Big Brother 17: Shelli Reveals Latest Veto Plan & Word Spreads

Tracing this week’s Power of Veto plans has been like watching a pinball machine as the pawn position bounces from Houseguest to Houseguest, but now it seems things have settled and everyone knows what to expect.

Shelli Poole has a new plan on Big Brother
Shelli Poole has a new plan on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Shelli is going to have to make an important choice later today as the Veto Ceremony is coming up in a few more hours. We know the Veto will be used, but she’ll have to decide how to roll with that punch and still get what she wants.

Originally Meg was going to be the target, then it was Liz. Then Liz was crying and it was back to Meg, but Shelli worried if she made that news known too soon then there’d be time for Da’Vonne to work against it. Finally she decided it was time to tell her new pawn.

Flashback to overnight at 2:10AM BBT 7/6 Cams 1/2 on the Live Feeds (Free Trial). Shelli has Jeff, James, and Meg in there along with Clay (of course). She explains that Da’Vonne remains her target but she now sees that she’ll need to put someone close to Da’Vonne to prevent a vote flip. (Jason can’t be renom’d since he won BotB.) So, with that in mind she is going to put Meg up on the Block as the renom.

Meg says she isn’t surprised and had heard discussions that she’d likely be the easiest guarantee for Shelli’s goal to keep the votes on target. James and Jeff agree that this makes sense.

Shelli promises she hasn’t told anyone else “on purpose.” Huh? Well she has told several other Houseguests, but that seems to be Shelli’s MO: tell many people but suggest no one else knows.

Back downstairs James denies to Jason that their talk was about the renoms plan. Jason is smarter than that though and soon after he goes to Shelli and Clay explaining that he isn’t mad at them but is very sad to be losing his best friend in the game.

Before too long Meg and Da’Vonne are crying in the backyard over the situation (4:35AM BBT) which prompts James & Jeff to go back upstairs (4:45AM BBT). They were sworn to secrecy but now everyone seems to know and they don’t want to look like dummies lying about the obvious.

It’s at this point that Shelli realizes she’s broken the Renom Rule having told Meg she’d be going up on the Block. We get Fish. Yes, she broke the Renom Rule, but no, you shouldn’t expect it to be enforced. It just doesn’t happen that way anymore.

When the Power of Veto Ceremony is held this afternoon John will use his Veto to secure his own safety and Shelli will send Meg up in his place. Come Thursday I’ll be shocked if Da’Vonne isn’t evicted, but with that Last Laugh twist hanging out there you just never know.


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    • The ruling HOH are not supposed to tell a replacement nominee that he/she is going up just before the Veto or else risk getting punished.

      It’s a very controversial rules because of how production has been lax about its implementation as there is never real logical reason why you can’t tell who’s going up on a show whose format allows players to openly discuss nominations. And yet they still keep it for a reason but no one as far as I could recall have ever been punished.

  1. By going out on her own (Shelli), she may have very well have put the almost final nail in her coffin. Since the whole house was really expecting Audrey to go up, she and Clay will now be forever liked to Audrey and a very big target is on their backs if they go through with this plan instead of sending Audrey home.

    • But ain’t that what Big Brother is all about and how the game should be played?? Not every game move has to be about what the house wants.

      • Yep you’re exactly right. She’s playing for herself not the whole house. The whole house doesn’t win big brother.

      • I agree with you. But also going against the house wishes could also make Shelli seem untrustworthy and sneaky.

      • Aren’t they untrustworthy and sneaky? This game IS all about taking care of “Number One.” It’s more entertaining to see someone play against the house and then see how they talk their way out of it later.

      • Someone in an early episode said to someone else who was upset about something, “do you know what game you are playing?” I thought, finally! These people act like they are so hurt and bewildered when something goes against them. It is always so surprising to me how they seem to forget they are playing Big Brother. (Sorry, I don’t remember names. Could have been last week’s HoH Texan. Not sure)

      • No not all of them are untrustworthy and sneaky. For example Steve hasn’t been untrustworthy or sneaky; neither has Jason: he’s been pretty loyal and upfront about everything so far. And Jackie is just kind of there: she hasn’t done anything I would consider sneaky. Davonne kept her word until Clay and Jeff got angry over nothing and even then she hasn’t been able to keep her opinions to herself, so how is she being sneaky? Of course in the future Steve and Jason will have to lie but for me there a boundaries you shouldn’t cross for decency sake and for me Audrey’s big drama and lies out of the gate go way past it!

