Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Plans In Week 8 – Update: Players Picked

With no Backdoor plans on the horizon for a change this week in the Big Brother 17 house the Veto comp was actually coming down to a very important event for both of the nominees.

Watch out, Becky! Big Brother is here.
Watch out, Becky! Big Brother is here. – Source: CBS All Access

The stress isn’t reserved for just the players today though as the new Head of Household and her allies are worried about what could happen later today in the comp.

John and Becky are up on the Block after Liz put them in the hot seats. Now they’ll join her and three other players in the Power of Veto comp later today.

Originally Austin and Liz decided they wanted Becky to win after she pulled back the curtain on Vanessa to them on Friday night. Austin has long feared JMac coming after them so this would be a great opportunity to get rid of John and keep Becky as their new weapon.

Liz and Austin’s ideal scenario was that instead of them worrying about taking Vanessa out themselves they could instead have Becky stay this week and make her their mongoose to eliminate Vanessa next week. But wait, what’s better than one mongoose? How about two.

Last night John made similar revelations with the Austwins over Vanessa’s behavior. At this point Austin and Liz decided it’d be better to keep John than Becky because, um, who knows for sure. Austin might think he can work better with John down the road while the twins said they could manipulate John more easily with their hotness. They’re a fickle bunch.

At this point Liz and Austin don’t feel it’s absolutely critical for their game in one way or another who stays though they’re currently leaning to having John around longer. What they do think is important is to have both of those nominations stay the same. The only people who would change them as of now would be the nominees themselves.

Becky had asked the Austwins if they’d be willing to save her after she gave them all of her Vanessa information. They declined. Instead Liz promised Becky complete safety with no chance of going to the Jury. Kinda like how Becky promised the same to Shelli last week, right? Yes, that promise was made before the whole situation with John came up and they decided it’d be great to have John there instead. Oops.


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    • I am with you. I hope both Becky and John stay safe this week. It would be a huge disappointment if they go. Would certainly want them to regain power and go after Vanessa. Hopefully, Becky or John win POV. Then, they can put James on the block as replacement and the Austin and the twins have the sense to vote to evict James. That would be the perfect scenario and Becky and John would have the chance next week to regain control of HOH.

  1. COME ON BECKY!!! She needs to win because if James was against John I really think James would go home, and I want to see Becky and John stay over James and Meg because they’re easily swayed whereas Becky and John know who to target and will stand behind it (I think

  2. You know guys, I’ve been thinking about this season and have come to the final conclusion: I do not enjoy the sadistic, psychotic game playing this year.

    Production has gone too over the top for me at the expense of the house guests. Please throughout these boards have resulted in character assassination, myself included with the exception of one person: Vanessa. She would have to be sick in order to carry out cruel game playing such as this. This is not funny and almost slanderous on Vanessa to state JohnnyMac has a personality disorder, bipolar, etc. If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black! !!!!!

    Will rethink watching BB forever. Bye Big Brother.

    • Big Brother has always been over the top like this though, drama and crazy gameplay was what the show was about. Last season was absolutely dull and boring and while yeah, Vanessa is going too far and over the top. It’s still juicy drama xD… This may not be the best season ever but it’s DEFINITELY a step up from the last two seasons

      • I agree about wanting drama but I’ve noticed this year’s HGs display almost all the traits of people I would have nothing to do with in real life (I don’t mean they all do, I mean among them).

      • It should not have to be done at the HG expense. JohnnyMac should sue Vanessa.

        If we as viewers condone this, it can only get worst.

      • I don’t think it’s quite to the point of legal action, but it is something to be taken seriously. I think now that Vanessa has claimed this, production has to ask her if she truly feels in danger, even just as a legal formality. Because if they don’t and something happens (I know it never will) then they can be held partially responsible.

      • Moreover, JohnyMac exudes what Vanessa has been espousing as her character:

        Kindness and he appears to be a truly good person,

        which Vanessa does not even appear to have in her littlest toe.

      • Not to mention that it seems that John is actually trying to play the game without going to “the dark side”. He seems to be a man of good character and is staying that way.

