Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Plans In Week 7 – Players Picked

Since Thursday night’s conclusion of the HoH comp the real discussion has focused on the Power of Veto competition and that’s set to arrive later this afternoon as everyone seems to have a plan.

Update: Veto competition began at approximately 12:08PM BBT. We’ll have spoilers when it’s over.

John McGuire is working on his plan for Big Brother
John McGuire is working on his plan for Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

The new Head of Household has not done much to keep her plans hidden for how to use the Veto, but so far it hasn’t gotten back to that target as most were waiting to see just how big of a mess this plan might become.

From the start Becky, our current HoH, wanted Vanessa out the door but per “the deal” this week she put up Shelli and Steve. That deal had been part of yet another 8-HG agreement that the remaining half of Chelli plus JMac would go up. Now obviously Becky only put up Shelli and then used Steve in place of JMac so that was a change of directions, but the target remained Vanessa.

Becky was open with Shelli telling her that if she won the Veto she would use it on Shelli to save her and make way for the Vanessa renom. Shelli was well aware that Vanessa was the plan and agreed to go along with it while keeping the truth from Vanessa. It didn’t take long for Vanessa to catch on with suspicions though.

With Vanessa on to the threat she campaigned to make sure she would be playing. Vanessa told both Steve and Shelli that if they picked her then she’d save the other. Great plan as long as those two don’t compare notes. Oops. They did.

Overnight John petitioned Steve and Shelli to pick him as well. His plan was to save Shelli and leave Steve on the Block. John didn’t hide that from Steve when he asked to be picked. Yikes. By the end of the night Steve decided he would use HG Choice for John and agree to stay on the Block until Thursday night.

Houseguests received an early wake up call and that gave Steve and Shelli a chance to talk (8:20AM BBT) and realize both had been offered the same deal by Vanessa. BUT in that same talk Steve says maybe he should still pick Vanessa to play for him expecting John to remain safe at the hand of Becky. Soon after Vanessa talked with Steve again (8:30AM BBT) and worked to convince him that she should be his pick if he got HG Choice.

So what happened? Veto players were picked just minutes ago and we have our roster. Austin, Meg, and Vanessa will join Becky (HoH) with Steve and Shelli (noms). Not good for John’s overnight plans. What’s worse is that Shelli chose Vanessa. Yep.

Flashback to 10:58 AM BBT 8/8 as Shelli apologizes to John for having used her HG Choice to get Vanessa in the game instead of him. Good grief. Shelli says she was afraid of what Vanessa might do if she hadn’t made that choice.

John says it was a gamble by Shelli but maybe it’ll pay off. He assures her he has a plan, but we’ll have to see what that is.

Now Vanessa will have a chance to keep herself safe by winning Veto and could even keep her ally Shelli safe. If that happens I’d expect an Austwins to go up and we’ll see Steve evicted. Well, there are lots of outs and plenty of other ways for Becky to ruin her big plans.

Shelli is worried that Austin might leave the noms the same if he won Veto and I think she’s right. Using it would risk the twins and Vanessa. He wouldn’t use it. Meg, however, would use it as she’s in on the plan to BD Vanessa. That means today’s comp is 4 vs 2 to get the Veto used and Vanessa out the door.

Power of Veto spoilers coming up later today so stick with us for the results. Find us on Facebook or Twitter to get more updates as soon as it happens.


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  1. Yes…goo Becky. Shelli just might be on her way out! Vanessa needs to win the Veto. Fingers crossed.

  2. If Vanessa wins and a austwin is put up, which would probably be Austin himself, I could see Steve staying. If J/J/M vote that way, and John probably keeping Steve, that would cause a tie situation if the other vote against Steve. Julia hates Austin and might vote him out. Shelli already threw him under the bus and doesn’t really trust him. Thursday night will be interesting.

    • Sadly I’ve had people I know on 2 different reality shows and yes, to put this issue to rest… they are partially scripted. No need to debate the point or forget the importance. :)

      • Especially the Diary Room “chats.” Completely manufactured. Over the years, houseguests are/were neither clever nor entertaining enough to come up with most of that stuff. Except maybe Enzo Palumbo. He was hilarious, i.m.o.

      • Yeah it always makes me chuckle when I read how people are impressed with the humour and clever words people think the houseguests are giving. ;)

    • yeah no kidding. but also Vanessa, who I find more annoying than any of them, and that’s saying something with so many bad players in the house. why in hell did Becky ever share her plans with Shelli? Shelli has just proven she’s not trustworthy.

      • Because she still has this fascination of being with the ‘cool kid’ that she’s not realizing Shelli is a threat that has to go, along with Vanessa.

      • Sometimes you find out too late. The ONLY reason for Shelli to pick Van is because they are allied.

      • It’s a bit more than that I’d say… Becky has been needing allies since the beginning and it seemed Clay & Shelli (then later JMac) were her only 3 connections in the house… She’s sadly out of the loop and needing to get in however she can. Shelli was smart enough to play on this and manipulate her for the week…. Becky really should have made a new 4 person alliance that included JMac, herself, Shelli & (maybe Steve who’s in the same position)…

  3. If Shelli and Van really do know how to tell which is the HG choice chip, BB productions should penalize them. Either remove Van from Veto comp or make Shelli pick again w/o an HG choice chip in the bag.

