Big Brother 17: Becky Sneaks Her Plan Past Vanessa

We’ve watched Houseguests crumble under the rambling onslaughts of Vanessa Rousso, but last night Becky Burgess put the rest to shame with a confident smile, plenty of nods, and a handful of lies.

Becky gives Vanessa's game a thumbs down
Becky gives Vanessa’s game a thumbs down – Source: CBS All Access

With the Power of Veto competition behind them Vanessa wasn’t feeling any better about her chances and now probably knew she was in even worse of a spot against the House. A quick trip to visit Becky may have calmed those fears, but she won’t feel comfortable for long.

Flashback to 11:54PM BBT 8/9 as Vanessa heads for the HoH room where she confronts Becky after a talk with James had her more worried than before. It’s a long talk that runs until 12:26AM BBT when Becky finally gets Vanessa out by leaving the room herself.

During their talk Vanessa is clearly concerned about going up as the renom. She starts off asking about Becky’s plans since she knows Becky is close with JMac, the proposed renom per the 8-HG deal last week. No worries, says Becky. She tells Vanessa that yes, JMac will go up on the Block and she’s not worried about it because she has the three votes of James, Jackie, and Meg. From there she’d need just one more to make sure John stays and Vanessa goes. Vanessa says she’ll even have her vote.

Becky doesn’t skip a beat as Vanessa continues to question her plan with the obvious concern that she’s going up. She’s all smiles and assurances to Vanessa. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all, Vanessa! You just go along and enjoy your Sunday (because after that it’s gonna be a rough week).

Vanessa points out that if Becky did do something like put her up then she doesn’t know if Shelli would still be a sure thing to evict. Vanessa suggests that there could be a vote flip and suddenly HGs will want to keep Shelli when you consider things like the twins being sorority sisters with Shelli. Becky again uses that to agree and say she wouldn’t think of it.

Downstairs Vanessa goes to Austin, Jackie, James, and Meg to tell them that yes, she is going to vote with the house and send Shelli home. Flashback to 12:43 AM BBT. Vanessa has been convinced by Becky in their talk upstairs that she’s not the target and things are going to her expected plan.

Becky comes in to the room and Vanessa leaves. Becky tells them about the talk and how she sold the story to Vanessa. Flashback to 12:50 AM BBT for that one. Becky laughs as she explains “oh of course you have my word” and then flashes a thumbs down. Everyone laughs and is relieved.

Sunday will be interesting as we wait to see what Vanessa starts to think next as her paranoia will most likely return. She’s high strung and for good reason so we might get more fun out of those situations today. If not Sunday then get ready for one hell of a Monday afternoon with the Veto Ceremony that will put Vanessa and Shelli on the Block against each other.


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    • Oh goodness, I’m PRAYING that during the renom speech, Becky nails Vanessa on giving her “word” to everyone, when her “word” went out the front door with Jason.

      Basically, I’m just tired of Vanessa rambling about how good her word is every five seconds.

    • Maybe Shelli and Van shouldn’t have been so cocky two weeks ago and thought they had this in the bag. They deserve what they get. Shelli is very likely next to go after Van.

      You must be a Sixth Sense fan. Sorry for your loss.

      • I couldn’t have said it any better – in fact I couldn’t have come close.

        Really. I couldn’t.

      • Now your team is the cocky one. Jackie and Meg and James and Becky are sitting pretty and feeling confident. For now at least. And as Vanessa and Clay found out, getting confident will be your downfall.
        I’m especially looking forward to Meg’s eviction. I’m not sure why, but I really don’t like the girl.

      • I don’t see them as being cocky whatsoever. They are fun-loving, self-deprecating at times, and they don’t make up lies about people.

      • Seems to me, they are playing smart and being aware of the possible power shift. That was one of the downfalls of Clelli, I think. They never really considered what may happen if the power shifts because I suspect they never thought it would.

      • The sixth sense got too comfortable with the back to back hoh wins. The Botb really helped them, because technically Shellie’s first hoh (if won solo) would have been Becky’s because she finished the puzzle faster, and vanessa’s 1st win should have been austin’s he had the higher number. I hope BB doesn’t bring Botb back..

      • Me either. I see them as being confident only when necessary, since they bided their time until now and now it’s best to strike back than any other time!

      • They’re also discussing that the power could just as easily shift away from them again. That’s the opposite of cocky.

      • LMAO! You seem like a typical popular-crowd type. When the geeks and dweebs get an upper hand, you call them even worse names and knock them for having the upper hand. I guess 5 weeks of being on the block with no power doesn’t count for anything.

      • I’m not calling anyone names nor am I being cruel to anyone. I’m not sure what you are talking about. You seem to be content creating a narrative about me based on no knowledge of me and based on what little I’ve said about the game.

      • I’ve read your posts (from your other account too) and you’ve said considerably worse than anything I’ve said. If calling someone cocky makes me mean, then what does that make you given that your posts have been far more biting?

      • I only use this guest name. I don’t have a registered account. You justify statements based on feeling. I make statements based on facts.

      • “You seem like a typical popular-crowd type”
        Totally. No feeling there. Only facts. Totally.

      • I didn’t say you ARE, I said you SEEM LIKE. Good luck getting me convicted on libel. In the meantime, just stop. You’re making yourself look petty.

      • You’re the one personally attacking me, and you think I’m the one who looks petty?
        Try again, kiddo.

      • You attacked me personally after I shared my thoughts on the game. Now shut up, punk. Take a seat.

      • Congrats on your google skills. Took you almost no time at all to find the definition and comprehend it.

      • Hey stop fighting you guys. It’s only a game. But I really hope Van goes in the first eviction this week. She’s like a female Dan. So manipulative.
        Kick her butt to the curb.

      • Female Dan? Not even close. What an insult to anyone who watches the game.

      • Dan was calculated. Won comps when he had to, manipulated when he had to, picked the right allies, and stayed under the radar and and away from drama. Vanessa’s gameplay runs on paranoia and compulsive lying. She lies compulsively even when it’s not beneficial to her game, throws people under the bus when it’s not necessary, and stages fights that put her at the center of the drama. She’s basically a version of Audrey that got caught in her web late game as opposed to early game.

      • Vanessa is a bit of a bully. She intentionally stirs trouble to cast doubt, uses circumstances of where she helped someone to create an emotional blackmail level, trying to sway her brand of influence farther than it can actually go.