      • i was talking about this earlier, its big brother ok well what they say and do ib the house for the game ok i understand its game however she shows true colors when she is in DR she still plays the victim and her word is everything, why am i being punished….she believes her own lies, she doesnt see she is a hypocrite but yet will call out people for lying etc things she does the most, and the way she acted toward becky because becky wouldnt make a deal, she gets mad if shes not in charge, her crying that becky was cold hearted etc,,,then what is she besides nuts

      • This female believes every lie she tells someone else but to say those disparaging things about Johnm is beyond fair game play, it is acceptable to make remarks about someone but to imply they have mental problems then PRODUCTION should call her in and threaten her for dismissal because she is assassinating Johnm character to the other houseguest. To imply someone is unbalanced and make up a story she fears for her life should not be allowed. Yes, Johnnymac should sue her a__!

      • what about when she and clay had it out over whatever w jmac and she stormed out of the room saying they were either relatedd or gay lovers///referring to clay and jmac,,that was way way out of line…she seems unstable

      • if johnny mac sues anybody it should be CBS for allowing their little angel to spout what she said,it is slander and defamation of character and it would not surprise me if his family has filed papers with legal council.

      • No Danielle didn’t win. She came 2nd. Dick himself won, marking my absolute least favourite ending to a Big brother season ever. Worse than Maggie

      • Evil Dick came back another season to play All Stars, but was pulled out for some reason.

      • im not going there period, there is always a person u hate to see on the show but it is entertaining because of the drama. i dont condone a bully, thats what i said she has crossed the line…but it is bb and its about backstabbing lies and manipulation face it thats why we watch it, we dont know them or how they are in real life and we judge them….and i as well loved to hate evil dick nut bet ur money there was never a dull moment

      • Yes but, Evil Dick at least was entertaining and did not try to assassinate someone’s character by spreading stories about their mental state and talk like that person would physically harm you.

      • I don’t remember Evil Dick ever saying things like Vanessa has said and done. Evil Dick didn’t hide behind others and cry and play the victim he would tell you straight up what he was going to do.

      • But a great player and don’t forget that season had quite a few jerks on it like Dustin, Jameeka and the girl with the brown hair who was always with her. Eric was the first Americas player that season too

    • Banitap, what you’re recoiling from is the narcissistic Vanessa fully unfolding as the weeks go by. Google Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP) and stick around and watch BB because it can be a laboratory for viewers to understand how we humans can go off the rails.

      To be sure, BB is an entertainment product, a reality program, and the structure of the game is to set the participants up against each other all going after the same piece of cheese, and people might argue that we are getting skewed portrayals of people. I tend to think that the game actually helps to magnify the character traits of the house guests to some degree and this can be valuable to those of us who watch the game to understand how narcissism looks and operates.

      A contributor to one of these threads astutely pointed out that Vanessa must actually believe her lies are true because she revealed something demonstrably false in front of the Austwins. I don’t know if that is a hallmark of pathological lying (I have to think it is), but it reveals a very troubling character trait, and as one who grew up with a sibling with NDP/sociopathy I would think Vanessa checks off many of the same boxes.

      Yes, I relate to your unease about this season. Such unease is provoked in every season, to varying degrees, but Vanessa is flowering before our eyes as a person who suffers from personal/social disorders and it can be hard to watch.

      Stick around. Delve into NDP and let this experience be an education. You’ll be happier–we’re all happier–when we can identify narcissists (they’re everywhere, sadly, btw) and limit their opportunities to manipulate, hurt and destroy. And cheer extra loudly when Vanessa, who can wield sensitivity as a tool for personal gain but lacks the capacity to feel empathy, gets evicted.

      • Thank you. You’ve summed up everything that I was feeling but wasn’t sure I was actually seeing it.

        Yes, I too have dealt with bipolar people, and these narcissistic traits in people.

        We can only pray for them.

      • Well, pray for them if you must, but the science on social disorders like NDP and sociopathy, unfortunately, reveals that such antisocial personalities seldom if ever change to any meaningful degree. Even cognitive therapy is thought to be non-reparative because the theory (if not the research) shows that the disorder of NDP/sociopathy finds ways to entrench itself rather than be challenged and treated. If you ever watched the Sopranos and saw the Tony Soprano/Dr. Jennifer Melfi story line then you’ll get an idea of the issues involved.