  4. Well make sense that Shelli chose Van. If she didn’t choose her, Van would freak out. But it could mean Van and Shelli could be safe. Well … at least Judas could be renom instead and I am ok with that.

    • It was a dumb choice by Shelli. It will most likely get her through the week, but she has sabotaged any chance of being in an alliance with Becky and John
      It wouldn’t have mattered if Vanessa freaks out, bc she would be backdoored. Now Shelli’s only chance is for Vanessa to win the veto and use it on her.
      Otherwise she might either end up evicted or in the house with no allies..

  5. I know most people hate conspiracy theories (I usually do to) but seeing these choices for Veto players feels awfully convenient for Production drama-wise. But I guess that’s part of the game, isn’t it?

  6. Matt: You think that if an Austwin goes up against Steve, then Steve gets evicted? I can’t see that. The only way it would happen is for JMac to vote against Steve and for the Austwin. Otherwise, it’s a split vote and Becky sends the Austwin (probably Austin) packing. The only way I see for Steve to go home the first eviction is if Becky is dumb enough to put her ally, JMac, on the block.

      • This is a game and how can they be bestees when they all want the money. And why is Jackie voting with the house on eviction night? I can’t stand Vanessa and those twins voices. I would be happy if any three of them go up.Judas is starting to look better than Vanessa.

    • Agreed. Becky will definitely renom Austin. But if she renoms Liz or Julia … hmm it’s a bit hard to tell.
      Or Van could do her jedi mind trick and make her renom James or Jackie instead, who knows?
      At the moment Evil Queen rules the house!

      • I think that Van has no more voodoo over Becky. Shelli just lost her voodoo over Becky, too. Shelli making the HoH that promised to save her angry right before veto was not a good idea.

    • Well let’s see how veto plays out. I really do think that Becky’s plan has a certain amount of cleverness built in because depending on who wins veto, she can pick a few different options to ”show” different things to different people… There’s still hope for this former self-described ”pretty person” to demonstrate some strong planning skills to her advantage.

      • I was asking Matt Boyer, since he said in the article that he thinks an Austwin vs. Steve means that Steve gets evicted, but I’m glad you answered, too! :)

    • I think it’d be smarter to nominate Liz, neither have really proven to be very good at comps, but Liz is the glue that holds Austin and Julia together. You get rid of her, it could potentially break up that little group. Getting rid of Austin just makes one less crazy person in the house, doesn’t help much.

      • I agree, except that Becky made a deal with the twins and she didn’t make one with Austin. That’s why I think she’d pick Austin as a renom over either twin.

      • She’d be making a mistake if she did that, just do the smarter thing. They’re going to be upset with you no matter who from that side you put up. That having been said, sadly, you’re probably right :/

  7. Sat 11:53 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that if Vanessa uses the veto on Shellie she will lose the Austwins as an alliance and will be alone in game

    • She has to use the veto on Shelli if she wins it. It would be the biggest dick move in the game if she doesn’t. Vanessa is screwed if she wins veto and even more screwed if she doesn’t. She can’t win on this one.

      • Not so sure about that… I see it potentially playing out this way –> IF Vanessa wins, she removes Shelli meaning that the majority of votes in the house are once again with the 6th sense and they simply tell Becky who they expect her to put up in exchange for being safe next week. Done. Over.

      • Doesn’t that likely mean that she’ll have to put up an ally? I don’t see her going for that. I’d imagine she’d put up Liz or Austin and all proverbial hell will break loose.
        We have to see what the outcome is. You know V is fighting hard for it, but we don’t know if she’ll win. I am very excited for this announcement. :-)

      • It should be interesting. If V wins, V & S are planning to tell Becky she has to put up JMac to keep the deal. If V wins, Becky is planning on telling V/A/L/J that if Shelli comes off the block, she’s forced to put up one of them.

  8. Austin promised Steve he’d try to throw it to him, but wouldn’t agree to use it on him if Austin wins.

    • Wow, Austin is really turning on Vanessa. The only reason he’d do that is to get Vanessa backdoored. This is getting interesting.

  9. I’m so mad about these POV choices. I can only hope, and pray that Meg’s somehow wins it.

    • Right. Meg. Meg will win. Sure. And maybe I’ll get picked as the Republican VP ticket mate right after a rhinoceros flies through my living room.

      • I would love Meg to win this time. I would do Vanessa’s Jedi mind trick on her to win.
        Prepare for a rhino day!

      • Right. I mean it’s a complete long shot, like hella long, but she’s literally the only one I would trust to make the final nominations right. I mean, it’s literally only her, and Steve that can turn this around. Anyone else that gets it will suck, tbqh.

      • Shot, long shot. And to me it is. While Meg has a decent social game, when it comes to comps she isn’t always at the top level. She really needs to pull through and win this for her side so Vanessa can take her rightful seat on the block next to Shelli.

      • It’s better odds than that now. Meg, Becky or Steve wins, Steve comes off the block and Van goes up. (Becky is that ticked off @ Shelli.) Austin wins, noms stay the same. Shelli wins, Shelli comes off the block & Van goes up.

