Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 21 – Sixth Sense Can’t Regain Power

The Sixth Sense alliance has again lost control of the Big Brother 17 house and once again one of them will be targeted this week. And it’s a big one.

Becky locks in her nominations for eviction – Source: CBS

Sunday night’s episode picks up in the middle of the Head of Household competition as the houseguests are slipping and sliding all over the place. Shelli has revenge in her sights so James is keeping a close eye on Shelli’s progress.

Vanessa is seemingly worried the most because she knows that her game has been so all over the place that anyone outside of her alliance would be crazy not to target her. And then there’s John. He lets us now that just before eviction, he went from flying under the radar to one of the biggest targets in the house. So cut back last week… we’ve got John telling Clay that he doesn’t want him to go. He knows that Vanessa is in Shelli’s head. Clay decides to tell Vanessa that James said Vanessa was in Shelli’s head. Oh, Clay.

So Vanessa then goes and asks James why he’s throwing her name out there. She asks him if he has a problem with her and why he told John she was in Shelli’s head. He swears that’s not true and wants to know who said it. She tells him it was Clay. So James goes for Clay.

Clay and James get heated. Clay gets in James’ face and then Vanessa comes in and blows up on Clay and John. So Vanessa breaks out the tears and John, like us, know this about the sixth time this has happened. And as if she doesn’t look crazy enough, she actually suggests that Clay and Johnny Mac are either “gay lovers” or related.

So while John thinks his game was blown up, Vanessa actually has seemingly blown up her own game.

Let’s cut back to the HOH competition. Becky is in the lead followed by Jackie, Shelli and Julia. After some more slipping and sliding, no one is able to catch up to Becky and she wins all three prizes, including the Head of Household title. And she tells us right away that the house might be surprised to see who her target will be this week. “I want to take out a big fish,” she says.

After the HOH competition, Shelli has a GinaMarie-style meltdown over Clay being gone. She knows she’s alone in the house and she knows she remains a target.

Now that Becky is HOH she knows she has to decide which side to go with since she’s been playing both sides. She tells us that she trusts Jackie, James and Meg more. So that’s who she is going to continue playing the game with. Sorry, Sixth Sense.


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  1. I can’t wait to see the look on Vanessa’s face when she gets nominated. And it’s also amazing to see that the sixth sense alliance is falling apart.

  2. Last night and today people were questioning that Becky came up with the plan this week and if she was really solidly with the James Gang. I think that after tonight’s show, we have our answers! Go, Becky! It looks like JMac, through Becky, is going to joining the James Gang soon, too!

    While I haven’t picked a favorite player, I’m rooting for the James Gang all the way! I think that those 4 weeks that the 6th Snake were in power showed their true colors (lying to each other, backstabbing each other, bullying and using the outsiders, while picking them off one by one …. all while telling themselves how honest, good and powerful they were.) All it served to do was band the rest of the house against them to get revenge!

    • I agree redroses. I’m rooting for JMac to win. Not sure if Becky and him should go with the James gang or team up with Shelli and Steve. Thiink if they went with James they be at the bottom of the alliance but I don’t like Shelli.

      • I’m afraid they will use Becky and JMac for numbers then vote them out so not sure that’s best for their game.

      • I think Steve will be picked off pretty soon, but if Jmac plays it smart and manages to win a HOH and makes people come to him to form deals/alliances, I can see him taking it to the end!

    • I agree for the most part–big fan of James myself. However, I think you see a new alliance formed once we get down to 8 or 9 that takes over the game and basically runs everyone else out. James, JMac,….and Steve

  3. I had to laugh when Shelli said that she and Clay were going to visit Meg in NYC over Christmas. She said it was because NYC is so expensive and now they’ll have a place to stay. Does Meg know that Shelli is inviting herself? I don’t think so!

    • Shelli’s a princess….it could never enter her mind that Clay is the one Meg actually wants to come to New York instead of her. And no man would seriously ever want another woman after they’ve seen her. Even potential girlfriends or old girlfriends calling Clay now…..

