Will she or won’t she was the theme of Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 17. As in will Liz backdoor Vanessa or won’t she? And the Big Brother editing team made sure to throw that up in the air for people who don’t watch the Live Feeds.


Liz maintains power as she wins the POV – Source: CBS

The episode takes off right after Liz nominated John and Becky for eviction. Liz tells us that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do this week because backdooring Vanessa might be tempting. John reminds us that if he stays this week he is going to be gunning for Vanessa next week.

Speaking of which, Vanessa feels like she needs to smooth things over with John. She tries to talk to him but all he wants to do is nap. So Vanessa isn’t pleased. Elsewhere, Austin, Liz and Julia are also a little annoyed with JMac because of his recent attitude. John tells Steve his only hope is to win veto, but Steve thinks he has other options, so he goes to work.

Steve goes to the HOH room where they’re talking about John’s attitude and Steve does his best to get them off the ledge with John. And by his best I mean sitting there and nodding and doing not much of anything. Johnny Mac, you’re going to have to do this on your own.

The twins and Austin decide they want to give John the benefit of the doubt, so they invite him into the HOH room to discuss things. They first want to know what’s going on with Vanessa and her tall-tales about him. John tells them that he’s been going after Vanessa for awhile now and that he didn’t want to say anything because he thinks everyone likes with her. He tells them that every person that has had a blow-up with Vanessa has gone home. Liz and Austin are really listening and responding well to his ideas.

So John has Austin and Liz thinking that John is the person they need to take Vanessa out for them. So his safety this week is looking better, even before the veto competition.


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