        Van wins … noms stay the same, Shelli gets ticked off, but goes to Jury. Van takes Shelli off the block, Austin goes up & to jury, Van loses the twins.

      • Shelli picked Vanessa to play for veto therefore proving her alliance with Vanessa is more important than Becky’s plan with Shelli to backdoor Vanessa.

      • What would be even funnier if V wins and leaves the noms the same is if Steve goes home, which leaves a very PO’d Shelli in the house with Vanessa. I would be glued to the feeds if that were to happen.

      • I would pull Steve down off the block and make sure Becky puts Vanessa on the block against Shelli to ensure Vanessa goes home.

      • Victoria won a comp or two before so Meg could try to do the same. She has a good chance if she stops trying to be funny and doing stupid things to get a laugh. I hope Austin wins this one since he definitely will not take Shelli off since there is a chance Liz may be the replacement. Becky should tell him that. Hopefully Vanessa goes up, but Shelli can go bye, bye for now.

      • Isn’t the comp that Victoria won the one that had the trips and cash and punishments and the veto? It turned out she had the best trip in her hand, and the one who wanted that trip happened to have the veto. I’d hardly call that Victoria winning comps.

      • She won a POV (first or second eviction, can’t remember). And I would say she won the other comp as well, simply because she knew Caleb would go fo the money and so she left the money and took the POV ;)

  10. Should have put Shelli up against Vanessa, it doesn’t matter who comes off, put up Liz everybody then would vote for othe other person left on the block. I don’t understand why they don’t see this.

    • Bc Shelli was no target for Becky. If J/J/M were HOH, they would have done it to get rid of at least one of them, since both of them are targets for them.
      However, Becky only targets Vanessa and backdooring her might be safer like that..

      • Even if Shelli wasn’t….she is now…she picked Vanessa for the player’s choice and Beck is fuming….These players give the other side to much credit…I would like Alyce said and I been saying for the last two days…put Shell and Van straight up and use Liz as your safety card…you got 2 sure votes there. Now Beck finds out that she isn’t loyal to her but to Vanessa…and if Vanessa saves Shell…she just screwed up her game and the rest of the house’s…these people don’t think..

      • These HG’s can’t keep their mouth shut long enough to get things to turn out the way they want. To many variables when the game is rigged. As soon as Shellie said they knew how to tell the HG choice chip, BB should have had a real draw. These people have no clue as to how to play this game.

      • Shellie is pretty dumb for her comment, but it is “a card laid is a card played”. Who knows, others may already know this and have used it to their advantage before. Would be wrong to re-draw.

      • Thats what I mean by they don’t k ow how to shut up. She never should have told that. And it would be unfair to change it now. Maybe something different next year.

      • It would be unfair if they didn’t change it now. It’s been brought to BB productions attention that part of their show has potential for cheating. That is against game show rules. They have to fix it.

      • I think she meant unfair to re-draw.

        But I agree with you that perhaps they should fix it. But the person at fault for all of it is production, not the HGs.

  11. Stupid move by Shelli to pick Van! Before picking Van, Shelli was actually sitting pretty and had both Becky & JMac promising to take her off the block. She could have had 3 people all playing for her.

    She chose Van, which ticked off both JMac and Becky. Becky is out for blood now. If Becky wins, I can see her pulling Steve and putting up Van. Shelli just reduced her odds to 2 people playing for her and 1 of them is untrustworthy enough to leave noms the same, because Van will have to chose between Shelli & the Austwins.

    • I don’t think she pissed off Becky and John….they are so wrapped up in her….and she’s so wrapped up in Vanessa.

      • Feeds say that Becky is now plotting against Shelli w/ J/J/M. Becky is very ticked off. John & Steve talked and are both ticked off at her, too.

      • Don’t blame them..but putting both of them on the block will have eliminate this scenario…they couldn’t save each other…if you play chess one move at a time you will lose….even billiards for that matter.

      • Really hoping Steve stepson up and wins and grows a pair and takes himself off the block! Show them he is playing his own game

  12. Just read on Jokers that Shelli and Vanessa both know how to choose/feel for the houseguests choice chip in the bag during Veto Picks!

    Is it just me or is this kind of like cheating especially since Shelli admitted it? I think they should be made to re pick for veto.

    Vanessa and Shelli just don’t know how to play by the rules they have made this game very ugly and very personal. I can’t stand them!

    • Hey, they didn’t make the chips. You can’t blame Shelli and Vanessa for that. That’s production’s fault.

      • It’s unethical and in a way it is cheating. And I bet if James, Jackie or Meg said it you’d be upset.

      • It’s not cheating if Becky and Steve also had the same opportunity but didn’t figure out that production screwed up. Props to V and S for figuring it out.

      • Agree. And who knows, others may also know about this & have done the same thing. Production really screwed the pooch on this one

      • It was brought up a couple of weeks ago, they all know about it. Now that I know I’ve noticed when they pick chips that they seem to search around when they stick their hand in the bag. I hope they fix it next year.

      • Not really. It’s not their fault if they can differentiate the chips. That’s an advantage, and it’s not cheating in my book.