      • Twins were truthin that’s all. Shelli going GM over Clay in the house and DR and twins just dropping truth bombs. Maybe that will stop the crying.

    • When Shelli said that the camera went straight to Meg and she looked like she had heard. At least I thought she did by the look on her face.
      There is no way that Meg was planning to invite Shelli, so if Clay wants to go with her, then he needs to pay for a hotel.

    • Meg’s expression (after Shelli invited herself and Clay to crash at Meg’s because NYC is so expensive) was priceless.

    • That cracked me up! I can picture it now, Clelli getting to NYC and Meg being like “Uh, my apartment is really small so… Clay, you can sleep in my bed, but Shelli has to sleep on the couch.”

      • Probably, I just remember from the first episode her talking about her roommate/”gusband” which made me roll my eyes out of my head.

      • Well…I did too…but there was Andrea Boelke from survivor too and someone else too…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Clay will be Meg’s gusband…I have Vanessigitis….

    • How about Becky and Vampire Dentist and Clay and Shelli go for a double date while staying at Meg’s place? Haha.
      But considering that Clay and Vampire Dentist could be lovers … technically, could it become a triple date??? (insert Meg’s face here).

      • Unfortunately if Shelli is not voted out she has a good chance of winning HOH, but so would vanessa. I think Steve needs to flip and get with Becky and John so things could work out better for James’s alliance.

      • According to the feeds, Steve no longer trusts Van, so I think he’s already made that choice (at least choosing John.)

      • You go girl! Altho I am really hoping that Vampire Dentist wins it.
        With the momentum that’s going on right now (James, Becky, Lil Stevie won comps) … it’s really possible it’s time for Vampire Dentist to win one again!

    • I would like to see Johnny Mac win HOH and see what he will do with it. So far, he has been low key trying to float and survive but, given a chance might spring a couple of surprises. So, he is atleast, paying attention and knows Vanessa has been responsible for most of the evictions. Kudos too to Becky. She may have made the biggest move this season when she puts Vanessa on the hot seat.
      Glad that Becky made the move. If not, it would have been a pretty boring season if James, Jackie and Meg and the former snitches Becky, John and Steve (now rebels) got picked off one by one!
      Now, the other house guests have a chance to step up.

      • Maybe (if he win the next HoH comp) he could put Julia and Liz on the block and try to backdoor Austin, that could be great.

  4. I don’t watch the feeds so I had my doubts on which side Becky was on, but now I know that she plans to stick with James and his girls, plus Johnny Mac.

  5. Live Feeders, Has there been anything seen/heard regarding the “America’s Player” possibility with James? Or has that been answered already? (Apologies if it has and I missed it.)

  6. After the HoH comp was Shelli crying because she lost or because she misses Clay? I think it was the loss after all the big talk about going after James. Let’s face it, Shelli could have saved Clay by throwing Vanessa under the bus. And now, a week later, it looks like Vanessa is going home anyway.

  7. Who are people going to talk about if Vanessa leaves? You have to admire that she is playing the game. She is doing what she can to keep her alliance together. Few weeks back, she saved Austin from going on the block. Now he is in the background. Last week Clay went home instead of Sheli. Yes she does talk, I think she talks things out instead of thinking it in her head, to see if it sounds right. Almost like talking to herself. Yes she is paranoid (everyone should be). I would rather see someone play like her then any of James gang that are just lying around and do what they are told to do. I actually liked the talks Steve and Vanessa had. What happened to that pair?

    • Too much of a emotional wreck to win,she has had about 6 breakdowns so far on the show,should have known…remember she was in tears on the very first night in the BB house.

      • She was my first favorite, until I saw her having a total breakdown about missing her girlfriend after less than a week in the house. I thought a professional poker player would be tough, and not getting super emotional over every little thing. I’m ready for her to go now.