      • Agree with everything up to the Meg eviction part. She is a floater, hard to have strong feelings about her.

        But spot on about power. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Now, next week, the power will again be up for grabs. And who looks cocky will again be the ones in power.

      • Why common sense? Usually when BB players don’t like someone, they scorn & ignore them, instead of pretending to befriend them. It’s brilliant!

      • Brilliant is taking it way too far. Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer isn’t a turn of phrase for no reason at all.

      • I’m trying to think of examples in BB, and you’re right. They usually don’t do that even though it’s a common sense time honored tradition to do so. I wonder why?

      • Because the BB attitude has always been “if you’re seen talking to someone, you must be conspiring with them.”

      • My takeaway from all of this is never play Big Brother. I don’t think I would enjoy this at any level. It’s hard to watch sometimes, though this season has been much less ugly than previous recent seasons.

      • Are you sure? I hadn’t seen anything on who came up with the idea. I just know that they’re executing it together.

      • And don’t have game play conversations individually like Van tends to do. Do them all as a group!

      • OK. Probably not the technically correct BB word, but in context, i think you can see what I meant. She has had little game impact (other than being there and voting how others tell her to) and has been a danger to no one. Again, hard to have strong feelings about her.

      • Meg is well aware of the game. I know a floater when I see one, and she’s not. Horrible on comps, but I’m the same, no strong feelings about her.

      • She is a floater by BB standards but because she’s in a solid alliance, she’ll go farther than possibly JMac and Steve would have if the other alliance didn’t use them to benefit them.

      • I thought the definition of a BB floater is someone who always floats to whoever is in power, rather than stick to an alliance. Andy was the ultimate floater.

      • That too, but they’re floating through without being evicted and they’ve not won comps either.

      • He won 2 or 3 HoH’s! LOL And he had great social game with all the hgs unlike Meg, Liz and Julia!

      • Meg has a great social game. Derrick started winning when there were only a few people left.

      • As will she too I hope! But for now she’s considered a floater like Becky was to some degree til now!

      • I always thought a floater made temporary agreements with others and did not function as a loyal member of an alliance. By that definition JMac is a floater and Meg is not.

      • Yep, according to Hamster’s Watch it’s the one that always floats to the power.

      • You mean I’ve had it wrong all this time? Ahahaha. Oh well, I guess my definition always got by without being called on it! hahahaha

      • With Meg, it’s all about the fact that she’s not really playing the game. I feel the same way about the twins. They’re just there. I don’t respect a game where one’s biggest contribution is being there.

        The smugness I’m reading is adorable. I’m hoping there’s a coup led by JMac and Steve with Becky in their backpockets. I doubt it will happen, but it would be a treat to watch.

      • Meg has done more to get this far in the game than Steve in my opinion. He has an atrocious social game, talks more game with himself than anyone else, and has been manipulated by an ally who would and has thrown him under the bus several times. Steve is much harder for me to watch than Meg.

      • Meg is certainly not a floater. Sometimes I curse the fact that Rachel got on the show, she screwed up the definition of so many terms!

        Jun Song was a floater, Meg just sucks at competitions.

      • Totally agree with you about Meg! Can’t stand her. She has floated this whole game with whomever was the HOH. Jackie could go too as she is another floater and useless.

      • I’ll admit that the backyard gang was a loose group of friends, but Jason leaving changed all of that. J/J/M and B are a solid alliance now. They are not floaters. 2 weeks of getting the job done once they formed their group, shows that they have game.

      • And are taking back the power of a huge alliance when not one person inside or outside the house thought they could! Kudos!!

      • Jackie I feel is a step or 10 above the rest. She’s the thinker of the group. I can appreciate that even if she’s not on the team I’m rooting for.

      • All I’m seeing is a group of people celebrating the fact that they’re finally in control after a month of seeing their friends get kicked out of the house.

      • They’re making fun of the other side and talking smack, the same things Sixth Sense was doing (mostly Vanessa). They’re also getting very comfortable in their new position of power. If they continue to dominate as they have the past two weeks, I think you better get used to people not liking them. As I said elsewhere, people almost always root for the underdog.

      • 6th sense didn’t talk smack all that much really, they just called the other side “bad people” whereas the Goblins are just making fun of Vanessa, keeping it mostly light hearted and fun. Way I look at it, 6th Sense are similar to the Nerd Herd while the Goblins are viewed more to the liking of the Sovereign Six.

        Also, the overwhelming majority of BB fans seem to be rooting against the 6th Sense right now from what I’m seeing.

        All that having been said, I kind of want to see someone like Shelli or Austin win during DE and take out Becky or Meg. Game is at it’s best when the power shifts constantly. I don’t like 6th Sense, but it’d be interesting.

      • Not sure Austin can win much of anything. Maybe intentional, but smarts are not who he is and physical endurance is a challenge for him as well.

      • Meg floats definitely. Opposite of Van. She agrees with everyone, keeps the peace with everyone, and makes them all feel loved. (ie comforting Shelli and then saying, in DR ‘so annoying’. Confidence in this game is definitely a luxury that no one can afford. The end game is the money, which they ALL want.

      • My little Asian stud muffin. He stirred this game up and made it watchable – I was getting really bored up until then.

      • Why so rude? I am not a 6th sense fan and I have not lost a thing. I get tired of making a comment on these threads and someone like you has to come at me like you just did. I really don’t have a favorite this season.

      • You can play the game and talk game like Shelli and Vanessa do and yes they were glad to be winning. Just like now the other side is winning and happy about it which they should be. The difference is talking about targeting someone as game play or doing what Jackie and Meg are doing which is acting like mean girls still in school. Making fun of people just to do it. That’s where I think their mean girls. Stick to the game.

      • Shelli and Van lied to everyone in sight, cut them at the knees(hypothetically speaking, of course), and still demanded 100 pct loyalty from their subjects while the mentally terrorized them 24/7. How would you respond if you got the chance to return the favor? Remember–revenge is a dish best served cold

      • I said that’s fine get revenge but leave the gossipy, making fun of people on a personal level out of it.

      • Should have said that to Vanessa, Shelli and Liz when they were doing it. They did it without being provoked. At least J/M/B have a reason to poke fun at their attackers. What’s 6th Sense’s excuse?

