Big Brother 17: Power Shift Brings Added Drama In Week 10

Finally a power shift on Big Brother 17. After two and a half weeks of the Van Austwins taking over the Big Brother house they’ll now have to deal with a change in their plans which means we get to enjoy the fun of a scramble.

Goblins turn the Big Brother house upside down
Goblins turn the Big Brother house upside down – Source: CBS All Access

Two weeks ago we saw Liz win HoH and the Veto and last week Austin took HoH while Vanessa snagged PoV. This round we saw HoH yet again fall in to their hands before it was at last time for a change.

Last night James finally broke the great chain of control with his Power of Veto win that sent the Van Austwins scrambling. Vanessa shed some tears while the twins started to panic just minutes after the comp. It’s about time! Big Brother is great with a good power shift to keep one side, any side, of the house from winning for too long. Without that shift it quickly becomes dull to watch one alliance get decimated leaving little hope for changes later when the numbers are too much to overcome.

Now James is assured he’s safe and is prepared to make his feelings known. Heading upstairs to confront Vanessa last night James didn’t waste anytime poking the wasps nest and a provoked Vanessa was an angry Vanessa on the Live Feeds. (Get a Free Trial now.)

Flashback on your Feeds to 11:31 PM BBT 8/29 Cams 3/4 as James is sitting down with Vanessa in the HoH room. James is explaining how he was told by Austin that Vanessa was against James and spreading word that he couldn’t be trusted. When Vanessa presses for more details James says he doesn’t read in to things like she does and adds that Vanessa “remembers every little piece” then uses it against them later. “You play the game too hard,” says James. Uh oh.

Vanessa goes on the offensive at James “Are you insulting me right now?! You’re actually literally insulting me!” She tells James he better leave the room. James just sits there calmly explaining how he’s citing the differences between their games as Vanessa angrily drops f-bombs and asks who he is to critique her methods. Vanessa typically enters two modes in confrontation: anger or tears. I feel bad for the HGs who have to deal with this, but it’s Feeds Gold for us. Better settle in because it’s a long ride until Thursday night.

Right now Vanessa is debating who to send to the Block as a renom because James will most definitely be using the Veto and he’ll be using it on himself despite previous comments that he was considering saving Meg. Who goes up is a bit uncertain though Vanessa has mentioned both Steve and Julia, but may be leaning more toward the latter option. Either way, Vanessa is promising Meg remains her target. I’d say there’s a better choice out there, but I’ll have to write that up later.

Do you think James will be able to navigate this opportunity and keep his closest ally, Meg, in the game? Is Vanessa really willing to let her week be used to evict Meg this close to the end as the bigger threats remain? Choices, choices and we’ve got a much needed power shift to thank.


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  1. Yay! I like James and I just wish he had a bigger stake in the game instead of following Meg like a pup.

    • James needs to be leading Meg, not the other way around, plus considering he has a good relationship with Steve, couldn’t he team up with Steve and Johnny Mac?

    • Don’t get me wrong, I like James too. His silly antics make me smile. He is just not very good at playing Big Brother. Confronting an already paranoid person like Vanessa head-on, YIKES! I love a good BB fight, but I just couldn’t watch that one. I’m glad his head is still there.

      • He’s the little bull in the china shop. I think he has a good heart, more so than most in the House, that’s why he gravitated to Meg. Of course those melons might have something to do with it too and of course that smile of hers.

      • I am glad that James took on Vanessa, no one else would do it. When Vanessa’s peeps are not in power she either stays in bed, or move around like a zombie. I am too sick of her.

  2. We can all see that there a better choice for Vanessa’s game than Meg for eviction this week. But Vanessa can’t see it. I come back to my poker allusion, she deal with the hand in front of her (what she is use to do), but doesn’t take the time to look further than that. Or least she doesn’t realize the importance on her game of the challenge in the weeks to come. If she did, she would have put Austin and Liz on the block. Now was the time.

    • Apparently Vanessa isn’t as good a poker player then we thought. Yes taking ot a ally like the Asstwins would hurt her but it would gain her support from the other side. She doesn’t see that yet and chances are she never will see it.

