More Big Brother spoilers this morning with an early arrival of the Battle of the Block competition thanks to the holiday weekend coming up. The Big Brother 17 Houseguests got a 5AM wake-up call and the action was on.

Battle of the Block

Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

Nominations were made just hours earlier in the dark of the night and there was plenty of excitement and drama there as the house was split over Audrey. HGs knew this Battle of the Block could end up deciding whether Audrey stayed or was evicted this week. Ready for some spoilers? Read on.

Becky has been dethroned as HoH which means Steve & Jason won the Battle of the Block.

Shelli nominated Da’Vonne & John while Becky put Jason & Steve on the Block. Shelli was targeting Day while Becky was going for Audrey.

John and Da’Vonne remain on the Block and will fight for the Veto next. Shelli will be this week’s official Head of Household and her target is Da’Vonne. This could be a crazy week so stick with us and we’re expecting the Veto spoilers soon as well.

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