Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother spoilers reveal who won the Power of Veto this week as two free agent players faced off on the Block where no one would save them but themselves.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Both nominees had asked for help in the house, but both came up empty handed. No one is willing to rock the boat or ask one of their few remaining allies to go up on the Block. Game face, HGs!

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

  • Liz won the Power of Veto!

Houseguests playing in today’s comp included Liz (HoH), Becky & John (noms) along with Austin, Meg, and Steve.

John was out in the first round and the final round came down to Austin and Liz.

Austin, Liz, and Julia were talking just after the Feeds returned saying they’ll use Becky’s hard performance as a reason to evict her. They’ll question why she didn’t trust them enough to lose so they could execute their plan to evict her. Well it makes sense to me!

Austin and Liz were worried about noms changing so they were hoping neither of Liz’s picks this week would come away with the win. Julia was angry she wasn’t involved and more so that Steve could be in the position to screw up their plan if he won and saved John. Julia advised Liz to threaten Steve with a renom if he were to do that. See if you can spot the problem there.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday afternoon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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      • No! Absolutely not. He thought he was. Ha! His face was priceless when he found out he wasn’t.

      • Uhhh, how did production rig the game in Frankie’s favor? He was evicted out of the house as the HoH and the PoV holder that week… Something tells me if Donny was the HoH and PoV holder for the week and production decided to throw him a twist and he went home instead of Frankie you people would have rioted. Just admit it. You’re all for production interference as long as you personally agree with who it benefits/punishes. You people are so obsessed over the people you hate you don’t even know what’s truth and what’s fanfiction anymore.

    • I’m trying to avoid yelling the fix is on but if Liz wins the whole game then I will be convinced. In the comic book competition they drew Liz as a villain running away with a bag of money….just sayin…

    • Jello I agree with big brother being fixed because the twins did nothing all summer and now 2 wins in a row by Liz and shelli had 2 wins in 5 weeks and could not win veto to save herself because it’s fixed shelli is better than either twin put together

      • I agree! Those twins have to go! Especially Liz! She is really getting on my nerves! Julia doesn’t bother me like that bimbo twin of hers!

    • I don’t see how you can rig a physical competition. I wonder if you was screaming rig when James won POV. Ohh wait.. I forgot it’s not rigged because James was doing what the BB fans wanted, but since Liz is keeping Vanessa safe it’s rigged.

      • My opinion had nothing to do with who Liz is keeping safe. I say rigged because the twins are ditz who never do good in any of the challenges. All of a sudden she wins two in a row. I would have thought the same thing if Steve would have won again or Meg winning twice in a row. These are horrible competitors.

      • Yes Steve said his was not work in , immediately fish. One perso said no can’t be rigged camera’s twenty four seven, response diary room.

    • idk…if it were rigged then why wouldn’t the writers pick Austin to win? What’s that saying…”real life is stranger than fiction?” A lot of these comps are pure luck so it doesn’t surprise me at all to see Liz win twice. That emoji comp didn’t take rocket science, just who could look through the patterns the fastest and then make their best guess before the other person buzzed in. These comps are why I like BB so much better than real world challenges on mtv…all of those are almost always physical, you pretty much know who will win. BB can have wacky comps where it’s literally anyone’s game! Even the physical comps often incorporate some type of puzzle so even the Clays/Austins won’t run away with it.

      • lol. I have not watch real world challenge in years.
        I think that Austin is throwing the comps. I know he gave it to LIz and he knows that the whole house is not after him, at least he thinks so. He won’t win until he feels threatened. I say, forget Vanessa and get rid of lIz. Austin will be left alone since Julia is not really into him.

  1. No renoms, no campaigning since they both think they are safe. All we have to look forward to is watching Liz and Austin in bed (yuck) since that is the favorite camera of the live feeds. Hey ya’ll wake me up Thursday?

      • Sleep walking…her bod headed straight to HoH room right after the comp…guess no one yelled out she was headed the wrong direction in time.

      • I’m surprised Vanessa hasn’t taken over completely & pushed to be voted DICTATOR of the House. MAYBE she just hasn’t thought about that yet.

