Remember last week when Austin was to be backdoored by Vanessa? Eventually, self-interest trumps everything else! Why would you evict Shelli over Clay? Shelli is an awesome competitor and helps the alliance. If Jackie wins the next HOH, you have Vanessa and Shelli, two big targets and Austin, Liz and Julia and snitches Becky, Steve and John are all safe. And if Shelli or Vanessa win HOH, James and Jackie are the targets. So, why save Clay?

    • Are you dumb?? Shelli ain’t helpin the ‘alliance’, just herself,
      Just like vanessa.
      Austwins need to reach out to jmac, becky and steve, start a new alliance,
      Get all the snakes and whiners out of the house

      • Get a clue. Everyone else is floating and riding Shelli and Vanessa’s back. That is pretty obvious to everyone else. James, Jackie and Meg will benefit from Shelli being evicted. The rest benefit by being safe while, Shelli and Vanessa goes after James and Jackie and vice versa. It cannot be simpler than that!

      • Austin, Julia and Liz believe that Shelli will come after them and that Clay won’t.

    • Speaking of Austin getting almost backdoored, I can’t believe he’s still trusting of the people that came up with that plan , his own alliance.

      • The stronger alliance is the Sixth Sense alliance with Shelli and Vanessa. They clearly see that they have the numbers in the house with Vanessa, Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia plus the snitches Becky, Steve, John. They control atleast, 6 votes this week against James, Jackie and Meg. It would be foolish for Austin to bailout when there are 6 other people likely to be evicted ahead of him. When they succeed in evicting Jackie, James, Meg, John, Steve and Becky, that is the optimum time for Austin to make his move. It is the 5 alliance members going after each other then.

      • Um, that’s yesterday’s news. It’s not true any longer. Becky is now solidly with J/J/M. Austin, Liz and Julia are all talking about going their own way or aligning with James. 6th Snake is done.

  7. The way I see it, Shelli is the bigger target and more likely to win the game. I see Clay possibly being able to be manipulated how people want. It”s like BB 15 when they kept letting Amanda slide through – if you have a good competitor like Shelli, vote her out first.

  8. First of all Clay could jump ship if Vanessa or the twins or Austin lose HOH again as Clay just wants to float. Shelli is also a bigger target.

    • I always say that Clay should kiss and make up with his ex-buddy James. Clay, Meg, Jackie, Becky and Vampire Dentist, that’s 6 vs the 5th Sense.

    • Clay ain’t jumping ship to James and crew. They hate each other. And James is well aware that if Clay wins HoH, that James is gone. No way they will be working together.

      • You would never really know in this house. Once Shelli is gone, perhaps Clay can think clearer and perhaps James could use Meg as a Shelli replacement for Clay, who knows?

      • Not gonna happen. I know you said you don’t watch the feeds, so you’re going to have to trust someone who does watch the feeds. Not gonna happen. The hatred between the two is strong and alive.

      • Haha you make me root even harder for Clay and James sweet reunion, don’t you know that? Haha.
        But first Clay needs to be safe first tho. Finger-crossed.

      • It would be stupid of James to ever trust Clay again and James knows it. He is smarter than that. Clay’s hatred of James isn’t going to go away once Shelli is gone. He’ll continue to blame James for Shelli leaving. IF they ever make up, it’ll be after the show.

  9. Yes yes and yes … that’s what I thought as well. For me the swing vote would be from Vampire Dentist to turn the votes 5-4 in favor of Clay. But you thought of a juicier way of explaining about Judas putting the blame on lil Stevie. Delicious!

  10. It probably won’t happen but I would love to see the votes flipped to keep Clay just to see Vanessas game blow up. Since she doesn’t seem to have the ability to keep her freaking mouth shut it would be sweet for that to be the cause of her downfall this week. Jackie seems to be catching on, now everyone else needs to wake up.

    • Jackie has quickly become one of my favorites this week. She was smart, laying low during the BOB era, and then playing hard once the game actually started. Vanessa and Shelli started off too strong, and their game is going to suffer because of it.

    • Jackie has caught on the Vanessa and so has Meg. Vanessa has too many side conversations that she stops when Jackie, Meg or James come into the room. And it’s been noticed.

  11. Van is up to her ol crap again this morning, talking to Austin and twins how two-faced Becky is. And to Shelli, how she’s being bullied by James into wanting her out.

    • Which is funny because Becky being two-faced is benefiting Vanessa. I was not a Jackie fan until this week. She sees through Vanessa and will call her out at the appropriate times. I just wish her side of the house would wake up & trust what Jackie is trying to tell them.

      • Van wants Shelli/Clay to out Becky (using them again) but the argument about Becky being a snitch is going to backfire as J/J/M figured out Becky was a mole before James announced who he was thinking about nomming…but wasn’t telling them anything anymore after noms were made or after James won Veto. J/J/M didn’t tell anyone they knew this to be the case, not even Becky. After James reveals this to Clay and Shelli, they’re going to be steamed at Vanessa since Vanessa said J/J/M didn’t have a clue about it.

    • Becky would have a meltdown if anyone called her two faced! She is a bit two faced though. But it has gotten her this far in the game.