      • When did this happen and what did they say? Jackie and Meg are constantly talking crap about Shelli and it has nothing to do with the game.

      • They’re constantly talking smack about Jackie, Meg and Becky. Van is the worst about doing it.

      • Like I said what did they say. Talking about how they’re going to target them or get them out or they’re bad at comps, etc I can understand its game. But Jackie and Meg make fun of their appearance, calling Shelli old, making fun of her and Clays relationship, I could go on and on. That’s not game talk that’s making it personal. Look I can’t stand Vanessa either but I haven’t heard her making fun of them. So that’s why I’m asking what was said.

      • I don’t see any problem with making fun of someone trying to continue to manipulate you after you’ve already figured them out. I’ve never heard them make personal attacks, they joke about game.

      • I’m not a 6th sense fan..I don’t really have a favorite this season. I haven’t lost a thing, thank you very much.

      • Like Yogi Berra said “It ain’t over til it’s over” they got too comfortable too soon and the Karma Bus is there for the ride home. Like they say; The last will become First and feeble shall become Strong. Vanessa,Shelli,Austin,the twins in that order I want them gone! I was tired,grossed out by Austin by the first episode

    • The mean girls are Vanessa and Shelli so now it is the other side’s turn to seek revenge. Hopefully.

      • I still haven’t come to a decision on Becky. I’m anxious to see what she will do if Shelli won HIH again. My gut tells me that Becky would go back to being her rat. I hope she would prove me wrong. Of course, I’m hoping that Shelli never wins a HOH comp again, or anything for that matter.

      • I heard from Ytube/spoiler, Becky was hit by a “bat” in the face(again)! OMG!..Could be in the veto comp?…you know she nearly won, she came 2nd to Steve. lol

      • You mean like a baseball bat or a Dracula bat? I wonder if she heard a train whistle blowin’ in her head for a sec?

      • And, btw, Cyril, I meant to tell you that it isn’t El Capitan that my husband is climbing. He set me straight on that one and got a kick out of the thought of it. I still think that is what he said at first. And I thought maybe they were climbing in that vicinity, but it’s the Tetons where they are doing rope-assisted climbs. They went out Thursday and are riding bikes and taking hikes trying to get acclimated.

      • All guys? You can’t go? Rope assisted climbs? They must be experienced. That’s rough for me. lol

      • You’ve done it. Wow! I have no desire to go with my husband on one of his guy trips. Being couped up in a vehicle or even in the same vicinity of those guys and their incessant farting and burping, is not my idea of fun. The stuff they eat when training leaves a disgusting trail in their path. Been there.

      • Ahahahahaha…I feel the same way when my hubby goes on his annual “no girls allowed” guy trips! LOL

      • Since I don’t “really” know you, Joni, I’ll have to take your word for that. hehe Men sure tend to make us ladies lose what sanity we do possess sometimes, but they also add a lot of good stuff to make up for it.

      • These guys are all nerds, so they tend to keep it clean, but are redundant as all get out! hahaha

      • Although I enjoy a nerdy-type person, my husband is definitely not one. Too sarcastic.

      • I had to learn how to become sarcastic to over ride his nerdy nature! You know, keep him guessing and keep it interesting. Otherwise it would have made for a very dull and boring union all these years! hahaha

      • Yes, I did some target shooting yesterday. I’ve been shooting since I was around 8 yrs. old. My Dad taught me with a 22 rifle. I’m a better shot than my husband. I don’t have a carry permit, but my husband does.

      • No, not at all. Just well-trained and very respectful of what a weapon is capable of doing. And it is fun trying to blow the lid off of a milk jug. haha

      • LOL LOL Men! Can’t live without them, oops, guess we could, but then what would we complain about?

      • Wow – your husband is athletic. Do you do anything daring like that KSJB? Come on, don’t disappoint me!

      • He’s 5 years younger. Wait until he gets my age. LOL
        A few weeks ago I ziplined 7 times over various valleys in the Smoky Mountains, while singing “Good Ole’ Rocky Top” Does that count?hehe

      • Liz isn’t nice, either. She’s said some pretty mean things throughout the season.

      • I agree, but Liz is just a floater hoping Austin keeps her safe. I like Julia’s personality a lot better. I wouldn’t mind Julia staying, but liz and Austin need to go after Vanessa, Shelli and Steve or before Steve.

      • HELLO! Austin hasn’t won any competitions…LIZ has! If anything, Liz is keeping Austin safe.
        Liz was Hoh( I know she got dethroned) and she won one of the Battle of the Blocks. What does Austin have to show for himself?…he’s the floater.

      • You seem rather plugged in. Can you explain to me why Jason seems to be loved when he was making some very racy and ugly comments? I understand why people don’t like Liz, but I fail to understand how Jason escaped people’s anger because he said a few things that raised my eyebrows.

      • Joking around vs. being serious about mean things are very different. Joking around is excused way more often.

      • I know if I were in that house, I would have a really hard time not using the C word.

      • I completely disagree, why can’t saying a word be said with harmless intentions? Sure, if you throw out context, I can see why you’d say such a thing. But I always have felt that words only have their power with a particular intention behind them.

      • You’re free to disagree with me, but many people, myself included, don’t have a lot of tolerance for certain words. The C word and the N word typically top the list. Jason uses the C word a bit too frequently for me to let it slide, but that’s fine if you don’t agree with me.

      • Jason may have said some things to rile people up in the game but Liz was down right mean in her goodbye comment to Jason. Just a shame Jason can’t do the same for her when she leaves the house.

      • She was definitely unnecessarily cruel. I wasn’t a big Jason fan but I haven’t been able to look at Liz the same since that goodbye message.

      • Jason was downright mean in some of the things he said to, but he gets a pass for some unknown reason. I don’t get it.

    • No they’re not, in my opinion. They aren’t forcing anyone to do as they’d like!

      • I agree with you. It’s because they talk like mean school girls instead of game talk. Go after whoever you want. But leave the mean gossipy crap out of it.

      • What I don’t understand is when Vanessa, Shelli and Liz were being mean, bullying and using people nobody called them “mean girls”, although they were and they were being obnoxious about it. Now that the tables have turned and the outsiders have banded together and are out for revenge, they’re joking around and poking fun at their targets and I don’t blame them. It’s like HS when a person that’s been bullied finally stands up for herself and she’s the one that gets the mean girl label. J/M/B are not mean girls. They are standing up for themselves and getting revenge.

