Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 28 – Zingbot Returns And Steve Gets On Vanessa’s Bad Side

It was a cringe-worthy night of Big Brother 17 as Zingbot returned and let the houseguests have it and Vanessa waged a war against Steve, that left even some anti-Steve viewers feeling sorry for the nerdy musician.

Zingbot lets the Big Brother 17 gang have it – Source: CBS

The episode picks up right after Austin nominated Steve and John for eviction. He tells us that if someone comes down from the veto, he might have to still consider Vanessa going up.

Steve is disappointed that Austin went back on his word but knows that Austin talked to Vanessa right before the ceremony, so Steve starts worshipping her game play even though this could be the end of his game. John tells Steve that he knows no one else will use the veto so it’s up to them to win it.

Elsewhere, Vanessa is very thankful that she wasn’t nominated and she thinks this is the perfect shot to smooth things over with her alliance with Austwins. And that shouldn’t be hard even thought Austin likes to think that Judas is actually a thing and that he’d ever consider going against Vanessa (pssst, he or Judas never will).

When Vanessa leaves the room Austin says he has to put Vanessa up if someone comes off the block. He says it will be tough (translate that to OMG I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO DO THIS BECAUSE I’M A SCARED BABY). Or at least that’s how I translated it.

At the veto draw, Vanessa furthers herself away from a backdoor option as she’s chosen to play the veto along with Meg, Julia, Austin and nominees Steve and John.

It’s Zinbot time! It’s time for a Big Brother 17 roasting. But fist, Zingbot tells them that he’s newly “zingle.” Let’s check out the zings.

James, I heard Meg is going to take you some place very, very special after the show: The friend zone. Out of your league. Zing

Liz, I’m confused. Suddenly you’re less attractive, less intelligent and less charming. Oh wait, that’s just Julia. Zing.

Steve, what’s less cool than a trombonist who cries for his mommy? Nothing. Zing.

Will someone please take out the trash. It stinks in here. Oh wait, that’s just Austin. Zing.

Meg, your New York attitude is very Sex and the City. Too bad your gameplay is more Sucks in the City.

Johh, five out of five dentists agree … the only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair. Zing.

Vanessa, you have been playing a masterful game, assuming that game is the crying game. Zing.

Liz, you’ve become such an important part of Austin’s life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, his dad or his girlfriend? Zing.

The zings lead to the Veto competition and it’s set at Zingbot’s bachelor pad. And the competition is a version of Morph.


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  1. Idk why Steve started hyperventilating when Vanessa confronted him. He sould have stayed calm and said “I did not come up with the plan to backdoor you. John did because he felt you were his biggest threat. He told you what happened to get under your skin and the twins told you i said it because they were scared of you.”

    • He’s not good with confrontation. We’ve known this about him since Matt’s interviews. That’s why he said he would never try to directly lie in this game because he knew that he’d be horrible at it.

      • It also shows what a truly mean bitch Vanessa is, because
        she also knows Steve is awkward and probably bullied his whole life, so she uses it to her advantage like a shark. Sweet girl. It’s just a game, Vanessa – chill the eff out.

    • Further proof of her bullying tactics… like you said if he stays calm you could have done that but when a pit bull is attacking you it’s difficult.

      Here’s the thing if she’s seeking the truth she’s not getting it with this method so the info she gets can mislead her. I tend to think she doesn’t need/want the truth, she’s has a result in mind when she stormed down there, got it and left him in shambles, shaking like a scare dog.

      • People please STOP diagnosing Steve & what he has or doesn’t have. He is a person first!! Ok..? Cool! ‘Nuff said.

      • No s#!t he’s a person first. I had many of his issues until I saw a doctor and found ways to manage it.

      • And there you go again…. Now you’re comparing yourself to him & saying you know first hand what his ‘issues’ are!!! Fack!!
        Just leave it & wtf do you have to compare yourself to anyone? Seriously, pretty nervy since you’ve never met the guy!!!
        IMHO making such statements only makes you look like an a_ _!!

      • You know what? You’re absolutely right. Your two angry posts have changed my worldview and I sincerely appreciate that. From now on I’m going to empty my head like you, forget about my life experiences, stop observing, stop drawing rational conclusions and basically stop thinking in general. You are truly an inspiration. May your rage inspire others Tink, at it has truely inspired me. You are doing the Lord’s work.