        Again, pray if you must, but take definitive action to protect yourself from NDPers and sociopaths (worse, still, psychopaths) by educating yourself on these antisocial disorders. BB can help illuminate these lessons, as can discussions in forums like these.

        Be well, Banitap.

      • People that have had a profound spiritual experience are able to change their ways and go from sinner to saint so all hope is not lost with people suffering from NDP.
        The sociopaths are a different story though.

      • Arguably, we all are at least a little narcissistic, so I would agree that narcissists can and do evolve. And while I would agree that it is on a spiritual level that people evolve, I personally have dispatched the terms ‘sinner’ and ‘saint’ from my vocabulary to the degree that such words constrain the discussion of spirituality to a Christian context when in fact it is a human context. Without descending into a religious/spiritual conversation, I do agree that narcissists evolve and sociopaths do not. The question then becomes: At what point does a narcissist become a sociopath?

      • Wow, very deep and I like delving on the deepest level. Some people say, it’s only a game, but dependent upon the mentality of the HGs, it is being carried to a level beyond gaming.

      • I remember when the first season, that is what they highlighted, so it was — the idea that you moved into a house with strangers and then start eliminating HGs, one by one. .

      • Yes. You didn’t necessarily have to get along with others, but you did have to extend civility towards those you would have otherwise not engaged with in the outside world. Gets a bit tricky eh?

      • The worst part, her picking up the Bible. I’m not sure how she is justifying her game to God. God hates a liar. He says so, research it.

      • “At what point does a narcissist become a sociopath”?
        Alcoholics that join the group Alcoholics Anonymous are instructed to believe in a higher power than themselves. Since a most narcissists worship themselves instead of a higher power it’s probably necessary for narcissists to accept this fact before they are able to achieve spiritual growth. Most narcissists tend to be extremely negative people always on the lookout for faults in others in order to puff themselves up and assure themselves that they’re superior to other people.
        Once the narcissist is able to accept an higher and superior power than themselves only then do they begin to have a more positive outlook on other people. Christians are instructed to confess themselves to be mere humans who are short of perfection. Only with the help of an higher power are they able to redeem themselves.

      • not to be a smart ass but, everyone is diagnosing vanessa when this convo started because it wasnt right for her to say those things about john, i cant stand vanessa but its not right for any of us to talk about her mental issues or her religion. and when i say its a game ive watched every season, its reality tv ok. like i always say if u dont like or agree or if it offends u, there is a thing called a remote change the channel and watch something else

      • The fact that Vanessa has many problems should be obvious. We’re just trying to understand Vanessa.
        But at least you managed to find something to be offended about today so you can mark that off your things to do today list.

      • Whew, your philosophy blows my mind. You are so on the money! So smart. Thanks You say V is not going, why can’t anyone make it stick? She naturally will think she has a lot of influence over how the voting goes and when it does she is convinced she is running the show! Personally I get exhausted listening to her, I rec. BBAD and watch the next day, sometimes I have to ff when I see her droopy face crying, (fake,) or her glee when she is safe. Again, love reading your words, I have tried to find a good area to read what you wrote but get mostly globally gook. I know now I can pull you up. Yea!!!

      • The show definitely presented a skewed view, but the feeds seem to show
        these players as they are, without an edit, so there is some truth
        there, right?

        What I would love to know is what is happening in the diary room sessions — the discussions between production and the players — and how much is production poking and prodding and playing off their personality traits and/or disorders. Have we ever heard from previous cast members about this? And I wonder if they have had to sign a confidentiality agreement about that after the show ends.

      • I think that’s the exact reason we don’t have access to DR sessions. They don’t want to show production interfering or meddling in any way.

      • Has anyone watched the new series Unreal ? It’s about this very topic of production controlling characters on reality tv.

      • Couldn’t have said it better!!! I’ve lived with and dealt with a sibling who had these same personality traits and put a huge strain on the family. Consequently he passed away 5 years ago because he made huge bad life choices that cost him that life and cut it short at age 42. I am praying that’s not the case with Vanessa and she’s just doing this as a tactic for winning this game.

    • I agree – especially about the labels Vanessa has attached to Johnny Mac. He’s a dentist and, if the outside world believes her, his business could suffer. We’ve seen work/employment consequences happen post BB before, and yes, production should consider the HGs and stop people like Vanessa at some point.