        I feel like Audrey, Clay and Shelli whether one likes their game or not are setting the tone for the entire house. Audrey thinks she’s running things but in reality it’s Clay who’s also talking about people behind their back and scheming about who goes up and goes home each week. yet he pretends to Jeff (if Jeffs on words) that he’s nice and sweet natured. Ha!

      • Jeff is the biggest backstabber in the house. Jeff throws Clay under the bus to everyone. He also has an alliance with everyone. He’s going to get caught and it’s going to send him packing. At least I hope. And Da is the one that started that entire fight. All Jeff asked her was why were you in the room. She could of just said I was counting things instead of blowing it way up. She’s another drama queen!

      • We are all watching BB. No one said Jeff isn’t scheming. He is. But he hasn’t betrayed Clay really. I think he’s just reconsidered who he is at different times in the game and has talked about him to others to get their opinion but it seems he likes him. But if he’s such a big a liar makes one wonder why he likes Clay so much? Maybe they are very alike.

      • Because he thinks a small town, innocent country boy such as Clay would be easier to take advantage of?

      • But of course Jeff thinks that…and that’s why he’s the fool. All the criminals that are in prison also thought they were smarter than everyone else, but they found out differently.

      • He likes Clay but he does betray him. When you’re throwing someone under the bus to other people I would call that betrayal. You don’t say hey I have your back to the end. You and me final two. Then run to Austin and Liz and say I don’t know if I can trust Clay.

      • Jeff thinks he’s slick enough to pull this off but I hope it blows up in his face. Could Jeff be the next Derrick saying what everybody wants to hear? I hope not :(

      • Jeff doesn’t have one tenth the intelligence that Derrick has. Comparing them is ridiculous IMO.

      • I beg to differ – Jace thought Steve was untrustworthy and sneaky when Jace didn’t get his way.

      • I’m so glad too – I was beginning to think I was the only person watching BB who felt this way.

      • Lol that was Jace! He was doing everything he could to stay in the game! Of course he’s going to think Steve is untrustworthy and sneaky if he’s not going to vote to keep him in! But who keeps someone in when they’ve just were mean to them? Steve has not been untrustworthy or sneaky so far. Anyway, Jaces perspective was a bit off because he really thought the alliance w/ James and clay and Audrey etc was real.

      • Like what, please?

        I knew he’d have lie eventually. But it’s probably because he doesn’t trust Shelli. Can’t say I blame him.

      • He’d have Da’s back was said by him. He’s said a few things I’ve caught but kind of blew it off. But then he told Shelli he promises he will vote Da out. I don’t know if it’s so much as being sneaky or if he’s just trying to fit in. AlI I know is sometimes I feel bad and just want to give him a hug.

      • Maybe that’s how things go for Jace when he’s at the beach, but the BB house is a lot different isn’t it?
        Jace waltzing up to the HOH room and announcing that he, Austin, Audrey and James are now in a new alliance doesn’t make it a fact, as he found out later. Didn’t he ever notice how unenthused James and Audrey were by this revelation?

      • I have No clue how Jace is at the beach. I have nothing against Jace. I kinda wish he had stayed though.

      • I can see how Jace’s extremely extroverted nature and loud mouth would become trying to the HG’s after a few days.
        Have you even been a captive audience to some loud mouth that won’t shut up? How about being a captive audience for hours at a time? Apparently the HG’s couldn’t deal with it and I can understand that.

      • Since last season seemed to be tailor made for Derrick and Frankie I’m not surprised.
        Frankie almost drove the live feeders mad I’m sure.

      • Yes, that is what Big Brother is all about. Unlike last year where one person controlled it until the end. Problem is by doing it her way could offend other player’s when they think she should be doing what really needs to be done. In the end it will make for a good show until she is gone Audrey, Da or Shelli.

    • I’m not so sure about that. It is clear that she and Clay are one of the open alliances that everyone in the house knows about. It is also clear that Mama Da and Clay aren’t exactly the best of friends. It totally makes sense for Shelli to make this move and I think most house guests get that. And by the time they get done with Audrey, this move will be ancient history.

    • Going with the house is just imaginary. “I’m doing this, because this is what the house wants” “I’m not making this decision, it was made for me by the house” I didn’t put you on the block, the house did it” It’s the ultimate BS ANSWER.