      • I’m not religious so there’s no Lord’s working being done here.
        My posts don’t come from rage or anger. I work with & advocate for children & adolescent kids with challenges of many kinds. I’m very aware that everyone has an opinion. But there’s a place & a time to share these.
        I am now assuming you didn’t see Steve’s confession to the cameras after he fake cried?? Who’s to say he wasn’t acting after Vanessa confronted him?
        Plus anyone would react anxious after being caught in a lie.
        Again….. No rage here. No attitude either.

  2. Austin you stink … even your pansiness stinks!
    Julia, you’re less attractive, less intelligent and leftover!
    Liz, How I Met Your Girlfriend or My Super Ex Girlfriend? You choose, but get ready for a smackdown!
    Vanessa, The Crying Game? You have sumthing sumthing down there, heh?

  3. Vanessa is a bully; plain and simple. The way she treated Steve is criminal. She’s just a mean, nasty bully. She’s the only one playing the game—but that chick is a BULLY. Too bad Austin can’t take a clue from her and act like a player!

    • How did you like the way this episode was edited making Vanessa out to be a victim of mean ol’ Steve? BS

    • I think Vanessa is vindictive. But don’t make Steve sound like a victim. He’s been just as terrible behind the scenes. He just thought he was safe under other people’s wing

      • Again, Steve is in no way a Saint. I just can’t stand to see a BULLY take advantage of an obviously weak person. BB IS about lying, manipulating and anything else they can use to win. And I love seeing that kind of game-play. I just can’t stand a bully.

      • She does seem to take advantage and talk down to him. What makes me sick is when she accuses him and everyone else of exactly what she’s doing.

      • Yes, exactly! It’s her condescending attitude that makes me sick. One of my favorite players, Dan Gheesling, was a liar; manipulator, and he betrayed EVERYONE. But I don’t remember him being condescending. I could be wrong about that—but I don’t remember it.

    • I find it funny that you tell Austin to “be a man” but resist from giving Steve the same advice. Steve is such a little bitch. That confrontation from Vanessa would have been nothing to any man with a drop of testosterone

      • Totally, I saw what she did & how he reacted and thought come on, stand up to that bitch!!!

        Here’s the thing, just between us… V could not convince Austin to let her save JMac, and she did not think it was good play to go against him & probably the twins. So this attack of Steve and then the speech & display at Veto ceremony is her attempt to get what she wants, against what Austwins want.

      • I totally get what you’re saying…I just don’t think it’s fair for V to treat someone (ANYONE) who doesn’t have the ability to defend themselves. NOT saying Steve is a saint…but V has the amazing ability to zero in on a person’s weaknesses and TOTALLY take advantage of them.

      • It’s not easy fighting a pit-bull even though you’re much bigger… a vicious dog can kill you or mess you up pretty bad. Steve problem is he doesn’t handle confrontation well and may be a super-fan of BB but has little if any killer instinct that would be required to put Vanessa down.

        Exactly correct about her ability to zero in on weakness, that would be an ability possessed by a bully or really mean person, IMO.

      • To be fair, zeroing in on someone’s weaknesses is part of why she’s a world class poker player who’s been at the WSOP final table. I don’t like Vanessa but I like Steve a whole lot less for allowing Vanessa to play the game she wants to play.

    • I agree 100%!! SO not funny. But like Boss_E wrote, the houseguests this season are completely dull and lacking personality. I foolishly keep watching in hopes it will improve. But at this point, I couldn’t care less who wins (although I really do hope it’s not Vanessa).

  4. I like how Liz was so outraged by Austin lying…but she kinda knew some facts about this “ex.” And even moreso,how on the POV competition,she was rubbing Austin’s knee. She knows what she is doing.

    • I cannot stand women like Liz. Apparently she thinks just because she’s single that absolves her of all responsibility in it. She definitely knows what she’s doing. Of course she probably did the girl a favor though.

  5. I can make better Zings:

    Austin: Dan Gheesling called! He wants his Judas role back.
    Meg: You have a bright personality, too bad that’s the only thing bright about you!
    Vanessa: You’re playing two games at once- Big Brother and the Crying Game!
    Liz: Why don’t you look charming and cute? Oh never mind that was just Julia!
    John: You have good dental skills. The only thing that isn’t bright is your laugh!
    James: Since you and Clay are southern boys you share everything except his chance of love and your brains
    Steve: Since you play trumbone here is a tune for you. Wah! Wah Wah!

  6. V could not convince Austin to let her save JMac, and she did not think
    it was good play to go against him & probably the twins. So this
    attack of Steve and then the speech & display at Veto ceremony to humiliate Steve in front of everyone is
    her attempt to get what she wants, against what Austins wants, to force him to get Steve out. I’m interested in the Austwins feeling on this coming eviction now after all of V’s antics.