      • She already has the support of most of the “other side” (the parts that matter). She has Jmac & Steve. She only loses James – you can’t have everyone.

        She can’t have a frontal assault on Austwins or she loses 3 more jury votes. The only one she may have now is steve. This nom Julia idea is good for her game. It is non-threatening, but keeps Jmac/Steve there for the next round and keeps her in contention to actually win the war as well.

      • That seems to be a good point jc12345 but right now, Vanessa has no votes in jury. After Meg goes to jury first this week then it will be 4 no votes for Vanessa. Vanessa needs to start making votes if she wants the win. The one way she can do that is to start getting rid of the Asstwins. She will need James along with Steve and JMAC as well but James might go after her if she gets Meg voted out.

      • But if she goes after austwins – she loses their votes (most likely) as she takes them out. So, whatever she may gain from others for making that move – which I think is what you are suggesting – would be offset by losing austwin votes.

        The Goblins will never vote for her. That’s 3. 2 more and there is no way she can win. If she turns on austwins now, she can count on at least 2 more votes against. Game over.

      • Sounds like she is in a no win situation then. Make as many enemies as you can I guess. Come to think of it, Jackie and Becky will never vote for her (I hope) and Shelli is up in the air as who she would vote for. If Julia, Liz and Austin leaves she may gain one vote from them (a far stretch) but it could happen. She will more than likely have Steve’s and JMAC’s vote (undecided on JMAC), she will not have Meg or James vote. She may as well just go to jury because her game is over.

    • I think you’re under-estimating her, plus a BD of Liz is a better move than Austin/Liz OTB. But she does seem to be having a very hard time getting pass this loyalty to her initial alliance, maybe something she wants “loyalty back to her” more than winning.

      Someone needs to point out to her that the Austin/Liz shomance changed the dynamics of that original alliance and truthfully I don’t believe binds her to that agreed alliance b/c the alliance between the twins & Austin pushes her to the bottom of totem-pole, that wasn’t the case when she first entered that alliance.

      • You absolutely nailed it. It’s 24 hours until the veto meeting. If Vanessa does not nominate Liz, she will lose BB.

      • Look Liz and her sister should be thanking Vanessa for making sure they were never put on the block and voted out also same goes for Austin

  3. I can’t believe just how stupid Steve is being, the fact that he won’t vote out Julia on principle is so idiotic that I have a hard time believing how big of a “superfan” he claims to be. I used to think he just had no awareness of the game, but I’m starting to think that he won’t vote out Julia solely because he has a crush on her, which is pretty pathetic considering the grand prize.

    Ugh, whatever, I don’t really care about Meg so vote her out, she’s a terrible gameplayer anyway. But I’m really going to enjoy the look on Steve’s face when Liz wins HOH next week and he gets thrown out of the house because Jmac won veto and there “were no other options”.

  4. She’s playing for 4th if she doesn’t put up one of the Austwins. They WILL NOT take her to the F3.

    • It’s kind of a Win-Win for us fans… she makes a BIG MOVE & bust-up
      the hated Austwins or she doesn’t and she commits BB game suicide for herself.

      • Hey, let’s hope it’s suicide and get that creep out. Would much rather see Austin or Liz get knocked off, but Van is screwy in her thinking at times. How Meg is a big target, go figure.

  5. you guys.. i really don’t like Vanessa and austin and Liz and Julia anymore. austin is kind of just annoying and Liz and Julia are so rude and catty and Vanessa is a pathological liar. i want James or Johnny mac to win the season.

    • ANY MORE??? Sorry, lost it for a moment there. Vanessa is down-right frustrating to watch and Austin’s a big show-off and the Twins are hot & cute & oh, wait off track there… what you said “rude-ah and catty”.

      I wasn’t a James fan & I was a JMac fan (his interview w/Julie soured me) but I’m tipping toward James since Becky’s meat.

      • I think because everyone thought he had this “stellar cool” personality and the interview proved he didn’t… He’s just really a dud…

      • He was trying way too hard to be goofy in that interview. He doesn’t act that way in the house most of the time, and I KNOW he wouldn’t have been hired as a dentist acting that way.

      • Yes! Exactly! I think he purposely acted a little more goofy. Though I think nerves makes his laugh a bit worse too.

