Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Sunday Highlights

The Vanessa target plan is in full effect in the Big Brother 17 house, and even though Vanessa is surely paranoid about the possibility, she’s being lead right into a blindside at Monday’s Veto meeting.

Vanessa Rousso gets close to her next target
Vanessa Rousso gets close to her next target – Source: CBS All Access

Everyone continues to tell Vanessa that Shelli is still the target and that Johnny Mac will be taking the pawn seat this week. She’s on edge, but to the point of discussing votes and the better options for them between what she expects will be the two nominees.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 9, 2015:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs are up & moving around.

11:15 AM BBT – Becky telling JMac about the latest Vanessa events and “the deal.”

11:25 AM BBT – John explains his plan to nom the twins the BD Austin if he has the chance.

12:00 PM BBT – Meg says she lost the PoV to Steve by just 2 minutes.

12:05 PM BBT – Becky is trying to decide if she’ll have a general, vague renom speech or something very specific and targeted to Vanessa. Meg encourages the latter. (Goodie for us!)

12:15 PM BBT – Becky, Meg, and John talk about going after Vanessa and how they’re hiding it when Vanessa walks out. She didn’t catch on.

12:20 PM BBT – John tells Meg how Vanessa picks fights with HGs and then gets the evicted from the blow-up.

12:35 PM BBT – Meg and Becky think they could beat John in F2 and that he’d be a good person to keep for the end.

2:30 PM BBT – Houseguests lounging around the pool. Julia mentions she doesn’t get called in to the DR where she could discuss her HoH performance. BB dings her for talking about DR sessions despite talking about not getting to do DRs. Heh.

3:45 PM BBT – Shark attack! Not literally, of course. HGs received a blow-up shark pool toy. They’re excited and playing around.

4:05 PM BBT – Shelli warns Julia that Steve thinks the joke that Julia liked Steve was serious. Julia is upset.

5:45 PM BBT – Vanessa making DE plans with the Twins. With the current plan, Vanessa won’t be there for it. Shh.

6:00 PM BBT – Vanessa is playing dress up with Steve. She’s trying to give him a new fashion look. It actually turns out well with the final product around twenty minutes later.

6:35 PM BBT – Steve camtalks and says he knows Vanessa is trying to befriend him, but it won’t work.

6:40 PM BBT – Upstairs Jackie and Becky venting over Vanessa and her aggression toward the other HGs. Becky jokes the Jury House may be a better environment for her.

6:55 PM BBT – Becky is worried about Steve in the game now after his impressive performance in the veto competition. She says he looks like Ian but plays like Dan.

7:15 PM BBT – Steve tells John that Vanessa is playing him hard this week and wonders if she’s sort of already campaigning to him.

7:28 PM BBT – Meg and Jackie talk about feeling bad about lying to Austin and the twins about the plan this week, but Jackie says they lied to them last week about keeping Shelli. They wonder if they should let Austin know before the ceremony that Vanessa is going on the block. They decide to let Becky handle it how she wants.

7:34 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg are so nervous about tomorrow when Vanessa goes up. They say they’re going to hide under blankets after it goes down.

8:53 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve that she doesn’t think Becky would lie to her about this week. She doesn’t think Becky is that kind of person. Steve doesn’t say much.

9:02 PM BBT – Vanessa is making her rounds because she’s clearly nervous. She asks Austin if he’s heard anything from Becky about her plan. He says he hasn’t.

9:05 PM BBT – Austin checks in with Becky. She tells him all is a go with putting John up. He says its’ good that this is an easy week since they’re likely heading into a double eviction.

9:07 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa Becky is sticking to the plan. She makes Austin go away so the cameras don’t catch her in her face mask.

9:45 PM BBT – Meg tells James that John is on their side now so he needs to work on his relationship with him. She says John will go after Austin and the twins after Vanessa goes.

9:57 PM BBT – Becky and Jackie talking about how they don’t think it’s a great idea to blinded Austin, Liz and Julia after they all complained about being blindsided.

10:15 PM BBT – HGs are hanging out outside, playing pool and working out.

10:35 PM BBT – Becky and Meg are talking about tomorrow’s veto ceremony. They talk about how good it is that Shelli can be the double eviction target since she’s staying this week and Vanessa is going.

10:37 PM BBT – Becky decides to tell Austin the plan tomorrow right before the ceremony.

11:25 PM BBT – Becky, Jackie, James and Meg talking about Vanessa in the HOH room and how she’s been sucking up to Steve. Becky tells them she’ll tell Austin about the plan tomorrow around 11AM.

11:35 PM BBT – HOH crew think Steve might side with them during a double eviction since Austin and the twins aren’t very nice to him.