      • Unethical to you perhaps but it’s not in the game. They are playing games to win money, they would do whatever necessary to get ahead, even break promises and deals and backstab others, and you worry about chips?

      • No I’m not worried about chips I merely offered an opinion. And no it’s not the biggest offense in the world.

        But yes it was unethical no matter which way you spin it. Maybe you’d do anything for 500k but not everyone would.

      • I said them, why did you point the finger to me? Am I one of the competitor now?
        Well done, Vanessa. You did it again.

      • It was unethical for James to promise Shelli in front of everyone that no noms for Her or Clay, then go back on his word. If you are going to fault people being unethical in this game, you’re watching the wrong show

      • Shelli and Clay went back on their word and lied and throughout the entire game.( Shelli continues to lie). The way they pretended to Jason that they didn’t know he was going up wasn’t a lie? Right?

        Plus Clay and Shelli had a talk with Vanessa before James won Hoh and they were detailing who they wanted out next and they all agreed James should be gone soon. James owed no loyalty to either of them especially considering they were talking bad about him behind his back and helped to back door his ally in Jason.

        As Derrick (who won Bb last year) said what James did to Shelli and Clay was a classic big brother move.

        I think it’s you who’s watching the wrong show.

      • I think you take this far too personally for your faves. I don’t care who wins. I watch for the drama.

        My only point was everyone in this game has been unethical. Shelli & clay included! You can’t really fault people even if they are and it isn’t really unethical to take every advantage you can (i.e. finding fault in the chips)

      • I don’t have a fave. So it is impossible for me to take it personally for my faves. I said it before and will say it again, I watch for good drama.

      • I think you’re coming at it with an obvious bias, RhondaK. I’m not a big fan of theirs all the time either but you can’t call it cheating just because they’re good with differentiating the way the chips feel. Who WOULDN’T take advantage of that? Not sure how Joker’s knows but if either of them were dumb enough to say it out loud or tell someone else they shouldn’t be surprised if the chips suddenly become harder to identify. (In fact that might make for a pretty great few seconds of “desperate look” if one reaches in and discovers the trick is no longer available.)

      • Actually, if production does that, then it is wrong IMHO. Others may know of this advantage as well and aren’t stupid enough to say it. If you take it away now, you prevent anyone else from using it next time.

        Now if one of them has defaced chips to help them, then they should be penalized severely. But if it is just production’s fault, then it is what it is

      • I don’t think that’s a solid argument, jc12345. If Production had zero idea about this advantage then discovers it’s a reality it’s their obligation to make it right. They could plead ignorance before but the second it’s “out there” they should acknowledge it.

      • Fair enough. I just don’t like changing rules in the middle of any game. But perhaps you are right.

    • It’s not cheating. It would just be like counting cards in the casino. This is a tough game for $500K. You take everything you can get.

      • It’s not like counting cards. That’s a legit thing to help determine the odds for the next card. This is reaching in a bag and feeling that one chip is different than the others. That is cheating.

      • So why does the casino kick you out for doing it? Sure, it is because it hurts them but also because it is in the “grey area” of the rules and that gives the authority to do so by the gaming commission.

        Just like this. This is a “grey area” thing. I don’t think this is cheating, I can understand calling it unethical, but I think it is just taking advantage of a loophole/screwup in the system

      • Casinos have the right to allow or not allow anyone in their establishment, same as any other business. They don’t want anyone that is going to take the odds away from the house. However, it isn’t cheating. If the game commission considered it cheating, then card counters would be prosecuted, instead of just removed from the premises.

      • I think we just have a difference of opinion here. I see it as a “grey area” thing & you think it is cheating. So the analogy to card counting holds for me. And won’t for you. Fair enough. Agree to disagree on this one

    • Maybe this was Production assistance to keep them safe…..hehehe. I wouldn’t put it pass them to lend a hand to these two.

      • Or the more enterprising contestants figured out that the chips were different. There’s a great 30 Rock where Kenneth creates a game show where you have to guess which suitcase is filled with gold, and only one model is falling over from the weight of the suitcase, thus indicating where the gold is. I don’t think this problem you keep referring to is ethics or manipulation so much as it is poor design.

      • I’m fairly certain there are very strict rules about manipulating a game where prize money is involved after the whole Quiz Show scandal in the 50s. I think they (Producers) can manipulate certain things for story but I’m not certain that competitions where an eviction is the end result is allowed. I’d think there’d be way too much bad PR associated with something like that.

      • This is not a game show, so they don’t have to play by the rules that games shows follow.nnevery year this comes up.

      • I understand. Forgive the first half (50s Game Shows) example. But I still 100% stand by the bad PR angle. If it came out (verified, not conspiracy theory) that the Producers of BB or CBS rigged a contest where the ultimate prize was a half-million dollars I think the end result PR-wise would be a big problem for the show. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

      • She’s an odd duck and I can’t say that I love her, but for entertainment’s sake, she’s gold.

      • Well, maybe if Vanessa wins, Becky can backdoor Austin, or if Vanessa don’t use the veto Shelli can go home.

      • If Vanessa win the veto, I have a feeling whatever happens will be whatever Vanessa wants to happen. It’s killing me with laughter how everyone does what she tells them to, even her enemies. So strange.