      • Here’s my reasoning “that laugh, it’s a nervous laugh” it’s very strange, makes him look stranger. I noticed he was well spoken as long as he didn’t chuckle or laugh during his reply but he invariably put the strange laugh (like a laugh sucked in rather than a laugh out) on the end which was more noticeable out on stage w/Julie than inside the House.

  6. Liz is the one who needs to go this week. Then Austin will want to go next week, oops Thursday during double eviction. That leaves JMac, Steve, James and Van to compete. With Meg and Julia just being there.

  7. I’m all for James to win, Vanessa is just hateful and I can’t stand her, but the “mean girl” twins take the cake. For some reason Julia thinks she is entitled to go to F3 without contributing anything to the game, riding on the coat tails of Austin and Liz who have been in the house from day one. Liz is the glue that hold the threesome together and she needs to be the renom if Vanessa or James, Steve, or JMac can’t see this then whatever happens happens. At some point on BB you have to get blood on your hands, now is the time”

  8. Vanessa would be lucky to evict Meg at this point or a twin (like who cares if the pawn leaves anyways). She had to choose James/Meg or Austwins pre-veto, her bridge with James is burnt, now she needs Meg or a twin out to salvage her game. Her game is completely over if she sacrifices JMAC b/c then she goes into next week being completely expendable to Austwins and Steve (a pawn or target for them), and a direct target of James/Meg. JMAC is her only shot for safety b/c he’s the only one who would most assuredly target the Austwins.

  9. If Vanessa gets Meg out, and Austwins or Steve win HOH, she will survive the double eviction. It’s her best play right now to survive double eviction. Otherwise, she’s entirely expendable during the double when she can’t win HOH.

    • She should put up Steve as pawn. It won’t anger the Austwins. Who cares if he’s nervous all week. Meg will def. be evicted.

      • Putting up a twin as a pawn is better for “her game”. It gains the trust of Jmac and Steve, and lets the Austwins still feel safe and in complete power when Meg goes home. Putting up Steve as a pawn right now could leave a bit of doubt as to her loyalties with them as ” final 3″. 5 alliance members that feel can trust her. James is odd man ot. Alone on an island. Very smart move.

  10. by useing their head in the game and get rid of liz it would then open the whole game wide open

    • John will vote out Meg. Meg is going home. I agree that the best thing for his game is to vote out Julia, but I don’t think he sees that.

  11. It’s really hard to objectively try to discuss what Vanessa’s next move should be. Between her toxicity, the twins making horrible comments, and Austin catching fleas by running from dogs, Jmac souring people with his Julie interview, etc…etc…well…you really don’t want any of them to win….anything. The players who seem to be more liked for now well…ones a floater and one is the nice guy by default..the best game move is take out the showmance/twins ASAP. You could Vanessa all the way because nobody is voting for her in the jury!

    • You’re right! I never thought about it like that but I really don’t want ANY of them to win lol. James is just the least awful of them all for me, so really that is my only reason for rooting for him.

    • Just saw his on twitter… “Van tells John she got Julia to volunteer to go up as a pawn. John’s happy”, this could be V’s compromise all around. Now, how is she going to get Julia evicted to bust up Austwins? Btw, Julia confirms her stupidity, if this is true.

      Still think it’s a chicken-sh*t way to bust up Austwins, instead of putting Liz up, I hope it blows up in her face… re-nom of Liz would have been the best move.

      • It’s kind of brilliant. Even if it does blow up in Vanessa’s face, it won’t have been Vanessa’s fault because John and Steve were the deciding votes. Vanessa sure knows how to develop her meat shields. There was no double meaning in that sentence, by the way.

      • Right and right!!! It’s becoming more obvious that Van’s intent is taking her & Austin to F2. Gosh I wonder if, oh this is a funny thought, if it cames down to Van/Austin/Meg F3 and Van gets to choose who goes to F2 with her. Ha, ha. Jokes on her.

        Crap, not really… she’s already decided she’d be F1 & Austin F2 in that scenario, why take a chance the other HGs love Meg too much and hate her; whereas she know they all hate her & Austin and she had a better game than him… she’s a genius. LOL. God lets hope not.