12:05 AM BBT – Vanessa interrogating Steve. She wants to know if he’s told John anything she’s said about him. Steve denies and asks about Thursday’s fight which he missed while in DR. She gives a retell.

12:20 AM BBT – Vanessa continues to rant to Steve about Becky, JMac, deals, refused deals, and everything else that really upsets Vanessa. She threatens to blow up Becky’s game if anything crazy happens at the Veto meeting.

12:40 AM BBT – Julia and Vanessa talk the upcoming vote. Julia wants to keep Shelli and Vanessa agrees that’s smarter.

1:00 AM BBT – Vanessa and Julia discuss targeting the other side. Vanessa wants Becky out first. Julia wants James gone.

1:55 AM BBT – Jackie and Becky go to HoH room to vent and rant about Vanessa.

2:55 AM BBT – Becky tells Jackie she’ll give Austin a heads up a little before the meeting. She goes over what to tell Austin.

3:20 AM BBT – Steve is up to the HoH room and talks with Becky about Monday’s plan. Becky affirms it will be Vanessa and she vents to Steve.

3:20 AM BBT – Downstairs James, Jackie, and Meg discuss Shelli vs Vanessa. They know Vanessa is very dangerous to their games and must go. Meg says no matter which goes the other may still target them.

5:20 AM BBT – After another talk with Becky Steve goes outside and says he’s in a very good spot and wants to keep that. Steve says he could avoid these problems by just not using the Veto. Then admits his mom would be mad at him if he did that. Steve says he’ll use the Veto.

Monday is going to be ugly in there and we should get some very exciting Feeds for the next few days as Vanessa attempts to fight her way off the Block against Shelli.

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  1. Assuming Vanessa goes and 4S win the next HOH; is it in their best interest to target James, Becky or Jackie? James and Becky have both won two HOHs, while Jackie has won one. James has also won a POV. Team underdogs forever but wondering how the DE will turn out.

    • Hope They don’t put up Jackie and James together so one can win POV and save the other. As the numbers dwindle, their chances to play improve. But if they do and only one can be saved with POV, and Meg goes up, let’s count the votes:
      Shelli/HoH doesn’t vote;
      Austwins evict James so that’s 3;
      Jackie, Becky, Steve evict Meg for games sake;
      Jmac is deciding vote and I would hope he evict a Meg for games sake but afraid he’d evict James today. Hoping this week bonds them and that James and Johnny Mac become buds. $500K is a job James so get to work on those relationships with Steve and Jmac!

    • I have a feeling that the double will result in a James eviction and it will be Meg and Jackie left after this week…maybe they could be the new fembots or not…

  2. “12:20 AM BBT – Vanessa continues to rant to Steve about Becky, JMac,
    deals, refused deals, and everything else that really upsets Vanessa.
    She threatens to blow up Becky’s game if anything crazy happens at the Veto meeting.”

    How can Vanessa blow up Becky’s game ? She got nothing on her. Who will take seriously anything Vanessa has to say.
    I have a feeling Vanessa will have a little breakdown. Not as bad as Audrey, but she will spend lots of time in DR getting medicated.

    • I wondered that too but you know V…She’ll concoct things to blow up Beckys game. She might rat her out for being a rat but after this week with the power she’s had, Beckys protected herself from even that. Hopefully Becky is over her girl crush (Shelli) after she picked V for POV.

      • I really don’t think Vanessa can do too much harm to Becky. I think there is some realization by her new allies that she has been playing both sides, but actions speak louder than words in the BB house and she had their back when it mattered!

      • What would make you think that Vanessa ‘s response to being backdoored will be more exciting than Audrey’s reaction when she knew she was a goner? hehe haha lololol
        Let the good times roll!

      • Because Audrey’s reaction was non-existent…can’t wait for hear more delusional stories about John and Shelli …she is just going to cry, scream and beg while going like “you should have put up John, he and Clay are related/gay etc…you should send home Shelli, she and Austin (or whoever) are related…all this while non stop waterworks.

      • I’d hate to be the SECOND person going to JH and living alone with her. Lol. But at least with DE you can take shifts listening to her. She will have had a week of solitude and will have questions like crazy. I would too probably but i would bet she’d still be hyper until she got some answers. Hopefully Shelli and Liz can fill her in (til Austin self evicts the following week). Lol. And if Julia comes behind him, the bands back together except for Clay. Except for Clay.
        …Who will be so glad he’s not there. Ha ha.

      • Van is going the first half of DE. Whoever is 2nd will be in the jury house alone with her for a week. It won’t be until the week after that they can take shifts. I really feel sorry for the 2nd DE victim!