      • Oh trust me, the thought is never far from her mind! :-) She feels she’s safe this week, so she’s not causing many waves except with JMac and Steve separately. JMac is gunning for her next week. So this week is a wash for me. Twins got to be brought down a peg or two now…they’ve gotten a bit too comfortable all these weeks.

      • Vanessa aggravating? Come on that’s a kind description ‘aggravating’, I’d tend to say “when she’s not being a totally pain in your a$$” she HAS to be asleep.

    • in my fantasy, Liz has Julia stay with her up in hoh and austin would have to sleep with the other hgs. I don’t think he could handle it.

  2. Austin let her win.
    He doesn’t want “blood on his hands” and he has a major crush on her. I think both reasons.

    • Could be. Though I thought Becky would be better than Liz at this comp. Becky seemingly tried hard as she tried to knock the name out of Austin’s hands.

  3. I am bummed to even think that John might be going to the jury house thanks to the Austwins but the fact that there’s a chance he might come back gives me a little hope that someone I actually like will still have a chance to win

    • They want Becky gone. I think JMac is safe. But who knows by Thursday they could of changed their minds 10 more times.

  4. That sucks, I don’t want Jmack to go,cant stand them twins or Austin, I wish Julia could talk her into putting Vanessa or Meg up.

    • I hope uses her head and saves either Becky or Johnny Mac and put James as the replacement nominee. Then, evict James this week. That will give Becky and Johnny Mac a chance to regain HOH next week and take out Vanessa.

  5. Nobody is mad, fighting, cursing, crying or pouting. Everybody is just politely cooking and/eating together in the kitchen. What fun is that???

    • Awe c’mon now…Give Vanessa 5 minutes to catch her breath, think up some more lies, and start campaigning against both Becky and Jmac!

      • I hope Vanessa causes such a rutkus that Liz does end up using the Veto…we shall see! But I’ve noticed Liz and Julia have had practice at playing mean and dirty in a different way and have met their match!

      • Well, of course the Austwins need her sage advice on how to handle things! Their hotness alone won’t cut it!!!

      • All Vanessa is concerned about is keeping the Austwins in line and they are just agreeing with everything she is saying so they don’t have to deal with her anymore. Snooze…

  6. I still think if they don’t have the guts to put Vanessa up then they need to put Meg up. They are going to need John and Becky to get Vanessa out. They can tell Vanessa that Meg us the pawn to make sure who ever is left on the block beside her (whoever Vanessa wants out) goes home. Tell her no one will vote out Meg and then everyone does. Vanessa will end up as the target for the entire house

    • They’re relying on James, Meg and JMac to do their dirty work. Lots of luck of that happening now.

      • I’m thinking their smartest move is to band together to break up Austin + twins and leave Vanessa alone. Let’s see if they do that. Chances are now they will target Vanessa when it doesn’t make sense instead of evicting her when it did make sense.

      • Agree completely. The elephant in the room is the austwins. Van has an opening here if she can convince James that the Austwins have too much power, she may save herself. James doesn’t hate van

      • If van can convince James, she would gain Meg by association. The jmac/Becky survivor would be hard to turn, but they would be all alone if they didn’t join. Plus, the austwins just put them both up! If Van doesn’t go this week, she may be there for a while

      • Totally agreed! If Van can break up Austwins (I’m hoping by sending Austin to jury), she’ll have control over the remaining 2. Then evict James the following week if possible!

      • James and Meg (and Jackie) just cannot stick to any plan or get anything done… So I agree with you that if James wins HoH, he’ll target Van. Then be evicted by Austwins the following week…

      • Exactly. I’d like to see Vanessa get backdoored this week. Then next week everyone break up the Austwins. Nobody even mentions putting them up and they are the strongest alliance.

    • They aren’t changing the noms. It would be a horrible idea to do it now (since they don’t have to) and put up Meg. Maybe she would go, but it would piss off the remaining parts of the other side of the house and create an opening for Van to put the target front and center on the austwins

  7. For all the hate that Clelli got for their showmance, I have to say I find Austin and liz to be far more nauseating. I can only hope the other HGs wake up and start to go after them. They are powerful and nauseating at the same time.

  8. For all the hate that Clelli got for their showmance, I have to say I find Austin and liz to be far more nauseating. I can only hope the other HGs wake up and start to go after them. They are powerful and nauseating at the same time.