      • You know, I get the feeling Vanessa has read the book, “The Prince,” and she is using the Machiavelli principle, to divide and conquer!

        Or something along the lines of, “picturing yourself at the end” and “by any means necessary” to make it to the end, dogmatic I guess you could say.

      • She did apparently study game theory in university, and political science, so I’m sure she’s read “The Prince.”

      • Like I said a few days ago. Female F. Lee Bailey in the making. Bet firms will approach her and then she can have the rest of her school paid for.

    • I cancelled my feeds yesterday. Can’t seeing paying $5.99 to continue to watch people make stupid decisions and don’t even get me started on Vanessa.

    • I actually heard (don’t quote me on this) that Audrey has some form of depression and was allowed to go into the house without her meds. Also, I’m not sure how long ago this was, but Vanessa’s husband died of cancer. Maybe she’s still grieving. I think BB is a little careless when it comes to houseguests. That being said, this isn’t The Hunger Games. These people CHOSE to be here.

      • Her ex-husband died of cancer over 2 years after Vanessa and him got divorced. His death was in 2014 and their divorce was in early 2012. I’m sure it was still sad for her but generally after more than 2 years, former partners are relative strangers to each other so I don’t think that has anything to do with her behaviour.

    • i do think that its different type of game thus far, the manipulation, the slanderous comments from the biggest hypocrite ever, i know its a game and its lies and backstabbing but this takes the cake..and vanessa and her comment on jmac was disguisting, she is a mess, she is a bully like austin her worse than him. if u dont do what she says or dont answer her the way she wants she acts like a crazy person, and the fact that alliance was calling themselves the “good guys” was insane. she is personally afraid jmc will harm her and she is scared for her safety not her game safety but him actually harming her, are you kidding. its became too much seriously. people act as though they are afraid of her so no way will austin and twins will ever go after her they are gonna actually give her the money, she will be at the end because they are cowards,they cant think for themselves

  3. In general I’m rooting for JMac but I really like that Becky made a big move against Vanessa and I want her to last a little longer. So I guess I just hope that one way or another the nominees change.

  4. I wonder what is taking so long feeds have been down for awhile now. Maybe they are taking Vanessa out for ??? I wish !

  5. I am rooting for Becky in this veto. Maybe James gets picked and saves Becky?

    There are only three people whose games I want saved, Becky & James (by staying) and Jackie by returning.

    Everyone else can go jump off a bridge (metaphorical not literal).

  6. I think in her pea brain mind, she’s daring any of them to evict her. She is having too much fun.

  7. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. You get the chance to take out a big player you don’t wait hoping someone else will do it. There’s too many things that can happen. If she’s not playing or doesn’t win the POV they need to take her out now or they will be sorry.

      • It seems to me that common sense has left the building……..or wasn’t allowed in this season.
        This isn’t a team sport, not calling out the “hotness squad” from the beginning…….stupid.
        Listening to a freak wearing sunglasses inside at night……stupid
        Being afraid to evict anyone………stupid,stupid,stupid!
        Acting like you are above lying while you are playing bb……stupid.
        Yet, I keep watching and reading all about bb……stupid LOL
        I agree, stupid is as stupid does.

  8. I wouldn’t put past Vanessa if she wasn’t a damned hypnotist, for the reason no one wants to take her out.

  9. That would be pretty funny. But I can’t blame the twins, yes they aren’t making a big move but they also are taking out the other side.
    It’s not like they are going for Meg and wasting a HOH.

  10. Sooner or later they will have to play for themselves and not their groups and I am looking forward to that part of the game, the most. Vanessa won’t last very long by herself, if she makes it past next week, I’ll be slightly impressed. since this cast is full of weak players. I just hope she can be backdoored sooner rather than later.

    • I think striking constant alliances is what’s screwing up all move. Tigers don’t change their stripes!

  11. The problem is if she takes out one Austwin the other two will come after her the following week when she cannot play veto. She could make a deal with the rest of the house but who is going to believe her?

    I would watch out for Steve. If he wins again do not be surprised if the twins go up on the block.

  12. This group of house guest’s really make my head hurt. I hope when they watch this when they get out of there, they will realize how much their game play sucks.

    • Haha I totally agree. Sometimes after watching the feeds for a few hours my head is spinning.