      • But if it’s Shelli, then Van will have a new friend there! Since Clay can’t console her from Van’s outbreaks! LOLOL

      • If it’s Shelli and Van realizes that Shelli knew she was the BD target and didn’t tell her … watch out Shelli! If the house is a unanimous vote to evict Van, as I think it will be, whoever goes 2nd is in for a week of demon Van at the jury house.

      • She could just tell Van that she didn’t know who the target was, just knew she wasn’t.

      • Could anyone imagine being in a real-life situation like a lengthy murder trial and being part a sequestered jury of which Vanessa was a member?
        Imagine it! hahahaha

      • As it that would be hellish, imagine how she would be one they were able to discuss the trial….she would be analyzing every minute piece of evidence and talking ad infinitum.

    • I am actually scared for Shelli, when Vanessa finds out that Shelli knew about the possible backdoor of her, and was not told that ??
      Vanessa can blow up a lot of people’s games, once she realized their betrayal of her…
      During this morning’s BBAD, can’t remember who, but someone suggested that they should warn Vanessa (assuming she is renommed) on Thursday to let her know that she was going home (aka Jeff) so not to be totally blindsided on Live Eviction Night .. Think it was Meg and Jackie ?? I suspect that they were vying for her Jury vote, in this case?
      Would be interesting to see if Vanessa would vote to give one of her former Sixth Sense Alliance her vote, should they make it to F2/F3, especially, if facing another non Sixth Sense Member ??

      • Well…Vanessa was trying to get rid of her this week, so serves Vanessa right that she didn’t find out from her…

    • Van doesn’t know that Becky came clean to J/J/M. She thinks that she’d blow up Becky’s game by revealing that Becky was in on the Jason blindside and ratting out everything to Shay.

  3. Why the hell would Becky tell Austin about putting up Vanessa? What would be the point?

  4. Why, I’m surprised Becky and the rest have pretty much kept the plan under wraps without leaking info. Congratulations are in order.

    If this was BB16, Derrick would just tell Becky to shut it down and go for the “safer choice”. Heh.

    • Nah I think Derrick still would have gone after Vanessa. He only made safer choices because most of the big targets were in his alliance. Wouldn’t make sense to get rid of them early.

    • Yeah, when was the last time a plan like this was kept under wraps so well in the BB house? I figured word would get back to Vanessa by now.

  5. In the photo above, I think that there may be another set of Twins in this games .. Their resemblance is uncanny … Ha !!! :) :P
    Poor Vanessa … why is everyone ganging up on her this week ??

    • Not sure about that either, but I look for Vanessa to take some people down with her if she ends up going…and I’m not convinced that she can’t get the votes to stay.

    • Everyone is ganging up on Vanessa because of her paranoia, bullying, staged fights, lying/backstabbing and then proclaiming her word is good. They are sick of her manipulating everything her way and then walking away as it is pinned on someone else. Even the Austwins have talked about it would be better for their game if Van goes and they don’t even know she’s the target this week!

      • Of course they’re planning on keeping Shelli as their meat shield. They may not trust her but she may be the lesser of two evils for them.

      • Agreed, but the point is that they are saying it BEFORE knowing that Van is going on the block. Austin is still convinced that JMac is going up.

  6. I’m watching BBAD from last night, and JMac is talking to Shelli outside. She’s running thru her siblings, and from what she said it sounds like she’s a twin. Can anyone confirm or deny?

  7. Well, on personal level I kinda feel sorry tho for Vanessa … hope she cope it well without losing her marbles.
    But once I put on my game face, I can’t wait for the blindside to happen! Can’t hardly wait !!!

    • With a double eviction week … should Vanessa does get the “boot”, Becky better hope that she is not the one following her out the door this week … If so, they had better tighten up security in the BB Jury House ….

  8. The twincompoops prove more every day why they deserve that nickname. They are so ugly inside and that is what I see when I look at or listen to them. Julia says that she doesn’t mean to sound mean, but a girl like her would never like a guy like Steve, then preceeds to make fun of him because the motherf***er thinks she likes him. That it is absurd and how would that even go through his mind. Twincompoops for life!

    • Is it any different than Liz and Austin ?
      It was interesting watching the tailend of BBAD over the weekend when Austin was thinking of chopping off his pony-tail beard, in order to get Liz to make a more of a commitment to him, their relationship .. etc…
      Shelli was the inbetween been the Girls in the house and Austin in the backyard with James ..
      In the end, Austin realized that it would be st*pid of him to do something that he was not comfortable in doing, just because it may appease his BB Love, that really is not interested in him …He owes James “big time” from talking him down off the ledge, I think ??
      eta: Having said that, I think that the longer Austin in the House with Liz and/or Jury House, he may actually be breaking her down ???

      • The twins voice is so bad that just reading the comments typed the way they speak make me shudder.