  9. I hope JMac goes and Becky stays. Becky is a far better player than JMac and I would love for her to make it this round.

    • See, I’m hoping the opposite, lol, as is most of America, I think. John’s a fan favorite.

      • Did you know that Austwins are wondering why Jmac is being called a lot in DR, especially Austin. He’s a little jealous. He’s people favorite, that’s why they keep calling him back..that’s it!

      • Being america’s favorite doesn’t make him a better player. Becky isn’t throwing comps, she is actually trying to win which to me makes her a better player. I don’t think the Shelly Moores of the world are better players than the Jeffs of the world.

    • Yeah, what happened to Austwins wanting for Becky to oust Vanessa? That would mean a Re-nom or JMac evicted.

      Well, apparently someone Evicted will be coming back in again anyway.

  10. I agree with Jello. This is rigged. This is the worst season I’ve ever witnessed. Except for John, these houseguests are simply annoying and idiotic. I was reading the previous comments over the past few days, and I have noticed that some people said this was the best season in recent memory. That is complete nonsensical bull—-. Are they watching the same show?? Please let me smoke or drink what they are doing so I try to understand where they are coming from. Please don’t use MDMAs or K2 before posting such ridiculous comments. Back to this sickening game. Steve is a weird introvert. Becky is a traitor. Nuff said. Lame Austin and those blonde bimbo twins are simply mean and degoratory. They are ripping Johnny Mac like is an imbecile. They are the buffoons. He is more accomplished than any of those houseguests. Vanessa is bipolar and complete trash. I have never seen some many fake tears come out from her crow’s feet. The Goblins are straight up dumb. Dumb as rocks. Meg is the worst player I have ever seen. She is setting the bar for floating this year. James is myopic, simple, and selfish. If they worked together to get Vanessa out in the previous house vote, they would have earned my respect. But they didn’t. Unbelievable. I’m very disappointed in this season and I swear to God that production has to do something to make this show more enjoyable and realistic. Where is Pandora’s box? The Diamond Power of Veto??? I guess they are saving it for all the wrong people that misrepresents the show the most. Worst season ever.

    • Completely agree with you Burgess. I cannot handle this crap anymore. They’re probably saving the diamond veto for the damn twins or Vanessa. They gotta keep this crazy chick in the house for maintain whatever ratings they have left. Dumb hoe took out all the interesting people. Next season they need to have a few older people as well. The seasons tend to be more interesting with people who actually THINK.

  11. OMG, Van is saying again that Clay and Jmac are related…James too because he was adopted! Are you kidding me????

  12. This is a huge bummer. So, we have James and Meg against Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve. Becky or Johnny Mac will be gone. Vanessa should be very pleased. She continues to roll the opposition one by one with nobody left to stop her.

    • The Austwins are working with James and Meg. The entire house is against Vanessa only nobody will do anything about it.

      • That alliance with James and Meg is just a sham. Austin and the twins should save Becky and John. Use the POV and take one off and put James as the nominee. Evict James this week. Becky and John can try and win HOH and take out Vanessa next week. There is still time to take out Vanessa. If she or Steve wins HOH, it will be over for Austin and the twins.

      • Doesn’t sound like a sham to me. That’s what I thought a couple weeks ago but Austin and Liz were talking about a final five with them. Austin really likes James and they like working with them. They are telling each other everything. Watch if one of them get HOH I’ll bet they don’t target each other until they have to.

    • It’s James, Meg, and to a lesser degree Jackie’s fault! One bad decision torpedoes the 2nd half of the season…………………no more “Super Fans or Castings”, Julie Chen. Nobody 4 REAL!!!

      • Exactly! The JJM trio is just sad; they just cannot stick to whatever they initially set out to do and now they are going to be gone one by one.

        Meg is still not trying to win any comp, is she?

      • Meg is the “Anti – Vanessa”! Where Vanessa builds a new alliance week after week to take out “targets”, versus Meg who simply “drifts” from one alliance to another (at least 3 so far) for protection. Vanessa openly tries to win HoH and PoV to “advance” in the game versus Meg who throws challenges to go undetected by “Power Players” and competitors. Vanessa’s strategy has made her the “best player” in the house (it wasn’t easy for me to say that, but it’s true) and Meg’s “non – strategy” has keep her in the game so far (much longer than it should have). Nobody 4 EVER!!!