      • She wasn’t having a total breakdown. She was acting for America & the house, to make herself look more vulnerable and likable.

      • See, that’s what I thought at first. But now I’m doubtful that it was just a performance since she seems to get flustered and cry at the drop of a hat (or beanie in her case lol). It could all be for show though.

      • I think that first night was all an act. Think about it. She is a con artist. She waited until the first night to break down “missing her g/f.” She hasn’t cried over her since.

    • Vanessa destroyed her alliance by yanking Austin off the block and renoming Jason. She never should have agreed to put him originally–once she did, she had to send him out. It exposed everything–and now Sixth Sense is basically toast. She’s extremely smart, but got caught up in all her lies and drama plots. The other side of the house figured it out, won a couple HOH’s, and have neutralized Shelli and removed Vanessa. Not bad for the “rejects” lol. Love James and Co :)

    • If you think James and the gang are just lying around and do what they are told to do perhaps you haven’t seen the show for like the past 3 weeks or so.

    • She wouldn’t have had to save Austin, if she hadn’t promised to put him up in the first place!

    • Not to worry. There is actually, going to be more game play because the other house guests have to step up. You still have Shelli, Austin, Liz and Julia on one side versus Jackie, James, Meg, Becky. And John and Steve are also, allies of Becky? It is up to the other side to make their move as this is a double eviction week. Breaking up the Sixth Sense allliance will force the other house guests to start playing the game instead, of just floating.

  8. I could not be more happy than I am at the thought of it maybe finally might be finally be oh I hope it finally is Vanessa’s time to go. :)

    Oh please TV Gods, please make it so!

  9. After watching the ep I have to say, I’m coming around on “Blehcky.” She strategized and formulated a seemingly smart plan. (Something I wouldn’t have thought possible 3wks ago.) Her lie to Vanessa in the HoH room (with Austin) was solid, believable and strong. (Though she probably could’ve kept Vanessa more calm by making a fake deal.) Either way after watching that ep she’s earned points from this viewer.

    • I think that if she would’ve made a deal and then renom-ed Vanessa anyway, Van would’ve campaigned like crazy saying that Becky was a liar and untrustworthy. Vanessa is still able to manipulate a lot of people, although thankfully a lot seem to be catching onto her bullshit. Either way, I think Becky did the smart thing by refusing a deal.

      • I think you’re 100% right about that. Good call! But the second she delivered the: “I’m not making any more deals” statement it felt like you could actually see Vanessa hunch up and become paranoid. No?

      • Oh, absolutely. It made Vanessa 1000x more paranoid than usual, which is a lot! But I still think Becky did the smart thing by refusing a deal and laughing it off.

      • Becky played it perfectly and acted very cooly. Vanessa has her suspicions because Becky would not make any deals. At the back of her mind, she probably knows she is a target. The big problem for Vanessa is when she is put on the block, she cannot save herself! She can plead for her alliance to vote for her but, Shelli is also, on the block so, the alliance will probably end up splitting the votes while, the other side all vote to evict Vanessa. Also, Shelli and Vanessa being on the block removes 2 votes from the alliance. Clay is gone, so, one more vote gone. They only have 3 votes from Austin, Liz and Julia so, not enough to save Vanessa even if she gets all 3 votes. Vanessa overplayed her hand when she concocted stories about the other house guests.
        That was totally unnecessary and I am sure got the ire of the other house guests.

      • Austin & the twins, without knowing that Van is going on the block, are already discussing that Van going is best for their game.

      • Indeed. The bungling of the Jason renom was a horrible idea that has now fully blown up in their faces. Couldn’t have happened to a better group of people.

  10. Someone please, please explain to me why Becky went running right to Shelli and told her the plan was to backdoor Vanessa? She had told James, Jackie and Meg not to even mention the V word to anyone, then she does that, and follows up by telling JohnnyMac? What am I missing? Did she deep down want the plan to fail? Thank God that Steve won the POV – but I won’t rest easy until I see Vanessa sitting up there next to Shelli. Either one of them going home would make me happy – can’t wait to see V’s face when she realizes she’s going up as a replacement.