    • Unfortunately whoever holds power and just happens to be successful in the game will be frowned upon. I was no fan of the sixth sense but at least I could admire their win streak for awhile. Becky, Jackie, and Meg are not the mean girls. It’s just the perception because their side holds power. That’s how it’s always viewed in this game. I don’t know why. Seems like people frown on power and control in this game.

      • Nope..I am not frowning on power..I don’t care who is in power..I just don’t like them..plain and simple!

      • I don’t understand what’s not to like about James, Jackie and Meg? They are all very sweet good hearted people. I just don’t see what’s not to like about them.

      • I”m not frowning on their current power! I’m loving it!! And they are very aware that the power could easily shift away from them. They’re preparing for it.

      • Psychologically we love the underdogs. Watch any sports movie, and chances are it’s a story of underdogs overcoming heavy odds. That dynamic is alive and well in the BB audience.

      • I consider it luck for the most part. But strategic they were not…they never had a Plan B if Plan A wasn’t successful. So they were lucky they never required a Plan B until now, when it’s possible it could be a bit too late! :-)

    • They aren’t the mean girls, let’s call them THE GET EVEN GIRLS. Lil James made it interesting but once Austin,the twins,steve,Johnny,are gone my faves will be left and I want Jackie to win

  1. For some reason I still don’t feel confident that Becky will put up Vanessa and wants Shelli safe as well. BB always shows what is convenient and not the whole truth. I didn’t even know the whole house decided to vote out Clay until nomination day. James, Meg and Jackie were confident that Clay was going to stay, even on BB after dark. I hope that Shelli leaves, but both women are good at comps so it really won’t matter who stays.

      • Steve hates Becky. He has considered not using the POV on himself, just to foil her plan. Its’ not his choice who to renom, but he can certainly destroy her game. Of course, he would be cutting his own throat as well. Being stupid is not the name of this game.

  2. How delicious is the fact that our millionaire poker diva got bluffed by Becky? Maybe our Colorado girl should take her talents to Vegas and clean up in the poker rooms!

    • I really hope Becky survives the double eviction. As long as everything goes as planned this week, she will have deserved to make it to the following week for having taken down the EXHAUSTING Vanessa Rousso.

  3. When you’ve faced a train it’s hard to be intimidated by a person of flesh and blood. As long as Shelli or Vanessa goes this week I’m happy.

    • Meg is a goat in this game. She suggests moves, but immediately goes with the consensus. Meg is a follower.

      • It will be very interesting to see what will happen if Shelli wins the first HOH on Thursday. She needs to put up Becky with Jackie or Becky with Meg.

      • I hope some merical happens and Vanessa stays like a team america thing because she is the best player this season she knows when she is in trouble.

    • Meg is with Jackie, James and Becky on wanting Van out before Shelli. She and Jackie came up with “operation best friend Shelli” to deflect Shelli and make her comfortable going into the DE.

  4. I saw the whole the whole Becky/Van convo last night. Becky was a “smooth operator” Both James and Becky should be proud on how they handled their HOH

    • Becky has been solid if you’re rooting for her. Much better thru in noms and thru the veto (if she goes thru with it – 99% at this point)

      James screwed up (a little) by not taking down clay and putting up van then. It worked out since Becky won next HOH. But if she hadn’t ????

      • because america would decide who to evict if he was americas player you must me new to this

      • You must “me” new if you think that he would be forced to do it. Remember, he turned down 5k to take the veto last week. America’s Player still has a choice.

      • Evel was saved and he was the worst human being in the shows history at least to that point

      • IMO, she is WAY more annoying than entertaining. But I’m not above saying that Vanessa has definitely been a main focus for added drama, whether you like her or not.

      • Well, I believe you are right about Vanessa, but I am also mindful of her edit on the show, which gives regular viewers the impression that she is a master strategist and manipulator. That has a lot of cache with the folks who do not watch BB the way we superfans do.

      • I use to be one of those who only watched the televised programs, so that is an excellent point.

      • Vanessa has zero entertainment value. She wanks into a room full of laughter and all the plants int he room wilt. All she does is talk game because she is overly paranoid.

        When Vanessa is not around the rest of this house is actually pretty entertaining to watch on the feeds. James, Austin and the twins are always good for some laughs and even Meg can be fun – regardless of how poorly they all play the game.

      • She wanks into a room. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Maybe a typo (?) … but kind of perfectly describes Vanessa’s personae in this game right now. Love it!

      • I sure as heck wouldn’t want to save Vanessa! She’s exhausting to watch with all her paranoia and bunk theories of the house guests being related. Lol I can not wait to say good riddens to that ugly beanie of hers either! Lol

      • America hasn’t decisions aren’t about specific game play, especially not a specific eviction. The closest we got to voting on an eviction was “save an America’s Player” last season. The other 2 APs turned it down.

    • I think Julie would have said something by now if there were an “America’s Player.” That was probably just James pulling one of his many pranks.

    • Lol no. Usually it involves pranks or trying to get some kind of specific reaction from various HG’s. There is no way James is saving Van, even if it was a possible option.

  5. Yeah I heard the underdogs are getting a little rude. But I rather see them in power cuz 3 weeks of the Sixth Sense deciding everything starts to get boring. Also people say Vanessa is a good strategist (and she is) but who knows maybe when the Underdogs start to get more screen time, we’ll start to see how good or bad they really are.

  6. This week will be really interesting! I’m getting my confidence in Becky again :)

  7. Woohoo Becky is back on my favorites list! She and James are making the biggest moves of the season. And for everyone saying the underdogs are mean. Look at Jason’s eviction and what the Sixth Sense did. They lied and backstabbed the underdogs, and have consistently targeted them. And now they’re returning the favor. Nothing ‘bad’ in that.

  8. I can not wait to see the look on Vanessa’s face when she’s renommed, and then I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she’s sent packin’!!! Woot!! BuhBye Vanessa! Woot!!! :-D

  9. Vanessa did this to herself two weeks ago. There was no reason to tell the entire house about the plan to back door Austin. That’s where the wheels came off. When she changed her mind and put up Jason as the Renom, they got upset and became suspicious of her. Had she not told everyone, only Jackie and Meg would have been upset. Before that moment, the other side of the house was cluelessly and happily marching out the door and doing whatever Vanessa and Clelli wanted. I really thought she was the best strategic player in the game. But, she overreacted and overplayed and now she will be the first jury member.