      • Haha I did say before that Meg has established herself to be the best person to go to final 2 with! No one would vote for her to win…

      • The only “GOAT” bigger than Meg is Julia IMO! There is no current HG who could lose to either of them at this point. Nobody 4 MORE!!!

      • Let us have a Big Brother All Stars. They had just one as I recall. It is about time they bring back the veteran players who will play the game. Invite Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling, Danielle Donato, Rachel, Jordan, Janelle, Ian, Janelle, Derrick to play and it will be 10 times better than anything we have had in the past 3 years.

      • They can include her too. I am sure there are a number of others like Evil Dick and past winners of Big Brother who played maybe, just once. In Survivor, the veterans are brought back and some have played 3 times. It makes for an interesting bunch. This season of Survivor should be good, a number of the returning tribe members are gamers.
        Of course, there are a couple of floaters like Kass and Shirin who got thru. Majority of those who got in will play the game to win!

      • Just wondered since you listed Janelle twice! LOLOL I’m not that big of a Survivor fan. But I might tune in this year…you never know!

      • if they do another All-Stars, it will probably be with people not in the first AS’s.
        Besides, I don’t think I could take another season with Mike Boogie, and I definitely couldn’t take another season with Britney!

    • You said it. The Sixth Sense alliance would have splintered if Vanessa was evicted. Now, there are not enough votes to evict Vanessa unless, you win HOH. They should save Becky and John by using POV and putting James on the block. Evict James so that, he does not get in the way of evicting Vanessa. Let Becky and John go after Vanessa next week if they are still in the game and win HOH. Once, Vanessa is gone, those remaining Austin, Liz, Julia and Becky, John, Steve and Meg can play to win that $500,000. It would make for a more interesting Big Brother too!

  13. If John or Becky survive, I hope some of them win the next HoH comp and put Tweedledummy and Tweedledumb on the block.

    • They did away with those a few weeks ago..before they even gave it a chance. Hmmm…wonder if the celebs backed out when they saw who the players were. Geesh! I have no idea why they did away with them. Just a guess is all.

  14. I can’t stand watching Vanessa anymore. Everything about her drives me cray now. As soon as she comes on the feeds I switch cameras. That woman is bi-polar, no question. I hope she goes next week. If she wins HoH I may stop watching and just follow the updates so I don;t have to see her.

  15. I wonder if these HGs realize its getting to the point of no return for Austin and the twins. If they make it to the final 6 intact they can control the eviction every week just by winning the POV. They will then control the votes and they will decide who goes home every week until they are the last 3 remaining.

    I wonder if this has occurred to Vanessa. After this week there will be only 8 HGs which means they have only 2 weeks to take out one of the Austwins to keep the numbers close enough. I suggest they take out Vanessa next week, then they must go for the Austwins.

    • I am sure it has occurred to Van. If they don’t take Van out this week, they may not be able to do it next week either.

      1 – Van could win HOH or 2 – Van does the flip on the austwins that they should do to her this week. If Van can convince James about the power of the austwins, she may have an opening next week. Especially if the austwins do something more dumb than they already have this week

      • Austwins need to wake up and do a true BD of Vanessa this week… only problem is the twist of someone returning is still to come and I can see Austwins scare about V coming back… but heck sometimes you need to take a chance.

      • The odds are she won’t and if she does no one will work with her and if she wins HoH and puts up twins, Austin can work with others to protect Luz and lose Julia if he has to, to help others re-evict Vanessa. Again, that’s a ways off. Worth it.

    • Nope. They need to take out Austwins now! If Van is evicted first, Steve is more likely to join Austwins (he likes Julia doesn’t he?). The other side will have to depend on only James to win comps and even then may not have the numbers to break up Austwins.

      Van is the only one who can rally to get the votes to break up Austwins. She can go after that (but I hope she stays and wins this whole thing!)

      • The point is, joining the Austwins is a losing strategy unless they are faking their allegiance. A six person alliance with the Austwins is really two 3 person alliances. In other words, the Austwins are not going to keep anyone around to the end.

        James, Meg, Becky, JMac and Steve need to join up to take them down or they will shut themselves out.