  13. Vanessa has changed the whole feel of the game this year, that and the absolutely ball-less behavior on the part of the remaining players. I don’t even watch BBAD any more because it’s so boring. What a bunch of saps. What on earth is stopping them from banding together and taking Vanessa out?!! They could talk beforehand and agree that they’re aware she’ll make up crap to pit them one against the other, and no matter what to ignore it or go straight to the others and tell them what she said. The twins drive me nuts – if these girls are college graduates, God help our country. She’s going to bulldoze her way to the end, and they’ll have only themselves to blame.

      • The real bad move was James’sHOH nomination. He should target Austin instead of Shelly + Clay. Austwin has been gaining more share week by week. After Jame’s nomination, you should not blame their move if you were in their shoes. There were no return for them. At the end, if you stop winning more HOH, you will lose no matter what you did.

    • A certain redhead (who we won’t mention) said it best. Vanessa has absolutely no sense of humour.

  14. I would laugh if Becky comes off the block and they put up Meg, then Meg is evicted! Meg is no threat to come back because that would require getting out of bed and winning a comp.

  15. Who think John or Becky, whoever remains in the house, is in deep doodoo next week if Vanessa wins HOH? I can see the Austwins spilling the beans about what happened this week if it were so.

    • Yeah, they probably will but not until after the POV. Vanessa will blame Austin and BD him. You know she is looking for an excuse to whittle down that group.

  16. I think Austin is playing everybody, even America, with his I’m just this great guy in love with someone I just met (while my queen is home in the castle) no less. And just look how he just can’t win anything. He is using Liz, like she started out just using him. He’s now thinking John could up his own game, True! Since he plans on floating to the end without any targets on his back, then jumps to life and takes everyone out who’s left. Johnny can be of some use getting him the half million, since James proved he can play and win.
    Why he keeps Van around I guess we’ll find out later.

    • Austin/Judas (<yuck) has managed to float alot longer than I thought they would. I hope Jmac can be some use in ending his game.

    • I know Austin is playing everybody. It’s his job as a professional wrestler to get people to buy into his character.

    • Better yet–Becky wins, James goes up as the renom, and he goes out the door instead. Grandma Meg will be all that’s left of the goblins, and she’ll be there till the end as everybody’s easy to beat other finalist.

  17. I am a die-hard John fan and hope he comes off the block, however, it will also be really fun to watch dumbo Liz IF she has to name a renom … she’ll look at Austin and say “I don’t knoooooooooooooooooooooowa….helllllp me, tell me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwa.”

  18. Feeds back down again! This is why I would never pay for them. All though I do think last year was worse

    • I really think those who pa need to start complaining about the number of interruptions due to singing, discussions of people at home and discussions about production. If CBS is going to charge money for the feeds they need to do something to keep them up as much as possible. If HGs sing. Punish them. Every time someone causes feeds to go down keep a tally and either make them have nots when they reach an number or start deducting from their stipend.

      At the same time there is not reason to go to fish at all. mute their mics and warn them to stop immediately. As it is now when they go to fish its on all 4 cameras – and usually right at the moment someone is about to say something really interesting.

      • Ah, you beat me to it. :)
        Are they allowed to sing songs in the public domain? Not that I’d imagine most of them know songs in the public domain, but I’d imagine in the theory that that should be ok.

      • Singing Other Peoples’ Songs, Indigenous songs are often considered.
        “public domain”-yet a mainstream musician with an aggressive lawyer can turn them into “individual
        property. US copyright laws are complex

      • Now don’t everybody go jumping on me but I read that songs themselves were not copyrighted, only the artists recording itself, which is why so many artists remake other artists’ songs and I don’t go to jail (lol) for singing them on YouTube (as if I ever would)

      • They were cut for over 2 hrs and I thought they were playing POV. When they came back they still hadn’t even picked players. I have no idea why they were down so long unless they had to fix something in the house. When they go to fish for singing they come right back up after a minute or two.

      • It’s a rule, and they know the rule. They keep forgetting it. They get warnings from PA like “Stop that”..then they stop…………..then they do it again.

      • Presumably because you’d have to pay royalties. Even singing Happy Birthday on air costs money. If it’s a copyrighted song, then you have to pay to air it. If they were singing songs in the public domain, it wouldn’t be an issue.

