Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 2

It’s time for the next Popularity Poll for Big Brother 17 as we’re rolling through Week 2 and the game is cranked up ahead of today’s Power of Veto meeting.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

This will be our third installment of votes and we’re already seeing some big shifts in reader’s favs this season, but unfortunately we may be about to lose a popular player.

The biggest climb from Week 0 (preseason) to Week 1 was James Huling who went from 5.3% up to an impressive 10.9%. I guess readers liked how he handled his HoH. The second biggest climb went to Steve Moses and the third to Jason Roy.

As for the biggest drops we saw Clay Honeycutt fall from 24.7% down to 12.9%, but that was still good enough to claim the #1 two weeks in a row. Audrey Middleton saw the second biggest loss in support with her 10.2% cut in half to 5.1% last week. Shelli Poole was the third spot for biggest loss with 9.5% down to just 4.5%.

Top 3 last week were Clay, James, and then Da’Vonne Rogers, in that order. Bottom 3 were Becky Burgess (#16), Jackie Ibarra (#15), and Jace Agolli (#14). See last week’s Pop poll for the full results.

Be sure to support your favorites in our Big Brother poll this week and stop by each day to cast a new vote before it closes in one week.

Check out the archive of our Big Brother popularity poll.


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  1. John is hilarious. I can’t tell if he’s playing the “air-head, goofball” persona, or if that’s how he actually talks. Either way, his DR sessions are pretty funny.

    I can see him going a long way this season. I think he’s smarter than he appears.

    • I just have to be prepared to turn my volume down when John is in the DR..he is loud!! I think I read somewhere that he knows this game and is playing like he really doesn’t know it all that well. He is doing a good job.

      • Haha he is a little loud. But I love him. He cracks me up. Remember Joe the Chef and how loud he was in the DR?

    • Well, he can’t be too stupid since he’s a dentist and all. I think he just got thrown in the middle of stuff. Everyone is coming to him and he’s like…yeah…sure…whatever…he seems like he’s always high though, lol.

  2. Yes, quickly becoming a fan of John. I really hope he’s essentially “playing a role” and setting himself up to make some moves as the game progresses.

  3. JMac is in a fantastic position. No one really know where his head is. They all think he doesn’t know the game. I’ve seen him in a convo being asked questions, He’ll talk in circles until the person is completely satisfied without saying anything. That’s amazing!. He’s resilient..funny in DR too.

    • I agree. Hard to believe that when the cast was introduced, I thought JMac seemed most likely to be the houseguest who would irritate me and I’d want to see go.

    • HE doesn’t know where his head is! LOL! I think his life is full of talking in circles and, in the end, saying nothing. I like him cause he’s just plain quirky!!

      • I’ve been running around. Setting up my new Desktop PC. I’m not done, so I’m only using my laptop….So how’s your day? Did you figure out your situation? lol..I’m waiting for their answer about the feeds.

      • Congrats on the new Desktop. Today? My friend Martha was here this afternoon ~ lots of laughs. What situation am I figuring out?? LOL!

      • Situations? If you have to move your bed to the living room, or desktop to your backyard so you can type while watching the feeds….Hi Martha.

      • Aha ~ My just-turned 73 year old mind did not compute in the wee hours. I’ll have to move my ergonomic keyboard and desktop to the 3rd floor. Martha says hi back.

  4. Wow so glad DA is number 2! Even when she’s on the block facing eviction she still manages to grab the spot

  5. Yass I’m slowly starting to love John…Although his voice can get pretty annoying at times he makes up for it with his awkward and hilarious behavior ^__^

  6. I voted for Da’V ~ why? Because she’s trying to fit in but no one will let her. I tend to side with the underdog(s) until they lie, cause harm, or show a lack of respect for anyone in their path. I haven’t seen any of these negatives in Da’V yet (( I only watch about an hour of BBAD ea. nite, and I don’t have the feeds, so maybe I’m missing something. ))

    • I don’t get the feeds either and I want her to stay. Sigh. I think we are in the minority on this site though – lol. She works with James and I like that. She ain’t skeered to go after Shay so let her get that blood on her hands.

      • Hey bbadboy Cheryl here how you doin, and trust me, there are a whole lot of us Da fans out here. Shelli only went after Da on Clay’s say so. Clay has ran Shelli HOH…GGGRRRRRRRRRRR. You think?

      • Hey Cheryl! :) I think Shelli would still be skeered of Da but I don’t think she would have had the nerve to put her up without Clay. Not a Shelli/Clay fan here.

    • I really liked her the first week and now I can’t stand her. Didn’t you see her attitude on the show. She acts so entitled. She’s a miserable person. I forget who she was talking to in the kitchen the other day on the feeds and when they left she makes a face and says I hate talking to people, just hate it. The thing is I could understand it if the conversation was trying to save herself or sucking up to someone for safety. But it was just normal conversation. It’s like she’s bored by what they have to say. Like she’s above them.

      • As I said, I don’t get the feeds and I watch BBAD minimally. What I saw on CBS last night was her sitting in the kitchen while others talked around her. She started to join in the discussion, but was cut off by another hg, I believe, Jason. I was waitng for her to start again. It looked to me like she just gave up. You’re seeing much more than I Lav ~~ I wish CBS would give us a more accurate pic of each hg on the 3 weekly broadcast shows so we’d be as privy to their personalities and how they’re playing the game as those with feeds are.

      • The Da’ edit last night was very sympathetic but inaccurate. She only has herself to blame for the mess she’s in.

      • Yea if you don’t have the feeds you see things totally different. I’ve only had them for 3 seasons. Before that I watched BBAD on Showtime. I would miss a lot even though I watched after dark. I’ll give you an example when they showed Becky and Shelli talking after the HOH comp on the feeds Becky was telling Shelli why she wanted Audrey gone. And it was because Audrey said things about Becky being racist. But CBS cut that completely out of the discussion. Which I don’t blame CBS but viewers don’t know why Becky feels the way she does about Audrey.

      • Yes, CBS is quite selective in what they don’t show. I’m starting to believe those who say CBS is controlling the outcome and how fans perceive what’s not really going on in the House. It’s not fair to the hgs and to us as well.

      • I had forgotten all about that happening but it certainly did. Audrey’s treatment of Becki and Da’ has been downright malicious.
        One thing about it, Becki doesn’t have to worry about Aubrey telling lies about her anymore since nobody would believe them.

  7. LITERALLY WHY DOES ANYONE LIKE CLAY? he’s a controlling freak who needs to go because he is a threat. + how is he #1 against jmac? all that everyone likes him for is his looks lmao

    • He’s a good-looking guy with a jock attitude, exactly what my mother warned me about. LOL When people get into showmances, personally, I write them off because I think their chances of winning are slim. It says to me that they would rather have a fling than win the money. Not smart, in my opinion.

      • ugh yes. i just don’t want another jeff and jordan because the only reason jordan won is because jeff rallied votes for her and it puts the other contestant at risk for losing, which sucks. someone needs to get rid of shelli and clay asap. just sad that mama day wont be able to do so because these amateurs base nominees on personalilty. sorry rant over haha

    • Because he is an amazingly gorgeous looking guy and girls are all blinded by his looks.

  8. Personally I don’t like Da’Vonne in the house because she acts like she’s better than everyone else (insulting people at the camera when they leave, her diary room sessions) Good TV, yes. But It’s hard to like her when she acts like that. I think Audrey is slowly reedeming herself, if she can keep it low until jury, she might have a shot.

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