    • Didn’t she say it was a test to see if Shelli is trustworthy??? If it gets out, they know she is not to be trusted…

      • I still don’t think it was worth it. If Shelli had told Vanessa what was going on and Van had won veto, I think Becky would’ve been screwed. I think her whole double agent, playing both sides thing is gonna end up biting her in the ass, especially with the DE this week.

      • If Shelli had told Vanessa, Shelli could have been in real trouble…don’t listen to the HoH and the target could have switched to her…

    • It was a good move,might buy her some trust in the future and besides Shelli is not stupid,better Vanessa than her and what other choice does she really have anyway(none),the dye is cast.

    • Becky was actually close to Shelli (as Vampire Dentist was close to Clay).
      I could see the four of them go for a double date, while staying at Meg’s house in NYC … (insert Meg’s face here).
      Remember she went to the power couple after she knew they were the targets for nom last week? She asked them to act happy!
      Now she asked Shelli to act sad and angry!
      Haha, such a bossy Becky! I like it !!!

  11. Vanessa made a fatal mistake two weeks ago by not sending Austin home,she lied to half of the house and in the end was the direct cause of Clay going home and making herself even a big target,now the numbers and power has shifted in the BB house and the sixth alliance is on life support and Becky is reaching for the plug!

    • She also, created an 8 person alliance with James, Jackie, Jason, Meg, etc. then, nominated Jason and evicted him. It was surprising that James still trusted Vanessa at that point. Being a snitch has its advantage because you know what both sides are planning and who said what. Still, Becky surprised me that she had it in her to make her big move to help her own game. Becky should be the best player in the Big Brother House this week atleast.

  12. Vanessa is for sure crazy, to say John and Clay are related or gay lovers (which would actually make me happy)…I’m surprised no one laughed at the suggestion that Clay and John are gay lovers…where does she come up with this stuff???

    • Apparently it was a big thing with her a week or so back. (Thinking they were secretly related.) I’m sure those with the Live Feeds could fill you in more.

      • I know it was a thing, but where does she come up with this ridiculous ideas…I know she tried to sell the fact that they were related to target John..I wished she spread the gay lovers one though because that would have been more funny..

    • I really wish the show would do a montage of Vanessa’s conspiracy theories about HGs being related. Just from watching BBAD and reading highlights, I think she’s had at least 5 different theories about relatives in the house besides the twins. She is NUTS.

      • Anymore so and so are lovers???…haha…but yeah. ..I heard her say that she thought everyone has a twin…she almost convinced herself she had a twin…I mean, she really believe her own lies…

      • I seriously can’t tell if she believes the ridiculous stuff she makes up or if she’s just delusional. But yeah, at this point I can see her thinking the show is like a “Parent Trap” situation and she has a twin there she’s never met. Hahaha

      • *Get ready for a takeover*….Lindsay Lohan shows up and the twist is everyone has a twin. ..

      • There are other twists to come and I think that it could be about John. He could be related to Becky or Clay.

      • I kind of doubt that… They’ve seemingly quit the whole weekly takeover thing, and I doubt they’d have secret relatives on top of the twin twist.

      • There are those that investigate each HG as soon as they are announced. A relationship of any kind outside of the house would have leaked out. Even Jackie & Jeff joining the cast leaked out before the first 2 premiere shows.

    • First she thought that everyone in the house had a twin. Next, she ran through everyone in the house either being related or knowing each other before BB. It is her paranoia on overdrive.

  13. It will be great if the 6 girls decide to vote out all the boys. There are only 4 left so it won’t be hard. James is the only one winning HOH’s so far anyway.