      • Count Becky out…she won’t be able to participate after this week until re-enter comp arrives.

      • They were faking it to keep themselves safe. James will try to break the Austwins like he did Celli.

    • The most stupid play of this season, might be all season, was to allow the twin come in with the knowledge of Austin+ Liz. 6sense only makes sense to Austwin. Now, if anyone other than Austwin wants to win that $500k, needs get all non- Austwin member to work together.

    • No, Van should not be number target for non-Austwin. Austwin should be if not too late already. Think how may player can play the game now ?

    • That’s not exactly true… the HGs on the block can’t vote & the HOH only votes in case of a tie.

      Oh, I’m sure Vanessa has thought out all ‘combinations’ of possible scenarios… can’t you tell her brain is on overload?

  16. Austin states “he and Julia might not even have to win HOH next week, we are so good!” Feeling a bit cocky and over confident, Austin?

    • Anyone but Vanessa next week and she goes home, although I wonder if Julia or Austin would do it.

      And I am starting to wonder if Vanessa is beginning to think about the numbers and how they are against her. If she goes up on the block I wonder if she will try to turn the house against the Austwins.

    • The only reason Austwins are winning anything is because almost all of the good competitors are already gone. Vanessa saw to it that the threats were eliminated one by one.

  17. Is it possible BB will bring back 2 players this season? That would be better because with only one coming back the house can target that person and get her out immediately. If its 2 they can only take out 1 and there are two chances for them to win HoH.

    I think it would be a huge twist if two come back in and its Becky and Jackie for example.

    • James seems down this week. I wonder if he feels like he made a huge mistake keeping Vanessa in the game.

      • He told Meg they have to keep their mouths shut and ears open this week. So, he’s laying low.

      • Keeping Vanessa isn’t the problem. The problem whether it was Shelli or Vanessa out is that they’re all sitting ducks with the Austwins.

      • They still had the numbers until stupid Steve helped out the Austwins by evicting Jackie. I am not sure what game Steve is playing but if he thinks he will make it to the end with the Austwins he is no smarter than the twins.

    • Then what? Get evicted by Austwins next week?… They need the numbers to break up Austwins and have to do it now! They may have no choice but to work with Van in order to do so.

  18. Liz is eating up what Van said and wondered why Van hadn’t said it to them before…DOH..maybe because it’s not true, Liz? That JMac and Clay are gay lovers? Seriously demented that one now…but all Liz can say is “why did she just remember this now?” Gawd…can we get any more hurrahs for the team?

      • I think Austin and Liz are very well suited. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women; she believes she’s God’s gift to all men who lays eyes on her.

        Gag me.

      • Me too and he wonders why they made a comic about him smelling. He may take a shower but rarely washes his hair and that pony tail beard must be ripe by now.

      • I think you are right. I thought they (the twins) were just harmless airheaded eye candy up until Friday.

        The comments that Liz started making now that she was in power and had focus were just out of bounds. It’s a game, fine, but she was just mean. It was cruel for her to mock jmac the way she did about his request to not be a have not if they were putting him up. Then to actually nom him and make him a have not. Very unsportsmanlike.

      • As well as humble. She wouldn’t know the definition of that word at all! Would love to hook her up to a simulated “contraction” device to insert a bit of humility into her!

      • TBR78…surely you gist. There is not one pretty girl in the house nor in the jury. Jackie and Shelli are ok, but not pretty girls.

      • I didn’t see it (was at work) but jokers had summaries on friday afternoon about basically what I said in second paragraph.

      • I think its clear they are a couple of spoiled brats. But they are no as bad as the HGs from Season 15.

      • Time is of the essence right now to see more from them as they’re holding the power in their hands.

      • I agree. But when she told Austin she wasn’t going to make JMac a have not Austin said NO!

  19. I simply cannot believe all of these commenters suggesting Big Brother is rigging the season for Liz to win. There’s just no reasoning with you people.

    Seriously? Liz? That’s the person you come up with?

  20. Production…rather than allow Van to read more of the bible, she needs to read the BB rules in depth than just a five second glance after this transpired: Steve trying to get Vanessa to name her next week target. Vanessa: “You’re not a choice, you f*cking f*cktard!”