  13. I wouldn’t put it pass Production to make this a POKER or CARD POV competition in Vanessa’s favor.

  14. Omg! If Vanessa wins… Face it, by Thursday she will have the Austwins and Little Steve backing her all over again so no matter what the other side does they will lose… Again! So disgusted by this season!!!! So hope I’m wrong!!!

    • Chill. V only has a 1 in 6 chance of winning.
      Take that back. Meg is playing. Make that 1 in 5.

  15. Relax people …. WE all know how production c ok ntrols this game so whether we like it or not Vanessa will NOT be going home tonight!!! She’s either going to miraculously win Veto or never make it onto the block …. losing interest in BB after so many yrs

  16. You must all remember….Shelli will always choose Vanessa. To her, Vanessa is her BB life saver….she can’t do no wrong in Shelli’s eyes. Shelli and V also has a final two agreement.

  17. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m really exited it’s going to be a double eviction week. Best case scenario, Shelli goes then Vanessa goes!

      • People complain a lot about Vanessa, but mark my word, if she leaves this week, the game will be considerably less interesting.

      • In made a similar comment on this thread earlier! They’ve been picking off the most entertaining contestants! Well, all were entertaining except for Clay…he thought he was on the Bachelor.

      • Oh come on!!! Don’t you find Steve just staring at the cam and walking around most entertaining???

      • I am really curious … the contestants have daily contact with the production crew, right?
        Have the crew ever mentioned to them who’s popular with the fans? So to let them up their games. More showmance. More comedy. More drama. More Lil Stevie talking to the camera.

      • The cast seems to have zero idea how America views them, remember Frankie was positive he was America’s Favorite Player last year. If production does give them hints about that, they must be false ones.

      • I’m pretty sure they don’t. I don’t know for a fact, but I think part of the fun of the show is the disconnect between how they perceive themselves and how the audience is perceiving them in reality.

      • Production does influence the players. Manipulation is part of the “game”. Remember where the term Big Brother comes from…..the book 1984. This is what the show is based on. That’s why the producers and viewers are allowed to put their two cents worth in. Oh, maybe we all should re-read George Orwell’s book, “1984”, then we will remember what the “rules” are and try to play better.

  18. I am super hoping Steve wins. That would be amazing for drama this week between Shelli and Vanessa

  19. Go Steve! Maybe he can pull this one out and we’ll get Vanessa and Shelli on the block.

    Oh wait. That’s right. He wants to throw it.

  20. Come on Steve!! Please win Veto!! You did it once, you can again!! I want Vanessa and Shelli on the Block!!

  21. Yes best picks because lets be real Vanessa knows she is introuble and Austin is strong. Shelli sucks at veto comps and the other 3 are just horrible at comps.

    If Vanessa or Austin win veto they probably will not use it since shelli threw them under the bus last week :D

    • Don’t think so…she will use it to save her…Shell was wetting her pants explaining to Beck why she had to pick her as a player’s choice…together they know they are strong and will pick off the other side one by one.

      • But Vanessa knows that someone else will be put up and also knows that Shelli would stay over anyone else if she was on the block

      • Yes I get your point…but Van is going to risk leaving her on the block…and possibly not get the votes to keep her…they have that much control over everyone..not sure about that…Shell is still a big target…that hasn’t changed.

      • I doubt if Shelli would stay now. If it’s Shelli vs Steve and the vote were held this minute, it would be a tie and Becky would send Shelli packing.

      • Becky already told James, Meg and Jackie, if the noms stay the same to vote Shelli out. She has to get JMac on board with that but now that she screwed JMac by picking Vanessa to play the veto comp, I am not sure he will save Shelli. Steve and Becky have proven to be more reliable allies,

      • JMac is ticked off at Shelli. I’m hoping that he feels safer with Steve & Becky now. It would be the worst thing he could do to chose Shelli over Steve after what she just did. I’ve been a JMac fan, but I’d drop him like a hot potato if he still chooses Shelli.

      • According to this article above, apparently Becky and John are not reliable allies. That was new information for me too. Like you, I thought those two were close.

      • Becky should look at Shelli calmly, smile and say, “I know.” Walk away. And vent to JJM and Jmac while plotting her POV speech. Hopefully Jmac tells Steve to use it and save himself.
        I think he has to or Steve might still think he has to throw it.

  22. If things stay according to the previous seasons’ scheduling we’re about 1-2 weeks away from Zingbot 3000!

      • NO one is safe this Season. Every single one of them has fantastic Zingbot material about them. I honestly can’t wait. I hope Zingbot cries immensely and makes a joke about no actual tears coming out…”Just like Shelli! – ZING!” (It’s going to be fantastic all the way around.)

  23. I really hope Vanessa wins veto so the power keeps shifting back and forth, and honestly I’m perfectly ok with Steve being evicted.

    • Who said Steve will be evicted? If Vanessa takes Shelli off the block they may evict Austin or one of the twins and blame it on Vanessa for forcing Becky to put one of them up. Its a classic case of calling someone’s bluff – and losing.