      • Oh. Good morning. No wait it’s afternoon. I gotta get off here and get my butt moving.

      • That’s why I like James. He makes no apologies for playing. He came to play. Like he told Jace: “Do you know what game this is?”

      • I don’t want to see Da go. I get why Shelli is doing it but I just don’t care for Shelli. That’s all. Foxfire – It has NOTHING to do with James being a male. I can’t believe that’s your first reaction. Maybe that’s how you roll – Not me. I like who I like. I like all the HGs generally but I would like Da to stay. That’s all.

      • Oh no nothing wrong with that. I know you like Da. But my question was why is ok that James plays his own game (and I know you like James) but when Shelli does then she’s not playing a good game.

      • Ok let me try explaining myself this way, see if this is better: I like James. I didn’t like Jace. (Both males)I was glad James ran Jace out. I understand why he did it and agree it was a good move for him because from Week 1 I thought Jace/Austin would gun for James.
        I like Da being in the house. I don’t care for Shelli/Clay. (Both females but the one I like is now in danger, unlike Week 1 where the one I like was in power/safe). I understand why Shelli is worried about Da. But still I don’t want her to send her home yet.
        Last year I liked Donny. Didn’t hate Derrick but I was pulling for Donny. I understand why Derrick targeted him. He had a good reason and if I was Derrick I probably would have done same. But I didn’t want Donny to go. (Both males)
        It really has nothing to do with gender.
        It’s just who I want to stay longer in the game. Some are male, for sure, like James. Some are female. I like Meg and I want her to stay, too. I like Austin but I’d rather see him up there this week because, like Jace, I perceive him as a danger to James. Da may be a danger to Shelli at some point if she ever won an HoH (it’s possible) but I don’t care for Shelli/Clay so I’m ok with that. :)

      • I get ya. Lol I know it’s not gender it’s who you like and who you don’t. Everyone does it. You think it’s good game play when James does it because you like James and didn’t like Jace. But now since you don’t like Shelli you don’t think it’s good game play because the one you like (Da) is in danger. I’ve done the same thing. I try to take feelings out of it and look at what they’re doing for their game but it’s hard.

      • Exactly. I know you do. Sooner or later, they all gotta go, right (except for 2)? I hate to see the James Gang take a hit this week but looks like. But I don’t want Meg going home either! Augh!

    • Hoping this isn’t production interfering by wanting Audrey to stay. I was really wanting Audrey to go.

  2. The renom rule is stupid and should never be enforced, Like you said, it makes no sense. Just throwing that out before the flock shows up with their Audrey hate.

    • It makes sense if this is a show designed for the viewer. At least theoretically it makes for better tv to have the renom surprised. For those who are accustomed to spoilers and feeds, this aspect can get lost.

  3. Conspiracy Theory in me (ie Producation) thinks that, who ever is renominated will be going out the door this Thursday … as the Last Laugh Twist will be used to end up saving Momma Da … unless, it is Audrey that is being backdoored … Ha !!!

  4. Frankly, I kinda like the rule. In fact, I think it would be a great twist in the game if the HoH could not discuss the renom with anyone in the house at all. This would give more suspense. At it now stands every HoH has a strong pull to do “what the house wants.” If everyone just did what the house wanted, there would be no need for an HoH. It is the constantly changing center of power and the resulting changes of fortune which make this game.

    • That’s why I like Shelli. She’s not doing what the house wants she’s doing what she wants. After all she is the HOH. Everyone else needs to grow a pair. Lol.

      • No she’s not. They discuss and decide together. Did you not watch her in the DR when she said I’m glad Clay wants Da gone too. She’s the one telling Clay to quit talking so much. She’s in control of her own HOH. What game are you watching? Hello

      • I also believe Shelli is playing a great game by not backing down from what the house wants. It’s her HOH and she is going to get rid of the one person who is coming after her and Clay. She has explained this to the house and they seem to understand her position and will comply with her wishes.

      • Hey there Lav ~~ It seems to me that Shelli does what Clay says to do. I’m getting the impression that he’s just using her and he’ll discard her when the time is right for him. Hope not for Shelli’s sake (especially if she really does like him a a friend/bromance) ~~ time will tell.