  21. So I am a lil confused coz they change their minds more than they take a shower per day … who they want to evict? Becky?

  22. So Liz goes into the storage room and finds alcohol and says ” omg what did we do to deserve this? We didn’t even have to beg” I thought, (as I slap my hand to my forehead) “it’s because you’re so damn boring sober!!!”

    • Interesting place for you to post that thought, don’t you think?
      It’s 12:37 am, and I’m sitting here exchanging thoughts about this dumb show … Do you think I will be boycotting it soon?

  23. We know what Julia would do, bu when it gets to that point … Do you think Liz will stick with her sister, and throw her new “Scruffy Bear” under the bus.
    Or, stab her sister in the back for LUV?

    • Oh they had this talk yesterday. Liz and Julia that is. Liz is fine with Austin being taken out Down the road so she said.

    • She will til she can’t anymore! She’ll gladly concede and give Liz her prize! Has a jury ever not voted a true winner before?

  24. Steve claims to be a BB super fan and historian yet he is thinking if Vanessa goes to final 2 she will not get a single vote. He may be as delusional as Vanessa. Out of the remaining HGs, who else deserves to win this if not for Vanessa?

    Unless his entire persona is fake, who would think Steve is playing a better game than Vanessa?

      • Not even, since Meg has a better social game at least. She does not stop talking and so loud. She is the only one I can hear on BB After Dark.

    • To be honest I have wondered often if this whole super fan business is actually his mother and not him. Did anyone see the feeds when they were talking about fav TV shows and Steve knew them all because his mom watched them all. And he starting watching BB as a child with his mother.

    • Steve was promoted as the “Lex Luthor” of BB season 17. He finally wins HoH and what does he do? He nominates Jackie and “F**%!NG MEG”! How could anyone in their “sane mind” give Steve $500,000 dollars for the eviction of Jackie………………..this seasons “Bikini Bunny Babe”? Nobody 4 NOW!!!

      • I’m still in shock that Steve made that move for DE. For a so called Super Fan he sure has disappointed me.

  25. BB After Dark
    Becky telling the story about getting hit by a train, it is incredible that she is alive. How her face is not deformed is beyond me since it is the only part of her body the train hit.

    • I cringed at her telling of it! Cannot believe it’s only been a year since that. She’s recovered fast when you count the amount of surgeries she had to have.

      • I cringed too…but for Jmac’s sake, I hope she’s not garnering sympathy from King Kong and the royal hotnesses!

      • Not many were interested then as they are now. Plus no one asked before…she brought it up then and lost their attention at the time.

  26. Guess the twins didn’t receive my Public Service Announcement about dining etiquette! You’d think they would have learned the horrors of open mouth chewing / talking with one’s mouth full after Austin’s tuna explosion!

  27. Austin is beyond discussing!!! How can she even touch him. He needs to put some clothes and socks on. He really thinks he is something to look at. They must all be light weights they all got a buzz on a glass of wine. Johnny Mac and Steve are the ones that didn’t drink maybe Vanessa the hag didn’t because of her meds. Her and Austin should mate can you imagine it would be a crazy ape looking thing. Please at least make Austin cover his big dirty feet.

  28. I need to go to bed. BB taking a toll on my sleep, even though I am recording it. I’m sick, LOL

    • There have been times I don’t watch it all…it’s old news by the time the next day rolls around! LOLOL

      • The twins are from Florida, I think. They have no manners because their mother didn’t teach them any. All their lives they’ve been told how beautiful they are, and they believe it. You know how people in general make over twins. Plus they are air heads, and very entitled, just like Shelli. Shelli is from Georgia……do you see a pattern here.

  29. I have noticed that Vanessa doesn’t really participate in the games or conversations on BB after dark. She is 32 yrs old and probably finds these people immature.

    • Our son is 18 and finds these people immature. Shucks, our cat is 12 months old and cannot abide the screeching!!! (Thank goodness for closed captions!!!)

    • Not unless it involves talking game! And she never tells anyone off when there are too many witnesses either. She’s good at getting them isolated from the rest.

      • I agree completely. I see her sitting with them, but she may be thinking game this whole time and not listening to them at all.

      • I think she is a competitor and she gets a thrill from winning. I doubt she needs the money. She is known as Lady Maverick and is worth at about 4 million dollars.