  24. ~Claps slowly. Congrats Shelli! (Says sarcastically) you may have ruined your one chance at staying and getting rid of a major threat! What do you have to say for your self?! -__-

    • I say … on my defense, since Clay bae left, I am so confused, so sad, so alone, but thank God for Vanessa. She supports me thru all of these, she’s been a rock, she’s wonderful. I think I am going to fall for her … too soon?

    • Becky should look at Shelli calmly, smile and say, “I know.” Walk away. And vent to JJM and Jmac while plotting her eviction speech. Hopefully Jmac tells Steve to use it and save himself.
      I think he has to or Steve might still think he has to throw it.

      • Or she could scream “Why the xxxxx you do that?” then slam the incoming train on to her face.

    • Well, she would’t go against Vanessa to save herself and Clay so I don’t see why anyone thinks should would turn on Vanessa now.

      • She needs to look for possible alternatives too. She has effectively removed all of them and painted herself into a corner with Vanessa as the two biggest threats in the house by far.

    • She’s clearly made her decision to ride or die with Vanessa the rest of the way. I agree with you–not what I would have done, but she must have her reasons.

  25. Vanessa may have trapped herself with this move. If she uses the veto to save Shelli, Austin already told the twins they need to break free of her.

    If she doesn’t use it to save Shelli, she risks having Shelli expose her, the alliance and all of Vanessa schemes.

    Vanessa can’t throw the comp because if Meg, Becky or Steve wins and uses the veto she goes up and goes home.

    My guess is she will throw the comp to Austin if she can so the noms stay the same and she won’t have to break her deal with Shelli.

    • All true…but is Austin able to catch the ball…he’s not looking like a comp beast at this particular moment!

      • Right. He still have to be in it after Shelli, Becky and Meg and Steve are out. It only works if Vanessa and Austin are the final 2.

  26. Vanessa should tell Becky that Shelli told her the plan about back dooring her and using jm as a ploy since she knows the truth. That way becky will then go after Shelli and not her

    • Becky knows Shelli and Vanessa are very close. She told Meg and Jackie as much using her two fingers pressed together to demonstrate how close. She knows the two together cannot remain so one of them is going home unless Vanessa pulls Shelli off the block.

      • LOL. They have surprised us with their stupidity these year, haven’t they?

        I am fairly confident Vanessa was only out to save her own game so I think Austin’s threat to leave her and Shelli alone will convince her not to use it and she will use that as an excuse when she tells Shelli her plan. Then she will say they will make a deal with JMac to save her and evict Steve instead.

        Eitehr way, the paranoia will commence after veto and we should get a decent show for a few days.

      • Wouldn’t have happened…sorry could not happen if they were both on the block…and if Shell was true to Beck not Van then the worst that could happen was Austin was out the door…i think that would have been a good day the office!

      • If Vanessa pulls Shelli off what’s to stop Becky from replacing her with Vanessa? If Becky thinks they’re that close, Vanessa using the veto might guarantee a back dooring which she’s (Vanessa) so afraid of. No?

      • If Vanessa wins POV she is safe even if she uses it on someone else. Its a rule I would love to see them change.

      • Sorry. My bad. Thanks for the clarity on that. You’re right. That should change.

      • What they should do is bring back the sliver veto because the current rules means comp beasts are allways safe

      • You’re right, Deb in SF. I made an error. Thanks for being so gracious about it.
        (You’re obviously a delightfully warm and charming individual people fight to be near!)

  27. I’m still preparing for a Vanessa post eviction Party on Thursday. I’m sending e-invites to every one.

    • Oh I so hope it’s a balancing comp! That would make sense of why it’s taking so long. Austin is all thumbs. Vanessa is too skittish. Shelli is too worried. Meg is too clumsy. That leaves Steve & Becky to win it.

      • If it’s a balancing comp and Steve keeps smelling his fingers things are gonna get tricky.

      • Ya know I read about that, but I’m still confused. (I don’t have live feeds), so does Steve really smell his fingers a lot? And whats with the rumor about a Cantaloupe or something?

    • If it’s a puzzle comp, Meg is doomed. I’m surprised the girl can even dress herself properly … LOL

  28. Once again….Shelli cannot keep keep her word. Her word “that means so much” as her and Clay repeatedly said last week clearly means nothing. She promised JMac how many time last night and this morning she would use house guest choice on him? She is a joke.

    • Right. Vanessa and Shelli should just own all their lies, instead of running around getting upset when someone lies to them. Textbook definition of a hypocrite.

      • Agree that in DR – they should. In the game, all’s fair in love & war (with this being more like war ;)) And it is up to the others to determine that they are hyprocrites. They are starting to.

  29. Vanessa needs to go. Yes she’s a great player, but she’s also impulsive, destructive, and sort of losing it I think…
    I love that JMac is taking charge. About time. I’m also really curious to see how everyone who is under Vanessa’s thumb acts once she’s gone, their games will be interesting.

    • Agree that it is encouraging to see JMac coming out more as a player. If he can make it a 3 sided house, that will make the gameplay very unpredictable and compelling to watch

      • Definitely. I like that the lines are blurring too. I want Vanessa to get her nails out of Steve and see if he flourishes (finally).

  30. 2+ hours means one of two things: 1. They each have to put together a 1000 piece solid black jigsaw puzzle. 2. Audrey broke into the backyard and is sleeping in the middle of the competition area.