      • Here is my complaint!! Listen up CBS!!! We have 4 different feed views and probably 20 cameras angles in the house and the feed views NEVER show more than 2 rooms (usually 1) at a time!!! Give us more variety!!!! We get tired of watching the same 1or 2 conversations!

  19. Whoever wins the key to the week is tonight and tomorrow. James/Meg/Johnny/Becky need to individually talk to the Austwins about how they want to win HOH so bad next week because whoever takes Van out will have so many jury votes. They don’t need to sell Austwins on backdooring Van just sell them on how it’s a $500K move. And of course unless Van wins POV she’ll be running the Crazy Train full speed and continue to try to run Liz’s HOH and talking about how Johnny could attack her while she sleeps. Could be a fun couple of days.

  20. It looks like Meg Steve and Austin were picked to play veto with Liz, Becky and JMac. If it is OTEV, I don’t think Steve and and Meg are much of a threat. JMac and Becky have a very good chance of winning this comp.

  21. Steve got picked on veto comp.Twins are worried. Julia/Liz say if he uses it on Jmac then he’s going up! …Twins are smart. They really know how to play the game.

    • As in they don’t know how the Veto works? Good grief, how can they be that stupid?
      I almost want to see them threaten him so Steve can be like, “….good luck with that….”

      • Twins could actually be that stupid, but if I give them the benefit of the doubt, then I would assume they mean he’s going up next week … as if it is their decision …. OR, did they really say he would be the “renom”. If it’s the latter, then yes, they are that stupid.

      • I also remember that they seriously wanted to put James up one week – after he had won BotB. They kept suggesting putting him up as a renom over and over and I guess never understood why that wasn’t happening.
        So yeah, maybe they meant later. But I’m pretty sure they meant now :P

      • These two are giving Blondes a bad name LMAO. They just need to go back to South Beach and party. That is all they are good for. I pray they don’t reproduce because their kids will not have a chance based on the type of guys they like (hint Austin).

    • Haha but JMac told Becky he’d throw it to her so they can both be safe. What are you thinking JMac.

      • I hope he’s not serious OR he believes he is already safe and wants to keep Becky in the game because she is an ally of his and because she will help get Vanessa out.

      • He thinks he’s safe. Which he is against Becky but not against anyone else unless they put Vanessa up. I hope Austwins let him know what’s going on before veto.

      • It was an act. He said early on that he would never throw a comp whenever he was on the block and told he was just a pawn.

      • “So I’m HOH this weeeeeek, which is like, sewwwwwwper awesome because my bae Austin and my sis Julia will be safe to hang out and have fun in the Bb house for another week. This is, like, totally one for the good guys!!!”

        Guaranteed that will be Liz’s DR on Sunday. Verbatim.

  22. I just don’t get the Twins and Austin. They know Vanessa is bad news but yet still are afraid to put her on the block. Austin says he is a super fan, he of all three should know better than to keep Vanessa there after this week. Just wait til they have no choice but to vote one of those four out, it will get really good then.

    • It’s another example of avoiding “blood on your hands” in the game. I’m so sick of those words.

      • Just goes to show how off the rails Vanessa really is: others glibly say “blood on my hands”, while Vanessa claims she will be “neck deep in a very deep pool of blood.” Nothing can ever be on an even keel with her; it always has to be extreme.

      • Especially her emotions. She’s either happy or absolutely devastated that people aren’t doing what she says.

      • I made it into a drinking game – drink every time someone says “blood on my hands” or “thrown under the bus.” Both phrases are so over used, you can get a good buzz on within the hour! Lol

  23. Austin just said, “He’s gonna go hard for it (Veto). Sure, he can do it. I remember the last HoH, he’s a** was hitting hard.

  24. While we’re waiting… I watched Shellis goodbye messages and they were nice. Jmac said hope to see you soon but not too soon. Lol. That Jmac!
    James told her her two mistakes were sending out Jason and her and Clay turning to the dark side. He also told her she was awesome and beautiful and would see her in jury house. (Shelli did say the Jason deal is her biggest regret and she regrets being with the dark side. She said once she was on the block next to Vanessa she realized Vanessa game and if she goes back in she’ll let Vanessa think she’s working with her but she use it against her.)
    Meg said she couldn’t wait for the invitation to the wedding and she’d be honored to be the drunk single girl.