  7. So watching BBAD I have come to realize that Austin Liz Julia and Vanessa are nothing but grade school bullies. I hope they look back at this and are disgusted with their actions and words. I also hope they have children in the future and they see how their parents acted.

    • I feel sorry for all the Vanessa supporters who thought she was actually not such a bad person, but after that bullying of Steve, she is no different than Jace and he was the first to go, I guess crying works in this game, she isn’t that great. she just looks intelligent when compared to morons. ;)

      • Haha that is the same conclusion I have come to…she only appears to be ruling the game because everyone else is too dumb to see it.
        Other than JMac, and Becky. But look where that got them…

    • Hopefully their words will bite them in their behinds once someone else wins HOH. Liz and Austin leaving before Vanessa will be ok with me.

    • I completely agree with you except for the children part. I’m very much hoping those people never, ever procreate.

    • I think all four of them are going to be in for a big surprise when they come out of the house and realize that most of America loathes them.

  8. You left out the part where Zingbot mentions Austin’s tuna beard which was actually pretty funny. Overall though Zingbot was just kinda mean and not all that funny to me. I’m sure Julia’s parents were real proud watching that clip.Or not since they raised her self entitled ass.

      • right after he says Austin stinks he mentions tuna beard and Liz starts saying it wasn’t me which is also bs, she’s said many times he stinks as far as I know

  9. Austin is always showering, and Liz doesn’t complain about an odor. why is BB always making fun of his BO?
    Julia’s shorts look like underwear and I doubt she washes them regularly.

    • A lot of people who have the feeds have said she has said he stinks which is how it all got started and why he had a green cloud on his comic. I don’t have the feeds so I don’t know. If he works out as much as he says he does, which is all the time, its possible. I remember him saying he showers daily but if you work out all day long or outside, you might smell a lil.

    • See, they should have attacked all his hair and not his stench. I was hoping the zingbot would comment on his pony tail beard, because Liz comments on that a lot more than his smell.

  10. I’ve respected Vanessa’s ability to stay in the game for a long time now. I don’t have the feeds though so I’ve never understood the ugly, nasty comments about her posted here. But after watching tonight’s Zingbot ep, she’s obviously gotten a pretty great edit thus far. Seeing her bite Rain Man’s (Steve’s) head off surprised me. I still respect her ability to stay in the game but sadly enough I think she’s lost the Miss Congeniality sash.

    • The way Vanessa attacked Steve is her in a nutshell, that plus some bad makeup and even worse hats.

    • Shes very emotional and plays by her emotions it seems to me. She felt like Steve betrayed her but my husband and I both don’t understand why everyone believes whatever is told to them at face value.

      • She is acting and manipulating … finds their weakness and pounces on it … and, when they catch on, she is able to transition on the fly … Wonder if she has ever studied the Art of War ??? :)
        eta: I would love to see a montage of Vanessa’s emotional roller coaster footage from emotional despair from one moment to total power house strategist the next … Some have suggested it is the drugs with her mood swings ?? Perhaps, she has a Twin in this game, or just many facets of her Sybil personalities ?? :)

    • I agree with you. I thought the way she treated Steve last night was awful and vindictive. This goes beyond game play; she’s just not a nice person. In fact, I think she has borderline personality disorder. You may be right that she’s the only person playing, but I’m not sure the game she has played will serve her in the end. I wonder if she is in the F2 whether the jury will throw the win to whomever is sitting next to her simply because she’s made herself so hated.

    • If you watched the feeds you’d have no respect for her or the twins for that matter. The stuff that comes out of their mouths directed at others (behind their back of course) is just mean and vindictive. Even James gets in on it sometimes. Honestly they’ve all gotten very good edit except for JMac and Steve. Those guys are pretty much what you see on TV.

      • I have respect for her as a player, not as a person. They’re two very different things. And as noted, after last night I now see where all of the dislike from people is coming from. After seeing that though I now have even MORE respect for her as a player because if she’s THAT much a bully and still has managed to not be evicted yet? – Mind. Blown. No one can say she isn’t a pretty good player in that regard.

      • The main reason why they haven’t BD her is because they don’t want her coming back. I think she should band together with JMac and convince Meg and James to flip the vote and keep JMac. Then they could go after Austin and the twins. If she doesn’t turn her back on those three I think she’s toast. But then there’s also the fact that no one likes the way she’s played the game so who wouldn’t want her to be sitting beside them in the F2. No one in the jury will give her the money. Excited to see what happens tonight. Somebody needs to blow this game up soon, LOL!!