    • 3. It’s very stressful and they had to call in an emergency dermatology team for Vanessa’s breakout 4. Meg is still asking for clarification on the directions 5. Becky showed up and everyone cried foul that someone who’s not a contestant is playing for the POV

    • I picture 2 men from the psycho ward chasing V around the backyard with a straight jacket while she screams “they’re all f****g related I tell you!!!

    • Shelli stared doey-eyed into the camera, and talked about her struggle without Clay. Vanessa’s eyes sink further into her skull. Meg straddles a mannequin in the backyard and then after two minutes realizes she’s bored. Becky’s overconfidence inflates her breasts even more and she soars off into the sky.

    • 7. Steve is stressed and calls for his Mom. Van start to go towards him, then realizes he meant his real Mom. He (steve) won’t play without asking his Mom first whether he should throw it or not. In the end, they are able to convince him to play (finally)

  31. Please win Vanessa. Without you, the house won’t be the same. I love the underdogs, but I also love Vanessa’s craziness. Get rid of stupid Shelli!

    • I’m on board with you Josh. Totally agree. Vanessa is the best! There is a thin line between crazy and genius. Vanessa is a genius. Love her so much.

      • Then you want to see a boring house with just bad players with likable personalities. Good for you. Vanessa helps keeps things entertaining. Losing her would be the worst thing for this season.

      • Oh I get the entertainment value of Vanessa, and maybe it’s because personally she is grating to me, and a bit too cocky (and hotheaded) for me to really root for her, but I think it would be interesting for more players to actually start playing. Maybe I’m holding out hope that this will make them wake up.

      • Totally with you Billy! I hate to see Vanessa enter a room now! Everything will be fun and lively with everyone interacting then Queen Doom walks in and the funeral faces come out!!!

  32. Is Vanessa popping a pimple in that pic up there^? What is up with her lately? It’s like everyday shes becoming more and more like a zombie.

  33. Is Vanessa’s eye makeup tattooed? I’m curious only because I have never seen her without it. She even showers and washes her hair and still has it on. If it’s not permanent I’d love to know her secret!!

    • I have a friend who has “eye liner” tattooed around her lashes, top & bottom. While I like the idea, I would never let anyone get that close to my eyes with any kind of needle. Yikes!

      • Yeah I have a friend with permanent eyeliner also:) but I swear this girl gets out of the shower and still has blue eyeshadow on and not a smudge!!! If I blink too many times mine smudges lol.

  34. Apparently it’s that timed comp where each HG goes one at a time. That explains the delay. They’re still waiting for Meg to surface. There will be a two hour gap between 5th and 6th place in this comp.

  35. Any possibility Steve snapped and killed them all and CBS doesn’t know how to handle it?

  36. Greg Another Internet Genius • 12 minutes ago
    Ya know I read about that, but I’m still confused. (I don’t have live feeds), so does Steve really smell his fingers a lot? And whats with the rumor about a Cantaloupe or something?

    I’d like to know too.

    • I don’t have the feeds either. I read about the fingers smelling thing both here and at Joker’s. (A site that provides constant updates from people who watch the Feeds.) No idea about anything involving cantaloupe though. Sorry!

    • I have the feeds and I haven’t noticed him smelling his fingers. I notice him playing with his moustace that looks like he’s picking his nose all the time lol.

    • I posted the comment about Steve smelling his hands all the time. It was kind of weird behavior at first but after getting to see Steve more it doesn’t seem that weird now.

  37. If Austwinz went up I think they would go home over Steve. John would vote with Becky, and so would Meg, Jackie and James. Becky would then break the tie evicting Austwinz.

    • Any thoughts on who a long comp would benefit. I think it eliminates Meg & Steve. Austin should have good strength for a long comp, but he fell early in last week’s HOH. I think it is down to Shelli, Van & Becky.

      This is just wild speculation – but I guess I am getting weary from the fan endurance comp

      • It has to be a puzzle comp of some sort or a comp where they need to put a sequence of events together. My guess is its a puzzle comp. Physical endurance is less of an issue than getting the puzzles right.

        My quess is some players put the puzzles together quickly some very slow.

        It depends on the types of puzzles. I think if its faces no one is favored because all the players were the last to recognize the twins were twins – even after Day pointed it out. Da would have rocked this comp I think.

      • If it is some sort of puzzle comp, I think that is not good for Austin’s chances. He just doesn’t seem like the puzzle sort of guy. Not just because he is a wrestler, but watching him and how he talks, etc. I don’t think he has the patience to be a good puzzler.

        I think puzzles would be right up Van’s alley. Poker is all about putting puzzles together.

        But who knows, all just wild speculation and I am bored and want to know who won

      • Not faces though. I don’t think Vanessa sees faces in details. She sees a blur and hears a voice.

  38. Just in case some of you have forgot, tonight on NFL Network and ESPN, it’s the Professional Football Hall Of Fame enshrinement ceremonies, where former Raiders #81 Tim Brown will join all the great in Canton Ohio.

  39. Getting so tired of Jeff on my feeds.. perhaps I need a break. Shouldn’t spend all Saturday watching the same clips, lol.