    • Yeah that’s not cool.
      Who’s she trying to convince – us or herself?
      If she’s “too good” for him,
      She wouldn’t have to blast it.
      It’d be obvious.
      Tsk tsk. But oh well. He knows better now so, like Clay, he’s young and is getting a life lesson in the BB house. But yes it’s painful to watch. When I see that stuff, I think: What if Steve was my little brother? I would hate him Being made fun of on TV. I hope they don’t show that on CBS for his sake. Of course people think those things in real life and Julia wouldn’t tell him that (to her credit) but on BB all things are seen and heard by the public.
      Game wise, I prefer Julia’s game over Liz’s.
      Would have been interesting to have seen Julia on her own.

      • i bet her and liz’s parents are real proud of their little darlings one C**k teaser the other one a bully

      • Sometimes it’s just the twins’ who are who they are too. I have a daughter who is nothing like her father, me and our son! She just “is” who she is! hahaha

  9. Oh mylanta, Lil Stevie is going to throw the HoH! What the ….
    Oh never mind, false alarm. I thought he meant PoV haha.
    Phewwwssss you really got me, son!

    • he probably tried to throw the POV. he doesn’t want blood on his hands and stay under the radar. it will catch up to him.

      • He did not try to throw it–in fact, he crushed it. Steve is a master of manipulation and disguise–all this stuff he does for the cams is a performance. He’s playing the people who watch the feeds as well as the house–the stuff I see about his Mom makes me laugh. An odd duck to be sure, but he’s brilliant. Once Vanessa hits the road, he’ll be the smartest one left in the house by far.

        That being said, he’s the last real wildcard left in terms of who he would nominate if he wins HOH. He’s more than capable–he just hasn’t tried. On the block twice and two veto wins tells me all I need to know. I think he’s probably ok tossing one more HOH comp and thinning out the house a bit more. After that, I think he feels the heat and wins the next one. What’s left of Sixth Sense is a sinking ship and he knows it, so I’ll say he puts up the twins together–or Austin and Liz.

      • Saving himself is NOT having bloods on his hands. NOT saving himself is having bloods on his hands, coz it means he directly wants Shelli to be voted out. If he does end up not saving himself, I really hope they all will vote him out, that’s worse than what Clay did last week for me.

      • Well, first time watcher here Ed. But I am aware of that since some people already mentioned about it. However I can’t see anything good comes out of that decision. I can understand Clay’s decision (he did it for her supposed “lover”) but can’t fathom this decision at all. That’s why if Lil Stevie does choose to not use the veto, they better vote him out!

  10. I was hoping for another John and Clay are lovers story to try to get him on the block or another so and so are lovers story from Vanessa…she’s completely crazy…

  11. Seriously??? How could Steve even consider NOT using the VETO?

    I wouldn’t even camtalk that idea without laughing hysterically!

    Both sides currently like me, but I’ll make one side mad… I know!!! I won’t use the VETO and piss off half the house while I’m on the block. Good idea!!!!

    • Then he’ll be talking to himself even more in the jury house as it will be him going first instead of the target, Vanessa! I seriously don’t think Steve would risk that at all.

      • I certainly can’t think he’d do it. But I find it hilarious that he’d even so much as consider the idea in one of his camtalk sessions. He’s a BB historian… he should know better!!!

    • Its not only a bad game move because everyone, including Vanessa would question his game play, its also a bad personal move. What if he doesn’t use the veto and then gets evicted? He would look like the stupidest BB player in BB history.

      But let’s be honest. This is Steve we are talking about so anything is possible. He has to know though, that if he doesn;t use it Vanessa will attempt to save Shelli by evicting him, doesn’t he?

  12. So, will the real Steve, please step forward?
    Last night’s episode had a interesting take on Steve … Has he been playing everyone and the viewers for the past 5-6 weeks with his awkwardness and/or sandbagging, as he suggested last night?

    • Look… I think Steve is a smart guy. He knows BB. And I think it is a strategy of his to somewhat sandbag and try to stay under the radar. I think he definitely could have done better in some comps than he has if he tried a little harder…

      But the social awkwardness is real, IMO. Some of the things he says in private when he camtalks just show that he’s a little bit out of touch with everyone else in the house.

  13. You have to listen to Vanessa carefully because when she tells a story she changes some little facts while keeping the basic story close to the truth. For example, when talking to Steve about the fight with JMac and Clay she said, JMac dragged her into another room to talk to her about what was said. It was actually the other way around, She dragged him. Its just a little change but enough to make someone think Vanessa was not the instigator of the argument and not the inquisitor.

    She does that quite a bit and she gets away with it. She has a unique way of looking at things to make herself not seem like the bad guy.

  14. OMG. Vanessa was harassing Becky about why she put her up and Becky started explaining then just got up and walked away from her!

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