      • I think she regrets that she got found out. Not that she did it. The floater game was working for her. It saved her last week with Chelli’s votes. But now, it seems she has realized that that won’t work anymore since her cover has been exposed. We will know for sure (her intentions) if Austwins/Chelli survivor/Van winds HOH. Will she gravitate back to that power

      • I think the only reason Becky snitched is because she owes Shelli for saving her over Jason. But not anymore. She’ll vote for her to leave now to keep Shelli from finding something else to pin on her.

  12. Vanessa, is a conniver of the D.C. politician mode. It does not take intelligences to lie so skillfully, just a dark heart it appears that she has lots of practice on the outside. Of course a gullible group helps, easily persuade by intimidation and twisted truths and absurd adjective like “James is bullying us”.

    Jackie is turning out to be the smart one in the class, she is becoming a fan of mine. Austin is a big boy wimp, surprising and disappointing

  13. I read on jokers update that Vanessa and Austin are planning to use Shelli and Clay to out Becky as the rat. So that Becky will be the target next week and keep Clay to use as a pawn next week. All this planning for next assumes once again Vanessa thinks she can control who wins HOH and his/her decision on whom to put on the block.

    • Read what I said about that above! It will backfire on Vanessa, big time!

      • I saw it after I replied. Vanessa thinks she is this year’s Derrick. But she missed one point about Derrick. He didn’t talk incessantly telling so many lies that he couldn’t keep them straight. She’s is only making herself a bigger target.

      • Yep!!! She can bluff in poker, but it lasts for only so long in BB if you don’t remember your lies.

    • IF Steve wins she can control him, that is why she has buddied up to him recently and is talking game with him.

    • Yup, she’s constantly planning each HOH. That’s what happens when you have power over and over and just expect it.

  14. I’m getting this weird feeling that Production is up to something. What I don’t know which scares me more than Van trying to rally the troops again after last night’s meeting when she promised to go with what James wanted to happen.

    • Production better not tinker with this eviction of either Clay or Shelli not leaving, they will lose viewers.

      If Clay says he wants to stay its a done deal, Shelli has a shot of staying only because Clay initially said to vote him out, otherwise she would be out 8-1 at least

    • I have worried about this too. But what could they do that isn’t obvious to the house guests and to us as viewers? Anything they do now or on eviction day will look too bad.

      Also, regardless of Shelli or Clay leave I hope there’s no fake applause in the audience. Why should Shelli or Clay think people like them? (Ok that was a bit mean, but they are a bit mean)

      • Agreed, GregD. This is just head-shaking now. Clay and Shelli have done no worse than anyone else. Everyone has reasons to like and dislike them. I love how many of the same people ragging on Clay and Shelli are saying they like Meg. Want to tell me a good reason to like Meg? Because I can’t find one. All she does is tag along and act like she’s in power when her allies are. She’s done nothing all season long but cry and pretend to be easy.

      • This has not been a personal attacking year in the house. Shelli and Clay have been behind most of the evictions and have lied about them – that is just the game, nothing personal and a reason to be hated outside of the house

      • Right, it’s just a game people. Perhaps these people (all of them) are different on the outside. Plus being penned up with so many restrictions & only those people in the house, playing a game….. Whadja expect? IMHO

      • Agreed, Ttink. People are quick to judge, and they don’t seem to fully try to imagine how they’d be in the same situation. Or that they’re playing a game for a life-changing amount of money and thus they may not be themselves.

    • Reading some of the tweets, Vanessa is telling Chelli, Please don’t make this come back to me. She has used that statement before. I think James is on to her, hopefully!

  15. I think this will be the first week where we don’t know who’s going to be evicted.

  16. Shelli is calling James a “little fart” and that he goes around smelling things up and it is disgusting. Vanessa is laughing, but not Clay. I think I might rather be called a little fart over a cougar.

  17. Shelli wants the game to rewind or reset. Hmmmm…think Production might have suggested this could happen?

  18. It just occurred to me that Liz has the most power in the house. She is the glue keeping the remaining 6th Sense in power. Austin can’t make any moves without her permission because Julia doesn’t trust him. Julia can’t either for fear of Austin going behind her back, and Vanelli need her for protection because of all the enemies they have made in the house. Liz is the only person who can make deals with everyone in the house. If Clay comes down, he will look for Liz for protection, not Vanessa.

    • Clay has stopped asking everyone to send him home. He is not campaigning to stay, so the house is implying his silence to mean he wants to stay.

  19. Why in the world would Vanessa want to keep Shelli? I just don’t get it. Shelli is much more of a threat than Clay, and surely Vanessa isn’t figuring on going to F2 with Shelli, is she?

    • Maybe she wants to use Shelli to evict Austin or Liz, and then evict Shelli after she’s used her like a Kleenex, and then get credit for getting out “the biggest threat in the house” when she is in the F2?

  20. I do have to hand it to Vanessa on how well she manipulates people and they haven’t really been aware, other than Jackie sometimes. I mean ninja manipulation moves are a good skill to have for BB.

  21. Watching Vanessa tonight makes me realize she’s more of a loose cannon than most of them realize. She has a very short fuse and that will not work in BB. You have to take things in, think about it for a while then react. She NEVER does that. I believe she will get herself evicted from the game by a simple knee-jerk reaction to something that happens in there and it will sink her.

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