      • Yup! This is so much fun to watch. Everyone has competing agendas and they’re all trying to maximize their chances. The people saying that no one has any strategy this season aren’t watching too closely. Several of them are playing to win, and I’m eating this up right now.

      • Yea, it’s been fun, it has it’s high & lows… my only real disappointment was Steve winning the HoH for the DE, that was a dud, it me he’s a dud.

      • If she puts Julia up against Meg BB should have a first: Battle of the Useless. LOL. No vote needed. Loser of the Comp goes home.

      • It’s a nice change of pace though. As viewers, we should all want Julia and Meg gone anyways. Too often the best players leave early, leaving us with the most useless competitors that are so dull to watch.

      • Huh? Flip a coin… hell no, we (I) want to see Julia gone, actually I’d rather see Liz gone but Van ain’t touching that nerve on the tip of Austin’s xxxx.

    • Well as it stands right now, Julia has “volunteered” to go up as a pawn. This could change, they could chicken out

      • Happy Birthday, Talula you may have gotten your wish. Now if that blows up in Vanessa’s face I’ll get an early birthday gift.

      • The bad news in this is Vanessa is using this to make a deal with JMac not to put up Austin this week if he wins HOH. I suspect she’ll try the same thing with Steve.

      • Meanwhile V scrapes Julia off Liz (& Austin) so V has more of his attention. Maybe his shomance was suppose to be a farce from the get go & backfired… ah, never mind. Getting rid of Julia at least gets F3 and 2 against 1 and if Liz is ousted (let someone else get Liz) then Van/Austin F2… wait, I getting nauseous okay I’m better but I’m not happy.

      • Getting Julia out won’t do anything except really piss off Liz. The way to break up the Austwins is to BD Liz. Then Van, or anyone really, can easily manipulate Julia to their side, away from Austin

      • Oh and after the season I would like to see the BB from Hell double wedding: Liztin and Stevlia. lol

      • Julia volunteered for this, so Liz isn’t upset. Besides she has the votes to stay this week.

      • I really want Liz. surely van can manipulate Austin into believing it had to be done eventually since they are a F2, so why not now

  12. I will watch again only if the twins gets nom next week with Vanesa as a replacement nom

    They all need to drink some of the Kool Sid they have been giving to the rest of HG

  13. Personally, if Vanessa ‘ s biggest target is Meg, then it appears she could care less about winning BB. She’s a millionaire. One would have thought the producers would have put people in this game who actually are in need of the money. Not just some numbskull who has more money than she knows what to do with it.

    • I think for people like Vanessa, who are professional gamblers, and millionaires in their own right it’s all about the game and the competition. It’s like their heroin in a way. You hear crazy stories about these professional poker players making crazy side bets with their professional poker friends, on like if one can lose X amount of weight in Y amount of time, heck they probably would gamble on rock, paper, scissors, if they wanted to.

      • Hi Chris,
        I just wish she would get moving and make a big move with Austin & Liz. Just so the game would be fun to watch. It remains so lopsided. If only Steve, that boob, would have done more when he was HOH. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when the replacement nom is named. Bill

  14. So let’s say V re-noms with Julia, Julia gets evicted… stick with me… Van uses the ‘HGs wouldn’t listen to me, I had no control over them, I was telling them to vote out Meg and they wouldn’t listen, the House has spoken’ excuse in a lame attempt to cool down Austin & Liz, “we’re okay right?”.

  15. She either makes the move NOW and renoms Liz or it is over for her. The numbers to break up Liz and Austin will never be there again.

    • The numbers are there in the Double Eviction too. James, Steve and Jmac will take a shot at them. It’s 3 versus 3 on Thursday. This HoH determines the course of the rest of the season.

      • It is actually 3-2, because if Julia (or another Austwin) is nominated, she and Vanessa are not allowed to vote.

      • I knew what you meant, but then I thought 3 versus 3 that’s not right then I remembered previous HoH (Van) can’t play.

      • Wait… if Julia is BD’d then it’s 4 vs 2, whoa… 3 vs 2 it’s hard to put Meg in there, maybe she can cheer-lead for James, Steve & JMac. Would that be hilarious if Meg won that HoH?