      • She scares me at times. She is so much like my ex husband. I see the same traits. The pathological lies she tells and believing her own lies. Also as you said, very careful to make sure there are few witnesses.

      • Did you hear the exchange between Vanessa and JMac Fri night? He insisted he did come in on the conversation about the 8 person alliance and she told him he was crazy because that never happened. They were really going back and forth and of course she thinks she is always right and never lies.

      • Exactly. She believes her own lies. She doesn’t even own up to her schemes in the DR from what I heard and seen. I pity her family if she is like that outside the BB house.

  30. Poetic justice would be Van winning HOH next week and getting Liz out. Serves her right for not getting out the biggest threat.

  31. ROTFLMAO…Austin was recalled to DR…Complained “I was just there.” Now has a t-shirt on! WOOHOO!!!

  32. They should add water to those pots to make the ball stick. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

  33. Disturbing thought: Where the heck did Austin clip his microphone while shirtless? Did Liz braid it into his snarls?

  34. Given that there are 300+ comments here already, I’m sure I have nothing new to add, but I do hope that John stays. I don’t have any particular issue with Becky in the house, but I think John is a stronger competitor and he is more interesting to watch. On the other hand, here is Liz’s opportunity to nom Vanessa. I wish she had the guts to do it though.

    • IMO John has been the one to do the really risky things to stay in the game at all costs. He seems to have stayed in his own head, regardless of all the craziness and incredibly stupid game play.

  35. I’ll stick with my prediction…Austwins to win the game. the game is going too smooth for them, without one ever being even nominated. Thank Vanessa/Shelli for letting the twin alliance into the house.

  36. This has got to be one of the WORST seasons of Big Brother EVER. What kind of losers did they pick this season? All the interesting players got eliminated in the 1st few weeks. There are NO power moves really. Now we have trash like Vanessa, Austin, Steve, and Liz still in it. Ugh eff this season! Wish we could get another season like season 6 – LOVED the Janelle, Howie, James, Keyser vs Maggie, Ivette, Eric, and Beau war.

    • I think JMac wins the award for being able to find ways to stay in the competition within the crazy and I mean crazy goings on, not to mention that considering his own high standard of personal hygiene, he must be puking in his mouth ALL DAY.

  37. Last one tonight… @vickier013 tweeted: “If this season of BB doesn’t pick up, I vote they start playing Hunger Games and kill each other off”

    Great one girl!!!!

  38. Austin loves to touch himself! He pets himself then pet’s Liz. He is a primate that’s what they do it’s the way they groom themselves. They must pick things off each other. I can’t believe anyone would eat anything they’ve touched. There he is in the kitchen with his big dirty ass feet on a shelf where they eat. I never see them washing there hands. Can’t BB do something about that. There hygiene is disgusting! Becky and Johnny Mac are the only ones that don’t eat what they touch. I only see them eat fruit. They are the only ones that have class. When she starts touching his feet I will die. His walk kills me and so does hers. I wonder if he is one of those renaissance people. He dresses up and acts like a king or the barefoot village idiot. He really needs to get out or BB needs to tell him to clean up that he is making people sick and people are going to stop watching. I’m happy I got that off my chest. Everyone have a great day.

    • Dawne, I too have many issues that gross me out with life in the BB house.Lack of hygiene habits of others, nasty surroundings, strangers(and yes, they are strangers) sharing beds; just a few of the reasons why I wouldn’t make it long on BB. I don’t want to share a bed with someone I don’t know. I don’t want anyone laying around on the bed that is mine for the week . I don’t like hair hanging down when preparing food. Feet, shod or bear, should never be anywhere near kitchen tables, counters. The table is no place to trim your nails. I think a real man should wear a shirt most of the time. Austin is not in his house. This is the BB house and it is being publicly viewed. Have some common decency. I’m sure there is more, but I have a busy day ahead. Good Sunday to all.

      • I so agree with you on everything. I always wonder why the HOH allows house guests to lay in their bed. I could never sleep in a bed that everyone in the house has been laying in all week.

      • I’ve never seen them change their sheets or pillow cases.This years cast is much neater than previous years though. Laundry used to be strewn from one end of the house to the other

      • It may have happened, but at least I haven’t seen anyone popping another person’s zits this season.