    • That would never happen…maybe Becky, Meg and Jackie could be a three and Shelli, Liz and Julia could be a three…but they probably would never work together. …

    • That happened on Survivor. Kim Spradlin in the season she won, took a group of 5 girls and voted out the men, one by one. Last 5 was all women. She had a very good social game and the men even when they were being voted out one by one—-never had a clue.
      She was a beast too in competitions and won like 4 immunity challenges back to back.

  14. Once 6th Sense loses another member, will they be the underdogs? Will we all root for them then?

    • It all depends on what happens to the current Undogs. Often times “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” but I don’t see James/Jackie/JohnnyMac traveling that road. There’s ALWAYS a “Bad Guy” though, right? I’m sure we’ll find someone to trash.

    • No. They won’t be the underdogs, because they struck first. Their 4 weeks of total power sealed that title.

  15. Who will be evicted if it’s Vanessa vs. Shelli?

    Becky & Johnny Mac seem to want Vanessa out but need 3 more votes.

    Can probably count on Jackie.

    Not James; he’d be nuts to keep Shelli.
    Meg MIGHT vote with James out of loyalty.

    Steve will be assaulted with game talk from all sides and could go either way – unless he implodes from sudden popularity…or runs screaming from house in search of peace & quiet.

    My guess is that Shelli will stay; she’s has Johnny Mac in her corner & she’s playing it cool. Unlike Vanessa, who has gone so manic that she’s outed her own game.

    • Did you actually watch the episode? James said he’s ok with voting Vanessa off. And James is a honorable guy, he would stick to his words, unless a big blow-up happened in Van’s favor.

    • James, Jackie & Meg agreed before Clay was gone that Vanessa is the next target. They all want Vanessa out. JMac wants Vanessa out. Steve said many times on the feeds last night that Vanessa working him over isn’t going to work anymore. Austin & the twins have all said that Vanessa going is best for their game.

      I think it will be unanimous vote to evict Vanessa.

  16. This is the BEST episode of BB 17 !!! It has everything to make it the best drama and comedy show on TV !!!
    I would definitely keep it instead of deleting it right away after watching it.
    You go Becky girl … I love her more than I love Meg now but still way behind Vampire Dentist (hehe).

  17. I love Vanessa! I really don’t want her to go home. However, if she does, there is a chance that she could come back. I can admit that she is a little crazy and does talk a bit too much (and in circles at that), but if she leaves, another major player is gone from the game. I love both Shelli and Vanessa but if they are both on the block….BYE SHELLI!

  18. The way Vanessa belittled Vampire Dentist by disbelieving that he could come up of ideas by himself is really boiling my blood. Who the hell does she think she is? Evil Queen? Yep, probably she is.

    • Vanessa has labeled everyone that was laying low the first half of the game as “stupid and incapable of any game play.”

  19. With James and Meg planning strategy and Jackie covering her back Becky is now a force in season 17. I don’t think Becky can win, but I do believe she will make it to the finals (4 or 5)………… long as she doesn’t get “blind – sided” by “Creepy Steve”. Did anyone see the “LIVE FEED” today (SPOILER ALERT)? If so was Jackie’s “ass” eating up her bikini bottoms or what (she could open a bakery with her “cakes”) ! Meg was cracking jokes about James staring at Jackie’s “ass”, James was giving commentary on Jackie’s ass, Austin was trying to ignore Jackie’s ass, Liz was giving Jackie’s “ass” the shade…………….easily one of the funniest scenes in Big Brother this season! I believe Jason called it right in his eviction interview that season 17’s “Ultimate Villain(s) will be “Twin Evil” and the leader of “Twin Evil” is 5lbs. heavier than her sister, Julia. Excellent episode of Big Brother and a (major) big move by Becky to target DJ ‘Nessa (I didn’t think she had it in her). Becky clearly wanted revenge on Vanessa for making a fool of her the first time they won HOH during the “Battle of the Block” (Jeff evicted week). This season just got good for me! 4 BIG BROTHER 17 COMEBACKS, I am Nobody!!!
    QUOTE OF THE EPISODE: Becky to “Blind Squirrel Alliance”.
    QUOTE: “I’ve worked Black Friday…………….I can deal with Vanessa!”