  25. What I find funny is the Austwins think they decide who stays this week. Last time I checked, they’re only two votes out of seven….

  26. The twins should GO they don’t deserve being in this game cause they knew a person that was on big brother and that’s how they got pick .The person that was on the show before gave there applications to the producers and that’s how they got on the show

  27. I hope John or Becky wins Veto or even Meg because she will take becky off. Then let them put up Vanessa (I hope). I miss pandora’s box. .when are they every going to do that again? or Diamond POV.

  28. Hello, hello Reality Show Check, real people with real issues. These HGs r trying to win $500K, its a Game.Talking about people’s personality whether flattering or not is just Game Play. I can remember season past where HGs were making racist comments. That is a true red flag -funny the feeds were mostly defending so HGs. I’m not offended buy Vanessa’s game play, maybe bcuz i don’t dislike Her.

    • Well, that’s the cool thing about BB. Your admiration for Vanessa’s game play is appropriate, while other fans are more into the personalities in the house … also appropriate. This season has something for everyone.

    • It was all good until Vanessa decided to lie and say that JMac might hurt her and that she was afraid of him …. I’m not saying at this point anyone would believe her, however, those are words that can get you off the show for real (and have). I truly believe she was on the path of trying to get JMac off the show for real and all because she cannot control him. Vanessa is treacherous.

  29. Last time Liz kissed Judas she found food on his beard. Now they’re rubbing each other, and Liz found tuna fish in his hair. lol wtf!

  30. Wouldn’t it be great to see Vanessa and Becky end up on the block together with Becky remaining in the game while Vanessa goes to the jury.

  31. Someone needs to regain control of the House other than those twins…since they do not know how the game is supposed to be played when they make stupid comments like “threaten Steve he’d be renommed if he (won and) used the Veto on John”. Pleaaaase, purty please!

    • The house as a whole needs to recognize the elephant in the room. No one seems to notice the power of the Austwins block of 3. There are wrinkles in them, but only someone like Van may be strong enough to expose them.

      If Van stays this week (and it appears likely) and one of the field goes home (non-6S/austwins-van), then the numbers game gets worse and worse for the field (J/M/B/Steve/Jmac). And then next week, with the plan to take out Van (IF it happens) means the only player probably able to break up the austwins is gone.

      Could it be possible that van makes the first flip (next week) that the austwins should be doing now and turns on the austwins? Could she convince the remaining 4 out of the 5 in the field of the danger of the block of 3?

  32. Austin said today they mad a mistake about voting out shelli and he hopes shelli comes back in

    • Well he can rectify it by taking V out this week. :)
      Don’t wait. She may not come back.
      And if she does Vanessa will try to use her to break up Austwins if V is still there.

      • If I’m trying to work on them this week, I’m giving them doomsday scenarios to get them to renom Vanessa. Lol

        Yes I heard say she was going to use Vanessa game back in her face but she may return and if she does I don’t want Austwins using that possibility as an excuse to delay pulling the trigger. They’ve got time to scare Austwins up enough to pull the trigger Monday. Fingers crossed. Lol. :)

      • Shelli should have not been evited in the first place becky should have put up austin and Steve and Steve wins veto put up vanessa instead it was shelli and Steve and end with shelli and vanessa

      • In same update/convo Julia almost cut herself while slicing her food on her plate. Lol.
        She told Vanessa she is glad that she wasn’t picked for Veto comp cuz it might be counting. Lol

      • I saw something funny on Marriage Boot Camp last night – Jeff and Jordan were having lie detector tests and the expert was asking control questions. He asked Jordan what 6 x 4 was and she started to count her fingers, and then said, “Oh, wait, I need a calculator.” Hysterical!

  33. God, I hope Becky wins HOH, then both, Becky and JMac might actually survive this week. As it stands, Becky is most likely to go.
    Austwins are a mess. They’re all over the place with their “strategies”.