    • Her first mistake was agreeing to backdoor Austin. The bigger mistake was not going through with it once she shook hands with the other side and promised to do it. In her defense, she told Shelli and Clay what it would mean if she broke the deal. She laid it out for them in detail how it would draw a line in the sand and expose their alliance. They all greed they were willing to take the risk and now they are dealing with the consequences. Shelli and Clay realized they made a huge mistake by changing the plan and Vanessa probably realizes it too. The worst thing for Vanessa is no one believes anything she says now, even if its the truth. She is Audrey II.

      • I never understood why she did that.

        The plan was to have the BOTB thrown so Van was no longer HOH. So, she didn’t think of the consequences of a BoTB throwing operation gone wrong. Lazy play from a poker player who typically considers all the angles.

      • Or a narcissistic one that always believe things will go the way she wants as long as she sets it up. That’s probably why she hasn’t been ranked very high in poker in at least 4 years. Over confident.

      • Bingo! Vanessa thinks she is always the smartest person in the room and therefore things must go her way. Plus, she relies way too much on probabilities which is fine when dealing with playing cards but when it comes to people it simply doesn’t work. Odds go out the window when the subjects are unpredictable like in the BB house.

      • I don’t believe it was a lazy play. I think she knew what she was doing, but was counting on someone from her alliance winning at least one of the next two HoH competitions.

      • I agree with everything you said but I’m cracking up at “Audrey II”. It’s true but have you ever seen Little Shop of Horrors? Adds an entirely new meaning to the name.

    • When she brought James, Meg, Jackie and whoever else, I can’t remember, in that back bedroom off of the HOH room, and shook their hands on “the deal,” Vanessa’s game imploded.

    • Agree that the downfall around the moment you describe. Disagree a little that there was no reason to tell Liz.

      In hindsight, since the Austwins have turned out to be useless in comps, she shouldn’t have. But, if she doesn’t tell Liz/Julia (who was then coming in for sure) and they started winning comps, then Vanessa was at risk.

      • I have no problem with her telling Liz and the other alliance members about the plan to backdoor Austin. I just never understood why she needed to tell everyone else on the other side of the house. That, I think, what’s her ultimate mistake. I really do think the other side of the house was clueless as to the alliance and what was going on.

      • Liz will blab to Austin. She may not like him romantically, but she counts on him to keep her safe in this game. He is her ticket to getting further in this game. He will protect her with his own game and she knows it. She will blab.

  10. Once again Vanessa has been fooled by the inferior lot. She claims she can tell when people are lying by their pulse. Becky completely fooled her, just like everyone else who lies for her.

    In BB, lying is part of the game, but the thing about Vanessa is when she’s lying I get the impression she really believes what she is saying! At this point Becky has her figured out completely and every time Vanessa talks to Becky, Becky has already anticipated what she will say so it only reaffirms Becky’s suspicions about Vanessa being the biggest manipulator in the house.

      • It’s a sarcastic comment in jest on Vanessa’s attitude and feelings towards others in the house. Move on troll. You won’t be fed here much longer. You’re use of the word troll rings of someone claiming to be a marine on here.

      • I’ve not typed the word “troll” on here. Ever. Until this post. I used to take grunts where they needed to go, and I have tons of respect for them, but I’ve never claimed to be one and I never would.

        And FYI… the M is ALWAYS capitalized. Marine. Not marine.

        School’s out.

      • Ah, I see I’m not the only one you’re going after with your supreme maturity and intellect. Begone, troll.

      • I’m laughing about the “School’s out” delivery at the end….It’s like a six year old that thinks he’s cool…..hilarious…

  11. Although the season isn’t complete, I wish it had turned out like this:
    11:James-Double eviction–round 1
    10:Jackie-Double eviction–round 2
    *Jackie returns*
    7:John-Double eviction–round 1
    6:Julia-Double eviction–round 2
    Runner-up: Jason!
    Winner: Da ‘Vonne!
    I think if certain hgs lasted longer to increase the drama factor (MAMA DAY AND JASON, Audrey) and certain hgs took their place as prejurors (Vanessa, Austin, Steve-aka floater) then this season would have been awesome! As you can see, I’m a fan of the other side of the house (non-sixth sense) If Jeff/Jackie, Meg, Da’Vonne, Jason, and James formed an alliance to counter the sixth sense, then it would have been even better….also, as you can see, I have them ranked in such a way that would allow the power to shift nearly every week….what do you guys think??? You’re all beautiful <333

  12. She didn’t keep the back door plan secrete from Vanessa she knows she is in danger LOL. Fail.

    • Vanessa suspects that she is in danger, but she doesn’t KNOW. She half believes that Becky is brainless and will put up JMac. If she had successfully detected that Becky was acting last night, she would have ran immediately to Austin to tell him that she knows she’s the target.

      So far, it’s a success!!

      • Oh, that’s right. Reinforced when she learned the twins struck a deal with Becky.

      • And quelled with Becky’s talk last night. She suspects, but she doesn’t know. I think she wants to believe Becky’s comforting.

      • It’s always in the back of her mind whether she heard it directly from somebody or not..Her paranoia is always present. The question is what is she gonna do about it? …not much.

      • No, Vanessa definitely knows she’s in trouble. She wants to believe what Becky is selling her, but to say she completely buys it would be an overstatement.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying. I just got tired of typing the whole thing over again.

  13. Becky may be making the move but Vanessa has beat herself in this game. Becky gets 100 kool kid points for figuring her out and handling her effortlessly.

  14. Vanessa has absolutely no loyalty, she says she thinks she is good, but she immediately starts to throw Shelli under the bus when she isn’t on the block yet…girl is crazy…

      • Does anyone notice how crazed Vanessa ‘ s eyes appear when she is actively paranoid when something happens?

    • Agree that she is a little crazy, but to say that she has no loyalty is not correct IMHO.

      In fact, it is her loyalty to Austin & the twins that has gotten her into the mess she is in. Going back on the Austin BD by staying loyal to her alliance has outed her to the other side.