      • August 9, 2015 before the Sunday episode (nominations) happened 5:00 pm eastern time zone. Jackie’s bottoms were turquoise and she was wearing a “hoodie” with a red or blue “bikini” top (she unzipped her hoodie for a second). After Liz (?) and Austin ran away (lol) Jackie went upstairs to the HOH room where Becky was “knocked – out” asleep. Based on the way Jackie looked at James after Austin and Liz(?) scrabbled to ignore her I’m pretty sure she wore the “bottoms” to generate a response and “hit pay dirt” IMO! Nobody 4 LATER!!!

      • Thank you!!! Since awkward moments are what make BB great, I am going to try to look this up :)

      • You should also checkout the “LIVE FEED” HoH comp. that Becky just won. The “LIVE FEED” camera was on Jackie the whole comp. because her “cheeks” (cakes) were showing in the “black buttie shorts” she wore during the comp. Even Shelli noticed and told Jackie the “fan boys” were probably loving the “LIVE FEED”, thanks to her “bottom” display during the HoH comp…………I’m forced to agree with Shelli! Nobody 4 LESS!!!

      • Wasn’t she cast as the Spring Break Girl That Will Take Her Bra Off? I am still waiting that to happen … patiently.

    • Apparently the HGs got an inflatable shark yesterday, Jackie was riding on it. Afterwards, she had to readjust her bikini bottom to cover again. Everyone that has a big booty has to readjust their bathing suit bottoms.

  20. I’m still rooting for the Sixth Sense alliance. Like Meg says, “those are my people.”
    If Vanessa does leave (which sucks because she’s been my favorite from the beginning), then I really hope the twins and Austin start playing the game HARD…and Shelli by extension. They can’t leave!
    Something about Becky rubs me the wrong way.
    And Jackie…sometimes I think she talks/curses just to hear herself talk/curse.
    Don’t really care about the boys. I’m all for GIRL POWER!

    • No insult intended at all…I’m honestly curious…What is it about Liz and Julia that makes you root for them?

  21. Vanessa is spinning a tall tale o Steve claiming she has never uttered JMac’s name as a target. Yet for the past two weeks she has repeatedly talked about getting JMac out of the house – including making a plan to put JMac and Shelli up this week so they could vote out JMac.

    Not sure if Steve believes her or not.

    • Because he’s so tight with both of them if you had to bet it all on only one (as of right now), who do you think he’d chose to side with? Vanessa or JMac?

      • So far Steve has not told Vanessa that JMac is targeting her. And he has not told her she is going on the block tomorrow. So right now I would say Steve will side with JMac.

      • Vampire Dentist has shown him that he’s honest and tells as it is while Lady Van has lied to him (She promised the same thing to both Shelli and him).

      • Last night Steve kept repeating that Vanessa working him over was not going to work anymore. He is on to her.

  22. LOL. Vanessa says she has all this dirt on Becky yo blow up her game if Becky puts Vanessa on the block. What Vanessa doesn;t know is that Becky already confessed all of that to James, Jackie and Meg so when Vanessa goes on the block and brings it all up it is going to fall flat.

  23. Vanessa clearly does not believe she is going up tomorrow which means the Veto Ceremony is going to be a complete blindside. Because of her arrogance, noone deserves it more than her

  24. Vanessa telling Julia that she told Becky she will vote with the house which she thinks allows her to vote out JMac without breaking her word to Becky. She laughs thinking how clever she is. Let’s see what happens when Becky puts her on the block next to Shelli!