      • 1. The comp to get back in the house is always (I believe) a physical one. Vanessa hasn’t done exceedingly well with those and with Becky and Shelli in jury the chances of Vanessa returning to the house were cut dramatically as soon as Shelli entered jury. 2. I’ve been preaching that very same attack plan (seducing/convincing the Goblins to partner up) for a week now. I agree 100%. 3. As bad as she is I don’t think people in the Jury will penalize her if she makes it to the Final 2. I really don’t. I think once people have a day or two away to calm down and process their anger they eventually say: “She played me hard and mean and I fell for it. My fault. Hat’s off to her.” (Just an opinion.)

  11. Vanessa is collecting all the balls tonight!! She might as well have said hand them over. They all did.
    Are they paid to let her win?


    Omg I died laughing.

  13. Only this generation of players would play such a vindictive game, what a bunch of entitled babies, only one player in this game doesn’t cry when things don’t go his way and that is James. I like Jmac and would love to see him win this game, but I don’t understand what his game play is.

  14. Anyone else kinda rolled their eyes with all of Austin’s pre-HOH/POV hype about time to let Judas play, blah blah blah .. and, it kinda ended with a fizzle? Did not know that Judas was a wuss ???
    I guess the only person that might have been betrayed is Austin’s ex-GF .. unless, it was his/their game play this season, and she gave him the Go Ahead to do whatever it takes to bring home the $$$$, in the end ??

  15. Pretty sure Van is frustrated with the entire 5 person alliance that tried to ditch her, but she knows she can’t call out the Austwins as they are her strongest allies so she decided to make poor Steve the target of her collective wrath.

    I can’t believe there are people who think Van has game. She doesn’t. She is in the house right now solely because the HGs have picked other targets, sometimes at the last minute (Shellie). Her “game” turns on a dime day by day, possibly hour by hour. If she was in the DR telling us how she’s working everyone then okay, I respect her. But she’s not. She’s a frazzled wreck in there, too.

    But really, Steve should have stood there and stared her straight in the face and said, “It wasn’t me. Go talk to Austin.” I feel for him and Van surely knew he would be weak against her emotional onslaught, but he needs to step up his social game, especially in the confrontation department.

    • Kinda ironic, considering Vanessa wanted to backdoor Austin, herself, when she was HOH ….
      But, yeah, anybody else but Vanessa is allowed to manipulate, lie, cry foul in this year’s BB Season … Ha !!!
      Have to admit that she does have a way to deflect responsibility to everyone else but herself … :)

      • The people who have played the game in a similar vein as Vanessa (Audrey immediately comes to mind) are gone. If anyone else, guy or girl, did the same, they’d receive a similar response. The problem is, all the other HGs are playing terrible games that pretty much amount to doing nothing and hoping everyone just gets out some how. It’s like a season full of floaters.

        I’ll give Vanessa this: at least her game is unique!

      • I completely agree. This is a house full of floaters afraid of their own shadow. I’m so sick of hearing “blood on my hands” blah blah blah. I do believe James has some game left but lately he’s just laying low and watching. This show needs to find a way to stop the nonsense by offering some incentives, etc. Enough of throwing comps and house votes. They need to shake things up.

      • Plus, some of the HG interviews done before the show started have them talking such a big game (Liz is one that immediately comes to mind) and they’re all, “I’m not afraid to get blood one my hands!”

        Whatever. Where’s a Dr. Will or Dan Gheesling when you need one.

  16. I do0n’t understand Van. What is her end game? Does she think the Austwins will betray each other for her?? They were so stupid to let a twin into the game. WTF did they get these people. Van has to make a F2 with anyone but someone in the Austwins group unless it’s Julia. She would be willing to get rid od Austin in a heartbeat. The field is narrowing. Is anyone looking at the end game, or do the think the game is just “vote folks out”.

    • I agree, she needs to bounce on over to the other side of the house if she wants to have any chance. She’s definitely the 3rd wheel where she’s at now. Well, 4th wheel.

  17. The way these people treat others and speak horribly behind their backs is despicable. The only ones who from what I’ve seen on the feeds that haven’t been throwing around profanity and vile comments towards other house guests are JMac, Steve and Meg. It’s one thing to be strategic and play the game but the Auswins, James and Van are horrible human beings.

  18. But shouldn’t a superfan like Steve be prepared for this? I didn’t like what I saw her do either but Steve isn’t 5-years-old. God knows there have been bullies in this game before. If he’s old enough to play and calls himself a superfan being a weak victim doesn’t hold up much for me.

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