  15. Like Becky or not, she has definitely earned her BB stripes! She better get top bacon this week! Between settling on an alliance (& sticking with it so far), coming up with a plan to BD Van all while keeping the other queen B, Shelli, on the block AND fooling the poker player at her own game, she is has moved from non-existent rat to BB player!

    • The sudden pro-Becky love in these boards puzzles me .

      I don’t know if it was you, but in the past, when she was a rat, there were many disparaging things said about her. Now, for a lot of folks, she is a hero. Next week, if she doesn’t win HOH, she will be in a dilemma. Stay with Jmac (& Steve & maybe Shelli) or with J/J/M. My guess is she becomes the rat again & it depends on who wins HOH. When not in power herself, she has shown a floating personality. A leopard can’t erase its spots.

      So IF she go back to be a rat , will everyone will start hating on her again?

      • I wouldn’t trust Becky in this game. She may be working for the side of the house that I prefer this week, but she still has that double agent history and that is a lot of mistrust to overcome.

      • My change in heart for her came the moment she told JMac that she was through being a rat and was going to align herself with J/J/M. I think that decision was a wake-up for her. Until she proves it otherwise, I’m now in her corner for making that decision.

      • But, as I said. Whether you like her or not … trust her or not … she is playing the game now.

      • She’s my shero this week if she gets Vanessa out the door, but I fear you’re right about her game play. She will most likely go back to her ratgirl ways.

      • I haven’t been a Becky fan at all this Season but can totally see the reasons for her being a “ratgirl.” She was recruited to play the game and knew nothing about it. If you’re inside that house with some people who supposedly are “Super Fans” that might be pretty intimidating so you look to find whatever advantage you can to stay protected. Even if you binge-watch a few seasons beforehand I’ll bet it’s pretty jarring once you get inside and find yourself alone. Most of us are pretty into the game but imagine never having been camping before and all of a sudden you’re dumped into the woods with 15 other campers. You’d probably lay back and observe and do what you could to get help from someone who seems to know how to start a fire and fish.

      • I’m reactive to how they’re playing the game. So, yes my comment will change from time to time …she could be really stupid next

      • I liked her before and I’m super thrilled her plan is working.

        Being a “rat” is a valid strategy in the game as long as you don’t get figured out. And so far, she played both sides until she settled for the J/J/M side.
        I think she’s played a good game so far, especially this week.. if she goes through with putting up Vanessa.

  16. Sun 11:24 AM BBT John tells Becky if he wins HOH he would nominate Liz and Julia and backdoor Austin

      • Putting up one of the twins with Becky? I don’t know, Steve doesn’t seem to have a game that one could predict simply because he doesn’t seem to play the game at all^^

      • That’s why it’s best to expect the unexpected. Who predicted Becky would win a solid HoH instead of a temporary one?

      • I’m thinking James or Becky since those are the two who put him up, but Steve may not feel he needs a reason other than what is best for his game. He does seem to be unpredictable.

    • That would be a bad move for him, if he has aspirations of actually winning the game.

      Actually, the elephants in the room are the Austwins and how they are handled will be telling in who actually WINS.

      First, they are useless in comps, so not a lot of worry they make it to the end. Plus, no one will take them with them to the end because of the other votes.

      So, the goal for a winning HG will be to get rid of them, but not be the prime mover in the evictions. The first HG(s) to target the Austwins will have 3 votes against in jury (& likely Van too). That will likely be too big a problem to overcome.

    • If he is determined to take the Nitwit or a Twincompoop out, I don’t understand why Austin. I would think Liz would be the one out of the three to gun for. The twins will always vote the same. Austin may not always vote with them and Julia could definitely turn on Austin once Liz is out. Liz is the glue.

      • I think JMac has a slight crush on Liz and Austin stands in the way of that! hahahaha It would be a personal game move than strategic!

      • Really? I thought he has a crush on Becky. He’s got that smitten look when he’s around her.

      • I thought so too, but Becky just likes him as a friend whereas JMac really wishes he had Liz alone to himself! hahaha

      • Yes I believe he has it for Becky and Steve for Julia. On the feeds a few days ago the two made a deal to go after (romantically) their object of affection once they reached jury. It was more Steve but JMac did agree….

  17. Oh this is just too good, finally the house has woken up and have realized Shelli and Vanessa have been the ones controlling the house, and all it took was James showing some backbone and others have caught on. Becky of all people has really been surprising. but yeah. I honestly can’t wait for tomorrow, Vanessa may have a breakdown and it won’t be pretty.

      • She’ll be in the jury house like Lady Macbeth, trying to wash “the blood off her hands.”

      • OMG, those poor people in the jury house with her. I don’t think she’s going to get over this one any time soon. It would have been wise to get her out pre-jury. I can just see her working to influence jury votes.

      • I think we are all counting on that lol it should be more exciting than the first month of this season. I seriously feel this girl needs therapy.

  18. Anyone know if any former BB players ever join these comment threads? It would be really interesting to hear their take.

  19. I am still not sure why they are not removing Shelli? Shelli was James’ target, he is the one that got the ball rolling on this takeover…why do they keep saying “Shelli is next”? Shelli to me seems quite sneaky….I say get her out while they have the chance (again)…they may not get the opportunity again.

    • Van is the sneakier one. And without her, Shelli really doesn’t have a leg to stand on! LOLOL The others in their alliance don’t have the backbone it takes to move on either…they’re just for “show”! LOLOL

    • They all decided after Shelli & Clay were the final duo last week that Van is their next target. 1st break up the showmance, next evict the head of the snake, 3rd neutralize the trio.

  20. There is going to be a lot of drama. I did not think Becky had it in her. Looks like she learned a lot from the master schemer Vanessa. You have learned a lot grasshopper! Well done.

  21. Vanessa may not have wanted blood on her hands but blood will sure be coming out of her eyes this week.

    • CBS should run a special Monday live show covering the Veto Ceremony and the aftermath. Its going to be like covering a war!

  22. Did someone plant that bug there in the BY just to see how Van deals with that kind of nuisance than being the bug she’s more in tune with?

  23. Van is in big trouble but if she goes she is not going home she will be in jury by that mean one more chance to come back so luck girl :) #Van #BB17

  24. In other news, Frank Gifford, sportscaster and Kathy Lee’s husband, died. Kathy stuck with him through the good and the bad, so long as you both shall live.