      • It’s just sad I am wasting my day watching the same thing over and over. Sign I must be a true BB fan!

  40. People must really dislike Vanessa. This has to be the most anticipated Veto Comp in a few years!

    • Vanessa is certainly not a person I would want to spend any time with, but so far in this game is the a best player by far.

      • Oh dear then I do not suggest getting the feeds if she manages to avoid eviction this week!!! She will drive you to drink and drugs!!!

      • She has definitely played strong and hard. Perhaps a little too hard and that is why she is in the current predicament – basically win POV or go home

      • Now that the house has figured her out I am not so sure. Like Audrey, she overplayed and got caught. We’ll see how it works out for her,

    • Actually I was more excited about last week.. But I still really want to know. The last two weeks are the only ones I kept watching the feeds.

    • Then Shelli goes home. If Vanessa uses it then one of the twins goes home and it will be Vanessa’s fault.

      • Becky has already said she wouldn’t put up Austin or the twins because she is afraid of the DE. Maybe she puts up James or Jackie.

      • Wow. James or Jakie would be a shocker to me. I think she goes to Austin. Her DE promise was just for the twins if I’ve read the events right (didn’t see it).

      • But if Vanessa takes Shelli down she is breaking their deal to send the remaining Clelli home this week. That means Becky is free to put up anyone else and she said she will go to Austwins and ask for a volunteer.

      • No. On the feeds she said if Vanessa wins she is going to Austin and the twins to tell them that if Vanessa uses the veto to take down Shelli, Becky will be looking for a volunteer from Austwins to go up on the block. She said she is not putting up JMac because she knows he will go home. If she puts up anyone from her side that person will go home.

        Also, Austin told the twins, if Vanessa uses the veto on Shelli, he and they should be done with Vanessa. He will walk away from her and leave her by herself.

  41. How does everyone feel about Vanessa and Shelli figuring out how to tell the HG choice chip from the others. Shelli picked HG choice. Cheating of fair? I am on the fence but I am leaning towards cheating. Perhaps BB should have done it over just to make certain the choices were random and not fixed by the feel of a particular chip.

    • There has been some convo below. I see it as a grey area and “a card laid is a card played”. Too late to change it now.

      One other commenter said that many of them know.

      Perhaps others have used it in the past this season. It’s productions fault for bad props. They should fix it.

      • I agree. It is only cheating if it breaks the rules. I doubt there is any rule about this – that is why I call it a grey area.

    • If “cheating” is ok then production should set up other ways to “cheat” and let the HG find them and use them at will and call them “twists”

      • or they don’t care? Shelli did pick HG choice. We’ll have to watch the TV show to see if she just grabs a chip or if she is feeling around in the bag.

  42. Maybe I missed something but I’ve got to ask- What happened to the Big brother takeovers each week? Did that supposedly stop alongside the BOTB?

  43. Look at the bright side – after a very long comp and after they clean up and get something to eat, there should be a load of game talk to eavesdrop on during BB After Dark.

  44. Steve won. Great. Hopefully Vanessa can get Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve to all vote to save her. But then James, Meg, Jackie and John will vote to evict her, and thus a tie. And then Becky will decide, and she’ll vote out Vanessa. Damn. The game just got a lot more boring. Hopefully Vanessa returns to the house when a returning juror is announced.

    • I’m afraid you are right. Winning comps is paramount right now – and 6th sense is in a drought!!!

    • That would be interesting- if Vanessa left and the game changed. And then she comes back in a couple weeks later!

    • Si si. I’m hoping for a fun shakeup, but if this turns into the Meg and Jackie show, I is owta here! I think the only thing that could save the season now would be JMac, Shelli or Austin finding a path to the final 2.

  45. Steve won POV!!!! Unless Steve pulls a Marcellas, Vanessa and Shelli will sit side by sit on eviction night!!!

  46. yay…steve won the veto so most likely vanessa will be on the block. im happy with either her or shelly going home.

    • It’s not 100% confirmed yet. Even Matthew says: “Current take is that Steve won the Power of Veto!”

  47. Okay, have we even seen the darn thing yet? All this back and forth between Becky and Steve is giving me a migraine.

    EDIT: Okay, never mind, just got my own confirmation.

  48. I hope Vanessa does not convince him not to use it on himself. She seems to have a lot of power over him!

    • Don’t think Steve is that stupid. But if Vanessa could do that, then wow that’d be amazing to see. Perhaps Steve should leave and get out of BB for his own good? Him constantly talking to the cameras is very sad…

      • He kind of listens to everything Vanessa says, so I could see him staying on the block. But wouldn’t he know that he would Shelli? If not, hes as bad a player there ever was.

  49. Becky is lying to James and saying that Shelli did not know about the BD Vanessa plan. Becky still intends to work with Shelli. Smh.

    • Why shouldn’t she? If she joins J/J/M or Austwins, she’ll always be at the bottom of the alliance. But if she, Shelli, and John (and Steve?) form a new alliance, it’ll be a lot more equal.

      • Shelli has already shown her she doesn’t want to be aligned with her… She picked Vanessa for the veto.

        This is dumb on Becky’s part. Shelli doesn’t want her.

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