    • B-I-N-G-O, exactly otherwise it not going to be in her control and may not happen. The light-bulb went on an hour ago… Van wants to go F2 w/Austin that means the twins have got to go. But to keep Austin on her side she’ll need to manipulate someone (JMac or Steve) into getting Liz out.

  16. I rhink she should put up liz. Julia doesn’t win and having Liz gone she’ll be lost. Austin will be in shock and not expecting the DE this week so he can go right out the door behind her. Or he will just throw everything so he can join hef in jury. Either way would work to get people who can fight it out to the f4. That being said I feel if Steve makes it to f2 he wins. He has not made an enemy of anyone in the jury or left in the house now. He evicted Jackie and she is good with him and blames it on Vanessa. We tend to think his game play sucks but I’m beginning to think its brilliant.

  17. If the misc others can convince Vanessa that the Austwins will be discarding her soon then maybe they can get her to form a new alliance..
    James, Meg, Johnny Mac, Steve and herself.

    • Vanessa doesn’t need a new alliance, she’s got those coming out her wahoo!!! She just needs HGs to do what she wants.

  18. Best case scenario here for Jamesy is that Julia leaves on Thursday. Steve wins and puts up Austin/Liz. James wins veto and saves Austin. Meg goes up and but JMac, James and Vanessa vote to evict Liz and now we have a 3 on 3 alliance (Steve/JMac/Van versus Austin/James/Meg). In these alliances Meg can’t win anything and Steve won’t be able to play for HOH and its all out war. It’d be amazing.

  19. The move to put up Julia is the best one for Van now to maximize her chances of actually winning BB.

    Taking out Liz seems tactically better – but it would cost her 3 jury votes. Win a big battle, but she loses the war. No question. The “pawn” strategy for Julia is sound. She is putting a ball up on a tee for James & Jmac/Steve. She is hoping that they swing and take out Julia. If not, OK – she still has them on her side. But if they do, actually she is quite happy, has no blood from it, and actually austin is probably happy too! This could be a masterful idea!

  20. Vanessa is a ego maniac who does she think she is. Every time she talks it’s like listening to a person with their personalities. They evicted the wrong crazy person when they evicted Audrey, it should’ve been Vanessa.

  21. on jokers updates 2:56pmbbt while talking with Meg, Vanessa throws out the “gay” card and the tears start. Says she has been the most expendable person in the group she has been working with. JAmes summed it up best when he said Vanessa is always playing the victim. As a viewer, it is getting old.

  22. Austin continues to prove is grossness and poor hygiene. He goes to bathroom after working out, wipes his seat off, goes to toilet, comes out and blows his nose….no water involved. To think Liz lets this “thing” touch her. GROSS!

  23. never a good idea to confront a full blown narcissist. I am hoping it will work out but the probobillity is that james is going to suffer, in the end….

  24. When are these people gonna realize that Austin and the Twins are strictly playing for self? And when it comes down to it…..Blood’s thicker than water! #HELLO!

    • Vanessa knows she is out the bottom of that foursome. but she needed to keep them as shields, as well as protecting her because she can’t play in the next HOH.
      vanessa is extremely intelligent, she is over thinking things yes! And I get why people are irritated with her however she knows what she is doing! she is not going to sit back and let Austin and the twins stay for much longer, right now it’s her best option. She really is alone in the game!

  25. Blah, blah, blah…Vanessa needs to get a grip and look at the big picture. Make a big move… take out Liz. Kill two birds with one stone.

  26. The house would be foolish to not take out Liz, then Austin, then Julia. Why Liz first? because she’s more a threat to win the HOH. Austin and Julia are not threats. That would leave, Vanessa, John, Steve, James, and Meg. Meg should go next, followed by Steve. The final 3 obviously should be, Van, John, and James. The final 2 should be John and James. John winning, James runner up.

  27. Vanessa nominated Julia, which is great and all but she should have nominated Liz who is a bigger threat than Julia. I hope Julia goes home.

  28. Has any of them watched big brother ? I’m o surprised at John to make a deal with Vanessa ? He deserves to lose ! Idiot !!!!

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