  25. Is everyone pretty positive Steve will use POV and take himself off? For me, I am never sure about what Steve says and then following through. He goes back and forth a lot with the cam!

    • Yes. He may be a loner, but he is not stupid. He wants to stay in the game more than protect Van. After his talks with JMac and him deciding to chose JMac over Van, I’m not sure that he trusts Van anymore. Maybe JMac got through to him! Last night he was a lot more social.

    • Talking to the cam weird goofy or disturbing? Thinking it’s the former. Not using POV to save himself? Will not happen.

    • I am waiting to see if Vanessa tries to talk him out of using the veto. I can see Vanessa telling him that if he doesn’t use it he is safe as a pawn. Everyone wants Shelli to go home. Then Vanessa would start campaigning with her side to keep Shelli saying Steve should go for not using the veto.

      Yes, she is that crazy!

      • That all depends on if the James Gang, especially Becky can keep the ruse of JMac going up. Van is extremely paranoid & skeptical, but she also bought into Becky’s acting last night. If she finds out that she is definitely the target, I can see her trying that.

    • Go ahead and laugh if you want, but I think he’s the sharpest and smartest one left in the house. Social skills clearly aren’t great, but he’s very dangerous if you just leave him alone. I think he makes it very deep into the game, for what’s it’s worth. If he starts socializing a little more and builds the right relationships, he could even win. JMac and James are perfect examples. I think all three make it to the final four, with one sleeper tossed in there. I’ll say Julia

  26. I was just reading about JMac’s conversation with Becky (& Meg while she was there.) It looks like he now realizes that J/J/M/B are a good option for him! He said he’s talked with Jackie & Meg and they both understood why he was targeting them before the Van fight. Says that he’s good with James now, too. He is solidly on the side of the James Gang!

    Although, both he and Becky are still a bit sad about them wanting to target Shelli. They like the idea of targeting the Austwins.

      • Because up until the Van fight, JMac thought that he was in an alliance with Clay, Shelli and the rest of the 6th Snake.

  27. I’m in love with James. He is full of pranks, great sense of humor, good friend, etc, he’s the man. Hope he makes it to the end. Did anyone see the leaked photo of evicted house guests?

      • I saw it last night when I called up the spoilers. It quickly disappeared. But it showed, Jace, Davonne, Jeff, Audrey, Jason, Clay, (here’s the list) Shellie, James, Meg and Austin. Just Don’t know if this is the order of eviction. Hope it isn’t so. I’ll be sad. If so, I hope they renew Davonne (she is brilliant to have figured the twin twist), Jason, James, Meg, JohnyMac, Jackie and newbies. The rest of these characters can retreat to their communities.

      • I don’t understand. They don’t know who is going to be evicted next. They can only guess.

      • Oh but I do believe the games is far ahead then what we are seeing on TV and live feeds. I’m not kidding. Let’s see if I am correct and watch the next few evictions

      • That’s interesting because when I saw the photo John, austin, twins, Jackie, becky and Vanessa were not in the photo. This is why I came to the conclusion that it must have been evicted house guests.

      • There is a lot of scripting in the shows, but the eviction vote isn’t one of them. BB production tries to influence the vote in the DR, but they can’t control the actual vote, because it’s live.

  28. It’s good some players are bringing up the Austwins name. It’s insane they’re still in the game. The longer they stay in the game, the more dangerous they become. (the solid3) Austin, as safe as he seemed to be, he’s as clueless as ever.

    • I agree. Its getting close to the time when it has to happen. Once Vanessa is gone I think Shelli floats to Becky and JMac and tries to pull them away from James. She will help get the Austwins out.

    • They thought it was such a great idea to let Julia in, that it would be a number for them I don’t think it every crossed their mind that 3 people voting together do have some power and that the 3 can vote any way they like.

    • They’d be dangerous if they actually won anything. If they don’t start soon, Liz and Austin will be gone. Julia is a bit more out of the box, and I could see her jump ship before it sinks

  29. Good for Becky. I wish they had shown her on more shows because I feel like I barely know her. This will be the first week that I feel like either player who gies is a good move for the HOH. So kudos to her. I hope they show her more now so I can know her better.

  30. I’m loving what i’m hearing ! Vanessa is actually going on the block ! Oh sweet jesus!

  31. On past seasons has any Nom on the block ever successfully intimidated HG’s into keeping them out of the jury house for fear of what they would do to influence the jury? Please give thoughts.

  32. Floaters get a bad rap from too many people. Floating is a legitimate game strategy. It’s true that not every competitor who floats has thought things through and is playing strategically (BB16’s Victoria), but floating can get you deep into the game. If the prime directive is to win, surviving week to week in whatever fashion necessary to get into the top 3 is what allows this.

    The equivalent of floating in, say, a boxing match is to ‘rope-a-dope’ your opponent. Muhammad Ali would lean against the ropes with his hands up defending his face, expending little energy, feigning injury or fatigue, and allow his opponent to punch himself out thinking Ali was about done, only to mount an attack against his opponent who was now himself truly fatigued.

    The equivalent of floating in, say, a distance event in track is to allow someone else to set the pace and to hang back within striking distance. Being in the front is only an advantage if you have enough gas in the tank to out-kick a surging opponent. It is a disadvantage, however, because while your opponent sees you and only needs to beat you at the wire, you don’t see your opponent and have no idea how hard you need to step on the gas.

    Vanessa has been rope-a-doped by Becky and the rest who are lining up to vote her out, and she is about to collapse on the track because she overplayed her hand, which is what we were all wondering if a poker player would do. In being paranoid Vanessa has become undisciplined and only has herself to blame.

    As for Shelli, she expresses a sense of entitlement (“We don’t deserve to be on the block,” said before the house during the veto ceremony, I believe) and this does not serve her well.

    People are finding their lanes and floating will now be hazardous to one’s health. But heretofore the so-called floaters helped James evict half of a power couple and Becky is poised to take out the Queen of Scheme and be more forceful going forward. I’d say Becky is doing great, as is James and Jackie. As the game now stands, i expect them to be in the top 3.

    • Very nice… Glad someone else saw the legitimacy of the “floaters” who sat back and contemplated a minute and built real trust before jumping on the first “sinking ship” that passed by.