  25. I really, really, REALLY don’t want to see Vanessa leave. At the end of this episode when Becky revealed her nominations to everyone and it was Shelli and Steve…Steve revealed in the diary room that Becky is his next target because she pointed out his laying low game. I know he won the Veto, but it would be so perfect if he kept the nominations the same. The house would have no choice but to send home Shelli… or Steve (for that matter). Then Vanessa would be SAFE!
    I know this is a ludicrous thought! How stupid would one be to be on the block, win the VETO and not use it on his/herself?!? I’m aware of this…but for Becky and her group to think that they have the most perfect plan, and then one move completely derails that “perfect” plan…that would be AWESOME! But it’s just wishful thinking on my part because I want Vanessa to win the game, duh!
    Of course, I know that won’t happen. Steve IS using the veto on himself. So, in order for Vanessa to stay, she needs 5 votes. It’s certain(but not completely) that the twins and Austin will vote for Vanessa to stay…that’s 3 votes. If Steve could see that keeping Vanessa in the game is in his best interests (Vanessa is one of his closest friends in the house and he DID say that Becky is his “next target” (though he never really had any power to get rid of any of his targets so why would there be a “next target”?), he could ultimately sway Johnny Mac to vote to keep Vanessa in the game. There’s Vanessa’s other two votes.
    Trust me, Vanessa’s not going to exit the game quietly. If she goes home and is able to come back in, those people in that house are going to be…TERRIFIED!

    If only the house could see that Becky’s been playing both sides as well…it’s not just Vanessa having alliances with everybody. Becky’s a sneaky snake as well. I want her to go so bad. It would be awesome if she left in Thursday’s double eviction.

    • Well I can see that Lil Stevie votes to keep her momma but I can’t see at all that he’s able to persuade Vampire Dentist to change his mind to not send Van out of the house.
      The only thing that perhaps save Van’s behind is to persuade Becky to swing to her way, in case if the votes are tied at 4-4. But it’s still highly unlikely tho, it must need a major kissing asses from Lady Van.
      The most probable scenario is that Shelli runs over Van 8-0 like she kicked Clay out 9-0 last week.
      Austwins might finally get the drift that Van is a dead DJ walking so they will vote to join Shelli’s puma wagon.

      • Why are we all convinced Steve is going to use the power of veto to save himself? Last night he told Vanessa he had every difficult decision to make and that he had 3 options what to do today with the veto. Of course we think its ridiculous not to use the veto but we are talking about Steve.

        Maybe Steve thinks he will stay because the house will vote out Shelli – and they will. Maybe he thinks Vanessa will save him. Like I said, who knows what Steve is thinking.

        What I do know is if Vanessa has a chance to save Shelli she will, even if it means Steve going home.

    • Same here. I’m a Van’s supporter too… But I think she may have really overplayed her hand with all the unnecessary “staged” fights. The only thing that can save her now is Steve not using veto, but that is very unlikely unless the cameras talk to him and tell him so. Haha.

      Hoping Shelli wins the next veto and sends one of J/J/M into jury. Especially Jackie and Meg. I have nothing against them personally, but the only thing they have managed to do so far is really just aligning themselves with James… Sometimes I don’t get how people could want either to win…

      Btw loving the fact that JMac is starting to play the game now!

    • Why bring the memory of Marcellus back from BB3 into this? Ha !!! :)
      Surely, as a BB SuperFan, Steve would not even consider this, or would he ??
      Interesting, how Production explained “Steve” to us last night and how this Beast has awaken in the Game … He seems so obsessed with Becky for whatever reason ??

      • If Steve does a Marcellus, he could be voted out as Becky promised Shelli safety. And if Vanessa is still safe, she will rally the Sixth Sense alliance to all vote to evict Steve! That would be a dumb thing to do!

  26. Oh Vanessa. She underestimates ppl. If i was JohnnyMac i would be insulted. When she said I know you did not come up with that on your own. She’s not the only one that sees other ppls game.

  27. sick her John! can’t wait to see Vanessa in melt down mode after the POV meeting. it’s going to be hilarious.

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