Several important conversations took place last night in the Big Brother 17 house that could be shifting Thursday’s target if the momentum builds.

Vanessa guides the group on Big Brother 17

Vanessa guides the group on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Despite Vanessa’s efforts to keep Clay and Austin apart the conversation took place and could be the catalyst Austin needed to move in the direction of saving Clay.

Flashback to 12:51 AM BBT 8/5 on your Live Feeds – get the Free Trial now if you don’t have it – and listen in as Clay smooths things over with Austin. Clay isn’t straight out campaigning but he’s definitely not telling Austin to vote him out over Shelli anymore.

Clay promises Austin he’s not coming after him and never would. Austin in turn says he wouldn’t have to come after Clay after all this. He encourages Clay to go have this same talk with the twins which shows Austin wants others to be convinced.

Following this talk Austin goes straight out to the twins, Vanessa, and Steve in the backyard. He tells them this was a very good talk and makes him feel better over the idea of keeping Clay instead of Shelli. Vanessa plays along and says that if Clay stays then they can just use him like they’d use Shelli if she stayed.

The talk breaks up when Jackie arrives and Vanessa goes back to pushing Shelli to stay. Vanessa says it’s better to keep a bigger target, but Jackie points out why would you do that when she’s a bigger target for being more successful in comps and could just come after you when she wins. Hush now with your logic, Jackie, Vanessa has no need for that.

Leap forward to 2:44 AM BBT where Austin is talking with Liz. He says the talk with Clay made him much more interested in the idea of keeping Clay and evicting Shelli. You can tell he’s trying to turn her on the idea. Julia shows up a few mins later and the talk stops.


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