    • Nice….if I was playing I would be looking for spots to be a floater…in other words know when to keep my mouth shut when people are making themselves targets and maybe…just maybe stir the pot oh so gently and just enough that I’m forgotten about. I wouldn’t go to the extremes of Victoria or Steve….especially not Steve…but floating is not a bad way to go.

  33. I can not believe how dumb they all are being and all of you as well. Does nobody understand the twins and Austin are a three person team! It does not matter that they do not usually win, people leave them alone and continue to let them stay in the house playing any side that has the power that week but the twins are together and Austin will do whatever Liz wants. Crazy to not separate them.

    • They understand that, but compared to Vanessa and Shelli, they’re not the biggest threat. People will be coming for them though, after Shelli and/or Vanessa is out.

    • Vanessa is a way bigger target. She wins stuff, she manipulates Shelli, Austwins and Steve. She’s the puppet master.
      Austwins will be less likely to win HOH. Get Liz evicted and that’s the end of Austwins, since Liz is the only thing keeping them together.

      • Exactly, plus Austin doesn’t even seem to care about the game much anyways. He just wants some ass, tbh.

      • I wouldn’t be shocked if he did, either that, or if Liz gets evicted, he’ll probably just throw his game just to get in that jury house with her.

      • I can also see Julia turn on Austin the second Liz is evicted. Austwins may have 3 votes, but I don’t think they’ll neccessarily vote against the others if they think it will buy them time.
        Let’s say Shelli is on the block with Vanessa.
        If everybody is all up for voting out Vanessa, I can see them voting out Vanessa with the others simply because they don’t want to piss anybody off. That seems to be the way the twins have been playing this game so far.
        And all of Austin’s moves have been controlled by Vanessa.

      • If shelli doesn’t win, then it should be her and Liz on the block so it will be a guaranteed eviction for her.

  34. No doubt we have another popcorn week shaping up.

    I think taking out Shelli first is best, Shelli, has a better chance at winning HOH in the D.E. then Vanessa and flip the house with her sorority sister twins, and ‘putty in Liz’s hand’ Austin could tag along with them.

    Putting James/Jackie and Meg at greater risk

  35. So evidently the doofus that is JohnnyWack also hunts wild animals for sport! What’s going on with these dentists?!

    • Hang a sec. It’s all a big misunderstanding. Vampire Dentist was talking to James just before mentioning his worry to Clay. Clay just ASSUMED that Vampire Dentist heard it from James (as Vampire Dentist explained it better when he talked to Lil Stevie: Clay just put 2 and 2 together and got 5!)
      So when Clay mentioned it to Vanessa, he didn’t mean to throw shades at James, but he just tried to look out for his buddy (or lovers, or related or whatever).
      So the super emo Van went Evil Queen and did what Super Villain always lived for, a BIG FIGHT !!!

  36. One of the jury members will come back to the house so it is a great chance that Vanessa or Shelli if they are both there will win. They are both the best competitors on the show. That is unfortunate for the rest of the house.

  37. This is the best week by far! Im loving watching Vanessa and Shelli being on the block together! Its time for the ultimate power shifting game plan to get these two main snakes out of the game. I truly cant stand Shelli’s fake innocence and Vanessa’s over emotional strategies, its great to see the other side becoming smarter players. Vanessa has got to go but Shelli must be the target or its another win for the snakes. Had Vanessa stuck with back dooring Austin plan then she would have been good, but I am glad she is now going to get a taste of what she did to Jason.

    • 100% agree. Vanessa lost this game by not sticking to the plan to back door Austin. She still has a chance though.

      • That is true because I am not sure that the Austwins want Shelli over Vanessa, she might convince Steve, it may come down to a tie and Becky breaking it which more than likely Vanessa’s going home

  38. I really, really, REALLY don’t want to see Vanessa leave. At the end
    of this episode when Becky revealed her nominations to everyone and it
    was Shelli and Steve…Steve revealed in the diary room that Becky is
    his next target because she pointed out his laying low game. I know he
    won the Veto, but it would be so perfect if he kept the nominations the
    same. The house would have no choice but to send home Shelli… or Steve
    (for that matter). Then Vanessa would be SAFE!
    I know this is a
    ludicrous thought! How stupid would one be to be on the block, win the
    VETO and not use it on his/herself?!? I’m aware of this…but for Becky
    and her group to think that they have the most perfect plan, and then
    one move completely derails that “perfect” plan…that would be AWESOME!
    But it’s just wishful thinking on my part because I want Vanessa to win
    the game, duh!
    Of course, I know that won’t happen. Steve IS using
    the veto on himself. So, in order for Vanessa to stay, she needs 5
    votes. It’s certain(but not completely) that the twins and Austin will
    vote for Vanessa to stay…that’s 3 votes. If Steve could see that
    keeping Vanessa in the game is in his best interests (Vanessa is one of
    his closest friends in the house and he DID say that Becky is his “next
    target” (though he never really had any power to get rid of any of his
    targets so why would there be a “next target”?), he could ultimately
    sway Johnny Mac to vote to keep Vanessa in the game. There’s Vanessa’s
    other two votes.
    Trust me, Vanessa’s not going to exit the game
    quietly. If she goes home and is able to come back in, those people in
    that house are going to be…TERRIFIED!

    If only the house could
    see that Becky’s been playing both sides as well…it’s not just Vanessa
    having alliances with everybody. Becky’s a sneaky snake as well. I want
    her to go so bad. It would be awesome if she left in Thursday’s double

    • I’d be interested to know Beckys’ game plan for after her big moment today. We will see if Vanessa is right and Becky has no clue what she is doing. I have no idea since I usually suck at strategy games but from watching BB from Season 1 I think she is pulling the trigger too early on a player who is a bigger target than she is. If Becky doesn’t win it all this move will be a forgotten footnote in BB lore. At this point I see JMac as the favorite. He inflicts pain and anxiety for a living so he will have no problem cutting any of these people off at the knees.

  39. I know I’m in the minority and I don’t care, but Vanessa is my favorite. Of course I want her to stay. But I know that won’t happen. But she had a GREAT run!
    And who knows? Maybe she’ll be the one to come back!

    • She has played a good game, casting doubt on everyone who aligns with someone, wreaking havoc among her allies, and pushing anyone under the bus that gets in her way, but she is not my favorite. Sorry, hope she stays gone.

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