Steve Moses hung around late in to the morning as Sunday arrived letting Feedsters know where his game was and what he hoped to do next if he could pull it off.

Steve Moses talks to Feedsters on Big Brother

Steve Moses talks to Feedsters on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

After spending most of the first three weeks in the background it looks like Steve might be ready to try and make a move that would keep Audrey in the house this week, but I’m not so sure this is one he wants to try.

Watching Steve this morning on the Live Feeds, Flashback to 6:30AM BBT 7/19, he began to detail how he wants to shift the target from Audrey to Meg. Yes, Meg. Steve says that it’s not that he wants to protect Audrey but rather out of selfish motives.

Steve says he wants to be the one to evict Audrey and get that feather in his cap. He regrets not winning HoH this week and wonders if he can manipulate Vanessa to make this happen.

I do not see Vanessa shifting her target to Meg over Audrey. I can’t think of a “why” that would justify giving up an opportunity to endanger someone (Audrey) who she believes is making trouble for her game. But Steve believes he’s in tight with Vanessa and we may see him give this a go today.

Steve has another target as well. His three top picks for elimination: Audrey, James, and Meg. Now James nominated Steve in Week 1 and Becky put him up the next week, but Becky isn’t as high on his hit list more than “sooner than later.” For a moment Steve even contemplates trying to BD James, “that’s not a bad plan!”

Steve considers Audrey as his Plan A and James as Plan B should he win the upcoming HoH. Of course that plan requires him to keep Audrey this week and to win the next HoH before someone else gets her. On the plus side, Steve realizes “I don’t have enough people coming after me.” Enjoy it while it lasts, cause things are just going to get tougher!

Finally after enough swinging and contemplating Steve gets up and marches inside declaring, “I want Meg gone this week! Done. I want Meg gone this week.” Let’s see what you can do, Steve.


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