  34. It’s pretty clear that Big Brother needs Vanessa to stay in the game to keep viewer interest. I have never posted on these sights before…..however, this has gone past the point of redemption for me. There needs to be an expected standard of game play/behaviour. It gets worse every year. I believe James’ trip to the diary room was to get him on board to save Vanessa. I was a die hard Big Brother fan….however, this has become too much about ratings…I am out, character assassination re: Vanessa’s comments about the mental health issues of Jmac did it for me when it is pretty clear she has a personality disorder of her own. This isn’t game play…this now just is nuts…no player signs on for this kind of crap!

    • Producer meddling is something we will never read about because the competitors most certainly sign non-disclosure agreements to be able to play the game. But I have to agree that the producers are probably not above manipulating the game. I guess all we can do is to turn the channel. …or we can continue to voice skepticism in forums such as this one, which I’m sure they read (if not personally, then someone in the production team). Even then, I don’t trust any reality program to be ethical.

    • Vanessa is becoming as deranged as Amanda Zuckerman was during her season and I can’t say I enjoy watching this happen.

  35. “She encouraged Liz to threaten Steve that he’d be the renom if he used it on John… ” recruit issues… doesnt know veto winner cannot be renom or was that error on your part Matthew?

  36. In a perfect world both Becky and John would be safe. Where are BBCAN’s twists when you need them, eh!

    • Evel Dick tweeted that Jmac said he’d throw it (talking to Austin) and that he trusts them. And that Austin replied something like “As long as Becky doesn’t win”….
      I HOPE Jmac was just stroking him and that he wins if he can. That is weird.

  37. The Austwins are making a big mistake by not BD’ing Vanessa this week. They have stated that Becky would make a good ‘mongoose’ to take out the ‘snake’ Vanessa, allowing them to not have to get V’s blood on their hands. At some point it helps the finalist’s resume to demonstrate to the jury how bloody the hands really are, the bigger the threat(s) the better. Not having bloody hands keeps the target off, but having bloody hands and waving them to the jury and explaining, turn by turn, why and how you got them bloody is what a smart competitor needs to think about.

    Strike a deal with JMac and/or Becky for a week of safety for your alliance (the Austwins) and cut the head off the snake. Any of the three will have Vanessa’s scalp as a formidable trophy.

    • If it’s OTEV like we think, 15 minutes? No telling how long before feeds are up again and we know anything though…

      • Right. I was just telling jacknjill how long the comp itself should take. That’s why I added in that feeds would be “no telling” how long…. Like the last veto comp we waited over 5 hours I believe when the actual comp probably only took an hour and half according to the times?

  38. Anyone know if they are playing for POV yet? It seems that around this time, usually there is already a winner.

  39. Ughhh last weeks double eviction was such a waste. Steve the “super player” totally threw an entire HOH down the drain putting two floaters. I feel like I’m the only one who thinks Liz needs to go to break up a trio vote? Does no one else in the house realize the power house those three will be? Stop thinking with emotions and start thinking strategically. Oh and Steve the “super player” is more like Steve the “stupid player”.

    • I’m pretty sure Vanessa, JMac, Steve, James, and Becky all realize the Austwins need to be split. (Not sure about Meg! LOL!!!)

      • They’d best get stepping then. Would hate to see Julia win the next HoH! My word, pray that to be inconceivable.

      • Proverbs 6:16-19King James Version (KJV)

        16 These six things doth the Lordhate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

        17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

        18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

        19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    • I have no idea what Steve was trying to do and for whom. Its clear he was targeting Jackie specifically. But why Jackie? What threat did she pose to Steve? Her targets were clear – Shelli and Vanessa.

      Which is why I think Vanessa was behind that eviction. I recall Vanessa asking one of the twins a few days ago, “why does Jackie hate me?” I think Jackie asked her “if you can;t vote out Shelli this week, then how can you put her up on the block next week?” Vanessa was stumped and silent for about 30 seconds before she replied, “Good question. I need to think about that one”.

      I think Vanessa goes after people she cannot manipulate.

  40. Hey new to the board but I love reading everyone’s insight. My second season watching BB so I’m trying to figure out some of the nuances. I liked James as a player up until he screwed up by thinking Shelli should have left instead of Vanessa.He seems to be off his game when Jackie got shown the door.I find Austin and the twins horrible to watch. Obviously its a show and its about ratings so it probably does get tweeked to some extent through production. I would like Vanessa to get shown the door but then things might get boring. Heres hoping someone takez her out sooner than later.

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