      • You think so? I don’t. He really likes her. I can’t remember what day on the feeds but it was right after Shelli got HOH before nominations Shelli already wanted Da up and they didn’t show all that. That’s why she said in the DR I’m glad Clay wants her gone too. I think Shelli is playing her own game but she and Clay talk together and make decisions together. If they get the chance I think they will take each other to final two. JMO.

      • Shelli and Clay do have each others backs and that’s not to be taken lightly in the game of BB. Their alliance may not be perfect but they are loyal to one another. I just wish they would wise up about Jeff.

      • I can see your point(s). Time will tell. I think he’s just using Shelli, and he’s willing to do that to get to final 2.

      • Yep we’ll just have to wait and see. Hey it won’t be the first time I really liked someone then halfway through the season I wanted them gone. Lol. Isn’t the saying its a woman’s prerogative to change her mind? Haha

      • Me too … I have high expectations for a hg or hgs, based on nothing at the beginning of the season, and then they show their ‘ugly’ side and I’m gone … Fickle, maybe. It’s more what you said “a woman’s perogative ~~ aren’t we the lucky ones!

      • I hate when that happens too – always so disappointing to find your favorite has turned out to be a creep.

      • Yes, a creep. But also comes in as someone who truly knows how to play the game, but is sadly lacking. This season that would be (from my limited viewability) Jack and especially Jackie. She gives the word ‘floater’ a bad name.

      • I know, I really loved Judd during his season but he didn’t play a very good game even though he tried his best.

      • Yes, Judd was sadly lacking. AND then they let him back in!!! What a waste of time and space.

  5. Shelli has made a huge mistake in discussing putting up Liz and now replacing her with Meg. She has made 6 enemies: Jason (because of his allegiance to Da’vonne), Meg, Becky (who she made think Audrey was going up), Liz, Julia (if she enters the house), and now I’m sure Austin doesn’t trust her.

    Before Shelli became HOH and went on a power trip with Clay, she practically had no enemies in the house –I guess if you count Da’vonne who has absolutely no influence in the house– whereas before she had none.

    Her other mistake was nominating Da’vonne: because Da’vonne has proven she can’t win any challenges! Jon said he barely had to do a thing to throw the Battle of the Block!

    Shelli is playing a horrible game. I suspect Clay is just using her because he knows he can trust her 100% and he figures he can probably beat her if they make final 2. Most likely she’ll convince the jury he’s a better player than she is and he’ll win the whole game.

    • Anyone can win HOH. What if it’s a crap shoot like rolling a ball or hitting a golf ball. Those kind of games are for anyone to win. There’s no skill or talent involved. Then Da wins puts Shelli up and she goes home. That would be such a stupid move if Shelli didn’t get her out now. And they discussed putting Meg up with Meg, Jeff, James and several others saying know one will vote Meg out. Meg even agreed. She’s not upset that she’s going up she’s upset because she knows Da is going.

      • Now I like Meg even more than before. She seems nice not to take the nomination personally. And seems like she likes Davonne. I hope Meg wins HOH next week

      • I like Meg too. It would be interesting to see who she would go after. So far she’s really not playing the game. She’s kind of with everyone.

  6. I’m loving this week so far, Da is going home, the twins are safe (so far), Shelli is digging herself into a hole for the future, and John is quickly becoming my favorite. I’m liking this season so far.

    • Is John the dentist? He is an odd guy, but interesting in the game. He would scare the hell out of me as a dentist though. That weird laugh is creepy.

  7. She looks evil in that pic (lol). IDK – I just don’t care for her/Clay….??? I haven’t from the beginning (though I really do like all the HGs this season!). I know I’m in the minority here (goodness knows she went too hard and did herself in) but I want Da to stay this week! Save your tomatoes – boo and hiss all you want, that’s cool. Da is a number for James and I like James. If only Becky had stayed HoH and they ran Aud out this week (though she is a wildcard in the house). Then it’s at least “possible” Da could have won HoH (I know, not likely but it could happen – a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then) and she woulda had the Aud-acity to put up Shay and break up that duo, not fearing the wrath of the survivor (even Clay). That’d be ok with me. Austin is going to gun for James which is fine because James will gun for Austin. If not for the whole Aud thing, I think he would have liked to have seen Austin go up/home this week. And hey, I like Austin – but I don’t like him gunning for James. Ok, fling your maters! Lol!

    • I agree with everything you said bbadboy! And I too like James. He’s playing a very good game so far.

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