Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 24 – Is Steve A Secret Mastermind?

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 17 was basically the “Steve is a Secret Mastermind” show. In other words, the show editors had lot of fun editing together footage and Diary Room interviews to make the TV-only viewers think Steve is actually playing that good of a game. Spoiler: He’s not.

Liz and Vanessa face-off in the HOH competition – Source: CBS

At least he’s not at the moment. He could take everything that has happened and spin it in his favor, and then we can praise him. But now isn’t the time.

The episode picks up right after Jackie walked out the door. “Steve just took out Jackie,” Meg says to us in the Diary Room and she’s as confused as all of America. No one knows why Steve did this in the house and none of us at home know either.

Steve tells us that he didn’t want the HOH and that he was trying to throwing it. He said that he was put on the spot and didn’t know what to do and could only remember Vanessa once telling him that Jackie was going to target him (like 20 days ago).

Cut back to after Jackie’s eviction: Liz and Julia go in to thank Steve and he breaks down like a little baby, proving that he probably shouldn’t have ever been cast on Big Brother. And like he always does, he makes everyone leave the room. Record scratch: He tells us he was about 50 percent acting. Yeah, OK Steve.

Elsewhere, Meg, Becky, James and John are talking about the house being split and that if they can get John they’d have the proper numbers. But for some reason they aren’t actually making an official alliance.

Steve decides to go talk to Meg to explain why he targeted her and Jackie. And he lets them know that Vanessa is the one that got in his ear about Jackie. And Steve continues to get this mastermind edit, which anyone who watches the Live Feeds know isn’t true.

It’s time for the next Head of Household competition and guess what!? It’s a brand new competition! Show runners actually did ONE thing new this season (after recycling twists and competitions and archetypes this entire season – good job, Big Brother!).

During the first leg of the HOH competition, Meg and James face off and Meg wins the round. Austin and John go up against each other next and John wins and moves on. Vanessa and Julia face off next and Vanessa is out so Julia moves on. Becky and Liz are the final pair to face off in the first leg. Liz wins the round and moves on.


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    • That’s exactly how I felt. She said that Johnny Mac might be bipolar and she’s afraid he might hurt her physically. That DEFINITELY should’ve made the show.

    • I’m seriously beginning to believe putting positive spins and the editing for tv versus what is actually happening is not out of the goodness of CBS’s heart. I think they realize a few things…wink wink…nudge nudge…

    • That is what I been saying, she is such a conniving rat. they went easy on Clay too, he was made to look loving on TV but came off like a bully with a meat head complex on the live feeds and it also showed on his exit, I just hope more people realize how annoying Vanessa is, she is nowhere near a decent person. if CBS has her winning this season, I’m not watching BB next season as a sentimental return gesture. :)

    • I disagree, they painted Vanessa as a bully tonight when she really isn’t. I don’t understand how asking questions can be read as being a bully.

      • Buddy, you need to get the live feeds because you have no freaking idea how big of a bully she is! Or at least watch some BBAD. CBS just doesn’t do Vanessa’s bullying and craziness justice. She’s another Amanda Zuckerman.

      • Wow seriously? She demands people make deals with her on the spot, then if they don’t she makes them a target by picking some sort of ridiculous fight, then lies about it all to everyone else. She just did this to JMac on Friday before the nominations. She was the entire reason he was on the block. Then she switch it up and now Becky is the one she’s been bad mouthing. She is a bully because she uses fear to get what she wants. Her alliance fears her so even tho they can’t stand her they keep her in the game.

      • Her alliance fears that Vanessa would blow up their game, it’s not because she put fear in their soul. Also since when is asking questions without using intimidation or fear bullying? Whenever she ask people for deals or when she asked JMac a question during the Clay and James fight, she doesn’t use intimidation or fear. She didn’t even bully John on Friday. Again I just think people just throw that word around because they don’t like Vanessa.

  1. I posted this in the “Tonight Show” comments, but it is more germaine here

    I agree with the article and those watching for 2 months – it is VERY HARD to believe Steve could have such as deep secret… But then.. Why did CBS do the James/Steve fluff piece. Maybe because it wasn’t fluff

    As the article mentions, Steve- in the last DR – wasn’t weird anymore. And the comment about his rope-a-dope when confessing to Meg/Becky opened my eyes. Others have suggested it maybe he has been acting all this time – but no evidence has come out until this and the 50% comment.