      • Austin will start to pick Vanessa face soon. It’s just his nature. I can’t imagine what he does in the hoh bathroom. Maybe that’s what is in his hair. I can’t believe I am so disturbed by him. Something is wrong they all talked about they were told what types of clothing they told them to bring. He must have not gotten the message. I think he only has a pair of sweat pants and a pair that’s cut off and 2 tee shirts we know he has no socks or shoes. He works out with out shoes that isn’t normal. Did BB put him up to doing this? Does anyone know who cleans the bathrooms? Do they have a cleaning crew?

      • I know!!! Every time someone walks in the HOH room, they pull up the covers and sheets and cozies right in!!! I would be freaking out (maybe just an eye twitch at first) but I would probably flip out and tell them to get the Heck out of my bed!!!!
        I mean it’s one thing if they were on top of the sheets and covers, but it’s always underneath!! Argh!!!

    • Austin would definitely make a good ‘village idiot’. LOL.

      Gosh, why do I feel like I need to go take a shower?

    • I agree, he grosses me out. I don’t know why he can’t wear a shirt, especially when he is cooking and I have never seen him wear shoes. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this about him!

  39. Steve is dangerous. The only voices he listens to are the ones in his head!!!!!! Am I the only one that see this as a “real life” problem? BB better hope he never gets really angry, ie. “Carrie”

    • The good thing is he doesn’t spend long a time swinging a hammock back and forth like crazy.

  40. Did anyone else hear them talk about being told what kind of clothing they had to bring? They even said they needed bright colors. I need to quit obsessing I’m starting to sound like Vanessa. I now think it is scripted. I haven’t watched for quite some time a few years. I work crazy shifts so I started to dvr the show and BB after dark. I have never posted anything in my life and then I came across this. I need to quit. When I get off a 12 or 16 hour shift I need to wind down I put it on and it sticks in my head I am over analyzing it. Sorry if I’m starting to sound a bit crazy. I love all of your posts it gives me a good laugh.

    • I agree! Also let everyone play for the veto so there’s no stupid back-door plans already in place prior to the veto.

  41. I can’t believe JMac and Becky are in the hot seat! How come those cowards (Austin and Liz) didn’t put up Vanessa? How come they are so scared of her? Austin is telling Liz who to put up and he’s not even HOH! He’s too dumb to ever win or maybe he avoids trying to win so he doesn’t get his hands dirty. I hope him and LIz are put up next week!!

    • Austin s goal is to stay in the house with Liz for as long as he can. He only wants to get jury.

  42. I really don’t care who wins this season. It is BORING. The players are BORING. Shelli is a cougar going after a young kid that has no interest in her; Austin does NOTHING, the twins are constantly whinnying and drive me nuts, Jackie and her “fish face” drove me crazy, Steve doesn’t even know where he is; Johnny Mac is clueless, Meg is there to do nothing but party and James likes the attention he is receiving. Vanessa should be committed – one scary dude! I just hope this season ends REAL SOON – please.

  43. Wow, some of these HG’s are still dumb, one of the dumbest thing they did was allowed Liz/Julia to come into the house despite the fact that most of them knew that they are twins and then increase the number of HG’s in the house again after a HG’s was already eliminated, by doing so that particular week was a complete wash because nobody actually went home, it was just a replacement when they could have sent Liz packing in week 4 or 5, and not allow her twin to come into the house now the twins are running the house with Lazy funky man Austin.
    Vanessa, SheClay and Austin used the twins to their advantage and now where is SheClay, they are both gone while the twins are still in the house, the way things are going so far, I see the twins going further perhaps to the final 2 because Liz have funky Austin wrap around her pinky finger, while Steve is running all over the house aimlessly, Meg can’t win anything but always looking for the next wine bottle, James sometimes show some form of brilliance and then fall by the way side by listening to Vanessa, JMac can not win any event anymore to save his whinnying a$$$, Becky has the gut to go after people but has fickle supporters to help vote her target out of the house.
    I think, it is time to end this show to allow the fans to grieve another lost season, might I ask, where do they get these people from, I will never allow anyone to talk me into throwing a competition most especially when I know the reason why I am in that house, think $500K, guys, think, what is wrong with you all.

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