    I didn’t believe it before, but MAYBE the real Steve – let’s call him Steven – has been in hiding and in cahoots with production all this time hiding it. He playedStevie – the weird, shy kid. But Steven made his first appearance in that DR.

    And why show the Steve-James piece, because it opens a clue that Steve is going to move towards James, and maybe take van and himself to flip to James and Meg and start the attack on Austwins.

    Just speculation – but the clues add up to it and it helps explain the DE eviction a lot better.

    • Anything to explain Steve is better than this being the REAL Steve. Just to go along with this train of thought; CBS approached the biggest Big Brother fan to offer him a deal and plays on his love of the show. Steve thinks its an honor and its for the good of the show he loves….I can see the recruitment happening..because that’s an actual tactic in real life.

    • Ah, conspiracy theories, how I’ve missed you, lol.

      Seriously, reading this kind of stuff just makes me love this show more! The fact that production’s shady moves in the past have us questioning just about everything and anything that happens is awesome.

    • I remember a DR session that aired right after Becky put Steve on the block. He tells us she’s drawing attention to him and she’s his next target. The look on his face, especially his eyes, when he said “Watch out, Becky you’re my next target!” was really creepy. I remember thinking, Oh snap, he looks like a serial killer!

    • I remember seeing a scene on BBAD or on the feeds that Steve was with Vanessa i don’t remember what they were discussing but Steve at one point said something like I have something to tell you about me thats a big secret but i can’t tell you while the feeds are watching. I only saw it that one time and thought either he’s taunting people on the feeds to start crazy theories about him or he really is hiding something big. Maybe he really is faking right now.

  2. It’s important to be a good winner as well as a good sport at losing…but if I lost a competition to Liz or Julia…I’m not sure if I could handle it!

  3. Does anyone know how the HGs are fed info while Hosting a comp? Steve was incredibly solid as the Host. I’m assuming maybe via ear prompter? I know they can edit to make it all look like it’s the only take but do they get fed the script through an earpiece? Anyone know for sure?

  4. So tired of Liz and Julia’s whiny voices. These girls can take a one syllable word and make it into three.

  5. Yay I haven’t watched the episode and I feel contented. The picture above says it all, not into any Van Van & the Judases show. If they were the good guys as Van Van nicely pointed to us (with her finger pointed to each and everyone of us and demanded us to agree with her) then I am happy to be the villain.

  6. Liz eats as though she is afraid that this is her last meal, pigs eat better than she does…slow down girl….

  7. Twins must say “I hate you”, “I hate them”, and “We hate you” at least 100,000,000,000,000,000 times a day.

  8. I am starting to feel the same way, when it becomes a numbers game and it favors the sheep or the bad side. I lose interest, often since nobody is willing to make any interesting moves and everyone just follows along, that’s when the feeds become tiresome, I just wait for the next HOH to see if the following week is worth investing in.

    • Yup I basically take a vaca from reading feeds updates and watching the show when the evil side is in power (aka Vanessa).

  9. What is the deal with Austin? I have yet to see him wear shoes and it grosses me out to no end to see him cooking without a shirt on. Maybe he thinks he has the body of a God, but he doesn’t. He walks like a girl in the way he sways his hips, but I would give anything to see him wear a shirt and maybe shoes occasionally!

  10. I don’t mind seeing Becky go, but I will be glad to see the goblins get back on top and get the ever knowing, ever scheming and lying Vanessa out the door!!! I want to see Johnny Mac get the next HOH and shake things up! It is sad to see Austwins not have the courage to get a little dirty and back door Vanessa!!
    Also, Steve is annoying to watch talk…he talks like he has something in his mouth and can’t talk for anything. I don’t know how he was raised, but he honestly doesn’t know how to be social…

    • The Goblins are the very reason that Vanessa is back in power and handed the numbers to Vanessa and her alliance. They are not going to vote Vanessa out. That is because the alliance is solid and loyal to each other. Becky or John is headed to the jury house and it is James, Meg and whoever is left be it John or Becky to oppose Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin and Steve. If James wins HOH, even if he puts up Vanessa with anyone else on the block, that other person will be voted out and sent to the jury house. And If Vanessa or any of her allies wins HOH again, it is going to be James and maybe, John or Becky (depending on who survives this week on the chopping block. I cannot wait till James get sent to the jury house.
      James, Jackie and Meg blew up their games but, blew up Becky and John’s games too! It is too late to save anyone’s game now from that group.

      • But if they put Vanessa up with Liz, bye bye Vanessa. Obviously Austwins will save Liz and not V. James can talk to Austwins and in nicer words explain that he’s holding their votes hostage. All assuming that James/John wins HOH. Yea I don’t even mention Meg since she’s just a hallucination.

  11. I am sick and tired of Vamessa running the house. It only proves that everyone else in it is an idiot.

    • Vanessa running the house should be an eye opener to everyone watching, about how bullies and abusers manipulate others.

      • Please put me in the category as a person who does not like the tactics of a bully. I’d never want to be the type person that condones their behavior and thinks it is acceptable to treat anybody in that manner….ever.

      • Never said I condone bullying, all I said was how is Vanessa a bully? Your the one who said I condone bullying which I don’t by the way.

      • I didn’t see any bullying from Vanessa. If Vanessa did “bully” someone than why wasn’t it mentioned as soon as it happened. Why do people know want to call her a bully just because John called her a bully. Again seems very subjective to me. The fans don’t like Vanessa so they want to call her a bully. I didn’t see her bullying anybody.

      • Yes, who has Vanessa bullied? Or are we just going to throw that word around because you guys don’t like Vanessa.

      • Playing on people’s emotions, need to belong, and approval to get them to do what you want. Also using lies, defaming other’s characters, and attaching their own faulty characteristics that they see in themselves and pinning them on others. Which is the proof that they know they’re in the wrong.

  12. Another perfect op to backdoor Van on the table…days to change their plans but nope!! If Van makes it to the f3 or f2, she gets my vote! Not a fan of hers but would be unable to ignore her play or should I say others lack of play.

  13. Ok I’m not a fan of Vanessa she has talked smack about everyone and went against her word so many times , but she has been able to find a way to recover herself every time she is playing her game well! Unless someone catches on ! This house has to split up “Austin’s angels ” now !!! Good luck john rooting for you !!!!

  14. Liz (or maybe Julia) said it: the house is now two sides. There might be some defections or surprises, but in general I’m thinking we’re looking at a war of attrition: which side can eliminate the other first.

    I wonder if Van realizes she has absolutely zero chance with the Austwins in the F4.

  15. I have not been able to comment for days. So since I can now I am
    I am so done with After Dark it’s not even worth staying up for I am very happy I did not waste my money or time on the feeds I can’t even stand the show this year I do think That Vanessa is absolutely bipolar and a bully the twins voices drive me crazy and the way the jump around has me asking are these girls 4 ? Steve is loopy Austin is just gross and what is with that white crap in his hair even more disgusting I want to take a razor to his entire head and face Becky talks about herself way to much James is getting almost as bad a Vanessa with that stupid hat JMac you are A smart one just very slow to the party And Meg poor Meg does she know she is playing a game ? Or is she at adult summer camp all she ever wants to do is drink I see AA in her future
    Thanks for letting me rant

    • I’m with you, Molly. Last year, I’d stay up so late (West Coast) to watch BBAD that I could barely stay awake the next day. This year? When it’s on at 11:00, instead of 12:00 or 1:00, I’ll sometimes tune in, but can’t ever make it past 10-15 minutes. The twins are juvenile and whiny, and everything you said is correct. Watching Meg last night say she didn’t think she could play the game hard was frustrating – she’s an insult to all the fans who would have gone in there and actually tried. Usually by now the HG’s are getting in each others’ faces more and there’s some kind of drama going on, but with this bunch targets change constantly and they act like they’re best friends at some big frat house party. This year was really miscast – a major fail on the part of production staff.

  16. It is funny how Vanessa has been plagued by facial eruptions and Steve has been gifted with a mouth (including tongue,,,yuck!) full of canker sores. It is almost as if they are being targeted from beyond as retribution.

    • LOL It’s Vanessa’s inner evil oozing out, and Steve’s “whatever” – still haven’t quite figured him out, except that there’s something disturbing about him.

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